The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 41
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 41

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 41
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MY ANSVJER by QUESTION: I feel uneasy when I attend services at certain church. I don't understand why I have a feeling of guilt. Can you explain thl please? -H.P. ANSWER: 1 think I know what your problem ii. You Silent Monks Live Longer JERUSALEM (RNS A Jew- ish research professor said here that cloistered Trappist monks at Our Lady of Emmaus Monastery near here who have taken vows of silence live to a ripe old age and- have perfect bearing. On the other hand, said Prof. Plnhas Well of Hebrew University, morki who have contacts with the outside world and may speak die sooner and have in ferior hearing than the clois tered Trappist. The findings were reported by the professor at a meeting designed to give impetus to an anti-noise campaign in Israel. A law enacted by Parliament some time ago has had little effect In curbing noises and air pollution by public ve hicles in major cities. The Trappist monastery to which Prof. Weil referred is located In "no man's land" be tween Jordan and Israel, north- : of Jerusalem. MVEKVKW PARK CHURCH of CHRIST ISIS CHOMLBY CRESCENT DEAN CLUTTER, Minister . 7SS-25M - SUNDAY SERVICES It sjb. . II bjb. . 7 pJB. , ' Wednesday, 1M pjs. CALVARY UNITED PENTECOSTAL CHOBCH us scat DBiva com. maim si. '' Sunday Services: 10 a.m. 11 IM. 720 pan. .Wei 8 pjti. Bible Study FrL 8 pjn. Young People PASTOBl A. DOWNING. rBUCKTAl ACIMBIE '! OfUUDi Hi I aaa. SUNDAY SCHOOL 11 IX . Nomas womv tYAIG&BIX mitt -llymne at Bape" CKOT fcM SJB. t. DNDAT SCHOOL. It AM. -OOD'S TIM B TO ADTAMCI 7 P.M. "SOMETHINGS NOT FOUND IN HEAVEN" r Baton o.'Hai a bath aarvteaa. Tm win enjey ear erlsht luUMT eervlres. Baartal jMtlr. A cardial velaeme Is extended ta viators M tourists. . hew cnimm CNnia CONSTRUCTION AT MONSOM AND SUNNYSIDR WATCH FOR OPENINO DAT Dial "Mtnats Meemts" tlJ-SSai fiSBlHWiuO REV. ARTHUR H. IM t.m. Lhtm a. the Oaa4 S.4S si SnaSay Rikia srkaaL iLee i Hmtai Wenhla. M4 Tf Nopb'f AcBrBitt, bwhif WKUif. , Otwot Saaakarr Mr. ttmn R. af c.b m.c. lamaatwtiai. oaan aa-zartaa, laaMaa aaaimao Raowa , scotuaa Nif auncala. V It ' are possibly hearing, the Gospel in this one church, and the preaching of the Gospel always gives us a feeling of guilt. This is as it should be until we have our conscience cleansed through the blood of Christ. It is when we come to Christ with ouT sins and accept Him as out Savior that we find a release from these times of guilty feeling. If you were at peace with God, this would not likely happen. Rather than to leave off attending that church, I would suggest that you give special attention to the message and to your- own personal need. Let Christ take over In your life and the peace of God will take the place of the guilt consciousness. This uneasy feeling is' possibly the convicting presence of the Holy' Spirit. You should be thankful He is bothering you. Without this conviction so man can come to God. Lutheran Monk Plans Monastery OXFORD, Mich. (RNS) I Plans for a Protestant mon astery and retreat bouse were disclosed here by a Michigan churchman wbd .14 years ago, left a merchandising career in major Detroit department store to become a Lutheran monk. Rev. Arthur Kreinheder, who studied theology and was ordained a clergyman In the Church of Sweden in 1956, returned here to found a Lutheran monastic order, the Congregation of the Servants of. Christ St Augustine's House here is the centre of the con gregstion's activity and also accommodates spiritual treats. . A year ago St Augustine's burned to the ground. He now seeks to replace it with a THE SALVATION ARMY y 1M Hater Street t l sjb. and TM pm. 3 sis Service en Sparks Street LUTHERAN ST. JETER'S LITE (Tha Eastern Canada Synod t Lutheran Church tat Amartea Ovarlooklni -Tha Oardso of the Pfovlncae." Cornar off Bnarfca and Bar. - Tha Rev Arthur T Conrad. Paatar. Raa: PAS-OOll. Church: C S3 -Mil. Mr. A. Carl. M M.. A.WCM, Organist and Choir Diractor. I M am.- The Early .tus. ss em Sunday School. 11 eo tax Tha Sal il.a. LUTHERAN , CHURCH CANADA Churchat of the Lathana Saw (Missouri Syao) hlT. CALVARY LUTH. . Smyth Rd. and Buaasn Blvd. Bev. H. A. MerkHneor, Peats. Tla-tlM. AW sja-Orruss Sarvlee. OUR SAYIOUR LUTE 'IS SmmK Arsmua. Paul Pfoerahauor. Paatar. Church: PAS-OS 01: Raa.: PAS-Stst s ee u Divine Saratcw, iae ST. LUKE LUTHERAN ... MaeKay and Moal. John Korcok, Paatar. . SHS-1711 M s s, Sunday School aMl Blbla Clem. IMC IB. Dtrlna aarrtoa. ST. PAUL LUTHERAN Kln Edward and WUbroe. CE4-01. Bev. nomas Pfotanhaoer. Pastor. 10.1S ajn, Sujtd.y School. and il a m, Prune am rice. tM djb. ana m LARSON. Fastor " ' Hurt pfamai var CKOT." ciaasas sat An A- , Colrffla, Aahtlatntla AmC aaMH: Mrs. curiam a Cava aa iha , -v. '. 'T .s. a. a. s a s a a, a -a aSv, CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE (Oespal Taheraaele SM Bank Street) t ' 9.45 ajny-Bible SchooL 11.00 a-m. Morning Worship. " 1JSQ Service. MR. JOHN A. ROBB Twasday at Moating of Prayar i ' O taaday, Baptaaihar S, huararal aarrtMa for now nutot, dr. charLrs aaioRMariNNtsW' MONDAY, AUG. JL, 8 P.M. ,. A sacred recital Of music will be presented by . Mr. Charlotte Copeland.Zarfaa. . .:r-.v:: " l .till 1 .s. a ewer Women Agnostics WELLINGTON, NZ (RNS) A study of data collected dur ing the 1961 census revealed that women outnumber men only slightly in church member. ship. But they have far fewer atheists and agnostics. According to the report of the national statistics department, the following ratios pre vailed during 1961: 1. For every 100 male atheists, there were 30 women who professed atheism; for evi 100 male agnostics there were 36 women of similar belief. 2. Christian "Science in New Zealand was dominated by women, 160 for every 100 male members. 3. Methodism had 108 feminine members for every 100 males listed as members. 4. Anglican, Congregational and Presbyterian figures were Identical, revealing the proportion of 103 women to 100 men. S. Roman Catholic data col lected indicated a membership ratio of 102 women to every 100 men. $35,000 chapel and quarters for eight retreatants, plus three other small units to hot postulants who may Join the order. The chapel is already under construction. At the present time, Mr. Kreinheder is the sole member of his order. He said, however, that a Lutheran student from the South and a retired Luth eran layman studying theology ji the Midwest may soon Join. Tha Congregation of - the Servants of Christ Is based on the Sixth Century Benedictine rule of poverty, chastity and obedience. A candidate, once accepted by the superior, becomes- a postulant during which time he tests his voca tion. Next he enters a three-year novitiate. As a novice, he takes annual vows of pov erty, celibate chastity end obedience. Roof Sign to Spell Out Brief Sermons ESSEN, Germany (RNS) A modern advertising medium previously used only by large business firms Is being metalled to "advertise'' cod. Installed on the roof l of multi-storey building accommodating several Roman Catholic osganiutkm, of Essen, a mov ing letter-track consisting of system of over 4.004 colored light bulbs, will speH out brief as well as church The first such system h Ger many to be used for religious purposes, it will reaemble the famed "news . tn light' method long used by the New York Times in Times Square. ANGLICAN f-j THE OTTAWA JOURNAL .V CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL porks etna naar Bna.oa. -' Tha Rt- ftav. X. 8. ftaad Tha Vary . F. . Oortran " m. w. annm .norm xrv. Sao am Hohj Communion. ll.oe ajn.. Moraine Prayar and Barmon. Pnaohar: Tha tit. av. R. H. Ooodaa. S.TD. TJS K.onlnf Prayar and Cannon. t- . Pnaohar: Tha Van. C C. Phillips. BA. Dally Serrioaa: atoralng Prayor. M sty rnianiaiilnnt Wadnaaday, 14SO a.m.: Twanday. TJ ajn. - Manwy provWad at HjOO ajn. Kiln, ST. JOHN'S Bate at aaaseost. awan ssovasia. orsannm, THM MUJIIUNTH SUTffDAY AF ISA TRTNITT. SM ajn. Holy Cnaaiiwnlna, Jeaaw-Botr Caaawkm. '' :s ' -'- MAS aja Mamma Prayar. (Broadcast CKOTJ fTMiihar: Tha Ractar tO jn Ivanta Prayw. Praanliar The Roator. Dally" Communions: Monday at S IS pas. Tnsoday and Wadnaaday at T.1S ajn. luujauay ai kvvm am. Baturday at see asa.. ST; GEORGE'S THE Matoaln - taashan The Bay. B. P. U P. Playftslr, Boa. Asrti Tha Mav. X. C Caraatt. ', loam Tanaaal Tha Bar. P. tfolUott. Ue ajnHoly Cnmmanlnn, lias sjb,. Momma Prayar.' !raary BuSllalai smttablaj TAO yjn. R.onlna Prayar. Maaoay tnl.rc.arlpne for sha ak Wadnaaday Holy Communion f and pjp. tvamront. ATTEND CHURCH THIS SUHDJf CHURCH OF ST. BARNABAS A & M Kaal saa Jaaaas uvmm. Clara? I Ra. t. W. Cornlahi Bar. J. A. Win tar.. Orssasati Mr. B. i. B. Uoya. TRrxmr xrv. .- M tm.- ISrUWa. S SO mJm. Holr Commnnkm. ' UAS aJbAUNO IUCHAB1SJT AND SERMON. IM e-Jfe SOLI xvr?rsoNO Dallyt TMSday, IS a.mj W.aW any, T ajn.i imnaaay, maty, t.lS t4 ealnrday. aaa. , , RT. REV. R. H. GOODEN. Bishop of the missionary district of the Panama Canal Zone, will be the preacher at the 11 o'clock service tomorrow at Christ Church Cathedral. MRA Book Has Foreword By Cardinal NEW YORK (RNS) Richard Cardinal Cushtng, Archbishop of Boston, praised Moral Re- Armament as a "noble causer in writing foreword to a new book published by an executive of the movement The prelate referred to MRA director Peter Howard, the au thor, as "a friend of mine and scholarly worker in a noMe cause." The book. Design for Dedication, is a compilation of addresses by Mr. Howard on Moral Re-Armament's efforts for world peacat, Moral Re-Armament, found ed by the lata Frank Bucfaman, has been criticized In the past by several bodies, although not so frequently in recent years. Some Roman Catholic bishops in the U S, South Africa, Brazil and Canada have warned against membership rn the or ganization. In his foreword to the vol ume. Cardinal Cushnf wrote: "we can never influence the Communist world merely by showing how our democracy functions and how well off we are. ' "To Americana, carrying a larger load of world responsibility than ever before in history, they (Mr. Howard's talks) point a leadership that could preserve faith and freedom for millions." "Every Christian prays: Thy will be done, on earth at It is fat Heaven.'" Cardinal Cushtng continued. "It Is nonsense to pray like that without seriously desiring what we ere praying for. If I really want ft, then I must stand up for It, In my own life and fat the life of others. In the life of the whole world. with all that I am and have, led by God, m community with others who feel the same obligation. Then, indeed, the miracle will be achieved In other na tions and peoples will be im pressed. They will fouow genuine moral leadership, not material progress. ajn i Rvanlac Prayar. 4.U p R T. at. O-Driaaoll mm, ojoa m-tm p-m. fnoa at '11 . .VISITORS' CHURCH at OUaiistw taaav tVaarMtl tJM as. fChatah). - Jtt aad ! BJR. CJMaaU - ALL SAINTS CHURCH Cnsst St. as lomrhw Avsl B. . The BavfJry Dtmoan. '; ' ', The Bwr. as. D. Marahlaaa.'; TRINITY XT, is ian Holy Omwmnnlnav ' lljOO ajnv Mornlnf Pnyav anal , , 1 UUny. BMtst, . Prldavi - -i MJe eatu sjoly Cuumiuukm. . " Orsjaawt and Cholmsslan U B. Vlnr. - v ST. MATTHEW'S CHURCH CstUna Aaanaa. aaar Bank Straat unni Tha van. b. ens oaBoraa Tha aa rasar A. m. atasan, - iniNiii xrv. ee aas-JJoiy Communion.' sVe aJBA-riay Cotunaaion, : liee any. MatUaa. . 7A0 pjv Bvanaonf. ' . . . Orsmnlat and Oolinilan . OaraM Whaalar, Fit CX. -.V: ; kAULAw SVjb. si swa. A.ah-aW4VA Young VICTORIA (CP) - A "bolt from the blue" changed a Prairie priest into one of the youngest bishops in the Roman Catholic Church. . No one was more surprised than Rem! Joseph Da Roo. "One day I was a - parish priest at a parish of 2.000 in Norwood which Us a suburb of St. Bonifsce, Man., and the next I was bishop of the diocese oi Victoria. My appointment came as a' bolt from the blue." YOUNGEST BISHOP At 39. Bishop De Roo is the youngest bishop in Canada and a member of a world - wide faction of young liberal prelates who are bringing change to the Catholic Church. "It's a good time to be a bishop," he says. "Had I been appointed a few years Ister I would nave missed these (ecumenical council) sessions which already have changed the course of the church and which inevitably have an eflect on world history." Change is a key word is Bishop De Roo's vocabulary. "Long lifted only in self- defence, the church's hands now are stretched out to all Chris tians and beyond them to men everywhere. 'One thing is certain The church will never be the same. Catholics will not change their beliefs, as some think, but the face of the church will change." DIOCESE CHANGES This mood .of change is evi dent in Bishop De Roo's own diocese. Sparked by the ideal i Of Christian unity, the Catholic BAPTIST FOURTH AVENUE BAPTIST CHURCH i Bank St. at romrth Avar' (A mam bar churoh of tha Baptist Comveattoa of Ontario and (uabae and tha Baptist Pederaton at Canada.) Mlnlater: Be. Baraoel at. Holmes, B.A, BO. Orsanlet and Choir DtracUrt Mains A Taa. A.T.CJM. Union Barvloa of Worship. SL OOas Praabytarlan Chore aad Fourth Avenue Baptist Churoh te the Sanetuarj at SL OUss Ctuiroh, 114W SJB' Morning Warship. j There will he no evanlns service. McPIIAIL BAPTIST . Brsnna Ave. at Uasar St-,,' kav.-B. K. Smith. Minister. B. P. Brandew. Orssnlet. trhloa arrtsas la Ersklna Praahytarlaa Churoh. 11.00 ajn, Mentha! Worship Bar. P. Bold of Brskhss Praabytarlan. CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Cor. Main Street and Evelyn Ave. Bar. O. a. OUey. Minister. See SJn-Bible School Cl.m. tor all sees. Dont sand your ehlktrea to Blbla School Bring Theml 11.00 aja-Mornlng Worship. IJto p Jn. Evanlns Worahlp.-Cmeet epeaker St both aarrteas: Bav. Wilson Brain from the Prevtnos at Qnebee, Wadnaaday, S.00 pjn-Prarar Maatkae and Bible Class. We Bs Iters la tha Plenary Verbal Inspiration of the Bertpturaa. yea Ara Cordially Inrltad to Calvary Churoh. ATTEND CHURCH THIS SUNDAY PRESBYTERIAN ST. ANDREWS CHURCH Wentnatoa and Kant Straata. . Ottawa. Mlatstar: Bev. Arthur W. Carrie. M A, Bfl. M.Th. Ortsnwt sad Chotnuartar; Mr. Carman H. MlllKaa. MusBae. 11 00 am TH1 PEA OP THE LORD.- tfui siusssrw ana Church Behool Class for eMrdren. yaars of use end under, will TJ0 pmBaeordad broadcast ot ctra taeo). , St. Asnarawu. toundod in WESTMINSTER PRESBYTERIAN M A' (South ot Blttimesat, Bead) Minister: The Bev. WUttam B. Baa Orsunlst: Mr. Jaeob atoasinea. Mornlraj Worship: MA o'ekx. ST. PAES CHURCH 71 Woedroffe Avenue.' " Bev. W. F. Duffy. BABe. Orpsnlat and Choir Duwetsr: ; , C. W. Drnmmsadi , wtmsTErrr CTrurnAJtrrT.'' Bev. W. P. Duly. Kuraary Ssatiy ewsst te aaa a. CHRISTIAN he FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, . SCIENTIST: ' Metcalfe at OUaaour. Il ea am . auhtset: "CHJUaT jbsub." Wadnaaday. S OO TSSTntnNIll or nRISTIAIf SC1SNCI sral TBB BIBLB SPEAKS TO YOU, - rRII BSAOUta ROAM. BRty Afeedo. US Sparks St. upaa uailT METHODIST WESLEYAN METHODIST Sunarilda Asunuo at Bev. M. a. auaassere. rusase. SASam. Sunday School. , V Warship Sarvteae at 1 11JM a.m. and IM ban. Bav. J. N. Walker, of CampbeDV pay. thnv will be sne suees aoaakar at bath aarvieea. Tueaday. S pmPrayar Sarviea. Thumaap, e ismii A A.--A. A AAA AAiA. A.A est Bishop prelate end Anglican Archbishop Harold Sexton a z rend to )oia in sponsoring establishment of a college at the University of Victoria. Another of Bishop De Roo's moves gave birth to sponsorship by the Victoria Council of Churches of an. "hour of prayer" In Metropolitan United Church. Participation of the Catholic clergy In such an affair seek ng unity probably would have been unthinkable in the past. WORLD NEWS All tickets were sold rapidly in New Zealand's first "mammoth" state sponsored lottery, despite two Church sponsored petitions to Parliament to stop the venture. At M,000 to one odds, the lottery carries a first prize of tlM.000 for a 17.60 ticket. a a a A proposed constitutional amendment legalizing divorce in Brazil for non-Roman Catholics was rejected by Congress In Brasilia on a 208-SJ vote. The measure would have allowed divorces for persons whose religious doctrine pertrrtts dissolu tion of the merital contract a Dr. John C Bennett, president of New York's Union The ological Seminary and leed I n g Protestant theologian, lota a largely Roman Catholic aud ience at South Orange, NJ. nat the political views of Barry Goldwater run counter to neany FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH - Uurler Aveaae at Elfin Street. Bar. Stuart Iviaoo. Minister. Srs.sU. Clan Mima. UB-AJI. "'snaon: WJIA? ARe'yOO WAITUso ruair -Oueet Miniasar. 'lulaasar Murray rare. Hsmlltoo 1JS prn Informal sstharlns for losrshln. lad by John Mae- PhaU. IA. BD. -, Visitors w.lunme. WESTBORO BAPTIST Aa EnaaeUcal Baptist Chareh. . BevTl. Shanks. Minister. Orsanlst: Mis. L CMS Use. ARCT. Choir Wreetor: Mrs. P. Wallar. n ee aja-rMOT or PAJTnT." ISO pjaHXAVEM OR BEIXf Student aaator Paul Smith wiu be the speaker at both aer.Uaa. til HPS in. Junior Chareh sssd yurssry tacsuMan. BOTLEY ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH Bromlay Road at Leader Ortre. Mlalater: Bev. B. P. Bios. B-A, Bi. JS tn. S.rslos ta Bromley Bead Baptist Chureh. Baptist Church. Met Baaellne Boad. Bev. Joha C. Bell. B-A- BP. M.Mus. held during the Siimmar months. snoralng eorviea over SUtlon ISM. weleomee all vwtters. KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ' (la the Kaon at the Capttal.) Coraac XKla end Uasar lime. Minister: Bev. H. Douslaa Stewart. IA. Dtrartor ot Music: Ullaa Poriytk. Daaeaa.m: Miss Bath Botalho. , em Bev. C R. Maetoaa. DO. Dsputy Chaplain at tha Pleat, Roys Canadian Wavy. ll.OS sjb -Kuraary earn during ATTEND THE CHURCH OF YOUR CHOICE SCIENCE Sunday Sehoel Sjsv njn. tnetuduuT ' CKOT. Sundays. MM naaaps uwnqay. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY V use i uses bee ess r m broaovisw AVDroa . PVBUCBCBOOU '. AU. ABB WBUIOBB. ' ' AA ahA.aV at A-aVAki Sees Big Changes Rami Joseph De Rod was bora la Swan Lake, Man., of Flemish descendants who took over abandoned farmland and revived It The second oldest of eight children, he worked on the 480-ecre farm as a youth. He was ordained a priest "with one band on a tractor and the other on a halter" at SL Boniface College. Later ha went to Rome and received his doctorate at Angeucum University. As pastor of St. Boniface be all of the modern social teachings of the Catholic and Pro testant Churches. a a Buffalo firefighters and their lamllies attended a Solemn High Mass sung at Buffalo by a former fireman. Rev. James F. Campbell, who was ordained a Roman Catholic priest at Lou-vain University in Belgium. a a Soviet Radio In Mnuma Aaa called upon Russian citizens to resist efforts by tourists to supply Bibles and devotional objects to Mviet tnrlstlans. " Patricia E. Gannon. ), of Cambridge, Mass., was honored at Hollywood, Fla., as the Outstanding Junior Catholic Daughter of America. She was selected on the basis of leadership qualities end her record of service. The 1 - United Church of Canada CENTRE TOWN DOMINION-CHAIMERS CHURCH OXooner end Cooper Streets. Mlnlatera: Bev. A. Prank Mac Loan. BA. D-D. Bav. Douglas C. Lapp. BA, BJ OrsaxUat: WUllam Iranee. MusB. ff CO. ajn fnfsnt Nuraary and Junior cvmaaaptioa. 11JW ajn -THS LORDSHIP OP CHRIST." Ouaat Praachar: Bav. R A. Crooks. BA, BA TJO a -UVINO Dt THE SUNSHINE." Or. Maotjmn , . A cordial tnwitaoon tt oahssdod te vhttera. FIRSTmnTED and MclEljD-STEWARTOH Servtea hold la McCaorl Slaoerkm, Bank at Argy lets 00 am Worship. Teat: John 1S3J. 10 00 am Mursery end Junior Corurrsgstion for HiUdrva up to a yaara. Wa Invite visitors to worship wtrh ue la the cool of the momlns. A trlendly araleoma la sxtsnosd to all. Ampla aarsjn(. Preeeher: Bev. A. D. WtlU. BA, IA BELLST. BaQ aad ArBnston. Bav. E. W. OMrlnjJ. BA, OS. OrsanUt and Choir Director: Morley 8. Paset. It 00 am. Ouaat Praaoher: W. Oku-Uaf -ON AIAOW1MO OtmSKLVIS TO BE CHEATED.' EAST OTTAWA MacKAY MaeKay Straat at Dufferta Bd. Servtac Maaer Park. Book . ehae and Mew BAiaburgR. The Bev. P. B. BA- BA. . tjreeuiatt Das MB. MOBOAITS rABZWEU. SXBVICESi use 1jA p m Tha Saeramaat at wio Lorn". Sapper. SOUTH ST. JAMES and GLEBE Joast s.r loos ta St, Jamee Onltad Chureh. Second Ave. at Lyon St. Mlnlstar: Bev. 1. U Pottrnff. BA. Mr. H. Brsmwali Bailey, li es am. ' -TITS BBAI. MEArTtrta OP THE CHRISTIAN , :v COMMTJmTY.-Mr. Pottrutt preeetleji. 110 la- HaH. Vlsltsra WEST OTTAWA . PARED ALE UNITED CHURCH Pmrhdala asm OlsSstoas. ' Mtnlatar: Bev. Ooidon C ahnyth, BA. . Mrnlatar ot Vlaltatioa: Bev. Thomas B. Mrlauaaa. DO. Dtraesoe e Masta: Tlsomaa Cieuiploa, L-Ti, BJt.T. - -. PUBLIC WOBSBTP. . - am. -luari; "The tjainricAitcs or the lrraiuitiritjAicT." Mr. asayth. HNGSWAY UNITED , . Island Park Drhre at the . . Bev. Frank A. Barbae. ; BA, BJ. . CrlrraaatsrTMr. Bed Bobn Orgaalst: Dr. D. A. Sununer Schedule: - June SI to Sapt. e S.1S ajav Cerletoa Mesa Onltad. ieje aw, Flneswry Vnltsd. W00DR0FFE 99t WiwAroAsi AvtsaMapa Mlalsteri Bev. T. A. Morgsa, Orsanlsh Mr. a W. BaefaBt. ' lees earn. v -. ' ' Merala Worship ' Baby Mttrna i juatar kASt, A A-AMk. was assisted by three other priests in serving Norwood's Eiigbaa-eoeaking Catholics. V , Here his authority In church matters extends over Vancouver Island and soma of the offshore Gulf Islands, but be Is working toward the goal of decentralization in the diocese of a church that long has been noted for its centralization. Increasingly, control and decision making are being left hi the handy ot local priests whenever practicable. BRIEFS Mother Mary CoUnan, Mother General of the Marykaoll Sisters since IMS, was re-elected to a second sixryear term at a General Chapter meeting In Maryknoll. Representatives of the society's 1,000 members attended. The U.S. Cuban Refugee Centre baa resettled, with sponsors and jobs, more than 80,000 per sons since Its establishment m February, 1961. o The Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts has oontribued IIM.Z23 toward the coat of tha new Episcopal Church Centre m New York. The Centre houses offices of the Episcopal National Council and in church-affiliated agencies and was erected at a cost of K.000.000. F UNITED I Beat aad Florence, Minister: Bev. Jesses RT. H. Adamaoa, BB- STJt. , Orasaartt SMr. W. V atoMsaoa, M us Bsc, Mttus. aaa. Tjntted Bervlee la MiLeed Sisaartna ATTEND CHURCH THIS SUNDAY OTTAWA SOUTHMINSTER V. A. U ID. STJt. tse am. THE WHOLE ARMOtJB or ood- Mr. WESTBORO Clerspi Ouaat Orteahrti Mr. Alaa rJrtsdear wee a Putin Bav. c Daniel Mai BRITANNIA Bav. Jehu a WaynnC. BA. Orsanlst aad Chetr Dtroraan : . v. i auoat aulliaaa. OAs SJU-MornlnS Waraha. A A AA A d A AiAA-A-A Axklvt

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