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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Tuesday, February 4, 1930
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L i Tr"* i rl ast I edition rice c / Con leHsvflie's Bigges t and Best Newspaper. The Best Advei lising Medium in the Yough Region. VOL. 28, NO. 7 2. The Weekly Courier,' Kotlndt-a July 17, 1870. The Dully Courier, FunnHcd N»frcTOl4i io, 1002, July IS, CONNELLSVILLia, PA.,I TUESDAY EVENING FEBRUARY 4, J930. TWELVE PAGES. TAFT, "VERY SICK MAN, CARRIED FROM HIS II ON ARRIVAL AT CAPITAL ®- Pormer Chief Justice Re- r/iOTed to His Homo in Serious Condition. TRIP TO SOUTH OF NO BENEFIT By U n t t c r t Press. WASHINGTON, Feb. 4,--Under the ' greiftt marble arch o£ Union Station through which William Ho-nja-fd Taft came in 1009 to enter the White Houeo and again In 1921 to sit on tho Supreme Court Bench, ho -was carried today, a very «ick man. It was the first time In nearly 10 1 voars that the retiring Chief Justice oarno to the Capital a a private · ; citizen. Taft, who rosi#md yesterday bc- fait)o of ill health arrived here at 7:05 A. M., accompanied by Dr. Francis Hasrnw ot Washington, his physician. "He came from Asheville. X. C., -where he was taken for rest three weeks ago following a near K brc-akdowTi. ' ^~ CJomparcd with the tumultous crowds which welcomed Talt when he camr to the Capital to occupy high office,"only a handlul welcomed him la th« gray dawn today. Gathered around tho station platform were W. W. Mlcholer, Taft's private secretary, a :»nprome Court messenger and a /roup of newspaper men. Although he lookod pale and worn v when carried down the steps of his s. P u l l m a n car, the retiring head of the Supremo Court--the only man in American history w h o has been both President and Chief Justice--man- ig"d at least one or two of the famous Taft smiles as he encouraged his helpers. The train which bore Mr. Taft entered the station oi\ a subway level. Then his car was shunted to another t r a c k on the street level before he was carried bodily down the steps, plncod in i waiting wheel chair and rolled to his private automobilo r , Mrs, Tuft accompanied tho Chief Ju.'itlco from Ashovillo. Looking tirod and worried, she waited by the wheel chair duririf the 10 minutes totiulrcd to help Air. Taft down the cui stcpa and then walked beside her h u s b a n d as he was rolled to him car. Thoy loft Immediately for their home iu Wyoming avenue. J)r. Hagor said tho Chief Justice had spent a "fair" night. Observers who hav-e known Taft tor many years commented on his '^ appareit weakness today. His son, Robert Taft, of Cincinnati, said at the White House yesterday the rest in Asheville had not improved his father's condition. He was brought homo, young Taft, said, because his 7 family believed he would be morn comfortable here. Four men were required to lift tho ( 250-pound jurist down the coach steps to the platform. He was seated in a chair in tho vestibule. Two men ./^ lifted tho front of it and two Ihe rear as Mr. Taft was lowered slowly and laboriously down the stops. Once on t h e platform ho was lifted bodily into a wheel chair. Tho transfer was obviously an ordeal to Taft. When he arrived at AahevlUo thrco weoks ago he warf itblo to walk down the car steps unassisted but. his weakened condition made that iniposibte today. J u s t before tho tn.ln left Asheville, newspaper men wero told that physical condition of tho noted jurist and for- me r President prevented him irom t a l k i n g to anyone and that he was ablo to make- known only his simplest ucods. Mr. To,ft. was helped to his .drawing room by a nurse and porter. The porter who undressed him was tho twuro who served him on the trip to AsUovlUe. He observed a deep change, saying that Mr, Taft did not smile and joko as ho did three weeks ag . v , Mrs. T.vft beamed to be cheerful and hat up reading n w h i l e after her iius- bi»d retired. Kho is G8, but roads magazines without glasses. O'ho engineer of tho train operated tni'lor special orders- to bo careful and to 'tin as bin(xthly ao possible, ' l»r. ll.ignor told t h e United Press tliwt tho former Ch ot Justice's deci- sloa to resign w a s reached only Mond « j . Later that d s\ Mr. Taft was, "V usled by President Hoover to approve j the iiv/mltiiitton of Hiarlos Evans | d u d did s o , \\ltli pleasure, i t ) said. New Chief Justice CHARLES KVAJS'S HUOIIES J. ELIOTT COOK, ROSTRAVER, DIES FROM PTOMAINE J. Elliott Cook, 4S years old, brother of Mis. Bela B. Smith of this city, died at S:40 o'clock th^s morning at the Cook homestead in Itostraver township, near Belle V e n o n . He had been 111 only since Thursday, suffering an attack of ptomaine poisoning or indigestion. That ill'iesa, together with a weak hoftrt, resulted fatally today. N Mr. Cook, with his b "others, operated the Cook farm. Ue was well known In Westmoreland county and had oftpji vlited at th Smith residence in this place. Ho is survived by t w o brothers, John B., am! Robert J. Cook, both at homo, and three sister , Mrs. D N. Watkins of Dormont, i.trs. Bela B Smith of ConneUsville ind Miss Matilda Cook, also at bon o. Arrangements for the funeral will be announced later. B.E Wade Heads Board of Trade At Perryopolis B. AI. Wade was elected president of tho Perryopolis Board ot' Trado et Its regular meeting Momlaj evening at Karolcik Hall. It was the regular monthly ,se°fiion and thei'o wae a very good attendance. Mr. Wade succeeds Di .1. 11. Martin who wae choseii vlce-pr L sident. O. P. Pore was elected secretary-treasurer. Talksi were made- by Dr. Martin, Howard Adams, J. Alvlu Dyere, Rev Percy A, Davis, .). M. Polander and Mr. Wade. i'rcsident Wado api oin ted every person in attendance as members of the memtxjrship committee ind they Vill serve until the March meeting when all eoinmitteee will be made pubtyc, A request has been mado for all 1930 dues to bo promptly paid. The boaid is anxtoua t h a t all members of the- community enroll in the organization which has been doing a great work in the township. A meeting will be held on the flret Monday oC each month and it is hoped that when the session' convenes on Monday nig-ht, March 3, there will be an Increase in the attendance. HUGHES' RETURN TO SUPREME BENCH MEETS APPROVAL Complexion of Tribunal "Will Be Unchanged by His Elevation. · CONFIRMATION UNQUESTIONED t r By THOMAS L, STOKES United Piosa Staff Correspondent. WASHINGTON, Feb. 4.--ChartoB Evans Hughes, whose bowhiske-red face and vibrant, bustling personality arc so well known hero, will return to the Supreme Court after I t years to cap a public cartel that is efjuullod only by that of the man IIP succeeds, Chlof Justin William Howard Ta-ti. In replacing the former Presidont with tho man who just missed the Presidency in 1916, Pieaident Hoover has not changed the general complexion of th« court. Hughes is regarded as a conservative- ot the same sort as Taft, and Uie line-up still will be consorvativps against three liberals the latter being Justices Holnuw, Brandets ind Stone. For this reason liberals wort 1 somewhat dlsiirpointe-fl at the appointment, «ind Senator Borah of Idaho, who was a prohibition htuinp mate of Hughes laet year in tho Hoover campaign, id oxpeoted to ask tho Judiciary Committee, to which the nomination hat be^n referred, to look into several recont cages of considerable importance in which Hughes sidod agaicst the Government. Borah Would not comment today on the appointment, but ho and scrap of his progressive group had expected the appointment of Store One ot them may raise his volen against the appointment by way of protest, but no otvo floubts t h a t Hughes will be confirmed, and by a largo majority. Democrats and Republicans generally, outside of the Progres-sivo group, praised the appointment. It may ba held up for awhile, however, until the committee htudiea Hughes' p a r t in recent cases involving railroad valuation, radio property rights, ant -trust laws, Lhc packers' consent dfcroo, and the New York five-cent fi rn case, all oC which are now or will ba before the Supreme Court. Rome iioerals expressed diuap- pointrnent over the appointment, w i t h C o n t i n u e d on Page Six. Outside Students Must Pay Tuition Or Be Barred MRS. RACHEL J. HUSTON DIES IN GERMAN TWP.; MOTHER OF CONTROLLER i MONTOWN", PtMi t - M ' - H,uhot llu-.toii. 86 yo,u, Did, niotlw o t i- ut i C o u n t y Con rolltu- K a i l Husin i.( d i! - SO o c'ock t h i s m o i i i i i i ? ,i uomobtead In iJerman t o w n s h i p 'n li.iil been talihif tor some time. j. l t - as b o r n Oetnhor f», ! S t l , d i i l i i t t ' i if 'ohn A" ,vntl K M / . t h f h t l f l p t l ^ * ' i / ^ l " » ( i t l ^ ^ ^ ^ l l ^ t l Ix-nia-.. p r - 1 cuttil *~fv in dMt i P U ' . S W ill t)C , J O - SCOTTDALE, Feb. I -"During discussion of a number ot case's of students m the grades who pay "individual" tuition, as contrasted with students of the high chooi where tuition U paid by townships, the board of education decided l,i ,t night that "Undents w h o do not pj each m o u t h w i l l bo h.u HM.1 TlU'in iii-e stveu s t u dents from othpi U i s t i tt.s in aiMdes, it wai said 1 i n n l v TRADE BOARD WILL ASSIST IN EFFORT FOR NEW HIGHWAY Tho Conaellbvillo Board ot Trade will give i t b bet efforts to the Con- ncsllsville, Breakneck and MolcroVt Road Improvement Association in the endeavor t o procure an improved highway Cram Broakue«k to the upper^ part ot Indian Croek valley. Clyde Leonard, representing the road asociatiou, bad a conference on that matter with Major J. 1C. Blake, secretary, hero today. A committee to assist In realising tho proposition will be named this week by Charles T. Kopner, president of the Lrad« body. TWINS PASS FINAL EXAMINATIONS FOR NAVY ENLISTMENT Chie£ S. S. Phillips, in chaigo of the local naval recruiting K-tAtion, received word today Irani Pittsburg that the twin bi others, Albert and "Winnie Cooley, the first pair of twins that lie has ever enlisted, have been sent to the Naval Training Station at Great Lakes, 111., having successfully passed tho final examinations at the Pitls- b u i g main offices. The boyfc arc sons oC Mrs Lizzie Ooolcy of Star 'City, W. Va., tormerly of Georges township. Two Steam Sbvels Are Put to 'Worl Near Niormalivil le Work wa» elarted thie morning on tlao NormalTille-Ind-ian Head r ad when two eteem shorela bpgan to out eh rough a 15-foot embankment r jar Norznalrine. Work is being con aa- Irated on that section, About 25 men are at work at (.he cut. Twelve men are putting up the forms for the bridge over Stony i un, about half a mile from Nonnalvillc It was said, that this would be about 27 feet high. Them win TOP two othor bridges on the route, the one over J'oplar -un beins the largest. There t/ill ale- be a bridge over a crcelt near Frogto vn. FARMERS WILL DOUBLE ACREAGi: FOR TOMATOIS Four Hundred Vo Five Hundred Acres to Be riante IVext tSujiimer. SOUTH END TO JOIN PROJECT Between 400 and WM acres of land In Fayette county wiu bo util this eummer for tho growing of matoes for the H J I F e i u c (Join p of Pittsbur.R, it has bean learned. Tho success of tho crop last j when ISO acre* were cullivt prompted officials of the concern sock increased production .and i' hoped to secnirn iidditional ton grower* in this county. Betwean 200 aad 300 acr-ifi of 1 will be culUvatod in,^iofthTn Fay- county, in the vicinity of OonnelLst and Vandorbilt, while the romain of tho ground is la bo mMl in vicinity of UniontoMrn, according present plans, Thvp task of swuniij; Contracts th« tomatoes has not been Htarted yet but it w believed that thta ma soon will he brought to t h f atteiy of tho farmers. fhroparatioua aro l»ing marie for eatablifa-bing of a not) or r-eteivlug tion wh*ro faimiorE, may deliver ti tomato crop for shipment i n the tory by George Bockoi, a "eprose: ti%o of the company who i i to bo tho National BanJv ot Kay-etto Cou in Uniontovm on Thurslay and Fri to meot wltii the. farmers to exi the proposition L/a,t year (Xirine viile wan the 5 only recoiviug atti. and it is likely that Uniontown Dickerbon Run will he s-ilected 1030 In order to offer belk-r facili for the farmers. to- uny say ted to is ato .nd tte lie lor the to tor a»! ter ion he ta- oir ac- ta- at ity toy tin 1s- ion vnd for les of Joan Dbton Appears In Atlantic City Sunday I'ress. A picture of Joan Dixon, 20 nioi ihs old, daughter or Mr. a/u! Mrs. Jos. ph B. Dixon of Vineland, N, ,1 , forme rly of ConniMlftville, appeared in ho January 26th cdiliou oC tlio Atla 1 tic City Sunday Press. Joan, graiftUlaughter af Mr. nd Mis. Joseph AV. Dixon. of lOaSn Cr w- forct avenue, was sitling OH the d' or- stop of her home when tho pic! tro was taken She ii one of t h u pap r's youngest readers and impattently f j e s through it for Iho comic ihoet AGAINST BERKEY, SEVEREY GRILLED Counsel for Former Somerset Judge Attempts to Discount Credibility. LIQUOR RING CHARGE AIRED PICTUKE IN I'APKK f\o Feelings Here JONESBORO, Ark., Feb. 3--It t »k M. A. Long five weeks to Jlnd out ho had a broken leg. By PITTSBURG, Feb. 4.--Claude A, M. Welsh, chief government witness In the- Sotnorset counfy ram conspiracy case, was fired, from his jofb today as prothonotary's clerk because. oE hifa testimony against John A. Berkey, former president judge ot the county, and 15 other dfeudants on trial In Federal Court. Juno Wcmerr, elected prothonotary of Somerset county, notified Welsh after he left the witness stand at the lancheon recess. She said she had not decided, whether to convey Weinh's discharge order verbally or by letter until she reaohedt the Federal building. "That doesn't matte any difference to mo," Welsh £old her after he notified him, PITTSBOTIG, Feb. 4f--Claude A. M. Welsh, chief GoTernment witnees in the Somerset ram conspiracy case, Hi cross-examination again related today th« story of the activities of John A. Berkey, former president judge of Somerset county, and 15 others in connection with alleged liquor violations. When court opened before Federal Judge F. P. Sehoonmakcr, Chief of Defense Counsel Percy Allen Rose launched into a vigorous attack on tho credibility of the witness. Berkey sat near Rose daring the sev-ero grilling Welsh was subjected to. John f. Coldiron, special prosecutor, permitted thp examiner to go aa far aa he wished in quosttoaiag Welsh and at times it was necessary for Judge Schoontnakor to admonish the questioner be wn.ii going far afield in hla examination. The court, in on-e such instance, refused to pnoit the defense to introduce as evidence the subscription list ot bho "Public View" after Welsh had said ho had sold subscriptions to tlio publications to bootleggers, politicians and others. Iloae contended that among the 1,900 subscribers wore persons in all walks of life but tho court refused lo permit the exhibit to bo entered in tho coae. Dr. J. T. Bowman, described by the defense a5 a "capable editorial wru- or," was brought, inlo tho oaso when tho paper was under discussion Duncan MrCrady, referred to as a "Johnstown newspaper man ot wide experience," was also mentioned us the man consulted , before Berkej started the Public View aa a political organ in 1925. The prosecution sought to prove that Berkey operated the paper for tho purpose of t shielding contributions sent him by bootleggers of the court. Wolob testitied to that etfect yesterday and the defense was attempting to break down that te-simony. Former Judge Berkey's campaign fund Cor re-election was swelled by a rake-off from bootlegging and gamb- Contlnuod on Page Twolvo CAMPAIGN SUNDAY Heiress Elopes ~§ Unity Frat Members Have Dinner Tonight The Unity Fraternity will meet at 6:30 o'clock this evening for a dinner In the West Urawlord avenue club r or mis. C. Herbert Ellis IB chairman o£ the d i n n e r canrmitlee and Charles L. Berlcey is in charge of the- etue-rtiila- ment. After the dinner aud program there will be a business session. t!,o otic Colder Tomorrow Is Noofa Forecast Colder w e a t h e r again tomorrow is forecast by the weather bureau today Rain which I'ell d u r i n g tiie daylight hours is expected to conjimio t h i o u g h th» night when the arrival of the lower temperature will check It Tlio mere ury barely touched III' degrees, the tree/sing: point, last nialit. Home, School, Church Must ^ Join Hands in Development Of Chi Id, Says Dean Kimball luit the t union iot u.t id t h O b l l R K O S U O l l Ot 111 I l l b f l , O t LlH» w i l l '·hortlj boum p l a n s t i a p p o i n t a l o m m i t t i ; foi i o nun c u e din 1 nt Pio-,idi'iit Ski'inp and ctn S H l l u l i c l ; l e t i t'n a f i P i i i o o i i loi Hiiri l a l u i c; i d a t t e n d A i A d m i t t e d In Tin p l t u l . K i i l c n o u r ot ^ t o t t d a l o ( h \ p I l u m b s r t = ; o n o f in (;io f!J! Si Uo ior treatmonc Injured in Crash. l'X10NTC)\VN, Keb -I --Mike Jacobs, Ins A\ lie, Kosp mi t h r o e daughters, ALu y, iloien mid A n n a , ol Mew Salem, u c i ' t r c a t c f i ior u l . s an| hi uisc"s at the I ' n i o n l f \MI Hospital, t o l l u w i n i ; au | j c u d i ' i i t on the N o w S.ilotH l o a d n e u r ilic Sandy Hill i lunch nhiMi th^T mu- i h l n o - was stnitk bv n tnu-k \ \ h i - - h ut- tcmpieil to ji.iss ,1 lun t-e-draw n \t- V U ( m p to Fnd Lii'c. l l u j a h , SS, ,m I n m a t e "t tlw Ku \ e t t n (.Mii.n'v ho mi*, is in thi^ I ' l i m u (civ, n l l o - p ml · u t t i i i i i c , fi niu t ill 1 - of I hr t h r o a t and nbdmiion, b u h p i c d to !f · p l i - i n f l i c t c ' J H t i contUtlcti is not criuciti. Inlerestiuy Addross Ttij Mem Of High School Faculty Feature S. 8. Meeting-. Discussing the subject, "The H tion ot the Parent to the School the Church," at Iho monthly ineo of tho Connellfaville district o£ Fayette County Sunday School A ciation Monday evening al the F Presbyterian Church Mist, Flo re B Kimball, dean of. girle at thp I School offered some p e r t i n e n t t f?eslionn lor the u p b u i l d i n g ol influence ol thv home, this school »er ·la- ind ing tho ao- ret ice igh ug- the ind The Weather tonight and probably Wed- Kiy morning; collier Wt-dnt-sday is noon w e a t h e r torpcast lor Wes Kk- thoj 5 I'll I Tcmpcrulurc Ilccord. mw 1021 M a x i m u m I i ."J M t n m i u i n . JJ I I , MOAJJ .. _________ _ 30 UJ the church. In part Miss Kimball said. "Our three fundamental institutions arc, iho homo, the /school and tho church, Wo must think o£ these throe institution*) as dcpond-ent upon each othor--each ministering to one side ol human development. Tho home, or the parents, care« for the physical needs ot 'i.e Individual, the school tho mental] and t h church the spiritual. Mind, body, spirit must all be developed harmoniously--each alone i.s incomplete' So n rides the question to w h i c h v,? privp- our a t t e n t i o n llua evening, ' in or w h a t .should be fh-e relation of t h e parent to 1)10 school and to tho h u r i h 1 ' 1 "The e l u d v ot h i s t o r y p i c t u i e s in most inlerti?liii8 m a n n e r the homo of thp past w h e i c all iHilieH devolved upon tho parents, and rihowe in eharp contrast th s i t u a t i o n today 111 which, duo lo the complexities of our economic nnd HOt'iftl syhtem, fhee d u t i e H have bofii taken ovei by other inBtitn- tloiih. Tho t h i n k m p p a r e n t t e a l u e w t h a t t h e I r a i n i n g of t b r c h i l d bjfc biva I n r g n i y triken o u t i t hifi handh. diid yet., hc'laff « pardiif b« wnnti-. in h a \ f i Continued on i j aee Seven. Miss Margaret 'Couzens, above f 19, daughter of Senator and Mrs. James Couzens, of Detroit, surprised ^ler parents by elopirg with William J. Chewning, Washington bank clerk, to wed in Baltimore, Md. The couple, has obtained the Couzens parenfca blessing:. J. W. GWEEN DIES FROM PNEUMONIA AT VANDEKBILT J. Wright f!wee,n, GO year.-; old, one of the best-known residents, of V a n - dorbilf and a merchant in ( h a t com munity tor about 30 yeare. dtai at 11:3t) oVlock t h i H morJUjiK at ln.s home on Union 'Jtrcol. Ho had lvf»u a i l i n g about two weeks. Two r] irs ago pneumonia developed In addition lo his wif« M ·. C!wci-u is rturvivofi by one d a u g h t r r . G-OIIP- vkwo, wif» of Carl Frost of Youngstown, Ohio t' R Oween cf Uniontown it n brother Mrs W i n f i i l d Work of Mr Donald Pa , and Mr 1 - Jos-P-ph Harper of Pp-rr" township a r ^ histers. Hundred Fifty Workers CaHed To Conference In the Afternoon. MASS MEETING IN EVENING Plans for the elaborate personal work campaign to be ront ducted by th« II Protestant ctkurohefi, beginning Sunday, February 0, wero completed at the meeting of tho Con- nellsvillo Ministerial Association on Monday. It te planned that 150 personal work, ens from the churches visit the homes of tho community next week. A special meeting of iho workers wil? he held on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock at tho First Christian Church, There will be a mass meeting of the 11 Proteetant churches on Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock at tlio First Methodiet Episcopal Church. Tins ministers will participate in HIM service. Re-v. Raymond Druker of the Forest Avenue United Presbyterian Church of Bellerne, Pittsburg, will deliver the address. Rev. Dmk«r will be here for the week to direct the work. The workers will gather each evening at 6 o'clock for stippe-r when they win be Addressed by Rev. Druk-er. A f t e r tho talk they will for their visitations. The suppers will bo he !] in the- following churches: Monday--First Methodist Protealanf C h u t c h . Tueoday--First Baptist Church. Wednesday--Firet Christian Church. Thursday--First Methodiet Episcopal Church. Find ay--Trinjty Lutheran Church. Firemen Come To Rescue When Cistern Goes Dry The advantages of a lire t r u c k are- not confined to battling; flarncs. This wa deinons-trated Saturday when Ihe p u m p e r of the l'jr:y Township Volunteer Fire Department wae b r o u g h t into play to p u m p 2 701 barrels ot water into the cibteui vi'ilHi supplies tho water for the tewage purposes in the hii^li srhoo! Jii i m a d o buildings at Perryopohs. Owini,' to the l i g h t rain fa 1 m t n a vicinity, tho wfitei h u p p i y at the t w o building« became exhausted auf had it not been tor the service i of Uu 1 truck school would have had to b. 1 dismissed u n t i l there was another rainfall to replenish the \ \ a t e r s u p p l y . Tho Peny Township Bn,ux of Education appealed to the tire d^parlnieol w h i c h responded by sending i h e tr'.ck and a squad of men. The n i t e r was pumped into ihe cistern Iron. A nearby creok. The firemen used 1,000 1'ect of hose. Attention to this was calli d at r n o meeting of the Perryopolis Boa''l of Trade Monday p-vening when H was pointed out t h a t the lire truck, j e n - dered aerrU-p- tor the entire t o w n s J d p This is tho second time thai the eu- ino has been used for thla purpose in the past year Incidental! / the Jlie truck is one 1 ol' the m a n y th ngt= that the Board ot Trdd-o has accomplished since its organisation Approximately 700 student , arr- enrolled in Iho gradt« a n d Ingli school buildings at Perryopolis. Father of Local Man Dies Suddenly In Pittsburg Home 11 ei man II S t u f k e n m n , ~d e a r j old, tatlu'i- ol How.ird \V. Stnc! eman ot t h i s c i t j , ilifii at "i 1") o'( loci Monday m o r n i n g al h K i e-hiiipiice, -K 3 Buil^y a v e n u e , \ l o n u t W a s h i n g t o n He hail IKKJH iotiH j d tiir sonif (HIM'. Jlis ileuth was iine^puclcd h o w l \ e i In uddiilon io hi^ wulovv, Mri. Sophia \Vachter H t n k e m a n , bo K u r v j v e f l by a grown Uunily. llowriiiJ BLuckeman, ot! t h i s city, ih pasteurixer for Ihu l l a g a n Dairy Conip, ny. Mr. Stuckeman \vas a m-enilwr of Bt J o h n h ixulRi', Xi :'l, Shiloh (Mutpter 2."7 Ai-tilon Conniunr|i»i \ .V 5!) Kiini»ia.l K ' r \ i ( j v, ill le hel 1 ut '2 3ll o' kx k H'pfJnesdac iflprnoo j J n l T ment will be in Stnithsido Dairymen Given Expert Advice as To Handling Milk The effpcl.s of'bacleri.i on the il!' ol m i l k w e r e cited by Uana a rpprespntahvn of t h e p x t e n b i o n p a r t m e n t . State College, in a laik t« tho K i r m o r b Cooperative U.iiry Ai sorialion at the a n n u a l s t o c k h u l d e i ' m p p f i n g Mondiv at Curfew Gr,uvcc Hal! at Flalwoods. Mr 13ailpy gave fuctirns to show t h e relative importance of t h e different m ^ t l i o d h of p r o d u c i n g milk He f a u l t h a t s l c n l i z i n g of m i l k pjilr, tlx* mast important factor in prortui uu m i l k of low bacteria which is, tho br ,( q u a l i t y m i l k . The sprond important fa tor, hr said, wds t h e cleaj inp ut the udd-ir of the cow with a clean i-.n; and tlip third w a s ooling nuik to !i t o m p c r a t u i o of CO dopieeh K a h ^ e n h e i t , he declared. It was brought to tho attention M the association members t h a t an di- s p e t l n r is to visit evoi v producer vli 0 sellb m i l k ,uul (he person will b ' i\- quired to show a cerlific.vtr w h i c h h i been issued by a state itjf-pector win. h u r a u t h linn permission to .sell m i l k A law covering this, u a s pabscd by thf State ljp£Uf!a(uio and i( goes into ..'feet on September t, next. The m i J l , produoen \ \ o r o urged t o "ccuvo t h c l i certificates, if t h e y have n o t done · o alread) C I) U i b c l of t l n i o n t o w n , c o u n i - v farm agent, also v,a', in ai the meet ing D u i i i i K the biismvjs bufthion in tin f o r e n o o n , G. M. G r i f B u of Ha! wood and W. D. llixoa of near Dawwiu UoMor Tyrone township were ix- elected divpt tor.s [or Iliretv jeii.s. OthiM's on thp board are O. W. lit L i e n - houbc, J. liKpey Lynn and J, H. Moore- 'iind. Tho rporganivation of the board is to be efiei-tcd at a later date. The a n n u a l report of Francis M Hirhey, auditor, was received A.! noon a c h i c k e n dinner \\.\n ·jprveo by women members af tho 0rdage ARMY ENGINEERS HOLD HEARING ON PROPOSED CANAL Dy U n i t e d 1'icss. WASHIXGTUN, Feb. I.--Feasibility ot a ?100,000,000 ship canal bet^ec-n the Oluo Kivcr and Lake Erie, linking the Great Lakes w i t h th Gul£ of Mexico, v\as, argued before -"he Board ol Kngmeers today by 4 tions fi oin Pittsburg, CincinniM, Columbus and Portsmouth, Ohio. A plea that set'tiona! difference bci stit aside and t h a t western Ppnns}!- vania and eastern Ohio work jolnt'-y i'or Die i a n a l to then 1 common advantage- «as made by .lamps V Burke, i,;pnfiMl counsel of t h e I'ltlBbuig Chamber of Commorre Torcli Slayc'r Mu'.t Dl*. TRENTON, N. J , Feb. 4. -Tile tlmth -tentpiicii of Henry Colin Campbell, a l i a s Clrmi?, ronfhftOil torrli ·of his biKtimouh hrlrto, Mr« M u w i x , ; ywir apf, w,i« nlilnwd vw,- In ifn« cviurl of orrora and »p

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