The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1918
Page 6
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I A PAGE SIX. THE DAILY CO.URIER, CONNELLSVILLB. PA. FRIDAY, APRIL 2(5, 1U1S. FURNACE OPERATION MAKING BETTER wiftwmc THMON to The Carnegie Steel Company Holds Idle List to 10 Furnaces. _ CAR SUPPLY DONT TALLY TVitfc Reports Tbat 'Kaia Circulation Tiom Tim* to Time: Came Soth TmMe for Operators; A. .Coatln- OB*!J Good Smpplj b Seed of Trade. Special to'Th* *W«k1y Courier. .-- . PITTSBURG, April 24.--Tio Carnegie Steel company is operating 49 at its 59 blast furnaces, the, -same number as a week ago. The 10 idle furnaces are out of blast, none being banked. During the past week one furnace has been blown out for refining while an idle stack was blown to. The furnace operation as a whole thus far this month has not varied j materially, and xiiakeg just an appreciably better showing than the average for March. The national Tub* com» puty continues to operate 10 of its 11 stacks. The Republic Iron. Steel company has been seeking to How in: a» idle stack at-Youngstown, ..and is now abont'-ready to do so, with a supply of coke practically in sigbt. The merchant'furnaces have lost a little time 'in the past . week from bankings, but the bankings have not been numerous. One itack -was out from Saturday noon'to Monday noon. The merchant stacks have, however.! J lost a good bit of .operation, through'" hariag to be gaited, some of-.tliem: being down at times to a rate out little over one-half capacity. This r has in- COKJ£ THADU S U M M A U l . The repeated failure ol promise anASjSiirtormance in coke ua.r supplua'«Aljrnlonize, or dove-tail ffenernllji to iose faith in the potency btjjsienstwllich have long been'd"^3 T almost an unfailing iiaeSF-tc* the 1 situation or ..condittori!£--of ^he : . near future. Tbe recdrd^.of.-jthe . past - three weeks il^usS^a'tes'this.,yeryclear-. ly. - Ead) gf thesQ \8ix|ay periods ha-v£ o$fcn*d auspiciously, so lar'afr was..concerned. befcbttin«. U)e ^expectation ' that they would*«show very decided Improvement ojver the week preceding. In (eajch instance the, latter half *£l.tbe -Tweak --has".. Woiisht number of fluctuation fromi Sa$ to ^ayi" the average of the -Veait bcln's-- cut accordingly. The refcult has been that permanent advance in output has not yet been registered, hence ithe.disinclination to regard the^.usual signs and portents with accustomed reverence. Whit* the region has not lost its. optimismaa to .future improvement in conditions, just now the larger interest centers tn the inauguration of the campaign to secure"tiie 'loading of'ciean'coal. The Inspections, department of ^ the^J'ael Administration ig now in operation and .much interesting Infcrmation ,'is being revealed, sun as material running fljj high M 29 per cent in ash and'as low'a^ 10,000 B.. T. U. having, been.skipped a= coal, largely \ ;-am track mines or the - ; thin spams. The authorhiios are eilojppVd to deal with persistent .offended* through cutting .off ear : snpplyv · : . . . . creased somewhat the consumption of coke per ton of pig iron,'wbilc'it has' : greatly increased-the cost of production, th» payrolls going on just the same, but being "divided ty a smaller tonnage of,' output. '. : ' · . Coke operators do not/take kindly to'much of the talk that is being circulated as to car supplies. · For several weeks there. have been reports Fiirnacft ·*. :.. } J6.00 "F;o-unld/y,5?2-hour selected 17.00 Crushed o^ver 1-inch ..... ..'..J7.JO .The pig iron market continues quiet,-aa to actual transactions. There is considerable inquiry, confined largely tt? early deliveries and as a rule involving only small tonnages. Consumer^ with few exceptions are well prdiided with contracts, anc what they want is deliveries against those' contracts. Host of the particularly hlgn priced contract tonnage, at $50 and thereabouts, has been worked at intervals of greatly increased carjOff, and.the' ; average ! invoice price of supplies, when as a matter of fact! the furnaces sis: not. far from the coke shipments, week by week, have Prices sefc!oy : 'the Government. There not increased. The customers "of the|'s still some'iron being delivered at operators bear these reports 1 , and the operators have a hard tune explaining that they are not so. It used to be that when car supplies for a day or two were particularly poor the news would be circulated. Of late the · disposition has-been ; .to circulate news of good, car supplies when they occurred, while the days of particularly poor supplies received no attention. Fnrnacemen near .it .hand and in close touch with the situation understand matters, but thore are others who do not and they moke quite a lot of trouble for coke operators. Particular complaint is made ol a practice in which some of the railroads have lately indulged, of stating car supplies -invprpportion to the loading ability, at the moment,, ot the operators, instead of in the -formerly universal manner. · of 'slating car mpplies against the full ratings of the coke plants. The furnaccman recalls that long ago when car supplies were reported, for instance, at 40 per cent, be was getting a certain amount ot cok«. Now h« sometimes hears of below the' set prices, against contracts made .^arly last year. The market remains quotable at maximum prices' set by the government:-Bessemer, i,' r . f r z.i..--.. 135.20 Basic $32.00 .N'o. 3 foundry"."?........'. 133.00 Malleable J33.50 Oray forge JS2.00 These prices- are f. o. b. furnace, freight to Pittsburg in the case- of the Valleys being'W cents.. GOYEMffliENrSDEBAND FOR SHEL IS PROVING LARGER THAN EXPECTED uTab u Skip Build. log HeptVil Oire Jfew Life to flut Jfecewary IndMtry. Special to Tbe Weekly Courier. NEW YOBK, April 24.-- The. Ameri, a L n 3tetal Market and Daily Iron Isteel Report wlH'review the steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows: are taking qutte siTC Agcrits'for ··'·· Sealy Tuftlcss Mattresses Glolie Wernictc Bookcases WJisoii Hair Knttrcsscs Stra8iy»ra Fhonognphs STOVES "The Big Store Near Tle Bridge." 164-158: /YV'es't' Crawford ATenuc.Siicccssors JJeonarrt Furniture Co. /·AIM.." 1 *FA "Flir 1 'M fT GOING TO THE NE LIBERTY'BONDS Are a Qocd Buy For You and Good-bye to the Kaiser . . ear supplies at 70 or SO per cent, and j seriously^ the., demands of. the govern- yet he receives no more coke at his me °t 'or Beaviec shipments of steel, - - paniculaTly ! 'fo'r' shipbuilding, and are. complying with all requests. There is-less dlspofiition than formerly to famac*. In a number ol eenttr cited, the (USemce is not in - : tb* number of cars fornisbed. but in 111* DMtbod of computing the percent- ace. Large operators keep records of tMroviL at car receipt! against tneir and find that frequently the srarage ~doe» not agree at all MtVOt poMfebed report*. Cmr snw*l« thus, far this week M»Te«Dr been better ti»n the »VCT- X» of the eutr days ''of' 'preceding' , but cok* producers are taking j»j»rflCTlar comfort from the fact, as ttujr b»f» learned that a particularly good bcgtaninc often means a'pair- ttotfarly poor ending for · a week. ·When th«ce has been a whole week at ecntbmon*ly good car sirpplics the ecike tr»«J«, win-'sit np arid tai« notice. Market 'tnaaiet£mav In "coke are aJtocedier exceptional. It is only ·Oder special circnmatances that.any cekc to offered ia the open. market, ; and when it !«, it is not offered long. SOBW coke is rhmclng hands, how- ·T»r. through the connrmer seeking the neUer, while th« coke comman- fened by the I'nel Admiiiijtration reprcBents, technically, open .market transactions *t th« ynel Almintstra- tion brings the producer and eooaomer together and caw* .them tr traneact ' bo»hi*3». The market renume qaot- beitere that the authorities are calling for heavier deliveries than are really required, and the opinion is growing that.the war requirements will really prove largef~ttian the steel producers were expecting, even a few weeks ago. The'st^fcmrlustry i 'believes that the »ppointzniSlf of C. M- Schwab as di- rebtori 'gSBeral of 'ship/construcjion ',will' --'-'*- · j "---- - -- difference. The trade ttas^Euirf eip'eVieTic'e with his ei- ^ecutive ab'ili^r; and.points to the first act, that of moving headquarters from at the gowMueityhnit.: ':-'' Philadelphia, as a of importance. One Washington to practical step thing is clear, that if steel plates for shipbuilding are to he required week 'after :ireek at the rate now demanded, ships will be built at .a much greater rate than is represented by' the recent veisel, completions and vessel launching!. ' ; .';. : ' ' Tbe.Trainireraents o* commercial consumers of steel have evidently Increased.^ Their receipts of steel since March 1st have been fnHy double th«ir receipts --in-- January- and February, and yet tiM£ dp'npt aeenvto be better supplied 'that formerly 1 . 'In 'nearly all branches at' the .finished steel trade. there li pressure from buyers for better, d«lr«ri«»» Till* relates, more to "olif coitract*- tn'an it* ~ Connellsville and vicinity is surely awake to the value giving of the New Store for it seems everybody is coming here,fbr their new furniture, rugs and stoves. It pays to visit the "Big Store Near the Bridge" before buying, not only jProinilie standpoint of savings, but because you will find EVERYTHING NEW HERE. Pretty Styles In Tables L A M P S We are now showing some of the cleverest ideas yet designed in Table Lamps and welcome your early inspection while the stock is complete. Solid Oak Art Leather Seat Dining, Chairs $2.50 . Well made solid oak Dining Chairs with long wearing art leather seats. Compare them with other store's $4.00 values. The Vital Suction Cleaner No Electricity Needed The Vital ' Suction Cleaner makes your home · sparkle every day, pickssup dirt,' lint, threads and hair.. Runs , easy, always ready, no electricity needed, it has no motor to get out of order, no trouble or care and nothing to wear out. Come in and let us demonstrate this wonderful suction cleaner, and sweeper to yon. Sold Exclusively by the Zimmerman Wild Company. The Celebrated BELBER Trunks, Bags and Suitcases On Sale Here Exclusively. The .Belber Luggage is advertised in nearly all magazines of national circulation. It is guaranteed both by the makers and by ourselves. See Onr Special Dags and Suitcases The New Cedar Chests -Are Here With tbe advanced cost of woolens the need o£ a Cedar Chest becomes more pronounced;--they are positive insurance against, moth damages and ·will save their cost over and over. The' styles we have just, received are truly handsome. $14.50 up i HUNT'S flUNTS Tab ie flats ' Cellular I Guaranteed LIQUIDPROOF-HEATPROQF $1.7£ Per Set Measure Yonr Table Top and Get a Set Tomorrow See Our Big Window Display of Beautiful New ConnellsvilJe's · prettiest patterns in Room Hugs are to be found at the Zimmerman-Wild .store. A hint of what's here is to be seen in our display, window this week. This Big Couch, Special $22.50 Handsome big Art Leather Couches very substantially converted. Every tuft clinched in place and springs well supported. Compare it with ?30 values else- \vl"'re. does to fresh market demand. Tae enquiry in tbe open market is confined chiefly to relatively small lots for early shipment, and in. the majority ot cases the mills are not in position to quote. Production does not increase at either the blast furnaces or tbe steel works, and-most reports would indicate that this month's tonnage will hardly exceed that ol March, when there was such an improvement over tix stowing [or the two · preceding months of tbe year. Output, however,, is approximately c,quat to oatpnt in 1D16, the new construction of the past two years being approximately balanced by the j-estriction at present CONNEllSVILtE HOUSEWIFE BECOMES NEW WOMAN "All of our test doctors.had .£iv«n me up. I was unable, to leave my bed for 16 weeks, and .was yellow as.a pumpkin, besides the terrible stomach pains I suffered. Oar druggist advised my husband to tryCMayr's "Wonderful .Remedy and it has^'saved my. ; life." I am a new woman now." -It is a. simple, harmless preparation that removes-the catarrhal mucus from the intestinal tract and allays the inflammation wliich causes practically all stomach, liver' and intes-tinal ailments, including appendicitis. One dose will convince or money refunded. A. A. Clarke.--Adv, ·Bright :eycs, clear complexion, vim, vigor and. force, all indicate perfect health; without It you. are handicapped in the race o£ life. Take Hol- Hster's Rocky Mountain .Tea each week and keep up, with the live ones. 35c, Tea or Tablots. Cpimellsville Drug Co.--Adv. · - . ' · ; tract. A nmedr lor f t th * n r l n 2»fultn. no »nd will DO; BtrictnrB. TUIt^oi in 1 to 5 ri.J.. , If Ton Want SovwOfng .AArertiM for 'U In our classified column. One cent a word. ·-·Patronize tnofle wHo advertise. . P*n*\ fnnl it d**tr*d -- Price tt, or 3 bottle* fg.n. THE EVANS CHEMlSufc.CrNCINNATI. O. Tni»* Company REPORT OF THE CONDITION" OP the Tough Tnisrt Company, located at Connellaviile, Fa., at the close of business April 15, 1318. \'. ; ' ' - RESOURCES. ReserTo Fund: Cash, specie and notes i 46,515.35 Due from approved reserve ageiU3 76,323.17 Ijegral reserve se- curithss at ptu 50,000.00 Nickels and cents Checks and cash items.... Due from banks, trust companies, excluding reserve Commsrcial paper purchased: Upon one name....). Commercial paper purchased; Upon- two or more namcfl Time "loans with collateral Call' loan's "with collateral Bonds .stocks, etc. Moris-apes and judgments of. record Office buildinjr and lot .'. 1. Other . real estate- ...;...'.. Furniture and fixtiirea .... _ Ovwdra/ts' ..... '. Other 'assets .not included in 172,338.52 334.56 15,423.62 485,739.25 U7.804.21 8S.08S.iO 120,149.19 27S.133.1S 55,000'. 00 5,204.05 20,000.09 XI72158 above Total SI,-554/390.41 T^TABIUITTES. Capitn.1 stock Surplus fund Undivided proflts, less expenses and taxrs paid.. Demand · deposits: t (exclusive of trust funin. Deposits subject to check ..-. . 575,537.01 Demand cerli/l- cates of deposit S,594.4,7 Deposits.. Com- morrwcaHh of Pennsylvania .. SO,OfIO.Oft Certified chocks 2,346.72 Treasurer's checks outstanding Time deposits: (exclusive of trnat f u n d s ) . Time certificates of deposit . . . . 16,803.60 Savings' f u n d deposits . ..' "'S'N,940.43 Dividends unpaid Unearned Interest .., Reserve for .depreciation.. aboxe named company, 'Jo solemnly. swear that the abov^ stn.tem«n(. is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. · B. R, FLOTO. Treasurer. Subseribnd and sworn (n before me ; ll'.itt 2.Trd day of Auril. 191S. ! J. B. TvURTK. N'otan- Public. f Correct--Attest: '· "K. T. XORTO.V. 1 W. F. SO1SSOX. ! JiOBT. XORRIS. ; Directors. ! , ^--. t REPORT OF TOTH . OLHSHAK.'. nf Brownsville. Licensee as private i lianlrer, No. "110. No. 72 M a r k e t street.| of F n y c t i e county, Pennsylvania, at ; the close of business on the- 15th o f ; April, 191S. 1,SS6.59 6^5/044.79 561,744.09 189.00 1,373.10 2,874.40 Total $1,454.390.47 Trust funOe: .Mortg-ases.. . ..-*·......,,. 15,U65,00 Other investments) etc. . 5,707.01 Cash balance 149,00 Overdrafts ' .'. 529.1U Total trust funds 22.fi51.15 CORORATE TRUSTS. Total amou-nt (i. e. face value) of trusts u n d e r deeds of trust or. mortgages executed by corporations to. the company as trustee to secure fasuus of corporate bonds. I n c l u d i n g , equipment trusts 594,000.00 ASSETS. Cash on hand, viz: LT. K. c u r r e n c y . . . . $ 257.52 Due from ba'i^-s, etc., viz: '. U. S. N a t i o n a l .banks 628.S2 Securities pledged for bor- 'rowed m o n e y F u r n i t u r e and. fixtures .... Merchandise owned 1.5SO.OO 23S.OS 263.32 Total LIABILITIES. Capital stock Surplus Undivided profits Due for forciffn money order." f Miscellaneous liabilities ..... Total $1.000.00 i 15.00 · 103.13 I $2.968.31 1 State of ennsylvania. County oC Fayr ettft, SB: T, K!. R. Floto. Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania, county of Fny- i " cite, «?.*«: I 1, Aladar Toth. manager of Toih I Oleshak, Jicenj-:ee Xo. 118 ,iio solemnly I s:\vear t l i a t the abnvc stntpment !s i true 4(j the best of my k n o w l e d g e and ; belief. AI^ADAR TOTH. Maiuiper of Toth : Oleshak. Subscriber! and sworr. to before no ( h i s 'Joth day of April. 1918. . . .JESSE ROSS. Xotary Public. .EYES WITH ACCUKATEIT FITTED GLASSES. A. LJacker, Oph. D. OPT03EETEIST. 305 South PIl*«b»r^r Street* -» -ECKMANS-. THET DIB! FOR THROAT AND LURGS .» C °i lc " lm comoound that -will bplnc r*. i ji" many aculd and cbrtwJc ciuw*. rroridi, ,,, hindl-s-t form, 8. bine rcm- «Iv hfc-hly rcfommonaed by ,d, nc ^ Con . talna no haxmtul clrtsa. Try them today. SO cents a box, including war tax For »nl( by «ii dntireM* laboratory, Phiia4rinhl« By EDWINS

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