The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 26, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1918
Page 4
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f AGE FOUR. HENBY P. SI Founder *Bd Edit iTIE DAILY eOXJRIEK, CON FBIDAY, APRIL 26, 191 ram, excellent that program Is ' .IjO-IOIfJ CQXEvIKt . ^ Aa j: ADicrlcajx mother's iig for deif andV.6u.aiid:lia oun-J in 3 first-line trench in Prance ' died; *j . · ' ' JAS. I. DB Bec'y and Treasurer. H DID YOU DO YESTERDAY? That boy's ,brave mother sacrificed · JOHN L. Gi ci ^f ^ e * r ?^^ most' -.costly, possossioii ManasinE When, a*tew'mbnths 'ago, she bad him WALTER s. s-ihat was to -be the fatal farewell. - SAdtOTCE HAVE YOU ..{ , ; .,-... (.. ... .!.·' ... ·. '-· ThaT courageous boy made the sii- reme sacrifice when he gave his Hie Society MKMBER Audit Bureau of Pennsylvania AMOC SfiMwfeofaitry.. ' - ·' ' - - . ' , 'Two cent»v'ser-.copy . .»5-per year by maUmJSKnS" 1 ,. . . . . . . - · - : . _·· jgOTKjimKbt be equipped to fightjtqr ·'EntAiE^a^vAeoii^l^ttflMn^and'deinbcracT/^Xir^ 1 . r.;-T/ : -Ji' JXKStonlcei ..'CpxmellifiU^-jiQjjg MANY JBlXTOS- 'HAVE YOtf _ : =3OPSa3'? . HHD.AI EYE2nS6» J He . iou Sht insurance to protect his -| He sent all he could spare of his ieaEer i .pay to f give her comfort. He' -state bravely, worded letters to ,._.--r cheer. H "TtS^talt L 5 -^ nd ' ln addition to all that, he gave "pedttlontu-y Fora I*:Uf»_that you and yours migta. have RALPH F. S'eedom. and democracy. : . .·' .Thojsands t of/pther American-'boys re ready to^'do'the same. you are'asked to do is buy Lib- patche. cr«litea tc l otherwise credited and aJio th. local n "( With Its activity in Ktd Cross work ·W'ltk'bliE Liberty Bond' subscriptons « cl '' t * dall «*'.-*' llns to * ee P °" banner TWi^Towf * " hibit ot ilnjr Mill Town. n It come* tio reporting American tsualtles ttie . Germans prove af ain hat lius can do with figures. . r aa one" baaser Scottdale allowed to rUng 1 the 'Company D .and Hos- SHIP-BCILDlital Cotps tobacco fund Is the one Tray . - ' · b -which we can all join In saying Some persona who b 0 1m ^i t p the boys a they depart Station's lecture In fcr Qrer, There. i auditorium on Wedj '" ' ---- XQijt If critically ini The - sucsrestion, of Captain Stayton cenUon to tha faimej" JJ rile1th « Shipping Board approvlnc , ception TO ( tno I ; lrn fSe--Jihlp'kui'.dlnr program -»ould-have : ments placing the OU e n more to the point had he' urged '.-for the'alOTT progress pe correspondents to say: "Get busy." i. upon, labor instead of ' rioac". zoftztgenient of )ThV^'^'- b **^«tbair. 1 .championship B6»ri . Persons who have th, labor Situation aSrThVt.irt calibration of Liberty Day slup-bmlding WJlUnglJ to «onbl your aubacriptlon to the some of the delays halbertr Loan. . suit of misundersUnb^svjMiSW tzuestions, and that mands have at times that still other of tL(_ been traceable to thi ,- · · " ; _ ' ences of .pro-German \. if*K.,.-i m ^K^K the mere ta« that cos-^MBaaMEaaffl, private shipyards hav(' lr * different from those t'i '· meht controlled yarc a ^_.,. claim, such persons ^av^*£cJ^f2Lo . weatherman ie assisting: e a whfrl^wina finish to Liberty Bond campaign . ' : In control of tie Jatte: WANTED -- TOUK i BARBKRINQ W al to the task of J""""! .«TM°«:"-. labor situation. . TWANTED--KITCHEN GIRLS AT Until Charles M. Sc«"TH HOUSE." ^ 2«apr2t who has had a broad '-WANTED--BOY FOR POKTER ANB men as well' as '^With work in drug store. J. C. MOORE, undertakliigs. was cjios. - i - . ' . 25apr-ttd A LARGE directing head of 'the ·' WANTED--^ro HENT _ It was the misfortime'.taWe ior :»tora«« purpoiei. Centrally teation to have 8ei«Ct^ t « J - Tri-Stat. H2. iSaprSt isiportaat place who li_y,isr^Bp--ROOM WITH. BOARD to deal with' the problyVoun* jnan. · Addreiv "A," care The way. There was an a?* rl '"'i ; _ _ t) win the cooperation WANTED--BOTS AND GIRLS OVER workers at least ther? '»»»»»· *»«·· raid while learning, to develop «nong ft.," 11 ? 1 ^ 1 TM?* KIX "^hprUd ipirlt which fa sa es»i? ' ·'.'' L ' o f bil -w;AiiTB»-- HEIGHT EOT OVER is . 'ears ot ue toOsarn job printins. In- , ,.,. e . Ihings, to which Class -J,,, JOBIDEPARTMEST. Courier. ship-boildlng in the pi j ,"; . ' itapr-u belongs. In ~ ~ -- ' -- P»occ Trl-State 417. · · . . 34»prtfd .. - j wjiriTJUiA--f\jii MAT FIRST FIVE Sress has been intermi,oin houw with bath. South side pre- rather more blame ' Wired."' the workers has been .- ·· them. ;.TPANTEi)--TWOMAN FOR GENERAL That the unfOTtuna»use'irorld Apply )CRS. O J. ARM- through which the g? REI *'-»« lonrrBouice ReBtturant. Iroiled . shipyards; v havt_L___J i **have beea in large par WANTED--FIRST CLASS-BARBER. loa.t TninlmiTort-iT. tWW"-* z *-" 0 per week and percentaee. least Tniniimzeo, in. Luu^^k v : TAWJI T}Tr*n VAI - : ffqulre JAJteJs KIUE, zoi a different policy bctreet. ' : · . ~'l a private; yard on te oiil ^i - llldr wlth ^0*1^* O f,-book- HeTe,iander an expending, and typewritin«. J ' Address mfent and. a policy ba« 3«», Connellsvllle, Pa. ISaprlt* large and urgent rieea- w . A j JTEI) _ KA31iROA p t-jn^^ up, one .ship -was lauita.^'car repairmen, mesannffer boys i»rr 1« days after her*" l».i Apply B. * oritASTBiraCE- ·* ^"'^ *--j*i -- ^. *rrn*a f t i . ' L . ' i m- · ' n*.._:_«t laid. In March a seen ·HAKICTS .OFFICE. ZCaprJt ed 93 days after' w.ork!T^ANTED -- GOO_p SPtEADT BOT .TO menced open it A-f* llTer/ ' :ilnd Iea - rn to be TM? at cutter. meuceu «PW" «· ' fay Joh. Apply H. L. SILCOX third v«sel- was sent^.^,, jtARKET. . jtaprS.t the ways 55 working'. : . '- -- '---- ; -- '--±- - : - keel had been laid. : WANTED-- AT ; ONCE,- EXPER- *·" «"" uTO«i»iu. , nce a saleslady, must understand al- The STlcc««lTe SUrJrationn and lumlsb s references. Ap- ords w;i» made pOBfite-P-EOPLES- DEPARTMENT STORE. ' :Ets AT JEELon: Indian Creek ' Valley KOPPERS CO^ GEORGE foreman. -- 2«apr2t 'from t^'-jr^MrfeStfcHSlrtAdi^to^iiiivi;^''* etpiiity' "ot , _ nlk ., _,,b.OOO to B0.040 trallon. REPUBLIC ... · . xi..·"·"'£ ". -Jj^fafcsrnpsL.i-qoJCPAiJTitiNoiff'jjV IBR or tne results, a^rat, National Bank building, Union bnilding problem'in BwXmT~ " '." ' 2*apr«t - or codo Which has Outdone.thfcdruss.for advance,sales work. Those in turning out nnished-vlns- 'had previous experience pre- "Amcrican worimeli" 0 .' 5 - Reference. r.qnired. Salary , 4 «. t* TM.1«. ad =om«nisslon. Apply In person at Into the water unless fc-wrsi, XEA CO., Inc-,,153 East,Craw s . '''" ' " '" 2Sapr3t that, labor *£ .irespo WANTED _ ANT K1WD OF .feels it is setting J0t\ s , la a oalllnB card. «ale Our job is'to Bee that'll! or the fln««t engraved · .w*ddiui:. ^^.f . ' ;vitation' I i)r annotmeument. .We print i^L '*i^6 v lythlrigr--·rerytlilng--do It promgtlr , The tItQ}-W w "B M do J t rjgfht.. Call.the man at TH3 BO far belongpi'-to tn«.)t7Ri£il£ ofllce. F^th r.-honeE;. 27-tf oreralls." .'; ; '·; remuneration, recelreL also just recognition honeai. patriotic labor winning of the'war a fttan tie 1iolA-ap" tifc V. W.'a and other ~ :Had thl» been the pc ·TBment controlled ~y xrit in ship-buildini ·eea Iiroken.on the At at earCy u they hare the FaciBc coast A' ire would ha«, been l«*r«««,-CUERK.." car* The ilriSJ? ;: -:l' · ; ··**»? r ^ f i- OF UTROHG to ~]*arn'·.: telephbn* [Unm- it.'- Ap^ly · [ In p*rBon^.vfaV DI9TRICTT1 TELEPHOKB JKPAHTT8 ofltac^'flfth floor-'' , Cenmlimil*. I -o»t: · .AS;' .TO ot the deicend- t» of^Jokil Motealf.' new deceived. Ml la or aboat^ConMlljrrjjU*. lii..wlf* b«lwg^" {b.?Vvioofti' » of:TouBlcfitSjrrRflT \-*^_--»ni--I'MC'S^'ieil''!""! of sewing .machines'. Not · an a(jent. Addreas. DEWING MACHINE MANr', No. 1 : 411 North Cottage avenue, Coimcllsville^.Pa. ..-25apr2t* OR EIGHT ROUGH carpenters for bridge, work. Apply P. AMMETER; .Gonnellsvllle, Pa., or J. D. ElJiENBERGER, Imnbar, Pa. Weal Pcnn Railways Company, "., 25apr3t WnSTBp-rOIjD'., .iTAT-SE:' 'TEETH. n»:tr matter Jf broken.'·'· I p»y. J2.00 to $15.00 per sec. Send by -parcel post and'receive check by return. man,' !* MAZltR, 2007 South Fifth street, Fh.I*- delpirlfi,, Pa. . - -Ilapr23t* "WAITED--WE ARE OFFERING o-T'crates ···six days - · per week. In thYee-LMffht-hout ·jhil'ta. Wlitl* learning-; operations -we pay you 35c J?.*^,lflv,per^ccnt-.bonus on all "wr'aBcs ·for' i 'steatiy';".atrimtlg.hce, computed in wJiekiy periods.' After learning' the work, which takes frorr^ one to six weeks, you are able to earn from J3 to SJ per .day J^nd better. '"We have a "Housing 1 "Department, whicTi Trill assist our applicants In securing 1 houses and rooms at the lowest .Jfates. We also need . a large number of girls, agest 21 to 35, for steady, profitable tacto.rT^enj.ployTn'eiit-, Physical examination "..required. Apply in person or eommtinlcttte with ..-Factory. Employment O?n«:THE-GbODYEAR TIRE A ROBBER-COMPANY,.Akron, Ohio. -. / ": / · .;25aprl2t r»F »«»«. . -- F U B N 1 S H 3 P , LIGHT house keep ing 1 rooms. 307 East Craw- foTd;.-:.-;-^'.'.."i . - , - _ . " 24aprtfd FOB:RENT--^FHONT ^OFFICES ON seconds-floor of Dunn ft Evans build- in ff- Inoutre of HAHKT DUNN. *'"·· · SJan-tfd »·!*. RANGE CKEAP. inquire. BEIGBIDET'S PHARMACY. ' 2Sapr2t FOH-;-.SALE--JPJANO AND 51TJSIC cabinet; . cood condition. -;407 Eaat Jturphy;;'., · .· _ 26apr3t* GOOI HEAVY ·work teams. Both phones. J. C. TJET- "WUL.ER. [- . 25aprSt ' FOR-- .SAI.E--PIANO CHEAP. TO quick buyer,/account 1 Jeaving town. 805 avenue'. 24aprSt" FOR SALE--DO TOCT WANT "AN aut9? "Will sell my Overland car for 4225. Call 333-R Bell phono,- ConnelEs- ville. 2taprlt"..." FOR SATM--TWELVE YEARLING 'TPthite Leghorn hens and rooster. Barren..heavy .laying strain. Apply 1068 ' Cheutinit street. 2Sapr2t . FOR SALE--ONE NO. 4 RDND IN- stantaneous water heater, 56S.OQ; one flre-proof safe 3 feet high. 2 feet wide, 2 feet deep, 135.00. \V. J, ELLIS, Dawaron; Pa. 2Sapr2t" FOR SALE--SEED, CORN. EAB.LY Ohio, Eight .Howed. Also seed potatoes. Inquire Rl 3. Pierce, South, Connellsville. East Gibson avenua, . . . · . . 22apr6t' FOR SALE-^A. SEVEN ..ROOMED house and · bath. ' Hot air furnace and a good well of water. Inquire at No. 13 Grant street. Scottdale. Pa. 24aprBt* FOR- SALE--74 ACRE FARM, GOOD younp orchard; 7 room, house, barn 40x72 feet, water piped into 'kitchen, 1^4 miles -west of Seottdale, known as .the ChriaFtner farm. E_ P,V DtfWITT, Brtl Phon« '2»5-J, Scottdale,' pa, *. .-tteprit FOR SALE--FAJtM OF 22(f '-ACRES about 1 mile from Brownsville, near brick road; underlaid with 0mx.Il vein of! coal and valuable limestone,. front- Ing on Monongrahela river and railroad; brick dwelling houaeratream of mountain water; splendid property for stock raisin? or fannJne. with first- clan's market.'for Burden products, adjacent to BrownsviU* city llmitu and town lot plan: owner engraBcd in other business,.a»d,,.ofler», a, bargain; price J100 pftr-acre,'on good terms. J. DONALD PORTER, P.*O. Box «7s; Con,' 1 Pa.' . . · . - 20aprtfd LOST- OR STOLEN--ONE' BTJCK- ffkra tire on the rim, 32x3 ^5. Reward if 'returned to TU C. McGEE, Dunbar, Pa. 26aprlt NIGHT IN HIGH school; auditorium Seton Hill,, class ring 1 . .''Reward if reUirned. to ' Courier office. ; ·,' ' - N . . - . · ' · ' . 25itpr2t At^evtlon. IF,-IN 2iEED;.OF : -PIT POSTS TfTRITS your .wants.' C. H. BITID, Addlaon, P£L. V " - t f ' ".' 25aprl2t*- IVotlcc. THE 'CONNELLSVnZE NEW SBC- ond Hand 'Furniture Store,-. No. 123 Sontn Pittstours street, will be open for business Saturday, - April' 27. with a-full JJno of-yoods. Furnlture^of all kinds bought, sold, . and exchanged. RefinlBhing- and uplJoJateriDg- a specialty. . - . . . SJaprBt* .AN EXCELLLENT T OF- portjinUy for aeveral young;'.men, IS y'ears/pr over. : os_ assiatants. in the operating: department o f - the - main power..".plont. Address in person or Uy. letter L.^E. -HANItnSON; .Superintendent' West "Penh"" Power Plant, ConneltinrUle, ' - · 24aprlOt Notice. To-'Al^Concerned: 'Mr. J. T. Wilson is .Tvo^jongfer connected .-w.Jth the firni: of '.T; ;T F T ; ;'5 ! 5?ihKm Fuet T Company, h£._ haringr severed -hi* connection as of . date of April flrat, 1318. /All acounts, due. or payable7;by ,said : ':fl.rm ., prior," ^to .April first , 1918, ! should be settled Wltli.'J. T. Wilson. Siffned, 'J. : T. WILSON, 'JOHN Oc CLARK, C. C. CARTER, S. L.fMAS- TEN.' ' " · · - · ' - · · · - - LETTERS OF' " on, the 'estate. pf...JaBjier r ~Tlionias,.-lftte Vf"Duniiar 1 "tbwnahip, Fayette county, Pa\, deceased, .having beea': eran'ted- to the undersig-ned,' '-"notice 'is 'hereby given- to all .said' estate' to mke:. 1 iWiincidlate .paymetit and to those havllig 1 : 'claims against' the same .to; .-present them-.properly- authenticated" for aettlem^nt.. GEORGE C. THOMAS^;.Diclcerson Run, Pal ' , Plerro,. late "of. Dunbar township, - eonntyV Pennsylvania; d«oea»- . - t « r « :6f. .administration on the aboVe";. : nam*iJ.-«»tatft having- been ^ran t- e4 7 t6ftoe'. i aarideriripQedl7.-notice is hereby jrl*eh..'-tb. all peronjilindebted" to naid e»t»t«^.l6' ! make:"""linmediate. 'payment, a»d*to those hiving--clalmn igaijijt.the sa»e : 'tp*;jr ; ej»nt '·'.theni, iproperly" au- thenU«atB4 ,tor- Mttleinent. · 'ALFON- SOV-BASILONE, Admlniatrator, :Con- Mruyille. Pa. J. KIRK .RBNNBR, ,.At- · ' ' ' " Engnwcd °n wood for A. S. Skuhbauta Co. WALL STREET R OVIDING a deligktftil easiness of fit, : a ^coining dignity of line, a reasonable compliance with fashion--the Wall Street is naturally a "favorite with men: in the middle years of life . . . . We offer it .in a delightful variety of pure wool fabrics--subdued in pattern without being dull--and particularly suitable-for everyday business wear ,-. - - $20, $25, $30, $35, $40 HORNER CO. · ? ' ~ Hooper. ·· Long y s .- It's fcx)twear that women believe in, as we have for SO years, if you buy them. · · · Everything new that's good is here for your choosing. Black, White, Grey and'Brown. ~ ; · : '··"-."'' Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords be. received for supplletf. Bids will also-be received on the atove date for painthner Etoe ,wood.. work · of Uie Perry Township* ; ,Etierh School" ljuildine, outside; p-lastcr walls, inside and varnishing the wopdrworlv inside. J. B. "OVR- TIN",: "iPresidant, Perryopolisr, Pa. W. L.- BISiBECK," Secretary, Star Junc- tibn," Pa.' '. ; 15-20-26-27-apriI. 1 . «d'.' until .7:00" P. M.. Slay 6; 1518,. for furn.8hing:-aJl. the labor, tbola and -ma, - terl'ai -nece^s»ary to oonotruot the tol- lowuxa:': " "· - ' : " · ·'!' Approximately ; 1.45S feet^cf sanUary sewerV- and 1/458 -fe«t of atbrm Vwaf on Vine and 'Palttter irtre«U; approximately- 1,000 : t«et-. of, fStorm. newer; on Wine street; . approximately 3,39V feet of sanitary tewer,. 'a^'id. ;-li7J5 -feet of storm . 9ewer om PHtobur^ /str.eet; '.!!- r n approximately t.SOOucublc ; yar4* I-'* 1 '-Ing-,, r 7,060". square J yaVde' p'aTing 1 , #553' lineal -fe«t .carblngr,; anjdr^lT aiBeal,.'to«t bmckine. -to b* turad- Iii' pATlJag- -S/ca- mor« ..street ftotn. "Woodlawn. arrenae to Allegheny, in- tha^Bpr.buic.h, ,-' of ..JSoxith ConnellHTllle. Penn^lTajrta^: |n , accord- arice 'with plans and -Bpectflcatitma, oil file in the offline; of ; J.' Howard Henderson. Bprouffte^h BnBlneeri Second Nat- tional .B»nk'i^BuUdtnt/ ConnellBTUli, -·:·- "-.*· ·*:· ' maonld be and all bids. GL1SNN A. CADWALLADER, Clerk of Council, South Connells- -vllle. Pa. -·apr5-i2-19-2fl-may-S Sale of' Real Jolin M. Core, Attorney. BT VIRTUE OF AN ORDEli OF THE Orphans' Court of · Fayetie county tho undersigned Administrator of the estate oC Amanda ParkhLll. deceased, will offer at Public Sale on Uie premises the homestead of the deceased on Saturday ;Muy '4th, a 913, at 2 o'clock P.. JtL Said property is described as follows*:"- - : ' Beginning ^n "W-iilnut street, corner of lot Ko. 18; therico by lot No. IS, one hundred fifty feet'to land formerly oC A. J.-'Hill;, thence by same sixty and three-fourth feet'to. lotrNo. 22; thence by same -one hundred and fifty feet to Walnut'-street;:.':,,,. thence .by "Walnut street--sixty-' anu : three-fourth feet to the place oi :.bes?Innlriff, containing one-fourth, "of ,"ap.;. acru' more . or less. and being- lot-No,.;20 ;in plan of the ·viilaea ' .(now "bbroush' of \Vanderbtlt aa laid but by .WiKlam^H. Speers. ' · · Tiiere ; is.-creciad-'pri-tiald lot 'a sub- etantial';'.two'.! story Vsfx. room frame dwelling' house; 1 ' 0710". stbro' room 1 ajid bafcery; arid fram'e .atafaie, .Te'nrta^of Sal.e^^r^Ten .per/cent down "on ' day of'Bale';-balance of on. conflrraatioh- 6t-saie; one-thtrd in six months,,. and the · remaining .one-third in one year from confirmation YOUGH TRUST COMPANY LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Ar rangeraents One Week in Advance. Get Rates P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa Tri-State Pone 404. Bell Phone 234. of sale. The ..-two-thirds unpaid to be secured by mortgas-e .on tha premises 'oearine sir'per cent interest payable I as tiie payments mature and contai^- j ine insurance "sufficient, to cover the {unpaid remainder. Deed to be made on confirmation of sale and payments of the one-third of purchase money and "securing 1 the remaining 1 two-thirte -as aforesaid ' at which time possession-is- to* be given, subject; to'.lease'on' 1 premises.\Privilo§re of paying'all cash down on "confirmation gIVen,: ROBERT HcBURKET, Administrator.' F. O. Vanderbilt,.Pa, 12ia,pr4t-frid*y Want .Ads--1 Cent a We ONE AT ONCE LINOTYPE O AT THE ' DAILY CO0EIEB, OFFICE

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