The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY .COURIER. CONNEIXSVTLLE, PA. APRIL 25,-1918. KENBT P. SNTDBR, »Dd Editor. 1S7S-1SW. TMK COUHIE« C'OMPAXT. "" K. it, SKTDER, ; President. JAS. 3. DRISCOIi, »cy »nd Treasurer; Business Manas". 5 ~ JOHN'li/GANS. ' " Manaslng Eaitoi'. ,' " WALTERS.: SITMMEI* * ·» '· City EUitor. ·,', _ HlSS'aiXNNir-B. KlNCEWv ' Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press, Audit Bureau o£ Circulation, P«»n«y!vaji!a Associated Dallies. ,. Two cents per copy. SOc par month; K per year by mall It paid in advance. Entered as lecond class matter at the Connellsvllle, Pa. · - £ · SHERMAN;. Hospital "Oriltrt; American;-£x- Deditionary Torce*. -France. RAUH-F, STJOEK.' Com»any'lt. 31Sth-Infantry.-- U. 3. J. A.. Petersburg,. ya. r'trrrr-f -··* Every -school child is familiar with the story ."of -the Liberty Bsll. ' The histories tell ot it solemnly, and the tra- ·Sitipri's p'f freedom" embellish the tales j with lavish enthusiasm..' .One can »1- most hear to the dead watches of tire. night its /deep-throated call of liberty. None n-ho have seen the jagged crack in Its side can describe it without exaggeration. Tor loyalty spurs fancy. All that the Liberty Bell has stood for through more than century is at; stake right now.. All that .our dead .and ipne patriot forefathers fought for is threatened. All 'the resources "of the nation in men andvmoney have been called for by Uncle Sam. Hot. since its birth 'has the_nation faced a. greater crisis. Shall the call be answered to the utmost! To our last gasp? Shall loyalty.- ana liberty be glorified or shatned?. .; . ..Shall we ring the' Liberty Bell once more? - · · - . - . - · OBiSHALL WE TOLL IT? Let'you'r purchases of Liberty Bonds be your answer! . ' Wrnrnt**. ·WANTED---TO R IS PAIR ALL MAKES j ot -sewing machines'. Not an agent..- i ' JG MACHINE REPAIR- Xorih Cottage avenue, CpnneUsvlllu, Pa. 25apr'-'t" WAXTED---SIX OH EIGHT RO.UGH carpenters for bridst work. A p p l y P. A. MKi'BR. Connellsville. Pa., or J. D. KLLEXBKItGEU, Dunbar, Pa. "WcHL I'enn Railways Company. tiiTapt'ut rt.T*. A«oela«4 ,. cliMiT*ly..*ntitI«d u| to the tot dls- credited to It of not a credited in this p»p«r the local new* publish*!! WJST DEFEAT' -"The CbimellsviUe"bpnd boosters have made" such, good 1 use- of daylight sa-v- in«- that it is $800,000 o'clock in the First City: of Fayette when it is ,only STOO.OOO'o'clock In the Second City. The chief wrong" about cage life in Germany. . which Supervisor Sturmer described, is that the Kaiser one side : of the bars. on the - Mayor' biiggan apparently ^does not favor the eliminatiin of the German language from the Devil's course of study, -fearing, no. doubt, that his sa- tantc majesty m i f f h t not otherwise be able to make his Ions expected, and somewhat'overdue, guest feel at home upon his arrival. · T h e r e is not a btt of doubt about it. The Connellsville Liberty Bond district is soing to the »1.000,000 mark, and do it easily. But you must help. the this There are some "bumps'' in news from the -western front t" * The- r*ovement to drop the study of ·*· fi*rm*a tumour schos-dow-ndtfcive r its origin Damons a few people who atay JLYQ formed a prejudice against £ Germany because of the war-or otfcer- f 3s The reasons for the-movement £ 4fe more substantial and real, and ^ i8ey are hems advanced by meirprora- * ent in educational circles who' nave A. y «Jven very seriout .thought and study i f to Che influences whlca are traceable $ to tlVe~ use of German text-books, * | Among '^hpseVwho'. see'.dangers'in f 1fee continued-study* of Gentian by . . tJie youth of our laud Is Dr. Russell 6.:- J£ Con-well, president of the Temple E::; :)jftilvei^t£j^i^5lpbia.' $°S t . c ? r Con " ^ ; ' .·tfell is.famous;i^-thfr 1 author^of the jsfj" 1 l^ctur^ " ,.ot Diamonds,' 1 which Wj M^s bewi "delivered ia Connellsville j|.? Aid otSer places in: Fayette county, a£~- -and is personally Jcno^'n to many per- f{ itons in this.section/.'At a'-meeting in $f Philadelphia'a feW. days-ago, called to t?.-, cqnsider the German^'lAngua^c study §.;. ijsestian, Docipr Con-well expressed :*£· ttfs views in tne emphatic declaration |f - thVit "We must defeat Germany every- I*-' -wte.rG, and^ consequently v/c must g£ Keep- tie Qerps'an language and the J German, boo^s and modern German; ff. iScas out of the minds of the rising *J" - generation." The reasons for his be- fe . lief Doctor Coaveil slated, as Tot- reference to the German lan- iCaage it is not rlsht. at this time to : eWuourage .the srtudy oC the language · In'. America, because it Increases our "interest in German literature and G«T- · man literature has for f i f t y years been 1 : aJ-aangerous element .in .the education I . o^ young.. 5*fOp1e,' Germany* .-* 'greatest · : --' writers-'or'those"who attract the most ' aUentf«n are iconoclasrts in their pur-; .-/··pose or · inMheir tendency. No class .of .'-'"peopl* Kai" endeavored with sucti per;' slsterc*' : to Overturn our f a i t h - In-' the"-' TOOra'i principles ot the Scriptures as ·-' have' the modern scientist.- of Ger- · many. 'i -':' ;Jn every largft library the greatest ·f- .nWmher of German books are upon "-' 'Bttbj'Scts ' w h i c h destroy our faith in '· Cod or our faith In humanity and dis- "·'· tiirb the- fundamental .intuitions of hu- ' · -in»nVty.jvJlich. are nscejjsary .10 our hap- '·'.·".' iThc 'roodern^**lVIbitj[oa!..otvjGerman.- ; -- itlea^. expressed and practiced by the :·:' Isais^j* Brtd h,Is Qpurjsfrlora if autocratic. ·' - and saixtaeoniffttc to even* American · · principle'of 'democracy. These ideas .'· 0 -. »fc subtle and -incisive and overturn A . th* faith of the rcxder in American V,.. political ideas so easily and so grrad- ~: ' ually that they aro the nvre daneer- /· oiis on that account. ',,'"' JThc Germa n charact e r as it is cx- "'··' blbited in modern Germany i s - a . dif,'-- fecent;thins- from- · thjat, which, .vros % -found there twenty-five anl fifty years ; C g;b. "I "·\vas 1 -a" correspondent ' In ' the '··:.':. Frahca-Gern^an: l "War. and at^that .time -?' the sense of^honor among the soldier? ; : PB." both' i?ines"was very clear; CrueT- :'.- tl^3 with atrocities were rarely heard ; ot' e-ven. -In tbe German .attacks .upon ^* FJ^ince, ,,Ther§,,wa_s but.J.ittle injustice JV 3^ne to prisoners, and · very strong 3iaincl'ination ' on' the part of Gerrnaris lc* murder women or chtMren; or a£- ·jtoik. cities or ships without fair and morn'tng. Don't mind them, just dig in the harder to make our boys ready to pive the Big Bump to Beastly Bill. Connellsville must not only win a Liberty flag but one with stars In it. The Huns' have learned that when they want some real flehtng they can he accommodated bv applying: at the sector where Uncle Sam'j. boys are ready to do business at the drop of the hat. Uniforms 3tnst Sot be i Camouflage. ChicaRO Tribune. Military - u n i f o r m s and title? 'ought not to be permitted to be used aa camouflaEe by slackers. Especially disagreeable is the evidence of the use of Cabinet influence to keep sons or relative* in safe places. It will be noted by the American · people that though Colonel Roosevelt was not Allowed to go to the front all his sons are there, while the Administration has not a representative. By Walt Mlion. W.N'Tlin--OI..D FALSE TKI5TH. Don't matter it broken. I pay $2,00 to 515.00 per set. Send by parcel post .nd receive check by return mivll. U MAZKR. 2007 South Fifth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Uapr23t* ' TVANTED-7-AN-V KIND OF HRl.'iV- Inff,. whether it i.s a calling caVd. siila SiU or the finest engraved weddiior invitation or announcement. We print anything--everything--dp it p.rom.s.'Ur ana do it right. Call tne man at TBS COURIER office. Both phones. 21-tl "\VANTfcJO--MAS' TO TtEPRESENT International Correspondence Schools in Fayette county. Salary and commission. A good position for a live wire. Apply by letter st.-Uinfi- ape and qualification. F. L,. GOODFUCH, manager, box 172, Uniontown. Pn. 25jiprlt*. WANTED--MALE . CLERK FOR keeping form records. One who can operate typewriter preferred 1 . If of military age must show reasons for not. being- In the service. State salary expected. Address "CLERK," care The Courier. 33apr-tf WAXTKD-- WIS ARE OFFERING steady employment to men, between the ages of 18 nad -15, for government rk and regular commercial' lines. Our factors- operates six days per week, in three eight-hour shifts; While learning: operations we pay you 35c per hour, plus 10 Pftr er-nt bonus on all wagres for steady attendance, computed in weekly periods. After learning the work, which takes from one to Bix week.*, yon are able to earn :trom 53 to $5 per day and better. We have a Housing Depiirtmnt, w h i c h w f J i assist our applicants in securing houses and rooms at the lowest rates. VTe also ncerf a I.tri^e number of girls, ages 21 to 35. for steady, profitable factory employment. Physical examination required. Apply In person or communicate with Factory Employment Office THE GOODYEAR TIRE RCBBER COMPANT. Akron, Ohio. 25aprl2t FOR RENT--FURNISHED LIGHT housekeeping; rooms. 307 East Crawford. 24aprtfd FOR rooms. RBXT--TTTO UNFURNISHED "90 Kast Falrvlew avenue. 24npr2t* FOR - RENT--STABLE SUITABLE for garape. c'entr»Ib' located. Apply 221 East stre«t. '.23ai EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME. Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." :; NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN WAITING ROOM. i FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON Moond floor of Dunn Rva_na building. Inqnlrtt of HARP.T DUNN, SJan-tffl FOR P*EN7~TWO LARGE DES1R- able furnished rooms for light houyc- kceptnp, first fioor. All conveniences.| ·tlO North PHtsbure street- 25aprl: FOR SALE--FUHXITURK, 270 EAST Fair view avenue. 2iaprlt FOR' BALK--GAS RANGE CHBAP. Inquire BEIUH.UET'S PHARA1ACY, '.endsbey toward e-vil and' toward' self-. aJinessC *a"-w1iriiifetieSff'' to "aaop'f" ' 'any 'oj-m-_ot injustice for the sake of vlc- K^B'. ir^Hence.. the less wf have of it i£;Amer'fca* the better for this cbun-' 3^ an .fl V* 1 ? *?***£ * or G«i*m»ny itself. ror tH'e. present it"\roul'd".1e niuch bet- -«:£ to" take the' German language pat t*-thc schools and out: of -public use mfirely until the German people, have J)(»lr-- consciences' atvalceutd, and re- wii' t»~~the,- primitive -faith and-'the nceryrtay sense* oJTUiist£c«r fsUrriess'.a'nd rodUn-era ifche v*ty. dangerous attorrupt- to In- IftenC^ "Cjhe "American mind for many ·earfr-paat --by indirect teachingr. Is ·wiethinsr. -which we. rauAt .meet .in ·ijer "to" win- the 'final . victory for the iei*tftt of humanity. -We must defeat tmany.eYerywh.ere; .ancl corisequent- r^l we must keep the Oerman lan- «ar«- and-the- German buoks arid" the i^8«rn German idea out of the minds i . f*-th* rising- peneration. '- - ^ - i )fa ; ; ttcse critical^dayF'-^re- imperil I he welfare of our country just so ! j^jj-and TO the extent that w-e^per-i ill; the use of anything 1 that may- be , : ^ployed as a vehicle for in'siciious : ro^a^andx The German lanpwage j * ' ' ' DRASTIC M£ASUR£S Oh, Uncle Sain, if you net;d wheat to keep'our allies on their feet and j**r the Teuton loose, don't tell us why or arR-ue 'round but lay your handa en every pound the country can produce- We 'stay-at-homes don't cany suns, but we Can feed in sawdust buns, :tnd do it w i t h a grin; 'twould be a pity if we'd swear at any sort of bill of fare that's planned lo help us w i n . Oh,' Uncle Sam, wha-ter'cr you need to h?ip the men -who fight and bleed for us on foreign mo^rs--our hay, our hens, our wheat, our .shotes. our horses or our choo-choo boats--just* taHe them; they are yours-A I used to call my house m/ own; I labored hard, for every bone thai, bought its b'eams and -jambs; and the adjacent tree and vine I Ui?ed to proudly say. were mine; now all are Uncle Sam's. ''.I used to watch my bank account, rejoiced to see the flfrures mount, as'happy as nine damn; but dollars do hot,'comfort me while kulture riot? o'er the- se-a;-they all are Uncle Sam's Oh, ITh'cIe Sim, don't .coax or plead! Just reach out for the things you need ,reach out and take them In! We stay-at-homea can roost In trees and feed on cruat.f and,rinds of cheese, if that will help you win! FOR SAM-:--TWO GOOD HEAVY work teams. Both phones. J. C. DKT- WJLBR- SoaprSt FOR SALE--m~ FORD TON TRUCK i n t e r n a l gear drive. 306 Hill street. Tri-State phone 112-2. 19aprSt - KOa SALE--PIANO CHKAP TO quick buyer, account leavinpr town. SOS West Crawford avenuV 2-(apr3t* ' FO"R SALE--FRESH COW. THIRD calf; ons mile from Ix»ffan'a Crossing on state road. J. "W: F LTD ELI.. FOR SAXJ3--SEED CORN, EAHL.T Ohio, Eight Rowed. Also weed potatoes. Inquire R. S. Picrcft, South Con- nellaviUe, East Gibaon avenue. 23aprtt* FOR SALE--A SEVEN nOOMl5o house and hath. Hot air furnace and a nood well of water. Inaulre at Xo. 13. Urant etreet, "Scottdale, Pa, MaprSt* FOR SALE--74 ACHE FARM. GOOD young 1 orchard; 7 room barn ·40x72 feet, water piped into kitchen, lii ntllHs west of Scottdale, .known aa the Christner farm. E. F, DeWITT, BeJl Phon« 299-J, Scottdalc, Pa. 2-lapr4t MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BCTJH PHONES ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. J. N. Trump WHITE LI W TRANSFER M O V I N G PIA^'O* ANO A 8PECIA1.TV. Omce 1Q3 K. 3r*»e AJIer ·It* 1*. H. R. Deput. Doth J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBLIC AND REAL ESTATE. b X South Meadow Pa. aooooooooooooccocxxxcpoooa * *vir* 1776 We Have a Liberty CI We believe that every man, woman and child in Connellsville should own a Liberty Bond -- not merely one bond but as many bonds as they are able to buy. It is better to invest your money with Uncle Sam NOW, than let'Germany take it away from you later. THE LIBERTY BOND CLUB makes the buying of a bond a simple matter for everybody. We buy the bonds for you and you pay for them in easy weekly installments. * $1 down and $1 for 49 weeks pays for a $50 Bond. $2 down and $2 for 49 weeks pays for a $100 Bond. $5 down and $5 for 49 weeks pays for a. $250 Bond. . $ 1 0 down and $ 1 0 for 49 weeks pays for a $500 Bond. Under this plan, even if you haven't saved a cent you can buy a bond. All you need to do is totake a dollar out of your next pay for the first installment and a dollar a week thereafter until the bond is paid for. PATRIOTISM AND SELF PROTECTION Buying bonds- just now is a patriotic duty. It is also a matter of self-protection. Uncle Sam needs our help. It is our battle he is fighting. If we do not furnish the money he cannot win the war. .Isn't it better to lend to Uncle Sam. at good interest rates, than pay Germany a huge indemnity? "Wouldn't, you ratlfer lend Uncle Sam your last dollar than pay the Kaiser one cent? Of course you ivould, so -Come in today and enter, your subscription for Liberty Bonds. First National The Bank That Does Things For You. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. - FOR SALE--FARM OF 220 ACRES about 1 mile from Brownsville, near j brick road, underlaid with sma.ll vein of coal and valuable limestone, front- j Ing on Monongahela river and* rail- j road; brick dwelling liousc; streum o f : mountain water; splendid property for stock- raising 1 or farmlnff, with first- class market for garden products, ad- --·· . . . . . . . -- .- jacent to Brownsville city limit? and _.--BOT FOR .PORTER AND) town lot plan; owner enprat?ed in other to work in drug 1 store. J. C. MOORS, i business and offers a bargain; price 3100 per acre, on (rood terms. J. E»OX- 672, C o n - 20aprtfd WANTED -- "YOUR business. RENDINE'S. BAKBERING tt 25apr-tfd WANTED--GIRL FOR GENT3RAL h9uaework. BLPERN'S. 404 South Pittaburg, street. 22apr-tfd WANTED--SECOND HAND.- TYPE- ·wjiter. Call Bell 13-R, or Trl-State 98-W, Mount Pleasant. 23febtf ALD PORTKK, P. O. B-x nellsviHe, Ps.. .WANTED--TO RUNT A LARGE stable for srtoragre purposes. Centrally located.., Tr.i-Sta-te, 812.. , U5apr2t LOST--LAST cXGHT 1N T HIGH school auditorium Seton Hill claps ring. Reward if returned to Courier office. ' 25apr2t WANTED--ROOM WITH BGAJRB by young man. Address "A," care The Courier. 24apr3t» ' WANTED--PLASTERING AND JOB- bing 1 . Also inside ]aintlns and white washing. WlLLIAit BRANCH, Bell ' ' "WANTED--TWO OR. THREK UX- furnlshed rooms for light housekeeping. - 230 East Falrview a v e n u e . . 23apr3t WANTED--BOYS AND GIRLS OVER 16 vears of apt. Paid wlille learning. CONXT2LLSVILLE SILK MILL. l^aprtfd WA'TED~ERIGHT BOY OVKR 16 years of age to learn job printing. Inquire JOB DEPARTMENT, Courier. - ISapr-tf WAXTED--FOR MAT FIRST' FIVE room housfe-with'bath. South Side preferred. Phone Tri-State 137. - TPANTBD--WOMAN FOR GENERAL housework. Apply_ MRS. C .1. ARMSTRONG at Yough House Restaurant. g : g^'- t*As corrricted of that* charge; h'ence j ' ··WAITED--FIRST CLASS EAUBER. the duty o f ! wages, J20.00 per week und percentage. : Inciulre JAMKS RICE. 201 ' Water street. . tMaprSt becomes or, boards of educaliott. A.ttcntlun. IF IX N your "Wants. C. H. BIRD, Addison, Pa. 25aprl2t Notice. THE CONTsKLLSVILLE NEW SEC- oncl Hand Furniture Store, No. 123 South Pitttfburgr street, will b« open for business Saturday, April 27, -with a f u l l line of goods. Furniture of all kinds bought, sold and exchanged, R e f i n l s h i n g and upholstering a specialty. " 23n.pr5t" Opening - "WE HAVJ3 ANt3XCELLL12NT . OP- pbrtunity for several young men, 18 years or over, as assistant.? In the operating department of the main power plant. Address (n person or by Setter L. E. HANK/USON", Superintendent West Penn Power · Plant. ConnellsyUle. , 2 4 a p r J O t It's footwear that women believe in, as we have for '· 30 years, if you buy them. · Everything new that's good is here for your choosing. Black, White, Grey and Brown. Shoes--Pumps--Oxfords I to, state Wrcd by loyal t j-oungr and 25aiir3t TOILTT! i'fluui » century." the Lib'eny . ·U fca* boay. ; tai· tbe ctipola of Inde- * I t o x 3fiSt conne[isvillc . ·4«»ce Hall, Philadelphia. .Upon a ! "-WAXTKD--WOOD 'T7\~XK".~~NEH r "oii '· V special occasions. - when che iio--'second band, to have a e.-ipaefti- o / j pride-wasninninsatWsh-tide.i.fS-^? £ gggi ^PA^ Notice. McDonald Cray. Attorneys. ESTATE OF GEORGE TV. McC'AJlT- ney, deceased. Letters testanientary on the Estato of George W. McCartney, late of t h e City of ConueilsvUle, Fayette county. Pa., deceased, having been prantea to the undersigned, noUce is hereby ^iven to all persons indebted to satd estate to make immediate payment j and t o ' t h o M c having 1 - claims acainat the '**! Ha'fr.e to present tlieni, properly authen- , _. . , , . A ! ticatecl, for settlement. KLLA O. Mc- ladyu-ith knowledge of book-1 CA R T .V75Y Exwutrlx. 210 FairrieW *'.H? w r J t I "ff''_.. A d r t r * E l »:avenuo. Connellsville, Pa- 18ap r St ;·-: avenuo. en taken down :o?d tratisport- the country, to Be, thousands. Uncle ·!· bouts -BO relic .tiiat. id held io w*r reverence. It is- sacred to the of patriots got: e. ' the Liberty committee would have us re' · N'o. 520 irs: National Bajik building:, Unlon- lown,' Pa. 2"apr6t WA.yj-k!D--TWO LAOIKS OF GOOD jitiilreas Cor advance safes u'urk. Thoy^ tiirving: had previous experitnce pre- fervod. . .Rcfftrences' reciuircd. Salary :IIM| conrmiS5fon. Applv In person at JE;(VBI, TEA CO., Inc.. 15S East Crstw- fo'rd -Rvtnn^ ' · 25apr3f ON'E AT ONCE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE .DAILY COURIER OFBICE LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B.KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. .. YOUGH TRUST COMPANY EJrwjWbtfi*- T |t"U iVfTwl" utFUntA »*st5l$ ^!ed -wi^l Blot Ribiwu. -..·undot. AsiLforOlO- DIAMOND HRANI* I ' $0«'BY MOISTS EVERYWHERE osxyaooooaofsooooooooooaootsq WE A p Homer's YYLAlv Qotbing 's Ice Cream Fresh From Pittsburgh Every Day. TAKE A ' HOME Served With Many Delicious Dressings at Collins' Drug Store, 117 S. PITTSBUBGr STREET. PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE'IN TJHIS PAPER.

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