Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 9, 1974 · Page 92
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 92

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1974
Page 92
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BEVERLY M»t*l For your convenience CKTRALLY I.OCATKD Unusoolly nice. Heated Pool and Kid-l die Pool. Cable TV. I i:t\iKCo\oino\Ki HKATKO I'*ITS ROOMS. I · BKDKOOH KFF.APARTMKVr.S Motel and off street parking. Across street from THKBLIK \TL\VriC Park and walk to these: '-i Block South of Pavilion and Amusement area. Caf io and Bingo. Within 2 Blocks of Downtown Myrtle leach. 1 Stop Shopping Center. 1 1 ?estourants. 3 Arcades. 10 Gift Shops, ounges, Fishing Pier. Laundromat, Carpet Golf 3 Theatres. Blocks of Bus Station and 3 Churches. or information write or call: BKVFRI/I JIOTKI. 703 N. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach,S.C. 29577 PHONE 803/448-5231 \r\« ;intl ModiTti I (Will*, faim Orisin THE FREDRICK 900 S. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-6435 ROOMS, Efficiencies. 2 Bedroom opts. Balconies. Coble Color TV. Air Cond. Heat. Heated Pool. Carpeting. Convenient to All Activities. Golf Priv. Ample Parking. Reasonable Rates. MR. MRS. JAMES F.FLOYD Owners and Managers tnn 701FlaggSt. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-8461 Elite. Apis · Rooms · Cable Color TV · A Cond. · Pool Kiddie Pool · Full Baths · All Elee. Kitchens · Direct Dial Phones Monday Sands DIRFCT' Y ON OCEAN FRONT 62 UNITS 1,2, and 3 Bedroom Efficiency Apartments COLOR TV NEAR AMUSEMENT ASF · Direct Dial Phones · Cable Color TV · Restaurant ·Fishing Pier 'h Block · Golf Pkg. 15 Courses · Stay parked and walk to Amusements Co/I or Wntf for furfhpr information 104 N. Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29577 Phone 803-448-8478 W A I K I K I V I L L A G E South Ocean Blvd. Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29577 300 Feet from the Ocean ROOMS, EFFIC.. APTS. 2 BEDROOM APTS. 100', Air Cond., Cable Color TV. Large Heated Swimming Pool and Kiddie Pool. Playground. Putting Green. Golf Priv. Wall to \\all Carpet. Automatic Dial Phones. Launderette, Ample Parking. Catering to Families. Mr. and Mrs. H. L HOWARD, MANAGERS Phone 803/448-8431 *»»+»»»*»«»»»»»»+»«»+*»»»+»»»*»«»»»»»»»»»»+· ·^^^--^·hu^Bhu^Bk-^BI ^^··^^··^^·JB^^aa^^iP^ DIRECTLY ON THE OCEAN QUEEN'S INN and COTTAGES 602 North Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-5712 ALL JIODI K\ MOTEL COIN \EiMEl\C ES THE YEAH AROl iXD-GOLF PACKAGE PLAN--MAJOR CREDIT CARDS HONORED For brochure and rates, send: Nome , Address. , City State Zip OC K\\ I HOM AT 1 YR TLK «l ACII knjo\ } our Itfach \ nration al I hi' VANCOUVER MOTEL 2601 South O.-.-an Blvd. M Y R T L K BK ACII. S.C. 29577 f.icriiriou.v. .Spacious K»»m.\. f C f f i r i r n r i r x anrf l u n r r - mcnl.v air roiiifilioiird irif h K i l r h c n I nils. Cable TV. Healed Pool and Kiddie Pool. O'olt' Privileges. Call or H rile lo rcMr\ ·: Vancouver MOTEL. C. Perry Jones. Mgr. 2601 South Ocean Blvd. Phone (80:5) 448-4M1 Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29577 Name ......... - ................. Phone ...... Address .................. ..................... Find Your Own Gold Over $2-million in gold was mined in Canada's Yukon Territory last year, but there are no really large gold mines in operation. While the commercial operations accounted for the largest portion of the 18,000 ounces extracted, there was also a small army of visitors who, equipped with gold pans and patience, hunkered down by streams and tubs of water and learned how the sourdoughs did the job back in '98. And they represented a vast cross-section of the tourist public -- men, women, children, doctors, cooks, congressmen, pilots -- from all over the western world. The obviously well-to-do worked as diligently as the hitch-hiker who hoped to pan out the price of a week's food. It is not known how much gold the visitors panned, but the owners guaranteed "colors", the flecks of gold which the finder may keep. The gold is placed in a vial with the black sand, and the brand-new prospector has a souvenier which is definitely d i f f e r e n t . For a small charge, the operator supplies the water, gold pan, sand, and instructions. There is a magic about gold, and to find it is an electrifying experience. The fascination never diminishes. If anything, it is enhanced in a country where the greatest gold rush stampede the world has ever known took place. At Mile 894 on the Alaska Highway, there is an exten- sive mining display which the-owners have set up with an eye to authenticity, and they also guarantee the gold panner results from his efforts. A "poke of gold" is a favorite prize up there for raffles and guessing contests. Craftsmen sit at their benches working with the malleable metal, fashioning jewelry for men and w o m e n ; babies wield spoons decorated with nuggets; gold-dipped spoons and serving pieces are common in house-holds; and there is even a gold pan- ner imprinted on the motor vehicle licenses. June Highlights June is a summer delight with Highland dancing in Maryland and a host of other delightful events. June29-30-SOUTHCAR- OLINA. Exciting water sports competition, Sea Island Sailing Regatta, takes place in the waters of the Beaufort River. Each year sailors from throughout the southeastern U.S. compete in this annual regatta. Dutch Treat State Signed Zip . KUTZTOWN, Pa. - It's a qude blotz to enjoy the qude laywa, say the Pennsylvania Dutch folks in these parts, 'and for 25 years the "good place" has been the Kutztown Folk Festival, where they've been showing the world the "good life" of their ancestors! All through the spring now, these down-to-earth people have been "making ready" the big silver anniversary event which opens June 29, continuing through July 6. The hex sign painter with his "chust fer nice" designs which many contend bring prosperity, good health and other things, will have all sizes and colors on hand. W a s h i n g lore, c h a f f i n g , woodturning, candle making, and more old crafts like weaving and lace making, coopering, spinning, roof thatching, and tinsmithing will bring back the atmosphere of yesteryears. The country church with its harvest-home altar will be a haven for rest. Other popular spots along the Festival's Commons, will be the one- room school, the antique book shop, the plow tavern, and the hoedown stage, where c h a m p i o n s h i p squares will demonstrate through the afternoons, and contests will be held nightly. In the large hall will be a great selection of crafts -from block printing to glass blowing. Action attractions for the youngsters, -- hay jumping, recess games, an improvised merry-go-round and rides in the Conestoga wagon, will give them a taste of life in the open air. "Drechter Kucha" or the popular funnel cakes will be good for snacks and to keep up energy, along with shoofly pie, cherry fritters, and fresh corn-on-the-cob! And for family-style meals, the ancient dinner bell in front of Zion United Church of Christ will alert all to "come and get it" and eat yourself full of fried ckicken, baked ham, schnitz un knepp, potato filling, pot-pie, all the sweets and the sours. It's a short drive up Rt. 222 between Reading and Allentown, to Kutztown, where a day at the Festival will bring fun, relaxation and a knowledge about the early beginnings of our country, -- to all members of the family - O Sea Nymph Motel 601 N. Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-6665 Efficiency Apartments -Room TV-- Air Cond. Full Baths-- All Electric Kitchens -- H e a t e d S w i m m i n g Or«rf»«kiiig Ocvan uci:\:\ VII:N [.Mold-Apt* 100 South Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3812 ( 100 Ft. from Ocean · Air Cond.| l Heat · Heated Pool · Coble L Color TV · Wall Jo Wall Carpet i INeat Amusements, Pier, Restaurants,' [Churchs, Shopping Centers and Golf i i Courses. LOW FAMILY RATES. ' MR. MRS. N.A. LEWIS Owners and Managers SOUTH SEAS MOTEL "Oirerlfy on the Ocean front" * Ultra M«ltni * Rooms--Hiicknoei * 4 Bedroom Penlhouie * Air Coiri.i Heat * Automatic Did Phones ·Coble Color TV * Reasonable Ratei * Coil Pri».-7 Courses * Healed Pool Kiddie Pool * Reservations Advisable Mr. Mrs. Bobby Watts. Mgrs. Phone 803/448-5187 1007 South Ocean Blvd., Dept. 4 tjrtlpBeich S.C 79577 Ocean Front New in '72 OCEAN LODGE MOTEL 604 North Ocean Blvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-6770 Rooms. Efficiency Apts. Pri- I vote Balconies. Color Cable TV. Heated Pool. Air Conditioned. 1 ft Blocks from Pavilion FRED A. PERROW, Owner-Mgr. i | Overlooking Ocean si \ c o\ i noi 1:1 305 N. Ocean Blvd. ,,MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3242 New, modern Motel. Luxurious Rooms. Woll-to-Wall Carpeting. Double Beds. Effic. Apts. Private Balconies. Cable Color TV. Individ. Heat Air Cond. Ceramic Baths, Halfway between Amuse. Centers. On the South Carolina Sands St \I\1KK WIND MOTOR INN Air Conditioned, Coble TV, Efficiencies Rooms, Elevator, Swimming Pool Golf and Tennis priv. Cabanas. REFRIGERATORS ALL ROOMS (fvw.o Directly On Ocean S. Ocean Blvd. OVOCK.AV.KKO.NT CASTAWAYS Very Reasonable Rotes for Budget Minded People luiiM'iiii'iil lii \ll Ulnilin Rooms Etfic. Private Ocean Front Balconies. Coble TV. Air Cond. Heot, Block trom Amuse Center and Pavilion. Heated Pool. ERNIE SUE HUNTER. MGRS.. Spring Rates Until May 24 Phone 803/448-7239 UNo. Or.'anHlvd. jnR[i,r.BHni..s.i.2!):,77 4 4 N OCEAN FRONT "» Brand New in 73 OCEAN HOLIDAY 1701 S. Ocean tlid. ·mil BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3016 ' 44 UNITS. I 3 R*gm Apts.- ramily tfficiencies.-Air Cond. I Heat-Cable TV-Pool and Kiddie Pool. Popular rates. Reservations adrised. Wayne Wright, Owner Phone (103)448-4361 ROGER ANE BERNiCE MINION MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29577 ^·······MlB ········» MOTEL 304 5th Ave., (forth MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29577 Phone 803/448-3541 Rooms-Effk. Apts.--All Elec. Kitchens-- '/j Block to Beach. Heated Pool--Kiddie Pool--Carpeted-Cable T V -- A i r Cond.--Ceramic Bolhs--3 Blocks to Amuse. Park Mr. ( Mrs. NJ. Nvckt, 0«iers-D(rs. Ocean Front run K»IH siiti I TIKIS. Ou'iinKlvd. MYHTI.KHKACH.S. C. ±i:,77 Phone HO:V'44H-(:i4 OI'KN AU.YKAK-- FAMILY RATKS · Kiniis»'J KIXIIII Apis. · KlJirh-iirir*«('iiliU'TV ·Air fond. Heat "Heated Poolt including Kiddie I'ml IK. A IKS. R. A.IIOI IFS Ownersiind M;in:ii't'rs (Hceaneeb MOTEL DIRECTLY ON THE OCEAN Route 421 South CAROLINA BEACH/N.C. 28478 Phone 919-458-8537 Color TV. Air Conditioned and Heated Apartments, Rooms. Pool on the Waterfront. MR. MRS. J. O. WHITTINGTON Owners-Managers BAHAMA MOTEL 904 S. Ocean Blvd. v " MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 2?577 Phone 803/448-3267' Across Street to Ocean..Cable Color TV. Pool Kiddie Pool. Golf Priv. June and last 2 wks. Aug. Rates: 1 Btdroon; Iroir. S85V-eeMy 1 Bed. S Kitchenette froir. S95 V-eejdy 2 Bed. Kitchenette ffoir SI 25 V.ecltly 2 Bedtoorr. Apt. (ron. S135 Vv'cekly : July-Aug. rates slightly higher September-May rates approx. V) KEN AND PEGGIE TALLMADGE Owners and Managers · APACHE MOTEL 1810 S.Ccean Blvd. J MYRTIE BEACH, S.C. 29577 J Phone 803/448-2614 * iiui otcon vie«..tiie olarn . oir-tond. hc-ot »" R. TV ,9 channel,'. ». o ll to v, o ll corpet. heolc-dk l. ipodom pool dtcl.'reitnuronis nearby aolli, p..-ilefle s . Miing. ' * " OiVecriy on rhe Blue Atlantic ,, 2709 S. Ocean llvd. MYRTLE BEACH, S. C. 29577 - 7 2 Modern Motel Rooms and 1, 2 and 3 Room A'pts. Some Private Balconies. 9 TV Channels on Cable. Heated Pool and Kiddie Pool. SHERWOOD ANb BETTY HOLMES Owners and Managers PHONE 803/448-5409

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