The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 43
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 43

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 43
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Page 43 article text (OCR)

' t OS. 8ATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1984 Entertainment DIRECTORY -'; MOVIE TIME SCHEDU1X Sataa- AteddUi UA Woman Max efflae apana t I duaa havAaawBBaaaBBaaaVaaaTahaal Ltk pai Aala say Dajra In Mar": "Running Box offtca opana I pm starts at dusk. v-.' Bntaaala ; "A Hard Day'a Night"; "Cull If hi at" Coauncha Craak". Box eerie opana at pm Show atarta at duaR- laaltal --Robin and tha T Hnodi". II 1 !V-I..VI . fa f 00 - SO. Laal ahow OS. Career J JTha Baactr Party", I3 4J-JIJ-f S4-a M. -Goliath and tha Barbarian . 14a- S7-SOT Cratra Tha' Maaqua ol tha Rait Daatfc". IH-ill'TIMU: -Tha Davits Hand". IS tO-SOO- JO- 0 Laat ebaw I 40. Ctaaaaa 4a paria "Lad ravoltM da 1'A.lhatros". Mt-t H: "I nil da Hambourf". Jf . Last ahow at 1 11. -Badtlma Story". ISO-114-SM-iM. Last ahow l. r;- km. "-Tha Haw InUrtii". Ii45 -.M-IU-MI-IH UttlrElgta ' -I-Tha an". li . 1J0 ISO. i.m a.av. ai T Ways to Sundown". I 30 -145 - 10 05: "Boys ol tha City". I SR - 1 10: "Tartan 9 . Ctial-Itmm", 410 - 110. Lait ahow Tl. . Mayfalr X the Man With tha X-Riy tW, IM - 4 00 - T 10 - 10 10; "Olltdran ol tha Damnad", J JJ- , t J4-S Last ahow l fSH "Tha Empty Canvas" Mondi thru Frldari two ahowa nightly VSO-0S0 Saturday. Sunday and aToUdays at 1 J5-3 JO-5 ao-IM-t Odaaa-Qoaaasway "Prom Russia With Lava": "Ol Man a Way". Box or; lea opensat TJ0 in. Show auru at dusk. Batsat "Pllppar'a N a w Advcntura". 11.10-1 JO-dSO-o 40: "Gold lor. tha Caaaara". 150-S 00-S 10 Last show BUIU IUm. Rocket. Will Traval". 13J-4 10-10.15; "HSM That Hlpno-tlat". 140 - T; "Ma and Pa Kettle at Waklkl". 1.00-4 SS-a. SO. Bldaaa -A Ward Days Night". 1M0-1 1-4 10-410-0.10-10.04. Last ahow SJS. SUr Tap -Follow That Draajn"; -Sword of - aha conojuaror". Box ofllro opaajs at S pm Show alarw at duak. Saaaaraat "Bedtime Story". 130 S 14 - jj . 7 41 . a 40. Laat ahow S 24. -. . : ' J Dancing rToor Show 2HATBAO LAtmlER Dancing nightly, entertainment at pm. J- and 10 pjn. BELLS CLAIM Entartalnmaat from t pm. ?CHTl arENIII Muaia t tha Salosi 2- d Or. Entoriauunsat XsjIATTJfEAO CLUB Dancing and , twa floor ahowa nightly. t10TX DtTVEKKAV Dancing sad . entartataaiaat alfhUy la Bieha-a Baa Laasujo and Executive Pant- hnuaa 5-lNTEttPBOVlMClAL BOTH -T Dining ana danciiif alfhUy. TlirVEMIDE HOTEL, SOS Rivaralda av; Driva Danrinf ntfmiy. "OTTAWA HOUSE Mual m tha Orul. ST. LOUIS HOTEL Dancing ZsTANDISHALL Danelaj and T aatartauunaot alfhUy. 2 TALISMAN (litlalaaia t aujhtlf Oanetiuj rrktay aad at Saturday audita 4 TOW HOUSE MOTEL tamaMM alfhUy troaa S 00 a, I SUNDAY I Theatre Directory 5 i.:. - MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE ALADDIN a Tom Jonaa"; "A Woman Ukt a SaUa". - Boa orTleo opana at pjn. Etaow atorta at 2 acto sky Btf toat Laff Show. Mf ad an thla pa go. Box off lea opana I pjn. bbow siana at ouax. a BRITANNIA -A Hard Day's Night": -Oun- " SahS. at Comandw Croak"!. Box T orTIca opawa at.S p m. Enow starts al daax. . , a) " ' CAPITOL " -Robin and (ha t Hoods". I to. 4 1S-S 10-a JO. Last ahow 0 40. ... CABTIEB 2 "The feaaok Party-, 1S4S-S I. . S4-SM; -Oollaw and tha Bar-iWrtana", 14aV4J7-0. -' CENTRE T ntaaaua at tha Bad DaanY .no . a jo - too aso: .Dml l Haad ', 1 00 144. Tha Laat aaww (40. ' ' CINEMA' DE PARIS ' l Taw rarolMa da fAlbatros". 11 - ao-B OS: -La Ua da Haiwkourt. 1.4S-S.S1-S4E. Laat aamplato ahow S.IS. ELMDALB 2 -Bodtlate Story", 1.30-aJ4-t.Sa-t41-.4. Laat snow I JO. . J ELGIN 2 Tha Naw Intama' , tlO-4 40-aiTII t." - - '. .' J LINDEN " '.-f ! -Sword ut tha SUma". 1 SM00-Tha Uoa'. i to- jo-o Jo. . . LITTLE ELGIN "' S Tha tllaaea-. 100 I SO - 130- . : . i MATPAB .-:'; S ' UaWahow troaa 10 .f " ' ' NELSON : i: 5- Tha Empty Canvaa-, IJa-sJO-jo-ijs-oas. , 4 ODEONUEENSWAV ' : -Tnan Ruaala with Lova"t "Ona San'a Way". Box off lea apans -1JS JB. Show atarta at dusR. I; BBOBNT - -OoM nr lha Caaaara". IJ4 "Pllppar'a Naw Adoan- ,' ' ' ! i Z . .. r. . BIALIO . ' . -Call S4U Daah Bow-, l " 49-10 1S -Hlajt In Call BtaeR II'. B40-T00:r Tha Young Savafaa, 400-040. ' Laat Show 1 Baa. T w ' . BflSBAV ... -A Hard Oaya Nlfhf, 1 40-1S0- 'w na - 9AM - s JO- IS IS. Laat ' ' fOMBRSfT "Badtlma Stnry I ZM lm 140. Laat 14 - SJt , STAB TOP ' ' V Tnllow That Draaaa": -Sword v-a 1 tha OonauOror". Boa oft Ira wpaa at S pjn. Show atarta at U.S. UVING COSTS UP WASHINGTON i.V) U.S. living- costs row three-tenths of one per cent in July, the Itrgen monthly rise in a year, the Labor Department reported Friday. Sharp increases in prices for meats, fresh fruits and vegetables were the main factors in the over-all Julv rise of the consumer price index. TONIGHT ONLY IIS BURT LANCASTER KIRK Dol'fil.AS AVA GARDNER "7 DAYS IN MAY" LAfRENCR HARVEY It I! RKMII K "RUNNING MAN" . A4IU Calar STARTS SUNDAY! I 'AGlobal A3 Wtl. "T jr -HAROLD JKBl.l .... J. ..- rmr' today It stags and actress, Julia Andreas.) I 1 tf . I nr. runruui aaa- r(XsWH6 TODAY ONLY! v Q ,rwg STCSGK STARTINC SUNDAY J JHE ACADEMY AWARD WINNER! 'BBSTPICTURr The whole - world lotea om . ones: ixrniucutn : a!i)LlllllTi..ilRir..- I I :V.-- i al igj . itr ' ifta. sj aai i i4-- A ffi-ni " i'-a" THE OTTAWA JOURNAL DOROTHY KILGALLEN (Dorothy Kilgallea la aa vacation. Her guest columnist NEW YORK. By JULIE ANDREWS I've finally discovered the way to travel. Unfortunate ly, not loo many people can are going to a new place, the ideal way to do It is as a member of a locationing film company. Alter almost three months in Austria, I am back in my home-away. fromhom and I find 'my self doubly homesick. Whenever I'm m Hollywood, I long for England. When I was in, Salt-burg. I sometimes longed for Hollywood. Now. to my surprise, 1 find that I mist Salzburg. I spent II weeks there this Spring on location for "The Sound of Music' It teems to me that when a film unit settles in some place everyone develops a stronger attachment for it than is the case when you are "simply tourist. Except for the fact that we were in hotels, we fitted into the local scene, living and working as much as possible by local customs. The end result is that I really learned something about Salzburg and made friends there, much as one would do in the first few weeks of living in a new neighborhood. Obviously this feeling depends upon becoming familiar with a new locale. A tourist has, at best, limited time and money. He has to cram what he can into his stay, settling for the obvious in tourist and scenic attractions and getting only a sur Way to Travel face impression cl the people and the city. 1 . w 1 We had no such strictures. Of course, we were tourists to start with, but we were able to cover so much more of the countryside ss we traveled from place to place for different scenes of The Sound of Music." Like take advantage ol It, but if yojf "u"sts. we were at the Fasti val Hall and its unique amphitheatre, the Rocky Riding School, and such places as the Resideiuplali, Nonnberg Abbey and the picturesque cog rail- way that goes up the berg. But we also reached many areas, including some o the most beautiful countryside- I've ever seen, which are totally unknown to tourists. I learned that the pace' of living has nothing to do with the climate. Austria is far from being" a tropical country, but the people take things easier; stores, for example, close every day between 12.3a and 2.M p.m. to give everyone a leisurely lunch. It's a delightful custom. In many ways, the whole location was an exciting experience for me. I'm still new enough in films ("The Sound of Music" is only my third picture) to be intrigued by she whole technique of the operation. It's trite to say there is a vast difference between moviemaking and the stage; what intrigued me was the difference between this picture and the other two that I've made. On "The Sound of Music" we were shooting in Todd-AO and Technicolor, which meant enormous setups. Sometimes for the musical numbers I would wind up singing as little as four bars at a time and always out of sequence. It was hard worki much harder, of course, than it would be oa . stage since you constantly build yourself up to each scene and then cut it short, and often you have to carry it over from one day to the next where on stage each day's work is complete in itself. j . Inevitably, this is what people have in mind .wben they ask if one prefers the stage to the screen. I think I honestly enjoy them about equally. I love the theatre where you have the intimacy of direct contact with the audience and the gratification of an immediate response to your work. On the other band, I enjoy the opportunity to keep working- on a scene until It is Just right, and 1 must conies I adore the idea that I am not iaced with doing the same thing night after night for as long as i did with "My Fair Lady." And besides, travelling with a play isn't as Invigorating. You rarely have more. than a few weeks in a new place and most of that it spent m a rather damp theatre, or it the throat specialist, or in the hotel in s vain attempt to catch up on some sleep. I don't know wjxj could make use of it, but I'll gladly donate TONIGHT! SHOW STARTS AT DUSK! E1JSX3 THA r OXtAT.V COLOR au naacas aarama. ALWAYS A COLOR CARTOON L'AMOUR . .'. DE CET HOMME PEUT IL LVI . FAIRE RENONCER ALA VIE FACILE QUE LUI PROCURE LA PROSTITUTION! "LA FILLE DE HAMBOURG" , DANIEL CEUN H1LDEGARDE NEFF , i if erne ProBramnt - - , .'.,,, 13 femmca damnees . . . aux prises avec ' le deseapoir: .Voye "LA CAGE DES FILLES PERDUES" ' ' . CINEMAICorB EN COULEURS : '., ., " - "LES REVOLTES DE L'ALBATROS" ' V EDMOND rUKDOM : PTEK ANGEU , DksuajclMU rapmaatatlaa aoathmn a parrtr do tjidt Beata. . Aalaaa iaara oataattara das porta a ah. NOW SHOWING UNTIL TUESDAY NIGHT (All Technicolor Show) - "THE BEACH PARTY" . ' . " ' Bobert CUMM1NGS Anirette FUNI CELLO ' "Goliath and the Barbarians" '( I Steve REEVTS Chea ALONZO Sptciml CkiUrtn M aline Dmilf Wm "asrSIirSiSwl a - - ' - AIR-CONDITIONED Jh 4 1 FOR YOUR COMFORT a" TELr T77-2321 U: my flew slogan, movies are the travel. (Copyright lor acti eses, only way to IK4) I 1 1 SEEK SOVIET AID NEW DELHI India's defence minuter. Y B. Cha-van, and a delegation of military officers left for Moscow rriaay to try to get mure military assistance from the Soviet Union. Chavan said "the mam emphasis" of his visit will be to speed up the production in India of Russian! MIG jet fighter planes. I rasa3-t:aiia!iiiJ-yjr. nfiws-. r-Ramji ar:tf we-7 hoods' FttMSMTU mosiDAK WVtSD'AlITI I :iaa-xH iKmcm wmrmtmrnitmnl ' WEEK DAYS Features at 13.13 2M . 4.4J - 7.M -1.20 SUNDAYS Features at i M 4.1 J . J5 . jj Bank and Queen 23M57S EXCLUSIVE ENGAGEMENT! TWO DAYS ONLY SEPT. 23 & 24 WITH TWO PERFORMANCES EACH DAY TICKETS NOW ON SALE AT BOX-OFFICE EVENINGS TM. ar- aaas! MATINEE S PJK. $1.S0 ATHEATROFILM (ttWaMtl 7 jVTIslVILV V . Coming to tht Capitol Theatre TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13 BANK and QUEEN 232-IS7S BrMh, Bawdy, Dwllghtful..." -At K HtnU Tnbunt "Both outragaoua and outragwously funny" -N. Y. WefHt-Tthgnm t Sim If: Original London Satirical Revue 0 direct from 3 years in London and 2 years In New York anftan fey Polar Cook I Jehu a, id Two Performances 5.30 and 8.30 ; PRICES: ISO 3.00 3.75 4.50 TICKETS ON SALE NOW : Capftol Theatre Box office 2J2-157 ' v '.- ) of mr MaO . . ' 3 Ptaase Specify Orchestra or Balcony ' Eacioae Stamped Self Addressed Envelope MaO tberjoe Fayab)e to Capitol Theatre ' I m'J $!l'J'-- tt'l'flHiMl i bwl I j r V maa TlwatS CA "'AJC-A nwmm rr,y.r.A:lrM:M!PCTI ElUIUUtl I lUlA-ajaaajagaajaaaaMaaaaaBawaaawi 4 B2E11 2 ENDS TODAY ! flJjM;! 'ak . ' awk daTA A dwt dak af Bi TARZAN VERY BO' "OVVERY BOYS Hlil A SlinVif BWalEi W WIIVII I AUDIE MURPHY - STARTS SUNDAY 1.30 P.M. WALT DISNEY'S "SWORD IN THE ST0flE", m holoen b 1 nt LlUn coin, - HI BEATLE FANS! GET YOUR FREE PHOTO OF THE BEATLES TODAY v 'i - raja..M THE Mia. Plw! "CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED , .. ....... NOMBAY: nrsVRTt SSRttl.tV JOMES-; -A DISTANT TRlMrtT" . , Bank aad Hparka IJl-llll it, "M a-w2alri U at aoKTeai tow urn otsaatur AT REGULAR PRICES! Ell i 43 MOON MOUNTAINS - HELll M SOURCE NEW HAVEN Astronomers HOUSTON Much of the believe the mountains of . the helium lor industry and modem moon are as high .as any on the medicine is obtained from na-earth. 'tural gas well sources mmm aMIKCOUHt wWVBnmiB-.c J if Meet T-i ir PLUS "GOLD FOR TH CAESARS" In Tschnicolar SECOND SMASH WEEK! Funraest stoni eer put Between 1.30 3.34 Covajra Marion awa-ic David Brando s Niven ? Shirley Jones wWTwl 1 "a " itVJ I tJ-. Indutfinf Unitf al 5.38 7.42 9.46 f m. ss-aOtUNi !N THt lOOIj James. Bond, aactwt Agawat 007r U wortl'i lusters tl nurder pull tut ill (lit ttoit t troj Ageat 007! frr iff m 1 1 aaatf Fiior.i russia iwni lcue - ADDED FEATURE one mi wr J . "I , V C Opens 7 JO -Daily, IneL i Sunday .A motion pfcturt pmfnfd in bold strokoa of shock! UT! QfllJ ' IMBOCrfflflLZ-KlfW,, ' EIPKAV St NKLSON- l sn-ssoi . i MONDAY th'n' FRIDAY 2 SHOWS NIGHTLY 7J0 and 030. SAT, SUN. and HOLIDAYS at l-Ji J-SO S 3 7 iS JS BfaTaTaTaaBaBBBBaeVoaTRBB DaUy (incL Sunday) at J.30 3.30 - 5.30 - 7.35 9.40 ( f a5l FIM WEEK! oaaaooaoaaotaoaoaooaaaaeooooooo : NO ADVANCE TICKETS REQUIRED ! ; FIRST COME - FIRST SERVED ! NO SEATS RESERVED Baa nttirm Vaaaa 11.10 : StanfifntfiflrstftrflerH AT TWO THEATRES S'-.faml t - ' - ' lP.t I J m re Siispended laltJM Han imtTtt ATim ; je HIorT sAb aMetfaa 9k oe) wVpasaTJ MOafaaf tfttis ssjaa ftfMi feMti Artssto IwMSiwTef B. w. 1 Jl1" --wr-.w-ai. J PM Sotajt fj fkitinaia tnwitni: (ad ' a Vt.tTtlRB PRIVIMK Z ONLVI 'OUNMOHT AT COM VNrHS RKKR- . (Colarl J SECOND EXPLOSIVE WEEK ! ! waaawa-e,,. ,- ,f ...antY their naw loves I SZpZ AIHJLI tNTLRTAINMENT Monday thm Saturday att 1144 Z3S S.I0 IM . t.4 A "llal t A..

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