The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 46
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 46

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 46
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i r y f mrf.f: m r f t?rr "i n c t w T " MI V Saturday Section THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 8ATUR0AY. AUGUST 38, ISM Disc-Patches "Ex" ii r Andy WUIiami tel U rn hi next disc will be tilled "Almost There" and is ballad (rom hit debut flicker .. . Peter and Garden don't like The Beach Boyt' leg act because "they move about a lot." That'i showman-ihip, aomethinf 1 guess PAG don't have ... New hits across the pond are ''Five By Five," a big-selling extended play effort from the Rellla( Si ee. "She's Not There" by The Zambia and "The Crying Game" by Dave Berry . . . Teay Jacksea, former lead linger with The Searchers has cut his first disc with his new (roup. The Vibrelieas . . . The Aalmakt will return to the U.S. la October for concert appearances and TV - spots. Release. Incidentally, of their new single has been pulled back and Instead they will issue as the A tide "I'm Crying" instead of the Sam Cooke composition that was first planned ... The late Jba Beeves could become the first American to win a gold disc ta .Britain for his version of "I Love You Because" . . . New release In the UK-Ger-iv aad The Pacemakers' "I'm Gonna Be AH Right" Ife Just Because"; and aad Gardes) will be out with their third tennon-McCartney effort. "I Don't Want To See You Again," and Lata will resume sboutin' again on "Can't Hear You No More" ... An LP will probably be released of The Beatles live at the Hollywood Bowl. George Merita flew to Los Angeles to supervise the session . . . Iliads Lee is recording hi Britain the y under Mtckie Meat, the swinger responsible for The Aertsnsls hit ... Another British group. The Yardbirds, getting the big promotion treatment south of the border ... Next week could see The lleaeyeoeabe top the British charts . . Last Thursday wild have been Jim Beeves' day . . . My regards to all the good ty "" Bu",te way. Joey, Daawy and Teas ITks tn who seem lo be getting as much of a kick , out of this column as I get writing K . . . Capitol and Bebby Darin have reunited . . . Bey . Orb baa show set for Ottawa Sept. IT. Also est the show will be Masvy Loeaa, iae eates and Deaa Hagsplsa, Beat King Brian By GEORGE TREMLETT ! la Liverpool, the people who started Britain's world -beating pop boom have been grum- Ming. 'Everyone's making money I but us," has been their complaint. As they have been - right but It will not be for long! With alt those BrUisa records dominating the U.S.. Canadian and continental hit parades, another Mersey pop breakthrough la imminent Bob Wool sr. the compere, who prevented the Beatles breaking up, may still be at the Cavern; Ted Knlbbs. though be discovered Billy J. Kramer, may stUl be unknown; Mrs. Best, mother of the Beetle who failed to make the big time, may have closed the ekih that started It alL - But with other new personalities of the Mersey beat cane, tbey are sow emerging to rival such giants of today as Brian Epstein, The Beatles' manager. The others Jimmy Ire-lend. Las Ackerley, Ray Mo-Fall and Spencer Uoyd Ma-son art still to the shadows. Mea whose personalities are unknown but are beginning ta com K fast. - - In the Cavers Club, which he bought from Alan Sytner, and the highly successful local music paper "Mersey Beat," Ray McFall now has two gilt edged securities. Thea there at Les Ackerley. the manager , behind the Searchers, who also owns he . Iron Door Club and runs the Northern Variety Agency. Though this be represents Freddie starr and the Min- ; righters. Chick Graham and the Coasters. Ian and the Zodiacs, the Exchequers, and Mark Peters and Rory Storm, whose Hurricanes once Included Ringo Starr. On aa equal "footing is Jimmy Ireland, owner of the .BRITAIN'S TOP 10 r I, Do Wah Diddy Diddy (I) .............. Manfred Mann X Have t the Right? (7) The Honeycombs t. A Hard Day's Night (1) The BeaUes 4. CaB Up the Groups (4) .. The BarretvtCnightt ' B. Tobacea Road () ............... The NsshvtlU Teens . m -s mmH " - - - Vm, Mi 7. It's AI Over Now (I) . Ye Really Got Me (1 B. Ifs For Yea (12) .. sa s r.t - im K ..... I JSfc"--'V.Wf-.-f. .; 7 v. i ? 'J r yttto'fc'-'i. : f ItZ- JbC -v. - THE HONEYCOMBS The Honeycombs are rapidly racing up the British charts with their debut disc, "Have I the Right?" recorded under the direction of Joe Meek who produced the million-selling "Telstar" for The Tornados. The UK group's gimmick centres. around their drummer Honey is the only female Ringo-type in the.Qld Country. -. tT yJ'J Hal David and Burt Bacha-rach art. to my mind, the finest songwriters in the pop field south of the border. Tbey are also Very talented arrangers. Latest example' of their work comes from Lea Jean-sea, a newcomer who does sa ex c e 1 1 e a t vocal fob oa "'There's Always Something (There to Remind Me of You." a catchy beaw with a variety of musical switches. This Johnson could preside over the hit lists. Cliff Richard has come roaring back strongly la' the UK -with "On the Beach," a ' rotism' twister thai includes ' the bossa nova and all that Jazz to twangin' Shadows' ac- famous Mardl Gras Club, who is , currently spending "well over M.oot pounds" promot-tlng his artists the Swinging Blue Jeans (already in the U.S. hit parade), the Escorts and Cy Tucker. Then there is Spencer Lloyd Mason, another wealthy manager bow beginning to break out nationally with The Mo-Joe, who have recently had their first Top II hit "Every, thing's Alright" and now have ai big a following on Merseyside as The Beatles and Searchers had little more than a year ago. They, like The Beatles, served aa apprenticeship at Hamburg's Star Club, and share similar interests sa art and writing.' Here, then, fa) the second wave of Mersey talent completed by Bob Wooler. sow with his own Radio Luxem bourg program and a .book' Ing agency; Ted Knlbbs,; managing Chick Graham who; Is backed by Billy Kramer's ' former Coasters and Mrs. Best's son, Pete.' ON THE BRINK , ' Leading the Pete Best Four, the young drummer replaced after three years by Ringo Starr when The Beatles were on the brink of stardom la now on that. . very same brink again.. A'-r-.'' r-r:-- HIs first disc Is about to be released, end the Grade Organisation already representing Cliff Richard, the Shadows, Frank Jfleld aad Kathy Ktrby Is about to sign him to a management and agency contract. "Pete was bitterly disappointed when he was asked to leave The Beatles," said Mrs. Beat, "but his time has now come to prove himself. ' " ' " Like McFall. Ackerley, Meson, Ireland. Knlbbs and Wool- er, she could wen be rtftni. Jim Reeves Rolling Stones . Tht Kinks ........ ....... viii piactK 7 7 PDaOtJcir ...And ia By Sandy Gardiner companiment. Hf! could again prove a real popular beach boy. "Selfish One" la doing big things for Jackie Reaa Stateside and might do likewise here. It's a Mary Wells style of song with a little heavier r and b treatment. Luck can make it a big one. ' ' Just issued as S single from their "Something New" set, are wild rockers "Slow Down" and "Matchbox"- featuring John and Ringo respectively on the vocal. It's another big Beetle. - The tarns provide an unusual sound on their -latest out-. Ing, "Hey Girl. Don't Bother Me." which features the group prominently with only rhythm accompaniment. But this won't bother anyone unless the turntable pilots get fly. - Doona Means Heartbreak" Is .a great British ditty from Jeaany Saadaa which will probably go unrecognized be- - cause the name Isn't known, . the song unusual and the fact that Johnny is not related to . The Beatles. And this Is heartbreaking. ' AI Martina should take his usual trail up the lists with another in his ballad revivals, "Always Together." which will Al-ways be good. ., The Fear Tops drive home a panchy beat ballad m . "Baby. I Need Your Loving. a definite r and b flavored platter. And these tops could spin right to where their name Implies ... it Shirley EBis could have a double-sided smash with her swlngla' version of it would rock hks, "Bring It on Home to Me" and the recent Elvis Presley effort. "Such a ! Night." And I hope this point gets -home to -the mlkey mouses. ' - th "Will Yer, Won't Yer" is an- unusual UK - sound from The Hi-FI's, a completely new - ..''.'ii' IT " " '7'"; - PaUtlcsr Chotter name to me, but it's a good 'un and I'd like to hear it on the dial a few times. But may-, be these days, radio men a rent looking for new talent. It took them long enough to discover The Beatles . . . Caret Chaanmg revives ''Ain't Misbehavin" something along the Jazx Unas and It's a great listening effort but I'm afraid, oh Carol, not a smash-eroo, - ' . The Breakaways eould do little' business with Thai's How It Goes." a big band sound arranged end written fay Britain's Tony Hatch, the "Forget Him" kiddo. This could hatch in time . . .' Lee ladles Tabaaree or to call them by their English name. .The Cigar Store Indians, play "Marta" as their new outing and it's sweet, sentimental and superbly played but wont eell , The Astronauts Orbit Kam-pus" Is a set of old rock hits revived by. this California group and recorded live In a Colorado stomping ground. It could take off saleswisc. Duaae Eddy's "Water Skiing" set is very much influenced by the British sound. If you listen closely you can bear snatches of "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "Needles and Pins" in a couple of numbers. But ail the British stuff Is selling. ; ' - . The Swim U the latest dance crate south of the border and coming right on top of It is an album by the originators, titled "Swim With The. Go-Go's. k's a not a bad set but doesn't exactly drive me off the deep end. : V- . Chet Atkms la the greatest .guitarist la the popular line on this continent His "Progressive Picking". Is another lesson to aspiring git-fiddlers and e slap tn the face to-those who figure they know all there It to know about- the stringed thing. 4 ' with Canadian tttuie nnct record rforeiJ , - By CANADIAN MUSIC NEWS The Official OtUwa Hit Pfsradt) , 1. A Hard Day's Night (l) "Hie BeaUes I. Everybody Loves fkmtebody J Dean Martin M S. The House of the Rising Sua 4) The Animals 4. Under the Boardwalk (5) .i. ............. The Drifters F, In the Misty Moonlight (It) Jerry Wallace , ra Cry Instead (I) ....i.w... The Beatles 7. Utile Old Lady From Faeedenn ) ...... Jan .and Dean g. TV Wife (II) J D- LoudermUk a. People Say (S) ...... The Dixie Cupt It. Where Did Our Love Go? (14) .i. .The Supremee II. Nobody I Know (1J) .'..; Peter and Gordon I. Sunny (t) ......w... ... N Sdka IB. Aad I Love Her (15) ......... ..w....... The BeaUes 14. Maybe I Know (It) Lesley Gore II, Because (25) .................... The Dave Clark Five It, Bag Doll (12) The Four Seasons J7. Clinging Viae (21) Bobby Vinton 15. U Hurts to Be in Love (24) .........v.... Gene Pitney It. Wishbt and Hopht' (It) ............ Dusty Springfield 2a. Bread aad Butter (M) ..... ...... The Newbsats-, top pop albums 1. A Hard Day- Night (3) The Beetles .'X Something New (1) ...................... The Beatles . 3. At the Whiskey -e-G Go (2) Johnny Rivers ; 4. The Hippy Hippy Shake (S) .. The Swinging Blue Jeans g. Cottaa Candy (4) ..... AI Hirt V a. IS Greatest Hits (8) Connie Francis 7. Chuck Berry Greatest Hits () ........ 11 1 X The Esquires () ..-4 t, Ifs AB la the Game (7'T. Oiff Btchsrd It-The Boutnfj Stones (t) " compued tit conjunction chiefs it a callable tn M local 430 MILES IN 3 Teen Heaih for Erie Bawdea Is IT, Uvea at - ' : ' 11 Echo Drive, and la gelog . i fl .?t aav--";------ fyifT bite grade II at LIsgar.'He Is ' . I t j '.i ; --g tt;- ?'i'Tt I aba a long . distant, cyclist h ; l;i Y, tjTlx A 4: I I , L'i f I Vacatj someth note, I planned my vacation this Summer. Why not go to New York? There would be ; plenty to see at the Fair. So New York It was. But how? For me there was only one answer; the eontrap-' ttoa I had travelled around on for the last 11 years my. ' bicycle. The first problem was bow to cross the .St. Lawrence. The fastest route was "by the Ogdensbu'rg . Prescott Bridge. But no bicycles, are allowed 1 on that bridge. So I wrote' to . the bridge authorities in Og- i densburg and they replied that T if I would notify them when : I got to Prescott tbey Would : send a truck over to pick ma up. and take me across at no charge. ' SO, AT l-M one June morning. I set off on the longest Journey of my life. By t.M a.m. I had reached Ogdens-burg, and somewhere ahead lay New York City. That first day came to an end at about I p.m. six miles north of Watertown. With all my effort I couldn't quite make the city. I rolled out my sleeping bag near a farmhouse, climbed in, ead "died" until my alarm clock woke me at 4 , I wrote in my book that morning that I had travelled 114 miles In I2M hours and had spent JJ. IS.,, I made good time that tec-' ood morning, but about eight I left the main highway to take a short - cut. Although this cut off M miles. It took Just as long. The road was vary hilly and the let degrees temperature added more misery. Eventually I got back to the mala highway, but even ao I got aa further than Uta by 1 p.m. : . w . Needing extra rest and mora comfortable conditions I stay- . ed in a small, hotel In Utlca,. ana again suspi uoiu kw wm next .morning. , " , The second, day I had cov- ered II miles In 14 hours, aad TRICK RIDER ing dliierent. un tms ' . j jb t . - 'WdllofBeatli' Star Only 17 By Louise JIMMY ON WALL OF DEATH If you bear anyone say that it takes years to become a carnival star, don't believe ft; Just look at lbs young man who stars in the "wad of death" ' motorcycle show ' at the Ex Jimmy McNish.' ; Jimmy, who Is' only IT years old. bat been practising ! trick motorcycle riding since he was . II. "Fsther owns ' the show)" he says, "end used to do trick riding himself, t 'gueoe-1 got my- enthusiasm from him. tt wok me seven I months of constant practice to learn the tricks I do now." . For 1 seven months of the' year Jimmy travels with the show ' throughout 4he United ' States and Canada. The rest of the year. Is spent at his horn in Miami Beach, tr c "After seven months on the v road," says Jimmy, 'I'm glad ' lo be able to relax at home. I I've .become used to the crowds and the noise but k's still a strain to cope with the ; pressure and dizziness at I reach speeds of almost M . miles en hour on the circular wall. ; . v ' V Jimmy's most difficult trick-Is riding side saddle with no hands along the 17 foot wall. It looks dangerous end It is. i he says. "There's always the chance oi my sliding en.-. i! : ' ' " . m- m- of h '", AS A HOBBY. Jimmy en joys' krt, especially cartoon ing. He has painted many the signs which adrertie Jh i show. "When' I was younger I used to think that art was the greatest thing' m the world.' tayt Jimmy, "f was given a Walt Disney . : . i DAYS NY By SETTING OFF " Pen KM. which htclud- ed .my hotel room. THE THIRD DAY Saturday. I had set was Albany as the goal for the day. About II miles west of Fort Plsin there was a very steep hill ' about two' miles long. With one took I decided to walk. This was the last hill I had to complaia about for M miles. , . . The road. now became flat',' allowing me to reach the speed of U miles en hour and maintain it tor almost aa hour and a half. , ... .- By one o'clock that afternoon 1 had reached Amsterdam. I stayed there through the heat of the day and did some washing in a jaundrrf- mat. ' ' About four o'clock I started out again, and soon reach-' ed Albany. That night 1 camped opposite a motel complete with ewimming pool, which I used to full advantage. But the mosquitoes were Mr- rible and about 11 p.m. I gave up aad , went ta a-, service kftaJioii, down the told. The men were very sympathetic and after a while one sug-. gested. making a sign and go- ina m i lonnqm; rar't trance fust doitrd the road to see if a -trucker would .pick me up. Vinokur ". s scholarship ta cartoon art It's Just a hobby for me now and I would never make it a full-time occupation."'. ' t " During -the Winter' Jimmy .. likes to , ski la New Hampshire.. He also participates la, other sports. such as football but hia favorite sport, of course, is motorcycle racing. , "Unfortunately.", he, . com-TJlains. ''I'm under the., age . .limit for a. lot of motorcycle ' 'clubs, but I enter races every chance I get. I hope to get Into the races at Daytona Beach this year." ' - . r '''' A-1 ' .i '' ALTHOUGH JIMMY'S life ' as a trick rider Is exciting. It has Ha ' disadvantages: "My ' hisgest regret tt that I left ''school," he says. "At first I was attending Miami High ' School and than ( switched to home study courses. This year I dropped dcfaooT entirely but i I plan to. go, hack again.". At present Jinrmy has no steady girl friend but he meets , msny girls during his travels. -"I find Canadian glrbj more ladylike, and mature than American girls of the same?' age." he says: "Canadians also seem to me to be more ." polite and kind, f wouldn't , mind living m cannon perma- nently." . ; - r Jimmy has survived five 1 1" sertous-moiorcycl. accldenu.. lnchidlngra':lra explosion but 7 ,Wtimav, wlthhnw.; "Yo eeilH. be, a. good rider ;' r Jimmy has survived "You CaX he, a. (food rider 'Unlets you love what you're doing." says the tall, brown- haired - teenager.' "a nd wouldn't want to spend my hit doing anything else." ; ' ON LONG TRIP I arrived at the throughway at I.N a.m. and stood there with that sign. But It seemed hopeless, so right there I roll- , o out my sleeping oag ana " " . I AWOKE, as usual at about 4 a.m. and proceeded to pedal southward. - The mora I thought about it the better the idea of getting a ride seemed. My chance came hours later. I saw behind me a '"vehicle" which did not appear to be a car. It turned into a U.S. army , jeep with a trailer behind it. Knowing It to be against regulations lor it to carry unauthorised persons, I did not expect too much co-operation. So Instead of flagging It I Just called out. "Hey, you wanna give me ,1ift?l7 -t ve me .iift3nj r , ' CTT.1,? ' u """"r Th. tnLrL. LJ5eyeidf;altoBti rnlare as .Jtor, , Whatever Em r-r I exDialned ouicklv. ibere today I'H need a bit of help. You could put. my bike Oh "the traUer."-" ;.; ;.- ..'. .-", , .; The officer agreed. His co- driver, a sergeant, lent hand .and we hauled It un. I climbed in the back of the Jeep and away WS wettL. . y-Tbcy drove me right the Bronx, only II blocks the place where I would stay ! 1- .. with rrind. I STAYED A WEEK In New York, saw the World's Fair and walked (I welcomed the change) many miles of Manhattan streets. . ' The .return trip proved much easier. I simply crated my M- Saturday Nights Out into from Moon Parties Rage - In El Salvadpr; By Cecilia Domeyko- w . In , El Salvador, that full moon Is ao bright that no other D rumination ie necessary for a party. ' "Luna das," or "moon parties.' are so popular that full moon is rarely. neglected. As El Salvador has a hot, tropical climate, houses are usually surrounded by huge terrace and patios, decorated with tall palm trees, flower arrangement, and tiny flickering light bulbs strung from every tree so coconut . can Just be seen by moon party guests. .'( ', "Limadas" can- be held anywhere on a terrace, at a beach, or at someone's "hacienda," or country When the sugar cane Is rip for cutting, the time etao rip for a "lunacU." Friends are invited '.to spend a day ' an the hacienda, and do soma borae-beck riding, or swimming in the pool. a f tV :. As night falls, and the mooa rise, the girts ton party dresses, the boys stick back their .hair and all get together to watch a special drink of fruit and an alcoholic beverage being mixed 4h most Important component belnj tugar. 'It is very strong, 'much, like Mexican Tequila and is called "Espiritu da Cafa." or ' "Spirit of . Cane Sugar." Sound mysterious, doesn't ' tt? a. ' r .-- '', '?:.'. '' '.;. EACH. SEASON has it own attractiOM for I Satva- doran .,. teen. - CofTee-plcking . ZTZtTlFZtt Jn.COf,ff" r0P' f klnL..T SwSS-Vi ."5. ..T?,a, -': , time, mean, naturally, a Dates In El Salvador re taboo. Boys must visit a girl . at her, owa home, talk to, mother, father and very often patlenOy put vp . with i .V- i M." L..V..V.'"' . Bicycle eyejie and took a but home bringing my bike as personal heggage. , The trip down cost me 111.4$ (he return trip 111 even. The cycling was worth the extra money. It was the farthest I had ever been from home, and I went there on a bicycle 431 miles (71 of it in the Jeep) in three-and-a-half days. Kiite ies DEAR KITTE: My girl and 1 broke up In December. Since that time she's been going with a person that's op to no good In his dealings with her.. She broke up with him last week and has been lonesome, since then. When she broke up, I was going' with someone but now I'm not.' "Everybody knows '' she wants 'to go back, with the boy she broke' up with, and talks against at to' her, but she won't listen.-.'. "I think if I asked her to go back with me, she would. If I told her everything I knew against the boy she was going with. Should I? . ' , '.!'.: -VTim. Dear Turn Ne. Just tetTaer that If and when she Is ready yen would bka to retame dating and ask her ta say when. Try It am) awhile, with hetfa free to date ethers. Give her time to decide hew the feels abeat him and aWver waether er net be m Min Interested vw yea ulk against, him. asM respect feu feel far hart men set nor make her owa . eemparisens. .;, . ..;-1 v -" V WWW. MK-iuxi ... . brothers and sisters. - A girl quit often marries as young ' as 15, although 18 it a mora . -; common age. and the bride- ' groom I almost always - about It years older. Girls in Central American countries such as El Salvador mature much earlier than .Canadian and American'' girl.' An example of this Is, , their 13th birthday, their of- . ' ficial "bringing out" Into society. This birthday is celebrated at much as e-21st : birthday fa) here, but twtth traditional ceremony. " t The girt la always dressed . In a long' white dress and her 10' - specialty ; chosen , ladies-m-wtiUng (best girl , friends) In soft pastal shades. A many as -MO people are v : Invited to a banquet I ) The party begins with the' ' girl and ber fsther, uncle or brother- dancing a waltx,-. ; Then one by one, her ladles- : ; in-waiting take up the dance . - with' their -escort, and c ' finally everyone join m. , MOONLE5S SATUSDAY nlghu are - Mill- "flet t aT '.nights, however and a pop ular dancing club It "El ! Corinto". where - group of . .teens dance until their re- , .spectiv chaperones run out ' of energy. : . -t Thert'i no Queen VkHorla day m El Salvador. But tt't not. needed. ML. Italco, ' a tpectacular volcano, provides year-round flreworkst , -1 A favorite Saturday pastime for teenage boyt, it to hike up to the foot of the huge fire-pit and camp ther. for the night. The tight of the red, flaming mountain Is) a fewsrd well worth thajloruj WBtA'.' svl' 4 .,'.'1 I i fttMtietlmes tbey spend as j much" a few week away i .from home .with a few pro- ! visions and well loaded rifle - f shooting rtbblu and deer an the mountain slopes, . Repl 'r,V'-eAK mmmmm B7'7aV'''""'sV- T" -St" y 1 V i? ii". I-" "t;' 1 . f. 9: ' . ' ' -. .-. ., 'J- ,

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