The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1930
Page 5
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TU33SDAY, FEBRUARY 4, ,rHS DAILY SCOTTDALE TOWN COUNCIL ELECTS MfcUROFRCERS EigM From Volunteer Fire Do- pnrtmont Will Serve in "Emergency, CALENDARS FOR SCOUTS Special to The Courier. SCOTTDAL.E, Feb. 4.--Borough council at Its regular meeting lust cvonl-ag appointed the- following men pollceineH at a salary of o»'s (tolliur per year, ior a period of one yoar: A. C, Farmer, II. C. Hinca, Ueorj?o Ulwy. Ooorge Murray, Joseph i Mlhni, J. H. Murray, A. F. "Ware tind John Chain. All are menVbers of tho volujitcer fire department. The building committee reported it Ua« gone over the buildlivgs of the borough and found that in the. Fourth Ward .hose home water Is coming through the walls and suggested A regl'tter through the second floir oy«v the heating stove. The Second "Ward houno has a leaky roof. Borough Manager T. B. Gibson will have his men repair tho buildings. THe bid for tho gasoline and oil '.'or tho borough wa:i let to the Superior Gasoline Company. Tho police committeo asked that uniforms be purchased for tho officer*. Bids were submitted from Peterson Allen and from James B. Hur»t. This mattr was turned over to the police committee, with powe-r lo act. Thi) committee also suggested tnat council do away with tho motorcycle. A report was mid from the library, Ml'is Kklna Krouae, librarian. During thf past moiith, 2,854 juvenile books ami 2,708 for adults wc-ro 1n cii emulation. Vorty-flve aew books were added. Fciir Wt-re lost and' paid for and 93 were lost und not paid for. Magazines and papers wcro a source of otiter- tairunent to 2,608, .whilo 1,524 pf-rsons used the reference books. This was a gain of 248 ovei 4 December. The l$ras of D. C. Roister and 1L n. Graft OK tho library board had expired. Council did not fill the vacancies. The garhago deipartmeut reported WS accounts, with $725,18 aj the amount taken In during January. All bills were ordered paid but that for ropalra to the garbage truck, and this was held up for an itemized statement. Council adjourned to m«et on February 17. Religious School Discontinued. Tho week-flay school of religious education winch has been conducted la the Scottdalo schools has bc-en discontinued for the present- The committees representing tho various (-hnrches that sponsor this movement ivill ask tho board of education for release time and tho school will be carried on to some church, with time /Tor tho Bible study allowed the child. Tha advisability of Friday affernoon, with a short time in which the Bible may be taught and having the children dismissed a llttlo earlier so that they may attend this session will also te considered. Calendars for Scoats. The First" National Bank has purchased Scout calendars. These will be given th troops after each has held, a meeting and had its instructions from the scoutmaster. They will go to tho bank, register and give troop and rank. Tue calendars oear the picture of the Erie Scout w h o is at present with Cominandter Byrd at the South Pole. D, of A. Tonight. Scottdole Council, D. of A., will hold its regular meeting at the rooms in the Moose Hall this evening. Tho meeting night has beoc. changed from Monday until Tuesday. l*omonal Mention. Miss Dot IS, Breese of Aspiuwall is the guest of .'tier un-clo and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Walter llalnes. Howard Ehmke Sparing With His Base Hits CHICAGO, F«b. 4.--Like that gay old dog of a farmer, Howard Ehmke Stylish Evening Wear la Latest Parisian Mode MILL RUN UNION !ED TONIGHT l.vftugelJst 0. J. tfox Will S On Themo, "Have You Been Born For evening wear tb« zaon yrtcit- tal wraps ar« short. Picture sbovrs charming wnp totde of cretin colored velvet with brown beaver collar. The wide sleeves are made -with shirred put{3 set fa at the wrists tad a graceful tctrf of the vehret htaga from one shoulder of the coat. It is worn with a white evening gown at chiffon which hangs m hem Hue, to tfje //oar. Fashions Cape Ttaemcfi and Equalized Hemlines Featured at Paria. WILL TELL ABOUT "JOE" CANNON The revival services of a union Character at Mill Run will swing into .iction again, this evening after the lull of rest night, which is always · ibserved on Monday of each ·week, rbe Sunday services gave the revival .i good boost in Interest nml power und a line mooting Is expected for lo- nlghl. ' , Kvangellst C. J. Kox -will speak upon the theme, "Have Ton Been Born Again?" lie will also relate how Uncle Joe- Cannon found Clod at 88 years of age, a most interesting story. The evangelist had some part in the matter some years' ago. A halt' hour service ivill bo Jielfl four mornings each wetsk, starting this morning- promptly at 9:30 o'clock. Dr. Fox will discuss In them: "How Revive Dead and Dying Churches?" Many are coming from a distance- and splendid results aro expected as tho mooting progressee. Foxgram.s. "A lot of church people aro so crooked that a drug store cork screw coukt be used by them as a hitting placj if it were larger." "it all the lams ducks la tho church will get cured of their lante- nesu then sinners will tmo home to God like doves to the -"vlndows." "Girls put their heals Into the lion's mouth when thej get a deairo to hang- around bail room floors and they and their parontn need to rc- moniber it." "The follow who «x«u«j» Jjimsalf from revival is the very church man who won't help anybody find God," "The fellow who r«adtt his Bible, turns his soul toward beavett. 8n pray,or, and pulls sinners into tha Idfi doni is a£ happy as a lamb on the lull'stdo on a sunshiny day, and don't forgot it old backslider." By FRANCES PAGBT. Copyright, 1930, by Stylo Sources. NI3W YORK, I'Vb, 4.--Tna last w ek in January finds Paris agog with interest over the spring showings of ho haute couture. Beginning as afial with the* premiere of the srna'lcr houses, accent was laid on equal) '.fed hemlines, long skirts, high waistll! es, short sleeves and capes- Atnong tho first to show, wire Gonpy who fawtxxi tho cape j-lea throughout, Jean katour who aJso exploited capes, and Martha e-t Rene included them in a collection In vl !ch short sle0v«s arc- one of tho inton sts. Judging Irorn the collections sh 'wn at these houses, the 3ongt«r-l ;u'k movement seems to be passing and skirts for formal purpoBtH whlle ! ng, are even. In somo Instances the waistline is higher than shown p erl- ously but in tho majority it ht vcrH around normal. There s earns lo be no iniUratic a of a weariness of formal :md tan. uliro types--Boleros, capele-ts, fall * drts and ruffles) continue to be utillzi d in familiar and in new guises. coats are replaced by shorter and there is a decided preforenc for jacket costumes in a wide varlf y of materials ranging from light woight woolens to silk. Lace and chiffon, and fiat crop are in repeated uso at the houses mentioned. HIGH-PRESSURE HAS NO PLACE IM PLANS FOR SAFE LIVING Ky fnlt-d J*r«i8». Fel. 4.--"J,0t sky- trains su(4 sUrplanf't. ! %o tttt- limit; U H«f-n!s la b port »i j ;hcir Iniiiiuorttt," said Or, Theodore H. Appal, secretary of health, todn.y, in bis weekly hoalth tjil c. "Bat It moat ewphfttically la not ot«* of yours, 8seU tlie middle ground fr r your your he-'irt'ss au« your life's IJon't play the liasiU" The awrotary was warning .ijaitMt lh» v liiKh-prsi..8uri\ 'i;o-KeUliK" element in Am:/lean Ite. KofhlnE la coosld^rert hnccwftfu in thi? n u n try unluRH H ai'hifrve.H*!! o limit w h i c h tn | possibio in tliil ac ivity, Ur. WhlSc this has Hi) jilnco In Arnftiran Hie, and svhilo !t 8cliU-r«*a warlllujr reaulta, {t JB mo, tlrsiructiv* to LIEUT. SANDERSON, KNOWN IN CITY, IS CITED FOR BRAVERY WASHINGTON, Fob. 4 Luwson H. M. Sanderson, United enant didn't go to town vory oEten, 1mt when Marine Corps, who only a low years he did it VMS e caeo ot Kitty, bar the) ago Wa6 snaring honors with L,iouton- door! For 55 innings Blimke toiled- a a t Frank ooettgo afl an outstanding and awoat.'d during tho championship j mem i,er of tho crack Quantico Marines season and pitched only two complete games. One was a two-hit affair, and 1 In the other Howard becamo positively prodigal and allowed Ills opponents four safe Tlow«. Tlio only otlier compieto game Bhmko pitched during 1929 doeen't show In the league records. It was on a certiiln afternoon in October at "Wrigley Field. Details or tills game may bo obtained *hy setting into toucli with a certain Joseph McCarthy, who Jiad something to do with a team :alled the Cubs, who lookoJ at Bhmke I hat afternoon. Ami looked is about all he did. Bridgeport BIUDORPOHT, Feb. 4.--Rov, W. M. Mirerd o 1 ' Valonclo, who has been as- slstlng Kov. J. O. Bishop with rovival services Jor the past three weeks at tho Evangelical ChttTCh, returned to hl« home on Friday, having preached hit last nermon on Thursday evening to a crowded house. The meetings will bo continued in charge of Rev. Bishop. Tho M. U. Oeorgo hardware store in Moun Pleasant has on display in tho window a pair of prize, winning Barred Hock chickens ti^longing to Emanual Baker ot this place. Mr. Hakor h is entered chickens at many poultry hows in the pait, rocolvlng i ash prizes a larpe number of ribbons. Mrs. Ivan Kaatner »pctit Thursday football team, was commended Saturday by Maj. General W. C. commandant of the Marine Corps, for recent daring flights in Nicaragua. Sanderson made two flight;; over moufalnous country from Manngua to Jinatega on each of them bearing lashed to his chip a complete lower wing of u piano to be used in rebuilding a ship which haa crashed at Jizia- tega. A forced landing on either trip would have meant death, Neville said. This Is not tho first time the former grid star has won 1 laurels in aviation, IIo finished third in the Pulitzer Trophy Race in 1923, and a later wae awarded the Dteling'ulshetl Flying Crose for his part as engineers' officer iti a pioneer flight from Washington to Sen Domingo. Whilo at Quantico, Sanderso:), whose home is at Alexandria, Va., played brilliantly at halfback on the Marine eleven coached by Lieutenant Uockatt, formerly All-American tackle at Oregon. Previously he had distinguished hitnueU on tho University of California team. Goeitge, Sanderson's old IP unmito, recently was named to s«rve a i a military akl5 to President Hoover at the White House. lieutenant Sanderson is known to legionnaires in Connel'flville, he having boon here in 1828 just bi foro the propohort dedication of tho American Legion Airport which was called off by Inclement weather. Dr. Apif-3 cited the who budgets his tl« e t-o closely that bloop, rtmt and rec -f-ation find Iittlo i plitoe ia it. Tho hi) h-pre«*Uro routx! of Bocia! oveuta waieh l,e*j! youay, people? otil of bod night .Afur uif?ht was a!'i Use our claasifitd tan you see to read in bed? , . a bed-head lamp or maybe even a more efcient ligkt bulb will do the trick . . . IEST This is the greatest money saving opportunity ever offered to our (customers. Gas appliances, in rm.ny instances, will be sold at cost to make room for our new lines of merchandise. Serviceable Gas Ranges New and demonstrating models carrying the Gas Company's guarantee. Any one of these will give you many years of satisfactory service. And up to replace your old and worn-out range/at n savings never before made possible. Eqvjip your fireplace or spare room with one of these specially priced Space Heaters Many at i, *«. During This Unusual Sale SPECIAL » » Gas Inotal? one oT these refrigerators in your home at a saving of from 25 to 40 percer/t. We have a few model 1 ! which must be sold at a pr ce hardly above cost. Small Down Payment B.jlance in month- Ij i n s t a l l m e n t s . ·**- t 1 Hot Water As you want st, corr/e- niently, economically. Water Heaters Small Down Paymeivt, Convenient Term®. Mod With this gas-fired househcatng unit. Can be installed in your present furnace--warm air, hot water or steam ---in a few hours. S-IR.OO · ^DOWN Balance in monthly installments with your gas bill. Surveys and Estimates Free ·*«,- THE GAS AND ELECTRIC APPLIANCE CO. Subsidiary of FA-flETTE COUNTY GAS CO. 302 S Pittslrarg St. Phone 322 WAT IS OUT A ARDEN? Veteran Gardeners Turn to Vegetables in M o u n t Plc-usant. , , , . .. ,, , Mr. aad Mrs. O. J. Morgan, sou Ken- l l l c u t e n a n t sl " tle! ' 80 » came l.sre in a neth, and Harry SnUtlcy motored to 1 1'lano to confer with Ibo A l r p w t Com- Melcroft on Monday. Mr. and Mry. J. H. Dover and son, nilttae, headed by llaiolrt C. Haddock, '»« tg ik'hl irc Buddy, m-otorod to I'i'iontown on allli 1)p ! " £t tt wealth ot iiuornmtion with the committee. Ho hus uscl tha ·read tho ad». today. A u p o i t on throe different 'Coasionu, f O W E R CO BHTTER LIGHT ttteam BASIER 3RHADING A revival of interest in tho home vegetable garden ia reported by statisticians who have access to records which serve as a measure of this activity. It is predicted thai in the next few years the number oE hoino gardens producing vegetables will come to exceed even the enormous total reached in the war garden campaigns. But the vegetable gardens of lodny differ in Important ways from war gardens. They were made jy every one; and a large proportion of them were on poor soil, tended by unskilled hands. In contrast the home vegetable garden today is being made by gardeners 'of experience, perhapw the very ones who begun with war gardens, but who have acquired skill and knowledges in the art, and have developed their home grounds accoi cling to the modern idea ot making every square foot ot their property serve a purpose. For a white after tha vvai a trend was reported away from vegetable growing, toward decorative gardening, with emphasis on flowers, shrubs and trees and keen interest in gardening design This trend is still s-trong among beginners, and the rapid bpread of gardening interest supplies t h o u s a n d s ot beginners each year. But nfter the design la worked out, and the framework of the garden Is co apleted, the veteran gardener finds hi greatest interest in producing per- fe t plants. To sow seeds, und by cor- re -t cultivation, fertilization and irrl- gp tion to grow plants which conform to the accepted standards of merit, is a Ceat which sends a thrill down the si me of the true gardener. The nature ii Ihe plant is perhaps of secondary lEiportanee; but there is coming to be a general agreement 1n tin's country, a- in lOngland, that vegetables on the w hole are more satisfying to a fancier t! an flowers. "'lowers are more temperamental; t »· are subject to more hazards, they h ive not been so well bred to type, a id do not respotid to exactly to s 'le-nlifie culture. Flowers in the hor- 0 jr are all very well; they are essen- t al in the garden picture. But for the f in of growing perfect plants, one t ants subjects that can bo grown in f iraignt rows, with clean cultivation, t sinned out to allow each individual 1 j do its best, and hero tho American i onimoucr is coming lo agree with the ·ritish aristocracj', that growing rize vegetablps Is tho best sport. PerryopoIIs PEHRYOPOUS, 1'Y'h 4--Miss Florence Ixniden epenL the week-end at, Scottdale. Dale and Chads Martin spent Sundu/ with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. .1. I., Martin. They are employed at Swib-- vale. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Olotfelty Hpeut I Saturday in Unioutown. | Kay Krepps of Muskingon College is | at home with hifl parents, Mr, aj 3 Mrfi. Lloyd Kropps. Craig Mai-tin and Gladys By ere will have charge of the young peoplf 'e prayer group for the next four weele. Each Wednesday evening a study of the human race will be made. Tno first Wednesday will be "Infancy;" the second, "Ohildhood;" the third, "Manhood," and last "Did Age." All are invited to attend. This evening (he Peny High School basketball teams will journey to R(d- stoue where tho-y will meet the Black and Wiiite playere. Perry ia now ROC- oul in tho league nice The Youug Ladies' Missionary Society will meet at the home of Airs. Edna Christman on Wednesday 'v n- ing. The Ladies .Foreign 'Mission n y Society will meeL at the home of IV rs. Stewart on Thuirsday evening at 7 30. Steal From Stonier MEMPHIS, Tonn., Feb. ,'i -- Fred Mason, 22, negro, caina c r y l i g to llm police here saying he'd stolen ?20 from a loan oflico and fcomebocly bafe stolen the money Irom liiin in the rooming house where hp stayed. AS BAS9 It's just as bad to b e b l o w n d o w n a s b u r n e d (town, T o repair or r e b u i l d your property costs hard-earned money. Nothing can prevent windstorms and tornadoes from damaging or destroying your homo, your place of business. BUT there's nothing to prevent you from guarding against that loss through carrying adequate Windstorm Insurance, is there? Insurance--33 Years First National Bunk BIdg. PJione 70S. Looking for Bargains ? If so, read the advertising columns it Tho Daily Courier. 3ogs, 1/Jml)* I JONESBOIIO, Arlf , Pb. 3-- Picl.Jns; i persimmons, CUarlefi McDoniol, Jr 1(1,, was chased up a trefl. by bull dogs.! The limb broke and tho boy '.utff*rHl a j Patronize those wny adrertla*, doublo-fraoture o£ the left arm. Moths In clothlner will bo killed If tha artieiie'j are put out fn tits cold J'or Bovurnl houra. The temperature hrw«vcr, be

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