The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 4, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 4, 1930
Page 3
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·TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 4, DAILY COURIER, CONNHLL,' iVILL,E, PA. PAGE) THREE. 1FORENSIC LEAGUE TO ffiLP CONDUCT ORATONCONTEST Fayette County Embraced in New Phase of Seventh National Competition. LOCAL EVENTS END APRIL 12 PITTSBURG, Web, 4 -- Plans tor the eoventh national and flfth Interim- tlonal oratorical contest tkr tho West- \ wn Fentiejflvvni i district now are! 'being inado by t h o Poet-Qaaettv In conjunction with the Ponnuylvaiiia For- «naio League, Thousands of high atacScnta are. oxpeotod to take f MRS. LINDBERGH LEARNS TO GLIDE part. i AU public, pai ochlttl or private high or preparatory BClioole throughout the territory arc eligible to bo represented in tliO s*riea of eliminations which will tet*rmhK a uharnpion tor "Western Pennsylvania. Schools choosing champi-ous will be represented in the county contcats, which will b ompletel by April 13, Dr, C. H. MoyeihoU ot the University ot Pittsburg, executive secretary of tho Pennsylvania Forensic Leaguo, has announced. Ae in tho past contests, all orations must bo on somo aiibjoet pertaining to tho Constitution oC tho United Statea and imiel bo delivered by a oona ndc student ot tho school represented. An Important change, announced by Randolph Leigh of Washington, director ot the oonteet, is that the speeches arc to be limited to six j minutes instead ot 10 minuted as in past competitions. j In last year's contest, the local paper had charge- of a Trl-Stato dis- Irict, including Western Pennsylvania, Southeastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia. Du« to tho organization o£ tho state in thie years' contest Southeastern Ohio and Northern Went Virginia will bo eliminate! from this territory. Tho niddle ecetion of Pennsylvania, will be under the direction of the Fenenfle I/eague. while tho Eastern flection will be under a Scranton paper. Zone finals, In which the champions irom each o£ the three Pennsylvania socti-ons will f-ooipote with champions irom nearby s»Ut«s, will be held in PlttsburK at i date to be announced later. Tho winner of this contest will compete in the National finals in Washington, t. C , and will bo one of he-ven xone champions to go on the tree tour of Europe, which is the an- n ounce*! prize for National finaliets. Ncaily 25,000 Undents wrote orations in the local district during Harvey Bowlue, -who recently taught Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh to glide, snapped as he tucked Mrs. Lindbergh into the pilot's cockpit of a sailplane for similar instruction while the famous colonel looked on near San Diego, Cal. A few seconds after this photo was taken the glider was in the air, the formor Ann Morrow - - _ a successful flight. WOMEN SHOULD LEARN USES OF MAGNESIA \ ear's contesl The work enlisted tho iikl ot 1,119 chairmen «nd judges for meetings throughout t l i c district. Awards given included 225 certificates ot honor to high school champions, 56 gold medaltf to county and district champions, tight silver cups to regional champions nnl one grand trophy to the Tri-SUite champion. Principals oJ high fcehools and and municipal school officials «d vised as to now are ot t h e cntest tho Forensic w h i c h is t a k i n g ch.ugo oE the organization work The count ic« in I h m li^trict are as loliowe: Allo/'hoiu, A r m s U o u K , Bedford, Beavoi, B l a h , U u t l r r . CamlMrtw, rlarion, Cleai Ik-Id, Ot aft lord, Elk, ICria, Fa yet to, Foiust, Oieene, Indiana, )offeii,o), T/ivn-cnce, AleKean, Mercor, Someihft, V -nango \Viur«n, Wathlng- ton and We ,tinorcland. County contcstw will be hold 'by tho county directois of tho Forensic I.oagno. AUe^hony county, on account ot ltd si/*, -will bo divided Into four sections tor (he purpose ot elimination meetings. 1'liu c i t y of Plttbburg will lio considei d a separate district and a run-off b p t w c - n 1'ittfcburs? and county To -women who suffer from nausoa, 'or so-called "morning sickness," t h i s simple measure is proving a blessing. Mobt nurses know it and it is advised by loading specla lets. Prepare a small quantity of finely cracked ice--about a winegiasstu! Pour over it a teiispoonful of Phillips Milk at Magnesia. Sip slowly until the mixture' is gone or you are entirely relieved. It is veldotn necessary to repeat the dose- 10 end sick stomach or any inclination to vomit. Its anti-acid properties enable Phillips Milk oE Magresio to give immediate relief in heartburn, Boar stomach, gas. Its m-ild, but effective laxative action assures i »gular bowol movement. Used as a inouthwash it helps prevent acid erotion and tooth decay during expectancy. Y/lth every boule oE Phillips Milk of Magnesia, corne l u l l directions for it*; many uses. All d r u g stores have the 25c and 1 50c size 1 Demand the genuine, endorsed by doctors for over 50 years. "Milk of Mag'iesia" has been tho TJ. S. Registered Trade- Mark of tho Chas. H. Phillip*. Che-mical Co. and its predecessor, H. Phillips, since i875.--Advertise) nent. boctions vi i said. Conn i will rcqiiiu mluo tho \ nlated cou tions ii\, s - t)r. Jo in i t e n d e n t ol p i i h U i n hcl'l, Oi. Mey-erbolz c'w'est to dcter- , o densely pop- i.\ j U i l Into bec- i ! i -.tato feiipeiin- d u c t i o n , ot llav- rleburp;, in honoiar picaldent oE the league, D i . Albert I/. Rowland of lOlklns Park, I'a., a district superintendent of education, is president. The league's organization ovtonds into every coun y vt the fltate and, according to t)r. Moyorholz, will afford an QU.V! oppo.-tuity for eveiy high school to bo represented. Acme ACME. Fob -i -- Raymond Moore was n Sunday gu«t of Mr. and Mrs. Charles K( efo of Southern wowl. JNlr. and Mrs. Jay Wads\vorth ot Southernwood were o v e r Sunday guests of Mis WadswoUh's parents, Mr. and Mrs. \Vingro\e, near Wooddale, Mr. and ie Iliin y Hays ot Donegal t,pent Sunday \vilh M i s , Barhaia ShleWa of Freetown. Mr. and Mrs. Ottor Craig of Donegal spent Suuday "with Mi. Ciaig's par- cnt-i, Mr. i'nd M i s . .1. U. Craig. .Mr. and -Mr«. Janice Johnston and c h i l d r e n t Grceneburg; were Sunday giU'btt, of Mf. and Mi't. Stewart Johnston. Air. and .Mit! John Markoi- and c h i l - dren \ i M i O i l o \ e r Sunday \\ith Mis JJarbuui thields. CRITICAL YEAR FOR FLYING IS SEEN BY POSTMASTER GEN. Nearly All Passenger Lines Suffered Heavy Louses Last Year, Ho Sajs. MANY PROJECTS CONSIDERED By UjiJted Press, CLEVELAND, Feh 4.--Ai= an aftor- math of rapid developcaeu^, com- menial aviation in this country la now lacing on© of the most critical 12 rnonthe in its youag life, according to an opinion expressed by Poutmaatec Genoral Walter F. Brown. Th-e picture he paints revcale that neaily «H passenger lines suffered severe, looses List year. Airmail operators, although fating better, in ONLY 21 PER CENT OF U. S. IN CROPS Only about 23 per cent of the total acreage of the United States is represented in productive farm lauds, and while that flgtue may seem suipna- ingly low, it is actually too high, in the opinion o£ Seciutary of AgiU-ul- ture Arthur M. Hyde. "Land resour- DS must be luore efficiently used, and we do not bcore high iu this particular," says Secretary Hyde. "Our national heritage covers 1,903,000,000 acres, 01 which alxmt 505,000,000 acres are impioved farm lands," he shows. "Duly about 350,000,000 acres are actu illy producing crops. But this acrearo often gives us burdensome burplusefe, and moreover, its o u t p u t could be greatly increased by intensive cultivation. "The over expansion oE agriculture iij an important contributing cause of agricultural d stre.v*. Inferior land should not be brought under the plow. Millions o£ acres are now being farmed from v hich there can bo no hope for a profit, yet they assist in the creation '£ a surplus problem. Such lands wi 1 not afford au American staridaid ot living "Maigiuai and sub-maigina.1 lands would serve a much bettei use i£ they were w itlutra-vi n from cultivation. It is not more foodstuffs t h a t we need. We seek bette: liomes, better scUoolb and bioader oppoitunilies on the farm." many were comiielletl to uae tho promts fron 1 Uic mail opeiations to off- bet the losses occurred in carrying I la^sllied Bnng rs ills whMi pla-cod in the columns ot ' 'ho IXtily Courier BF SORE we it os R E L I E F L/t*e*afoMu»terote--usunlly effective one opplication -- better when once every Hour for 5 hours. Dickerson Run DlCKBKSOi N RUX, Feb. 4--Misses Amu Scott, lia Scott, Jane Ogltwee- and Oliver Oglevee \veie bhopping In Connellnvilie s-aturday evening. Mibt Emma fomblln of B r o w n h v U I e spent the week-end here vibitmic her brother-in-law and sieter, Mr and Mr.s. George I.uckey. Reginald 11 irris, better k n o w n to his friends as Pep, hab returned home after spending the patit week visiting his father, 1U y Harris at Homestead. George Luc ^ey wat3 a ConnellsviUe husineos c u l k r Saturday evening. The car ahopb of the 1 J . i: L E Railroad win oh have heun . closed Jdiiu-irj 2o, rebiuned op^ration« OxitJl-to-coaat flying facllitiee were pro \dded hetoro any considerable number of people had even load* eig it-seeing: nights over their own homo townc, Brown said In depicting the growth of large-scale aviation business. A condition «.lso exiats In the air- nia 1 wervice which cannot be corrected until mail rates undergo thorough revision according to the pec (master general. "In our judgment, Iho method of determining th« compensation of air mall contractors muet be revolution- ised, The syetwn oC paying by the regardle/ss 1 of distance traveled is manifestly unsound," ho said, Brown cited examples oE the disparity "between the compensation pale various contiuctors. The jates from Boston to New York, he eald, is $3 per pound; New Yoik to Chicago, 86 cents per pound; Chicago to Salt .Lake City, ti.85 per pound; Salt Lako City to Los Angeles, $3 and iro-m Cleveland to Pittsburg, $3 p«r pound Contractors on pioeporous routes have naturally prospered, Brown taid, while those on routes where mail flows in a small volume have rfiiftered heavy losses. An amendment already has been drawn up by the Postofflee Department to correct theee discrepancies 3n rates. A vote on the measure is expected in the next Congrees, The amendment, in brief, the Postmaster General to contract for air mail between cities at fixed rates p-i' mite for definite weight spaces, rather than paying by the pound re- of distance traveled. Thetse changes, in Brown'a opinion, would render a double service -- give immediate aid to the lines In distress, and greatly iucr-etuie the air ninil service to the public by permitting dispatch by mail on regularly scheduled p ibsengor fligliitf.' Iiiferniilional UNIVERSITY, Va,, Feb. -1.-- International competition w i l l be supplied to the University ot V h g i n i a varsity lacrosse team when tlio combined Oxford-Cambridge team meets? the Old Dominion team hero A p r i l 1 Kenneth Crowder ot Baltlmoi-e is captain ot tlie- U i n v e i s i t y of Virginia btick- Kien. Monday moruuig on a live-day-a-wee-k Loo kit iff for Bargjtiits f j Read the advertisements In I Daily Courlei, The Start thorough bowel action** when you foe! diziy. headachy, bilious. Tako NATUKE'8 HEWEDY-N? Tablets. It's niild.Bafc, purely veffotablo, and far hotter than ordi- mrylBxattvcfl. Kcepayoa tO-MORROW te«Ung right. 26o. ^P ALRIGHT The AlLVegetabla Laxative _, Coming events cast their shadows before" A/CID THAT FUTURE SHADOW* By rcfrwlnir g from over-lndul- genco, if y»u would maintain tho rnedert i figure of fashion Wotnea wim prize the modern figure with its subtle, seductive carves--me.'i who would keep that trim, proper figure, eat healthfully b it not immoderately. Banish exce ssiveness--eliminate abuses; Be t loderate--be moderate in Jill th u igs, even in smoking. "When temp ed to excess, when your eyes a. :e bigger than your stomach, tea ch for a lucky instead. Coming evei its cast their shadows before. Avo d that future shadow by avoidinj; over-indulgence if you would maintain the lithe, youthful, m idem figure. i.ueky .Strike nmaci ever iinest tobac Crop--"IT J one knows HO "TOAS' moves impt Jiavor and i the finest Cigarette smoked, made of the ·o--^The Cream of the 5 TOASTED." Every- that heat purifies and TING" not only re- rities but adds to the uproves the taste* It's Your Throat- *Be Moderate! . . . Don f t jeopardiz^ the modern form by drastic diets, harmfi il reducing girdles, fake reducing tablets of other aack "anti-fat" remedies condemned- by the Medical profesj.ion! Millions of dollars each year are wasted on the se ridiculous and dangerous nostrums. Be Sensible! Be Moderate! We do not represent that smok- *-u«foy Stri e Cigarettes will bring modern figures or cause the reduction of flesh. We do declare that when tempteii to d yourself too well, if you will "Reach for a. Lucky" instead, you will thus avoid over-indulgence XQ things th$ t cause excess weight and, by avoiding over-indulgence- maintain a modern, graceful form. TUNE US --The Lucky Strike Daace Orchestra, every Saturday night, over 8 coaswo-coast network of the N. B. C. © 1930, The American Tobacco Co., Ufra. M1LE-A-MITS DTE MA11TY --JJY-- WoHheJiner Motor Co., "W. Craivford Arenue. -NOW I P THOSE FOUKS\ HftO P i S f t L E - K N O "-' H f t V I N G ' f t o p CLOSE o OH JUST HCft ft\ Or AS P\I_V_ OUT DOOR'S W O U L D HEWS THEIR VALUES MOTOR CO; VALUES S t K P UN' 1928 Bsser Coupe 1927 Hapm M\v Sedan t»26 Chand er Sedan We don't run BIG ads whenever we have sensational values to offer--for we can't afford to buy a lot of space every day! 2i Clmndler Touring: 1!)27 Studebaker Coupe 1925 Dodge Touring WePrese'vers Ctindy kept in a ti i cookie box ·B ill keep aof for so ne time. Von Want f nnietbinpr Use the ClaasifUxl Ai thoE.o wlia idvertise, 11. C. I-'KICK COKE COAU'AJVI Houses Home Sites Factory Sites Farm Lauds Used Machinery, Shop Tools, B u i l d i n g and Mine Supplies Muuli ol Uie property tor wal« is advantageously louttiett wjtli r- aiject to water n«id e;s~tr!c jowur aupplteu. i-dilroad aiUmga aud pav- eu suads Kor tull information Jn o g a i d to priaoa auU teims, apply to Super- miendent ol neareat Mlue or Scottdale Ofllca. 11. C. trick Coke Company, 8cuttlule» I'enua. Wife Preservers Our Want Ads. 1C woodwork ie to be washed, wipe it flrht with a dry cloth to remove tlio loose dust- renuJUi Fry them. Use OUT "want" Building Supplies CEMENT SAND GRAVEL PLASTJSH JL1ME, ETC. We carry a complete line of high, grade building material at all times and best market prices. Consolidated Goal § Supply Go. McCormick Avenue, Connelts^iilo, I'u. Phone 1700. Ue Our Classified Ada,

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