The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1930 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
Page 10
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1 X I I JiTHB DAILY COUKIBR. CONNKLL WILLB, PA. MONDAY, FEBRUARY f 3, 1030. 'V / Is Almost Impossible To Be Extravagant If You Read These Classified Ads ^ * \ 1 i , ° · . . ABVERTISINQ INFORMATION clftre rosti loted to their proper ot n ntid to the rog-ular atyle rlfirfpho publishers reserve the t or -eject a,ny classified Reiver tiso'Ettonts should be *)edla.ely. T,ho Courier one luisponslblo for more than *-*nr\n9Q *tion» will b£ for responsible parties paid wlj |y telephone, and, if allowed to ta. cash rates will be Advert wertlons It red for Irregular in- ad. Is tal t ono time rate. No tinea Uriel ess than a basis of to* t h e - l i n o t tho average words six letters, oraffe word contains Ads. orda, and sto-ppjdUhree or six times charged for .expiration will be the ad. apt ea\ number ot times at thn rntei eft adjustment made Special t atos upon request. ^iarly advertising CLASiiiFIB ."JteRTISING Daily rate peih 'insertions. " r consecutive ," \ ^ , One Timi) ...~.. Charge Ca^a T,Iiree Tirnea ' « . . , .10. -00 Six Times ...i...«.08 .07 t -1 0 7 .00 YOUR A PLACE Tho Cl.u silled Adva wont Is si uated at Ci, Depart- Thls office Is»open to?lace. Usements ffonx SiBO A.- a \ advor- tiaily. All ads received 10 P. M. A. M. will ippoar In edUtl '1:00 S same Phonp lour No. IB, 18 or 4D-9, The Adv'laker gladly\ Announcements ' Dcuthb ,.TOHN CLtFfON John Clifton, 58 year i and ono month old, tla invalid for the pa»t 10 years died Friday night In tjnionto*n, Ue foimorly ( rosiclod at. v andor-bllt, f Mr, Cllftou WHS a native ol Franklin township. The body was r o m o v d to the funeial put lorn of VrjLnk IS. a illey at,Vandor- b!H arid later taken to the homo of his biciOior, Joseph C l i f t o n of near Fln-t- ·woods. , Mr. CUfton Is s u r v i v e d by tho following brother n n d sHtpia: Mrs J, K. Kvans, Oickeison Run JoSoph Clifton. Mrs, Ida Long, Beaver county. tin married. He was Buy Now While 'prices Are { liown, \Ve "Will Store Vour CaV- 1 U n t i l Spring. f 1027 Chrjalor "52" !-door Sadan -- $250 1020 Model "A ( JTord, Tudor Sedan -- $385 1027 Model "T" Fold, 1-ton Truck with ruxstell ax.le=-$lfiO. 1028 Cho/rolot %-ton a'ruck, 'With aides -- $273. . , The funeral service Taa hold this aft c t n o o n at tho Flat woods Baptist Churqh. Interment w is made in the church cemetery. MISS IIA M CAIN. Miss Ida Mae Cain, 27 years old,, died Saturday at the home of her mother. Mrs. Goorgo Blair ot ITairchance of pneumonia. MRS. MARY Mrs. Mary ManchaB, 0 yearb old, was found dead In bed Saturday morning' at her home at Ralph, Sh was apparently In normal health on retiring \ Friday hlsht. Mrs, Matiohae was born at Kverson, a daughter ot Isaac and Marie Rollison. Sho Is survived by her husband, Joseph, and two sons C. E. Oakes,, Pleasant? Union, arid 'W UUam JR. Oakos, Cruolble. Three slaUrs, Mrs. John Hanson, Falrchanoe: Mrs A. G. Rult- corn* Tower Hill No. 2 and Mrs. Llnnle McKltilok, South ConiisllBvllle and one "brother, Isaac R. RolHnspn ot Seott- clalo, lao survive. The funeral service* vas held, this afternoon at the home, with H-ev. R. C, Van toman, pap(or of this ; .HQpewell Prosbyterlan CliUrch, officiating, In- tonment was In Scottdale Cemetery. JEAtf H. '"MOORliJ. " Joan EllxabetU Mooi J, siii years old, daitghter of Mr, ancl r.Iis. JTo-hn Mooroi died Saturday at the .Jarriily' home at Doaith.' Besides her parents, she -is surs'lved by a bt'othe , Robert, and: a The fun-eral gervict will be held Tuesday afternoon a,t 2 o'clpck at the home of the grandi areitts, Mr. and Mrs. O. 33. Mooro" at fearlghts. Interment TV 111 be in Laurel Hill Cemetery. Cards of 1 hanks 2 BAKER--We wish to thank our many friends and neighbr rs for the kindness and sympathy uxtended tvs during our recent bei'ea -ement, the death of Mr. John Baiter Especially do we wish to thank thos who sent floral tributes and those \ - ho donated cars. Mrs. John Baker and family. if desired", ( o that the oopYvJtfyou, Is prepared in such a mah,iicad, b r i n g the greatest results - - - - Classification The IndlUdual advertisements the follow, as classification ar4, -aneed In ALPliABHTlCAJU ordeiNKTH--;We ,wish to t ke tisis means of quick reference. "*. expressing our sim, re t^nks to our kind neighbors, f r i t n d s and relatives for tho kindness a ul sympathy extended us d u r i n g our rf-ent bereave- 'nent, the Ulneas rifl death of be- Sved husband and son, Harry R. _yth. Especially i o we cleMra to ik Rev. Dr. TV H Itetrlck, pfts- of the Trinity Lutheran Church 2--Cards oC Thanks o--1ft M jiuoilam 4--Flow us and Mourning Gooda B--Puna al .Directors "' 6--Monuments ind Cemetery Lot* ·· 7--I'erut nais 8--HullsIOUH and Social F.vento ' U--Soclt.les and Lodges 10--Straj-etl, Lost, I'^ound AUTOMOTt VK-- A--Automobile Agencies 11--Autouioblleg tor Suto 12--Auto Trucks, Tractors, Trailers IH-^-Auto Acceasorles, Tires, Parts j.t--Garages--Autoa for Hire, Taxi ID--iloto xyclos and Bicycles ll---Kcp-i U n a -- b o r \ l c a bLalloua 17--\v .lined-- A u t u m o t i v o tia boi vice Offered IS-a -- -Wl ore lo Dine 18-b -- Bai borintc. JUeauty Parlors iS-c-- Mlfciieiiauoous It) -- Buljdlng and Contracting- ·M -- cioaiHujj-, Dyelnjj, Kenovatlng 5il -- iJrob! makius and illJllnery ^2 --, Plumbing, Koo-Hng ZA -- Insuratico anil iiuiety ISonds il -- JUiun l u t i n g j3 -- Movliiij, Tt ticking-. Storage ^'0 -- l^alnlltijj, i'apurlnd, Deuuratlng- the Lutheran c mir. Also do 1 w« r'-e to t h a n k th se who sent the '.Uful floral trl iute-3, those who -»ndly donated he use of their . -And all those who assisted! us -* way. Mrs Marv Netb. and Tto.nd Mrs J nnlo Welker, hts In Meinnriani S -Tn lovln? nKniory of our r, Mra . srnos C. Howarlh l e year ,ifco, February 1 ^b -- 4'rott s.ihmul Hcrvices ^i) -- i j u p a n i H S and KeJlnlahintr au-a -- Avvnliuja and Upholstery UO -- Tuilorliu, and 1'ieiaing yi -- Wanitd- -- Business faeivico VVatited -- Female uJ -- Help \Vd.nted -- JVlale ai-- -Help -- Mulo and Female o3 -- Solicitora, Canvassers, Agents ao -- falluii tiona \Vatited -- Female 37 -- S i t u a t i o n s l Vanted -- Male VOl -- J8 -- Basil ess Orportunltles iil) -- I n v c t t m o n t s , Stocks, Bonds ·ID -- M o n e y tg lJan. Mortsagea 40»a-- Fuinlly JLiOana 41 -- Waniod -- Tu .Borrow XMtTill/CTJOAT -4i: -- Con cupondorica Couraea 4i;-a -- M U c o i l a n o o u y Ui -- I n s t r u c t i o n Classes ( 'H -- Musii al, Diiicine, XJramaUo 4 -- Privjta Instruction 45-a -- j"ri v,ito Instruction -- Music 40 -- Wanted Instruction 47 -- JUoss Cats, Other PetH -IS-- llors t.. Cuttle, Other StocJt 4U -- t'oultry, IsJcgs and Supplies 50-- Wi n I e d -- Lit v ea t o ck, 51 -- Articles for Sale 51-a -- iSai t«t und S'2 -- Boatt and Accessories 63-- Build mif«, Building Material. 64 -- liuali «b» and OJflco I5qutirao 05 -- JL'inn anil Uuiry Produots 05-a -- l-'auu E q u i p m e n t 50 -- Kuul, Keiul, FertiKzor O/ -- Uood TliltiKs to ISttt 65 -- Home made Things OU -- Houa Jliold QooUa CO -- Jewelry, Watchea, Diamonds 01 -- Miich nery and Toola 04 -- Musical Merchandise (k!--Seeds Plants, flowers 151--Spuchtlii at tha btores 03--Wearing Apparel 00--Want ad--To Buy KOOMS Afit JIOAIUJ--- ((7--litJOinj With. Board OS--Kooins, W i t h o u t Board OSJ--Kooms, f u r Housekeeping TV--Vacation Piatfss 71--Wlietii to Bat 7---Wlieiii to btop Jn Town 7u--Waut'ji!--Rooms ov HoaVd K13A1. KS't'A'l'K KOJl 71--Apartments aiui 75--Busln;ui- Places for Rent 78--ii'amit and Lands for Kent 77---lluusCii for Kent 7i--omee and lUenk Room 7'J--blioru, Mountain, Lake for Rent 8u---Suhuj'jan, C o u n t r y for Rent 81--Wanted--To R e n t HKAti JBbTA'l'W FOH SALI'V- R -- l i i u k t i i b In Real Kstate 82--THisIn jss Propei ly for Saie 80--Faun! a.Ad L,ind for Sale M -- l l o u b t b lot Sala ,*--IjO la i o i fea lo SO--falioifr Muunlain, Lake ior Sale 87--Subu j u u . f u r teale bii--To BJ-cdange--«e*l Estate SS--Wanti-d--Reai Bslate A X/ CTIOX---AJiiO At,-- HO--Au«t!"noors Auction Sales 01--J-.ouul Notices H'OW^. dear W ho 3 OX. Vou Nor mSforfeot'on niQthor dear, As long( a u yo i be, i We shale unn memory last, ^ Suillj. mi\n\b«r thoc. grandchlhjy lor children and Floivers- WTSPTMW* «"«»«« at npi'3 -- And funeral 1'Joral Corapi ,I B prices. Alpha Crawford avt lorlsfJ, 105 West 1155. gtraye 1, --iFomjd Jj\tTND, BUNC1L key holder, o i diYS--In leather Tuesday Ini'ialis.Swn street on of holder Oi ner. if." on back calling at Coi rler.4ave same by ing- article an 1 p«jVf,nl ain wi\_ January 3d, ( n new irflaid plkn, Flndor plpaac notffy -i, of way. D No. 3, Connellsvllic. *Krn, R. th^ Automobiles For IT WILL PAT- You to see fore- b u y i n g t tat Used Car. \e- Motor Servlci, Wuat Crawforpa Phone 1834. ^, LOOK HERE! -"'When Belter""" 1 Cars Are So! j, C'vllle-Olcls Co. sell them" ilop In today and your pick, ] 17 East Appto Pbone B74. n Autopotive , For Snlc 11 OR1SATESR VAI."U3J|S-- LOWBR CQST USDD CARS 102D Mod-31 "A" ford Roadster--$300, 1027 Model "T" · Ford Fordo? Hedan, with ruxstell axle--$10Q. u 1027 Ponliac Coupe-r-$100, IT'S TPOB TOUR BBN^JPIT--Due Easy Payment Plan. A small dwn payment and easy monthly pj MOTOR CO. ' Authorized Ford Agency, / PA, PHONE 476, Youii Profit By To Mason'n JANt,'AHT CLEARANCE BALE O!ff BETTEIt USED CARS ' ,We' Will Not Refuse f Any Reasonable Offer, r " 1028 * Two) '·Chevrolet Coaches i fiheyrolet.' Coupo. 1028 --Ch«vtolet -Cabriolet. ;028 "Ch'e rrolet. Coach. 1028 Chevrolet 1% -ton Truck, 1027 Ford, Tudor Sedan. 1928 r Chevrolet Cabriolet. 1927 r Hujm«£ile Coach. 102S -Oakland Coupe. 1928 Chovrolet 1%-ton Dui.l Roar "Wheels, Truck, with 1028 CHEVROLET TRUCK -- One-ton, in excellent condition, Jlas four speeds -- forward transwlss On, STOU CA-tf BUT-- Any car op the floor, through Our Easy Payment Plan. MASON MOTOR COMPANY Trades- -- Open Sundays -- Terms, WEST APPLE STREET. PHONE 105. Auto Accessories, Vires, farts 18 GALLBT OTJCO AND BOOT Wo ire fully etul.pii*d to cotn- pletHy repair or rebuild your wre ked car, u n d e r one coof with only one profit. Phone 1073 WJ3 H'AVT3--And always t will have, any part j ou may iieed for yottr car or truck. We do and always will, savo you money on any part J-'ayotte Auto Wrecking 1 Co "Tho Home of .1 Million Auto 1'ai is " McCortnlck avenu*. Phone 8S Stations 16 aUAJRANTEED AUTO RBPA1K -WORK A Trial "WU1 Convince Tou. AVAIL 5TOURSBLF--Of this weath«r to have »our car con(JJtJou«iJ for aprlngr. We h i \ e the moot complete and up- to-dale lino of rapalr e q u i p m e n t that can bo found anywhere. Very reanon- able prices and every Job a-baolutely ft uf.i anteed. BVANB MUTOK COMPANY AVJSNUE. l'lK3tiE T7. IF ITi. MHTAL--^We can -weld It. Conn llsvill* Industrial Wnldltiiir Co , 100-J W. Crawford Ave. Ph^ue 1080-J, TRST AND Bf3AT T1US Tour Chassis Groasod And B tly and CJiaasia ABSOJUJrjsi.r NO CHABQB WJE3 JHUKifl TiZIS .01TFBE--For thO(f« who want their 'cur overhauled for Spring. ' Valves erouhd, carbon cleaned,-your motor tuned up. RMPBS--?0,50 for "4" wliJiderB ttn l flO lor Slxea. "We guarantee \satla£«.ctton.' roun I'LEASK! GUARANTHIBO TJSED CAIiS. \ 10A11TC KBaSLAtVS OAllAOB fAK 1UWDKK MOTOR COMPANT W. CKjWFOftD AVE, I'UONIS 2038 A U f J YOU ONK of the satisfied money savets v,ho use tho classified t h r i f t ri(,r vice? THJBRlfl'S SATISFACTION for both advortlt..)^ and rotid«i in e v e i y classl- Hed uil. THESE CARS-- Are all In A-No. 1 -con dition, and have many thousand n13ea of un-used !ransjortatlotf loft foi you. Other Good Btiys Not Listed. CARS 1020 Ford, Mciiei "A" Tudor Sedan 1920 Ford, Mo Sel "A" Pordor Sedan. 1020 Ford, Model "A" Standard Coupe 1028 Kssex Co ich. 1020 Chevrolet Coach. 1026 Pord, Mo iel "T" Sport )1oa4«ter, 11)27 Eesex Coach. 'J RlJCKS 1018 Chevrolet Truck--Screen Sides, 1025 Ford, Meilel "T" 1-ton Tjrucfc. Basy Payme its--Trades--Terms. 6pen E v d f j ngs and Sundays. WEST SIDE MOTOR COMPANY , * ' 401 W. Crawford Ave Phone 407 408. AUTHORIZE 0 FORD AQENCT. A NEW CAR BARGAIN HAS NEJVEa BIIEN DRIVEN 15SSEJX TOWN SEDAN--Will deliver to you for $705. V savlng-s of $100, You can't jfo wrong, take advantage of odtor n o w ' \VERTHJSIMEIt MOTOR COMPANY WEST CltAWFC'RD AVB PHONE 100. A, PEW MINttias spont with the Claseified Section will show you more w o r t h w h i l e bar rains than a tiresome (walk a i o u n d the shopping? district. ARE PLJSA3I90 TO ANNOUNCE; Our Friends Aad Public At Largo HAVE SECUR10D--The hy JOHNSON j ·For the past nine years He Motor Co., formerly is eon, the C'vllle Buick Co., and bipd B.B one of the b-est shop W.33 ·wiK naona - nIO « In this vicinity, «on wm STATE--That, Mr. John- t-nd Br4 n Charge of our QrutMlng will ff uay c P ar '-ment, and that he jileto tsafi 0 every customer "Com- ^jton." FERESTONI W, APPLE' To Please." IVICE .STORE, I PR, KEADOW LANE \NE "21," Bu*i Bnslness Service SYSTEM TOUR HBA' MAT NO* BE--Olv.. s.t this time of thf u Et al»factlon me pay you a visli\ ar If a?1 lst J-ou nothlne. V advice costs A, BO 'CtlNEER Uee our "want" adver se Anything? i i * ' Whetmer ii is E ) class pin or a job fiat you lose 'you can sett e the problem quickly with classified ad. V ".Lost and Found" notice recalls missing rvticlee and a "Situations Wanted" ad ftnclf goorl employment. Always Different--In Opportunity Trie A-B-C- Classified' Ads Always thu Same--In Service Business Services Cleaning, Dyel»g, ItanoTati) g 20 ii-jwjj-Ai.--rre-BK of FebruatJ 8 d td T 8th--To-p-Coats, cleaned; pressi d and delivered for 7Bc. Conne Uvllle Cleaners and Oyoru Phoae'Ifi ';" , , floofin ; , 23 3 .'a ARE YOUR PIPES FROZEN?- it so, just phone 1710 and, we'll )je there promptly. Reasonable ratos. i 'ypher ,and Son, North HEATERS! 1TORNACJOSI Repaired and (:lea.ii«d. makes. ' EVom W h i t e 130 South For service, phone 918 J. QUALITY; And h e a t i n f f . Willhti-n Sell ra Company, Houtb Plttsburg- 31. Phone !MO, Prompt Sorvicc »nd Suffity Boris IWSITRANCB--"W'5 write It risht," All klnda, cook and baughli i. Inc., Insurance, UOO First Natlona Bank liullding-. Phonu 5S0, INSURANCT3~A11 kinds, except! sff life. iBertha CuniilagrHuTO, ln»., Notary Public 40ti l^irst National - B a n k fiulldlnff. Phono -ItiC Res. 008-R. Moving, 'trucking, Storn(. 9 ^6 QLOTFE.tTY'S TKANSFS5R--la al and long distance Opp A r l i n R t o r Hotel. Phone S-S2. RcilUuno* ilOU-B t\K 21 Tailoring and i'rensing RICHMAN CLOTHBH--Ail $22.5( Sold only by Simons Caeh and Carry. Phono IOCS. SUITS--Tailored made, jn lutes stylos and patterns PW1, Clttzeni Bruik Bide. Phorw 71*. Empl.oyirtent Help Wanted--iemaJq 8S WANTED--BalaniutllQiB. l^raa ircsses f o r ahowinjf Mies IJelioH. 'rot;kH. TJ.irninga bettor thiui If3 00 dai V, fas Or out of town. 'Ihoao who me* i bull- neas need only a.]ply. Wj-iUi Cor details. Box lt5, WitlBbnro, P*. Situations Wa«t«l--J«al WANTED--Stead;' job !y mHtS B a.g«d svhlte ma,n, wUh family. OS id mechanic and ca-n do mont any t l n d o£ work, WtJto Box »fi, care Cr jrior, Financial Lam* 40-A N1SKD MONBY 24 Hour Ouitjoua On CASH LOANS Up To $J! K). MONTItt-Y PAYJUKNT! --Corn* in f o r lull inf«rmaticn -- JUH( Phone, 'Ml ' or write FINANCE: COM 112 WEST CKAWFUBD AVlilNU 5 r Instruction Prhnlti Ins^xucUon--Mus o dft-A OIBSOK BCWOOJ-Of Muaic, Now located, new home ( above K.urta Jewelry Store. Phone DUO. Int ructora in Piano, Banjo, Mt.ndolln, Ukulele, Saxopnone^and Trui iptst. Live Stock JL'oultry, Eggs, Supplle- BABY CHICKH--Place your oro ira now tor K p r l n g Delivery, ot Juoucl f Hiard- ware Store. llt-t West' C awiord. Avenue. Phono 335, Merchandise Articles for Sale WARM AIR FURNACE -- SECOND HAND--With now adiator, for sale, Large enough to IK at a. six roo-m house. Price reasonable I n q u i r e A. R, BOY IDE PHONE 8O2 BARBER CHAIR $. 0--Used electilc clipper, $5.00. 1U, South Plttsburg- street. Fuel, Feed, Fertilizer 50 COAL -- Buy Washington. Run coal at cash prices by truck load d illvered. Screonfed coal 15c bu. Run of Mine 13c bu' SlacJc coal lie bu. Phc ne 1S3-J _ / | CU r Ni:ij3«SVlLLl!! COKING- CC AX, -- 12c a e . l \ L i u a , tic J t I l i a mine, \ \ e s t Side Coal U !njJ'iii\ N l f i l l i strcei corner J-.eisi.ii. ,, m n x i e . P h o n e 1 '7B. MAIC10 H'AY w h i l e the sun shines -act at once w h e n you seo an offer In the Classified, yeotlon that ntereats Merchandise / Household Goods j SAXOST-Singor hemstitdhltig: machine. Perfect con-Sitlon, Bargain. 3TQRi 3A4JE--JTIoor show case, machtue; safe; roll top desk; flat top cteslc; and one high top/ desk; three ·wall^caseB arid one bftcQ^Wall 0 case suitable lor barber shop or confectionery store. Dull's Storage, 122 Peach street Phone 00. Badio 62A BOSH RADOCO -- Screen-Grid, JTree flamonBtration. Radio Service Co., 135 l^lttaburg: street. Phone 1T65. WORIJD'S CWA-MPIOK RADIO-- CJ'ho new Stowart-Warnar Radio, "Tho Set With The Punch." Wo service all 'makes ot radios, A. A. Clarke's Drug Store, North Pittaburs street. Phone 1D4. KDISON AND PUILjCO---Radios, Free demonstrations 'Thomas J Uob, 112 West Apple S U e e t Phone 1002. RA13IO SAXfES AK13 SERVICE--^Phone 1525. T-EiB NBW MAJESTIC RADIO -- Come in and hear 11. Gplde Tlie anfi Radio CIP,, East Crawtoiil avenue. Phone 10. S}H;cmIs a.t,tlio Stores 64 U1RISBBB HAJ-tDWARE COMPANY-- "KverythluB in Hardware." We nave you dollars. See us first. 13-i West Crawford avenue. Phonu 104, GI...LNT-FAT--Wall paper Guaranteed not lo fade M. .Bernardo, 5 lOc Wall Paper Co. Wost Apple street. Wanted--To Buj CUBAN W1UTB RAGS--Waufcod. Will pay So por pound. Courier Company. WANTI3D TO BUV -- jtf-iat top writer debk with typ«wrjtcr parlmont at aids. C*U OJfloe, Courier. type- com- Rooms and Board Booms Without FOR RBNT--Heated bedroom and heated garag-oa. Reasonable rent. 600 street FOR RENT--Furnished single rooms or anarlmont, ail ronvwilenceB, socond liogr. Call !S7a-K. . KOOUJH lor llousekecjjing: SIXTH. STRHEiT, NORfH, ^66--Two turnishcd lisliL houMukijupinu ruonis. Nu ch 11 d i e 11. ITOR (USNT--Nlccly furnished lleht hou'Jekcuplus' rooms, centrally lo- caled. Phon«( 351. Real Estate For Rent and Jbluts OODEN STftlSJBT, COltN^R--^ Htrt-et, ju«t On« j)lpok from street f-ar stop. Apartmotit ot !lve rooms and butii. Hat air heat, Reasonable ITent. Also at 22ti Queco street, six room house, wlUi bath, for rent, lu- (niirB A. C. Herwlck, IVsst Crawford noil I'-'Jfih. Phone 520 JJusiuess riaceti ifor Bent 75 KOR BJBNT'-i-Two story 1 brick warehouse by I'enn.i. Kalilroad, central location, liont cheap. Phone J570-R 1-HR OR SAI^E-- -barso hGlldintr seven living lootna witli bath, also lut;« dance hull, tv o bowliriK alleys, f o u r pool tables and 10 awes o£ ground with barn and gumga, located at Bu/ttnston. call quick. Ronoo Xiapenta, Phone JHM.O-R, Uniontowii, Pa. flosses for Ji«nt A JtfODERN BRICK HOME OF--Eight rcioma ana two baths. Has three Ilnishwl rooms In attic. Also a finished cellar, with a new steam heatlnu ^^Htem^ and a Kudd In- stantaneouSi hot water heatci, House in very good condition, Located on Wpst Side, 200. North Fliat street Ketits at $00.00 per month. Inquire FAYETTE IlBALTr COMPANY ARCADE, PHONE 1375 1«'1RST S'TRBlST, NORTH, 201--Brick home of eleven rooms and two baths Suitable for two families Has electric, gas anl 'steam heat. Rent is very reasonable " Inquire A. B, Wagoner and Son, 1000 West Crawford Avenue Phone US. FOR RENT -- Six rooms, bath, and furnace Mr. James 3-12 North Aroh street pantry APARTMENTS. HOUSES, STOREROOMS AND GARAGKS--Inquire 120 West Peach street. Phone 475. Real ^Estate For Sale Houses far Sale FOR SAXalt--gtx room bung-alow, hdt n i l , cement basement, seven acres land, laigre orchard, raspberries, grapes, three acres live foot coal. Ideal for chicken and f u i l t farm. Very reasonable Ro^ar T, Mitts, Box 10, Duiibar, Pu, PROFITS TO R1O-IIT of them. jjrofitB to left of them, ni oliti! In f t o r i t o£ them olasMfied readers find o n p u r t u n i t l f f s for profit on all aides. Estate For ale HOIISCH for Sale 84 FJiANKL|N AVBNUE, 815--Slx room house, price ieasonabl«, all conveniences. R, V. Rendlne. Phono 2SO-R. HOMES FOR SAL13 KACHARIAS HOME)--On NTormalvUlo Improved Road. A f r a m e house of seven rooms and bath. Hardwood finish, ste.un heat, eloctriolty, water and largo porch. About nno acre of land. Grape vines and j o u n g r f r u i t trees. Price $4,200 Terms. SOUTH RIDE--Frame hou )e o! six rooms and Uath. Hot ,11 r furnace, electricity, jrns and water. Price ROBERT NORRH Office, Ilooper Long S100 Storo PHONE 505, Wanted--Real Estate WAN1M31--To hear from t wner who has S to 125 acre farm w i i h buildings, for sale. "Write John Lynn, U n l o n town, Pa , care Box 3523. Auctions--Legals Legal Notices BXKCUfOIl'S WOTICB. W. C,*McKean, Attoi ney, BSTATB OF MART A TS EL^r, DB- ceased. letters testament iry on the BJetate- of Mary A. Kelly, 1 ite of the City of Connellsvllle/Fayi-tte County, Pennsylvania, deceased, h ivlrag been granted to the ynderalgnejt, notice is hereby given tO| all persons Indebted to sa id estate to make Immi dlato payment, and t? those having claims against the same to present them, properly authenticated, for settlement Philip A. McMahon, Executor P. O address, 136 Apple street, C onnellsvllle, Pa. 2 fjan-Ot-mon. CHAK.TEH, NOTICE IS HEREBY GJVEi? THAT ati application will be mails by Simon John, Frank John and John B. John to tho Governor of the State of Pennsylvania on Monday, the 17th day of February, J930, under the Act of Assembly of the Comimonwealth of Pennsylvania, entitled "An Act to provld.' for the In-corporation and regulation of certain corporations," approved April 20, 1S74, and tho several supplements thereto, for «. charter for an inten lod corporation to be kno-wn as THE FAYJSTTB DISTRIBUTING COMPANY ,fho character and object for which I he said cor- poratjon Is formed are for the purpose of buying and selling groceries, uxbacoo, cigars, randies, confectioneries, dry-goodg, notions and other merchandise at whpleaale and rotnlj, and for these purposes to have, poasesa and enjoy all tlje, rights, benef to and privileges of the said Act of .Assembly and Its supplements. Jones, -ffhitehill Lane, Solicitors, BO East Main street, Unionlown, Pennsylvania, EXECUTOR'S NOV1GT3. Shelby, Hackney Ray, Attorneys. ESTATE OB 1 SWAYNI. HARPER, I n t e of Connpllsville Town ihlp, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, deceased. letters testamentary on the above estate having be-on granted to tho undersigned, all persons Indebted to tho said estate are requested to moke pnymont, and those having claims to present tho »am w i t h o u t delay, to Colonel. R. Harper, Executor. P. O. / ddress, Con- nellvvIUe, Pa. R. JT. D. No 2, Box «5. J8jan-6t-mon. THE Ct/AS3EFIED SECTION is a friend in need to hundre IB of people every day. TH'EJHE'S PROFIT as w e l l as interest in tho- class)fled news, s A VITALLY IMPORTANT part ot every day'a news Is found In the classified ads. * WB KNOW THAT If yo i know what we know abojjt tho fiervice given by classified ads you certainly make sure of 'knowing about all the opportunities they offer jach day. CHICAGO WORKERS ACCEPT WAGE CUT TO SAVETCLLOWS Thirteen Hundred Will Be Paid 0)t Sfx-J)ay Babis Instead Of Seven. MONEY WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE By MBRTON T. AKKRS United Pre-s^ Staff Correspondent. CHICAGO, Feb. 3.--Mor limn 1,300 city employes agreed to a 15 per cent slash in their salaries today rather than seo 200 of their nnmiber discharged because o£ (.he financial crisis. The workers, 320 of -whom are policemen, are employed by the- South Park district. They will bo paid on a basis of six days' work each week instead o£ seven. When told by Edward J. Kelly, president of the South Park board, and George T. Donoghua, superintendent, that 200 oi them would have io be thrown out of work because- funds to pay them were lacking, the- workers unanimously voted to follow the "one for all and all for one" policy aind acoe-pt a out. A $500,000 drop o£ income bocanse of reassessment o'f the district was given as the principal rpason fdr the stringency. Meantime a $6,000,000 straw m the- sea ot debt engulfing the elly apparently was within reach of the municipal government. That the city fathers would clutch it was fhe prediction of Alderman,, John iS. plark, chairman ot tho city council finance committee and considered the most important figure in. that body at the present stfige of tlm financial muddle.' As that-ray op hope appeared in the gloom, a chorus of woe- rose fioni suburbs that have begun to fee* the pinch of poverty which has been acute in the city for weeks. Chicago's dismal chronicle of unpaid policemen, firemen, school teachers and other «m- ployes was written in less stupendous terms In'a dozen adjacent communities. Mount Prospect, asked parents for cash to keep schools In operation. Blue Island had closed its night school BO day classes .could continue, Cicero's municipal affairs were declared to be "as eritlca'l as Chicago's," and the Western Blecjric * Company had come to the rescue by lending $125,000 on 1930 tax anticipation war- rante. ' The mayor of Berwyn said his town was "hard ptessed" and that issuance of scrip se-erned the only way out. Bvanston was seeking to raise $60(1,000 In New York. J» II. Reading: Dies. PITTSBURG, Feb. 3.--J. H. Reading, 53, general Buperin.tond«mt ot the Western Pennsylvania division of the Pennsylvania Railroad., died yesterday. He was connected with the rail- iroad for 33 years, starting- to work as a draftsman and working his way up in the organization. Slato Fall Is Fatal, Frank Balencheck, 45, of South Brownsville, was 'instantly killed Friday evening when crushed beneath a fall of slate while working in tbe Pike mlns* of Hillman Coal Company near here. Today's Qoss Word Puzzle 3-4 ao ·a i 35 10 -45S ACROSS- 1 Cotton fiber J5 Vigor 8 A leather strap '12 A notion 13 Tha first woman 14 On top ,15 A model 15 A grain 17 To oat 18 Exults IP Process ot dressing one's' aelf 20 Goddess of dawn 23 A fragment 2ft To assent 30 An American wrlier 31 To fail into line ·32 Mineral-bearing 1 rock 38 A fencing term 3S To turn: aside 37 A wooden plug- 39 More expensive *2 Untronqull 46 Ireland n 47 Suffix denoting character of a thl IR 49 Surface mca»ure- 1 mcnt 60 To wither 61 Female relative (slang-) 52 A river of Egypt 63 Former Russian ruler 64 Encountered 55 To relate ' DOWN 1 A flsh 2 An Imaffo which is worshiped S A Roman emperor 4 A Mexican dish 5 Poetry \ Antwer to Previou* Puzcla · 6 A plant 7 To collide with S To have a present!. merit 9 Wrongdoing- , 10 Unasplrated 11 Allowance foe'waet* 21 To conjecture , 22 A mineral npring 23 To Jump on one foot, .£4 A textile fabric 25 -Any split pul9» " 20 Also 27 To dstar 28 Before (poetic) 23 fiver (contft) 34 One \vhe- gpino re. ward from 30 Hovins 37 A geometric 38 A visitor 30 Handy . 46 Ixingr periods of time 41 Heroine of an opeyg 4S Ono of tho Great Lakes l 44 To auction ° 45 An Oriental wet(rh% 48 To compote wtUi

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