The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 39
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 39

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 39
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I. A ' Fall Is Best To Fertilize No one h to argue these day about, the benefits lawns derive from (erUliter. Yet many people get the urge to feed the lawn in Spring, then forget it the rest of the year. Actually, if there; any m ien when fertiliser b apt to da the most good, it it during the cm! day of September and early October. . Of course it depends upon the kind -oLkwn The elite northern grasses, are greatest beneficiaries from feeding during cool weather. If your lawn is mainly Kentucky bhiegress, or if it includes fine fescues (suck as Chewing, lllahee, Peaalawe). or if it is of Highland keatgrase, FaU la (he time to lay on the plant food. For one thing. Kentucky blue-grass and It varieties, Marie hot. Delta and Newport replenish their larders best in cooler weather. Energy made by green leaves la husbanded, not exhausted so quickly at It I during not weather. Fertility enough for deep dens green leafage in Autumn puts strength into essential roots, and underground spreading rhiiomet that weave a tight sod. And then won't be much risk of "burning" In cool weather, either. :' ; It's natural for bluegras lawns not to grow huhly In cold weather. Bluegrass develops Slops snorter waves in Autumn cause the days turn shorter, tardiest of fertility. This quit an advantage, for over-generous feeding in una does not create some mowing. But this does not mean that fortHlzer is being wasted. Indeed, quite the contrary. When the soil is cool, the Important nitrogen nutrient It trapped and "Id. not transformed as during hot weather. In fad, fertilizer "applied to the lawn any time through the Winter it "money m the bank"; It wUl be fixed la the oil and roots, improve the lawn early In Spring. ' Nitrogen it the nutrient giving greatest response -with rasa. It bringa about the deep rM color, and stimulate abundant leaage. Phosphorus and potassium are needed too, especially for food rooting and general ton. But fertilizers am Judged chiefly by their nitrogen content Thut with lawn bert, lit contrast to that for general gardening, the nitrogen No Sneezes From Roses NEWARK. NY - According to man who grows 24 million rose plants a year, there's no such thing as rose fever. . i Ralpft E. Parkins, president of the Jackson and Perkins Company, bat issued a "God Blest You" to bay fever tuf-ftrert plus this explanation. Before a plant can cause human discomfort, Mr. Perkins says, three conditions mutt be present , The plant must be able to produce pollen that is light enough to become airborne: the air we breathe; and toxic to susceptible human beings. Ragweed has all these qualities la abundance. A I a g 1 plant will aend Into the atmof pher elUlon of pollen grains and only a few art needed to reduce tb strongest of men to tear. ' But tb rot it a different kind of posy, says Mr. Perkins. It's not too plentiful pollen, it too heavy and sticky to be carried through the air. Equally Important, the pollen It not toxic. ,-'. So fear not the queenly rose. Breathe deeply Itt heavenly frstrsnc. And remember, if vour noa It next to the rose and voa sneeze, It's the breeze that carries the sncet from somewhera else,' OR. ROBERT W. SCHErV Director, Lawn Institute component it made several timet as strong at the other nutrients. A new process hat been developed for making a very high-nitrogen fertilizer economically. An extrusion method it used that yields long strands like spaghetti The "spaghetti" it broken up into small fragments or pellets. These apply, best to the lawn in the whirling spreaders that 4 Pltfw Story ... Time Lawn cast the pellets (of somewhat variable size) to either' tide, without need to tift through slots or pores. The pellets contain 35 per cent nitrogen, in addition to tome phosphorus and potassium. This and other high analysis fertilizers' .are excellent for lawnt at cooler weather approaches. Cratt thickens then, and its tpreading runners and roots store vigor. An Auturrm feeding with a good turf plant food should assure your lawn getting off to a spectacular sun with the first warm weather of Spring. 7Sswwap?-ia i wwss' -v? - v.rf f v" - 'tj r B v.- . be- M & 1 In late FaU, bent grasses should be treated with a snowmould preventative. a. i jyxsw.Xr- sttif...i,siV During the cool days of September and October, fertilizer should be spread liberally on lawns. In fact, fertilizer can be applied to lawns even on Into the Winter months. TRICKS OF THE TRADE 7K 0 at- L w . ia. A prenat cultivator is mats t fee aullt towards yi, so tint, of HMoasity, you walk baekwarts whsn you use It This als kotos your rt from tramptnf tut fttwiy cuitivatta son . - - " u -r . ' v v. If you walks bockwar whtn fcooina, you would oovsr uncul-tivsttd ea'l with Ioom aoil an4 not know whore you'd hood and not. So follow the advise on tfcese psotora. found en a gar-dsn snslttr wall in a Cltvslsnd, Ohio school asrdsn, - ; , v' ,' . i . ' ' " before good weather arrives. . By MAXWELL KIDDLE It will perhaps surprise most people -to learn that an unmated female dog can sometimes develop milk end then successfully nurse another's puppies. Though rare, thit occasionally happens. ' Here it one example which I recently investigated. George Grunewald of Random House, publishers, 457 Madison Avenue, lives in a second floor apartment in New York City. He share the apartment with a newt-paper syndicate executive, two Great Danes, and Den-nit, a black cat. Tb Dane art both blue, a rare color. One. Helga. it tn mother of the second one, Gerta. Helga it aging gracefully, which to to say, the hat taken on weight, and is frosty about the muzzle. Grunewald wanted Gerta mated to the best blue Dan in the work! After exhaustive research the dog was Grttn Thumb Tips ( : : Xwp tabs oa the cauliflower beads. If yon want tboss to b snowy wklto at maturity, tho loaves should be pullod up around the curds as soon aa they roach silver dollar site. . I Fastening tho loaves in place Isn't slways oasy and you may nood someone to help, but tie thtm together with raffia, atraw or soft twine, tightly enough to kosp off sua, but loosely enough to prevent eolloctlou of nofsture aad to allow air to ontor. , 8trawflowora and other everlastings a ha Id bo tathored while thy are .at their Boat colorful. I. a r o a should ho stripped from tho atom, and snail oil mhos of tho flowers tied together at tho ateaa onds and hung upside dowa to dry. ' Choose a warm, dry, but airy Blare to hang thoat and In X wooka tian thoy wtll bo thoroughly dried. Then remove them to cardboard bozos to keep thsm dost free ahtH you wish to uso thorn for wis tor corsets and bouquets. -: .o o o . , , - e i . That scourge -of tarns toos, eallod bloasoss end rot. Is not a plant disease. It Is caused by an uaoroa water aupply to the fruits. T avoid the trouble with your tomato, water the plants deeply oace week if weather lat dry. and ' ssnlch- over the ground with any eoavoalont ma. terlal, like dried trara clippings, aa Inch deep Immediately aftsr wateriag. . This mulrh or cororing will kslp koop the soil more evenly moist during tap lit between soaklngs. found in Germany; International Champion "Syria aut dem Schwarzwald." Cyrut it three timet Bun-deelegerT three timet Deutcher Soggen Dub Ch., tnd twice Swiss Sieger. About the ultimate in Dane-dom. He'a been used successfully for ttud over 50 timet. Gerta wat flown to Germany for the mating and then returned home. On July 26, Gerta whelped 12 puppies. During the whelping, which took 14 hours, Helga became greatly excited. She wat kept out of the whelping box only with gxeat difficulty. Twenty-four hour later, she wat Mill trying to get into the box, clean up the puppies, and nun them. At 36 hours, the had developed milk. Then, with the veterinarian's permission, she wat allowed to nunc the pupa. Gerta, the real mother, looked on with approval. When I taw them, the two were at opposite ends of the whelping box, happily sharing nursing duties. T7m double mother deal it obviously a happy one for the puppies, which are fat and healthy. And it has meant that Grunewald hat not had to destroy part of the litter because of it size. Some years ago, I investigated an even stranger cat. A Wlrehaired Fox Terrier had stolen a litter of kittens, had developed milk and was nursing them. Moreover, it wat the second time the had ' don this. . s. : , ' ', t , i . QUESTIONS ' Is a Toy Fox Terrier a recognized brood? Yes. It It recognized by the .United Kennel Club, which registers the breed, and which licenses and supervises shows tor it. ' .What b a dew claw? ' A vestigial digit, or toe, which doe not reach the ground. The Great Pyrente hat two dew clawt on each hind foot Most dogs, however have only on on each foot, or on on each front foot. A few are born with none, or with tome absent, What snake the ears of tons German Shepherds stand up and .ethers not? Several factors. An ear of proper size will usually stand erect On too large may fall over because of It own weight Lack of sufficient ' cartilage allows an ear to Tall over. ' Poor ear placement may be a factor. . - imynnnn' wj e u w... w wwiiw" " SATURDAY. AU0U8T 29. 1964 fE OTTAWA JOURNAL 3d By A. V. STANTON ran growing worat wfej competition. ly and prepare This system There are other favorable planting. reasons. First, these excellent grasses relish cool weather and do their best in Autumn and Spring. An Autumn start provide plenty of time for thickening to a tight sod and for roots to grow deeply, before exhaust ing Summer weather come. Then, too, cool warm ton, mat speeas up mi njr im wouinm, m um sprouting; gentle, penetrating i thing to do it to clear the area rains most years; lest drying out of the seedbed becaus the days are shorter and cooler. It's bard to miss getting a good stand of grass, if yoi teed or large stones and ttumpt or other debris, and If there it any top toil left, move It to on tide. your lawn in lata August or "--" " ---J early September with a good ,rom hou weather teed mixture All the good tawn wexl al or rolotl" ln m a...l.-:1 a. a..ak f,Mlkau. Now is the time to sow a new lawn if you wish to get a weed-free turf such as this. n.V.iiSii'Wd mm i yAi u.l-. !.! 4uii littaMiM 11118 Sow SeMMow for New Lawn The better' la wngras auch as Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescues and the better bent grasses mostly set teed in late weeds are Sarins tnd mature 'through and easier - Summer. .strains of Kentucky Blue it an until it it old enough to re excellent mixture. .quire mowing. Young grass it If shade creeps onto these-.often "burned" from early fer- ' .' 'areas add a gowV'frMi of tHizer or chemical application, comparatively few grasses are at their best right creepinl fescue Z(,ts An Autumn seeding probably to control. Theie now. PemUawn. Ilahee or Chew in ri. will not need pest control this In nature such seed wun 1 " wrw .iui.. .-.w ..... A mixture of per cesit Ken- year, atinoucn a rung c;ae neips ; Mil lr.ll u M.u An lnn nnlhin ihnut their iswro ........ . .. .ui-.j fall In Im mrM r,A im " " . 'lUCXy SUM SOU M OCT CCI piUVCll nigniSHQ Denigrii falls to tne toil and is planted ,,. ., .h. r jl! mnt hiuv immediate- . ... .... 1. . ,j seeding escapes u ...u lu. couidcrd the best aU round MOWING mivtura for lh iviriM Iiwb . - . i. a . .iiirtim tn Fall Mwrni or lawn- wiin ine normal ivdc of sai.i .li. . - - ia mvxvcmiu im vcij iui - -..- - - u r- ISl in IS area. . raAnaKlv ilnui TK waatKatr Prepackaged mixes may be a i,d how early the seed is Pandora't box of misery if they ip,,nted wj de,ermine the contain much of the tough pas- ;need for mowjn. ..pc.. B .u. .... packaged type. auosuii iu iuui ui live wi,irc, then level off and add four inches of food top soil. Add to ture crass or bent trasses, it pays to buy the best Grade A mivtitran it vrkti want iKav nra- TVaaa mA. ik. l.Hat t.kiW 3 Avoid bargain seeds of any A mechanical ipreader will help you sow the seed evenly. uu .u (h. Mf garden stores will either loan .,. k i. . is thit one handful to the square , ,h. ;., yard of 5-10-10 or similar fer-lh. , ' det. . th. tilizer and rake It in. Now rake , of . the toil level and you are ready lM0 (ew for teeding. esitrrit sun ivarrar CHOOSE GOOD SEED , " . "Ti. ,,... Grass teed should be selected I on the basis of itt adaptability tn tHm 1m ajkb-h It will be grown. w """"" I wm X? We like to see bluegrass-fetcue go into the Winter about two inches tall. If your conventional mowing height it two inches, the grass might be let grow to three inches before mowing down to two. Any time more then one-third is removed, root growth repressed. . If the grass is let go inlo the Winter rather tall, the : leaf blades will turn brown! by January from freezing. Then, early in Spring a close clipping can rid the lawn of thit scorch- with ttraw. sphagnum most. led foliage before Spring dean-top toil, cheesecloth or special UB, . . ., , t i it it better to let th grass The grasses best suited fori". T .' ..grow extra long than to run a the Ottawa area and moat et,muKn wl" c"" "'lnB .."mower on toft soil which will Eastern Canada are th blue-1 'I" 'Pf il w lh. rei'rint-lbe rutted and from which grasses and creeping fescues. ' . " "' '"' . seedlings may be torn. By the Sine condition do vary, it ft . '" . v" " " 'Itltne th grass it tall enough best to us a mixture of timUari;; J?0 UHy Ifor mowing, H will have a deep varieties to create the most " weather it dry. 'enough root system to that durable lawn. AVOID INJURING ; watering doe not hav to be For sunny lawns where blue- The new teeding should have frequent So let the lawn dry grass it the ideal turf, a blend been fertilized when planted, 'a few days before mowing new of Merlon, Delta and New post and not need further feeding turf. I f ' " lit Wurtomburg Street, fr "V ovrlooklnj th Ridoou ftivar, adiacant to MacOonsM ac. r'A vvr, m . 'lit-' -'' - ..'.;Mmm. M .1 ' aaaaaaBT t Wr Wafc,,. ' r- y'ad V'4? f:- 1 . - v4- '-'lTzV t .i? . . "' I (Ji-: '4I I V- Hera kt on of Caneda's ftrwet prtmnt buildinrjo, set in a aoduded perk -flit location; yt only a few step away from in heart of the city.' Rentals art surprisingly modest: bachelor suites 6110; one -bedroom apartments from 120; two bedrooms from 1148. Visit our Model Suite today : open from 1 0 OO in th morning to 9 .00 in th vnngt weekdays; from noon to 6 KM p.m. weekend. For nwr fcMormation, call : 234-5S77 , . " . ; - . ,-; CADILLAC OIVSLOPMINT CORPOaATION LIMITS) tf not hmo hit rut AST av AaaTvr avm , .4. a, a L a i a-ji-,fao''i"-'',,,ffai , a lt4 all uS,a t.t dlat.-jhAA Stat at atA.a:

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