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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, April 26, 1918
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Dall Connellsville's, Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,709 VOL. 16, NO. 142. CONNELLSVILLE. PA., FRIDAY EVENING. APRIL 26, 1918. TWELVE PAGES. GERMAN HORDES CAPTU KEMMEL HEIGHT; BATTLE RAGES SOUTH OF SO Haig's Hard Pressed Men Hold Out Long ; Against Greatly Superior Numbers But are Filially Forced Back; They Maintain Gains Elsewhere; Germans Admit Surprise at Zeebruggee by Plan to Depose Commander. DATED IN FRANCE! - MINES IS UPHELD DclaJIs of Movements of Division 'ot Permitted J?y Censorship. It* By decision of l l i e I. C- J. on a Complaint filed By a Coke Kqtrion Producer. CURES TO $906,600 THIRTY-FOUR ARE CALLED TO GO TO FORT THOMAS, KY. BOYS READY FOR ACTION IS IN PUBLIC'S INTEREST 'o Command in the Army Has Had Jlbre Jnteushe Drill Jiur Has Any Been Longer in Preparing to U*l to Uie Front; OtJier Kews of Interest Board "o. 5 14, i"eit Thursday. ONE OF LONG RANGE GUNS IS DESTROYED By Associated Press. LOJTDOX, April 26.--The Germans iii their attack OB the northern battle.iront IUJTC occupied Kcmiucl hill, deneral Kiidcliife, chief director of mUitary oper- tke war office, stated this afternoon. Orders have been received_ by both LONDON, April 26.--A footing has been obtained on Kem- j local boards tor Districts Nos. z and mel hill by the Germans in their attack on che northern battle; 5 to cal1 front: the war offir,p. announced todav. The flirhtinc is still con-!_? n T The Twenty-eighth Division of the , army, composed of the National Local Board No. 2 'Will Send 20| Guard .of · Pennsylvania, of which Company D and the Hospital Corps o£ Counellsvillc are units, will soon be in France. Further details of the movement TTTPtT Tn«17t«I nrrCTHI»nn ;0r ""is" command are not permitted lutoL IKAVtL WtjIWAKyi u n d e r lbe censorship regulations. It cannot be suited what the port of I embarkation will be, what route-will Baltimore Ohio Special Will Carry!be taken or the anticipated date of Tkem br IVav of Tittsbnrg and Cin- i arrival - Bllt il ' s Probable, that the 1 next mail that relatives and- friends of members of the division will receive will be postmarked France.- The division, which went through its reorganization and training period at Cam.p Hancock. Augusta, Ga.. is recruited up to its full quota and is ;As a IVliolt, II. is Held; Although a i j WserlnunatioH Jletircen Shippers as ' a Class, is Xot Unjust Sor ]'rc- ! judicial Williin .llfianiug of Statnlc. j cinnati; Am Sclietnled to Start IxcaJ Depot at 6.15 O'clock. draftees for entrainment to front, the war office announced today. tinning in this region. Thomas at Newport, Ky., on In first-class condition. Its efficiency The allied forces were engaged all day yesterday -with greatly i superior enemy forces along this front from Bailleul to Holle' beke (a distance of about 10 miles) and finally were compelled : to give ground. German posts which were holding out southeast of Villers- Bretonneox on the front south of the Somme after its recapture by the British were cleared up. .'.· The.stiitement follows:-- . · ' - ."On th.B Bailleul-Hollebeke front, after severe fightng last- · ing: thronghoot the day against a greatly superior ''force, the allied troops were compelled to give ground and the enemy .obtained a footing on Kemmel hill. "We carried out successful minor operations during the night west of Merville and cai;_ured 50 prisoners and three machine gone. The hostile artillery has been active along our . front from the Lys river to Givenchy." WCHTDf6 HIAYT SOUTH OF SOMME. PARIS, April 26.--Heavy artillery fighting south of the Soma»e v l8 reported hy the war office. OKE tONG KASGE erjjf DESTBOIED. : ' PARIS, April 2(.--One of three G«rman long range guns which have, been .bombarding Paris has-been. destroyed; accord-, p(..the.jdepartmeiit off-tiie"iSeijie. The, ne ha* talked ' - ' : Thursday, May 2. The mejn will leave here over the Baltimore Ohio railroad on a special train at 6.15 o'clock. Instead of running east as all the trains going to Camp lx:c have pre- vionsly done, the Fort Thomas special ·will go west towards Pittsburg. Prom there the train will proceed to Cincinnati and then tn Newport. Ky. District No. 2 has called 20 men to report at the armors', and No. 5 has sent notices 'to 34. The No. 2 district men are: Clyde L. Young, Youngstown, O.; Jease Underman, Hagerstown, Md.; Vitror- io Eianico, Scottdalc; Yito Caulo, Scottdalo; Otto Soblatne. Owenndale; Abraham Greenblatt, Brooklj-n, N. Y.; Oscar Lankey. Acme; Tomasco Mor- rocchi, Scottdale; John Keen an. Pittsburg: James B. Knopsnider, Preed: Robert Oncll. Samnel Wiltrout, Saranel Thomas Thomas. Andrew Warricic, here, William A. Adda. Homer Cborpeti- , nlng, Jacob PotKra, Jam« C. Whitl- \ COIu BABKHAET SOUS is stated to be very high and friends expect it will give a good account of itself when it reaches tie scene of action. It is commaiuied by General Muir, of tbe Regular Army. For several weeks orders have been expected that would send tie division to the front. Tt has been on the priority list at the War Department showing that it was among the commands scheduled to be .tbe first to be transported abroad. Upon reaching the battle front the Twenty-eighth Division will be ready Cor active service with little or'rio intensive training. At Camp Hancocfc It was . trained in trench warfare, bombing, gas attacks and all tbe modem technique. Whether it will enter active service as .1 division, or will bo broken up and brigaded with British or French veterans is not known The Interstate Commerce Cornmis- ' sion has upheld tile raiiroads in their refusal to ftirnish o])en-lop cars to , wagon mines. In a decision handed , down in proceedings brought against · Swing B. Swaney, who operates a ' wagon mine near York Run, on the i Smitblieid and Alasontown branch of i the Baltimore Ohio, the commis-1 sion says that the practice of refusing · open-top cars to wagon mines is i "shown to operate in thp interest of j the public as a whole." j The decision is on an actio:-. taken j subsequent to J u l y 2-1, 1!)17, on which , date the Baltimore fc Ohio Railroad | company iseued an order restricting wagou loaders to ilie use of bi;x cars. A vigorous pvolcst arose from the wagon operators of Payeltr county, an association was formed will) J. D. jMadigan of Conncllsville, as president..] MBIillTV LOAJ IS OVKH.Sl'BCrtliiKI). Reports filed by the Canvassing teams at the n.ooii. dinner today shoived the quota "of $S48,- 100 to be oversubscribed. .\-O. SUBS. is;; 230 . 580 CAPT. Pryc'e Ashe Downs Bii-ler Hooper Lcclie Crowley Wright Keagy Konney ?, J .2 Graham 11!) Wilder 190 Previously reported through other channels 113 1T1 AMT. 5123.050 107.900 75,000 68,500 08.400 60,800 48.900 4C.C50 33.200 Sl.OOO "9,000 21.300 Total S906.600 City's Allotment in Third Drive Oversubscribed By Nearly $60,000 INDIAN HEAD A BOOSTER The Mountain Village District Conies Across With f u n d of $2,650. MILL J!U.\ TOTAL IS 916,000 CONFIRMATION OF SALE OF THOMPSON COAL TO FRICK IS BEING OPPOSED ; County is -Veering the $3,0011,000 Mark nnd Prospects -Now Arc Thai IVhcn Campaign l^mls tlie .Maximum (oal of $5,000,000 Hill he Ilcaclipd. : ConuclisviDe went a-A-sy over its ! quota today when JiiOB.WO was reported by t h r canvassing (.-nmmitlces ; of e h c Liber:y Loan committee ;u tiie : noon dinner at tin- Masonic temple j loday. The teams for t h e most part. " had good Kiieer-Hs in Uie rr-canvH.-,s ' o; yesterday, and t!ic goal of ?S4S.l'jO was easily ;op]K-d today. Tlie luiisiiH-r-.s men win c o n t i n u e ;heir d r i v e for n-e i niovn week yox, but no men iigs w.ll and the filing of a complaint with t h e HoMi-rs 01 Firsl. Jtortcaire Lii-ns Ask : hp hi'Id u n l i l next Friday evening. Interstate Commerce Commission oy | That Claims Be I'rntrrfed: Charge ! Tbr Byy ttoui« eirer the" i-iimpri-u' Bwing B. Swancy, a member of the I I'nfnir Drallnp by Tmslees. . I tomorrow, and " i i is expected ih'it association, was authorized. Altnv-[ Charging that the tniBtcos in bank-' many tliousantis of dollars w i l l b i - M - ncy L. B. Brownfield of Uniontowu. | ruptcy of the estate ot .1. V. Thorop- ' cured through t):at source, prepared the complaint. I son -n-e.-e not dealing fairly with thr · The meeting of thr ranvass-irs coni- Obscrving that wagon mines are holders of flist mortgagp liens on.mittees next Friday evening w i l l l-.o thus called "for the reason that they [ Thompson property in Greene county, i held at the Masonic temple where a arc not reached by railroad tracks," ; Attorney A. F. Silvens of Waynesburg.' supper will lie. served. the decision points out that because- 1 End an array of legal talent appeared' Indian Head reported '$2.650 tiiis of the rapid increase in tbe number j before Judges Charles P. Orr and W. ! moniing. practically all of the money I of mines of this class, the already i n - i H. s. Thompson in the United States i in cash. The sum'was turned in by i adequate supply of open-top cars was Jfcslrict Court in Pittsburg yesterday i I. L. Spark?, chairman of tbe can- jtbus enlarged. "Obviously," says tho, " ' decision, "relief in some form was essential, and as a measure in that direction the carriers' commission on car service, as early as May 7, 1917. and on several subsequent dates, strongly urged a greater utilization of box cars for the loading of commodities that ordinariry would be rrans- jjgral.^eoTnTnfUiLfring the: __^ . . _ . . . .. tfie rjiggnins are stationed. Tl^eriemy^Se^aeteTared, is constructing new emplacements. POSITIONS KECOMUfG PEEILOUS. ON THE FRENCH FRONT IN FRANCE, April 26.--The more they adTance along the road toward Amiens the more perilous becomes the salient the Germans are forming in the| Dnnbar Somme region, especially in view of the fact that the allied re- W3IIiam 'serves are virtually intact and the allied armies axe now commanded by a single chief. . TKe present moment is .less favorable to the German plans- than when they started their advance on March 21. Then a weak point existed between the French and British armies. Now, there is no sensitive part of the line since the unified command has given the opportunity to make the most tactful use of all the allied troops. aker, Ralph Ptrrtner and Carmine Montr, all of Connellsville. '- , , ; .Tne men'called by Boarcl NoJ,ar.e:, Stanley-Orie,'~Ainson:''Ehner"R. Shomaker, Ohiopyle; Kazraur Pivar, Trotter; Joshua L. Miller. Mill Run; Mark tumble, Ohdopyle; Robert K. Huffman. Dawson; Harold C. Marrietta. Mill Ron; F. B. Smiley, Dunbar; Benjamin F. Hall. Dunbar; Andrew. Vargo, Leisenring; t^roy Hardy, Charles Stall, OF TABIS CAUSES UTT1E DA3UGE. P.AJOB, April 26.--The long range bombardment of 1 Para was resumed dmtaul the ni«W, Dp to 6 o'clock, as f»l u could be ascertained, nobody "h*l Men hnrt ind the damage doae WM not «ipre«i»lle. 6UOUHS AM TO : TAKE KEJOOX VOL. ; BHB 1 JK , ji* London, April 26.-- Xh, Mpplemenarr ofliciil stite- 'ment from the German war office this Weaiac reada: S '.TJie annr ot General TOT Arnim Is engm«»d in a battle for Kemrecl jieighti." IVSKKKGKt. ]' TO LOSE HIS POST. ' AMSTERDAM, April ¥.--'Vice Ad- *niral Sebroeder, the · commander at iw*rn««. according -to reports -«chin( here, -will be deprived of his nd for being taken by surprise tb* British Tuesday. German in commenting on the nanr^d another, Lieutenant If. Dow, previously reported killed, in action, was reported a prisoner in Germany and suffering from a severe wound. FEEKCH ATTEMPT RECAPTURE OF KEJI3UX HILL. \VUTJ4 THS BRITISH ' ARMY · IN MIANCB, April 36.--The French this morning are counter-attacking at Kemmel bill in an attempt to reclaim, the position taken by the Germans. Yesterday's fighting was o£ a despcr- ! Ohiopyle: Glade; CHAPLAIN MANS GUN WHEN MEMBERS OF ITS CREW ARE HLLED ate nature, and the enemy gains were j miraculous^ only made at frightful cost." " Stories of Heroic Action Come From the Ameri!on Front In France. By Associated Press. WITH THE AMERICAN AKSTY IN FRANCE, April 26.--Two American soldiers, wounded in the engagement around Seicheprey last night, were found alive today in a .dugout in No .^fan's Land. The dugout had been badly smashed by German shell flre, and how the men managed to keep alive in the rain and mud and under continuous German bombardment, physicians say is little short' of TOBACCO rtnro GROWS. 'raid at Zeefcruggee, generally take Ihe btet llren in,the official reports rt-B««B»i Wd' represent the enter- riie arh«rlnc ^en a-failure. Some, jowerer. admit that the attack was nade with great boldness. LOAM i» .UJJKS soir ··· · ' XOTAI* » WJkSEEBKTrON, April 25.--Belgium la* (ruled another credit of $3,250- KW by the treasury today, making her Co«tri)ratin.s Xaile for Local Soldiers .Going Over Totals $38. The tobacco fund with which smokes, will be purchased for the Company D boys, and the Hos-pital Corps of the 110th Regiment, which is preparing to go over has reached a total of ?38. .Contributions are being taken at Hetzel's Drug store on Crawford avenue and Keagy's Drug store on the South Side. Father William J. Farrell of West Newton, Massachusetts, a regimental chaplain, proved ' such a good fighter that a high officer offered him a commission in his command. Father Farrell went to the assistance of a battery when four of the American gunners were killed, hurried up physicians and helped tbe crew to keep the gnu working. He was slightly wounded. Home on Fnrlongli. Orville Greer of Confluence, who is located at Fort Dtion, Ariz., is home on a furlough of 10 days.. MERCURY FAILING, RINGLER IS SUCCESSFUL IN ENDING HIS LIFE BY USE OF BELT Edward Ringler, 35 'years old,, ar- lorrowinss from the United States j rested last night by Patrolmen Geiger 107^50.000. and credits to all the al- iM J5,3»8,8SO,000. S-UDSS 05 CASUALTY 1IST. WASHINGTON, April 26.-- The cas- :*UtiM today contained ':· names di- and Turner fffr loafing about the streets of the city, was found dead in .his cell this morning. He had died from strangulation, having hanged nimseU with a belt to the bars of his cell. The suicide was discovered this morning by Patrolmen Geiger and ·RullL The body was removed to the funeral parlors of J. E. Sims. When Patrolmen. Rulli and Gcigei- were making the rounds of the cells, the. prisoners before Mayor taking (he names of prior to the hearings i follows. Kflled in action, D; M ot vtunds. 5; died of disease, 3; rounded seveieiy. 33; wounded lightly, X. i oAeera were namfd. Five of reforted s»rereljr wounded and Toondnd. They are: Dnggani they received no answer from ·wounded. Capiain Henry j Ringler. In the dim light a. man could be seen sitting on the edge of his iron cot, but he did not answer when Geigar asked his name. The officer strucic a match and noticed the. belt The ceil door was unlocked and Eingicr cot doivn, but l i f e ' was ei- i Worthinston. Lieutenants Orlando '. Brown. Edward M. Freeman, .John : Hjrd» and H»rrr S. Kelly. mfkBr wounded. Uenttnants Wil- ««:H- Kirk and Alfred: P/Krriin: 'te"the' MTai' officers tinct. Some time ago Ringler took bi-chloride of mercury tablets, but recovered from '.he effects of the poison by treatment at the Cottage State hospital. Ringler was born in ConneilsriHe, a son of Steward and Alice Ringler, and had sp«nt most of. his life here. In addition to bis parents, who reside at itoye;', he is survived by tbe following brotliars: Ward H. and Clyde Ringler, at home; Martin and Harry Ringler, both in military service, sta-, tioned "at Camp Lee. ' The body was ·removed this afternoon to tie Ringler residence at Moyer, where · funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with Rev. Wilbur Nelson, pastor o-l -the First 'Baptist church Sunday school, officiating.'Interment will terv. be in Hill nrbvii ·TO-. SEE HIS SOS OFF. . Colonel, -and, Mrs: James J. Barnhart of.. .SunroFside^J-teffc- ithiBJ: TQomlJrg-^-for an embarkation camp to see their son, Evans L. Barnhart, who will leave soon for "Over There." Young Barnhart is a member of Company D, UOtb Regiment, and served on the -VJeiican border in 1316. He has been with the company at Camp Hancock. Augusta. CContinutxl on Paso Two.) "DONT LET THE GERMANS TAKE YOU PRISONER," IS THE SPIRTTBOYS LIKE To Hare Their Mothers Display: It Serves Tliem to Meet Big Tasks They Are Having Over Thcr«. The spirit the mothers "back home" in America display towards the" participation of their sons in the war is going to prove a mishiy factor in sustaining them in the great struggle. When the parental injunction takes the form: "Whatever you do, do not let tbe Germans take you prisoner," the effect upon the person to whom it is addressed, if he be a soldier in France, is certain to be most stimulating. This is strikingly illustrated in an incident in which a mother and son, both known to many Connellsville people, figure. In one of her letters to her son. Sergeant N. A. Briscoll, of Battery B., 17th Field" Artillery, with the American Expeditionary Forces in France, Mrs. Catherine C. Driscoll, used the words quoted, -In reply Sergeant Driscoll wrote: ''The Spartan mother has become proverbial, but in all history there is no line to excel that ot your, 'whatever you do, do not let the Germans take you prisoner. 1 With God's help I'll try to satisfy you. "Last Tuesday was a red letter day in camp. Mail came in in bagsful, and best ot all there was something for me. Gee! it's great to receive letters. If you all knew what a letter means to the boys in France, you'd spend half your (jnie writing to them. It's a keen disappointment to see. a bag of mail-come in and receive nothing. "I've not suffered so much' as · a headache since' I joined this man's 'army. Not even a frost bite. tuess that's going some. I am. in wonderful shape: don't worry about me. I'm fit to fight a dozen 'sausages' this minute, and I'm coming back in at least as good shape in every .way as when I left and far better for the experience." and protested against ratification of jvassing committee of that place. Mill the trustees' sale of large coal tracts i Run also reported an additional ?2.050, to the H. C. Frick Coke company. The sale of the land, which .covers more than 7,000 acres of coal proper- making a total of more (ban S1G.OOO that has been subscribed at that place since the opening of the drive. The . ty in Greene county, was consummat- j ^ E n thing of the mountain subscrip- ed a little more tban a month ago. at : lions is thai they are paid for in cash. a price aggregating ?3,627,000. At the | Tt other districts in Springfield town- time. it. is reported that there were iu', s bip respond 'as Mill Run bafi, it is the neighborhood 'of 3.800 judgments j certain that (he quota for that district gainst 'the property and -numerous ; wi " be reached. dinrfer for the canvassm- mortgages. The Friek company re- ! The ported in open cars. Coal was included. ' : . ... : . .... - . . v '"-"Ttf'compelling the use of box cars for team-track loading the sought was to make available a larger i tae property unless all nrst lien hold- i "· «oon tooay, eacn captain repo. ,,,,,, supply of open-top cars for loading at t ers temporarily relinquished their : what be had collected since noon vcs- the tipple mines, and in that way to [ claims and allowed a clear title to he ' terday. Several teams exchanged dis- aid in increasing the production and ' movement of coa!." J. k^ilo tuuj L. o u.£i.o. J Hi; 1' i ivn. LUlUj^iiU} ' U- j ~--.1 u . u m . i i i _ T I U U CiiUVaSRin "" result fused to accept the trustees' deed for j teanis vas held at the Masonic- temple larger I the property unless ail first lien hold-! a t noon, today, each captain reportiu- grauted. ! tricts for thc remainder of today. Last According to Attorney Silveus. tbe ; reports were filed wiih the loan con Referring to the regulations of the . propert ' has Deetl advertised for tax.mitlee after afternoon canvass Fuel Administration with respect to i salcs aad there is B reat danger of the i. ha d been completed. Some of the ' " -- leams expected to get some results o prices team-lxack mines are allowed to charge for their product, the decision concludes that, "These considerations make it clear that the pecuniary I disadvantage which tie complainant ! suffered has . since been removed. } Apart from this finding it is also ciear that, although in its nature :i discrim- ^ of territory that had previously' been 'gone over by other canvassers. COUnt! ' total ' the 53.- public as a whole; and in.the light of such a result it is neither an unjust discrimination, nor is it unduly prejudicial within the meaning ot the regulating statute." MILITARY BAND INVESTS Buys $200 of tlie Tlu'rd J-oun Bonds; to first mortgage holders' claims being depreciated. He said the creditors wanted some, assurance that they ·would obtain adequate protection for their claims if a clear title was granted before the mortgages were paid. Attorney"Silvens presented an or- . ,,., ,.,,,,,,,., Ia der drawn at the request of a number i "sing "speed up" as his slogan L'p _, .__,,, ..... _-,..,,.. ...., 0 tie prc5cm thc o£ri( . ia] ^ ^_ ported by the banks is ?2,713,050. It - - - - - | s certain that more lhan this amoiia- diatcly settle all first mortgage claims [ u as been subscribed, but has not ye upon receipt · of the purchase price. | S° ne through the banks. ,v 000,000 'mark, but the goal creased to ?5.000,000 some time ago and every booster In thp county is ination between shippers a s ' a class. H"* creditor s which would^require t h e , the practice of The carrier neverthe-1 trustees eiUler to sel1 ^ property ; p ,.. less operates in the interest ot the subject to the encumbrances or imme-,; scertam that more Uian thin amount ua s bee which is to be paid in cash; Attorney '. that the . . A whirlwind finish here ce.vt week s expected, as £, T thai time out of no right to sell the prop- ; l °wn districts ought to be making re- encumbrance. without hav- i Ports in full. Indications are that tha not appear in court. They were re-p- j resented by Attorney A..Leo.Weil, who The 'Connellsville -Military band has I said every effort was being made by Escort Draftees. Rain tonight and probably Saturday;, cooler Saturday,' is the .noon weather forecast for "Western Penn- 1917 . 65 · SO 57 . Temperature Record. .-."· ' · 1918 Maximum R« . Minimum . ____i__48 ' · Mean- ^ -- '. _ ; ss The: Yough river fell .during- th» . it*«Qt'£rom. S.SS'.teet to 3;45 leet:'. invested 5200 in the Third Liberty Loan. Tbe purchase was authorized yesterday hy Director John B. Caster after conference with a number of members and the action will be approved by the eiecutive committee. The subscription was turned over to the team captained hy w. N. Leche. The -band will act as escort to the draftees leaving Sunday for Camp Lee. Stedeans Fire on Cavalry Patrol. · MAHFA, .Texas, April 26.-- Private Sacco Stone was' wounded in the eye when Mexican soldiers fired on an American cavalry patrol near Everett ranch, sonth of here, yesterday. The fire was returned. The Mexicans fled, leaving five made-in-G-ermanj' rifles. the trustees to bring about an early settlement of all first mortgages against the property. The court reserved decision. WARD RINGLER HURT Btoek and Tackle, Falling. Hit Him on the Head. Ward H. Kingler, an employe of the Baltimore Ohio railroad, was the victim of a painful accident yesterday afternoon while working in the air compressor room. While assisting in putting in a new fly wheel, a block and tackle fell, striking Ringler on the head inflicting two wounds, one requiring, four stitches and the other two. VIOLATE 50-50 RULE AND MUST BUY BONDS AND GIVE TO RED CROSS AS PENALTY Siiveus further contended trustees had : erty free of enc . . . . -,,.,,..,,,, ing secured the consent of all first j outside canvassers are steadily plus- lien holders. . . . i Sing away a t their work. A few David II. Hertiog. George.R: Scrug- ! townships have reported straggling ham and HoKe M. Kite, trustees, did j results, but the bulk has not been" computed yet. The following women from the Trin- j i t y Lutheran church served dinner i yesterday to the captains and their teams: Diningroom, .Mrs. Lyda Percy chairman; .Mrs. Daniel Durie,. Mrs' Emmett Collins. Mrs. J. B. Marietta! Mrs. H. C. Hoffman, Mrs. Karl Keck, Mrs. J. H. Bitner. Mrs. Clyde Cotion Mrs. Alber- Silcox. Mrs. Edward Baer. Mrs. C. W. Erbfsck, Mrs. T. E Miller. Mrs. 0. H. Siicox, Mrs. Earl T' Clabangh, Mrs. K. R. Kooser, Mrs. A. C. White, Mrs. Paul Kamerer. Mrs Arthur Nemon, Jirs. R. -R-. Leiberger. Mrs. Charles Work, Mrs. Lena .Madison. Miss Rose Keck, Miss Rena. Miller, Miss lola Fries. Miss Margaret Brickman, Miss Cor.a Eastholm and fell,; Miss Adda Leiberger;. kitchen, Mrs. David May, chairman; Mrs. E B Burgess, Mrs. J. H. Bengel, .Mrs. J S Elliard, Mrs. Carlson, Mrs. Harry Decker. Mrs. J. L. Pries, Mrs.. H. L. Cochran, Mrs. Mary Morman, Mrs Carrie Bitrner, Mrs. Margaret Fornwalt, Mrs. Walter Winecoff and Mrs. S. G. Zimmerman. As a penalty for violating the 50-50 | flour sale rule two Star Junction merchants, at a hearing yesterday at the office of Justke of the Peace Allen .Galley at Perryopolis, were required to contribute ?100 each to the Red Cross, invest the same amount each in lie Third Liberty Loan and refrain from tbe sale of flonr. for a period of 30 days, Mike Tocwito admitted selling Mike Shulic 1QO pounds of flour without sutetMUue whilo Mik.e Smith pleaded guilty to the charge of -leaing John Ar.lioch. hare 150 pounds of flour with T!0 pounds, of cpmmeal. .Morris Krell wss charged with sell-j jng to Frank"Cosnitr 5oO potmdfi of flour -without substitutes, bat. he de- .nied -the charge, admitting that a 'driver may have 'been, responsible. He .promised to repossess himself of SOO.BoirJids of the flour aad because of responsible or not no penalty was inflicted. Under the direction of Food "Administrator Charles ,L. Davidson of UnKra- town who was present at the hearing an inventory of the stocks of the two stores where sales are prohibited will be taken May 25 to determine if the order has been, obeyed. The dealers in the co-mnnraity were cautioned not to sell mere than 25 pounds o£ flour to a town or village resident nor more than 50 pounds to those living in the country at' any on* time. Charged Ttlfii Larceny. Charged, with stealing between ?27 and S.2S from the pockets-of John Go~ Uershaw, .the police yesterday: arrested KeU Harvey. He is being .held fn the eity lockup lor a tearing-before RAINEY WORKERS DO WELL .Mine and Cuke .HiikinK Departments at. Ixmonl Snbscribe $51,000. .The employes of W.. J. Rainey at Lemont have subscribed fol.OOO toward the Third Liberty Loan. The figures cover only the subscriptions by the men employed in the mines and on the coke yard. KILLED BI 2KADT. Civil IVar Teleran Steps in Front of Express at BrovrnsTillc. VT. F. Johnson of Brownsville, was instantly killed last evening in tho South Brownsvill.e Mbnongahela Railway company yards, when he accidentally stepped in front of the Fairmont express train. .Mr. Johnson was a Civil war veteran and had boon employed by the Mo- Bongahela Railway company fctt- Uia . : '-'....i r : _.UU-vi;i:iL' ; i.2 I i££;'^^53i2McSS;sS£.sfe.SvSi GiiSiifiiSSiSijg!

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