Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 9, 1974 · Page 91
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 91

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 9, 1974
Page 91
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Page 91 article text (OCR)

THOMAS REALTY CO. REAL ESTATE ___ Phone 803/249-1712 Ml WRITE BOX 3234 FOR FULLY I_U lUUSTBATfBMOCHUlf 1 ' 1 *" 01 ' Cheery GfOve Section »0»TH MTtni mCH, S.C. 29582 MOTEL Ocean front, modern rooms and apartments, air cond.. Color TV, Room Music, Large Pool, Private Patio, Dafly Maid Service. GOLF PRIVILEGES, Next to Fishing Pier and Tennis Courts "" Phone 803/249-1444 P.O. BOX 706-E Ocean Drive Sect. The Walkers, Owners-Mgrs. KORTH MYRTLE iEHCH.S.C. 29582 BRAND NEW IN 74 fliprry (Jrovr Bfarh EAST WIND MOTEL 32nd Avr. Frill Si. X08TII»V8Tl.i:8fArH.S.r. 29582 nnt 883/^9-2286 ROOMS EFFIC. APTS. Air Cond. Heat. Pool. Wall to Wall Carpeting. Free Pier Fishing. .Restaurant near. KEN 4 PHYLLIS HARDIN Owners Managers Waltons by the Sea By Bob Simpson MOREHEADqTY-The sun was considering getting up as we drove over the causeway to Bogue Banks. Beach traffic is light in the early morning and on week days. No sane man goes at any other time unless he must. A couple of delivery trucks were on the road, and the inevitable fisherman, rods protruding from a window as he hurried to get to his station before the fish woke up. WHITE REALTY CO. I DltlCTLT ON THI OCEAN I Crescent Village jf I Motel ;! ft · ROOMS-ROOM TV ll } ·KITCHENETTES {·{ · IIR CONDITIONED I' · HEATED POOL-KIDDIE FOOL ,, I' ·GOIFPRIVILECES j Phone 803 272-6904 (] Cretctnt Beactt Sect, tax 1097 % NORTH MTRUC SEACH. S. C. 29512 U Vinie Carroll, Owner ll VACATION HOMES Phone 803/272-6115 P.O. Box! 004 Crescent Beach Station N. Myrtle Beach. S. C. 29S8J On The Omn front ... OCEAN EDGE MOTEL Phone 803-272-6980 P. O.Boi 21 HNMdrHffi Section NORTN MYRTLE BEACH. S.C. 29582 Kntllf On The Ocean... JAMAICA MOTOR INN Rooms--Morforn in every dvtail Air Condition--Etlkieneiei--TV Swimming Pool P. O. tax 1112, Creicent teach Sec. ·MTU HTITli IUCN, S. C 2*512 Fit** (803) 272-5437 }| LI Ocean front BY-THE-SEA MOTEL Crescent Beach Section NORTH MYRTLEBEHCH.S.C. 29582 Phone 803/2 72-5512 K F F I f . ' 4 5 Bedroom Apis, on Ocean Front. TV. Collages Second Row. Tile Baths. Air Cond. Some Fans. Mrs. Reba Brown, Mgr. ALIMMTS OC i: \:\ I It O VI IIOOXV-1 II IIII Air Cond. A Ural. Color 1\. INtol.i: A S K . A H O I T O I K I KI-ICMGIIT ri'M-riii Kciii-h SCH inn I ll.VS.Ori-niillltd. \urlh n rll- Ili-iirli. S. ( . K4i:t :7:..-,:tr: 272^ 112 Overlooking the Ucean KATHY-JO APARTMENTS Cherry Grove Section N. MYRTLE BEACH. S. C. 29852 Phone 803/249-1853 28 NEW UNITS ADDED WITH COLOR TV · Rooms · Apts. · All Elec. Kitchens · Air Cond. · Linens · Pool Kiddie Pool · Laundry Room · Tile Baths · Wall-to-Wall Cptg. · Local- ed between 2 Fishing Piers · Golf Priv. · Reasonable Rates MR.MRS.DONNKKING Owners--Managers V.J.'S MOTEL Ocean tlvd.3 blockl North of Pavilion Cherry Grove Section North Myrtle Beach, S. C. 29582 linen* rintlnni! utensils furnished. Slcrps up 1" ( t. Fully nir condiiiimcd 20x111 swmmini; pool "» dock. Klw- trio heal. IV«t jind three iK-drtHim nil- nine*. All domic kitchens. Ccrnmic lift Inn hi. I'lnygnnind equipment l»r children. Shuppin^ \- Anuwcmenl (Tnlt'r. i*« cxci-llcnl I'ishini! pier* nenrhy. Championship isiilf nmrso nrarhy. "il Phone 803/249-1012 * On the Qttmn fnnt CHERRY GROVE SECTION PELICAN MOTEL ·.Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29582 Phone 803/249-1416 Rrdniom. 1 1 Kiiimi Effir Apts. Room fBniroll'rfl llrai Air Cund. Carpeting, larjf Shady Balnmv. Firlure Window*. Panoramic View. TV All (nib. Room plmnes. Tub X Snnwrr. Sea. Surf Pier Ushinj Near. .\l\n Re.xlauranls. menl.s. Marketing. DIRECTLT-ON-THE-OCEAN-FRONT Hartford C. Motor Inn RESORT Motel · Large Shaded balconies · Picture Windows · Carpeted · TV, · Pool and Kiddie Pool · Ocean Front Efficiency Apts. · Golf Privileges · Air Conditioned . · Electric Heat" ADA P. DEW, OWNER Becky Bob Pruitt, Mgrs. Phan* $03-249^1112 ».6. In 3173 OwTf «n« S«- hrili Mpib IMC*, S. C 2t5t2 The parking lot at Sports-man Pier was nearly empty as we unloaded gear. Inside, Ken Bradley, still a bit sleepy-looking, was nursing a cup of coffee behind the counter. He acted surprised -- he had never seen us up so early. There is a ritual one always goes through at a pier. One walks into the tackle shop, addressing the place in general, "How's fishing?" The answer is invariably t r u t h f u l , good or bad. "What're they biting on?" Again, the question is honestly answered. \ Then one advances to the bar, orders coffee or coke and maybe a doughnut or snack. If there are 1 any fish in sight, one duly admires them, looks over the tackle display, mentally comparing one's own gear with the rest. Only then does the prospective fisherman order bait or a plug or whatever else might be needed'. Finally, he pays the toll and advances, heavily laden, to the portals that open onto the magic wood platform over the water. Here fishermen all cluster together like swarming bees. There may be a thousand feet of pier, but the fishermen will be gathered in tight little groups so they can fling their lines over others, see what others "are catching, have their catches admired, exchange lies, renew acquaintances and learn new methods of attaching shrimp to a hook. We joined them, elbowing our way into a thin spot, set down our tackle, rigged up while a d m i r i n g others' catches and heaved our lures into the surf. Newcomers to fishing piers will note that everyone fishes on one side of the pier only. It's not that there aren't fish on the other side, but it is the socially accepted thing to do. Practical, too. Imagine 40 people on each side of the pier flinging tackle through the air at the same time: the lead, shrimp, bloodworms, plugs, monofilament, -hooks and rod tips would make a mortar barrage look like a paper wad shooting contest by comparison. It's dangerous enough with the fishermen all on one side. The sea was peaceful. Well offshore a ship was making for the sea lanes. Occasional gulls and terns swooped and screamed their challenges at the world. The seas rolled in as they have through the ages, cresting at the tug of the shoaling bottom. Breaking and falling in a thump, hiss and roar, they slid by in a seething, foaming white mass, only to repeat the endless assault on the moving, shifting sands. Beach cottages, crowded a few feet behind the sea wall, were white and placid in the sun: The ever-narrowing beach, cleansed, purged, by the rolling surf, was marked by globs of seaweed, temporarily abandoned, lying dark against thejwet sand, soon to be reclaimed, as will all that stands in the way of the sea. -. Skipping just ahead of the foaming waters, never wetting their feet, were tiny sanderlings, racing up and down the wetness, pausing to stab a morsel of food, then running on, to take quick flight and settle a few yards farther on. They were mirrored in the glare of the sun glinting off the sand. *· The sign on the waterfront may be true when it says, "The gods do not subtract from the alloted span of men's lives the hours spent in fishing." I've yet to meet anyone who has found it possible to worry while tending the end of a fishing rod. Blues had started biting about four a.m., followed by sea mullet and croakers. Fishing slacked off as soon as we arrived, but even with my attendance, they couldn't stop entirely. I plugged for blues with a Hopkins while Mary enticed creokers off the bottom with shrimp. A hefty strike bent my rod tip to a deep bow. When I set Ihe hook, line stripped from the reel. Now it's not true, as a friend accuses, that I have the same mono line on the spool as when I bought the reel back in the early 50s. Still, it was old enough that I played the fish carefully and scientifically. After a hard battle, I managed to subdue an eight-ounce croaker. Ken Bradley is a diplomat: he soothed my sagging ego by suggesting that I put it in the fish scaling machine anyway. The sealer is good for up to 50 pounds, so, after several minutes of stomping and thrashing, it yielded one fish, cleansed, frammed and tenderized. As I walked to the car, I heard still more commotion. Fish were flying through the air like falling leaves. How is it that fish always seem to know when I leave the scene? Eagle Passport The 1974 Golden Eagle Passport to designated Federal entrance fee areas is now available for $10. The passport admits persons accompanying the passport holder in a single, noncommercial vehicle, but does not include camping or other special recreation use fees. The Golden Eagle Passport is available from the National Park Service, the Forest Service or at all designated Federal entrance fee areas, as well as at first and second class post offices. For persons 62 or older, the Golden Age Passport is issued free of charge only through the National Park Service, Forest Service or designated Federal recreation sites. In addition to covering entrance fees, this passport offers a 50% discount on c a m p i n g other special recreation use fees. \MIIOIt I \\UrTKI t'ht-rr Or«\«' .Section nrlh Hj rllr Borh. S. «'. 2*512; · 22-2 Room KITic. Apis. Rooms. All Air Cond. · Each equipped with TV · Coll Priv. · Across Si reel from Pishing Pier · Restaurants and Marketing Near · Swimming Pool · Children Welcomed ·Reservat ions Advisable ·' Write or Phone Ho:i/249-i r l«. Box 3205. 'GOLD COAST On the Ocean Front AMBASSADOR EAST MOTEL ROOMS, EFFIC., FAMILY APTS. The finest in resort accommodations. Ultra modern. Pool and" Kiddie Pool. Color TV. Excellent location. Ocean Driie Section NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. 29582 Phone 803/249-1 478 Ocean Front 23 J-i ·, Ne~ S. aes S , - ' " »· Resort Motel and · Restaurant · Rooms · Efficiencies - · Apartments · TV · Golf Priv. · Room Phones · Pool · Air Cond. · Beach Cabana · One Mile from Airport MR. W. I). MEEKS--MANAGER PHONE 803/272*151--BOX 2248 WindrHillSrc. V.rlli My,,], Beach. S.C. 2958* »»»*»»»»»»»»*»««··*»·!§ Facing the Blue Atlantic SIR WALTER'S MOTEL Open f/ie Year Around Cherry Grove Section PHONE 803/249-2122 ROOMS, EFFICIENCY APIS, AIR CMDITIOfED MD HEAT, FISHIHG MD COIF PRIVILEGES, TV, REAR RESTAORMTS, SHOPPING AND AMUSEMENTS NEAR- "· Earl Cathleen Floyd, Owners, Box 3041 N. Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29582 PHONE 803/249-2265 AMPLE FREE PARNINC Directly on the Ocean Front Clean Wide Beach--One of Cherry Grove's Finest ONE 2 ROOM EFFIC. APTS. Next door to Fishing Pier ond Restaurant. 2 Pools and Kiddie Pool. Golf Privileges. Air Cond. Elec. Heat. Wall to wall Carpet. KEN PAT ROGERS, Owners P.O. Box 3216 Cherry Grove Sec. NORTH M Y R T L E BEACH, S . C . 29582 SEA GULL MOTEL ON THE OCEAN FRONT Cherry Grove Section · Wide Benrh · 1 2 Bedroom Efficiencies · Rooms · Carpeting Throughout · Maid Service · TV in All Units · Fully Air-Conditioned · Pool Kiddie Pool · Golf Privileges · Private Balconies Patios For Reservations Write: SEA GULL MOTEL MR. t MRS. HOWARD LEE, MGRS. North Myrtle Beach, S.C. 29582 Phone 803/249-2640 Exceptionally Nice and Beautiful I THE BLOCKADE RUNNER | All Unit* OCEAN FROJVT .·Color. TV · Pvt. Balconies · Heated Pool · Shuffleboard · 8 Golf Courses · Refrigerators · Baby Sitters .· Air Conditioned · Direct Dial Phones · Elevator ·· Restaurant · Rooms and Efficiencies Tel. (803) 249-1457 P.O. Box 194 OCIAN MIVE SECTION, N. MYBT1E BEACH, S. C. 29582 ~ 29m

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