The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
Page 12
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" ,/, '? ^ '«' 4 i ,." "· ',' ."·* '", \ ; - . THUS DAILY CO'CTRIER', CONNBIJ Y» FEBRUARY 3, 1930. i; ' ! * 1 I STORIES OF WORLD WM SPIES ABOUND WITH MVEimiRES t of !lcyorost Operators In Sceuriue; Enemy's Se- Were Woman. Tallies Make Court Debut Myftl-ery, intrigue ami adventure abound In ih« ,me stories, now being tor the- fii »t time, about th« ox- j of World'War eptee. Until very j recently these lales--many oE th«m a)-' most beyond h'Jlief---have been kept j undor look aiil key In the govern- wont's secret Jiles at Washngton. i One 6f the cleverest splefl operating i 1n America wi B a woman in Iho oin- j ploy ot th German government. She · had been susptscted-for sonic time b u t ] no direct ovMonoe .cj Jld "be lodged against her, finally e\\e was arrested hy Army tnlolllgonce.'. officers and HMirched. Un unusually largo number of pint* wa« dlscove'reil in her ·gar- ments. A cipher ' expert examined them and Oound cUElous marks bcratched on. the heads* at tho pins. The little marks provecK'Jo be a code vvh'ich w.aa finally decfnfiered. 'Tho woman had teen carrying; Important messages tfi thi? manner for tveelw, .Another stn-y concerns TzCdio Tnee- sigea In code'which wei e so3it from Gorman -warehips and recorded on. a phonograph, disk by the BriCUtK-arlmir- alty. The men aaaSgned to eleoode-tho · c.ommnnlcaUpns were baffled. -All they could hear when the records i: \vere llayed was van unintelligible gibberish that d-e-flwl translation, Then a lucky accident led to tho solution. A tired ;«ent let his phonograph run down oiio day. Suddenly he jumped to his feof. The- m 'fisage -wae being spoken in plain Germanf ; The slewing; down of -the instrument had made the talk :uiiders'tai]dnijle. . The _ Germans .hat mado records oT their mestsagtis and Hent thew through the etlier at terrific" iipeod, but tha slow phonograph had betrayed them. In another caeo a woman e p y d o - vifeecl a ;?,000-word report in such a m a n n e r that she could paste-it'on the lens of her spectacles. Also, a dancer dining in a Paris cafe waved her ; tan t .In certain fashion, spelling out a mes- nage that l#xl to the sinking of a Krench transport off the coast of Morocco. A German spy jumped from ^an airplane, iamkd in a British camp in · Brtteh uniform and, Immediately ordered o-tlnjr officers to collect Information for a projected British attack; Another Gorman spy was so active that' the 'British were compelled to send taevavel wawlUps .and severs,! 'thousand troops to stop hie plans and .Capture hlttu ^ Communication between spies and their chiefs was accomplished by a .wide vnriely ot methods, "WirelesS telegraphy,' of course, was the most common, it ultimately led ,to the perfcctou of a spy-proof oolo cipher. .It IK «. raxlifloatioi % . of the crossword puzzle. A key i« employed, consisting of u numbor of 'squares in each of which »ro ,il! the loiters of tho-alpha- bot, Over ihesto squares is laid a piece of tracing paper and a line is drawn irom lettei to letter, back and .forth, Spoiling out the meesage. Then tlje xtgjug picture is wirelessed -UK a single unit, · The job of the man on tho revolving end i« to transfer-the zigzags 1 Hi tranupa-ent paper, place them over lilb key, jiad then untangle the mes- tui'ge. To wireless euch a picture "or map requires two cylinders of the * .same sixe,r.fcvolvlng at- a predetermined HI«MK, In perfect synchronism. Size «mr speed can be-varied-at will, 'a fa ft that makes for the safety of the 'code, even though the key ; be stolen. Invisible inks of various; compoBi- llons wcr- used widely In writing messages on sundry, articles 'ot clothing. Even bandages, and the Irisliles ot trunks Were utilized for" thie pur- powo., Tlw famous -"petticoat ease" -is known to intelligence'officers of prac- Lcona Fishback, yopng Commercial arij/sf, was sh to death in /u?r home,. a crime to which her fiance, William E. Peters, is alleged tn have confessed. The confession was recorded on the "talkies" and that ne^v boon to th? movie world will play an important part in the trial at Philadelphia. (Inlern».Ur«a,l · business is h e l p i n g f o l k * w h o need money -- arid need H qulcklyl dp to tically all the nations'engaged in the late ,wnr. - ft; seems that, ; a famous ca. singer had! j'twt' completed "a concert tour of Franco and was returning to Switaeiland. Her presence did not'create purticular e*reiteni«n$, until ono ot '/ th« customs officials noticed that ' sh wore a thickly starched ^petticoat that ws absurdly out .of etyle. Hit- snsplcione' aroused, the official-ordered one ot his ( women aides to have the petticoat examined, ·Whereupon the garment was given tho "acid" test ami a message- revealed, ' Strangely enough, perhaps, the moat common chemical ueed "by spies in writing -invisible reporte is ; ordinary iemon juice. It dries readily and later on, when heat fe applied, "the writing stands out bold ;md black, The Jrhid of paper 7roferrp(l ia onion sk!n, since it is very thin and strong a,'nd ie readily compressed with hi a e'uiprislngly email apace. Wrapping papt r was also used to ;v considerable e x t n F a « « 'message purveyor, for the r"fisort that it did not tend to aroueo suspicions If tho paper wae "tiel aroum' an innocent article like bread, or perhaps «. book. Books thetnaelves Were employed, especially those w'ith wide spaces between (he printed lines, Kawapapere with broad margins also we e used. Various acids, which possessed the virtue of revjnl- ing maps or deesages only when water was appli-d, ware tri^d out with A cast in point 3s tb' known "bath tub affair," which caused many a smll to secret-servicji officials. A rattier stupid-looking fellow, claiming .'to be a neutral, was trying to get tit rough France to Germany. Held tor observation with a group of other men, he was asked to take a bath. He refused point-blank, even thottgh h admitted lhat water had not bathed him for o^er a week. Willy-nlly, h wets showered liberally with water, with (he result that on h f H f a unit. It also oontemplalea an end back was found an important message j of ih present disorganized slaie of for the- enemy. (] ]() wa t s both in and -out of Congress, There is no d'-oubt thai the association 1ias or can get the money to hold th.j convention if ite officiate feel euch a course- would "be 'feasible, 1 A. further step .toward centralization o£ "vrt efforts was taken today met to decide- "what''"witnesses would be would be called for the repeal hearings to be opened February 12, The mambere of tho group are getting- behind the D'y-er 2.75 per cent beer bill but many of them aleo are advocating of the 18th -Amendment or tn-e Volstead A~ct."or; both, ,,:_ -_ Meaawille" .tHara Jsi . prospect ot amp'Hficalion rather Uiah'.rabatexnent -of Congressional 'deb'ato. . Chairman -Williamson of tho Housa expendft'ares plans to report_today and bring up Thursday or Friday his bill carrying.out the first--Wickersham roxsommendation for , trauefer of en-, forcfime-rit from the Treasury 'to the NAHONAt RALLY OF WEST PROPOSED BlY SENATOR BRUCE Marylanflet WottW Tims Focus J\t1,ontion on- IStlii Amend- ""ment Bepeal. DELEGATES FROW EVERY STATE By I'AUIj It MARLON Uiilled Press Stait CJorrisajjondent, WASHINGTON, Feb. 3.--A proposed cill for a- national convention of wets to unite behind a single prohibition modification program was being dte- eus!ed today by ^offleialfi pE tho National Association Against tho Prohibition Amendment while Congress continued to debate-the JSHUO. ·'Tllo auggetition for the convention wat made by former Senator William CuNill Bruce, Maryland Democrat, who, thought such, a course neeeasary -in order to set up « militant organizsa- tidno with « single object--repeal or modification of tho Volstead Act the Canadian liquor dispensary system, state option or the manufacture of beers and wines. The association SB understood to ho eoi/nding out the sentiment of ItK officials and backers on u proposition whitjh came from on of its most influential friends. The idea, would be to gather delegates from every state wbo are in sympathy witlv the pur- pones of the conventidn and have them work out a platform upon which th« wets could eland against the irys as Still another invisible-writing V od was made poseibJ^ "by the micro- pantograph, a device actually able to write a complete message, on tiny pieces o! glass and metal. Even Hhe head of a pin or noodle, eyeglass or tip of a fountain pen was' -utilized. Keedless to eaj, It was impossible for the human eye to detect the ruse, the only means of discovery being a high- powered microMcope. ALEX P. CAMERON, '^: COAL OPERATOR,^ S 01LLED BY DEATH IBWIN, Feb 3.--Alexander -Pollock Cameron, vic« presld-ent^of the Westmoreland Coai. CompaTvy; arrd'guper- intendent ot the Irwin district, died, at his home Saturday. Jle was born June 30, 1858, at JHoseburg. , Shortly^after his graduating from Lafayette College in 1883 he bogan his career as coal operator. In 1887 he b*ecame suporkitendent of the'rnin-es of the Bolivai Coal Coke. Company, near Ixxskport, and two years later took charge of the Deamark-Mangr mine -of-the- c mpany at Olaridgo. when the wet bloc oE the Second Ploor 112 West-Crawford;;Avenue. {Over MoCfory's J and 10 Cent Store) CONNELLSVILLE, PA, Talepjione ConnetlsviUa . 3-4 Open 8:),0 to 5--Saturday S:JO to I --~ UCENSttf JIT THI! JTATB-- Roofing Paper and Roof Paint Wo carry a full supply of kootlng Paper, IS and 30 inch. Hoof I'abit All Kinds. s Consolidated Coai Supply Co. J'hoifte I, 1 * and 1700, PECK CUNNINGHAM DIES FROM HURTS IN AU1FOIOBILE WRECK Joseph K. C unnlngham, 26 years old, form-er pitcher of tlvi Cumberland Colta, a rosic ent of Kommjy,' W, Va., died yosterdav in the Alleghany Hos- Ital at Rom aey, W. Va., from in- juri-es jvccjV^ d in anf automobile accident Satnr lay night near, Spxing- Beld, Va. , j "Peck" aa he was bette-f loiown twirled for tl«a Colts in the ftiiddla Atlantic I^eagu in 1928 and last, y-ear wa^ with Clu.mber'siburg midi Hanover in the Blue-Kidge League. Smithton SMI'rHTO, Veb. 3.--Mrs. Mary (Jalvotll of Jacobs Creek was a yisito.' here Thnrsdc.y. ,. Francis Bcugla^ was a West Newton caller .Tmirsday.. Miss Maiut McKonzie was a We.-it Newton nsityr Friday. Mr. nd Airs. Ilonald Haggermaii and family 01' Banning were guests at the home of \tr. Hagge-rman's brother- Thi6".will opeii the debate to all wlthouVthc stringent time restrictions which JjaVe been in force ( thtfs far. The three we^jnernfoers of the committee file a minority report. , , also-are anticfipaLed in tile, couttxjfersy between Senator Tiorah of, IdAho and Prohibition. Com- tatesjoner Dowtp over, iBorah's demand /or tlie truth 'a'bouf private charge egatpst Pr6l|fbit1on ; Comm^sioner Herboji of tlwaZ IdahJb-Montana dis» . . matter i^-ow stands with Doran Sir recelpt'ot 'Borah's -letter-reQiie-sting un inquiry, Boran.' .insisting 'there ie ;ioth'ing against'HorBert/and IIerl)ert on the Way , here at Doran'e PENNSYLVANIA'S |UMS.GOVERNING ATE Application Mil? Arid Bank G! 'In Amp t Be Ap »rove ; Surety Uoitd Amount, ' , Pennsylvania ha^ a uniqiie method of selecting its Ktate dftposito: tes. Any bank, banking nnfrtttuflon 01 trust company which desires to lie rnad^ a depository must, fll-e an ap lication with ine Statn Treasurer explains Coneral Edward Martin, nta tteas- urer, in the United Sfatos fye. ly. The applicant _miust complete jii application. Jesi'gnatinff the arnoun ol deposits solicited and state tin amouot of capital paid in, surplus, n tmlber of stockhold«rs, whether the f xwk is well distributed or 'largoly 1 sld by a tew Individuals, as w-ell as t 10 lengtli ot tlnw the institution ha been, -engaged in »u»inoss umki- its bart-e'r. Tlhis statement must be T-erlfied by oath or affirmation of tho 'resident, cashier or trust oflkier, as the case may be. TJi© application, wJiich is addrostwd to, the "State 1 reasurjr, must be pr-eaonted by him f.o tlie- board of finance and revenue wlthl i'30 days from the dat« lie receives it. If the (board app.roV-H a,u -iiBtitution as a depository it muat Eurn' sh, a bond to secure 'puyment ot deposi s and jn- tweeta to the -Coinmonwealtl ot Penn- ·aytvtttiia, yrith a profKr war ant of at- tortfoy to ·confess judgment o favor of (the CommoiiVealth, secur d, by a surety company or indtvidu 1 sureties to be approYcid by tho ?O3 .*d, in the amount of tht deposit to 'be mad-e. ' If a corporate bond be gl- en no one surety convpany shall bo ai proved in an aggregate amount in ex es« of five times ita capital, surplus a id reserve- and, whnever indhiduaLs -r«tle» are presented for appioial, 'Hey shall ctualify- in an nggrgate · v-er and above their individual. lit MliUfis to three times the amount ot I le deposit. No one person may quailt; for more than onfr-Courth of the total amount of the bond requtr-ccL ' The law provides that in lieu of the s,ureity bonds of suroiy co ipanieBJor Of individuals as aforesaid, .be dcpollit of State rnoneys may be sec ired by t'ho deposit, wiih the State Tr afSuror, ot Unitod Stiilei, mtiuldpal )r county bonds, to bo^approved by tl eiboard, in an amount taoasured by t ieir actual market valu-t» -eqiiai to the amount of deposit »o sceurod and 20 jer c-ontum in addition tboreto The 'bvornment or municipal bonds tntiat be accompanied by proper af.sfeume Jt, or pow- ^r of attorney to trtvnsfo- the' saija-e-, and said trust deposit' 0 securities 'must be roaintaiefl, on rec, lest, at the amount aforesaid, in case of any depreciation in t'tie v Uuo thf -eof. Poniiaylvaala ha*i two cl isses of depositories-- Milvo and It ictiv-e. At the present tlmo there are aigbt aotive ones, which pay interest c i daily bal- uncos at the rute of two i »r cent. Iii- activo depositaries puy inorest at the rate of threo per cent, In Pennsylvania the · jactive dc- .nosHoriw are limited to ifi per cent of the paid-ni capital and surplus. In addition no Inactive dep mitory muy have more than $500,000 c i deposit $t one time. Theo provisto »-of the law enable' the State Treaty er to have deposits wkb. banks In aoat o£ the towns in Pennsylvania. While ,the amount which rouy 'be j laced, jn an active amount which.' ma r "be on de- poqit at: any one time'at such ba.nka is $10,000,000. . Th« Stote Tre^vsurer s watching evory deposit made so l\ at the Commonwealth \vill rucelvo t ve maximum amount of ititer-c-et. Tl 'J/reasury Dapartm-ent's aftaira are .managed as car-efully as; any large bai k because in many reapccta tho depart rnent is really a large banking insthution. ConfcTluen- :e , orders t^ meet tlie'_eituation Ruffsdale RUFFSDAI/E, -Feb. n--The Adult Bible Class .. of Christ's Reformed Sunday School held a business meeting at the home o*f Mi-s. W. T. Carmichael Frkiay evening. Arrangements .were made for a "Rainy Day" tfocial., William Hull a n d " famiy moved' from the Huffsdale apartments to Wyano Tuesday where Mr. Hull is employed! "*· Charles Poole, a studenY at Meadville, ie spend Ing his mid-semester vacation al the homp o£ his parents, Dr. and Mrs. C, H. Foole. - - ·Fred D. Leonard o£ Ruffsdale and Gertrude F. Hixson of Bcottdalo were granted a marriage license in Oveens- burg. Mrs. M. A. Long and daughter, Mrs In-law and sister, Mr. and *'Mrs."X\'il- i F r a n k Bowman, attended the birth- Ham' HamiiK ra, Thursday evening. i ^ n ? annlraraary celsbratton of " Mrs. Mia. Harry Frost was a gnesi fit f Anna Kunkle of Amtarust. the h6me of relatives at Bello Vernon A ' E - Creighton is Improving frotrr a Friday. Harold H^ffran was caller FrldO' evening. .Saul SmUii wuih a Orecnsburp caller nihg. J serious n, Sffinessen Prayer meetng -wan held at the home of Mrs, Bashinoum Wednesday eve- Friday, Mrs, Sara Welghtman of Greeneburg was a caller here Thursday. J. T. Null spent the week-end in Classified AdvortlsesneiHs Bring rwml-fi when placed in tho col-1 Morgantown, W. Va. of T h nmiy Courier. s Vatwniso thoso who advertis*. "N Feb. 3. -C. 0. Bura- fiorth of Johnson Chapel has ireturtmd from Uniontown' wh«ne 1 o served as a juror last we-ek, Mrs. Thomas Edwards of MaTkelton was visiting friends in t wn Saturday. Mrs.,L. Ba-stianionc of 01 rhig.h school teachern visited her hoi i« in Berlin ove-jr S-und»'vy. ^ Paul Meyers, a stud-en, at the West ViVjginia Universiity at MorgantoWn, ib, visiting hte tvther, 1 r, IT. Meyers here at jkesent. The measuring «ocia held in tho Methodist Episcopal GUI rcb, hers Friday ev-oning was a v« y great success. , Mrs. L/enoa Stricklec, who had been called here oa account of the illness of her father, Daniel Smith, has returned to her homo at A andorbill, Tier father is getting a.'onj as well as could be oxpectod.' { James Hook, tho wol known merchant' o£ Soinerfle.Ul w: 3 n. week-end business visitor her-e liu t week. Use Uie CiaBSiflcKi At«mein't8. OONFL.UHNCE, Feb. r -At the regular monthly meeting o! town council this ev-eming the employ onent of a borough policeman will 1 e considered. The former policmtin, W. ( S. Bower, resigned January 1, The Bapfst Church p-esented a mis- ciioiiary pag«xnt in the jib.u.rd.h Sunday e'vening. E. I/. Beggs has Tetu ned from jury duty at Somer6^t. Charles Cries of S imerfteld was aniong the business ca lers here Saturday, i Mrs. Sopliia ijonway who land been very ill tor several w je-ke is slowly improving Mrs. AlErod Harmon f ConneUsville wae a visitor with frUn ds in low'n yen- terday. Mrs John Davis ha? returned from a visit -with fnonda a- PiMs'burg aiul Homestedd. Earl Linton of Cantjn, Ohio, w«U known here, fliopped jffi en routs to Watsondala to attend the funeral of Ills grandmother, Mrs. John Stuck. Uesnlts I * Sure ! Wli«n you use Classified Ada. in Tho 0-*l)y Co rier. Tlie cast ifl rnnall, resti'ts a^re big. Work Shirts 78e Men's blue chambray work shirts, of extra-good quality and tailoring . . . full-cut, triple stitched, and non-rip sleeves. Coat style and sizes, 14Va to '11 ^/z are carried-in 1 stock. Men's Bandana 'Kerchiefs 15c 2 for 25c Soft, .absorbent, men's handkerchiefs in colors of red 1 and blue,-Large size, ' i Butchers' Aprons 50c Waiters' and Butoaers* Aprons ot good quality material -with -waist and Mb fronts. , Men's Flannel Shirts $1.00 Men's cotton domet flannel shirts in s re ;y and tan colors. The shirt for outdoor workmen. Sizes 14y» to 17. Woo! Shirts $2.00 Featuring HEADLIGHT SlIKl'SI Oufweartwo ordmary pair 'ff/rt 'hawM EKTRA $2.25 pr. Ex:tra sizes $2.50, i Men's Overalls %?s$* ^sGloyes 2£fc pr. glove a working man will need. Extra heavy canvas glove With leather palm and knit wrist. An all jersey glove with knit wrist will do for (he lighter work. Men's Work , S«sp£nders 50c A strongly huiU ponder with the Police and FMrenien braces, Then t h e ?ross-ba'k work suspender in lengths of 38 inches and 42. inches. Men's Work Socks 25c pr. JL · · ft . ' Men's black socks with white feet and hcaYvy part wool socks. " " , Plain Jjlue Triplowear Overalls of extra heavy material, cut full with high suspender back and" bib front. Trip e Hitched with sizes from 36 to 44i Extra Sizes. ................. $1.85 Spaide Work Shirts -%. 95c Pull-ctit blue chambray avid black ateen work; shirts of excellent quality and tailoring. 'Sizes 'J4% to 17V£. O U T February White Event Begins Wednesday, February 5th New, Fresh, Crisp, merchandise will be offered to our customers during this February Event. Merchandise that the experienced housekeepers, brides-to-bedhnd gift seekers will enjoy looking over and making their selection--values of unusual nature, All goods ojf excellent quality, and , dolors to make your home more attractive,. « ' , .Underwear, Bedding, Curtains, Linery, Lin- ** 4 gerie and everything that can go under the heading ,, of "White Goods," will be included in Our February White Event. Do Not Overlook Oar Ad One Day This Month German Flier Receives French Trophy The presentation of the International airplane trophy awarded by the French Aero Club to the noted German aviator, Hen- Feigler, for having won the light airplane contest recently held in France. (Left to right) Attache M. Claudius, of the German Embtisay; Captain Broad, of Eng- land, who finished second; E. Von Happener, vice-president of the German Aero Club, who received the trophy' for Feigler; Comte 'de 1* Vaux, )resident of the International Aero Club, and R. DelmoUe, French pilot, who finished third.

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