The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 40
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 40

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 40
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I 1 SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1964 . ' II ' ' ' ' - a 'f " . V. ' ' I 1 - t , f, ' - " ' ' ',,-,- . i' 'V, 11 , " , . t 1 i -." . ' .,11' '. jr"f ; ... , , w . . . r I 1 , - ' A ? r ; ; :'xAX ,rV -'l &A::r. vSfvrL- MiULIUU f r -,n m, -' ' - -- .srvr- ;-o yi'trvrr' .- lt:-:Av- ..-1 .- Rev. Harold Watts, pastor, stands in front of the nearly-completed Northwestern XJnJted Church at 241 Northwestern Avenue. The new church 'will be the centre of worship for the former .Western United Church and Ottawa West United-Church conjregstlons which united Jan. 1 to form the Northwestern congre Little Improvement In Middle East Tension I AN ISRAELI official assured me to Toronto Just before I went to the Middle East last month, "You'll find things aren't nearly as tense as they were a few yean ago." ' Well it was tense seven years ago when I was 1 there. There was a curfew in Jordan, and the trenches to the Israeli KibbuiUn Syria border were still fresh ly dug. But it u difficult to I note much Improvement this time. In Jerusalem Jordan, we stay ed at the Gloria Hotel In the old city, right beside the wall. It was forbidden for JM to take pictures tai the area. It was pretty tempting for our camera-happy crowd though. At meal time in the second story dining-room we amused ourselves by watching the Jordanian guards pace the wall few feet from us. Tfeey carried their guns and stopped to peer carefully thrugh the slits at the Israeli guards on the other side of the wafl. ONE jnuuviNG one of our group succumbed and snapped picture from a bedroom window. At that moment the guards Dr. A. G Forrest Christmas ii July '. ALTAVISTA. Va. (RNS) I The Central Baptist Church, hoping to avoid the commercial ism of the holiday season, celebrated a truly Christian Christmas in nUd-Summer. On July 38, it threw open its doors to the Summer beat and held its Christmas service. Red Rose Annual Rent Of Church MANHEDf, Pa. (RNS) Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church here mad Hs annual rental payment by presenting "one red rose" (o Mrs. Charlotte Mimsa of New Hops, Vs. Mrs. Marman is descend-ent of Baron Henry William StieteL iron master and glass narrafaotursr, who deeded the land to the church in 1772. He stipulated in a land grant that the church pay one of his descendant "one red roe In the atonth of June" each year. Two year after the deed was made. Baron SUeget was Jailed on debtor charge and the roe presentation observance stopped for mora . than 100 years. It was resumed in 1892 when tb old deed eras said. NEW CHURCH NEARS COMPLETION By Rev. A. C Forrest must have had their binoculars turned on the tourists Instead of on Israel, for within a lew minutes the lobby of the hotel seemed to be full of excited Arab soldiers demanding the culprit "a man in a white shirt," the camera and the film. One rushed into the room from which the picture supposed to have been taken and started searching the occu- pants' luggage. Another one of our group was stopped coming down the stairs and asked if he had changed his shirt that morn ing. His shirt was not white. An excited, loud talking sergeant was shout tag into the phone, as we gathered in the lobby wondering who was going to be made an example of. Later la the morning the offending camera was turned to, the Sua, we were told was developed to make sure do one was fooling anyone, than des troyed. The camera was return ed. We all enjoyed the excite ment Immensely especially after we got to Israel on the other side of the wall. There we ascended Mount Zlon one hot afternoon and not ed that behind the sand-bags In This was the third year that the Rev. C Norman Bennett has led hi congregation in a Chriitmas-ln-July program. Baptists of Altavista filled every seat m the church, every seat in the balcony, and extra chairs had to be set up in the aisles. Outside, the morning beat was above 90 degrees, and in side the humidity literally dung to the walls. Worn! bright Summer dresses, the wore loose, light suits. . But the spirit was Christmss, thoroughly Christmas. That Is what they bad com for. That is why Altavista celebrates it this way. "Ws areni trying .to change the date of Christmss," Mr. Bennett explained. "W. are trying to put Christmas back into a proper perspective, with out the usual exhaustion of the December season "Why. for most people these days, tb Christmas season usually begins before the Thanksgiving turkey 1 put Into the oven in November. "Most people Just hope to survive It all The religious meaning M tost. . , . Mr, Bennett pointed to the tremendous response to the idea and to the overflowing church. For tb congregation on that hot Virginia day. it Indeed seemed to be Christmas, he THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY. AUGUST 29. 1984 gation. First service In the new building it expected j . . to be held Sept 13 with the official opening later. Mr. Watts, former Western United Church pastor, will be ' assisted by Key. John Macaskill, former pastor of the Westerajcpngregation. . (Journal Photo br DomtnVn WMi) the tower built over King David's tomb. Israeli guerds direct ed their guns Jordan-wards. . Ons little sidelight to the pic ture taking Incident occurred when I came back to the hotel at noon and was assured that the management regretted the incident very much. One onlooker, a Jordanian Arab aid. "Our soldiers, tnerr mkxs. This underlined another tension in King Hussein's Kingdom, be tween the old Jordanians and Bedouins, and the newcomers who are the Palestinian refugees from Israel. Many are now In influential positions and have their Jordanian citizenship. THERE IS only one gate through which neutrals may pass from one part of Israel to the other, and the best thing to do is visit Jordan first then go to Israel through the Mandei baum gate. You can't travel in an Arab country if your pass port shows you have been in Israel. The Israeli who is more mature about these things than the Arabs provide a visa that is not in your passport. For s group like ours the leader is giv en one visa for the lot Incidentally none of our bag sane was opened anywhere in the Middle East, and there was no red tape over money. That's a change from seven yean ago. Some of our group' naively asked that their snail be for warded from the Gloria to our Israeli Hotel. This Is - impossible. Jordan doesn't recognise Israel's existence. In the YMCA in Jerusalem Israel the secretary told us that when hs wishes to send message to tiU opposite number In Jordan a few hundred yards away, be writes to New York and the message is sent back from there. However UN officials and others, including the Y secre tary on occasion, pass back and forth through the Mandelbeum lata. . While waiting In that uttie stretch of no man's land half way through the Mandeibaum gate we saw two women come through la a tiny European car. They passed tb Israeli caeca- point, then stopped. On Jumped out of one side with a U- i plate In her hand and whistled around to the front, unbooked the Israeli plat and put on a Jordan plate. The other Just as briskly got out the other side, and changed the back plate. In a few seconds they were on their way about their International business en the other side of the Holy Land wall and barbed wire. Bishop Named SYDNEY, Australia (RNS-Bishon Thomas McCabe of Woi- kmgong. New Sooth Wales, was named Ordinary to Roman Catholics la the Australian Armed Forces, He succeeds the late Arch bishop Daniel Maimbt of Melbourne, who was Chaplain General for many years before his ith last November at the New Book By Former Ottawdn Rev. Dr. A. Leonard Griffith, former minister at Chalmers United Church In Ottawa, has written a new book which will be published In Britain In Sep tember, according to members of tb Ottawa church who re cently visited Dr. Griffith a hh family. Dr. Griffith Is now the minister of the City Tem ple, London. His book, entitled God's Time and Ours, contains '20 sermons preached in the City Temple at special seasons 'of the church year. It Is being published in September. Dr. Griffith and his family ar now on a three-week vaca tion motor trip through Europe. Socialite Enters Convent MILAN. Italy (RNS) The young, attractive and wealthy widow her of one of Italy's top financiers has entered a Roman Catholic convent, it was learned She I Signers Elena Strada, who was admitted as a novice in the convent of the Order of the Divine Compassion Bobbio, a town situated tween Milan and Genoa. It was reported that her for tune, estimated at $2 million, would be distributed among relatives and friend and that somaLOf it would also go to various religious order. Her lata husband was doe friend of the banker, Eugenlo Balzan, who instituted tb an nual Balzan Peace Prix which in 1963 was awarded to the lata Pop John XXITL Old Church Pulled Apart WESTFIELD, NJ (RNS) - Wsstfield Presbyterian church here was split in two but It was the 103 year . old church structure, not the con gregation, that was divided. Long too jmall for its 4.M0 members and 2,000 plus church school students, the old building was literally pulled apart by a powerful winch. In the M foot gap between halves of the building, a new addition will b constructed. Westfield church largest United Presbyterian Church the U.S.A. congregation m New Jersey was founded ht 1782. During the Initial construction work, a black, weathered Book of Psslms dated 1M3 was found near the foundation. The (290,000 construction project is expected to enlarge the seating capacity from (SO to I, 200. A two storey church school Bunding i also planned Need Strong Leaders For Troubled Times THE PATIENCE of the Lord) We humans not only do not have such patience ws can scarcely comprehend U. If ws were in charge of the universe and the Individuals who lived on the different planets behaved as outrageously as the human race behaves, even In this' sophisticated twentieth century we 1 should probably consider the situation hopeless and destroy both the planet and Hs inhabitants.' ' i But God is an Infinite Being and such being the case everything about Him Is Infinite. His love is infinite. His power is In finite. His patience Is infinite. Day by day He worries along with us, forgiving our sins and giving us another chance. He sent the most precious Being in the whole universe. His only begotten Son. Into the flesh that be might become our Saviour and ws crucified him. God is so far beyond us and our powers that almost everything about Him is bewildering, but nothing is more bewildering than His patience. " THE SUNDAY school lesson for Sept. f is entitled "Leaders For Troubled Times." Under Moses the Hebrews had smerged from Egypt and enter ed the Promised Land. But they had only entered, not possessed It They did possess the inland hill country, but the coastal plain was still in possession, of their enemies. Litue groups oi Hebrews were settled in different parts of the country and over each of these groups was leader known as a Judge in biblical parlance. He was not Judge In' the modern Judicial of the term. He was a ebleftan, a military leader, an administrator. To him the people looked continually for lead ership. The Book of Judges describes for the most part the work of these men. Some, like Gideon. en of more than local importance. They were able to gather about them the tribes as a whole. Samson was one of the Judges. He might have been the greatest of an had be not ased his Immense physical strength Scottish Singer At Ottawa Church A former Scottish profi skmsl singer. Mrs. Charlotte Cope land Zarf as. will be at the Metropolitan Bible Church at both services Sunday. II s.m. and 730 p.m. On Monday, she will present a vocal recital of sacred music at public concert at the church. Bank Street and Glad stone Avenue. i .yy. VvT " - - " - ' ti"; -r v.-,v."., ,.t i - -1 ft nn; ;.j i .' ' ' . . i r . ah i Sunday School Lesson By Earl L. Douglass and prowess for selfish ends instead of for the good of his peo ple. ' W THE BOOK of Judges lays down a spiritual principle which operates in the world today as effectively as it operated in the ancient world. This principle holds that when men serve God they can expect the power of God to be on their side, and when they depart from God, God's power departs from them. This does not mean that the good never suffer or experience what appears to be defeat Suf fering and the miscarriage of our plans occurs among all clas ses. But In the case of those who try to keep the law of God, this turning back of hu man effort Is a dicipline de signed to deepen nd enrich the soul. When the plans of the evil miscarry. It Is the retribution which is a built - in factor of D evil. While It is not true that if we, live a good life we shall never suffer, ll Is true that good- of life alone brings happi ness and our eventual triumph over circumstances. Anoyone who believes that be will find happiness as the result of an evil life Is tragically -mistaken Hrtaay have thrills. He may win what appear to be small victories, but he loses the war.. He falls, those examina tion which God gives every one of us at tb end of our lives. - " THE SUNDAY school lesson for Sept Is the only one In the quarterly series of lessons taken from the Book of Judges. U compresses Into a few brief verses the lesson that tb Book of Judges and in fact the whole Bible teaches, namely that the righteous and loving God reward good and punishes evil. God is beside us and with us as ws try to livs the good in and this, abov every thing else, is our reward. The period of the fudge ex tended over several centuries. God did not Immediately re- Israel's enemies from their midst It was not a mat ter of their marching out of Egypt and straight into the choice cities of the land of Palestine. They first bad to be disciplined by a 40 year so- in the wilderness. Then they had to be disciplined by shout 400 year of striving as they attempted to wrest the lestj of the land from the hands of their enemies. We are spiritual beings, and such being the case, the big-1 . f gest problems of our lives are spiritual problems. We are tempted to believe that the greatest problems in the world are international problems. This is not true. The greatest prob ioj A. ' Voice of Youth Should Make i .... Adults Pause THE SEARCHING questions of a young worker at the Canadian Conference on the Family were given widespread attention in the press and called forth editorial comment of high order. One editor re marked that GUle Desmarais left an indelible mark on the conscience of Arehblshoa most adults who beard him. A typical chal lenge was the query. ..Why do you pay a hockey star five time more than a teacher? Others dealt with atomic bombs. with the choice between work ing for $30 a week or accept ing unemployment benefit of S20 a week, with the fact that two-thirds of mankind barely exists. The general discussion by the youth panel was equally vigorous in It criticism of the present adult generation for By-Archbishop ; Philip Pocock failure to teach value and for greater failure to exemplify them. Mr. Desmarais mention ed for example the devaluation of sex to which young person is exposed in the average work- big milieu. His fellow panelists egreed that preparation for mar riage was na in our times. , . IT IS GOOD for adults that man' life ha been so spaced out that a new generation with fresh outlook come upon the bed of the mature. Youth merges Into the everyday world with grast confidence in t M ' f.i . " , . . . - v .......... :J"'v-4 '-' v ' '' ' , , Th 'ff. ,-rVrf - W fssa. ...-. saMftsemnv i. n i ', , , " , ' ..-i - - -g "" 7 A sumsier yisrroiis . ; 'A; A :. . v The beautiful Sacra Coeur Cathedral in the heart of Montmartr in Pari draw visitor from all part of the world, including aistera of tb rsllglous orders. Some . of them are pictured bare against the imposing ntranc to the workHsmous of us has j to mastering pis lem every en. face is that of life or hers rising above the appeal of evil, marching on to moral victory even though the road is rough and lighted by a very dim light. But victory is certain. , This Is our grestest hope and reward. The Sunday School Lessen for September C 10M Is "Leaders' Fer Troubled Times." Judges 2:11. 1441. reason and progress. This is a constant reminder to the elderly of their own early aspirations and at the same tune it assumes a cruelly enlightened Judgment on the kind of world they have actually created and become used to. A Judgment au the more cruel when the adult is 'one of the vest majority of parents wnose aeepest anxiety is to equip their young for a happier life than their predecessors en-Joyed. A cold, anguished ap preciation of how- that life looks to modern youth' can be a soul-movinx exDerience. it is worthwhile to prevent the echo of that appreciation from dying too rapidly. Among the many benefits that may be derived by adult from such spontaneous and pointed questions I the habit of looking at themselves, their conduct and the world they are living in. with the eye of youth. A mirror might be a good place to start One result would b that in stead of instinctively trying to onng the adolescent newcomer down to the old familiar levels, an effort might be made to bring those levels up to his or near his. There might also be a more general growth in true adulthood which i a sens of responsibility for the next generation. At least a conscious "recall" or a deliberate effort to see through the syss of youth could open the way to fruitful exchanges of opinion. AT THE SAME time, ft is perhaps good for young people to realize that the world i still perfectible and that they can not expect to rind a paradis created by people who war a short time ago no wiser nor more experienced than they themselves. ,, ZTSZJZ Principles may be crystal dples once they have been hammered outto realization is as long and rocky as human inertia, habH. ignorance, weakness and omeriness can make it These obstacle will be readily visible In elderly com- INUIMH fflW I W WApVLVU IV move toward improvement The great shock come a bit later when the youthful pro moter of improvement finds similar defects within himself.' We cant help It, man was msde free, and freedom includes the possibility of not doing what I right and Just' and charitable. Fortunately, hi basic search Is for truth and goodness so that beneath all the accumulated error and egoisms a power continue to more him forward and upward. Youth ar Invited to Join that battle, to make that profession of faith, to seek out in th worst the spark of that destiny. to tak up that burden with utlMira mnA aeranltv. And thev t - - have that providential role of shouting: is this sil that has been done, to arous their elder to new efforts, and Join them In those efforts. Buddhists Instal Montreal Priest MONTREAL (RNS) - Mont real recently witnessed Its tint installation ef a Buddhist priest He was the Re Shlgj Okada, educated at the University of Kyoto, who will bead the city's only Buddhist tempi which has a membership of about 100. The mstailatloa ceremony was pre sided over by the Rev. Newton Iihulra, who represents Budd- la r.Mil. - - The president of the Montreal congregation, Sokichl Ito, hailed the occasion as "an historic milestone,' noting that until now services were conducted by guest preacher. The congrega- uw ia .in ww jwmiw via. Mr. Ito said Buddhism has gained widespread acceptance ta Canada and ths UJ. In recent yosrs and now has record mem age of n. by. church. bership. - S I-'

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