The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 11, 1938 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1938
Page 3
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TUKSDAY, JANUARY 11, 1938. DAit.v COUKIUU, CONNJBU-,SV1JL,L,E. PA. PAGE THRJBEi. SCCTTDALE BUDGET UP FOR 1938 NEWS OF THE COURTS Canoeist Missing Increase of-$2,000 Over 1937 Tentatively Fixed. OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST Special to Tho Courier. SCOTTDALE, Jan. 11.--Council President E. L. Stoncr,' at an adjourned meeting on Monday evening, named the following committee! for the next two years: Finance, H. Vinton Overholt, A. C. Shircr and F. J. Divon; street, A. C. Shircr, D. H., Kelly and Hoy Baker; sewer, F. J. Divcn, B. C. Bell and Koy Baker; fire and water, Roy Baker, Earl Sturtz and George Murray; police, D. H. Kelly, J. A. Adams and Earl Sturtz; light, B. C. Bell, Ross Kalp and E. J. Hickey; building, Earl Sturlz. George Murray and Ross Kalp; sanitatio'n, E. J. Hickey, J. A. Adams and H. Vinton Overholt; ordinance, Ross Knlp, B. C. Bell and E. J. Hickey; and works, J. A. Adams,D. H. Kelley and George Murray. A tentative budget was adopted and ordered posted according to law. It showed an estimated cos; for the year 1937 of $57,200.09, and a proposed budget for 1938 of $59,280. Council ordered a voucher drawn so that the State tax might be paid by Solicitor John L. Mollison. The fire report of the Scottdalc Volunteer Fire Department was read, accepted and placed on (lie and a letter of thanks ordered sent to the department for its fine work during the past year. It was decided to buy belting from the H. C. Frick Coke Company from its Colonial belt for a floor covering in the council chambers to cost approximately $70. Mark Golden Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. John Kritschgau ot Mulberry street celebrated their golden wedding anniversary with open house at their home on Monday, from 2 until 5 o'clock in the afternoon and from 7 until 9 o'clock in the evening It was estimated that more than 100 friends from Scottdiile and surrounding towns called to congratulate the touplc. ' Mrs. Kritschgau. who made her home with an aunt, Mrs. Kline, at 15 Chestnut street before her marriage, was Edith B. Bierer. She wed John Kritschgau, who was a resident of. Bradys Bend previous to coming to Scottdalc. The ceremony was performed at the Kline home January 10, 1888, with Rev. H. S. Garner, pastor of the Reformed Church, officiating. Only two people who attended the wedding are living. They arc Miss Ida M. Stewart of Grcensburg and Mrs. W. H. Thomas of Youngwood. Neither were able to be present at the anniversary. Born to this union were two sons and one daughter, John Kritschgau of Scottdale, and Harold, who died several years ago, and Miss Margaret Kritschgau at home. Assisting Mr. and Mrs. Kritschgau in receiving were Misa Kritschgau, Mrs. John and Mrs. Harold Kritschgau. Mrs. C. E. Murphy of. Greensburg, a sister of Mrs. Kritschgau, poured. historical Program. At the dinner meeting of the Rotary Club at the Presbyterian Church on Monday evening, Lloyd Davis, sponsor of the East Huntingdon Township High School History Club, and five of its members were entertained. A part of the program that had been given before the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania in the historical building in Pittsburgh on January 4 was repeated. The program included: Reading, "Lee, the Unconqucred," Betty Stoner; paper, "The History and Functions of the East Huntingdon High School History Club," Henry Wick; address, "The Topography, of Pennsylvania," Hilton Wick; papqr, "The Golden Gate," Joe Sutor; accordion solos, Joe Bandrofchcck. The East Huntingdon Township Historical Society will present a program before the Fayette-Wcstmore- land county branch of the Western Pennsylvania Society in Greensburg on February 17. Personal. Miss Rose Bohn, who has spent several months in . Seattle with friends, has returned to her Scottdale home. Mrs. Donald Kcistcr of. Loucks avenue is visiting with friends in Kansas City. Dawson The Ladies Aid Society of Dawson M. E. Church will hold a five-cent cafeteria, Wednesday from 5 until 7. --Advertisement.--11 jan-11. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 11.--Harry J. Brownfield was appointed by Judge H. S. Dumbauld as auditor of Georges township to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Robert Wheeler to serve until his successor duly qualified to serve. Found guilty of a paternity charge last March 19 and granted his motion for a new trial June 7 which, on August 30, was postponed by the district attorney to the following session o£ court, Thomas Hess, Jr., was finally,' ordered discharged by the court. The order in the case set forth that "it is apparent to the court that evidence in the case is not sufficient to justify a conviction and the defendant is discharged and record costs to be paid by the county." Wylean Neal, 22, Negress of Fairmont, W. Va., arrested by County Detective John C. Wall for the Christmas Day stabbing of her uncle, George Jones, at Filbert, was given a hearing yesterday before Alderman Robert F. Hopwood and held for action of the March grand jury on a| charge of felonious cutting. j In a court order, Judge Harry A. Cottom ruled that the petition having been presented and considered, and it appearing that the county docs not have any equity in the premises, the petition is granted and T. Watt Henderson, former probation ofllcer of Fayettc county, is authorized to make a quit-claim for the property to Jane Goodwin, owner. Edgar Goodwin, prior to June 5, 1931, was directed to pay on a court order to his wife, Iva, for support of a minor child. The defendant's bond of $500 was signed by his mother, Mrs. Jane Goodwin, against her property. A judgment of $800 stands against the premises. Heirs oJ the estate of James H. Rittcnhouse, actual owner of the judgment, have contemplated Issuing an execution for sale of the property, containing two and one- half acres of vacant land in Georges township, owned by Mrs. Jane Good- A'in. Other judgments against the property have expired, it was said. On petition presented in open court upon motion of H. Vance Cottom, counsel for petitioner, Donald W. Edwards, receiver ot Monongahela National Bank, Brownsville, was authorized by Judge Harry A. Cottom to accept a release of any interest George Kump may have in a property--a small dwelling in West Brownsville--in full settlement ot an asset held by the bank on a note in the amount of $905.92. The receiver, through Attorney Cottom's motion, was also empowered to accept rent collections as carried in Trustee for Owners account in sum of $204 and to accept not less than $3,950 cash in full settlement of two other assets represented by notes of $337.93 and $7,427.95 executed by Croation Beneficial and Educational Society, Brownsville. In an order signed by Judge Cottom n petition of Donald W. Edwards, receiver of Brownsville Monongahela National Bank, the petitioner was authorized to accept not less than $4,000 in full settlement of the indebtedness of John Sabin, recognized in a note for $11,165.79, secured by a judgment of record in the shape of a lien on six parcels of ground owned by Sabin. The court directed release of the Judgment. In the case of William S. Morris, Ruth M. Rhodes, Paul Morris, Jean- nettc Moxlcy,.Emily W. Morris, Sara C. Boyer nnd Marion Morris against the County oJ Fayctte, Judge Cottom, on an appeal presented the court, declaring the plaintiffs waived rule of issued to show cause, directed an issue be framed In which the seven interested persons arc named plaintiffs and the county of Fayctte defendants to try the question of damages to the property. In decrees handed down, Judge Ross S. Matthews, newly elected conuty orphans court jurist, made his first distribution in estates coming under his jurisdiction for disposition. In the estate of John H. Schmidt, who died September 24, 1930, leaving a last will of January 11, 1932, or* which letters of administration were granted October 4, 1933, to National Bank of Charleroi and Trust Company, the court decreed $217.94 in cash and restaurant fixtures, valued at $42.75, be applied on a judgment entered at the 1931 December court term favoring the Charleroi bank. In the estate of Mary E. Mansell, who died October 18, 1934, leaving a last will of March 25, 1930, on which letters of testamentary were granted to Claude R. Mansell, the decree awarded the total of $1,354.49 in one- fourth shares to the children. Claude B. Mansell receives $900.59; Harry B. Mansell, Sarah Mansell Stevens and T. Dwight Mansell were awarded a like amount from which an advance of $575.29 each was deducted, leaving a balance of $140.30. Account was confirmed as presented by the accountant, Janrcs R. Thomas, in the estate of James Kccfe who died March 23, 1937, leaving a last will of January 19, 1927. Personal assets, incjuding a postal savings, West Penn Power deposit and an automobile, were converted into cash to pay the decedent's indebtedness. The court, in its decree, also ruled that the judgment of Wick Haven Coal Company, entered against J. F. Kecfe at No. 237 September court term, 1934, has been certified but the court is satisfied the defendant in the judgement Is not tlie same person as the decedent. The account was ordered "confirmed absolutely" unless exceptions arc filed within 10 days. All property in the estate of John N. Timmer, who died March 8, 1937,, leaving a last will of October 22, 1929, on which letters testamentary were granted to William H. Rankin nnd Ida Marie Timmer, was be- qucstcd to the widow, Ida Marie Timmer. Total of $2,334.33 rorrmincd for distribution. Of this amount, $150 was retained by the executors for a marker at the decedent's grave. The balance, $2,184J)3, including mortgages, notes and other personal property comprising the estate, was turned over to the widow in the court order. Two sisters, Mrs. F.ffic Ansted nnd Mrs. Nellie McMasters, were be- qucstcd the estate of William Patterson who died July 10, 1935, leav- Uniontown Collect:; $13,286. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 11.--Former Mayor John Q,. Adams turned $13,286 into the city coffers during 1937, the highest amount collected by the mayor's office in recent years. Fines for lottery operations and traffic violations topped the list. Richard Hncrtlcy, 17, who has b«n missing from his home in Daricn, Conn., more than week, is pictured above. Ho set out in an 18-foot canoe, possibly headed /or Florida. He .is tiio object of an intensive search. f Central Prat), the estate of Vnccnzo Vivolo, who died September 11, 1935, intestate. Letters of administration were granted to Attorney Maxwell Lizza. A sister, Mrs. Marie De Magistro, was the sole heir. ing a last will of July 31, 1933. Each | Judge Matthews confirmed the ac- hcir received $57.11. A judgment entered by Peoples Bank of Greensboro in September, 1929, was considered but, in the decree, the court set forth the debtor count which showed all debts paid with no balance cmaining in the hands of the accountant for distribution. In the compensation case of J. E. in this judgment was not the same!Gray, L° ck No - 4, North Charleroi person as the decedent. ! claimant, against Dickson Construc- Roltives shared in the estate o f ' tion and Repair Company, Hagers- MifTlin J. Johnson who died February 25, 1937, leaving a last will of January 7, 1937, on which letters were granted to B, F. King. By the terms of the will, $200 went tp Nora D. Johnson and $100 each to Hope and Ruth Alice Johnson, nieces of the decedent and daughters of Dr. and Mrs. C. B. Johnson. Dr. Johnson and his wife, Agatha, received the balance of the estate which included $590.46 cash, a note of B. F. and Lou M. King, dated September 13. 1036, in the amount of $600, National Bank of Fayctte County's receiver certificate for $8 and household goods valued at $37.75 for a total of $1,236.21. Sum of $628.05 each was awarded a sister. Viola E. Moss, and a niece, Helen M. Favor, in the distribution made in the estate of Edith B. Moss who died January 4, 1932, Intestate. Letter? of administration had been granted to the sister. Account was confirmed, unless exceptions are filed within 10 days, In Salve, Nose Drops Liquid. Tablets COLDS arid FEVER Checks first day Headache, 30 minutes. "Rub-My-Tism"-World's Best Liniment SAVE MONEY Men's Suits and Topcoate 59c ON DRY CLEANING Ladies' Dresses and Coafs (plain) 59c 308 So. MUsliurgh Street Opp. Carnegrlc Llljrnry town, Md., and Statt Workmen's Insurance Fund, Harrisburg, defendants, an appeal to Fayette county courts was filed vith Prolhonotary John J. Brady by the State Workmen's Insurance Fund. Through its counsel Attorneys John T. J. Brennan and S. H. Tor- ehia, u*ho aver the appeal is not being taken for the purpose of delay but because of a belief injustice has been done by the decision nppcalcc from, the State Workmen's Insurance Fund charges: That the workmen's compensation board erred in affirming referee's order making an award of compensation lo the claimant in this proceeding; that it erred in affirming referee's finding of fact of total disability as a result of injuries, there being no testimony to support this finding of fact; that hearing held on reinstatement petition was improper and without justification for the reason that at tfie time of the hearing, the suspension order of Referee ARABLE CAST MAKES LEGION SHOW SUCCESS With 14 different scenes, the American Legion minstrel, "Anchors Awcigh" will be presented tonight and tomorrow night at the High School auditorium by jm unusually large cast ot local amateurs. Many newcomers are in the list of names which follow and some arc expected to register themselves for many future demands. Kifcrle's Orchestni is furnishing the music. The program follows: Scene One--"All Aboard." Sailors, Horace Dclligatti, Joe Carson, Larry Ash, ' Julius ' Molnar, William Molnar, Cheater Leasure, Frank Ma.itell, and William Duncan, Snilorettes,- -Snlly Moon, Anna Sarah Ash, Madclyn" King, Winnie Moon, Carole Houck, Martha Jean Henvick, Margaretta Bulebush and Esther Kenner._-- ·:.. ~:. ~ Tourist girls, -Mary Elizabeth Hampton, Kitty Keller, Alice Baker, Gladys Guard, Jean VanNatta, Pauline Blade, Maralee Kelly and Elinor Sanner. Tourist men, Francis Molnar, Edward Hampton, Lyell Williams, Nick Bell, David Charlcsworth, W. C. Percy, Clarence Rendinc, Glazier Burkhart and J. Cecil Dixon. Deck swabs, Bryan Newmycr, "Fiddy" Daily, Dick Williams, Herbert Ellis, "Babe" Lcpera nnd "Tommy" DeHulf. Cabin boys, Sally Soisson, Audrey Smyth, Dorothy Pollis, Jean White, Martha Robb and Betty Wilson. Scene Two. The_ captain, S. M. DcHuff. The passenger, Jean VanNatto. * Scene Three. "Just Step," Buddy Berkey. ,, Scene Four. The actor, Nick Bell. .. The amateur, Francis Molnor. Scene Five. "We Saw the Sea," the sailors. "Take Your Exercise," the zailor- cttes. Scene Six. Soloisi, Edna Decker. The bride, Gladys Albright. The groom, David Charlesworth. The minister, W. C. Percy. Bridesmaids, Mrs. Hampton, Lorraine Moore, Elinor Sanner and Vir- Bernard Vcschio, dated January 17, 1936, was in effect and claimant had not. up to the time of trc reinstatement petition hearing, presented himself at Conncllsvllle State Hospital for treatment in accordance with terms of the suspension order ginia Keller. Ushers, Lyell Williams, Chester Leasure, Clarence Rendine and Edward Hampton. Scene Seven. 'June Ring," Lee Winter Studio of Dancing. Scene Eight. The deck massagcrs, "Herb" Ellis and "Fiddy" Daily. Scene Nine. Prisoners at Sea, Sister'and Buddy Bcrkcy. ' i ' Scene 10. ·(Say It With Flowers"--Betty, Polly Blade; Dick, Lyell Williams; Edwin, Edward Hampton; Kitty, an VanNattn. I Scene 11. Nell Weisiger and the Winterettes, Marguerite Durbin, Yvonne Camp, Kay Martin and Betty Kcffcr. Scene 12. Doctor of Pantomlne,' Babe Lcpera. Scene 13. "Romany Trail"--Dark Eyes, Joe Carson; Fortune Teller, Alice Baker; Tell Me, Little Gypsy, William Duncan; Gypsy dancer, Mrs. Hampton; tamborine dancers, Vivian Strawn, Norma Jean 'Gallagher. Erma Jean Bosley, Mary V. Adels- berRer, Susan Weisgerber, Ruth Ann McCartney, Gloria June Archibald, Dorothy Williams; gypsies, James Smyth, William Finn, William Richter, Robert Williams, Jay Lohr, Art Sikora, Louclla Bryncr, Lavcrne Sikora, Martha Stehle, Edna Bryner, Frances White and Rita Smyth. Scene 14. "In Heidelberg"--students, C. Ren- dinc, J. Carson, D. Charlcsworth, G. Burkhardt, N. Bell, W. Duncan, H. Dclligatti, L. Ash, L. Williams, E. Knmpton, C. Weaver, C. Dixon, F. Molnar, J. Molnar, W. Percy; bar maids, Beatrice Trump, Mabel Lucky, Jean Fasola, Anna June Gregg, Roberta Richey, Mildred Tcmpleton, Catherine Horan and Jean Howscr; guests, Gladys Guard, Slinor Sanner, Jean VanNatta, Virginia Keffcr and Maralee Kelly, ATTORNEYS NAMED ON UBRARY GROUP UNIONTOWN, Jan. 11--In a court cjrdcr signed by President Judge I [airy A. Cottom,' Attorneys E. Dale 1 icld and Eugene C. Sloan were ap- jointed for three-year terms as Members or the Fayettc' county law ! ibrary committee. Attorney Samuel J. Feigus was appointed for one year to fill the expired term o£ Judge W. HusseU Corr. resigned. Money Loaned ON YOUR AUTOMOBILE UNPAID BALANCES' ' RE-FINANCED $ 25 * $ 300 Call or See Us K Yon A T ccd 3Ioney For Any Emergelicy Moderate Repayments Fayette Loan Co. 510 Title Trust Co. Bldg. Telephones 244-866 Connellsville, Pa. BONDED TO THE STATE Prompt, Courteous, Convenient Service Guaranteed .WATCH CLOCK Repairing A bold statement made 'because we know our work ·will satisfy you. Expert c r a f t s m a n , who have worked on the finest domestic and imported movements, are at your BCPV- icc. J. M. KURTZ Successor to A. B. Kurti," 131 W, Crawford Ate. Even after such throat-taxing scenes, ANN SOTHERN finds Luckies gentle on her throat.. 1. "IN 'SHE'S GOT EVERYTHING', my new RKO-Radio picture," says Ann Sothern, "there's a scene where the girl gets married on a jolting truck, and it turned out to be a knockout! ... But for me, as an actrcus... 2. "IT WAS A KNOCKOUT in a different sense! Imagine, shouting your 'I do's' above the noise of a truck... and imagine doing it 30 times! Yet, even after this throat strain, I still enjoyed Luckies! They're always.. . 3."GENTLE ON MY THROAT. Others at the RKO-Radio studiosagre* with me--Barbara Stanwyck and Herbert Marshall,forinstance."(Reasori:the "Toasting" process expels certain throat irritantsfoundinall tobacco.) iH tuuetetean aaesifffit mmitst 4. "NOW AS REGARDS TOBACCO... Luckies' flavor has always appealed to me very much. So I was interested to road recently that Luckies are the favorite cigarette among the tobacco experts themselves." v.; ^S-or^S 5. AUCTIONEERS, BUYERS AND WAREHOUSEMEN must be able to judge tobacco at a glance. Sworn records show that among independent experts, Luckies have twice as many exclusive smokers as'all other brands combined. With men who know tobacco best., .it's Luckies 2 to 1. H»* You Heard tlie ChMt of th« Tobacco Auctioneer? listen to "YOUR NEWS PARADE" 12,l5.12i30 P.M.. WON. thro FBI.. CIS "TOUR HOLLYWOOD PARADE- WEDNESDAY. 10-11 P.M.. NSC "YOUR HIT PARADE" SATU«CAY,10-10 ; 4S P.M..CTS (Eo.l.mTim.)

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