The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1918
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

, APRIL ~26 THiC DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA, PAGE SKVlffif. fSX FAJUXOUXT. "1383 BRASS CKBCKTV-A ; seven- P»rt Metro production, ia which Franeta X Bushman and Beverly Bayne appear in tbe leading role, is being EhVKs today. The story relates to a bacgage' check which is tb/. means, of hmrmg the son of a powerful trust magnate Into an amateur detective mo. sending him on the search for a young inventor who hajs been shirt ap itt. a private, asyluni -because be will not. turn, over an invention to the trust. The inventor's 'sister is also instrumental- ia aaecttng his- rescue, :and tbjs brings *ter in. -contact -with the "wealthy amateur detective. -Mutual attraction terminates in a wedding, and everything is straightened out to the^ satisfaction of all parties concerned. The sister gets into the asylum as a nurse and her future bus- land manages the same tiling by pass- as a chauffeur, after he is n\is- taken for- an- escaped lunatic. · The exteriors of the picture are all -winter ; »cenes, many ol them full of quiet ; *eacty. Tomorrow, "Tic Auction ! Block," Rei Beach's greatest picture, will be presented by an all star cast. Including Baby DeRemer, Florence : IeshpD, Tom Powers, George Cooper . and others. Ruby DeRemer, as the ierotoe, represents .the aggregate ! »aldenjhood of America, and the temptations .to -whicn she is subjected in . thercoirrse of the photoplay are sun- posed to cover all -posslbi-e tampta- ; tioas to -which girls -are subjected in real life.. Monday. Viola Dana will be starred in "Blue Jeans." ARCADE TJCEATRf. Qreenwalt's Moonlight aMds' com- the Arcade theatre last night certainly demonstrated, "to'the satisfaction of every one present that they ' wece different The play deals with two Irishmen^ Rube Ferns and Kay : Grenwatt, to deceive their wives and ffirt -with Flossy Brown, a seaside ; belle, wbo, -with the assistance of her ; hnsband, Dick- Brown, and Ore wives, succeed in placing them in many ludicrous positions. The musical act of GrenwaJt and Laory was well re. ceived. Mr.' Grenwart's rendition of : Tvbrafc's Humoresque on the violin . ; had-all the marks of an', artist. The act closed with a Scotch dance by .-Miss Lanry, -woo, by the way, is a ·i native of the heather lacd. Little -. His* PanJSns Avis' sang "Kentucky ;' Babe," a. beantttal InUaby. This song «e«B» to fit her sweet lyrical voiced She was assisted ty the Hbosler City j Sax*{khone Quartette in a melodioaa » accompaniment. Tbe company carries : it£ own special scenery, ami a delay ; in haodHoc it was the cause of'the ·· matinee .to be called off. The wardrobe of is beantl/ul,land ; a chorns of i boa 1 .;'" .1! slris put '. ewer th«. ntrmbers wKu a snap and Tim. As stagers. 1 dancers and mu- ; jicians and entertafers this company is far abore -.tbe average, A new bill today and:tomorrow, with a big special feature pleture- 'HKATJIN' SOOTH."--The 'latest Artcraft i*rtnTe features Douglas Fairbanks. Tnroagh die riot of taffis and adrentnre that rnn in tils dranm a lore romance stands out. Catherine MacDonaM, the new leading lady for Fairbanks, discloses a goodly measure at athletic skill while ' playing opposite the strenuous and acrobatic star. "BiilyOin Society," a BtHy. "West comedy, wffl prove enter- taJnias to an. Monday, Wallace Reid appear IB the Paramount drama, "Rtaaroek Jones." s SPARE THAT CHICKEN! F«od AMBttatira Appeal* t» Motorist* of lie Slate t* (HMerri) Care. PHILADELPHIA, April 25,--The Food Administration for Penasyl- vanla issues aa appeal to the motorists of Pennsylvania on behalf ot the hen and her brood. It cays that on« . of th'e most serious losses to the pooP try industry ot late years has-been; the mortality of hens and broods of ; little chickens on highways where : there-is considerable motor traffic. This loss is estiawted to be greate'r ! than' the depredations-by bawks and : with, toe steady Increase in Uie Qum- her of motor cars'Is now an ijoport- .ant factor in tie food sltnaflon. Motorists arc asked to exercise care nnd us* their influence to prevent the killing and crippling of poultry which have wandered into the road. An injured *o«l or.young chicken i* usually unable to .tOTnt its teed and eitier- dtes or.becomes a runt. The cniok that-.rou spare today may be your Sunday dinner a few months ; hence.- · . Fatrantee those win adrertlM, Market Saturday Specials! Potatoes, per peck 30e Coffee, per lb. 15e S«»y, 4 cakes 25c , per lb. : . 30c ]{HB8, per lb. 32c FnrJti Oleo, per lb 33c Finto Bewms __ 12c 6a« aMttas, 3 fort_ 25* Onotfres **z- 15c Fvoqpkin, 2 cans '. '.... 25c Cmwford Areuae and Eighth Street, WEST SIDE There Was'Nothing So Good- for Congestion arid Colds · as Mustard But tbe old-fashioned mmtard-nlaster L twined and blistered while it acted. .Get: the relief and help that mustard plaster* gave, without the.plaster and without the Witter. MuMerole does it It is a dean, white ointment;. made with oil of mustard. It is scientifically prepared, *o that it works, wonders, and yet does Dot blister the! tenderest skin. j Just-outage Misterole in with the fih-j ger-tip* gently. See bow quickly it brings. relief--how speedily tbe .pain disappears. Use Muetciole for M re tnroat,..bron-- cbitis, tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, j neuralgia, headache, congestion, pleurisy, i rheumatism, lumbago, pains and aches of ! the back or joints, sprains, sore muscles, : bruises, chilblains, frosted feet; colds of j the chest (it often preventa pneumonia). I 30c and 60c jars; hospital size $230. Here is one of the smarteat and sim- ptett of the beach suits designed for coming summer. It is of navy blue satin, with orange on rbe edge of tlie skirt and edging the bioomerg nrhteh show below the sicirt. DETAILED FIGURES TELL OF WORK OF RED CROSS WOMEN .Total of Of er 1«,000 Piece* of Work Completed at Scottd»Ie for tie Seventh Ingathering. The report of the seventh ingathering of the Hed Cross, aggregating 16,166 pieces, shows the follpwing'con'- tribntioris by the several units: Unit No. 1--Mrs. Huttletnaier, chairman; Miss Smith, secretary--55 hospital shirts, 1 sweater. socka, 12 knee bandages, 24 towels, Unit No. 2--Miss Lillian Perry, chairman; Hiss- Richer, secretary--2 sweaters, 12 wristlets, 4 socks, f helmets. Unit No. 3--Mrs. Marsh, chairman; .Vlss Ituth Rlttenhonse, secretary--130 tow«ls, 3 helmets, 20 dish cloths. \Unit No.'4--Jtts. Suotts, chairrnan; Mrs. Klir3. secretary--220 towels, 40. hospital shirts,' TO abdominal bandages, 18 socks, S helmets, 6-1 5-yard rolls, 25 8x4 compresses, 50 sore foot socks, 9 sweaters. 18 wristlets, 3 knee bandages, 200 2x2 wipes, 100 4x4 wipes: . . Unit'No. 5--Mrs. F. L. Brown, chairman; Airs. ^Herbert, secretary --6 sweaters, 8 wristlets, 44 socks, 2 helmets. Unit No. - 6--Miss Parry, chairman; Miss Masle Lore, secretary--7ft pillow cases, 30 towels, 5 sbirto. 1 helmet, 7 sweaters, 1 scarf, 11 aoeks, 6 wristlets'. Unit No. 7--Mrs. J. I* Eaygor, chairman; -Mrs. And*rson, secretary--35 hospital shirts, 60 pillow case*, B sweaters, 50 socks, 16 helmets, ISO towels, 110 bandages, 64 wristlet*, " scarfs. Unit No. S--Mrs. .Engle, chairman; Miss Kuth Jenika, secretary--1 sweater, 18 wristlets. 240 abdominal bandages, 18 socks, 80 tri. bandages, 270 towels. Unit No. 9--Mrs. Zimmerman, chairman; Mrs. Bash, secretary--ISO tcw- ;els, 2 sweaters, 15 Hospital shirts, 40. pillow cases, 8 socks, 1 helmet 4 bed jackets. Unit No. JO--Mrs. P. J. O'Connor, chairman; Mrs. Kennedy, secretary-3 sweaters, 104 socks, 33 towels, 5 convalescent gowns,, 1 scarf, 37 hospital shirts, 100 pillow cases, 90 bandages. . Unit No. 11--MTS. "Wads-worth, chairman; ' Miss Glassbttrn, secretary--2 scarfs,.4 socks. Unit No. IS--Mrs. maley, chairman ; 'Mrs. Byrne, secretary--380 towels, 10-sweaters, 4 wristlet*, 136 spill- low cases, 24 bed socks, 120 abdominal bandages,' 12 triangular bandages, 24 eye -bandages.-114 socks, 73 hospital shirts, 5 convalescent gowns, 100 3x3 wipes, 600 4x4 compresses, SOO 8x4 compresses, 14 12x24 absorbent Unit No. 13--Mrs. F. C. "Wray, chairman; Miss Rachel Walthour, secre- I t»ry--SO. pillow casoe, 4 socks, 4 wrtstlrts, 2 bandages, 12 towels. UBft No. 14--Miss Bess Milieu, ! chairman; Mrs. D. Brooks, secretary-- · 60 towels, 1 sweater, 25 pillow cases. Unit No. 15--Mrs. Benjamin Wil! lard, chairman; Miss Mae Gibson, I secretary--24 bandages, 2 sweaters, 2 socks, 6 wristlets, 4 helmets. Unit No. 16--Mrs." A. C. Overholt, ! chairman; Mrs. H. B. Hartman. secretary--1 sweater, 1 scarf, 4 socks, .16 wristlets, 10 helmets, 1000 2x2 wipes. 200 4i4'wipes, 600 4x8 compresses, 240 (4x4 compresses, 10S 5-yard rolls. J Unit No. 17--Mrs. Rosensteel, chair!man; Mrs. Peterson, secrctajy--3 sweaters, 1- scarf, 6 wristlets, 10 socks,. helmets. -'Unit. No. 18^-JMrs. Pyle, chairman; _ Mrs. Hernley, secrDtary--t 'sweaters, j 1 scarf, 2 wristlets, 3 hel-mets, 1 bag 'sundries, 50. hospital shirts, ij socks, 110 bandages., 150.towels, 3T pieces I layette (donated by Jtrs. Ischy). j Unit No. 19--Mrs. W. P. Stauffer, | chairman; Miss Ferguson, secretary j--150 8x4 compiesses, 175.5-yard rolls. 375 4x4 wipes, 3225 2x2 wipes. Unit No. 20--Miss Pauline Parker, chairman; Jliss Oberly, secretary--10 dish cioths, 4 .socks, 80 towels, 4 wristlets, 49 bandages. Unit No. 21--Miss Carlson, chairman; ,Mlas Berkstrohm. secretary--6 sweaters, 18 wristlets, 264 towels', 84 bed socks, 14 kne* bandages. 4 socks, 4 helmets, 108 bandages, 14 wash cloths, S2 eye bandages. Unit No. 22--Mrs. Mooney, chairman; Miss Margaret Finnerty, s,ecre- tary--5 sweaters, 20 wristlets, 8 wash cloths, 7 knee bandages, 24 socks, 1 heVnret, 1 ambulance robe, 20 eye bandages. ' Unjt. No, 23--Miss Clarlison. chairman; Miss king, secretary--work not completed. Unit No. 24-^Mies Fitzgerald, chairman; Miss Hixon, secretary--1 sweater, 1 scarf, 14 wrifatlets, 16 sock 1 helmet. ^ Unit No. 25--Sfrs. J. R. Campbell, chairman; Mrs. Glasgow, secretary-1 sweater, i wristlets. 2 helmets, 106 6-yard rolls, 1050 2x2 wipes. 175 4x4 wipes, 400 3x4 compresses. . Unit N'o. 26--Miss Katherlne McBurney, chairman; Miss Kelly, secretary--1 sweater. 1 helmet, 2 scarfs, 2 wristlets. 1 Unit No. 27--Miss (Catherine Weddell, chairman; Miss Armstrong, secretary--1 sweater, 14 wristJcts. Unit So. 2Sr--Mrs. J. .\r. Zlmmers, chairman: Mrs. Mellingcr, secretary --work not completed. Unit No. 29--Mrs. Connors, rjiair- man; Miss Moore, secretary--396 low- els. 210 abdominal 'bandages, 2 sweaters, 2 wristlets, 1 eye bandage, 1 knee bandage, 1 scarf. Unit No. 30--Mrs. W. A. Bodd, chairman; Mrs. Kennell, secretary--60 towels, 12 bandages, 24 eye bandages. Unit No. 31--airs. Ulery, chairman; Miss Jarrett, secretary--1 sweater. 1400 8x4 compresses. 60 sore foot socks, 38 knee bandages. 180 eye bandages. 20 wristlets, 58 Ions; straps and buckles, 18 short straps and buckles, 64 abdominal bandages, 24 towels, 1 wash cloth. Refugee work-4 muslin chemise, 1 jacket, 1 petticoat, 1 middy, 1 skirt, 1 black underskirt, 1 pair baby shoes', 1 pair baby stockings, 2 gingham dresses, 1 lady's Test, 1 vest . (man'B), 1 drawers (man's). Unit No. 32--Miss Carrie Wiley, chairman; Miss Cecelia Reid, secretary--5 hospital' shirts, 48 5-yard rolls, 120 4x4 compresses, 400 _ 2x2 wipes, 200 4x4 wipes. Vanderbilt. VAMDEBBI1.T, April 26.--J. L. lore and Prank Marotti were business callers in Pittsburg yesterday. Mrs. Dave Berwick is visiting relatives in Star Junction. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Teichert and family have doved from the Daniohion property on Pennsylvania avenue to the bouse on the hill formerly occupied by Mrs. Clara Baker and family. yrof. K. W. Honsberger and the chemistry .class oC the Danbar township high school visited the American Manganese plant, the Pennsylvania Wire Glass company and the Semet- Solvay coke plant at Dtinbar. on Tuesday afternoon. The pupils and teachers of the Vanderbilt school attended a Safety First rally at tie Y. M. C. A. 'on Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Sara Jane Byers and daughter, Minnie, of Aurora, Neb., and George Bute of Omaha, Neb., wtoo were called here on account, of .the death of their sister, Mrs. Robert McBurney, are visiting among relatives in this community. TVblter Freed and George M. Strick- .ler have each erected a new garage which are nearlng completion. The eighth grade pupils of the Van- derbjlt school will take the examination for entrance to- high school on Saturday, April 27. Confluence. CONFLUENCE;.April 26.--Mrs. E. B. Brown a! the West-Side, was a recent visitor . with her "daughter, Mrs. Charlee Minder, of Rockwood. Robert. ; Swan, mailvcarrier at U» Baltimore * Ohio station, has resigned and: accepted a position at the Eiltl- more fc Ohio scales office in. Con- nellsviUe. . . ' Daisy, tie little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Watson, is improving from a siege' of ty=phoid fever. T*r. and Mrs. E; B. Brown-have received two- letters from their son Clyde, who is in France, stating he Is well and getting along finely. Sheridan Hunter has Ms family here from Ohiopyle, and will reside on Eden street /Chpmas tittle, who has .been very ill. Is reported' better. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Marsh.of Con- nel'isrUle, haye returned home after attending the .funeral of Mrs. Marsh's sister, Mrs. H. C. Iean. Jesse Little, who was here visiting h.ts parents, Mr. and- Mrs. Thomas Little, has returned to his home in. These 3 Handsome Pieces For $59- 50 Easy Terms So Thai All May Profit By This Wonderful Offer DUOFOLD DAVENPORT, ROCKER AND ARM CHAIR--built of solid oak, .splendidly finished in that very fashionable and most serviceable Golden Oak, seats and backs upholstered in that beautiful golden brown, imitation Spanish leather. From the standpoint of value, nothing like it was ever shown in Connellsville'. It's an offer that should crowd this store with eager buyers. Just think what a long way this handsome Suite will go towards furnishing a home at such a very little cost. . ; .. NEW -RUGS Our Prices For 9x12 Rugs Start as Low as $8.75 These arc Fibre Re- versibles in a variety of colors and designs. Another big Special is our 9x12 ft. Tapestry Brussels lUigs at only f $18.75 Easy Terms so that you'll scarcely feel the cost. $1.00 Cash , --will prove a -grand and most profitable investment for you if used as a down payment on one of our most economical Refrigerators,- Lei us put one in your home NOW, you can pay the balance on very easy terms arranged to suit your convenience. Ventilating BT ''Porch Shades This is the Only Store in Connellsville Where You Can Buy "Aerolux" Porch Shades. We have them in ail colors anil all sizes, priced as fallows : 4 ft. Similes, only ------------------------ -- Si5 ~i ft. Shades, only __________ ..... ---- S3.SO K ft. Similes, only _________ --_---; -- 54-50 7 ft. Sliailes, only _________ S5.50 5 ft, Sjisdes, only 9 ft Shades, only 10 ft. Shades, only ... ........ ______ ?S.OO We Are the Authorized Agents For Columbia (rruionolns _ and Columbia Records You'll, find that this store Is a REAL Columbia Service SUUon. A place ·where you can come and play or have played for you alt the newest or old time favorite records. A place where you can buy a Columbia Gralooola on easy terms and NO INTEREST CHAEG- ES FOR $18.00 AND: DPWAHDS. Starting With One- 3Iotion Collapsible Go-Carts For as Little as ·YOU'LL FIND ALL OF OUR BABY CARRIAGES ARE MARKED ASTONISHINGLY/ LOW. Tbe Collapsible? ?fe selj at ihis low figure have large hoods opring gears, rubber-tired wheels, reclining backs and extension foot so that baby can ride comfortably when asj"ep. Our display includes everything up (o magnlfics-nt reeri and reed trimmed carriages of the most elaborate styles. Come in and See This "Ohio" Combination Range It's the only practical Range because "it burns gas. coal or wood. It's the best Combination Range that we know of and we'll put it in your bo:ne on EASY TERMS OF PAYMENT. THIS CEDAR CHEST, a safe storage place for your furs tnd winter apparel--a beautiful piece of bedroom rurniture. EASY TERMS, 50c CASH, 50c d»-J A r A A WEEK--SPECIAL PRICE ONLY eJjJLl/otll/ The Genuine McDOUGALL Kitchen Cabinet la one other nationally famous article tbat cannot be purchased in any other store. Come and see hov? it leads all other maies in fe\ labor-saving features. We'll put one in your kitchen right now Cor only 81.00 A IVEEK. COMPARISON ALWAYS PROVE - "YOU'LL DO BETTER" AT Gonnellsville's Most Dependable Furniture. Store. ·Wilkinsbnrg. , . . . . . . . Emerson Wright of Greensburg, has returned home after a 1 -.- visit with friends for several days. Lloyd Fisher of Connellsville, was here yesterday attending the funeral of-his niece, Mrs. H. C. Dean. Scott Little and family ot Morgantown, "W. Va., are here visiting the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas 'Little. KEYSTONESTATEIS BECOMING ALIVE TO THEmR SITUATION Tbe Efforts of Speakers Have Brongtt About an UmicntandiBji; of tlie Xeeix of (he Hoar. ' FHUjIXELfKlA, April 22.--That the entire state of Pennsylvania is thoroughly alive to the war situation and that its patriotism is spontanei.iii, genuine and self-sacrificing, are tbe conclusions of Ernest L. Tntin, chairman of the Speakers' Bureau of the Committee of Public Safety, wbo has just completed a. patriotic speaking tour of tte principal agricultural and industrial counties. Chairman Tastin was accompanied by Lieutenant Perigord, of the French Army, and 'their speeches were for the promotion of the Liberty - Loan and general patriotic sentiment. "The results of our tour convince me that, tbe state is now on its toes in war effort," Mr. Tustin said. "It is specially responsive to the Liberty Loan appeals and also in the matter of food conservation. Rural Pennsylvania, is now demooEtratmg-that it is sound at heart, that it will back up the government to the limit and that it will give the same splendid account of Itself it save in, 1861.' The farmers ^.re comiag out strong for Liberty Bonds. .In one agricultural .county our meeting was attended by crowds as- r!vrag in more than, five hundred auto- mobiles, and next day subscriptions i'or fconds at tbe banks.equaled in one day the entire · amount ;taken by the same subscribers in th.e previous loan campaign, V.' "Everywhere the turnouts-to hear Lieutenant Perigord's : raesjsage Irom France were the best that I have -witnessed since taking charge of the speakers' bureau. ; Several mouths ago I made a similar trip, and 'at that time tiiere was aa absence of the warm, patriotic enthusiasm which is now so noticeable. The change in sentiment is largely due to the good ; work of the local speakers' bureaus : in .organizing patriotic meetings in schools, churches and other public places. These meetings have given jttie public an understanding of the j war and its issues and have brought about a complete realization of wnat i is expected of and must be contributed by America, "Without doubt, the Committee oE Public Safety is to be credited with, having accomplished this spicudid re- (Sult.: It has got Pennsylvania awake and -is keeping it awake," DuaBar. D. C. Eason for wall paper.--'Adv.-- 26mar27t. HnnHng nurgains 1 } You will find them in our ad. columns. J. N. Trump W TRANSFER El MOTOn TBCCK uU WACO9ES. AXD BOISTDTQ PIAJtOS A IPRCULTT, ome« O3 K. Grap* Jlll« ·Ue P. 'R. R. De»ot. Dotk

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