The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1918
Page 10
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sPAGE TKN. la.^ Dz«-.iY PA. KMDAY APKIL 26 1918 T LAKES, 1918 The Cost of She' A war of all the people, tor all the piople, and by all the people--thit was the \var of T6 and that is the war of 1918 A photograph taken the other day at the Great Lakes Naval Training Station tells the ·fory They are- all 01 them Tre^, honest, ^avy men, the tottr~who posed for the picture, wearing' thejmnorms there that they wear sixteen hours a day, and only one of ·hem ts of so-called "war age " From Wil- 'Kun T Cobb, aged 18, to- -\rthur Rachett, __« M, each one considers it ver t'ecidedly his ~-i»ar and he is croing' to so *hit it is not lost for lack of men and spirit The others in the picture are George E Heydorn, 20, and Leo N Lyle, 26 Rachett, snow-white as to hasr, and -^straight slender, and youthful as to physique, "is a former member of the Canadian Armv -He has been a resident of the Ijnited States for severaryeafg, however, and when we entered the Great War he immediate!) enlisted ir the U S, Navy It was Ins assignment to the Great T-akes Station that gave Senior Bandmaster Richard Tamter the idea for the reproduction of the larnous "Spirit of '76 " When the battle is raging and) eveythtng depends on the ability of the artillery to stop the rush of the advancing enemy or to clear the fray for our men, it does not matter to the gunnel how much the shells cost. What matters to him is that he shall have ai many shells as he needs--that meant lite or death, victory or defeat. Mo*dern warfare is very expensive and this war will be won by those who are able to provide the last few million dollars. That is why it_is necessary fot the United States Government to have great quantities of money so that there shall never be a shortage of shells or other necessities. LIBERTY BONDS will provide this money. You are not asked to GIVE a penny, merely to LEND it at liberal interest to the richest government in the world. Every LIBERTY BOND you buy stands between the American soldier and the enemy. It «ve* the 1'ves ot our men and provides them with the means of victory. Your share in winning the war is to BUY LIBERTY BONDS AND BUY THEM NOW FROM ANY BANK FHE CAHPMGfffOR SURGEON'S KNIFE CLEANCOALENOW ION IN THE REGION SCAR Ooelx-l Suffered Oreat Pain, Which Arailed Him dotting Toward Keeoury the Inspections Department 1 Machinery is m Full Operation. There a*-e scores of resident of Erie who are familiar with the condition of Louis Goebel the ·^ell-kcovm carpen- . ler and all ha^ e sympathized sincere^ ' jy with, him 'n hig suttenngs "A« UTOT ortmn TCOTO ,? lt Goebel f wwtcd " m " sl ""f 8 JJAL MUST STAND TESTS h £? 5cat - on ^.M** ^ rta « °£ "* abdomen. 'That is vi hat t U to Ask Co»teot and B. T. U. Beiote me - x was m ll (Man Who Signs Yotrr \ I Money Tells You to \ \~ Invest It In Bonds} 11 Cut 6* ioXurket; Jlanjr Interest- lag Decora-its 3lade; Persistent TT3U H»ro Supply Oot OS. ot coal oroducers K 4fc« CozmellsmHe regio i just wv te centering in the efforts 4 tbe Tad Administration to ap- jly the TCgtUotions designed to rfvet the shipment of uncleun coaJL The organization ot a plan ot cam- mca U wall advanced and a vast mount o£ time and attention ts being Siren to it. A department of coal in- qpeetfem has toeen organized at Wash- acton and the machinery for locating :fce producers of unclean coal and for the penalties, is al-eady in In this work tha repre- untatives ot the Fuel Administration ··port finding a splendid spirit ot pa aJotism and cooperation ancong the x*l producers Folly 90 per cent ol !he t*» TT vtTfyJr loaders and o f oe T ^ new A tbe industry, hare nerer ^ad tests aade^C their coat to ascertain its fuel Tbelr product baring oefa ac- I p«id for by the consignees i]i« Shippers have mferred At it was · and haT« confcnrtd mak- . It aamig been sroagat to their attention that uract- i tieir months They tin -* stones in my 1»I £ that tlte inflamm^t o rgeons did for fi for three · T had sail m* I vras told substances had overflowed to mj stomach Ther operated on me Yes sir cut me open and after all of that suffer ing I had no results from the opera non t lave be«n unable to wont for a long time Nearly everybody who knows me knows thatLam telling the gospel truth Yes sfiv'this Tanlac has done what the knife "coulda t do for niv I have used one single bottle of Tmlac and I feel like a new man I Bi- improving every day getting nrv strength back. I expect to continue taking this Tanlac and. J m going back to work soon. This Tanlac lias done more for ~ne than everything eke combined, and I "bAve taken I guess barrels of medicine Its certainly like a m racle Taniac is now sold here by the Connellsville Drug Co Tanlac can also be secured in Dun bar a' D C Bason's Drag Store --iAdv LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by ^ Frisbee Hardware Co. as a patriotic contribution towards winning the war Confluence. CON5UJTENCB April 25-- Miss Net tie Maust who taught a very succosfa _ ^_ fal term of school here^lno last term ^o"t" properl-v co'x* under j has returned to herrisme m Meyers Administration s deft ition of vxie. Mrs H P Meyca-s ajid son Paul itr and "M" 1 ? I "^'.xUfibolt Hr and Mrs- Frd WillielmTasd Pa-t Bender left yesterday foET Cleveland 0 There they will joIa7-Mr Meyers aiid all return m Ford \ourrng cars mer land today Miss Elizabeth Bower, wflo Caugnt to tte markets from c rtam 'l^p^^^TM^^^"^ in the region piro'iUrly L ^ .^^ " osrsc oo those operatmg m seams 'fine- than IhePittaborg Oat of many tests al- Patronae those who advertise that coal I m p c . ltchfiela , ho his been a t l o i Tables End, they IITC almost tnvaTi!^)y es- l a irintirgncss to adop any 5 necessary to imi rove ttte jtoOlty of tJieir prodoct rrte inTBartlsations of the ins pcetions totpertment lave rerealed ' c m * Tery tatcrestiiig and surprising f*x,ts in cosmectioa Trrth the coal ttat hE s been i Copyright Harris ftnri EwlnR Tho Treasurer of tho United States knows considerable about 0 S Government bonds That is one reason for the big success ot John Burke of £-orth Dakota who has been, speaking fo~ tho Liberty loan, throughout the Fourth Fede-al District. Burka served, three terms as go? ernor of the State ol North Dakota, before be was appointed, United. States Treasurer in 1313 Having signed his name so many thousands of time.3 to bills which stand for real golcl dollars. Burke has come to be looked upon aa au thority on the uses thereof, and anyone who went to hear hjm sp^ak with an idea of frittering away any of those prclous bills came away a chastened person. He pro\ ed a most convincing speaker aot only as regards tha moral reasons--rights of patriotism --which, should load to the purchase 01 Liberty Bonds but also on the benefits of the purchase as an In ·vestment alone Just One Thing Better Than Buying A Liberty Bond- Bay Two Oi tarpe or Tour or -is many as Q-1 p O b S l b l v C m Fverv bond you bu is a direct blow at the Kaiser--another shell hurl id into the ranks ot he cnurn, Aad v es des ^ou make a might bate and profitabtc investment \ Bonds miv bt bought on the Installmen Plan at thh bank BE PATRIOTIC--Buy a FLAG Today--$1,,49, See Coupon on Another Page. tO tbe home ol h0f g Bawcr hc reedy made i containing as high as 29 pe* 1 cent ash and -nmnins as tow as 10 0 K5 B T U. hms leeii shipped This is so far tx*- knr the standard *neccs-=ar^ in a fuel tor steam generating or similar purposes that it com«5 under Jhe classifi efctlon of "ted coal " hcne* U 33 not ftHowed to enier tie marktts Bv«y doubUnl car of «wal is held on the plant suhnj: anal a test has been made of its ladmg. "While It has not y«t been focmd necessary to im po»e tbe penalties provided \y the representatives of the Put 1 Admlnis- j tiatlon in charge have all power and ' authority to stop everv persistent o[ i tender In snch cases -cp)rt is matlo ' to the Kadlroad Admimsr-ation ind orders aro promptly Issuci to cut off tfc.e car anppJy With sah romeans ·t tb cointnancl af the a'^^ont ^ ii fe. foolish as well as hop^ltsu to a: , tempt to "pu* one over* on ttir KDVCIT tfcrough shlpp'cs CTX! ^cat an I , has stjwn to !· be-low the The p-acMcc of shipping «H sorts oC so-called cos has had =o ·war icdcs^ri^ thtt drast c ! s to sioj? it bcca- ° necesaan and the reentatiose now in. force aro the resfilt o* that d«cfsio- Tfley wT 1 fco j^ppBftl wltliout fiTor or cH'scrim tnAtloo, tfee teata to ds r-rsucc 'ct 1 ! the standard b which i to b? detennin d not mc~e- Jy sa inspector's oplntoi A^nl stio-wtrs T\ash aad clean old mother ; barth of W i n t e r s germs and impurities lloll^t r s Ilockj Moun tain Tea does tbe same thing for your stomach bowx ^ blood--pi i Ues cleans vou ttrough a d Ui ough a tLoiougfai 3p"iL.g ri-iaody 3oc Tea Conueilsn le Diug Co -- 129 T Craivford VTC« ConncllsviUe "The Bank that Roes Things for Ton Capital ami Surplnt $100000 ffic homfi of h)s ^ Charlps m p . Ug buig sick f or se\rer^l months has so far recovered as to bo aible to have retu ncd to his homo- tore resterdaj MJ-B Charles Rob l uson of Ursma wat, shopping and visiting friends in town yesterday Ach Vfho to Patronise. Those who ad~vernse in The Da h Courier Try our classified advertisements YOUR SHOES HEAT Response Quicker Peace Now is the lime to subscribe to Third Libertv Loan Bonds issued in amounts of $50 and up ard paying 4 1-4% interest Thej afford you tbe safest, investment on earth Subscriptions received for these Bonds LIQUIDS ANO PASTES. FOR BROWH OR OX-ELOOD SHOES. TAN, DARK EL LIMITED BUFFALO K 7 BOTH PHONES OPPmM'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. 1776 1918 Join Our Liberty Loan Bond Club It's the easiest and simplest way to get on the home fmng line--to strike a body blow at the Kaiser Under the LIBERTY LOAN BOND CLUB plan anybody can buy a $50 bond by paying a dollar down and a dollar a week until the bond is paid for $100, $200, $300, $500 worth of bonds may be paid for in similar proportionate installments -These bonds are the safest investment in the world today All the resources of the U S Government are back of them Don't let anything keep you away from this double opportunity. An opportunity for safe and profitable investment An opportunity to help win the war THEY OFFER THEIR LIVES FOR YOU Your sons and your neighbors' sons, perhaps, are now fighting in France or will be "over there" very soon. They offer their lives for us Can we do less than offer our money to supply them with food, guns and ammunition 5 No, it is our plain duty to buy as many Liberty Bonds as we possibly can. It is the least that we can do for the brave boys at the front. And there is really no sacrifice connected with it, for every bond is as good as gold--better than gold--for the bonds pay 4 1 -4 per cent interest. Come in today and join the Liberty Bond Club. The,First National Bank The Bank That Does Things For You. CONNELLSVILLE, PA.

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