The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 44
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 44

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 44
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' y if fn aa wj w iayejainfaya.aj o ty mm i i iifiy ar 1 'v- AUGUST 29. IBM . 44 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATUBPAV, THEY'LL DO IT feVERYTIME - By JIMMY HATLO t-n. om, kttv do nev OPE RATOrt-A X frPMY X " N. I VOU REMEMBER THE WHT COUNTY IS ' ) xxi sfrr up V -n-,c N" Nuvef? of that t.BfoJ horse Chester ih? fa CsJ&i T&W-SmJ&&1$B& -V-is2?Hw& THE PEOPLE mO UMFEP iftSalVP V--fy 4u.wysuvENLy(jET WFYl W III iriPf L1 PHONE-H4PPV-- , IvW j Jl rrirn M il 1 1 L j ea.MAss. BELVEDERE SATURDAY CBOT !.M - Wtrid of Span. "Baseball Game of the Week." Duty Dean rd Pee-Wee Reese re-pun from Buscb Siadmm, St Lou. I as. the Los Angeles Dodgers plays the Si. Louis Cardinals. t.JI Bowling. Fred Sgam tMti reports from O'Connor Bowl. Toronto. f.M H-Jt. "Diary or a Balladeer." Pro ram follows a day tn the life of -Felix Leclerc. balladeer, composer, author and popular playwright. .M Ceuatrytim. "The Kay Wallace Story." Mrs. Waljac took over a run-down, debt -rid den Fraser Valley farm about tour years ago, and has now' turned it into a profitable, dairy farm. Commentator is Pat Brennan. Ear! Cox discusses making compost with the use of chemical aids to speed MARMADUKE BLONDIE ,lt': VI. ' "He eought It id tfw freeuof of the irwq. morkotl' It .- I KIT" T '. I II .. IP .1.60T .alHll I lillli lll I 'it twevvuw. V - A HUNCH -V jjli-l ( THE BACK VARO J cAfln, V, A UOS'Nli RIP K1RBY , ' BSS?'"!Hk' I n'5 tor f.' pos LZt'j mvl, nothihto vo I I I I its IS is 1"-" t SUrTOSIfl, vSXlf J SbTV uT V!TITOUTUNTtt. ; KSS5.SSZ KTtT J s'rTOWO Television Highlights ;: vow ' ' 111 II II ' '' " ' p"y osAt vBsLBorTHIf WltV !T TVS MtTtf ttv A ItT Tl I'M onna1 II asMJBaaBBBB- saaaaatVBajaFjBaaaaataaaBBVBBaaBBBaaaaB mmmmmm mimWmammmB HARK TRAIL r"- ftK H6 V5 W VOU OOUT HC N r SHO l4) nOHT CALLtMH Ti 5t9 i tST WITH Hl3 AiOU IfK. 1 tOOW TMt Jf NAME A MVAOTtC 1 rtlX JU CAUM J aoieNO who 610 h V, vViblss yfV but OiON-r Ger , IV mat PATf Jl . Jid"A ftf&S&ll kAA rfL tLbI Tx'4 SKfJ" uv,vl i ntA ji x II 11a mm jmi r r r arji u tr a s- a a r sp a? . .- . r ji s i ' JLlHiC rAKlE.K ; ' n ' w s -j wsavr ph atmt n think )g r mujO tmeme.xtvrtmm.'j umiwini ev a v ; i ' I what kinp cTTMurrv pm tent of tws satrTsJ ' g 06 fcOLF-T wk. Tau with mm.' 1 , j ' I , TVil- & IT -I AVa-1 111 iK -T ' .II A l J. J - IIrS3 : i m ... - , . "i i .- ' 7.N Haaceck. "The Assist ant Tony is temporarily employed in a department store, where his special "talents" tn i he packing department as a sa'etman lead to thins and confusion Instead of promotion. The Saint. "The Peans of Peace " The Saint invests I.1.M in a pearl expedition. He Uncovers that a partner in the enterprise has an ulterior .motive. Featuring Bob Kanter. Robin Hughes, Erica Rogers, and Dian Paisner. I.M The Beverly Hill billies. "Another Neighbor." The return of Countess Maria V on Holatein to Beverly Hill is the most momentous society even; of the year. The dampens add their own touch to the society greetings, a vat of uranny s potent Spring tonic. Featur i n g Burt Mustin and Susan Hart. I.N Great Mevies. "Les Girls." With Gene Kelly. Mini Gaynor, Kay Kendall, and Tama Elg- A musical comedy story about the impressarto of a riant-mo froune touring fcu- rone. He becomes involved in!0- P"od of II years, while rnman.-e and a court bait I when one of the eirls writes a book and another uet for libel. 1 1.25 Saturday Night Tnea- tre. Ante) Face. Robert Mil-line chum. Jean Simmons. Herbert Marshall and Mona Freeman star in this 19S3 drama about spoiled heiress and the ways he is held responsible for the deaths of her parents, boyfriend and friend. Running .time: 90 minute. ' . UtM 2.M Saraday Mattle. "Return of the Texan." Widower Sam Crockett (tves up city life and rides back to the old Crock- ttt homestead with his twot young sons and Grandpa Firth : Crockett. He finds the house a near shambles, with cattle grating in the yard. While they are busy driving the cattle off their property. Rod Murray, owner of the prosperous nearby Marshall ranch, appears. Dal Robertson, Joanne Dru, Brennan sta 441 Saturday Date. Weekly dance party at the CJOH studios for the younger set. with John Poter as host, plus guests and top tunes. at-Metr Spars. Jo Spence with film features on International car races and rallies: new for the sportscar and touring -fans. T.M The Frank Clair Show. Football Forum with the heed coach of th Rough Riders, plus Rocky Robillard. Jot S pence and guesu. Filmed highllghu I JI ur- ' Loium-t the .Mk. ..mM and,"' Uiverity. winner of the Frank's "Coach's Clinic" with tips for younger player. 7JI Icleaes FlethM Tbea- "Cigantis, the Fir Mon-' Th story centres around a small town, the residents of which are supported mainly by fish cannery. The cannery uses planet to spot fishing grounds. Engine trouble forces one of these planes to land on a remote, off-shore island. A few hour later, the pilot Is joined by another pilot from a rescue plane. Suddenly their solitude is shattered by an tin. earthly Dtr and they see two monsters from another age. G'ganMs and Anfurus. fighting. II. IS Saturday NlglM Mevie. "Five Gates to Hell." A medical team of 'doctors, nurses and nun, capturad by a gurrtUa band In th Far . East, must display Immense courage and solf-control. If any -tt them art to survive. Start Neville Brand. Benson Feng. ..Ken Scott, John Morley. Dolores Michaels, Patricia Owens, Nobu McCarthy. and Nancy Kulp. SUNDAY CBOT I.M World f Spert. Taped highlight of -the Mt Canadian Amateur Golf. 'Championship played this year at the Rtver side Golf Course In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Included tn the cove rag are htghtlgnt of the final match as well as round leading to the finals. Com' mentator is Bob Motr. I.M - Werti-af Spert. An hour - long film showing Canada' track and field representa tives to th Summer Olympics in action. Footage is taken from th Olympic Trials, th British : Empire Garnet and other event. i I : . . . L. - ft ; rcauiiig up u trie iiymnva in Tokyo. Jim Worrell, president of the Canadian Olympic Association, la Interviewed on the program. 4.M World Getf CkampMMs- ship. The first world champion ship tournament with a field of International golf (tart compel mg for the UN.Mt In priLil,k a,.,, k. Television CBOT Channel 4 B.STUaDAT, At GIST ?S Billbovd 1M BaMball Cam 'Los Angeles l M. Leuix S SO Bowline s ooio-io s 30 Bugi Bunnv S OS Countrviuna as K Nom 4 J News. WMtkM tee flaaeock , . 7 SO Til Saint S B 30 Beverly HlllMlUes SO Creat'KovttM -Ui Clrls" liae News Ilea Nlakt final II 13 Sports Round-Up 1 1 1 Saiuroay NUjht Theatr SUNDAY. AUGUST IS 1 SO Canadian Amateur Ooll 3.00 Ob mplc Program 4 00 Coir Championship 1 00 liiUmatKHial Showtime TOO Haul ' T 311 Through Children -I oo If ulflvaa 10.00 Horlaon t: oo News, Weather U li Sport a.Kind-Up 11.13 raaluiw rtlsa CJOH Caa sla 11 and SATURDAT, AUGUST I 130 alurda Movie "Return ai uia Texan" 4 M Saturday Data 30-Wreatlinf I 30 News. Weather s ee Motor Soort T 00 Pmna-Clair .73 IcMWH-a flctioa Theatre $ 00 Zero One IK Let's King Out l.0O-Jaeh Paar Proaram II 00 CTV News ti ll Haiurdav MghtiMovia "! Catas to Hall" SUNDAY. Al OUSI I 00 Cartoon Party 1 30 Aak John 330 Bpartium 4.0S Danger Man 4 30 Exploring the Universe I oo Puuorm 3 SO Home Improvement 4i Mewtraal 00 Death Valley Da 30 Walt Dieney PreMnls 1 30 Mr Navak 3 Sunday Ntgtll Movie -Xatlle Empira ' tees The Hourflasa 11.00 News II IS Sports final 1 1 .13 Doualaa Tlahat 11.33 London Line 11 10 British TV News 13JS KnwHl CBOFT CIuuumI t SATURDAT. At!OUT 1( 10 film "Quebec ea carnaval" 130 Baaeball "Lot Anteles a St-Leula' S OS 3 ans expreaa 3 30 La (uerre das Iff lee O Le roman de Ja arwnce: "Un aeant dv. XIX a siaele, Helmbolu" i 30 Tetejournal 43 tiluaiona amtuanisa 7 0S Sports d eu "Coupe Dnvw Junior' ( OS A Itvra auvart S 30 Billet da faveurr "Avouae. Dortaur Coeda lea Detartiva International: "L'affalN Cumaarland ' lt.3t Telelournal 10 4 Daralae aaKtian le ss Kouvauaa d li. Cinema: . "OUda money. This is the first ywlp,riiamnurian w torn other! ly-" , for the n . .hole tourney. It It ,B the Btw,. , jJ?Hr- u.l n.Lu " - - i-naauww Oakland Hills held it Country Club, Birmingham. Michigan.! First prtte b) fJS.KlB with th runnerup recslvrng II7.MI. Jl' bMeraatieaai Show. Han.. "New Vlennl Ic Show." Dancing, acrobatic and comedy highlight this ic show from Innsbruck. Austria. Hoot i Don Ameche. ; , i "- T.N HeseL "The Retiring Milkman. Haiel arranges a surprise farewell party for the' Baxter's milkman; but the milk- j man Vomes up with a sur-'a prise (Of his own. Featuring' Sterling Holloway and Howard and Howard - I CklMrea' Smith. ? JB " llpreeggll Eyea. A special program-, about agriculture around the world as told through paintings and draw mgsTil children of many lands Program dnoludes scene from Jamaica. Israel. Nigeria. India. USSR. Ghana. Greece. Tanganyika and Canada. I.M - The Ed Sullivan Skew td s guests include the Italian Mouse, puppet person a I i t y . Ginger Rogers, actress - dancer; Sophie Tucker, song stylist: Jan Murray, comedian: and the IM3 AIL- America Football Team I.M Beaaua. "A Pink Cloud Comes from Old Cathy Hosa receives a young Chinese mail order bride by mistake Before he can recover from the shock the "bride" begins spread. ing her revolutionary doctrines that threaten to engulf the entire Nevada territory in class warfare. Featuring Mario Thomas and Victor Sen Yung iim Her ilea, "(.town of a Thousand Years." An attempt to understand the personality developments of a' comedian ruawn. u io in nision c a i clown over a thousand years The inference is made that the comedian of today is essentially same as the jester of (he English courts, the zany of the Italian Commedla Dell 'Arte and the French mime. With Don Francks, Nancy Wickwire. Jack Creley. Sabina Von Fircks. Sandy Webster. vand Ron Hart- mann. MM Feature Film. 'Time Limn." The question of whether or not highly regarded American officer collaborated with the enemy while a prisoner-of-war in North Korea Is the theme of this movie that stars Richard Wid- mark. Richard Basehart. Dolores Michaels and June Lock-hart. Running time: BS minute. CJOH 1-M Spectrum. Churches of all denomination open them-selvea to penetrating questions and frank discussion by their own leaders and by laymen. .MB-" Daager Maa. "Under th Lake " Working with U S Intelligence. Drake investigates a counterfeit rint that I flood- I " Europe with fake U.S. note Patrick McGoohan stars Wnh Christopher Rhodes. Moira Redmond, Lionel Murton and special guest Herntione Bad dely.- U-Esplermg th Univeese. "Value and Limitation of $einc." Carreway't guests to- IM4 Nobel Prise in Physics. I and Dr. Robert Oppenheimer, director of th Instttut for Ad vanced Studies at Princeton and former scientific director at Los Alamos. Th giHHt describe th first Mperienc that brought them Into th fild of science.' I.M Platferas. Representa tives of Canada' major political parti join moderator Ab Douglas m wide-open discussion and comment on th week' Is sues in Parliament and the newt. ; 141 Mr. Haas lmpreva- BMsvt. Frank Ellis show some ways to improve tn horn inside or out 1 Ml Walt Disney Preeants. "Divey Crockett and th River Pirates." Crockett and hi comrade George Russell r captured by Black Eagle, an India! chif who 1 being encouraged by white outlaw to plunge the Ohio frontier into war. They gala th chief confidence and devise . a plot to capture the outlaws. Fess Parker portrays Crockett. , Buddy Ebsen plays the part of Russell and George Lewis the Indian chief. I JB Mr. Novak. "Th Est:." A high school drop-out oortraftd by. Richard Ean. trie to t-entr high school with help from teacher John Novak, but they run into a bar rier of red tape. Jame Fran- ciscu appear as nova, am Dean Jagger a principal Albert Vane. 1.11 Sunday Night mevia. "Cattle Empire Th saga of the toughest trail boss in Texas, in the early day of th cattle baroni. Start loot McCrea, Gloria Talbott, Don rlaggerty, Phyllis Coales. Bipj Russell end Paul Brfnegar. IM Th rkargla. "Lov from Felicia." Miserly old Lapio it found shot dead. Felkle. a pretty young servant giri. was the only other occupant of the house and is a (aspect. Intp. Maigret comes across th girl's dianr. which live a clue to th real murderer, IIJS Dng!a Fisher. Die MP for Port Arthur! nterview ATlpaun .l ,w cape and . "!the "' - New tar the Natten't Tata new beeklet eaptatae what Nerve nearness to, haw H Interferes' with hearing . . . and what eyaspsasas t hwh tee. . . find as nay yaw eay hear, bat saat anderstaaa, WIR eartery a a hearka ate hetpT WIB aaysbka help? ... Tide remarkable rag booklet teas what science has aM - t help yen. Jaat aead vans sauna and addreas te DAVIDSON HEARING CENTRE LTD. , ?.V ' ' tn LAURIER AVE., W, 2U-437. ; i ' Open I.Mo f.M Dairy. Saturday by Appointment : Lsteet AS M ar " the Bar and Byeglaas Aids SUNDAY. AUGUST S 00 L A at lea koasaM 4 OS Call CTulmpMnaS aHi atoMa IM-lai Travau 4 las Ssura , e 30 L Airksua aatre 4Hsr a iiemian T K4aM da Ml , 7 30 Camera 4 IDS Rouli-rosuaal Quebec I 00 Ciname 4 dimancha: "4on darn tar lango'' 'J T.laimirrHII ' 10 4-Oerniar iraitlaai a4 metan 10 UNouvclles dv sport 1 1 00 Documents Radio S ATITRDA Yk CBO 91 KC A.SL TM Umsf Shew 1 30 MecClM on Cell SO New SIB Saturday Can cart I S BO Trareuart' Cheek IS30 Haoby Clat 1 1ts Careers II SO Tales Owl at School P.M. 13 00 BBC Mews ' 11.13 Wort CBurah Maw It 30 Saturday farat brtadraat 1SJ r-easliUen eMiaarvataey lime Signal '- 1.00 CBC News t IS Scu-taa tn french 10 mun at tha Movtaa t to Opera Tuna 10 apart Date 0 00 News JO Hire Come the CltwM 7.00 Tad Heaths Oithssna ID Has International tee News 1003 urn Ate Veetatdaf 1130 Dance Musie 13 OO Nam. Bpaeta 11 ai The Mood la Blue Oaly" CKOT 1311 EC A.M. ' s 00 News en the Hour . 0 03 Via Arrnen Shew BMI Lea show P.M. 13 43 Tad Dalgie Show 03 News: Sports SOI Nile Tune Touch CBOF 1U0 . A.M. RC 7 Be Be i a tamps, asauvsls lawiaa boo-saram a ate a 03 Lee lata de I'ete so Turlututu e OS Mlcre-vartetes IQte Psaas paiaut mashae) 1101 Double Hours 11 30 luirajaa de ebaa-noua . P.M. lies Imagee t 1330 feu au village 1.00 Bad lo-journal 1.10 Nouvellea du 1.13 folk tore 1 to Concert d'fta 1 Intaedlt sux SOS -Invitation a la 3 so Nouvelles ou sport e.OO Radio-Journal t 13 Les neneangea d UtyasB T OO Rad la-Journal i T 03 at I aviation m'eutt caw lea lee Nastveaus dunjuea I oo Du bieuea at das hanunaa 30 Reparteee 10 00 Trrnte mlnutaa d'lnfasTnstlona ' IS 30 Vuutea aua ehanannantr II Bd Lea isiiBBiiasa d Ulyase In os rhaeun a son smut rm sftB Kf! truth about" n KERYE CEAFKESS free Beaalet ftlls All t the tint Haas, get Ota facts tbeert No I eaaas el hearing autre te j a.tB ai k.MJL. Inlatel attUMns. -. a .. I Denuee maths . CHOV PEMBROKE SATURDAY. AUUT IS 130 Baaeball Came Um Angelas al St taajlai 4 30 TBA -H ao-ie 3 30 Buaa Bunnv 00 Country Time a 30 aportaview . e 40 Kealhermaa a 43 Live an 3 JO Newsdeak 7 00 Hancock 7 3V MavarKk 30 Beverley HUlbdlMa 00 Great Movies "Lea Girls' . . 1 1 no CBC TV News 1 1 33 hhowttma Walking Daad" Starring doris Kartell and aku-taa Me. Lane SUNDAY. AUGUST 3 t 4S The Livng Ward 3 OO Canadian Amateur Ootf 3 00 Olympic Program SOS Coil Cruwnpionahip 00 Hennteey S 30 Sportaview a 40 Weatherman 45 Uva an S S Ml Newadeek ' - 7 00 Hael t 7 31 freedom from Hvauer 00 Id Sullhraa S 00 &aniu ! Wl Horizon 1 1 00 CBC TV News II 13 Weather. .News: Sports II 33 Showtime: -Battle Cry " surra Van Mafitn and ana freeman. . WCNY CARTHAGE SATcaDAY. AUGUST t. 7 33 News 00 Captain Kanaraa' (00 Kiddies Karmval 30 Tennaean TaiaM . to 00 eulrk Draw McOeaw '.30 Mlghlv laouae . 1100 nin Tin Tub ! 130 Roy Rogers 1100 bkv King 11 JO CSS News l oe Big Picture 1. .10 Saturday Cum ma 7 30 World of Sports 3 00 World CoU Championship S JO Movie "Break as nte Curia" 7. SB Lucy-Daal JO Lewrenoa Walk 3e aVununar Playhouae 1 0 OO Gunamofce 11 00 rsmous film Theatre "The Steal Jusatta- BUNBAY, AUGUST 3 133 World News lose Lamp Unta My feat tejo Look Up and Uva ll.oe Camera Three 1 1 on Parade 1 1 43 Senator Keating 1100 Church an TV 13 30 Discovery t.OO TBA 1 13 Yankee Baaeball 4 00 World Ootf -ctiaasplnmhlp on Local News (.IS Sunday Report 30 Mister td 7 00 Leasts 1 30 My favorite Martian (00 Ed Sullivan 00 Burke's Law -I oe Candid Camera 10 30 What a My Una 11SO Sunday News wnh U.rrw II 13 Tha Lau Movie The AUOU8T 39 CFMO FM 933 Meg. 7 OS bright and Barty S SO jgaa Moaaies tl BO Pattern! P.M. l ie Stereo Workout ISO feu) Muala sue Ml ftaata r 7 So stereo sun ni sea S 00 Cm Location tee Comedy Malt SI oar . lie Plea thewesas , .. It 10 oaooa Part. . CKCH 7B KC aji. ISO Us Petiu Matins 10 03 Chansons Caaadtennee II 30 La Chats aa rasvtie P.M. I Camaitl 1 13 Hit Parade OSClub 171 CJET 6S0KC- 9 on The AM leo Hurk Tune P.M. , . ' . .tee ff-na Chatter 11.30 New. I 03 RA New I IS Ks.urrtay Date BO Town and Country lao Orand Okt Oprf ' 11.13 Night flight CKPM 1440 KC A.M. 7 33 Houm at O 00 Ottewa and World News 13 Editorial 17 Optntoua bs Ottaw 00 News 10 oo Muatc t Rsamnbar 11 00 Muala lor Saturday ' P.M. HOB Ottawa and WarhVJraws 11 1 ld.!orU! 11 23 Ottawa Optnlsns -t o Miane lor tawrdar 4 00 Ottawa and World Maw 4 30 Music la Relax By 5 BO Ottawa Today S la Editorial a oe Ottawa and werM Howe so House at 4e Primarily Muatc ( oe Nancy Wlkaei o- Review of the I3 Primarily Muala ii so Ottawa New 11 -Muaas UU Dawa CHRISTIAN SCIENCE wapio' semts .-..V SUNDAY OCOY ,0 AJL This Week's ChrtetBsa bcieawe fraiaai . -FREEDOM FROM THE PRESSURE or MODERN LIVING" fRSBR CROP STRAWBERRY JAM ox. tl.OfJ I 'I J 1757 Ruuell Road 73I-3SM I i d I d il ' ra " - - T '' saAaaAAAd.a'AAA-aaAAa.AA. f.aa.aaSaaaJflg.a.AAat(a.a-AAaa.a,a,a.AaLA 'tl t t 'f I 'ft I t I f t f 1 I I ' .j

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