The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1918
Page 5
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. 'APRIL 25,1918. DAILY COURIER CONNELOJ5TIIJ-E PA. r'AG NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML JLEASANT BRIERY RELATED R«d CroMlIeadquarters Be- part Another Large Ingathering. HUNDREDS Of ARTICLESRECE1VED SAVE YOUR TEETH rtnol PrescHptUa TUkrt Sore Guu ··* l*«e Icrtk Strong a»d Healthy. H««« ProUctne Lf-don is lor»«tl Ttfitk Ifarterakip of aft to Support tt« Gor«r»fit In tk« War »»d CiTe Protoctfoa to tke Town. S9«cta.l to TR« Courier MT EkEASANT, April 25 ---The fol- towmg is a report oC the ingathering ot hospital supplies h«l* at the chap- t*r he_dni»rt«rs b«« Tarr--15 OOB- ptUl twd shirts '20 bed jackets, 5 bath towels, Trauger, Cahnnet and Bmted --24 hospital bed sbirts and 10 face towels, Jones Mill--5 suits ot pajamas, Be-Umon Prestoteriaa church-10 suits of pajamas md S3 hospital bed sheets, Middle Presbyterian Unit --5 suits of pajamas, il |ace towels, 5 hot water bottle covers!, and 1 comfort, United Presbyterian church--45 hospital bed shirts, 'Methodist church --15 suits of pajamas 2 hospital bed shirts anfl 5 wash cloths, Lutheran church--6 hospital h«d shirts, Friendly trait--55 hospital bed shirts 50 face towels, E. Unit--29 face towels, 1 comfort, Bohemian Unit--15 hospital bed shirts, 30 face towels, and 8 wash cloths, Visitation Unit--10 hospital bed sbirts and 27 face towels, Bridgeport--10 hospital bed shirts Scottdale, 305 hospital bed shirts 461 pillow cases, 2,833 face towels, 23 wash cloths, 4 bed jackets, 10 bath robes, 108 bed socks and 110 sore foot sock* Protective tefJom Formed. A Home Protective Legion has been formed with a membership ot 50 Th« duty of these men is to protect the town in case of a not or any danger arising that the police force cannot handle They hare taken an oatti to supvort the constitution of the United States, the eommopv ealth and to protect the town Don t irtse your teeth Many dualists and cbenllsti are amMed lit the dis coiery ot GlngtDOl. a Highly concen trated formula for pyorrhoea soft sore BpoAgy anri receding gums ^nd loone aenstttve teeth G«t a small original bottle todaj that H i l l be plenty for Ginginol laits a lone time "Use M directed and in a few days }OU will notice a decided im provement yxtur mouth ^\ I I teel fine and sorenest will disappear Continue its use u n t i l gums are asain strong and healthy and teeth firm and Immo\ able Users o' GlnEinoI are Jullj protected for the chemist who owns the formula publicly authorizes the Connellsn illc Drug Store and all first clash druggists to return the purchase price to any one «-ho does ftot notice a. decided improvement after the use of one hot tie Hone at Ijurf e. Joe Levine was fined $10 for letting his horses rim loose on the street ' Jewish LiuUei T»el Box. The Jewish Ladies of Mt Pleasant held an ingathering at the home of thei- chairman, Mrs Myer Posner on College avenue for the Palestine Medical Unit At the ingathering the following articles were received 22 pillow cases, 7 sheets 2 blankets 2 night gowns 2 pairs of bedroom slippers 7 suits of underwear 7 pairs of stockings 2 boys' wash suits, 20 face towels 7 turkish towels, 1 ladies' ss^ 1 girl's dress 1 boy s waist and 1 underskirt Besides this 425 in. money was turned in This box was packed and sent to headquarters at Pittsburg Other Sei»«. Mrs Donald Keister left for her Illinois home alter a visit paid her parents Mr and Mrs H C Harrison rv and Mrs. J B Goldsmith spent Tneday hi Pittsourg Mrs Frank Carbauijh has returned from Augusta Ga. -where she was visiting with her husband Sergeant Frank Carbaugh. Tfmot Helpf Then use our claisiSed column snlts will follow Re- No Wore Liver Tronble; Take Bliss Native Herb Tablets '1 raflend with Stomach ami LJrer trouble for thre« 70*" and the care of two doctor* bat tk Weaurly two year* a*w box ot BUas Ntire Herb T»bet« mnd th-CT did TO* more rood tbJtn vtytMag I ever tried. Wbeo I *om- znenoed taAi**g your tabtet» 1 -was In an nrfnd run down condltioe and conldnt MU a thi»« Tritboot U btirttoc TM«- Bnt tbAok* to Bites N«tH« Herb Tairiets in * month I cotxJd do my h.o»*nrorte and **t anythJnc. It i* a rood m»dicliie I don't see f bow could do Trttbout it X am stiU them, I -wei^h more than did In my life. , yoit Itwj te raot Tei Ing the functions ordained b nature, your whol* human machinery breaks 6atwn, your brain becomes dull the pores of the system become clogged with Impurittes and any nerfoct to correct thin DODdJtlbn will load to *cHou« 111 D»S. Bifcw N»tiv« Herb Tablets purely Y«c«t*bl* have been rt- liertng' snfEorers from liver troubles for many ya*ra. They are a safe g-eotle b«t sure laxative, easy to take, and quick to relieve ThouB ands ot bora** ar» never without them. One tablet at night make* the next day bj-ljrht, A box ^^. contains 204 tablet* suid ufij each tablet contain* our \Sf trade mark. The prfe» ta II per box. Sold bj A. A. Clarice and local agents oTerywb«r«. I*ook for oar money araatee In every box. Let it not be forgotten that the duty at each and all of us is to buy Liberty Bonds. Let oar money fight for us; strengthen oar armiea abroad and BO. shorten the ·war. 1%er« ia a great shirt sale going on this week ia every one of our furnishing department*. . While you have tho opportunity it ·would be wiae to invest for ire cm not tell how much longer ve can offer shirts of this high calibre at the present prices. The celebrated Emery brand te onr leading sfelrt, standard percales, all white ground, black and white stripes, black colors, soft cuffs attached. There are other lines of shirts which you may prefer This class of good* is advancing, which means the shirts are going to advance It is a great opportunity to stgck up You will also find in our furnishing departments, complete lines of collar*, cuffs, neckwear, hosiery--a stock equal to any town or city, and prices we believe Just ^a little bit lowar. Union Supply Co. U Ijurti Dep*rt»e»* Stone, Lontad in Pay»tte, Weatmorelaad aad AJ!e/);aa; OonottM. CLIP THE COUPONS AND INVEST YOUR SAVINGS IN LIBERTY BONDS Men's 81.25 Dress f 7C|/» Slilrts . · * 1" Wonderful values all bright at tractive patterns soft cuff sMes all sizes 14 to IBM. it 79o f t l . l W H o u u RR^ 4 ^ tide f t l l ~nd rcm-u of hcot qiialjt\ Percale V ith Coupon 1 rid i j 88c Friday, Over There We Must Fight the Hun--Over Here We Fight the High Cost of Living--Clip the Coupons and Share la Tfacs 3 Savings. . . --' There is always a special appeal to COUPON DAY. We have linked Economy with it end have backed it up with honest values, and this month coming as it does in connecjtion with the Manufacturers' Outlet Sale means extra savings for everybody. Every department throughout thes store has contributed seasonable merchandise, specially selected from our-immense stocks, and will place it on sale at unusual savings for Coilpon Day. Clip some Coupons and bring them with you or better still tear out the entire ad. and use as a shopping guide. COUPON :tk, looth Paste 21c 'Wei known ' Senreco Tooth Paste Sold eierywhcre at 30c With Jiis Coupon 21c NOND SOLD VTITHOUT COUPON COUPON 12.50 $1.33 Beautiful Lawns and Voiles embroider? and lace trimmed high and low neck styles With Coupon Frtda} }133 COUPON $1.25 12-flO White Pnmps Children 3 White Canvas Pumps sizes to 11 Friday tiith Coupon JL25 COUPON 9c 15c "Hersliejr's" Cocoa Hershcy s beat Cocoa, guaranteed by tbc pure food law Our price for Coupon Day 9c Limit 2 to a customer NONE SOLD "WITHOUT COUPO-S 97c 31.50 Alarm Clochi ,, Tho Amcricin gu irantet.d tiTne keeper nicl el lated An other uonrlerful mone s t \ m g jtera "V\ itli Coupon V7c \OVE SOLD WITHOUT LOl PON COUPON* 95c $1-39 Wash Suits -. Boys newest Spring Wash Suits In plain and combination colois sizes 2Vj to 8 With this Coupon the null lac \ONE SOLlf WITHOUT COUPON COUPON 77c $1.00 Corsets at . %Vomen s newett model low btiif long hip Corsets Friday with Coupon 77c "bl.50 Bed Sheet-. SL26 Melrosc Sheets f u ) double b(vl si7f Sl\90 torn and f cmmod re dv foi use W i t h th i, Coupon JUG at Tmbroiden iri limed frontn Special \aluei · poll dt ,fe ho iked nh Cou- Kle Castile Here s anolhei econonn act -^ell kno\\n ( aslilc Soap u i t h th s Coupon the cake Ic \ 0 \ L bOLD \ M T H O t l f Q L F O N 25e Vprjn 19c Be=t an iliu -iino_kc!S Gng him m a % a r i e t j cf ne\^ ^prti patterns \\iih th s Coupon the xard lie ~ NONL faO D .MTIIOl T COUPON "H L n i o n Si it. Womtils Sp-ing Suns Frenc'i lops med Sold v,31h Ih oBc weigh Lmon and luce tr]in is (. oupon at ( Populai Pirk or e amc op racJcls wiih Coupon $1 18 V»lme Brocaae Jridai onh Specially featured for Coupon Day if-"..00 'JO $6 )0 \ U l ES \\\ new being shou n Tildas 101 he fliBt i me and Include tie very last m i n u t e icanon'- mart ribbon And flowei trimmed sis lf*s and tailored modes See them Ft ula\ COUPON Ken's 91-00 77c Blue Denim Bib Overalls full »ixe, well made, nil sizes With Ibis Coupon, the pair 77c NONE SOU) WITHOtT COUPON COUPON 3.«; Pillow Cases _ _ 28c The 'Champion" Pillow Cisea lull sire 36x42 Sold Friday with thia Coupon at 28c COUPON 50c Drawers ladies embroidery trimmed drawers, open or closed styles Friday with Coupon 35c COUPON $1.35 Children's 92.00 Hats . _ Children s Newr Spnng Hits smartly ti corned with flowers and ribbon ^ ith Coupon |J 35 COUPON 99c Men's 91.50 Shirts _ _ .... Newest Spring patterns made extra nell P-ench cuffs all size_s 14 to 17 "With this Coupon 9"c ^ONE SOLD WITHOUT CO(jPO\ « omen's $'5.50 Slioos Iace'st}le dai ?2 60 fine Kid Comfort shoes iubbei heel Cn ipon $1.00 Scrim Curtains . Made with lace edge pink 01 blue flowered borders With this Coupon the pair 89o NONE SOLD WITHOUT COUPON COUPON 46c 69c Camisoles at .. . Pink. Jap Silk Cimisolea lace trimmed On sale Frida witli Coupon 46c AtJ 4fr I i/ 75c Matting Rngs . . . Attractive designs in Hug 1 ' sir? 16x68 Special Fnc'aj- t i i t h thi. Coupon -17c Ef^p' ~*l^T^"*««rT»nv?}J=«as*t'-'~»*tt^~ r i Suits Boys sint^ 1 10 3u \L 11 in A v a n P t ^ of m i M t i os in light cr c 11K colors "Uilh c o u p o n ? S" 1-7.00 Kid ( \ t o r d s $5.90 \ \\ B l o w n Kit! Oxfordb jjuli- iir\ heel imitation ip lice st\!e rutKn \\ilh Coupon ?a 30 $1.18 t lnlii i n i, iiewcil stvle Gineham re^se 1 - in a ^arien of smart ilaid^ und combinations foi Fnday ill Coinon ^1 I 1 ! 4 -vanct\ of Girglum 01 Peicali U n f l e i s r i i t g Spem] for J n d a ^ with Coupon 78c Slair Linoleum Reg lUs JHc b i n l i u o l t i n i )rov,n o gr cr. '-.pun! 1 ri w i t h Coupon thp ml l i e 1 amo i r i^Iettric Brand Hou-^e Oressr 5 ; made of host qnaljti lieh* colored Peieale and Gmtham SI !n Slippers 21c Jt f i i Ho i Clippers all wes Sp f i ui i nda^ w i t h Coinon 2]c to $6.00 Silk $3.95 Newest stuped Silk Taffe'a. Skir.s blurred pockets and bell ·special fui K u d u witli Coupon 751 ^ ork Gloics 55c Men i 1 eather \\ork G3o\«.b fahort or gauntlet st\ le Another eeoc onn aut--nub this Coupon 55c Women's $3.00 .$1.95 Patent. 01 Gun Mcu! IcdLbci high and lo^ heels ksd and cloib lops b\uton s l v i e Coupon da Sweater-. $3.85 I fldies Slip O^er bilk Fibre Sweaters in popular ^hades is rose green copen and pini'Io \Ai(Ii Coupon ?3 85 $3.50 «am $1.98 Cbiidiens Ram Capes -Min hood otoi^ are red and blue Pridaj siLh this Coupon $1 OS 81.00 Bed ' Ko-e"ri*-lc f u l 1 double bed si?e, "2x00 W ith Coupon 87o NO\L SOID \MTHOLT COl PON Hundreds of Thrifty Women of Connellsvilie and Vicinity have taken Advantage of THE MANUFACTU! AT "THE B3G SfORE" But if you haven't been numbered among tnem there's still an opportunity tomorrow and Saturday to secure Stylish New Suits, Smartest Dresses and Stunning Spring Coats a4 a saving of 20 to 30 per cent. Pennsville. PENNSVHiB April 25--P "« Richer, Jr moved Irom Conuellsville to bis Pennsvlle residence last week O P Lenhart moved bis famil from tbe F "VI Eicbey Jr residence to the house lormecly occupied by B B Leasure owned b Frank Bitner, near the street car station "VCrs J L Hyatt of East Gibson i avenue, Conellsville, was a P«nnsville caller Monday Mrs Daa Miler and Mr W B Mier tbe committee appointed lo sell liberty Bonds tor the Pennsvile district have been working hard and have made good i)~ogiess in the work. Mis A W Figley visited 'vrcKees port friends for a few days last week. Sue Weans the chairman o£ the Knitting committee of the Pennsville Red Cross uuit would hfce to ha\e some volunteer knitters lor socks for the Red Cross of which here is \ c i v great need Jtri A H Shernck oa? of our old est Penn-mlle rewaeuts and who lias ,6een blind fo- soire time jab ta! en up knitting \o k for pastime The Evangelistic seivices, m the Pennsville "United Evangelical cburcli are still n progiess E\an^elisi EriCiClej is p eaclimg a serie*, of il lustrated. seimons on the Second ' Coming of Christ There ml! be communion services held in the Pennsville LniteJ Elan gelical church Sunday evening April 28 at 7 4j o clock The seruces wll be conducted by Rei A J lummel o' Valencia, If Ton Arc Hnndng Bargains Read ihe adver + iseing columns ol Tbe Daily Courier You will find them Who to 1'atroaize. Merchants who advert o their good* The Daily Courier 10,000 Testimonials from Mothers Of clitldm: wl o bare Buccemfuli) need Moiier l.raj · Sweet Powders for ChLdren They mo v« and rcjjalala t!e bowete reUesoFeTeriihneeB, TfcUnngd^ordero conntijjatioD, headache* de»- trcy vronns mnd freqoeaUy br«ih up colde. Chil' ' Pairomze those who advertise. firetiliUetbcitt. For'VJjeariHolherGray'BSwett Powdcra for Children hai« been tho safe 2nd rcliablertmedj-iiHimeofnfrcd. HoLhersehonJd ntfer beinUiout-R box in l\)e bonne for lain** diie me. Atdru£pBtjtTcriwt«e,SSc,

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