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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, January 12, 1938
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PAC- TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVILLK. PA WEDNESDAY, JANUARY iZ, 1938. By LYNNE B. KINCELL Health Committee Has Charge of Program ' Given at Meeting"-.of B. and P. W. CLub With the health comnvttco in charge o£ the.piogram, tha,8usin:ss and Piotessional Women's. Club held its flrst meeting at tho , now year Tuesday night at the West -Perm Model Home.. Miss Margaret Ecb; a member of the committee and dental nygienlst in the local schools, -presided over the varied and entertaining program. Kdward McGill played 'cwfr piano solos and GrGtta * Piper entertained with acrobatic dances Mary Louise Newmyer gave a tap dance and Bobby Danl played drum and bell solos Margaret Newmyer Was at the piano and was also the accompanist lor the dancers The young performers Were* \\armly applauded. " " ' An interesting and ' educational highlight 'of "the c\cifmg'was a "motion picture, ''The Marx-el of Vision," with- Floyd Giboons, ncws_commen- tator, telling the story This feature was arranged by Miss Elizabeth Wcitzel.' - - ;..-_;: ______ At the' close 'of the program" a business session was held, Mrs Prances Soisson Buck, president, presided and announced that a conference on the cause and cure 61 war will be held January 18-21 In Wash~ our; of -Union towriT Stale president of the-^ Business -and --Professional *Wo- menJs^Clubs," is planning "lo'altcnd. j^Sly^eryj^Pals" for- 1937 wcre-7e- veaied and new names drawn for the com{ng -year. - The cspcdallyrwcll attended.-; _ ^ __ iChcdmagazine .committee, Mrs. EdnarJ. Brendelrchalrman, is plnn- nimr"a program ior Tucsday-eye- nin£,' January.-25_ Miss Ruth Sens- bachTImembeiCDrtlie, High .School faculty, will give a book review and at the conclusion _bingo v,iU be played. T T~ TM ELSIE RIDGWAY HONORED OX HEK 16XH BIRTHDAY Mrs. Rose M. Ridgway of Chestnut street entertained at a dinner Friday evening in honor of the- sixteenth birthday anniversary" of hei daughter, Elsie. A-color scheme of yellow, pink and green was effectively carried out. The table was centered with a large birthday cake beautifully decorated and embellished with sixteen Candles. Places were laid for Miss Catherine Rogers of'ScotWalerMiss" Muriel -Brool'-s MissJTean BiscT, Miss Dorothy Bee- roan, Miss KalhryrT " Brlnkcr, Miss Marjorie Addis, Miss Betty Guthrie and the honor guest ~After the dinner the remainder o tEe evening was spent at games pjrlzcs being awarded to Miss Brooks Miss Banker and Miss Addis. ..Mrs. Ridgway's aides were her sis tcr-in-law, Mrs. J. J. Rogers o Scottdalc, and her daughters, ALci and Carolyn. ·YOTJNG PEOPLE WILL HOLD 2. CANDLELIGHT SERVICE --A candle 1 ight service -will be heli Sunday, January 30, by the Youn, People's Society of the First Presby terlan Church at the church Thi was decided Monday evening bj members of the executive board am Rev. Karl H. J. Schoenbom, pastor when it met at thejhome o£ Jamo Vernon in North Sixth street. Plans for the social program o the organization were outlined. Ar rangements are under way for a valentine party to be held Monday, February 14, at the church. Lunch was served by the host's mother, Mrs. Grace D. Vernon. -Members of the executive board Tvho were in attendance were: President, James Vernon; vice-president, Henry W. McRobbie, Jr.;. assistant secretary, Margaret. Baker; social Daughters of Ruth Form Banquet Plans; Committees Named Plans for" the annual banquet on Tuesday uight, February 8, Were completed at the January-meeting ol the Daughters of Hu(h Bible Class if Trinity Lutheran Church, held Tuesday night at the homo of Mrs. YilUarn H. Hetrick in East Patteron, avenue. Dinner, cafeteria style, will be served at the social room of the .church Committees arc- Dinlngreom--Mrs. Charles A. Mc- Cornuck, Miss Ruth Mitchell, Mrs WVVV. Cunningham and Mrs W. W. Hoover. "Kitchen--Mrs. Edward Bacr, Mrs. A.-W. -Young, Mrs. C. Roy Hctzel, VIrsr'Kalhryn Gordon, Mrs. F. J. Dcchambcau, Mr5 Robert M Lcl- berger and Miss Minerva Kcflcr. Mrs. A W. Young, new president, was in charge of the business mcct- ng'and also conducted the devotionals. Several splendid New Year readings" were given by Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs Hctzcl, Mrs. Leiberger, M-s. L W. Carpenter and Mrs Young. Miss Esther Miles was at Jic piano for group singing. Miss Minerva KciTer was in charge of the cn'ortalnmcnt. - During the business session Mrs Young announced the program lepd- crs for each month of toe year ant appointed the following standing committees: Flowers--Mrs Hctzcl and Mrs Lcibergcr. 'Visiting--Mrs Edward Bacr, Mrs Ethel Irwin, Mrs W. W. Hoover and Mrs Karl K. Kramer. "MenibersTilp--Mrs. Charles C. Mitchell, Mrs. Ernest R. Kooscr, Mrs Fred Darst and Mrs. W. C Michael Attendance--Miss Esther Miles "Mrs. William P. Phuntck, Mrs. J. D Fox and Mrs. George Guthrie. The class decided to continue sc- c u r Tn g magazine subscription throughout the coming year and ti put forth a special effort to have a perfect attendance ot members every Sunday. " After the business session a dc liclous lunch was served by the com mlttecr composed of Mrs. Hetrick Mrs Harry Sheets Mrs. S M Shcctz Mrs. C, E. Plnkerton, Mrs Ma Mortis and Mrs. 'W. R. Scott Abou forty members were present MARTHA NORTON MEMBERS ARE GUESTS AT TE/ Member* of the Martha Norton Class of the Christian Sunday Schoo were guests of the senior girls' class at a tea at the church Sunday after noon. Twenty-three responded the Invitation. Tho hours were from 3 to 4 30 o'clock. Serving of tea, wit Mrs W. H. Bcrgcr pouring, followcx a program In charge ot Mrs. Mcr rill Li Cadwell, tcrchcr ot the class It was: Piano solos, "Claire dc Lunc and "German Dance," Kathlcei Barnes; -readings, "poems" of Robct FroaJ;' Patty Coughcnour; piano solo "Hungarian Echoes," Beryl Shcilly vocal duet!, "WhispcririK Hope" an "God Is Lovei" Dorothy Freeman an Kathleen^Bnrnes. · Guests^included Mr. and-Mrs, H E Mason-ami -Mrs. Anna D. Maso of Edcnborn -^ FRIENDSHIP BIBLE CLASS MEETS AT-FLESHER V HOME The Friendship Bible Class ot th, Krst United. Brethren Church me Tuesday'night "at the'home ot M and Mrs. Ira Flcsher in South Fourt street, West Side. Eleven /ncmbci and.clght visitors wore present. Th meeting" opened with _ prayer by S chairman, Clarcnce'MacDonald, Jr; TCTHuey. "Mrs. John F Kooscr rea publicity chairman, Claire Vernon. FTDELIS CLASS MEETING - ' ANNOUNCED FOR FRBDAX- -The monthly meeting of the Fi^ dfclis Class of the First Methodist Episcopal Church will be held Friday cvpnlng at the home of Mrs. Pasqualc Gigllottl, 711 Isabella road. Tie time .'!· 8 o'doclcrMr?. -GigllotU, Mrs. Amos JolUffc.-Mrs. Arthur L. Hall, Mrs^ByronlNaborsJVUsySuaan Kicks and Miss Gertrude Lindsay compose the committee. Sf P. SENIOR ENDEAVORERS - - WILL MEET AT CHURCH The Senior Christian Endeavor Society of the First Methodist Protestant Church will meet Thursday night at 7:45 o'clock at the church All officers and commitec chairmen »re asked to have reports Miss Rnpp to Tell of Travels. The Church Work Society of Trinity Reformed Church will meet Thursday evening at the home o£ Mrs. W. A. Withente, 1218 Vine street. A feature of the evening will beTa travel talk by Miss Elizabeth B Rupp who returned recently from travels in France, Italy, Egypt and tho Holy Land Marriage Announced. Announcement is made-- ot the mnrrmgc of Miss Dorothy Virginia Miller, diughtoi of Mr and Mrs Walter Miller of SmithHeld, and William Earl Hme 1 !, son of Mrs Michael Hines ot North Union township The ceremonv took pi nee on New Year's Eve at Revere The bridegroom is cmplovcd at McClellandtown. - Queen Esther Ciasf Frldaj. The Queen Esther-Class-of the Christiin Church will meet Friday evening ot 7 30 o'clock with Misses Helen and Anna Lou Patterson of Brookvalcr - the Scripture lesson After the bus! ness period the class, was. enter talned with ~votsH solos by "Mrs Gcbrgc'Santmyer.-S K. Huey a. talk." -^ z. * AtThe close of the meeting a socia hour was enjoyed. Lunch was serve by Mrs Plesher. Tho next meeting will be hel ·Tuesday evening,- ^February-- 8,_ a the" home of Mr. "and -Mrs,"" John y MRS. E. B SMAIX \V1LL ENTERTAIN OlfVVARD CLAS Tho Onward Class ol the Firs Methodist Protestant Church wi meet Friday night nt the home Mrs. Edgar B. Small, 1226 Vln street The committee consists" Mrs. Robert Boyd, Mrs L. A. Glover Mrs. Harry Doppelheuer, Mrs Walt Artis, Mrs. Charles Harvey and Mr Small. Members arc asked to no! the change In date. Christian Women Thursday, .The Christian Women's Missionary Society will meet Thursday evenin at 7:45 o'clock at th' church Mr J. Earic Hildqbrand will lead de votionals. Mrs Peter R. Weimc will have charge of the program line meeting is in prospect. BInso Party Planned. MFS. Bess Conner, president, wa in chaigc ot the regular meeting the Woman s Benefit Association ,, the Maccnbccs, hcld~Tucsaay nigh at Odd Fellows Hall. Plans were made for a bingo party to be held the close of the next meeting DANCE THURSDAY EAGLES' HAM, Dixonlnns Door Pri/e RS.OO 8:30 to 12 BOSSES 1,000 MEN FOR ROAD SHOW Ionian Wynne . . . 1,000 men obey her Engines arc first loves of Miss Loulso Wynne of Washington, formerly of Raleigh, N C Sho 1* tho boss of 1,000 men who are placing $10,000,000 worth of road building equipment Into Cleveland's Public hall, where the American Road Builders' association mcoii Jan. 17-21. Miss Wynno has been in the business for 15 ycaro She ij *ecr«tory to th« engineer-director of th« American Bead Builder*" association. BARCLAY ON BRIDGE WBOTEN FOB CBNTBAL PRESS f By S t i e p a r d B a r c l a y "The Authority on Authorities" DON'T BE DOLEFUL YOU ARE not always in as bad jhapc as you may think, when an opponent has doubled your contract. By playing for the breaks in the location of different cards and endeavoring to get the stronger defender into the Icaa at the close of tho hand, you may save a trick hero and there until you eventually emerge with a doleful looking- contract successfully mode' It pays to stick to your knitting even when the came seem* alircost hopeless If A Q 10 6 2 + A7 40.108 V J 7 5 · Q 10 5 4 3 + K 6 4 K 9 7 6 4 3 VNonc · K J O G 2 (Denier: West. East-West vul nerable ) Here West opened the bidding with 1-Hcart, North paused, East called 2-Dtnmonds, South 2-Spadc;i, West 3-Clubs, which North doubled, .and But 3-Hcarti, which North i also doubled. ) When the dummy was txposcd, (after the lead of tho spado J, West realized it was not going to be rav/ to make tho contract, as the clubs and hearts \vcrc no doubt bunched In tho North hand. He covered the opening lead with tho Q in dummy and South allowed it to hold The diamond 3 v. as led and won by North with the A. A second spado uas returned, covered by tho 8, 8 and A The heart 3 was the next lead, on which North played the 2 and dummy the 7 When South shewed a void, tho declarer started on clubs, by cashing the K and A and ruffing one round A diamond wns trumped by the West hand and another club ruffed. The spade 10 was led from dummy, covered by South's K, and West tossed tho club J, knowing North would have to win. He did, and had to lead from his A-Q-10, giving West the trick lie needed Soit Problem + K 0 8 V A 7 C 4 3 4 5 3 2 VK10 «, A 1C 10 8 S 3 4 A Q 10 6 4 V Q J 9 5 2 * J * (Dealer Went. North-South vulnerable.) What Is the correct bidding on this deal? Great-Grandma at 55 MKS. MARGARET BLOOM IS HOSTESS AT PARTY Mrs Margaret Bloom delightfully crtcrtaincd nine ot her friend* Tuesday night nt her home in Robblns street The cvenin^ was spent at dangmfi Raines and music. Later the ho'tcw and hci mother, Mrs John Coughuiour, served n lamty lunch MISSIONARY SOCIETIES WILL SUET TinmSDAY The Jinuary meeting of the Wo- rmm'* Heine ,ml Foreign Miblsonarjr societies of tile Firt Mctliodist Eplscop-il Church will bp held Thursday afternoon at 110 o'clock .it the home ol Mrs J. B. Henderson m Eist Cedar ivcnuc Mn. Elenor Gognen . . .youn la TJ. S. ? Mother of 13 children and boasting 25 grandchildren at the ago of 65, Mra. Eleanor Gogucn of Lynn, Masi . claims ahe IB the youngest great-grandmother in th» United States H. L. CLUB ENTERTAINED BY »IRS. JOHN LOttEUY Mrs. John Low cry entertained the H. L. Club Tuesday evening at her home in East Washington avenue Nine mcmbcjs Were present. Bingo was the mam diversion with prircs going to Mrs. George Blair and Mrs. Lloyd Feathers The hostess served a dainty luncheon. The next meeting will be held on February 10 with Mrs Fc ithcrs is hostess nt her home in West Gibion avenue. South Conncllsvllle C. L V. Class Program The C. I. U. Class of the Methodist Protcstan' Church, at its meeting Monday evening at the church, had an interesting program Devotionals consisted of songs'" and prayers by members of the class Frances Robbins read the Scripture lesson Betty Mantel! was in charge of the study book. After business lunch was served by a committee made up of Jean Robblns, ?'.arlon Mnntcll, Florence Bcatty and Elizabeth KcfTcr. Engaged to Marry. Mr. and Mrs Oscar Martin of Un- lontown announce the engagement of their."daughter, Miss Martha Martin, to Frank Lilly, son of Mr. and Mrs J. F. Lllloy of Unlontown. No wedding date has been ravc.iled Licensed to Marry. Louis Bollsh ot Mount Braddock and Ann Rose Korcl ot Shady Grove were licensed-to wed at Uniontown SparhrttI Supper. Mr and Mrs Bjron R imarct en- ttrtimicd a number of the'r relatives and friends nt a spaghetti supper list Thur3d.i night at 9 o'clock ot their home nt Brownsville Covers were laid for fifteen The hostess was .Tsiistcd in prcparlrg the meal by Misses Mirj Ann Fronek nnd irr si"ter-in-Hw, Misseji Bcttv nnd Eleanor R.imifie Dancing was the diversion later in the cvcnlnB Out- of-town guests in addit on to aides of the ho'jtesi, were Mr and Mrs. Douglass Riffle, Mis* ' Boots" Riffle, Mrs Jean Lumin, Miss Elsie Clister, James Rush nnd George Haney, nil of Uniontown WPA Recreation Teachers to Meet At Wayhesburg Sped*) to The Courltr UNIONTOWN, Jan 12--First of a icrics of thicc mid-wmtcr con- fcrcnce^ among Works Progress Administration teachers and rtcrci- tionol Iciders m Arci No 1C will be held I'nda}, J.mujrj H, 111 the Memorial chapel of WnyncsburR Collego at WaynesburE With President Paul Stewart of the 'Yellow Jnckot' institution do h\ering the address of welcome, the WPA pedagogues from Faycltc, Wachlngton and Greene counties, will open their one-day conclave at 10 A. M Several score of those men and women engaged in the WPA education and recreation program are scheduled to attend. Other par- j t cachcr s then it must be protected es will be held at later dates this j by contra,.^ the Grecnsburg School Eleanor Wrthe Hostess. The Westminster CHss ot the First Presbyterian Church will meet Thursday night nt the home of Miss Miss Eleanor Weihe in East Washington avenue The business meeting will be at 8 o'clock sharp ·\\III Meet Friday. The E M. S Class ot the First Methodist Protcstnnt Church will meet m the church Friday evening 1 7 o'clock Birthdays ot four members will be observed. winter in Washington and Vajcttc counties. Outstanding talent secured to speak to the assembly include lion Roy A Funnan, of Wayneiburg, speaker of the Pcnnsyl\ ania Hou^c of Representatives, Dr Elmer Manning, Pennsylvania supervisor of the VPA recreation division, of Hnrrris- 3urg Former Judge J. W McGouan, of Pittsburgh, Western Pennsylvania supervisor of the Natloml Youth Administration; L,yeU X* Buttcrmore, of Uniontown, branch ofllcc manager of the WPA in Area IB. and Fred B. Berkcbile, WPA education and recreation leader for Area No 11, Norwood S Floto, of Connellsv illc, is jjupcrvlsor of WPA teachers and rcc-cational instructors in the Tri- Counflei setup of Arci No. 16 Prior to, and following the con- fcr'iice, groups of the teachers will corlcr at round-table discussions of ·ipt-ciflc situations encountered in their daily work-relief activities, Mr Floto said WPA teachers are Instructors in physical education, literacy, citizenship, mathematics, music and kindred subjects. With Mrs Kay Fosbnnk. The Myte-Good Club will meet Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Ray Fosbrink on the Rock Ridge road \Vill Entertain Club. Mrs Harold Walk will entertain the D L F Club Friday night at her home at Poplar Grove Boy Kills Step-father. BECKLEY, W Va , Jun 12 --The case ot 11-year-old Elliott Ray Schilling, charged with murder in the fatal wounding of his step-lather will be considered in juvenile court Prosecutor W A Thornhill, Jr, sale the boy a 'mitted fatally vvoundinj George Jarrell, 50, nfter Jarrell hac struck Mrs Jarrell twice in their mountain cabin home. ELKS NEW AND BETTER BINGO SERII-S Starts Thurs.Jan. 13th 8 P.M. EVERY THURSDAY MTE 1?OE 15 WEEKS JACK POTS F017H-TVAY SPSCIAiS $25.00 Value Door Prizes So G A M C S to CENTS ADMISSION REAL PRIZES SPECIAl- PHIZES CONSOLATION VIMZES Door Prize This Thursday-$25.00 This ailvjrtlsement If presented flrst uite, good for one cnnl on nn n t l r n c t h c pri/e. Clip It. Be there. Bring jow friends for n irtcasnnl recreation. You'll like our parties. Odd Fellows Will Have Committees for Annual Celebration General Worth Lodge, Odd Fellows, will meet Thursday night when committees will be appointed to arrange for the anniversary celebration in February. Present plani indicate the event will be the largest of thf season for the organization Initiatory degree v.ill be conferred on n clns*: of candidates All members of the desrec staff are urged to be present Legion Minstrel Regarded 'Tops'; Will Be Repeated A \ery appreciative, i£ small, audience saw what probably was the biggest scenic and action-filled minstrel revue yet to be staged by the local American Legion Post, at the High School Auditorium last evening when "Anchors Aweigh' was presented under the direction of John W Hutchings. A nautical-tinged show, this 1938 thcatie treat carried the sparse audience, on a two and one-half hour cruise of ocrnment, melody and madcap hilarity which, according to the applause response, was thoroughly enjoyed. A'glgantic cast of something in the neighborhood of 75 local thespians, worked diligently and earnestly to entertain and deserve nothing but the loftiest praise for their achievement Divided into two sumptuous settings, "Anchors Awclgh" stood out in rich colors, rapid-fire action and costly costuming, from the opening steimship deck scene to the Old Heidelberg closing. If special mention v.cre to be made of any of the intervening beauty, "Window of Dreams" would top "Romany Trail" by the sc mliest sort of an eyelash, cither one ot which would not seem out o£ place in a production far more professional than last evening's local talent effort. The highness and all around excellence of the cast precludes any possibility of singling out any particular "stand-outs" for special mention From singing principals to sailors and sailorcttcs, straight comedy to blackface bufToonry, every participant in the production performed perfectly the parts apportioned to them. In other words, "Anchors Aweigh" was an artistic, if not a financial, success in every respect, and in deserving of a capacity audience when it is presented for the second and last time this evening Teacher Resignation At Greensburg Refused GREENSBURG, Jan 12.--Taking tho attitude that if the Teacher Tenure Act is to protect the jobs of Board unanimously refused to accept the resignation of Paul W. Scaton, high tchool bookkeeping instructor, effective Saturday. The board, agreed, however, to release him when it obtains a teacher to perrmnently fill his post. The directors held that the school boird was- entitled to some pi election under the new iy enacted law. Ask tor Estate Review. WASHINGTON, Jan 12.--Esccu- tors of the eitatc ol William P. Meyers of Mcycrsdalc, Pa , requested the Board of Tax Appeals to determine a $25,868 estate tn\ deficiency for 1934 Licensed at Cumberland, A marriage license was issued at Cumberland to Charles Edward Weaver of South Connellsville and Laura Alvcrda Tishuc of Connclls- vllle. SMART WOMAN SHE K N O W S IT'S N E C E S S A R Y TO KHP ARMPITS DRV at w.ll 01 ODORLESS \\ill Meet Thursday. The East Liberty Fancvvork Club will meet Thursday evening at the home ot Mrs. J T Landymore at North Davvson. FEEL WEAK, TIRED? SrruitoD, P*.--Michael V,»I»r,. 1923 Wiihbunt SL, wy», "X never Jdt like «* ting I had DO ·trnigth or pep *nd rare lr hit Iflte wofictaff Dr Plerct;» Colden Medical appetite 10 tint 1 rctllr felt like eating, and that tired leeJinp entirely disappeared." Atlc your druc* Eat todar for Dr. P«n.e · Golden JCedicii )i»co«fT In linud or tablets. New we, tablet* 50 cents. I.Kjaid $1 09 *! J5, New Cream Deodorant Safely Stops Under-arm Perspiration 1. Does \ot rot dro dcos not irri'ato slcin. 2. No waiting to dry. 3 Can bo used right aftor shaving C Stops perspiration 1 to 3 days. Whlto, greacdloss, vanishing crewim. ARRIS* 39c a for at drug end dtportmtat starti PARDON ME FOR LoOKIM© OVER. SOUR SHOULDEQ. / BUT I SEE THB-V ARE GOING TO COOK I 5OT;lFPERENT OISHE.S \ £. T COOKING SCHOOl-{' There will be 50 different dishes prepared during the three cooking classes. And there will be a set of recipes for everyone to take home COURIER COOKING SCHOOL Wednesday, Thursday, Friday-Jan. 19, 20 21 9:30-11:30 A. M.-ORPHEUM THEATRE , Y O U R E L E C T R I C A L A P P L I A N C E D E A L E R S

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