The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1918
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

-WyiiJI'*'^' THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA THURSDAY. APRIL 25, 191S. . WITCH WOaLN"--A five- feature, in which Ethel the famous screen star, is III the leading role, is being »n twtay.. This five-part World itare -was written by Willard Mack directed by Travers Vale. The ae la an Alsatian shepherdess, ·Je Beaupre .by name, who gives ; to a.handsome but .dissolute Bst, and is deserted by iton. Driven '. village by her uncle and 1 bris ttbors, Marie loses her wits Jtnd w t in a cave in the mountains. An JiMerly Frenchman of means befrieuds She is taken, to Paris, restored jp6. reason, and adopted by M. Delauney, |iois t* Farge, the recreant lover, '"'twin brother,"who Is so mar- iV; like . him that' few persona t,.tell.-them apart.,..Marie meets the irin brother and mistakes him for Eager to be revenged .upon ·v 'betrayer she-determines to work |igftlast his political aspirations. Miss ayton ' indicates the . insanity of riV, skillfully, but she- takes more SfcaturaJly to the character of the hspherdess, when she puts on her gowns. Prank' Mayo, .in the |fana]" role of the twin brothers, is " ilen'did. The "material admits color -movement, an^--aside-from the ftfsatiaa scenes! the picture shows the -I IT£*~l** ar *3" studios, -its-restaurants 5£n?a%ome^pf-wealth and refiuernent. gToTnorrow Berfrly-Bayne-and Francis £}jsr. Bushsoan will be seen in "The ^3rass Check," a five-part Metro feat- OHFHEVX THEATRE. j¥ :VXS GIRL AND THE JUDGK"--A S»eis»Uonal -drama involving klcplo- n»ni» rajugh life, features.Olive Tell. toSe-Mory deals with Mrs. Stanton's teflorts to overcome an -irresistible |t9ikd«BCjr to- stea], -Trhich results in |anMt and m seaodal. "Winifred Stan- jto*. the daughter, has just returned |frani.iLbrpad'and is engaged to marry |afN«Tr Yorker of wealth," -who cancels |tS« tnjajemenl as soon as he discov- f4'-Uw. situation. . The .family then |a*it»':to the country 1 ,' irher,« Winifred *5M«ta- a youiig .aad handsome chap *wJlio first saw her when ~sne- was sav- |fii,her mother from arrest in a JJew t3T«ri-»tGre. -The Son of Democracy," ;i|»«r!«i on'the life ot -Lincoln, feat- ttfimf Benjamin Chapii^-will also be »own. Friday and Saturday Douglas jjtliltwnlu will be seen ia the new Artenil picture, "Headin' South." It ii8S*. thrilling tale ot.trwo borders-- 3ife|lc»n and Canadian--dealing with ijlit'capture of a notorious band of , who defy all,laws and gov- varnin^s. STYLE HEADQUARTERS I A. . - MM * S^r+ ,4 \ Wbere sold Men a a Young men - Want Big Value - - . ·yy Y OU'LL appreciate the fine _ art in these clothes; the great variety of authentic styles; the exclusive finishing touches you want. Flannel suits tailored -with special softness; checks, invisible stripes; in navy blue, green, gray, brown and mixtures. New cheviots, gabardines, serges, soft worsteds, Briar- cliffes, homespuns, all made to give extreme service in wear. Choose From These Fovsr and Many More We have pictured here four of our most popular models for Spring. But there arc mori- -- many more. Just how many you'll not be able to realize till you look them over Tor * yourself. Dunbar. tt? April 2ft.--Mrs. Emma and daughter Anna and Mr. and r. 3f. Burhans motored to Union- and visited friends and rela- pictures Thursday and Friday Paramount, Don't fail to see : d/»flt«! leave for Camp Lee. -^ ' H. R Stiller, who is stationed at Domtago with the marines, was home to the bedaide of his , who is sick at tie J'urnace. Da-rid Williams, Mrs. G. A. mad Miss Margaret Watt were c on friends fa TJniontown Tues- · Tlie ; ladies' Aid society of the M: rill hold the regnliur meet- in the basement D( the i : T. Howard of .Uniontqwn, Tras a _ __ aw calier here . Tuesdiiy. PB^ C. Eason lor wall j»ier.-- 'Adv. -- JtearJTt feSii, ·- to Says His Prescription Has Powerful Influence Over Rheumatism Telia CoafiellaTllle om*m X*»ey UalrM Allcarku COM- pl*tel7,DnmJ»lirM Ail KJicUK»tic FalM juid TwiBjce*- Mr.- James H. Allen suffered tor years with rheumatism. Many times this terrible (llaeaae left htm helpless and unable to work . He finally decided, after years of ceaseless study, that no r one can -be freen from rheumatism until the accumulated Impurities, commonly called uric acid deposits, were dissolved In the joints and muscles and expelled frohi the body, "With this idea In mind he consulted physicians, made experiments and finally .compounded a prescription that quickly and' completely banished every sign aad symptom. oC rheumatism from. hia system. He freely cave his discovery to others -who took It. "with- what mlg-ht be called marvelous, success. After years of urging he decided to let sufferers everywhere know about hii discovery througrh the newspapers. Con- nellsvllle Druff Btor* has been appointed aceats for Allenrhu in thin vicinity. with the understanding that he will freely return the purchase money to a.11 -who state they received no benefit. --Adv. Patronize those wba KIDNEYS MEAN A WEAK BODY yoo're-flity, your-body begina . a, little at, the hinges, Motion » alow, suid dellb«rate. "Not 30 ii» I 'used to toe" Is a frequent thought. Certain bod- upon which food health- spirits so much depend, art : 1he -weak-spot is jjenerally »*7 bla^4*r. · Unpleasant symptona tlienjs«3ve3. Falnful and annoy- ompllcatkmH in other ' oreans V JTItis Is particularly true with P*CDl«, If yon only Icnow '/-thi« ti?oDtri« can be'obviated. .or«r 3tO .year* GOU» MBDAI* ,flk Oil has- be*n rftiitvlnjr the in- ·entance aad pain due to advancing .It Is a »taad*r£, old-time home V amd i»**d« no tntroduetion. It 1 .pat tv in adaHes, tasteIii«s ar* easier and' more pleasant to take than the oil in bo-Lties'. "B»ch capsule contains 'about 'one dose of ave drops. Take them, just-j like you would any pill, with a small sw'allow of water. They soak into 'the system and throw off the poisons ·which are making you old before your time."- They -will quickly' relieve those stiffened 'joints; that baclcachc, rheumatism, lunvbago, Bciatlca, gall-stones, gravel, "brick-dust," etc. They ara an j effective remedy tor all diseases of the bladder, kidney, liver .stomach and allied organs. Go to. your drugrgrigt today ami got a DOT of GOLD MEDAL Haarlam Oil Capsules. Money.refynded tf they da not help you. Three, sizes. GOLD MKDAt .are the pure, original imported ?3aar- 1am Oil Capsules, · Accept no j»'jb«ti- 'tutes.. Art Metal STEEL Hight Weight. Sufe, Filing Cabinets, Lock Boxes, Desks. A Place to Pile Every Paper Every Paper Filed in Its Place 10 Per Cent Discount on All Art Metal THIS WEEK ONLY AT THE Better Business Show You Cannot Afford to Pass This By Penn Office Supply Co. 85 MorgantoTvn Street, Bell 777. UMONTOWIf, PA. Tri-State 577 Tfour Bit-Well Do Ours To Help Win the War and Make Your Garden ' Special! Special! FRIDAY, APRIL 25 TO 20 Bushels of Fine, Selected Onion Sets * TEN CENTS A QUART "y, All Garden Seeds Half Price lie Pom Traffic Department Store, ^ V |; Fundture and Hardware 307 N. Pittsburg St., Third Store from Corner Peach Street PARAMOUNT JHEATRE --TOBAT- ·57OE.LD PRESENTS ETHEL CLAYTON IN TUB EXTREMELY INTERESTING DJLA..MA "THE WITCH WOMAN" A STORY OF HOW A BEAUTIFUL GIRL BECOMES KNOWN AS A WITCH WOMAiV. ALSO CURRENT EVENTS. T 0 M 0 B K 0 W METRO PRESENTS THE SCREEN FAVORITES FRANCIS X. BUSHMAN AND BEVERLY BAYNE IN "BRASS CHECKS" A FEATURE IN 5 ACTS. ALSO KEYSTONE.COMECY ORPHEUS THEATRE TOJUT OLIVE TELL, IN THE GiEI/ AJfB THE JUDGE' .. Drama of Society, Shoplifting, Finance and Police Court. - Benjamin Chapln in the Third of tho Scries THK BOS* OF DEKOCttACY" --FHIDA1' What is "Headin South?" See DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS,Jn i "KEADW SOUTH" « r · * · , · · - · *Sr · · A Small But Select Lot Reduced ---Remnants of 32-inch Bates Zephyr Ginghams, ~i to 10 yard lengths, regular 35c values 25c the yard. --Remnants of 36-inch plain. Percales, in ·white, copen and navy, regular 25c values at li)c the yard. --Remnants of 27-inch plain Galatea, in black, white, copen and navy, regular 35c ·values l!(c the yard. --Remnants of 36-inch Plain Chambray Ginghams, in copen, blue and pink, regular 35c values at 19c the yard. --Remnants of 28-inch Miuaret Cloth, in copen, navy, flesh, pink, grey, taupe and white, regular 25c values at 19c the yard- TTWs WILLIAM AND MARY CABINET selected from a field of 40 Candidates Tbsf s why yon can fed satisfied **"* in purchasing the Official Laboratory Model in **"? exquisite watatrt case, youVe secured the one most beautiful model of its period. Forty'diflerent sketches -were submitted by the country's leading designers. After careroj inspection twenty-five were rejected. Fifteen cabinets were thrn actually constructed, one from each of the remaining sketches. And finally a jory selected the model pictured. Yes, this meant consiieraHe trouble and heavy expense. But it's this insistence upon perfection "which explains the quality of Picture th:s ezqrilsite cabinet in your drawing room. A triumph of cabinet-making, it's a worthy medium for the musical masterpieces h interprets. * Cafl at oar afore and xzntoecr' if FKEF, CONCERTS D.ULT DT OCE EDISON -- SECOND FLOOR. AXXEX Dainty Silken LINGERIE For Spring and Summer Great favor is. shown for crepe de chine and washable silk undergarments of all kinds. The department is showing same of the daintiest that we have ever exhibited and you will find them to be .exceptional values. --Crepe de Chine nnd Washable Satin Corset COTCTS. $1.25 to KM. --Crepe de Chine and Washable Satin Chemises, $2.50 to S7.S9. --Crepe do Chine and Washable Satin Billy Burke Sleeping Garment*, *10.00 and $i»j;o. SPECIAL! 72-inch mercerized cotton Damask, in choice of five floral and stripe patterns, attractive colorings, regular $1-25 values at 90c the yard. Buy L1BERTYBONDS and Keep Them Buying Liberty Bonds and keeping them is a safe and patriotic way to save money. If anybody tells you tliat Liberty Bonds are not safe, remember that if Liberty Bonds aren't safe then nothing in. this world is safe. Because back of Liberty Bonds are the entire resources of the United States, everything that is in this country from one end to the other, even the very house you live in. Buy Liberty Bonds and help win the war .while you have the chance. That Means NOW CRETONNES in Such a Wide Range of Patterns, Colors and Prices, that Personal Selection Is An tesy Matter The skill and versatility of American designers is reflected in the various designs. Here are the favorite floral patterns with a new charm-of unusual color, stripes in varied, degrees of loveliness, designs inspired by the distinctive character of Chinese and Egyptian ornament, dainty chintzes and shadow prints, smart medallions and checks. 35 and 36-inch cretonne is priced as low as 25c, 30c, 35c, 40c, 45c, and as high as $1.50, with a large range of intermediate prices. Petticoats and Bloomers --Striped Gingham Petticoats, very serviceable, excellent values at Soc. · f --Striped Percale 1 Petticoats ,good quality for the price --?1.00. --Black and figured Sateen Petti xiats, all. sizes, excellent at $2.00 and $2.50. Colored rsateea Petticoats same price. --Pink and ·white Batiste Bloomers, very popular at 65c. --Pink Washable Satin BloomerH, good value, at $3.95. An Important Lot of $6,95 and $7.50 TrimmedHats Special at $5 . An irapoi'tant early season apee- .ial on a limited number oC ladies' and misses trimmed- hats, which every shopper will find both timely and profitable. Ton are offered choice of smart ! models omliracing Tht'lrornn, MiJsns, j pokes, turbans, mnsliroonts and i sailors. j Practically every wanted shape j and good color is represented.! j Take ndvaDtttsw of this saving of j $1.05 to $2.50 on cvcrr pnrcusse. S-P-E-C-I-A-L-S-! --81x90 Belvidere Sheets, full size, regular |1.SO valnes, special at 5J.29. --38 inch. Blue Bird 3fnl] f n beautilnl sheer Nainsook, specially prictd at 33c the yard. Actually worth 40c, --50 yards cream and ivory Curtain Nets, 36 to 45 indies wide, in various pretty designs. OXK FOURTH OFF MAHKED TRICE. --15x30 inch hemstitched embroidered Pillow Cases, Prnit-of- tlte-I/ooim JTnsHa, reiralor SI.SO values at S9c the pair. · ---(2x36 inch Empire Pillow Cases, seconds of Aohawk, regn- lar -W)c valnes at 32r, --!2x»0 iach Security Sheets, extra hcaTy weight, regular $1.40 -valncs Pocket Note for Women NEW HANDKERCHIEFS As they are just unooxed you -will know tie handkerchiefs are fresh, snowy and dainty. And they are kinds muclrin request, too." Initialed handkerchiefs of sheer linen, wilt tiny hems and attractive letters, 25c and S5e eaeli. · One corner embroidered, handkerchiefs, so popular -«-ith most women, 25c, 35e and oOc. » Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them.

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