The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 30
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 30

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 30
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H '""t WW f t rM '"'r f spspes inif sp- an i f f n'il i ay mi J 30 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST1 29, 1884 712 IIBINQS OPPORTUNITIQ (Cant, from Preceding Columa) 101 AUTOS KM SALE tOt AUTOS FM Silt - tOt AUTOS FOC SHI Ml AUTOS FCt SAL! 101 AUTOS FOI ULE tot immsAii - (Cent, from Preosdlng Cohunai 101, AUTOS FOI (Coat, from Proooatng Column! (Cant, from preceding Column) (Coot, tram Preoedlfcg Column) (Cord front Praoadlft (Coal, from Preceding Column) (Car, front Preceding r LIVESTOCK. ALSI BARN LICENSED SALE WEEK. STABLE for 150 caul. 300 hogs. Sain arn capacity 300 paopla. (our acre of land. For Information call or write Louis Kalin. Kempt-villa. PO Box 333. or 1-131-3304 Alhart Gala Agencies Ltd.. SNACK BAB, GAI BAB t'shtas aa BMaaa River Albert Oale Aieaclea Ltd. UNUSUAL FIRST TIMS OFFER. 30 vears urn owner, south of Ottawa, approximately 3 acres, on main Highway and ' Rldeau River, thriving Summer recreation area. Owners retiring This la a rare opportunity Principle! call direct. Louis Kalln. ' 1-lJl-3304 or write PO Box 333. Kemptvtlle. Onl. "Realtors." 4 713 nURCLU CONSTRUCTION AND CONVEN-tional loans. Qualified spprsls-ars. Crawford Realty. Limited. C El -eS I. CURRENT MARKET RATES OS 1st and 2nd mortgagas. residen- tisl. commercial, city or out of town Private funds. Box E-430. Journal. FIRST CONVENTIONAL MORT- sgs loans available. B o u r q u s lortgags Placement Agency. 713 Cork Avenue. 73J-MM. 131-1IM evenings. UNO FIRST MORTGAGES wanted, private party. Telephone ollttsvliw, sea-sara. IU. BUY AND LEND SECOND mortgages. H. i, Dttnne. IzS- 1ST AND 2ND MORTGAGE loans. I will buy mortgsges or tend money on them. Montoro. 311 LI, gar Street, 233-3977 or 733-371 . LOOK ere tt ISI CHOOSE YOUR OWN MONTHLY repay menu on first and second mortgages st no extrs nit Is you. If this suggests a solution lor your money problems, give yourself welcome break Call CES-05S3: Jamil William Company. .. . 714 WAKHOUSffia BANK STREET. OTTAWA SOUTH 1.300 square feat. U ft. sailing Dsys, 733-7533. SOI AUTOS FOi SUE ALLSTATE LIFE. AUTOMOBILE, horn insursao. .monthly Pay ments. Charles) McBride. CRS- 04. BANK MANAGER'S PRIVATELY driven 10M Parisienne Pontine. a miimji a ilixir harntnai au tomatic drive, radio, power nraaes. power pwrwi. windshield, low mileage, excellent condition. Owner transferred, must sell Immediately. Cost S4 .300. asking 13.300 RSi-7130 CHEVROLET IMP ALA, 1S40. 3-door hardtop, automatic , black, red Interior. 30,000 miles. Like aew. 7M-7C03 I CITROEN DS 1. 1M0, 1 OWNER. CONVERTIBLE FORD,- ISM. lady's ear. Immaculate condition, radio, fully power equipped. Must be seen to appreciate. Asking MM. 777-30. DIPLOMAT. 1HS CHEVROLET - door, iinoraitK i. radio, excellent condition. 133- 3340 or SJS-IWl. ENVOY, laws, GOOD CONDITION, S3. Call eftar S. 723-Msg. EXCEPTIONAL BUY,', GOOD n-snsponsiion. iw , v., . ' 'hardtop. S cylinder, automatic. power steering radio, 1 or ' beat offer. 721-274. evenings FOR THE BEST DODGE DEAL IN tow eaU Leu SauU. 7Ss-t7t. GALAXIE . 113 SEDAN. AUTO- matlc, wnrtcwaus, oew. ,-, GREAT SACRIFICE. IP FORD . raloon. auiomaus wo warranty until June I transferabla, mile re under 1,-000. S10 CE3-Q331 evenings INSURE YOUR CAR WITH F. Norman ascranana. vos MERCEDES BENZK10S ,!. power brakos. AM - FM Blau- punkt radio, very good condition. 1.300. Firm. S2I-7031, MYERS AUGUST . SELL-A-RAMA "ALL UNITS REDUCED IN PRICE 1IW3 CADILLAC Moor hard-top. heater, automatic . transmlMlon. radio, power equipped including power windows. Must be Been and driven Is be appreel- fA4MNow:. $4995 CHOICE SELECTION ' BEST OF TERMS MYERS , ELGIN it CATHERINE (on the Qusansway) 135-5653 2334411 THE HOME OF "GOODWILL" USED CARS lfsS MERCURY Monterey sedan. AT, R. PS. PB. Turnpike rear window. , , Finished in brawn metallic In new car eondt-' tion. Reduced tOQOC saoo. NOW .-0'J laaj OLDSMOBtLI Super 4-door hardtop, AT, R, Finished in beige Like . new throughout. Reduced $2495 IMS PONTIAC Leureatlsn doer hardtop. VS. AT. R ... Ftsdehed m Wash, as food as aew. Reduced 3200. JIM TUBMAN AAOTORS HMITEtJ otitis. Bulrk. Acadian, suaasll snd OMC Tracks 1770 BANK STREET t Alt VlfU 733-4050 MERCEDES BENZ. ltOC. 1N1. low milsage, perfect condition, owner driver. Call 1M-7403. attar office hours 234-2s3. METEOR, 13. EXCELLENT motor, mostly new parts, sortse. 130 LeBreton MOVING TO NEWFOUNDLAND Must sacrifice lass Ford eoecn. automatic, radio, seat belts, saoo 133-37. MUST SELL 100 CHEVROLET ststlon - wagon 4-door. fully quipped. Bast offer. 721-011. MUST SELL MY 1M4 GALAXIE 300 Fordor demonstrator, pow-sr aqulppad, 4.000 miles. Msrk Thompson. S13-S443: evening!. 72S-71S1. MUST SELL 1X0 BLACK OLDS- mooiie as seaan, automatic brakes, steering, light dimmer, whitewalls. custom radio with rear speaker, mileage 70.000, A-l mechanically II .200 or bast of for. 720-3134. NASH METROPOLITAN. 1-DOOR hardtop, radio, heeler, excellent condition, uenerai .utility aaies. 37 Richmond Road. OTTAWA'S LARGEST SELEC-tion of English cars and sports -.convertibles ta choosa from. All reconditioned and In top condi tion throughout, rrom uia ana up. Percy Carrktre, 41 Montreal Road, 74S-MM. PARTS OF 134 FORD FOR SALE. reaaonabia. Aiar a. rA-r.wi. PRIVATE BALE 100 PON TIAC strato-caiei. gsao casn. ra-efss. PRIVATE SALE. 113 DODGE 4- door sedan, rebuilt motor, nsw clutch, reliable trensportst I s n. 1130 or best offer. Herberts BA Service Station. Spadina at Wellington. Phone 422-01J3. OUTSTANDING VALUES IN CAMPBELLIZED CARS trTQC 1963 FORE P-0 7 J GslnXMI 500 4 door hardtop. Au tern stie trim-mtsiion, power steering, brakes, window. 390 CID motor, rsdio, whitrwiU tires. Lik pew. Cl-naQC 1903 FORD Galixie 500 se dan. Automatic, V motor, power steering, rsdio. Clearance special. CI QQQ 83 FORD sjJi j Gslsxie coscb. cylinder motor, automatic trans mission. $1695 $1095 1962 FORD Ranch Wsgon. 6 cylinder motor. heiter. 1963 VAUXHALL Victor Sedia. 4 cylinder motor. Heiter. ri 3QC 1961 FORD FAIR ' ' LANE Coach. 6 cylinder motor. Automatic trim-miuion. $845 $945 1961 CONSUL Sedan. 4 cylinder motor, Hester. 1961 VOLKS WAGENCoich. Hester. T 1 rQC 1960 FORD FAIR H LANE SesJsn. V-8 motor, sutomitic UnnimissioB. T1 TQC 1960 FRONTE r ' -' AC 4-door Station ' Wsgoa, sutomitic t r s a s m is Ion, rsdio. $1145 1960 FALCON De luxe Coach. Auto matic tra amis sion. ; ClOalC 1959 OLD S MO-V'V-tJ MOBILE 88 Se- daa. Automatic t rsaimliiion. (tower iteering. radio. $645 $945 1959 ZEPHYR Sedan. 6 cylinder motor, radio. 1959 FOR D Custom Sedsn. 6 c y 1 1 a der motor. Automatic trans mission. . $695 1959 AUSTIN Cambridge Sedan. Heater. rtCQC 1959 VOLKS-PJ?J WAGEN Coscb. $695 1958 METEOR Sedia. cylinder motor, sutomitic trintmisiroa.. - Campbell's roar Ford, FiJeon. FiIrUaN, Oalude Dsaler for 44 Years, ' ' " ' " 265 ' LAURIER WEST 233 9445-6 232-94474 ..-.l,Vl- RENAULT- 113 SACRITICt BEST offer over szso, slso im Chevrolet S eundard. Mali an oiler. 72S-1241. SACRiriCB TO BUY A HOME. 1M2 ford Gslsxie 300, low mils-age. 11.130. 771-4147. THIS 1M0 STANDARD VALIANT yours Only 144. 723-1330. WRECKING I VOLKSWAGENS. parts for ssle. 771-0713, alter 1 pa. IMS VOLKSWAOtN DELUXE. aunroor, s.svu muea. ans-seis 1M4 RAMBLER AMERICAN, automatic. 133 h p. angina, other extras. 11 months' wsrrsnty re mains. 13.003. 133-loss. 14 PORD SEDAN. 111 PON tlac 3 -door hardtop. ISM Bulck 3 -door hard ton. 1103: ISA Pon- tlse station wagon, ,1113. 133 Laval Street. Hull. 7TI-4S7. 194 CHEVROLET IMP ALA 2-door hardtop, fully equipped. ,- ooo miles- rrivste. axseisv. leas rilRV CONVERTIBLE. 3.100 miles. Trad 30 Cole dea Neigee Road. 1M4 rORO PA1RLANE 900. 3-door hardtop, rullv equipped. 13.300 miles. 121-317. 114 PONTIAC PARISIENNE. automatic, -nowsr steering, power brakes, fully squlpped. Excellent condition. Must sell. 7H-74S1. 1M3 VALIANT SIGNET 100 CON vertlble. blue. 17.800 miles, owner leaving country. 32.200. 731- 4137, artar T 1M3- PONTIAC LAURENTIAN. private aale, 4 door sedan, cylinder, standard transmission, one owner. 723-3133. 113 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN sedan. 10.000 miles. 30 Cote dea Neigaa Road 1K3 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN. 1. equipped, perfect condition. Evenings. 7 33 -OS 23 IMS PONTIAC PARISIENNE 4-door hardtop, white with maroon interior. . V-g. automatic, power steering, radio. 10.000 miles. Like new. 731-3131. after p.m. 1M3 PONTIAC PARISIENNE CON- vertlole. cylinder, automatic, power steering, radio, original, not one scratch, M.IM. Maurice Motors, 310 Rldeau Street. 334-4A2a. 1M3 CHEVROLET IMP ALA 1- dosr narotof. a eyiinaer. auto matic with power steering, radio, whitewalls, wheel discs, etc. Only sl.130 at United Car Market. Ml Bank street. 233-SM IMS PLYMOUTH SEDAN. SPOT- less condition, new tires, pri vate. g2J3&2 RACING CAB OWNERS! 114 LINCOLN. PLATH BAD motor, perfect, ear fooa. ssaxs offer. S34-3131. 1961 FORD cylinder, medium nd ivory. tnQQ matching Interior f'-' MANY MORE TOP QUALITY BUYS ON DISPLAY. PARKWAY "The Bright Spot" 1047 RICHMOrJD ROAD 729-5121 WHOLESALE TO THE PUBLIC FULL 30-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE GOLD BOND ST AMI'S RICHARD AUTO SALES 452 Ridesu St 232-5793 MORE TO ' CHOOSE FROM IMS RAMBLER American as- radio $1895 itse hills an txoe; eedan, radio T'J IMS VOLKSWAGEN coach Dalux. .... $1Q95 1M MERCEDES-BENS ' Sit " $1495 1M VANGUARD sedsn. automatic. 1 owner. OQC low miles re . .- Q7J CANADA MOTOR SALFS (Ottawa) Ltd. PAUL CARDINAL Limited 1259 Wellington St 728-1836 Austin-Rambler Dealers 1962 PONTIAC LaurenUaa Moor 1 OQC sedan, S ryltnoer , 9 Or J CAPITAL DODGE CHRYSLER LTD. 1554 CARUN0 AVE. 729-3116 SUMMER HOURS Closed Saturday at Noon During July and August Ontario Residents Do Not Pay Quebec Selea Tax GUEST MOTORS LTD. Anthertsed CHevrolst. Corvstr, - Oldsssetdls. Esrvsy aad Caevreiet Trucl Dealer 73 LEDUC . HULL 777-2739 1M2 PONTIAC PARISIENNE 4- door hardtop, power steering and brakes, sutomstlc. excellent condition. 1M Second Avenue. CE4-S437. 1M3 CHEVROLET BISCAYNE. 1-door. 1. automatic, radio. 74-0434. 1M1 PORD PALCON, AUTO-msllc. rsdio. black with white- walla. 723-11S4 INS PONTIAC. 1 CYLINDER. AU tomatlc and radio, 11.130. 133-7041. 733-M53. 1M1 VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE, best offer, enow tires, rsdio. 741-3333 101 CARAVELLE SPORTS CAR, radio. I tops. See 11 1141 Wellington Street. 1M1 ENVOY STATION WAOON, iv.wiv origmai muea, immaculate throughout, bssutlful Arctic white, will accept small monthly payments 733-1311. Ml VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE. Rockland, 73-4W7. attar 4 p in. 1N1 PONTIAC, AUTOMATIC. 2-door, new tires. Evenings. 731- 3170 J 1M1 HILLMAN RANCH WAGON, excellent condition. 1-tona. 741-3343. 1MI COMET CUSTOM DELUXE sedan, perfect throughout. 11 330. 3 Woodroffe. JM1 ANGLIA. PERFECT CONDI- tion. Bargain. Phone 123-1001. INI FORD CONVERTIBLE, V-l. automatic, power steering, power brakes, radio, black with red la-tsrtor, 11.41j. 233-S734. 1M1 TRIUMPH TR3. LOW MILE- age. immaculate condition. RE3-4201. 1M0 DELUXE VOLKSWAGEN. excellent condition. 100. Riverside Drive. Manotick, 1-4M-3S33 1M0 FORD 3-DO&R. 1 CYLINDER. 7O0. Doug's Esso Station, Elgin and Nepean. 1M0 CHEVROLET I M 9 A L A hardtop, v-l. radio, power brakes, steering, reaaonabia. leaving country. 711-314. 1M0 MERCEDES BENZ ISO OAS: 1151 Mercedes Bens 320S; both In perfect condition. 17 1-1311. 1M0 VOLKSWAGEN DELUXE. sun roof, radio, anowtirss, excellent condition. 1H-41S1. Illlon. tCIAL VERY SPBClAli SPECIAL! Clearance Isle Act Now! 1 1131 DODGE. S. NEW TIRES. full guarantee. 1131 PLYMOUTH. 1330. 1M1 CHEVROLET CONVERTIBLE. vary special at 12.730. 1N0 FORD STATION WAGON. 730. , UM RID EAU, FULLY POWER asanutatMsl atrFsA 1131 PONTIAC, PRIVATELY ownsd, no down payment, take over Daymen Is MARQUIS AUTOMOBILES LTD. Ml WELUNOTON, 111-7M4. archie Mcdonald ' Ml Laartsr Aveaee w. 3-7ll 113-4134 1N4 CHEVROLET COWIRTIBLE; 1M4 Volkswagen; IMS Oldsmo-blle Btarflra 3 door hardtop: 1M3 Monsa convertible: IM3 Falcon convertible; 1M3 Chevrolet super sports convertible: Ml Chevrolet Impels a door hardtorr. 1M1 Ford convertible: 1M0 Cadillac convertible, fully equipped: lsso Falcon, automatic; 131 Chev. Bel-Air 4-door hardtop; ISM Plymouth awach: 1191 Bulck 4-door nan) top: 131 Ceritllae eonvortlbla. rullv eaulaw ped: 118T Meteor. LOW OR HO DOWN PAYMENT. TRANSFEBBED TO CALGARY SACRIFrCI. SIM OR BEST' OF- sar for iH otdssaobiia super M. power etaerlng and brakes. Top condition. 12-902 2. ACRirlCB AT SM LEAVING CITY. MUST 11 IX 115 Vauxhsll ta top condition. Bast offer takes ear. S33-003I. 1962 MERCURY Monterey Custom S-door hard top coupe with automatic transmission, radio. FIMshed In dessrt hslt with snatching In- rmr $2375 TURPIN. PONTIAC, BUICK LTD. 424 RichBtond Road 728-1717 $1195 IS THE PRICE OF THIS 1960 PONTIAC 4-DOOR SEDAN Equipped with' elr-coflditkm-ing neater, windshield within snd other extras. Finished irt solid silver grey metallic with matching grey interior. Perfect bay of a I960 model at a 1959 price tag ' AT CABELDU'S Your Authorized Bulck, Pontile, Acadian, Vauxhal) and GMC Truck Dsaler ALBERT at BANK 235-4371 MACK TRUCKS MANUFACTURING COMPANY OF CANADA HAVE FULL STOCK OF .PARTS FOR ALL GASOLINE AND DIESEL MACKS Service to Air Heavy Duty Trucks. 255 ST. ANNE STREET, EASTVlEW 745-15134 Terrific Offer 1M CHEVROLET. ejQC aaw paint Jo . -pTJ IMS CHEVROLET, tOOQ nsw paint ob 77J IMS VTtRCtJRY M s n lerey. ""F tlieiA PARKWAY AUTO SALES 1000 WELLINGTON ST. 1 ' ' 1 1M0 FORD, V-l. AUTOMATIC, reasonable. 74S-3313. 1M1 AUSTIN CAMBR1DOE DE- luxs. windshield washers, padded dash. 4 now tiros, 1 anow tires. 1-tona turquoise and white im-mseulsts leather upholstery. 44.-000 miles. 113-1711. 1131 CHEVROLET BEL . AIR 1-door hardtop, standard transmission, new tires, A-l shape. svss. 731-aav. 1131 AUSTIN CYLINDER STA-tion wagon, red leather Uphol-stery. rsdio. heater. Excel lent throughout, no rust. 110 down. II monthly. 134-3313. 131 CHEVROLET 1-DOOR. VERY good condition, new paint job. saw. ss-jv7. IBS CHEVROLET STANDARD g good condition. Mr. Dsvls. MS- ouai. I5 CHEVROLET BISCAYNZ coach. cylinder, erandard trana-'mlssion, nswly painted, 1 tone blue. Full price 1313. 134-3311. 113 PONTIAC CONVERTIBLE, blsck. good eondlUon, bast offer. 743-77 1131 CHEVROLET BEL AIR hardtop, I -door, automatic, 1700, best, offer. SM-esxiS. 1131 METEOR 1, , STANDARD, radio, anow tires. o. Ti 0101. IB 51 BUICK SPECIAL. CONVERT-ibla. power stsaring snd brakes, good condition. T4s40tl. 131 CHEVROLET SEDAN. 1. standard srsnamiasioa, exceiwrw condition, radio, MM. 7M-24 IMS SUNBEAM RAPIER CON- vertlble, good running eonaiuon 711-4IM. 1131 METEOR RIDEAU 300 t- noor nardtop. v-a. automaiic, sop condition, owner transfarrad. 1700. 12M131 "H31 BUICK SPECIAL, EXCEL- Isnt condltran. sioo ris-soos Convertible Time at DOMINION 1964 CHEVROLET Impali Super Sport convertible, with floor ihlft, automatic, power steer' ing, power brakes, VS. radio. Finished in diplomatic blue. Drastic reduction. New car warranty. 1963 PONTIAC PirUurm Super sports convertible, fully powered with floor shift, auto-, mstic bucket seats, radio.- Finished in thidow grey with red interior. 1962 CHEVROLET Impala convertible. Vs. utt matic, power steering, power brakes, radio. Finished in ermine whits with I mitching red mterior. Very low Btikegw. . 1961 CHEVROLET lmpsla coavertiblt, cytitf der. automatfc, power ateering, power brakes, radio. Finished In azure aqua. Fully powered. Excellent condition. . 45 MORE TO CHOOSE FROM DOMINION ' AUTOMOBILES LTD. Hoit frogrtulDi Dtaltr 1844 CAR UNG 72 3507 YOU TRADE FOR LESS AT JIM BROWN'S Ottawa Motor Sales IMS COMET 4-door sedsn. i cylinder, rsdio. black and red mterior, Wim bledoa whit $1595 IMS PONTIAC 1-door hard' top, automaUc tranem lesion, rsdio, whits walls, beautiful lacler blue with 3-tone blue Inteiior. Kxeeptloosl eondlUon $2195 IMS PAIRLANE M Tudor. , snappy VI angina, radio, whttewalle, beige Interior. , beige and tobacco brown ShouJcTbe seen $ 1 995 YOUR FORD DEALER 1850 BANK ST. (at WslkhTf Road I , 733-6931 A SENSATIONAL STATION WAGON FROM THE BIG DEALER IMS CHEVY It Marion wsgon. . . automstle transmission, 1 whltewsll Urea, smsrt sit-' ver blue flnUk. Looks and runs tike) new en. The . ' Meat wagon far the aver-- age famtlr. . AUTOMOBILES LIMITFJ Tairr Chevrolet. Carrslr. Oldsmoblls. Envoy and Chevrolet Truck Daaier BELISIE ; BELISIE y A sfONTREAL R IAD. OTTAWA Evenings T 41-341. T41-i4l "J T !'.' V- IS3S BUICK. GOOD RUNNING condition, new Ursa, radio. 74- 13 VOLKSWAOEN. GOOD CON-dltlon, good lire. Phona T33-7 SIM. 13 MORRIS SOLID BODY, good engine. 1300. 733-334 133 PLYMOUTH. GOOD CONDI-tloa, rneohanlcilly sound. 1S4 pistes. 4 new Urea. PA1-0713. evenlnis. v IMS CHEVROLET COACH, 1 owner, small mileage, ood buy 744-4703 1133 CHEVROLET. 173. GOOD running order. 74-)M CENTURY MOTORS 44 Gladstone At Real 113-4344 133-1171 NO DOWN PAYMENT. 1M4 PONTIAC PARISIENNE J door hardlop, black with red interior, V-l. automatic, fully powered.. 13.113. IBM RAMBLER SEDAN. 1 OWN-sr. spotless. Sl.TSl. 143 SUNBEAM ALPINE SPORTS convertible, 1 owner, sharp. 11.-au 1M3 HILLMAN SEDAN. LIKE brand new. It .35. 1M1 CHEVROLET S-PASSENGER slstion wagon, luUy equipped 12.13 1M1 FALCON, PERFECT COND1- Uon. 11.33. 1MI CHEVROLET SEDAN. V-l. like new. 11.33 tMl COMET, AUTOMATIC AND radio. I owner. 11.413 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM EXHIBITION WON CAR FOR ssle. IM4 Chevrolet Biscay ne T3S-1130. E-I3-A 1964 RAMBLER Ambeuswdor 4-door sedan. MS series, power steering, power ST,"-, . $2995 CAPITAL DODGE CHRYSLER LTD. 1554 CARUNG AVE. 729-3116 a. X aTn I 1131 PONTIAC. t. AUTOMATIC. nw rusi. axoalient eondiuon. 3M. 131-7SU4. VOLKSWAGEN. EXCEL- ni ior stuaent, 133 or best offer 731411. II" VANOUARD. IN RUNNING , yt.j. iae in iv, evening 1HT METEOR. AUTOMATIC. RE. corMiuoned motor, nesds licence plstss snd battery. Good for eecona car. fssex offer will take. 114-341. 0 1MT OLDSMOBtLI M, EXCEL- em eonaiuon, private sala, M71 T-7M. 1S7 CHEVROLET BEL-AIR. IM maculate csr, will finance at HI - monuiiy. I1M TR-1. WIRE WHEELS. OVER- arive. low mileage, best offer PAs-mo, evenings 1M VOLKSWAGEN. GOOD mecnsnlcsl condition. only 1130. 743-3430. BRENNAN BROS. LTD. I ZIS Wellington 71S-I4S1, Itt-333 1M4 CHEVROLET 1,-TON PICK- up. s-nrysier seoan, fonsiac 1-door hardtop. Valiant sedan. Chevrolet sedan. Chevrolet coach. Cadillac coup S-door hardtop. 1M3 CARVAHl COACH. RAM- bler station wagon. Consul coach, Chevrolet convertible. Pontine asdan. Consul Capri I -door hard-ton. 111 ENVOY STATION WAGON. votkswagen coach. Rambler asdan, Chsvrolst sedan. Ford Gala-ale 300 1-door hardtop. Renault Caravelle snorts roust. 1M1 FIAT COACH. CHEVROLET sedsn. 1M0 PONTIAC 1-DOOR HARDTOP. Auatla umbridge sedsn, Chevrolet jicosch. Chevrolet asdan, Oldsmobllr Super S3 J . door hardtop. Vauxhsll Vslox sedan, VoJkswsgsn coach, ' Falcon Frontenac sedsn. studsbakar ata-tion wagon. 13 VAUXHALL VTCTOR SEDAN. 1131 asorris .eoacn isae ooags sedan. 1137 Volkswasan conch. VillL SERYU SAYS: . ' C BEAUPRE AUTOMOTIVE. 132- MM. Open day and night, nana. ACCuorte MICHBUN X TIRES. StO lT gela. Sprlssa, 113 7 eech. Mano-Uck Motor ISporta Car specUl-Ula. 113-133. PARTI AND SERVICB AS Easttah cars EaaHsh Meters Ltd. I-T AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERV- tc. Morris, afu. Susy and Wat-sl ars,." ilffrt merit FRONT END ALIGNMENT. brass specialist. Hoffman Brak arm Alignment, n.tng gawara Avenue Ckl-isn Mediator Senrtct FREE TESTING. FREE EST! mate, free checking est the vehicle. My Radiator Co Clean ing, repairs, rocotos. aa wei Ungtaai. PAS-SSI VphoUttrf BEPAIRIWO TRUCK BEAT esssniesss. tomner Auiat top up- nssataiwre, aa sgiiassi cse-194. ALL CEMENT WORK DONE BY Terry Co) tractors, guarantaee s ta 1 yeers Always check with regietered eevi tractor. Fra eatl-mataa, M months ta pay. SM-40. I ALL PATIOS. WALKS. ranteed. free esti- lll. CffMENT WALKS I ' B T R P S. patioa na stucco, free e a 1 1- i.l m W MM . W. I , I .. 1 1 ll IV . w. viMwi. mi u ... . " ere. generel repair. Ill Wood- roue. Tsa-easo. , . If RECREATION ROOMS. REPAIRS, arr. free aatlmstea. A. atruea aenson uswsa, aaMsa, - . TUB BIO "i . C. A. Maanssa ssd Seat LIS. t-4 VERA NDAHS. ALTERATIONS, store fronts and additiona, repairs, recreation room, roofing ana eningiee. you name h, wnei aver tt Is and we'll do it. Just . dial the BIO "J" Sod we'll, ee It sVtVrSTROtJOHtNO, REASON-able prices. Frsa estimates. J. D Oervtn Plumbing snd Heating. 1117 Bank. 7U-S1M. . . n t ATESTROUOHINO SUPPLIED and tnauilad, soldering joints, guaranteed werkmanehlo. free Anyume. sii ssai r HUGH M. GRANT 322 atsvarirh) SU ' 236-7105 " RENTAL SERVICE sf' FLOAT SERVICE : ' FILL FOR SALE ' FRONT END LOADERS COMPRESSORS , . DUMP TRUCKS' i SHOVELS BULLDOZERS FOAM RUBBER AND POLYFOAM. fsbrlcstlng Seattle fnem rubber. 3g noose veil. rAi-ewg. . li TYPEt mt Column contains M of nputtblt, qualified butintmi vYho trt rtwdy t itrvt you. Don't cJeUy - cad today. L sswaaswawi CAPES. JACHrrS. lu UP. Re pairs, reasonable. Cardash. 134- 1113. . .. . , . , . . :'ii' . McEYOY BROTHERS 111 Rant Street S11.41M ESTABLISHED 11 PARKING 6UN SHOP ROWNINO DEALER, BUSHNELL cusM, cueuNn reioaaing. sup-pllsa. guns 'traded. Service loath shooter at Ray's Oun Shoo. Slittsvlll 1M-43M. 7li, UP TO 1(1 YEARS TO PAY wees in warm air neating, call Hubert Stove and Furnace Ltd., 72S-17SS. TOWER PRODUCTIONS. "17S sparks Street. 13-311, closed Sslurdsy tor July and August. Qr.NKRAL REPAIRS, FOUNDA- HKHiiing. excavet I n g. nsnt work. . Free aattmatas. 743-3747. ALL KINDS OF CARPENTRY AND repairs, painting, ale. Reason-able. Call Jack, 134-7371 . CUPBOARDS. PLAYROOM. Du plex, steps, verandahs, frsa estimates. Immedlstsly. Parent, 771-1. f OTTAWA ' PROTECTIVE COAT- ing. Interior, exterior decorating Well paper. Free setimataa. Work guaranteed. 73-a40. BUILDTNO CLEANER PRIVATE HOMES AND OFFICES. rsaeonabls. sxpert sarvicaa. 33-I4M. DISCARDED FURNITURE. CLEAN , REFRIGERATION, SALd AND up refuse, removal to . city service all branches Mor-dump. Moderat rata. RES- r son s, 137 Prsstoa Street. 331-S7M. . :. S313. McELHERAN. YOUR LANDSCAP-er, garden loam.. Fra of sod, stone or slay. Prompt delivery. awe-lSM, ' TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. lac per q yd. 4-31 3, . North Oower, collect. 1. TOP QUALITY FIELD BOD, IS a ,. yard delivered. Phon collect Kemptville' laa-Jll. HIOMEST QUALITY FIELD -SOD. lie squar yard over ioe lards. WEED KILUNO AND FERTILIZES. Reeidenlial. Industrlsl. Gen- ral Lawn Spray Service. Phone 133-317 tot Ottawa Hull ares. BOD. CEDAR TREES. BLACK serth. patio. Istslceias MU4-4asl SPECIAL LIMESTONE. REOULAR ioe reauced inc. cedar trees, wsllstaM. soda. T4S-1311. MANDEBLRY SOD 'OP QUALITY MERION BLUE grass and mixed blue grass, nur sery son. gaa-Bsuv. OLRM ACRS SOD ' USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION Blue nuraery eod and our Olsn- acraa auann. asa-ise. . , aABNS NUBSSRY SOD TOP QUALITY MERION AND Manna Blue. Alan No. 1 Nursery ' and st reduced price. Phon collect, dree ley ioe. I St M AN HOUR UP. VETERAN S . suet ou, snoving. rsp-asw. For Information on MR. SERVUcall 1 1134 CHEVROLET HARDTOP. , mechanically - sound, sutomatte, radio, power, eteering, ana owner U73. 71S-731S. 1133 PONTIAC. GOOD CONDI-tion. aiarulard. S171. T71-3M. r anytime 1133 CHEVROLET. GOOD CONDI-tion, best offer Uo-3133. . 1131 MERCURY CONVERTIBLE, best offer, very good motor. PR7-4473 TERBIFIC OFFER W0 CHEVROLET. NEW , PAINT Job. 143: IM1 Chevrolet, new paint Job. 1913: IM1 Mercury Monterey, fully equipped. 11.230. Parkway Auto Sales. 1000 Wellington STATION WAGON SALE 1963 CHEVROLET station ' wagon, 6 cylinder, sutomitic, rsdio. 1961 PLYMOUTH ststlon wagon, 6 cylinder, mto-matlc. 1961 CHEVROLET station wsgon, 6 cylinder, itsn-Urd transmission. 1959 PONTIAC itition wsgon, V8. sutomitic trsnsmiuion. HYDE LETT AUTOMOBILES LTD. 475 BANK ST. 234-9523 AT YOU1 m - P ALL PAVING JOBS DONE BT Terry Contractors, guaranteed I to 3 years. Always chsck with a regiaured contractor. Free es-tlmataa. 34 months to pay. 333- PAVING DRIVEWAYS. PARKING areas, patching Work guaranteed. Tblbeault Paving. 721-1311. PA VINO DRIVEWAYS. SMALL parsing areas, aapneit. free estl- mates. I ye eer wrltti rittan guarantee. u-aao. PAVING. A. MU8CA. CONTRAC-tors. Specialists In Asphslt drive-wsys, pslches IpsHlng loUl. tandseaplng. Year guer antes. 133-0343. 4.BSOUTE SATISFACTION, paoerhanglng: mstds. outslds painting reasnnabla. McCallsn Bros . CEI-S313. ' CONNOR PAINTING AND DEC-oratlng. Interior, exterior spa-ciallsed and equipped tat house - repelntlng. Quick, efficient eerv-Ira. Fra estlmsles. PAI-OU. -i i J. P. Mac RAY INTERIOR. EXTERIOR PAINTTNO. paper-hanging. . Free estimates, workmanship guaranteed. 134- 1317. FORK BIT BROS. PLUMBINO and heating. Fra Ssttmstss. work guaranteed Time pay-menta. Repairs our spectslly. Night and day orders Invited. CU-31S1. ... . .. . -i NATIONAL PR.KTERS LIMITED, fin quality commercial printing 401 Preston. CIS-7441. .LO-MOR PRINTERS SOCIAL. I wuminerclal printing, photo, off- evi. weooing invitation.- SI J Gloucester. CE-30. , -IJii. ALL ROOTING AND REPAIRS dons by Tsrry Contrsctor. guaranteed I to yeers. Always check with a registered can-tract. Fra estimstss. - 14 month to pay. 1U-240. QUINN IMCLATION COMPLETE ROOFINO SERVICES. an wors guarantee, rree eatt-nurtea. Tsfephon day or S V - PA2-3331. .. . JTEAM CLEANING MOBILB STEAM CLEANINO AND Creseure wsshlng: car anginas, ssemenla clsened snd waterproof rd. naaonabla. 713-1344. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A. Bruce Benson Limited, RE3 0331. WELLMAN CONCRETE " LTD, for reinforced pools. Sale and .Serna, 73-ttl. 133-1714. BLUR UNI TAX7 14-HOUR prompt ssrvtcs. Call Cla-lUl. , RED LINE TAXI LTD., 34-HOUR . service. Call 133-3411. 1 - 1 El.ECTRIC, STANDARD AND portable Remington typewriters, for aal of rental. J. sL Hill and Son. lit O'Connor, CES- ie i 236-7511

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