The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 25, 1918
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL, -5, 191S THE DAILY COURIER COrvNSL.L NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Ball Holiday for Tomorrow, Liberty Day, lias Been Proclaimed. ·ASS MEETING AT LOUCKS PARK T.mcr fcoremor Hanly Hill Be Speaker 01 the Oeac*lon; Women | of the Town Wll ParUclpat* in Po-1 n4e to iailroai Statto» aad to Park Special to Th« Courier SCOTTDALE, April 25 --Scottdale tomorrow will enjoy a naif aolidav The publicity committee announced that the stores Trill close at noon. The mills irill not -work A monster parade Trill be keld in the afternoon It will march to the depot to meet ei Governor Hani? and then to U^ucks Pane, where a mass meeting will le held In the evening Governor Hanly will deliver his lecture in tie first Presbyterian church on "Patriotism and the Amendment. The lecture will begin at S o clock. CUM Die*. Nellie the sewn year old daughter of Mr and Mrs. Philip -Weycock of Everson, cUed »t her home there on Tuesday night Funeral services were held this morning at St. Jo- ·eph's church Mrs G E. Huttlemaier, c'lairman of tie milts of Scottdale Hed Cross met the, chairmen of the various units in the T M C 4. yesterday to take np the set of rules governing those who get supplies Irom the chapter through the community fund Another corelerenc* has been called of all th« chairmen at the otecuUve meeting on Tuesday cvernmc Mrs Hnttlemaier al» requests that ever} chairman with every member of htr unit meet at Chestnut street on Fri day sfteraoon at 2 o clock to take part in the liberty Day parade The women will wear their husbands and will carry a banner with the number of the nmit they represent at ihe head ol the unit. i Cabbage Is Sot Sold in drug stores or IE women, s clothing obtained in a linoleum depart ment. It may sonnd platitudinous to remark that this is the era of specialization, but the sta^ment neverthe less reflects a great truth A store carrying a stock of worn ens and children's garments only and special izmg on thjs one Hne of goods only, will naturally have a much batter selection to choose from a far more expert srrle opinion a better price on same and as a cloak specialist a more authentic style See for vourself Broadway Ladies Store Scottdale Pa as you get off the car ·Wanted. Good boy to work in store for general nork Must be 15 or 16 vears Apply S tenner I'urniture Store -Ad\ --22apr5t. Other Sotes, The Jewish ladies of Scottdale jes- terday sent a box of linen-; to the headquarters at Pittsburg for tne Fal- 3stine Medical unit Miss Haifel Johnston of Washington D C, is visiting friends liere Vrs B C Pair of Latrobe, is the guest of friends here. Mr and Mrs E V Humes ind family have returned from a trip to Berkeley springs Joseph Goethe and son Jack spent Wednesday in Pittsburg Mr and Mrs J L Kayger ire visiting Wends at Waynesburg COIDS, COUGHS AND LUNG TROUBLES AM 0«r»I«fct Trcmtmvnt with B«e»r»'» der» 1m the MvrateK Don t L«t that Hacking Co»iffh Sore Throat and Tigrht Chest bother you Famous "Forkola * the remed Thousands riffht in your home to-v, n use it with satisfactory results Doc tors advise and preacrib* it hospitals us« it -with satisfactory results Doctors advise and pre»cr1be .It hospitals u» it. whale every druggist in the country euarantees it. A g od sized jar only costs 25 cents at any first class drug 1 »tore on the mcne back, if dl? satisfied, plan If Mothers only knew that an application at bedtime not only soothed and healed the 1 little ones tired, aching: throat and chest, but also ensured a g-ood nlgrht's rest they'would not hesitate to ret a Jar of Famous Forkola toda Every sufferer from Catarrh of the nose or throat in any form should give Forkola a trial Tour drugrriat can supply \ o u Perryopolis. PEKR1OPOLIS, April 25--(Mrs Gus ·^oi^net and daughters Doroth and Edith, were Connellsville callers Tuesday James Hams of Akron, 0 Is visiting relatives iij town The examination for high school en trance will be given here Saturday "Word has been recehed here announcing the safe arrival of Ollle Hewitt to France Kev rT J Law hag returned from Pittsburg, where "he had spent the past week with his wife at the Presbyterian hospital Jffrs J A. Carson is a Connellsville shopper today XT and Mrs S N Galley attended the funeral of little Jack Dunham at Star Junction Tuesday Patronize those who advertise BUT A HOST). Bay It !·»»· if Ton Haven't Snicd a Cent. Go to the Krst National Bank and arrange to boy a IJbertv Bond on the Installment Plan \ dollar a week bu« a $50 bond ?2 a weel buvs a * hundred dollar bond It s a patriotic Aftt7 £very bond you buy is one ·ore shot at the Kaiser--Adv TrrOmr ClaMtMnI Ails. eo*t only 1 cent a won! and al- The Home Why pay more for the ordinary kinds of Homefurnishings elsewhere when Aaron's offer you reliable, quality lines of Furniture, Rugs, Stoves, etc.--that have been tried and tested--that are giving complete satisfaction from one end of the country to the other. And offer them to you at lower prices than others ask for the ordinary lands. Connellsville's Reliable Homefurnishers Since 1891. Then too. every article you pu r chase at Aaron's is doubly guaranteed to give complete satisfaction--first by the manufacturer and then by the reliable, long-esfeblished Aaron organization. So *-ou sea your interests ore safeguarded and taken care of at all timss. Convenient Credit, if desired. How Shall IDecide on aRefiigerator 7 \ REFRIGERATOR is one of the l\ most important purchases you -*· ^ will ever have to make for our household Many women make the mistake of buying a cheap refrigerator or a small one Let your first refngen- tor be one of permanent value to ou. A careful study of the following points will help you purchase one that will be satisfactory for the rest of } our life Four important point* to watch I./The refrigerator should be planned so the air circulates freely into every part of the food chamber 2 The lining should be samtarv easily cleanable. 3 The insulation oE the walls should be as perfect as possible. 4 T h e w o r k - manship and ma tennis should be of the very best quality A lintnf of re*l porcalatn Leonard Cleanable Refrigerators have a oae piece porcelain lining It cannot break. crack or chip 1 This one piece por celaan lining has toundtJins dc front cor nen This is a Leonard exclusive patented feature and c a n n o t be found m any other refrigerator ^ Ten walls cave your ice Tbe LeonardCleanable is insulated by ten different walls. This keeps the heat out of the refrigerator and keeps the cold in. Select a refrigerator made in Gracd Rapid* Whaterer grade or tpe of refnfierntoi you buy-- look forth* name Leonard and the murk-- Made in Grand Rapids Here ·re located the nwwt expert workmen-- the finest cabinet makers-- the most experienced Come !n and get ao interesting, helpful booklet- Cnre of Refmteraiora ' Let us sttovyauoicof thefamous Leonard m odela. Leonard C l e a n a b l e Refrigerator Made in Grand Raxnd*, cL Prices range from as low as $8.50 upward. This Three-Piece Solid Oak Bed ^ Suite. A Remarkable Value at .50 Bvcii piece in thii bulte is ^ e l v bea i t i f u l \ fmi I C G and shows ihe ^ nr^rnan ship o£ the most skilled eipcrls Both the Dre-«er u nd Chiffon i.r h a \ e lirgc hea\\ plate mirrors This Famous Kroehier Bed Davenport ei One 01 h i »· ! ICb 1 1 ( 1 1 1 ihe same i^ ii t · i I n i prr s l i l i M u r j i j i 01 h i i! 1 Be Sure to See This Brass Bed Value This Genuine Bni'.s Bed _ V«rv subBtantiallj built Has 2 inch Colonial po^ts and SM inch fillers b tir' This Massive Three-Piece Pullman Living Room Suite. An Exceptional, Value at One of the ne\v models just receded I rames are "olid oak 1 ho -nring t iTnniciion i o' t ir \ · best acd *l)p su te is upholstered JQ the bes grade of bHck mi at on IcatJur 1 i i:^h( d i: golden oaK At this price its a \aluc ^ou cant afford 10 overlook Be sure to see the Koyal Easy Cbair we're offering at $19.50 The chair that gives ease, comfort and rest after a hard day'fa work See it demonstrated This 7-Piece Dining Room Suite. A Very Special Value at Only Consists of solid oaL heav Colonial Pedeslnl Extecsioa Table ind six quarter sawed oakfcbof seat diners The Talking Machine You Will Eventually Buy! Pathephone --the onh standard Phonograph designed to plav all Records' --No Needles to Change' --No Records to weai out' Tathe Keconli ("c to $4.00 I'.ithephonts $ M) to $225. This Pathephcne Outfit ?IIKMW ir«dl ii»i c Jfc(-«r(lt_(ii Stkction*.) -- 31O4.5O On ei*i, C f i u x i i i t n t ( reuii form^. Kaltex Furniture This Sturdj Kaltex Rocker \n exceptional \aiue Very substantially built $4.25 This Comfortable Kaltex Rocker -Has sej arate cushions and spring seats Upholstered in fine cretonne $7.25 Now is the Time to Buy That New Rug Because right no'vv at Aaron s prices are much 1cmer than elsewhere--jiuch lower Ihan they'll ever again be Our shovine; is complete--the largest collection in Tatette county to choose from Theie are rapestr Brussells Body Brussells and Wilton Rugs (including the tamous Whittall make)-priced as follows -- 6x9 Rugs--$10.75 to $50 8-3x10-6 Rugs--$19.75 to $73 9x12 Rugs--$19.50 to $81 11-3::12 Rugs--$25.50 to $110 10-6x13-6 Rugs--$39 to $140 -Entire Second Floor The Famous New Process Gas Ranee Prices range from, $19.75 upward This Geiuune Jieed Carriage The Hoosier Kitchen Ca'unet i the labor-savmg machi^^ ot tue Kitchen -- thats why its aheadv used in o-»er a million homes Thats Tshy the Hoosier has ba°n the first choice o£ o\er a million housewives -- and not one of them would do without her Hoosier after once using it. See Hoosier Demonstrated Come In todav and let HB tell von all aoout Hoosier -- well be more than pleased to show vou its aianj exclusive features ^o obligations v/hatever Prices from as low as $26.50 upward. 'lhi 4 K. Solid Oak I'wrth $3.75, Complete with chains and hooks Verr substantially bm (. An eiccpbcnaEj- Jargc Talne at £his price. ^cLSjK, T Siifcjfc! -- J

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