The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE · , UUNN sLiLSVILLB, PA. P E R S O N A L M E N T I O N 7Yiknlc Muck of Sycamore street visltcHl his mother, Mrs. William Mack of Unlonto* n yesterday. Live Wire Minstrel, Thursday, High School. Sylvia Dorinadlo, Buddfy Dunston, "Hilly Keffer, Babe LpcTa. Live AVlre choriu-- 12 girls. Bon,'t nilss it -- GO people. -- Advertisement, -Frunk Kmcoll and daught-er, I^ynno Kii\ceU, of Sioufh Eighth stT-ect, (Jroenwood, attended tlie tunerai tsorvice for Alre.* Grace E. Jarr5tt Stauffcr Monday afternoon in the home ( of her parunta, Mr. anl Mrs. Oeorgo C. Jarrctt nf Scottdalo j Rummag') salo, Thursday, J?Dniary{' 6, basemen! Fir«t Baptist Church. -- A1- Mr. and Mrs. D. H. M«Goe, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McGca and Mrs. R. J. Mc- (!ro of, Unl'mtown attended they funeral t,CMVicc for Uay Soaton, little son of Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Seaton of Springdale, yesterday afternoon in the home of the deceased's grandmother, Mrs. U. A. tlunugo of Dunbar. t,ttdtpsi of Orecnwowl Church will hold a eh clwn und biscuit supper in Dunn-Kvans Building, North Fltts- hurg stre(t. Thursday opening, Kph- ruafy 6Hi, S to 8. TIcRota 75C. -- Advor- tl^cmeiit.-- ;;feb3t. Mr. ano Mrs. Charles and son of Un'ontown were- guests of Mrs. Hansel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mong o| VandcrblH, iaiuiday. llummajjo Male. Thursday, Fohrnary fl, babtniH'i t Flrfet Baptist Church. -- A1- vertt.s^^le!lt. -- 3feb-3t. Mra. On-ar Johiwon of Untontown has roturuod liouic utter EI visit with . her parentn, Mr. and Mrs. It Br Pigman of K.iat CrawioriJ avenue. Don't miss the olgtrth annual Live Wire Miiistroi, Contiells-viHo J-IiRh Sciiool, T-itiraday evening, February 0, Digger and better than over.-- Adyor- .- -4fch-l(. Mrs Alley 6f Porryotvohs was i n n i n g on frlemls In Unlonto-w'n yc«- terday. l.ivo AV'irc Miustrel Thursday evening, 8:15 I'. M. A n n a May Snoff pl.iyed Stanley Thealio Xmas week. American IjOgion Hcirmony" Boys of Sowleklev, formerly He A Arrow Quartet mem bora, -- Advert luemeiU. -- 4tebtt Mr, and Mrs. Grant Myer« of Most Crawford nvcnne were guoste of the lattor's aunt, Mre. Anaamta Johnson of Union, town, Sunday, J . 1C. Itutchcfaon of Hazelwood spent Sunday with Mrs. Ifutch«on \\ho (s at tho home of Mr. and Mrs. v J. O.irl Bishop i f North Cottage avenue until Mrs. Bsehop returns trom the Uniontown Hospital, where «l\o' underwent an operutton. Mrs. KutcUson will be icmembore-d as Miss, Blanche AVhipkey of this ity. Mr .and Mrs, Michael Rufeinko and !«mJ!y have returned to their home at Akron, Ohio, after attending the fun- Aunt Het "Silk stock m's is nice for them that can'afford 'em, an' I don't mind wearin' low shoes of a Sunday; but style or not stylo, I ain't goin' to give up my outin' nightgowns in cold weather." KNOCKED COLD TN FIRST ROUND HUGHES' RETURN TO SUPREME BENCH O o n t l n u i d from One. the explanation they expected President Hoover woiOd take the opportunity offered oy Boveral oxpcctefl vacancies clui ing his term to ro-raakc the court nl ng liberal lines The Hughes appointment, they said, indicates this m.iy-not oe done. Hughes' hiich reputation throughout the country In a long and brll- Ilanl career whicih began an reform govwhor ot \*w York, took him to the Supreme Court and almost to tfto Prosjdoncy, drought praibe for hl* reinitiation, however, rather ly. He, Mt the Supreme Court Jn 1916 io run tor President against "Wood row Wilson, * Hugh PS htii received largo foes in rreonl years since he resigned In 1925 aa Sec etarv ol State, and ho will take tho chief justiceship at a financial sa rtficc. The job pays $20,500 a ye,r. He has lcea receiving fcjos mai'V times thin s.izc. Wets, whr hoped for appointment ot a man with liberal views on prohibition, th uph l»y no means v«ry expectant oi it, gain no advor.ite in the iipv Chief Jubtiuc. Towajd the r ad of thf } At presidential wig brought out aa the ''big gnu" la UK Republican campaign against Alfi ?1 E Smith and wado a No one 5s of much account while halfi- sick with a Deleft When you've caught one, knock it out! Don't wait, and don't think you must go to bed ot stay indoors to do it. Next time your head stufla-up, eyes water and noise runs, see how quickly you can snap-out, of a miserable cold just by taking Pane's Cold Cornpound. Little | white tablets that couldn't harm anybody, but how they stop a cold! fane's Cold Compound will clear up a cold (hat's dung lor days. All druggists, only 35c a package, and you are sure to get relief. WITHDRAWAL ASKED OF FOUR PROJECTS FOR RAIL MERGERS Proposals of B. 0.,, Wabash, C. 0., 1). H. J)o Not Con. form to I. C. C. Plan. DISMISSAL MAY BE ORDERED o:a.1 ot John Baker of NIHe, near V a n - 1 strong cons-notional ple.i tor pi-olil- Mr. Baker waa the lather ot .\lr4. Mrs,. Joseph Whorie and s-mi, Michael o£ Vandorbilt visited yester- bition In an addreii at Buffalo SF' a'-ceptancc ol thr- post wai a 'jurpris-n iiaro for Kovoral roafcoiih. J I c retired as Se rotary of Stoic in day w i t h AVhorlc. Mr. and Mrs. John Thoniaa Q. Hyatt apent tbe day In Pitt«burg. Mns. Mary K. Campbell of Cross Koyrf, Ounbttr tdwnshlp, was transacting business at tho Fayotte county courtbou-»c iu Unionkwn c»terday, Mr. «ifid Jlrs Hoy Templeton of \ l u r p h j avenue, 'who are vifiltlng tit tho homo ol! the former's els'cr, Mra. I r v l u C'olby of f hiUKlelphia, \veio gupstb on Friday of Mr. and Mrs. H u r r y Williams, also of that city, tornvT .rosklonts ot Connelleville, Mrs. Harry llovshey of Harrisburg, IM \ m t | n g »,t tho ho-me ot her mother, Mrs. Fannlo ft. Vance of West Mrs, baura Fike of South ConneUs- v i l l e Client the day In i'ittsburg-. Mr. ind Mi 8. K. S. Tthojiuis of Conw^re this monriug on their wav to Fa'rchanco to vMt at the iiorne of tho r t-on, A\YsU} Thomas. Misses Kose, E l u t t l p and Lki!a, Aaron ·of Ra o htrc-ot left this afternoon for St. Petersburg, Kin. Mrn Miirgaiet Ktouffer, Mrs, Kcslah b and Mrs. 'D. I'. Husband of ii wore guests of Mrs. 9uy- d r r of near tills city (otiay, .Mr iiid AIr.% F. K Markell ot Isabella road, motored to Homos,at.ja, Fla, wlHMo thoy will spoiid tho remainder o£ the winter. DEPEND ON ZEMO TO STOP ITCHING Vso soothing, h P H l l n s f . I n i l s i b l e X»mn tor tba torture of i t d i f r t « akin. Tins ctean, reliable furriUv antiseptic tu'lps tTina rollol hi thousands ot homos, stcpu itching and tiiaws l i e heat and out ot Uie ikln. iCemo been used for twenty years w i t h remarkable sUccefiM for all f o r m a of a n n o j l n t f , itchinsr skin trrituttunv. "HelleC w i t h first fvppllCfttlon," thousandi, say. 35c, Me ana f t 00. All tlcalcrfr tnnnt. AclverUse- Blood l,«f«ii to Thief UNIONTOWN, Kob. 4. --· Tt'allipg H. 1925 becaufc" he aaid ho had to earn money for ids family. He told some of his frien'ls who wanted him to Ve s candidate for the Republican com- Inatlon iu J928 that hB^wafi too old. He will be 68 in April. Tho dutios of the C h i f f Ju.nic« are arduous, as ia dotnousttated by Taft'H breakdown, 'ITio Judlt lary Cotnmitteo, of which Senator Norrtu, Nebraska, loader nf the westeri ind« jx ndont HepubHcans, is chairman, and of which Borah is a rnemb^r. Will tuke up th' liomlna- tion Monday. , Taft' disc nsso! hit, retirement with Preside!)* loover before he left foj AahvJllo, N, C , three « oelc.s ago, am 1 Hughes conferred wJth Mr. Hoover ai the executive offices at night several times recc'iitly relative to tho off el, linally ace, ptins it. One sent,tar v,ho dulin«d to discuss tho appoiiitme-'nt waa Senator Hiram Johnson, KtfpuUhean, 0illforn!,i, ib crcdite I w i t h defeating Hiiehos for the p i e ^ i i l - n c y hi iflhi. Johnson, the Htot'y oert, thoughf. ho was ed by the then FZc'publk-an lul candid,'te on a, vj.sH to C.ilifornk,, and h w u i i g - his» hifhieiK-e again? t Hughes 'alit'orrmi's voifl lor Wilson pame i5 tho day after election to ups t HiiBhei' b 'lief ho had lxen The now Chi0: Juatico Is a memlxr of tho Permanent Court of Internu- Jin tlce, a past h-e will reBign imemdiaU l y , u c c o i d h i g to an announcement lie made in N e w York l,ut night. Jt ceitlly 5i« huu taken soine p u i t in tin ampai^n for United Sta-lcs entry into what ha« come t^ be knovsn as tho " V i o i i d Court," lliighe-8' je-ciilry to the Supreme Court h a l l will bring the rstirprneut of his .son, f'harles K v a u j Hughes, J - , from tbe solicitor generalship ot the linked W tloK. As s-ollcftor general young Hughes handles government cases befure flie Supreme Court, aitcf thub !K M \ u l d Irf o to plead fx^/ore his father. Child Horn. A son v oighlriK nine pouddfl, named ,,/ack J u n i o r , was twr;! ^Hndfly morning at (i 30\ o'clock to Sir, and drop»o£ blood throtiKh the light «now /, n r , ""-""""" L '-' "'·· /Mm u chicken house on tfit f a r m o f t ~ ' V I ' , U f w111 '.", J ''/ t ,i r , 0 JU «. tiadd in I,u«-r« 0 townBhlp e a r l y |^'^ ^ ***** ¥«' Y o u n g s t r , , , . , .- ,. . Monday, Con.tabl^ Harry "art Gadd w c r o l o d t c the home ol parents, Mr. and Mrs, ami Connoli.vlllo. This . d chll( , |n A. T)ye r.t tho fami , ^ b f l p i Antla Hut!l . M r , ,,,, 2 wh.»ro thoy Hay they found 24 stolen , a d [;I()rk at l h e Hagt Yoim t()wn yar ,, 8 of t h o PIlUibl , rK L a k e Brio Hal I road, formerly worked at iJickerson Kim. Mrs Diinlrtp w i l l bo ''jiff i» 1 to Th« WASHINGTON, Fei. 4.~irour 5m- jiortant eastern t r u n k lines liavo been revised by the director of tho division of jlnanco ot the Interstate Commerce Commission that tho plnns they have f.ubmtlted for uulflcatlon of eastovn carriers I n t o now competitive systoniH do not conform to (ho commission's complete p l a n ' f o r railroad oonsoiida- 'loti, m a d o public Uocenibcr 21, and .hat therefore su'h ftppliration Bhoultl cither bo withdrawn or d.iftTolsscd. Tlip.applieiUions wliirh tbo director o£ finance t h i n k s would io uscl(!ia to haar included the Baltimore; Ohio, (ho Chesapeake Ohio, fhc Dolitware ft Hudson and th : VVabaah. Tho Baltimore Ohio, in It« application, bad ij;,Huded the Western Maryland, !lie t/eliigh NIMV England, Montour, Plttsburi;, Charticra YpugMoKheny and the Pittsburg West Virgmia, all awarded to other system's. The Chesapeake · Ohio asked for tlie Delaware 1 , Lacl«.i%\anna £· Western, Hosisc-tner f . f k o Krie, Wheeling Lake Krl-, I'itiaburg. Shawmutl Northern and the Chicago £- Kaatprn t l l f n o f s , allocated by t h e corninihsion to the New York Oniral a n d ofher jeyfitoms. Thu Dolawaro Hudson i kskfrd for mithorl?j to a c q u u o the Bdiigor Arooatook, liostou . Maine. 'Buffalo Siisriiichaiina, Buffalo, Rfi- i r h e t n r I ' i t t s b u r g , ( / e n t i a i of New j Jersey, Delaware, f,aildiwanna Western, Tjphlgh Hudson lUvtr, Le- hlgh New Kngland, Maine Central, New York, New H.we-n HarUord, New York, Ontario Wcateni, Pitt»- burg Wpt Virginia, ileaduip;, Hutland, Virginia and Western Maryland. The commission hnd allocated the Delaware Hudson to a New Kns- land system, and tho Buffalo, Rochester P l t t = b u r K Hti'l the H u f f a l o Susquchanna, aa wi'Il as tbo Heading and Central of New Jersey, all bought by tlie Delaware Hudson, to the lialtiiiHue Ohio Of the four consolidation proposals submitted to the conmiission for approval by the trunk lines, tho Wabtihh application conforms the olobeht to tho comnussioii'H toiriplftte plan. The ouly Important eiungo in the Wabash plan, eCecled by the promulgation of tlie commission's plan, la tlio addition of the Saboard Air Line and Norfolk Western ioud«t, and tho withdrawal ot -.ho Elfiiu, .Tolii Kaatt-rn, wliic-li ( I ' c fommlshion put in the caiflgory of terminal properties. Thp .suggested v,5i),.driw}il of theao appJitauoiiH jndicalcK iuHe clearly the purpose of '-.ho InleraUto Commerce.. Commission to itdhore to ua plans as uubllclx announced December "J I. O. O. F. CANTONS PLAN FOR BANQUET Odd Kellowa Caatonfl Nos. 1J, 21, ;i;i and C.JI of Oteoneburg, Mo^nt CoiMie-linvillo and Piicalru Will hold a union hanqUei at Lincoln Lodge, I/lu- coin Heights, on the Lincoln highway, four miles west of OremittburK', on Wednesday evening, l^ebntary 2(i, at 7:15 o'clock. It will bo ii chicken and dinner, witb sprightly entertainment, Tho dinner is lor both men and women. Tho chevaliers art (o report in fatigue u n i f o r m , wifchoijl aid* arms. The commit too hopes fop a good t u r n out. Prison Ormrrt Kills Xoltfhhor, T, Ky., Fe.h. 4.--Oharl6a 40, garngc o w n e r here, was hhot find kHlcd Uto last night after an argument with O. (J. Hardwlck, g'ate guard at the state penitentiary, who surrendered to the pdlice but re- to explain tilt) shooting. arui hte wlf« were held tor court. tho»« who rotuembe ed as .Miss Paulino IJya. Lost Much Sleep on Account ol Eczema. Healed by Cuticura. i trooWe began With an itobing of my lu ad, wbkh got worse diy by day. Eczema broke oat in a raah and later ipruad \.o my other hand and fao». I could not do my regular work on account of it. When 1 pnt my hur.ds in vratar thsy itched fitai buruod, ind when I scratched it canned eruptions, jt lost much sluep at night ID account of it, "I began using Cdtieiira Soap and Ointment and j^ot relief in about three weeks, and the fourth week a\y troubla was completely healed." (Signed) Mias Irene Svldak, 217 S. 6th Bt, Dtiquesnc, Pa. 8a*p 2Sc. Oltitweat M Mid Jte. Taleure S^g, ScJd cv -rywhoBC. Saaiple each ferce. . Ef.TB»H«a, kiuar » Flfx llourj' Jfogro Hlafii. Fob, 4.--Assistant County Detective Arthur B. Turner is investigating llio fatal shooting Sunday nifiht or I l e u i y "Deacon" Jones, of Kii/ l l o n r y w h u was tuur- ncai hlh home. Soviet lixcoutpg Upwards of 400. LONDON, Feb. i ---Secret service police have e x e c u t e d between (00 and 500 f o r m e i R u s s i a n n a v a l ofllt-prs in vdi tout. So; let jn Uciio i f ) the last i'oit- inglit, au-ordjiia \u a Rljja dispatch A. U. N o H o n , Jr., ()ui. A. H. N o r t o n , ,U., v\\o B u f l e i t d u f t i ' f t i i r o d arm \v,ien U t l l i n p rm an i c \ p l a l f o n n it tho nnJon M.uimi, W a t U iuglon City, a f t v y rtaj^ ago ( ^as on "VICIOUS" KNIFE WELDER IS GI7EN ANOTHER YE/R TERM UNJONTOAVN, Ft-b, 4 -- '1 hut ho waa feigning Ineanity wai? the opinion^ oC Jail Phyelcian Benjamin A corn in tho e«,o of Morris Il4impton, negro, of L^ith, who npfpearwl bofor % cour(l thie morning for Hie fourth tirni on charges of aggravated as*, ult ana unlawful cutting. I "Nothing's ft|e matter with thte man, Just vicious, ' was Jr. AJcorn'e report ae convey«i to t' o court by Assistant District Attoriu / Arthur L, Byrne. AJorris toM the eourl h e 3ast eont- ence was one year in thr workhouso. lie saJd he didn't like the place at all KO Judge S. John Morrov font him back to serve another yc? i 1 . A tew dayts aftnr hia ) iat eentenco expired Hampton iiHaek d Bill Hyde w^th a Itnife-. Ben "Wroblw$ki, as^iistai t foreman et Riohraond ennmel plant was sentenced to pay $100 and c 'Bts or three months in jail for drlvi ig the aar while under the induen e of liqxior, It "was hfe first appeara ice in court since he has been in Ame - !ca, a period of 20 years. John Kay-ran, a eevon- r ear reaMant of tiiie country, also etat fl It w«s "hie first time before the coi rt. A state highway patrolman utopj ed him while he wa6 driving through Fairclmnce and found he hal been 'rinking. He Was unable to piiy his fii e and lie was released upon an inrlnst lal parolq on payment ol ?,"0 d()Wn, th reraaindnr^lo be paid in instaHraents, Frank Wilier, u Work War veteran with a had heart, wan bt 'ore tho court as an "habitual former." Ho WOB sentenced to (bo II. S. Vote ana' lioapita! at Aripinwdl! antfor the ustody oi' the ·sheriff and directed to lay there im- tlt released b- 4h«- con f. gassed In tho World "VV ir. He was "PASSION PLAY" TALK, PICTURES WEDNESDAY AT FIRST M. I CHURCH Rev. John A. Jordan of Pltts'burg will aptte-ar WoOnpffdar everiipK flt t'nc First Methodist Kpisfoj d Church to give art iriBpirins .tddrc ,a and irce»t nalura! plciurei. of tin Puistilon Play of Oheruoimorgati of 3!UO. Two hundred ^iity t h m«and persons from all pirtf( or the v oild witucseel the-play m 1910 More w i l l HOO it thtfi coining aumme-i. -llow 'ver, Connt'llo- vlllo folfci will be ablf to so6 a rppro- dactlon of the phvy b' n t t o n d i n g th« program at i h Miilh -dlst Kpincopnl Churrh on 55outh Pittfl iiirg- strer-t. HPV. Jordan has wor ed and siudiwl for 15 yoini to perfect hiw progrnm. The p u b l i c is invited Thero w i l l bo no chnrgo for t h e prof mm SENTENCED FOB HAVING FORGED REVENUE STAMPS THREE DOGS ATTACK OFFICERS WHO RAID HOME AT FARMINGTON Spccl,il to Tho iJoiirirr. TJNIOiNTOWN, Feb. 4.---While county and state officers were balthng with three vicious tlogs,, said to b n v o been skiked upon t h f n i by tho nou«*ewJfe, Haitfsla M a r i n o buai-ed hiinsclt' dump- Ing "nKtonshltK 1 " down th' kttchon sink in 3ils ilioiiw Hear Punnington, Monday afternoon, 'onicerx report. Nono o£ tho officers were bitten but ·the clothing of nil was ripped anrll lorn. The rlog.s did not succeed In holding tl4officers oft and five gallons ni 1 contra blind wre .onfiftcated, according to police. Marino wus brought to Uniontown and 'arraigned before AldPimaii Matt A-il-en rharp-fd with violating the iqnor laws. Following a hunting he was re- manddd to thci Fayetto county jail in default of »l,MO bull.. The officers al«u illorl a charge agalntit Marino Cor o w n i n g the dogs nnl he was fln«i $10 apiece tor each Marino is an alioiL und IE not allowed to own doffd. This is alleged by tho arresting- g oC- ficers to be Marino's second offence of U.-ie Cost is small. Ads. ReeuItB anre big. fChUdternGy 1 fo^ ^ CASTOr^A A BABY REMEDY APPROVED BY DOCTORS KM CQUC.OQNST1PSWIQH, DIARRHEA NOY»| Watering Syetem In tho palm nouse of the bolflnlc gardens at I.eninsrad, UnasJn, the palms are wntered from nbo»e by e system worked by no electric motor. By means of n single switch the .whole house can be watered as by a gentle rain. By U n i t e d i ros. I'lTTSBHRO.l-eb. 4 -Sam Nieolotti, a fioMier ot Italy do 'Sng the World War and a former rride«t of Scott-. was s«ntenc] to serve h'ix n Wcstraore i,nd county jail and pay a fine of $! yesterday. Ho pleaded guilty to pas usBion of 260 forged ntampe of the lypc iwed on bottles of IxmrtiH) whl ky. Nicotetti claimed t in .stamps wore given him by others iml said ho did not make them. Tho inau waa am steel some time iigo by "Wetitmorfilam county offlcerfl on a liquor charge but when the forged tjtampti were found Jfod-wal authorities weov noi 'fled. Nlocoletti disappeared but was .rrcsted recently in Chit IK«. AJLLEY SUNK PURPOSELY By U n i t e d HOME, Fet. 4.-- R.- ricconl of t h i BOJUS gula'b pl«iasu« gallo from Lake Komi, dia Hiink jiurpoaoly, alt purjio',8 is not knov ship, which apparoi state oD profl^rvatlot hot) Id ors In Ui« wai BuppObition of its t One third of the i'recd from tho mild. Pl'ftSS amlnation ol' the i Emperor Culla, now emerging loses that it wa« ough for -what n. ,he hull of I he tly is in a good found » heap of t, Iwullng to (lie sllboiato iui^kiug galley has been Monr c Home, UNIONTOWN, fall. ^.--Jay W .Tohns of BridgevJllr, pr^tsldent of tho 4tH«( Fuel Corpoi Ulon, a former resident ol! Conncl sville, purchased on Saturday the his orir*"Ash Lawn," homo of Jam^s M inroo, t h p fifth PrpwWent of the TJn ted Stalos, located Vfl Wn -'hurti Htrlke. NR WYORK. Fob 4.--The strike oi 1 Naw York'B 35,000 drcflBinakcrfi for higher wages and b it tor workiiiR oon- dition^, I n c l u d i n g Abolition ot the "sweat shop" nystxn i, began today. New Beauty for Old Skins (. A quickly effective treatment created by Helena Rubinstein to freshen the tired, ageing skin. To keep your skin active and clear, stimulate with Valaze Beautifying Skin- food-- the skin-clearing cream. " l .00 To efface lines and prevent wrinkles, apply Grecian Anti-Wrinkle Cream--a rich, nourishing preparation. 1.75 To refresh and fifm tissues, finish with Vataae Skin Toning Lotion -- a soothing tome astringent. 1.25 (Use Skin Toning Lotion Special for dry skins.) Turn m on dw Voter rf Beauty bicaataa ta Hdcntt Rumwu every nther T)tmday oner 'he National Broad- tJtftinf Ou»n tfml AuoCMUrtJ j'fi«w»u, at 11.30 A. W Eastern Standani time. \V. Crawford .Vie. DEMONSTRATOR DOMINANT SET Hennl a I Sure I Whtm y m uuo Adts. In Tlse IXUy 3onrior. is sitnaJl, resiiKs a e bkf. n}a8einel Tti« oast by physicians because it is fi te from harmful drugs-and i elieves coughs in a natural w; y. R A D I O New Peak In Radio Perforrrxan®® s A P E X NKW FUIX TOKE-COLOH Phone 198 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1930. I .-SESSSsrws \ Read how to make this certificate worth coupons ' T 1 H18 white chiflw hem JL» loTOly pattern, of ros«8 MM! forgct-i oii-notu in natural cola « with, leaves of claiicat; green. Edge* nre lined with gold. To get thi* lovely el lAAMtjiut o-licTOUr KTOCCT for Ocfajjon" evciy time you tray l»uxtt?*o*p, toffee (ocp ft* (be IM., flo»tfti(J ·o*p for the bith, uui chip* for jixir traiher. Then a ra ehq coupons TOU g«fc Boon you'll hare i to gee dblt inducement, apecial cert Ilka tc worth 13 r«o«nre)d lu Kc£or2luic« wltii the mle ptiaid in the certificate. Read liirra. cart llh,. Present cooponB to agent lipJow on or before April SO, 1930. OHINN'S HARDWARE STOBB SO!} Nort I'lttslnirp Street, ConncIfffrlHc SAFE-CONtSERVATIVE STRONG" THE LAST WORD in MODERN SAFETY Since establishment this growing bank lipfi done everything possible, employed o\ ery known device to make itself safe -- safe for depositors' funds, safe for pj,Irons, safe for its own organization. The TEAK GAS piotection just installed here,is the last word in modern safety--harmless but p -(jvenling shooting in holdups. "The Dependable Bank" has added this feature FOR YOUR PROTECTION Resources Exceeding $3,300,000,Qp \yfa@, OLDEST BANK IN CONNELLSVILLE T3ie memorial to Abraham Lincoln is a magnificent gem set in a lovely vf.lley between the hills. The Chara c t e r and Service of this great man will enclure with the ages. \% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. ^BKK, j** **.«. jmm. **, in. **mu .umm, ^«u«. --fc mm. t. «·' n.m. jH.iam M»W COKHELLSYILLE, PA. W E S T S I D E 2 I W» Crawford Avenue, Pa, you have aometltiing to sell and are in a j ik'. hurry to sell it, let the cle^sified advertising department of The Cornier pi^ve its ability as a speedy and efficient sales medium. i

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