The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1930 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
Page 7
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t i , FEBKfrAkY 3, CQUBIJIK,, 'd 1A. ,V-- TCIERANS' AID mm IN PEACE TIME ACf lYlTlES (Jontinxied jtrom -FUSTS Qn«. and dnrin/tlmoot peacj serving their He urged the veterans to all the time they can to the betterment of conditions In thoir lo- ir. Woodaido declared that "in oui desire to have peaco w a do not want to iiJantt fhifl country in such a position, o* tmpreparcdnees that wo cannot defend our rights and liberty." He t^rged continued *d *iv«« for members, odding that the okl ones ehonlil be secured «s well : as the new veterans. He cttel tho pro ?o«ed veterans hoe-pitnl at Morgantowr., W. Va,/ iid explained that thfe soldiers ot that community want tho support, oE tha local "boys" inasmuch as the localities are situated so close ot:jether. Mayor H. Danlol Ml lord delivered the address of wejcom i. The city executive to'ti of the jrowth of v tho membership in Walter B. Brown Poet ' until today it hae an enrollment of pearly 300 mombors. , : Majw John K. Blake, osecutivo secretary ot the Board o£ Trade in Con- n^llsvlllft, called on tho service men "to transfer that spirit of discipline to the performance of dally tasks in thalr communities." He dec! ired that th« veterans should bo t h j backbone of civic fiffalra. Specking of tha proioecd canalization or, the, Youghioghoity River, Major Blake ' recalled its eafly survey by '. Ctene-ml George Washington who eni- 'braced the stream in his elaborate Waterway eyetom to connect with the Potomac river; -The Boaifd of' Trade Secr.otnry,' incidentally, vice-president of .the Youghioghehy I'.lver Improvement Aeeocialfon, pointed put that President Herbert Hoover, while Secretary of GoWmorce, Hkuwlse approved the development of the iocal river oe a pavt df the great national inland waterways system. Mr. Blake said that the peo'pla , should'onot look'upon the plan merely. «s a Ieepenel river for the eake of Operating boats but a'so from tho standpoint of water power devclop- jnentund the removal-oE flood menace. Ho ad-ted that, the Unlled Statee Government considers three primary reasons' when tha canalization of a ' stream ia "miggested, witer power de- ·yelopoment, flood control and navigation.' He called on the service men to len'd their aid in the project, stating that tixsmondous Industrial advanftagee would naturally come to alj of the fibmtaunitlee embraced in the Yoiigh- · logheny basin, John L. of Pittsburg,' past ·department commander, 'lauded the close' ties of tho G. A, R. and urged 1 that a. similar spirit b$ displayed by 'of the service 'organization's.-'.. He that all of thj service units ehoulcJ band themselves to help realise Sriany helpful civic projects. He extended personal re-gratn from Jamee 't, Altoona, Pennsylvania de- commander, ···/ ho was called !to Detroit. State Senator Harry .(. Bell of Daw- ion gave a bref hletorical sketch of Important battles that wore fought on foreign soil. Ho cited th« following .developments that were brought about "by, the Spanish War: First, the United States embarked on a policy of colonization ; e«cond, it markxt the entrance of'thl;i government upon a career of ·world wide power; and third, it brought the unification of tho .different Sections of;the United States. Poslmaetor W. S. Bohanna urged the enrollment of the gathering' in the yough logheny R i v e r Improvement Association. "The project not- only epplloj to Connellsvlllo but to all of the localHiee in the Youghiogheny basin," he eaid. -Major S.. A. Baltz of,/Uaiontovm, county coroner, declared, that the sol- diers kept $flp faijth with their country during the' war£ (ti^jd ^honki keefe the tsame fallh during tMevof* j'eaco. He' urged the establishment of .1'veterans hospital in Penneylyanie. j After a nnmber of, the vi.iitor'tt had Tjcen introi!ucel, th* gsthoring arose. ,aiwl stood for one minute, ir honor oil f.ho OivSl War veterans. An onteHainV- isnent followed. ' Letters ' of regret were receive;! from Con^reesman Samuel A f Kenda,U of Meyercdale ifchd suffered a bi'okejn wrkt in a fall at Washings on, flud/je Charges I), Copeland of 'Ci'-eoncbxirg, and Aaron H. Ga'rdner of WlHlamaport, senior Ice-7.omme.nder ot th- Vet« of Foreign Wars. Commander Thomaa A. Dailty of Waiter E. Brown Post serr« i ae toast- maater ,nrid pertorijied his t utiee in a moat efficient manner. Rev. David B/ MInerd ofte -ed prayer bfore the sumptuous repa t and invoked" bem'dlotion at tho close of tho program, 1 Among Uie d'istinguislwhl visitors In addition 10 those who ( apr ke were: Major te. L. Clemmer, Crow»sTlle ? county «ngneer; Thomas 1'. "Anbroyi Brownnn-lile, sheriff; G. H. S tndennan, Pittsburg, past commander f Pwt No, 4; Edward "D, Stetnman, Ji,,'Fayetl? City, deputy cliiof ot staff, I apartment of Pennsylvania;' Dr., G. 'f. Oriffln Unlontown, M. C,, 'aSrlat Infantry; Arthur C./ Brown, eornnjuiK'ar of Milton I/. Biahop Post of the American Legion; J. H. We^tzel, Dnicntown; S. M. May, commander of Uniti-d Spanlsli War Veterans; C!onnoilman Oharlee F. White, Ira D, Yonnkln jKd B, M. Swart »w«W«r; Lester B Summy, Fayoho City, comhiandar of Monongahela Vo.ll«y Post No. 1606; Mojor R, S. McKoo ttnd Major L. P. cCormtck, Connellsville; R. S. Wood and IX E. Cunningham, Uniontowti, past and. present commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars. An entertainment follow* I thfc dinner. "Mr, arid Mrs, Anthonj CtUlgulre of New York, formerly ot Connellsville, who ara here on a , visit, pre- 1 aanted three unique and nterostingf ; danco foaturwi, Samuel Ca) SguJre and "Babe" Lapera appeared in danoe and song skits while Thomas Hunt rendered piano selections ansj ao.eom- panled the performers. Incidentally it was the fltjst ptfbllc appearance of Samuel Chligaire who has been coached in entertainment work by Wa brother, wh6 together wills his wife, have made an extensive tour of the country, scoring wltu th *ir dance numbers, Joseph G. Herwick, g4n wl ohalr- man of the arrangemente, was commended for the splendid manner In which all plan« were oonjrl«tcd/Th« program was one of the bos over presented and' the attendance v as boyOnd expectations W^rile proraions had been made for 225 persons, it least 25 more appeared. All w-ere .ateen care of, however, when another tablo was set up, Mombors of the Ladles' Auxiliary to the post wh'o served ,the- Iir ni?r were: Kitchen---Mrs, J. C, 'Herwick, Mrs, Edna McClure, Mra. Boy B'.own, Mrtt. Annie Campbell, Jvfixs. Bdwai'd Snyder, Mre, Molle Mitchell, Mr i, Homer Coughenour and Mrs. Cathe; tne W«iv» e-r; dlningrooui-T-T-Mre, J. W. Thompoon, Mrs. G. W, Cook, Mrs, R. T Cunningham, Mrs. W C. Bichey, Mrs. Vella Grieve, Mrs. A. A. Keseler, Mrs. J, B. Ferrari, Gertrudo Madden, I eota Hite- nour, Mrs, T, A. Dailey, Mise Ora Hawk aud Mise Leona Hftwl., ·· Goose Guards ,Ant. MART1NS33URG, Mo,, l'eb. 3.--A giant gander, givem to BI-, U. S. G. Arnold of this city 20 3*eart ago as a part payment for his. sfcryioes, is his household pet and gnpxVifcMa, of ,hls automobile. The attrnWa i;ra# goose ia rated with an unusual intelligence and protects the doctor's car from-lte porch next to the doctor on. the .front seal while he is buay making a round o£ calls. l Uao ClnssSfiod Ads, Tb?ey bring reerults. " I E DANGER IN CHILD'S COUGH EVERAS Cough Bals . ·. ·: ri · . . · ·.. - Vf : f T^f ANY chadr*n die e-rery yc«r be aus« ·"*· their Tnothtrn fanod to tea tbe^d mgar ia that flrrt cough, when bud colds ait im, A child's cough it a ·mmbte, Regr.rd It as socl and check it with S«vm'a Cough' Bnlum before it dov«lop» into'«omc *h!ne lunch more aerion*. lined 50 yean by th»owuid» ol mothers. At your drue irt M md SO cent*. LUCKY DAY At Bernardo's ,'Was January 21st i Were you one of those Lucky persons "who made Cash Purchases here on this date? If you were every penny you spent will be cheerfully refunded. All that is necessary is to present your'purchase slips on or before February J Oth. M. BERNARDO 5 -fc 10e WALL TAPES.-GO*. Wholesale Retail --. AH Grades of Wall Papa*. Ill W. Apple St. Phone 088. ConnoHsvfllo, Pa. A 1 Oil King'"Present^ Dim^s. to,' Pilot ·. *' i ' i John ,IX Eoclcefeltpr, 8r., Standard Ofl nta«- nat«, presenting fce Pilot Noise and Mr*. » feanolttj of v natr, «hl»y dime*, «-1 r*. I la I tofcim ol hia aj . _ . . which took plaw on F3»riS». of *n airplane rld« nwwrntly it Many "Bladk Fridays" i» Financial Circle*' "Black Frfdfy" docs not refer t» a particular dnte, tyn often supposed, out Is tha otyme g vto to several Fridays on which flptttclttl panics have je- ctjrred. Apparently the terpj was first applied to tlm Prirtey In Decorober, 1745, wheft ths news \rtat receive*! '« kwflon that (2jarl«# Kdwftrd Stont't 1 , the Toupg Pretendw. bnrf reached Derby, orjly tei days' march from the capital, A financial' jKinlc resulted inswetJlatelT. ''Bta'cfe Friday" was probably s-ojrg'jsted by ftnalojry vkb Black Monday, dn sftj, nwnfe tor the Vondqjr following $fl?terf The term "^lack Friday V w « 8 ravf*^ in Koff* land, for May M f 1866, whn ft poplc followed! the failure of "the toa'daa (Srsn tf OT«rcn3, £tucnfcy 0». In U»«. United States the t^rro Is applied to £6ptember. 24, 1889, when n 'panic oe~ curred as ,th« result of Jay GomtdV efforts to wi'W OM gold market ,Jo New Yorl^ and to September i'10, 1873, when « panic followed th« fatluraiof Hie banking flnn.of -Is? Cool? Co.-- PutUftudqr , PLENTY" A REASON "Why are j'ou no opposed to ray marrying Jim?" dorarmded daughter Indignantly. ·^n tjlc first .place," declared tier dad, "jpu are not Btrong enough to take In washing and you don't know ttaythltig about, hooping boarders, and, In' the second place,' my Salary Isn't large enough to stand another Inr.y son 10 the fnrjUy."- Correct! Error Reader (rushing Into the newspaper office)--Sea here, you've published, «B announcement of my death by - mistake. That's f:ot Jo b$ fli'e'd up somehow. ' ' ' * Ed'tor--AVeiJ, we never contVadiet, anything we have published, but I'll tell yon what I'll do, I'll put you lu the birth column tomorrow and gtyo yon a fresh aturt . Cooling for m Yeor A huge mirror" which took nearly n year to cool down has been made In England (or a large* reflecting telescope. Weighing raore than a ton and a half, It Is sixty-nine Inches In diameter and' ten Inches thick,, Disks JC glass ot this' size are difficult' to got free from defeats, and after the molt,!. en glass has been poured into tt^e mold It hp» to b« kept hot by elective beaters and o-ooled down over a period of m'any month*. Valuable ''information Grandma h4d Joflt arrived onU ·vis- it f -and to tafee a a f t ; t n celehr«t(r B s yonng Bobbie's birthday on the nJor- tow; After"suppea- Bobbie^,st«rted to fldff- ®i r?und gra,adma'a chair, To .the surprise of everyone present he said: "Grandma, which Is the right; side "of you? Mother said if I'm a good boy and keep on the right side of y»u yon might .bay me a blcxcla." , , Ohiopyle OHTOPYliE, ,Veb. 3-- The Ladies' Aid held ' an all-day quilting in J.h«, Methodist Church Friday. Luncheon was, aarvodt and fljll present had a ery onjoyable'day. , Mr«, B. 33, Hamilton of Commercial etre«t, was a shopiter In Connellevllle Friday. · ' \ , Mra. H, Snyder of Detroit le visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Davlp. ' Harry Tteetia ot Kaufflmann was a caller Iri town one day last week, Thomaa Oona of Unlontpwti was a businees caller in, Ohioy.pla Friday.-George A Hall '"and lea'ac Mitchell, o£ the town's aged cltlaens, are reported to' he oa the sick. Hot, TDarl Begga of Confluence : was a buel'nees caller )n town Friday. , Mna.''P. ,'K. Bailey Is spending a fow d,ay8 In Connelievillo yteltlng falativea. Mrs, Lydla Stxick was a shopper }n Untontown. Thursday. Joseph' Boris o£ Bidwelli wae a business callor-^ln Ohopyle Friday. Alverton ALVHRTON, Feb. 3,--The W. C. T. U. met at tho.florae of Miee Ma« Stoner on Thursday erqnlng. Mrs. ,"Enj?na Quartz led tha derotlons, followed by the huslnees suesion in charge of the prosldnt,' Mra, Margaret Car'othtyrs. OReporte wero given by' Mrs. Hafor, Mra. Snyder and Mwf, Quartz. A eocial hour followed turing which lunch wa» eerved. Misses Pearl-e Quartz and Twlla Chrlstn-er wore callers in ScotWala Thursday evening, ' Mrs, William Hater waa a callar In Tarr Thursday. Mr, nnd Mm. Ralph H, Sutor announce the .bir'.li of a daughter at tho Momopial Hospital Monday January 27, ° The family now caariistu of two boys and one fir]. At Theatres The Paramount Ircse Bdrdonl, Frfettdi ac- ctiot ami all, j« seeu nod h«ard hero for thj firef. time In a mottou pluturo with th opening this aft«rn«m ot "Paris" at the Paramount Uieasrc. Tho brilliant Broadway tor«rlt« vrai? ·q«)tur«d by tho First f'iattoaal Yitu- phono Studios to go oat to Hollywood and BMtke a (silkie of bop New Yark hit, Tito camera h» caught tl'^ vlrid personality of the ncslreso, wJic- b«gan h«r carer-at the Thwtro V^ri'itiog jn Paris and lite elnoo iwcom0,f«nowa'6i ia both hprntephercsi. V, "i'aVia" ia the d e l i g h t f u l sloiy nf m Boston family with Muylloyrot ancestry who land in tho .FYnch oapitnl to prevent the rattrriago of their eon to an afltrosft. It 5a on «11 dlalofruo production with masJcal tSHluencos ' de- ptctiTig'th.e Freach theatre, And HO. too of tho lavishly bril!iunt scew«m aro made In Tchn (color. Bordoni seoms dc«tln«d to befiome ae popular w f f h scr-een niidlcncf* as She wae with New York tljeatregoera. In Hollywood slie gained a large following as eoon ae tho flr,Jt "rushes" of her picture appeared. Througti Vita- phone another unique personality, has been trjuwsf erred from tho etagi to the eyuchronized Screen, ) Jqok Buchahan,, Engns,h comedia-n, and Jiouise Closser 'Half, who played In tlie* footifsM production' of "Purte," take proinitient s'uppctrtUig roje. Jason K.o|sar£|s, Margoret FJoIdlng and. fcasu Pitta nro also Jn the caels, , ' "Tho original version oJ*"Pa,rifl" was written by Martin Brown^ th'b screen play b^lug by Ubpfl, I/ori|g. Clarence ' " The Orpheum -- Hioet scnrtatSonal and thrilling picture In a, long, ?ong lime ia Goorgo Bancroft, Paramonnt'a de^p-obe«ted. 8tr,i 'in "Tha Mighty," whte^t opened today a.1 the Orphtinm for a three-day IHPW m mi ms»m ·^ir vn* ··» »TM- -- -- TOJrtAY--TOMORROW--THURSDAY ViMon* AH Talkie IRENE "Paris" will *alEo be shown .?'ncs- day,' Wedneedny and Thursday. The program also includes .'4 news reel. Vltaphone a'ct and all talking Knaedy, Friday and Saturday Ken May nf ret will be featured in, "Senor Amoricno," OR ON WRIST I!) STYLE OF FASTIDIOUS FRENCH ThJa all tallting hit Js a Btndy in men. Bancroft starts'-off ae fba gunman who has |pwott contwnpt for the law, set much contempt la. jfaijt that it' taken four M, P,'« to pn,t'Mm in tile army When he tiliaregards'a draft no- ttco. He gtea o7arB«as a private, .his valor secures mnny a decorations'and pr'on»Uraa for him and ha amergee a fiill'fledgwi ,ni!tor end a national boro. ( Chi his way'back to hte ol^'baunto he stops 'off' to *ee tho family ot one of his buddies and is offered the pottion ot tfhlejf ot police, whjcli bo accepte, i Esther Rilstou is ihe f aieter olf hjs old pal, and 5tnows his' past, but lj,e doo» not know thte. They art* In lot*, *A bis police picnic is given in honor of Ifancrofi and hte 8uc(!tp6fttl cleanup .oarupfiign. Y.hff gan^ prepares to fttrike, lit tho mi(id!« of the celebration he learns of thoir jplans. The gang «ends yi'old sweetheart of Bancroft's ^0 toll his new Wive about hfe past, if JHJ InMirfenss, thinking this will atop him. - He .decides to cast |iis lot wjtli his pew "gang" anil leading ..over two scor^ of mounted officers lie epoede to atop the wholesale robbery. Machine gnns cracltle, the o/Ilcers attack with hand grenades and all the modern implements oi peaco time ,war and Bancroft comes £ace~to-faee with Oland. The rest of this thrilling etory you caiv see for yourself. In -the cast are also Raymond Jlatton, Itorothy R^vier, 0. P. He-ggle 'and Morgan 'Farley A movietone act, all tutting comedy and sound news reel are also interesting features, * Thursday, Friday and Saturday "The Mysterious Island," with Lionel B«rry- moro \n the stellar role wfll be sho;wn. Sumriait By UnltW Proa*. ,PAJIIS, Feb. 3--Perfomd worn, in tlie. buttonhole or on a band strapped iaround the wrist likea.wriatjfftafcoh, Js ]a necessary part of the ^refiii of an ultra-smart -Parielan. of todaj^ Tho craze for perfumes lor men was never really bora again slnpo its demise with th4 war, xintil recently the sale of porftnnee for ineh is 'as great in Pari$ asi the demand for liquid scentfi for women,'' The onlr difference is that men elr perfumes in eolid forpi. It eoms in tho lorjna of lozenges, wtich are piit in ,the breast pocket, or in 4 a flpwer-^ax Designs whoch. are worn in button-hole, ' ,, , ' k . The -wri6*Hwatch la ft n*afc idea, for the- perfurn* is' furnished in little cakee which' last a ddy. Bach morning'a new «ake ia fitted Into the' gold re- ceptaclo on the black ,wri6tbaiid. SUMMIT^ Feb. - 3--Mr. and Mrs. Hugh. Bafahart were' calling on Mr, and Mra,'Balph Wprth 5 ington"at Union- towp. : , ' Mra, Carrie Hart ',ffas among Con* nellsvUle shoppers yestoarday. H. D. B-arnhart and William M«- Dci-well were among thoee iv ( ho 'attended the funeral of Thomas Siloox'in Conn.«llsrllle, ' ' ' . , V, " Mr.) and Mrs. Herman. Soese have | returned to ^heir liome in Connellsville 'after' visiting tho latter's mother, Mrs, ''Albert Hooh,, j Mi-e. John .Barnhart of tWe p^ac'e, I and Mr"s. Harold Boyd of Norwood, O y Repent Frld^y^.Tlsltin^ Mr, and '-Mrs. ! Thom'ae' Barnliart at Owensd'ftle. i Bobert $·. la spending the week- 1 end with Jils siete-r, Mrs; Earl Pinkiiey Among thoee who are 111 are'.Mrs. , Jacob Harford, Miss Bleanor Hees ahd Mrfi. C. Ta,n FrosJ;., Miss -Lottie Dumbauld who' ha'e 'been ill with.' tho grip i i improving, ' ' Shdrt ,'1'aTk By a Grateful froth e?. 1 A Caliloraia (Pomona)' .· mother s-peake: ,VOnl'/ a mother who haa pati's- ed through anxious 'hours (it Jwvr'of croup can appreciate- our feeling 1 ' of gratitude toward Foley's Honey and Taif Cdmpound. The- very, first doses eto'jped baby's dreadful aoafrse croupy ^cough, and to our great r'clieS' ha droppofl into a quiet alaop, |3inco then Wo have many times prove-n'itB worth for coughs and colds."' Contsdns no oplate.3, no chloroform, n9 Ingredient that a careful mother hoaltate^ to give hgr child.' Ask for it. Poi 1 twile by 0.' Boy 'Hetzel, "Woojworth, -Building. --Advertisement. ,, / 2 to Patronize. ' , ,Thos« 'who advertiae in The Dally Courier. , * ' / - EANUP f YEARS ^ Fined for Sortie^. i 1 KINGMAN, Kaa., Feb. 3,--J., B 1 , Cheatum, who owns a string of, gaeo- line sarvice stations in the' city, be- Hev'es In giving the public what they ·yront, Motoriste Asked his 'attendants if they ' had aspirin tablets tor salo, When the demand Incrkjified he placed thenv on eale. ^ State officers inve^ti- nd found he had no licaiise to drugs. His fine won Bosolvo now to have 110, money, worries during, 193.0. Fay all your' outstanding .ojbl^aiions with an, easy-to-got, '··ttHtlwotial loan obtained bsre. for Bni-Ralns J * If TO, read th« ad'yertieihiiB 'columns o Th« Dally CSourlor, often relieve without "dosing**, You can, borrow up to ^^^.^ mt your own persoool responsibility ' without outside signers. Pay us back 'in small- oasy-to-mee* - payments 'fitted to your income. Start tfac New (Year right. Irfji »s tell you nfaout oar digniined leaoing plan witljoufc obligation and our service which extends over 19 years in (Sreensburg. Inquire about o«r Boons Plan. Call, Wriie or MIONE 1-3-1-3 t(IJftnB*?d t? iflie Stnt* \\ Opc» S -to *aO--Sat. 8 io fl. UNION LOAN CO. First National Bank Bldgv Room 304 -- Second Blows, GREENSBUKG, PA. ' Jach ftuchanar Vitaphone Act aind Sound Newk Reel N All Talking Coittely ' Time of Slicmsj -- Comedy, 1, 8:30, 6, ^:80 -- Feature, 1;55, 4:25, «:55j Last Feature 6:25. Admission-- Matinee lOc and 85cj Night 15c and 50c JErlday and Saturday , Ken Maynard in "Senor Americano" Today--Tomorrow . With Esther RaMoh · Oland Itnyjrn'tbnd HaMon Dorot!liv ! MILUON JARS USED YgAgjJg' "when bettor cars are built" . . . CLASSIFIES ADS will sell them! Automobiles that have- been thoroughly tested and found* to stand., i f jup in actual use, are the ones you find listed iri The Daily Courier'* Classified Secfion. For cars of proven worth at bargain prices watch the * AUTOS FOR SALE' column.

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