The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 31
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 31

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 31
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rrrTy,'7i""Tpy-iyr''yr,'Trryy?,'','',"''?prr''y?TTtffyr ''tWvJ SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL awn 101 AUTOS FN UlE (Cant, from Preceding Celumal ltd rOBD CONVSBTIBI.S PEBFtCT CONDITION. LOW mileage 'ullv equipped llil oiler 7IS-ttg nil 7. I1S-SSS3. ventage WIRDMAIK MOTOBI (Mvrtttl . oldsaeeklle S!l-alS w carp u ItM BNVOY EPIC. DEMONSTRA-tnr, blue, tedlo. IM3 Chevrolet Blacayna automatic, IM) Bel-Air station wagon; IH3 otd-mobile super. eedan: I Ml Acadian l-donr automatlci 1IM3 Par- laienne Ponliac. hardtop. 1 ttno cnevrotet Bct-Atr sedan, white. IPSO Chevrolet 4-door hardtop, automatic. 1H Chevrolet hall-ton: lSdl Chevrolet half . ton. lone boa, radio. 102 AUTOS WAITED ALL MAKU OP LATE MODEL uaso cars want ray cash or trade up or down. Century Motors' 44 Gladstone at Kent 131-ma HAVE M . 'St M CHEV- ralets. Pontlaca. Fords. Volks-wagana. Consul. Would ilfce to exchange for late model cars and pay caen for difference Maurloe Motors. 110 Ridcau l U4-4AM. IMMEDIATE C A 9 FOB ANY snak or modal la perfect eoodi Mod. 134 -MM LATE MODEL CARS WAKTED. ham M. 57. SI. M Chevraleta, Pontlaca. Porda. Volkswaaena, Consuls, would Ilka to exchange for lata model cars and pay eaah for difference, tee Maurice Molars, si Rideau Street. 154 LET ME SELL YOUR CAS POR pott. I have the time, place, experience and can arraiute a financial transaction. Calf Joe Marquie. eu.t3h, MEED CASH? MIOH PAYMENTS? Arehla McDonald will buy your fear for top cash price or trade down far cheaper car and eaah and part credit on car at later dste -Archie McDonald, led I Laurler .Weal, 'M-4723. PRIVATELY OWNED AOTO- mootle in perfect condition. Pay eaah. PA4-13S0 ry m mv in. njtm, i m and Pontlacs, pay top cash prices or trade down at Dominion njiumuDi'.i leva s,n7ung mr nue. 7S-U07. WE BUY LATE MODEL OM AND ford products 719-4 1M WILL PAY CASH POR O N E-owner cer In top condition. 724-11 ad. 444-3101 WILL SELL YOUR CAR ON CON-eUament far lop price. 7JS-M71 . PALMER'S SOTO WRECKERS CARS AND TRUCKS WANTED for wracklnf . 111-101 103 TWOS AMD TIA1BH IMC I JO OALLON TANKER. J4X-rhanicaUy A-l. licenced ant II Januarv. H 4M. SZS-MII or 711-371. 141 Richmond Road. NEW ANDUSED SCHOOL BbSES Elliott Motors iBeiievinei Ltd . SellevUle Ont. Phone WOl-4544. TeillCKfL PICK-UPS. ALL KINDS and makes. Call Kan. ley mour Molar Sales. Keeaptvtu. 13a- 19. llil INTERNATIONAL l'-TO top shape Muat be sees. 144 plate, all. SU-TSl a . miMUl HOUSE TRAILER. Ma. 1444 Parfo I -too truck. v-a duel wneeia. rme ana ai rton. Belle Comere. SIS-1740 THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS HI VALUE USED TRUCKS ISM IirTEIUf ATlONAL Rltt ask and tA(V . "fwv. -: PANELS AD PICKUPS 1M1 MERCURY panel Econe-IIM 1J7. Maw reduced ----- $1200 TRACTORS ' 1SJ W.'ERNA. tOiVl TioNALs mo j'yy BOTTLER BODIES 147 fNTEBNA. $800 TIONAL AIT IIST CHEVROLET ." 4lrV INTERNATIONAL . HARVESTER Cam pa t Canada SIS INDUSTRIAL AVE. , OPEN EVOS. AND SAT. 7314201 ' 194 IA1A&B QARAOE WANTED, PROM 1EP-. tamber I. vkrlnlty O'Connor and . raa-aaat. avontnaa. PARXtNO ON OILMOUR NEAR .... aMnfa. 112-1Z3T wr nrnii. 105 miOKTCliS WANTED. HONDA St OR IS. Cask. Call anytime. Tie- TLBS ANS CO. WE SELL AND SERVICE MON-da, BSA. and Harkrjr-DavuleM - motareyclest also Vaapa and ' JfSU eeooter SOI and 107 Bank :, Street. MS-SU. ; 01 UOJLL , V TENDERS -- OTTAWA CIVIC HOSPITAL Baa lad Tender addressed t th . Board f Tmataaa. Oils we Civic Mospiial will be received bp the adaralened antll 11:40 noon I Ottawa Tlmei THURSDAY. StPTEM-ER nth. ISM. Spadfloetlona. Plana and Tender Porma may be Mtalnod (rant the efftce of th Pure heel n Aim I. Ot-Uws Clvle Hospital. Th lowest ar any lander wat, aaeessarUr aeee . . 1. CANNED POODS CONTRACT SNOW REMOVAL COtrTftACT l4-di. MincELLANEOUS BSjUIP. . MINT IkelvlM , mind DnlU. TO SUPPLY AND INSTALL CONDUCTIVE TILE PLOOR-INO POR CANCER CUNIC OTERATINO ROOM . . DOUOLAS tt. PtCAUT, Com., DM A, acretarv. Rnard a Trustee. Ottawa Clvle Hospital. LE6A1 NOTICES NOTICE TO CREDITORS In the Estate ef John ROBIN-ION MONTOOMKBV, BeUred Aereaalaat. All persons havlna claima saainst th Estal of John Robin-aim Montgomery, late of the City y ottewa. in the county of carte-ion, who died on or about June 3. 1S44. are required to file proof of same with the undersigned on or before the 11th of September, la4 Alter thai dale the Eatale will be distributed havlna regerd only to the rleinis of wnlrh the Executor shell then have had notice DATED at Ottawa Ihla 14th da) of Auguat IM4 Montreal Trust Company. by Ita Solicitors, herein,' HEWITT. HEWITT and NEfiBITT, 79 Albert Street, OTTAWA. Ontario DEFENCE CONSTRUCTION (ItSI) LIMITED' , NOTICE TO TENDERERS PROJECT: Construction of a High School Extension. Camp Peta-wawa. Ont Ptle: 900-P1-1 Tender closing det for the above mentioned project has been extended from S 00 pa. Eastern Daylight Tune. Thuredsy. September. I. 1M4. Is 100 pm. Eastern Daylight Tim. Thursday, September 10. 144 N J. smith, secretary', th, Ploor. Kenson Building. 13S Metcalfe Street, Ottawa 4. Ontario. THE TOWNSHIP OF GLOUCESTER CanUrarUa ef a 14-toch Water Mala en Inaes Road aader Section I ef The Local laaprave-mtat Art, TAKE NOTICE THAT I The Council of The Corporation el the Township f Gloucester Intends I construct as a toeal Improvement Id-Inch water main n Innea Road from the Cyrvllle Road to a point 130 feet weat of the South limit of th Cyrvllle Road and Intend to specially aaaeai part of th coat upon the tend abutting directly an the work and upon th following land that la Immediately benefited by the work, that la to say. all laoOt and iremises situate, lying and belns n the Township of Gloucester In the County of Carleton. and being composed of all those portions of Coneeaaton 1. 1 and 1. Ottawa Front, of th said Township of Gloucester. lying between the limits of th City tt Ottawa and th Inner limit of thoee lands owned by the National Capital Commission and known a 4h Qreenbelt"". t The estimated cost of th work IS 111.47 OS. of which NU Dollar Is te be paid by the Corporation' The eetimsted coat par loot frontage Is 17344. The epe- Vclal amassment Is to be paid In fifteen lli equal annual instilments and th estimated annual rale per feel frontage la I.T7S cent. - S. Application will be mad by the Corporation to The Ontario Municipal Board for Its approval of th undertaking of the . work and any wnr mar wtthfn SI day after the flrat publication of this Nolle file with th Clerk hie eteetio t th werk being undertaken 4. The Board may approve f th work being undertaken, but before doing a It may appoint a time and plac when any ob lections te th work will be considered. DATED August SI, ISM. ' PR ED MELDRUM. Clark. . Township at Gloucester, ox US. R R . -Ottawa. Ontart. CITY OF, OTTAWA ' DipsrtRiiRt sf Mustnig ' - ' sa-Wwrks A :; , STORM SEWERS Sealed tendore sedrsased ea the Chalnna and Members of the Board of Central, will be ret el v ad try Ita Secrets ry. City Hall. Buasia Drlv. Ottsws. Ohlario, Bp te tso pa, (daylight aavlng time I., ' TJiurdiy,SeiH. 17, 1964. Par th construction of vtorm ewers bt Rldaau Ward aa follows: CLAUDE STREET: from C'L lot 17 to Paul Avenue 407 II. ft. of CJS AP. SS" x n 'gauge ti with paved 1st vert 171 I In. ft. of ST" dl. pipe Itn ft af S4" die pipe, us II. ti. of II- dla pipe, lis 11. ft. i II- dla. ptpa, 144 Itn. ft. f it' dla. pip. - i OA ROE WALE ROAD: fram Rainier Street t East UmH 1 Reg'd P4ja M. SO M Ua- ft. ( IS" SI, pip. 1 PADDY LANE: fram Garden-rale Road t South end of Reg'd plan Na. Up II Un. ft. fat 1 1 dla. pip. DAN AVENUE: fram Claud Street to Trojan Avenue MO Ita ft. af IS" dl. trip. BURN STREET: from Trolan Avenue to Clawd Street Us) list. It. ef si" B is- c NAJ. Plana.' apeclflraUona, Information and forma of tendar asap be ebtalned from th Sewer Branch, am TOS. 7th Floor en payment ad twenly-nve ,ejii dollar -Posit I th farm of eeh or crtlfkn rbeque payable to th Corporation ef the city ef Ottawa, to Room 101, 7th Floor Department of Planning and Worka. City Hall. Suaaea Drlv. Ottewa, On- Urt. . :. . - ,. ( . When the n tract dwnunents ar returned In good ardor within day after the opening dste tendd ah deposit win b r- M lender wtu be areled from lh Can I rectors unlesa In nam a at least one employee who ho Ida Lifetime Blaster's Certificate af Competency Issued by th Director f Planning and Works of th City f Ottsws la submitted aa pari of th tender eoeumanta. , Th Corporation does not bind Iteelt ta accept th lowest Sender or a ay lender and m particular If nip ene tender la received the City reaervea lh right to r)ct A. T. HASTEY, . 'City Clerk, , 't ;,v. TREASURER'S SALE OF , LAND FOR TAXES ', CITY Of OTTAWA I Pub lie notice ta hereby given that the Hat of Isnda Hi the City f Ottawa (ar sals far arrears of taxes, and rales and chi Ttarge to the pavabt .a laxee commatasl u list day af December, leal, kaa prepared: that copies thereof may be had at my oft tee m the CHy Hell and that the aald list haa been puhtiehed hi the Ontario Gazette a the let day i Auguat. IM4 and that ha default nav. men! of the Said Use ami rats ene enargre payanie aa taxes and costs, the said land will be eotd by Public Auction, at th City Hell. Ill Suaaen Drbre. .in the City of Ottawa, on Wedneeday th 4th af November. IPS at th hour of ten-thirty clock a the for. I. H. LOWTHER, f Commissioner af P Inane. City Traurr. Ilea .SsA. .. -- 901 SAVE op to 750 . CHOOSE NOW while selection is best This new section is stritegicilly locsted in Ihs picturesque foothill! of the Gstmeau. It gives you s bird-eys view of the ikyline of Ottsws snd Hull. It offers complete city services with country like surroundings . . . Visit COTE du NORD snd get this feeling of the "BIG COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE". See Something New and Fresh in Housing : Over 35 plans await your selection bungalows, split levels four bedrooms colonial styles -,." - -,mniiiMi ' ;-- II II. I THIS NEW SECTION AWAITS YOUR 1 . INSPECTION THIS WEEKEND Model Homes open this weekend from . 1 p.m. t S p.m. . ' . - - ' - '' -" : t ''!', DIRECTIONS Cross lbs' Cudlers Brklgs. Turn Isft ss the Aytarsr load and tura right si tbs Hull . AfnMfics to Fslry Lake Parfcwsjr Umm follow siga of COTE du NORD. .,, , n -OISSONU Q : aaiai iwe n er mi pFawaS) ' ' " ' - 771-1409 CONST. LTD. THE HOME BUILDER ' Of HULL IL Linescores on toe on t4 g 004 114 44 l-4 1 Pich. tilers ft). Nlenhwttt 'li and Ftelaer; outturn. McCermlck ti. Starrer! 11, Kiwehtge lie. nd Griffin. WP kneehtget. HR Ocmcter. TT Buffalo . aao rAa .1 a Syracuse . a 0200-- I a Jon. aUcketr (It end Sherry. Seal and Sullivan. . XP Jones H R Barton V Richmond . m no on I 1 Atlanta . ..mMtni-l I 0 Brenneman anal Schmldli Hal-ami and Hundlev. Columbus l Jacktonvllkl, post- poneo, nasi wvainer , o) GATINEAU WESTGATE BUILT BY, dATINEAU CONSTRUCTION : :y For Immfxiiate Occupancy , , ' The compsny is giving s special refaste on the : k ,' " purchsst of any of the models. ... -V ' . . ' ...... '.' , .; ! ; v For Immediate Occupancy Maurice Renaud ''Realtor" " '. S3Z Si Rene Blvd., Gatineau . ' Ofsa Dally from M .m. to I H.R4. ' : ' ' 1 663-5331 )j!;ft 663-6907 ' DiaerTIONUi Tak Htfttiwi S, procwM S killed past 0tl- ; twau Point Brldg on Highway t'ts Oattnaau Mill, turn off at traffic light on Main Street, then oft St. JUn Bird, u aalct otric. - , , - 01 LEUl , BANKRDirrCT SALE. Pat sal, earpeater'f 4)utpmt. Including Ikr-eaw. bend-aaw. drills, redtel-eaw, grinder, etc. t leal rkMMM IIU rhMaUl niebu Scale) tender with 14 deposit must a at Trustee) erne By pas Sep lorn tier 4. 144 PIERRE SCODTN, Trustee, Office: SSS Delhouele St.. ' Ottawa t, Onurta, . - -gss-rrs . k MONUMENT COST WASHINGTON Conttruc-thM of the wsshingtofi monu ment wsj at a cost of $!,t7, 710. vr" ..v. -sv .. A ..., suvvS.-. ... .aaea. j Hull Music ! Festival Slate Chosen Dr. Gerard Pepin wat elected president of the Hull Music Festival administrative commit, tee st meeting held this week. Lionel Marleau, Mrs. Jacques Boucher and Lambert Gibeault were named vice presidents. Pierre Fortier, treasurer, snd Maurice. Pepin, secretary. Jean Lschance is past president. Cauda Deschamps. general director of the Quebec Music Festivals, will discuss the syllabus for the 1965 festival at s meeting to be held Sept. IS st the College of Music, Tache Blvd. i It was announced that fewer scholarships will be awarded at the 1963 festival but their la-dividual value will be increased. FAIR OPENS ! Vankleek Hill Woman I Takes 13 Firsts VANKLEEK HILL (Special)! ville: Wilson Westgale. and W The Vankleek Hill fair was opened Friday night by Otsie Villeneuve. MLA for Glen garry-Preacott. The program included the Vankleek Hill Collegiate band. Hawkeabury majorettes,! cattle parade and sn old time program. It was sponsored by the Prescott Junior farmers. 'The tus-o'-war winner waa St Phillips, competing sgsinst teams from CIL snd Junior farmers from Vankleek Hill. Attendance was bigger than ever. Cattle and display entries in the halls all snowed bigger classes. Top prize winner in the hall was Mrs. Mack MacDonald with 13 firsts, seven seconds snd three thirds. Mrs. Unvd Howes followed with 12 firsts snd Mrs. J. T. MacDonald with 11 firsts. Other prizewinners were Mrs. R. L. Allen, Miss Dorothy Allen, Mrs. Garnet Barton. Mrs. Dorothy Downall, Mrs. Ed Lsngford, Miss E. Brunet, Mrs. Ksy Fraser, Mrs. W. A Newton, Mrs. J. Benton snd Mrs. J. MacKinnon. Prizewinners In the Ayrshire class were J. B. Bradley. Lschute; Grant W h a r r y. t'Original; Wrsy Scott. Rice- New Zealand Juniors Beat Canada MONTREAL (CP) N'W Zealand defeated Canada 2-1 Friday night In Junior Davis Cup tennis action to clinch third place In the tournament that atarted last Monday. 'The teams representing the United States and Mexican team, both undefeated, play oft today to determine the firs' and second piece finishers. Csnsds took fourth place. In th first singles match Fridsy Grseme Elliott of New- Zealand defeated Pierre La-march of Montreal 6-2, 61. Top seed Neil McAffer of New Zealand edged by D o m McCormick of Victoria, BC, 6-3.7-5. i Lsmsrche and McCormick defeated th New Zealand squad 5-7, 7-5, 1 1-9 In the doubles. . t . I a , r INDIANS ROUT LIONS , DETROIT (UPI) Quarterback Frank Ryan Friday fired five touchdown passes, three In the second quarter to spark the Cleveland Browrrs to a 35-U victory over th Detroit Lions iii- s National- Football League exhibition game. "Hey! doBt tea me it's British Labor Scene Split By Inter-Union Friction By RICHARD PURSER Jouraal Lendon Bureau LONDON Owing to the imminent general election, the traditions! ' September round of political parly conferences will not take place this year. Conservatives. Liberals and Socialist are devoting themselves to campaigning. The only conference to take place as usual will be that of the Trades Union Congress, it be held in Blackpool the second week of September. This conference is usually in a sense sn adjunct to the Labor Party conference. This year, attention will centre even more than usual on the conference's political J. Mcllwain, Vankleek Hill. In the women's institute dis play, featuring a bridal shower, first prize Cassbum; Lookout Bay. second. Saturday's program will feature 4H Calf club judging, saddle ponies, heavy horses, swine snd poultry judging. A horse, draw competition is slated for 7.30 p.m. Collective Bargaining Big. CS Question Th most imponsnt question in the Civil Service staff rela - tions field is what recommendations th Heeney preparatory committee on collective bar gaining will make to the government. Now Claude Edwards, chair man of the staff side confer. ence on collective bargaining, and president of the Civil j . . . Service Federation, has cornel up with 1 lilt which Ihe con terence'i negotiating commit' tee believes are tentative proposals. Th committee's "understand ing" is the result of meetings with Mr. Heeney 's group. . The liskappears in the latest issue of th Federation's "Argus". THREE PEOPLE i One of th most important $tverl hundred people attend-subjects is th will of Psrtia- td the opening Friday of th ment snd Its relation to the annual Lombardv Fair at Lorn decisions of ,sn arbitration roam wnicn may D maa up Falls. of three people. ! Opening day attractions were Mr. Edwarda eay the staff ', midway, home exhibit! and a lid was unyielding in its posi-. horse drawing contest, lion that the government should today will be the tint for not have the right to rict or th, judglns of all livestock, defer an award without plac- domestic science exhibits lading the full matter before w work ,llnior mnn, ., B..lla. tea! td' Am. ntal. M.e. ill " urc.nwi vinriy . He believes the Heeney Com mittee has changed ill attitude on this point and now has the opinion that a decision on sn agreement or award should be acted on "unless in s esse of arbitral award th matter placed befor Parliament with in a prescribed period of time and within further prescribed period of time Parliament de cides otherwise." , . BROAD CROUP . Staff Sid negotiators also believe that one of th tenia tive Heeney propossla will b ta nav Job classification based on broad occupational groups snd sub-groups. Briefly the other supposed proposals are that th system will cover all th Public Sere- Mce. save those gmuos under the Industrial Relations Art and 'sVvm further exceptions. Crown A ' hockey msob slresdy? aspects than on union busi- nesa Harold Wilson will see to thai. As fraternal delegate from the Labor Partv a post usually occupied by the party chairman, not us leader he will addiess the TIC- on the opening day Sept. 7, and the speech is being billed in advance as a major campaign event. The prospect of hearing Mr. Wilson address Britain's union leaders recalls his last big conference speech, to the Labor Party at Scarborough last year. LABOR'S APPEAL There he sounded . the theme of Labor's election appeal: A modernization and greater competitive efficiency of Britain through purposive (that is. government-directed) application of scientific advances to industry. I This time he will be cari yi ing his sppeal to an audience which, while it will be just as enthusiastic, may just feel a faint twinge of embarrassment. Modernization and greater efficiency have been glaringly absent from recent activities of British unions. The TUC's general secretary, George Woodcock, has done his best to prod ihe unions out of their time-worn ways. But the TL'C general council's report to conference delegates published this week, contains a baleful account of his progress since he per- agencies and corporatioris may! .b seen as separate employers. Also it is expected, sava Mr Edwards, that Treasury Board i demand, th peculiar proh-wili represent. the employer fori lems of the work of their sections of the service on which the Board has direct financial and administrative control. He ssid recommendations loj C-L! . -aoin are expeciea - neiore very long." e iooki to legislation com ing before the Commons in the FslL Hundreds See Lombard Fair Opening I SMITHS FALLS fStsfil bardy, 10 miles south of Smiths ' roou snd vegetsbles, 4-H proj ecu. NOTICE aled tenders- sadreaard te ihe andersiened tn eavsleeea provided e The lit Uwrmre Beaoay asthonty vklch are Mltea 'TttrasH pop. COtl-TRACT fto tnt" vhKS ere emk respect te Monirtt S.TION ANo HKCOMSTBlt'TIOH AT IIPPBB Bun or PVISTINtl llll l I. str.l.l No CANAL TWINNING PBOJBCT. THB T. LAWBKNCB.aSAWAV ' I"' " nrTHrt " af The Bt Lavreace Sesosy Aatherttf. Mslestls ulMlnc. es Cooper Street, Ottana 4. waul St pa, BOST., Twarsday, UM eerrtrr Street ttk pieer. steaireal. PS). e the SJecreury Mslestle en the paysseat ef eae ksndred .llars itlMMi which will ke "ended "IT e. .eeeve eecesseBUI la areer ttitkia waff tlkel giftldt B7kasaa Iks Sl a.aaaaa - - Si - Tsaeer eealt let m af eel lem thV lea per eeyil lini -in" erica aseti ee areyiaea as M.wa.aM m. . ef Tenaer; ar. la bra ef a Teaaer DepeMt. a Bid Bond lathe eeaewat Z lH ef the TMdar. eeedltteasl pe nrnf nils a Tuiel elemeTS the terai .hlkite wiik the lender aeeent. aad aeV farnTuwlT eZurVt. atcratakls ye lh Aetkerity. .kali he presided larniaaong eerartty lerau ef Ihe Par) only la sua aakasuted as Meerasace entk mm - - w itdared i The asUWIty aaVet lead Mats! hay a m suaded the 1962 conference to let him make initial sound ings on adapting union structure to modern conditions. The lirst necet-iity is seen tn be amalgamation: The elimination of small, conflicting and, ineffective un-inits in favor of big, rffkient, 1 industry based unions. Jn I9C3 ihe general council's interim report admitted j that it a at no ue trying to draw tip a cnmprehentive-i scheme lor structural change. ; became the unions would not i accept one. Instead tt "would consider hnw ben to stimulate and i guide the process of piecs-mea'. and ad hoc devetor. merits bt which rhante have come about - in the pt. To ihi end II marie, in-. qutnet among the TUC's j member unions. CHANGE NEEDED I This eck' report says that ! the replies "showed a wid .acceptance of the need for change," but itier. is an un-j nrntaksble Inference between the !ines. thai mnt unions i though! chance, thmild begin with unnns other than them-j selves. Some smaller unions said i that "a l.dier structure would be achieved if other union transferred members tn them." Among many unions "fear of lm of craft identity" is evident. Many referred to the "peculiar raiure" of theij members' jobs. PLAINTIVE NOTES The report is also filled with plaintive lin e notes: "The Amalgamated society of Wood-Cuttmg ( Machinists said they were opposed to Joining an existing union." "The Basket Makers sa d that no other union would un- members." "The French Polishers said that their members were employed in a number nf dilterent industries and that this mad it unsuitable for them lo merge with s union catering for only - som of thes industries." , "The Textile Warehousemen said that "work penp'e in the cotton industry did not yet accept the need for a reduction in Ihe number of unions hut when they did ft could be quickly brought about." Such are the problems in amalgamation and industrial unionism. A man tak'ng his skill from on Industry to another may have te change unions, whiclt he does not do at present. And bigness is not a virtu without efficiency, a quality for which Britain's larger unions are lest rioted, than their U.S. counterparts. Bui fundamental resistance (o change is slid the first problem of British unionism. TO CONTRACTORS thirty days tare ike af the vs aaeept the Mreset ay any lander L. E. Belainl ' ' Seeretarp. , .: -HI

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