The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 25, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, April 25, 1918
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·1-u.BJ UA1LY COU.tU.niit, URSDAY, APKIL 25. l»j I: ^ : I ; . -Trt," In!a'jUBrttgtapp*ar^Irs..R:;B. Um- U of Cniontpwn, .county chairman of "" " tne"\Vomari'3"Libeky" Loan "Committee-. ·-.- and county- -chairman, of. the..Woman's Committee of the Council of National Defense;- urgeV^the. women' Liberty. Loan workers~of the county to make Pmrette county*a-banner one. -As'the women have been called upon to assist in the Liberty Loan campaign' by the men's committee, the propaganda, preparation and 'assistance of the Woman's National committee has been "Of inestimable value in its manifold suggestions'.'for organisation. County j chairmen are required even" day to V. make a "report of-the entire work of ." the county":' irisTmposidble to prop- V -wly credit tie women's work unless -·'··tfci local chairmenTsend their reports 2 promptly to the : county.headquarters,' X" as-his'oeturreauested. :* · fc the s«cond Liberty Loan cam~ ftaga excellent reports otohe from-va- ~'4 rious quarters ot the county but only -- sis citles-and. towns.:sent..reports in rsU They were Conaells- _ Jniontown", Brownsville, . Fair-. ; "ch«CT, v raw50h-a'Sa.'Smithfield..They sported J390.000 with verbal reports irtich brought the amount to 506,000. »is did not'represent the efforts of lh« women workers in many districts -'.: it ~XA .and Fayette's .report scarcely ··."illd-Jtuatlce to-tiiir work which " had ' ' been Vjery well. done.;. There is stil time for women to male a good fe- eord in Fayette county. Mrs. Umbel '" ' urges the women to make a pull and Vstron? piill 'all together to do their "" best, and to report 'promptly to head- qoarters what they have AmA. "While the wotnen of Connellsville are not. making a honse-to-houso canvass they · are doing splendid, worlc. They have been serving elaborate dinners to the I ' ·and ; aiding them in ; ;-many-fiaier carrying; on.the. ; 'drive. IVjrs/'Qarl.S. Homer aid Mrs. \~3. Raymond'^estrezat are in-charge ·rim th.e ,i«" ' " ' ' " BUJOK " GVTKS. COHSUai K IX FllAXCK; of=atBe? arc; carrpng; - on theVbrK'ia. a very successful man- ^aeri Tfie Lib'ertr'LDan headfluaners - in tti« Title" J£TruStTuiVding.are open,-. --morning, afternoon .'and night Thurs-: "daj? Friday and Saturday .of ."next Sreek the women will-ha in charge! ot Lib.erty Bond booths al. tho different stores'and will be supplied with-new Liberty, .Loan .^literature. . ?· ~"'.TMV ^*- : '-:--. Save the Babies I NFANT MORTALITY is something frightfnl. We can hardly realize that of all the children born in civilized countries, twenty-two per cent., or nearly one-quarter, die before they reach one year; thirty-seven per cent., or more than one-third, before they are five, and one-hall before they are fifteen 1 · · · · .. We do not hesitate to say that .11 timely use of Cantoris would save many of these precious lives. Neither do we hesitate ;to say that many . of these Infantile: deaths-are occasioned by the use of narcotic preparations. Drops, tinctures and soothing Bjrrups sold.for children-'s complaints contain more or less opium 1 or''morphine. They are, in'considerable quantities, deadly poisons. In any. quantity, -they stupefy, retard circulation and lead . to congestions, Bickness, death. There can be no danger in the use 'of Cas- to'ria if ifrKeara the'signature of Chas. ff. Fletcher ' - ' as it contains no opiates or narcotics of any' kind., Gciiuino'Gjutoria always bears the signature-of f WHIRLWIND RE-CANVASS " Major General F. B. Maurice, who has been chief director military. Continued from Pace One. Some persons whose subscriptions are only $100 should subscribe ?500, it is thought, and the committee considers that if t. man can pay $50 cash he ought to be. able to take out another, bond on the installment plan. .U is for increases ia subscriptions and further solicitations from those who have formerly refused to buy a bond that the re-canvass of the district.' is being urged. It is felt that a little straight talk and further ex- plr-nation of the necessity of greatly oversubscribing the loan, might be helpful In increasing the subscriptions here. "Many peo'ple are taking it too easy operations at the British. war office. ,,,/ tbemsch .^.. said ' ta * com m1ttD C has been given an active command on the continent. home yesterday afternoon from State college to spend the summer- vacation at her home in East Washington avenue. Miss Emma Katherine Kurtz, Donald Kurtz and Fred Gans, also students at State college, are eipect- ed' home tonight. The ' best place to' shop after all. Brownell Shoe Co.--Adv. this morniag. "They are not' doing what they ought to. They are Just getting by with a bond and then think they are done. Some are doing it innocently, not realizing the importance of raising this loan, and don't understand what dollars will do in the matter of "saving lives." Cnnnellsville is still leading Union-, town in the community i-ace. The total subscribed here up to noon yesterday was $800.000, and Uniontown BANNER OF THE COUNTRY, CLAIM OF SCOTTDALE Continued from Faer One. call is--the people of this community have loyally answered every demand on its manhood ahd womanhood. This community has gone about Its war tasks with'zeal and energy that indeed are remarkable. After ail it is what individuals and citizens do rather than what they say that will count in winning the war." Mrs. G. .E. Huttelmaier is head ot the women's Red Cross work. The report of the auxiliary, covering the seven ingatherings, shows the following articles made during toe year ending April 18, last: Surgical dressings 28,MO Towels 13,375 ·'Miss Leala Baughman ot Berlin, is reached the marfc-ot ?T03,550. Union- the guest of Mrs. E. R. Sechler of · town's subscriptions are what have Jfortti Cottage avenue, ..'" i been turned into the banks there, · ·j'rtve-b'ara -hundreds of ithe beautiful i while this city's total Is what has been new spring woolens now ready lor your inspection. Dave Cohen, Tailor. ·--Adv. Mrs. J. Scott Gilmorc of Smithfleld, was In town yesterday on.- her way to Dawson to attend the funeral.of her aunt, Miss Lyoia Cunningham. Local pictures Thurslay and Friday at the Paramount. Don't fail to see -j the draftees leave for Camp_ Lee.-- -i»3nrill. be observed next Adv. f n*ursd'aj:_riir...tlie First Methodist Episcopal church by the Ladies' Aid ·.Mrs. X. G. Graham of Johnstown, formerly of Connellsville, is visiting ' ForeK Missionary societies, will be served from 11 to 1 Lunch o'clock ' society and the'"Woman's Home and j'her mother, Mrs. George Gambia of South Pittshurg ...reet. Early cabbage and tomato plants now ready. P. R. DeMuth Sons.-- by the folowlng committee, of which Mrs-'Detwiler is chairman: Mrs. Roy Carouthers, Mrs. Harry DeBoit. Miss Margaret E.eB.q4$,,. Miss Helen · David- Adv.--23-61; son, DeBol Harry Hay "of Fairmont, TV7 Va.,' Is visiting 'Wa parents, Mr. and Mrs. . Engleka, ··MriJ;G: B.JPreed. Mrs, "if.. E. Frazee, '·ItfrsL-W. P. ·Francis. Mra.'J.' P: Frazee, rsV ^'J,' "Jj. Evans, -Miss Anna". Hyatt, Mrs. Wiillianj Harmpn Hay .of Tenth street, West ,, Mrs. Wll-] Side. ' · e, Mrs. S, ' " Mrs. Percy R. Sheet-/, of South Pitts- t. JHasiAinia :Kai;e_; Harris, ~Mrs_._ L Delilah ' - s' Susan - U liian vJirrs. Matilda Eccle'sjMrs;-Mary j burg street, and llrs. P. E. Swartzwelder of Scottdale, arrived home yesterday morning from Camp-Hancock, Augusta, Ga. They left Augusta, on ^Moijday and spent Tuesday in Washington; IX; C,. Mrs. SSeetz before her jnaVriage on Monday, April 35, to Ser- Miss Mary Ellis...- "":';· g-eaut,Shee1z-of/the 110 to Regiment! .. ,.' ... . . HospitarCorps, Miss Ada Mae SEst'BUzaieth Mahon TT3S re-elect- jjaannam. ed preBldeot of the L. C.tB. A. for the ~Our Oxfords, ties and pumps for women are the prettiest foot dressing ever shown. Come and see. Crow- ley-Mestrezat Co.--Adv.---23-6t. The condition of little Stanley Stew- aft, who is 111 at tbe home'ot. his parents, Mr. and .Mrs. S. S. Stewart, to East Park, is serious, W. 0. Schoonover, Charles Paine, "W. C. Bishop and Hobert Fisher were eusulng-ye'ar at the regular meeting held last evening in the Parochial school auditorium.' Other officers elected are as follows: First vice president. Mrs. P. J. Tormay; second :'. .vice-.'president.Miss{-Mary King;: recorder, Mrs. H, J. Jfoslet; financial " sec'r'et'ar}-; Mrs.' : Ida" Wiihelm; treasurer, Mrs. Ella Wallace; marshal, Mrs. Clementine .SJikora;. guard, Mrs. A. [ among the local fans wto witnessed Cuneos-'f'ruitees7MrB. JJaryKing, Mrs. Ithe opening of the baseball season in Gandolfl and Miss Acne Clifford. The ""attendance" was"unu3ually large' and the meeting was one of interest. The South Side community cottage prayer meeting will Se held. tomorrow evening"at the" home ot Xfrs, "Sliger in ng Patterson ,avenue v _____ . - The.i_Ri),.Sla»s cif_the First Methodist Episcopal" ..Sunday-sehool will meet tomorrow. night at, the home of MS. J. A. McCreary in.. East. Crawford avenue^ A large attendance, of members Is desired. The Phiiathea Bilile '-class of the Christian chujch. will meet tomorrow ""-fventagcat '.thr-home of Miss Letta Iull". in" the^Sy.Utz ; apartments, on Cr»wfo-"fd"a-ve'nue; "SWest. Side.-. ·fte -weekly Bible study o£ the Busi- nes* Women's Christiaa association wilf b«f held fbnight in Odd Fellows' temple. South Pittsburg" street. business women are invited. , All A picture of .Mrs. John Carroll Bier- ·t, a bride ot yesterday, appeared to- 'laj,ltt,3.J? i 'c§°u.r£jaDer. -Mrs. Bierer hefore her marriage, to Sergeant Bier- It, was-J£iss. Marian. Mjrnspn. Tfce regular meeting of the Ladies' ~4W society of the First Presbyterian' eburch was held- yestisrday afternoon In the chnrch. The annual report was read 'and business of a routine nature ·rajr transacted. Pittsbnrg today. E. C. Moore, manager of the men's and boys' clothing department of the Wright-jretzler^ompany, was at Markleton yesterday on business. Soisson Theatre tonight,' six reel drama and comedy. Next \yeek-Sennert Singers, dancing and " comedians.-Adv.--25-11. Try our classified advertisements. RESULTS WILL STARTLE CONNELLSV1LLE People report quick results from pure Lavoptik eye wash. A girl with weak, strained eyes was helped by ONE application. Her mother could not sew or read because of eye pains. In one week her trouble was gone. A small bottle of Lavoptik is guaranteed to help EVERY CASE of weak, strained or inflamed eyes. ONE "WASH startles with, its quick" results. Aluminum eye cup FREE. A. A. Clark.-Adv. solicited, by the canVassing teams. The subscriptions will reach the bant inside of two or three days, however, the committee handling th« separation of the solicitors' reports being behind In getting them to the- proper banks. The amounts reported at the various banks up to the close of business yesterday was 5455,100. . The following women (rom the Methodist Protestant and United Brethren churches will serve dinner 'to the captains' and their teams tomorrow: Methodist Protestant, Mrs. J. G. Percy, chairman; kitchen, Mrs. Rockwell Marietta, Mrs. R. C. Lyon, Mrs. -Worth Kilpatrick, Mrs. McCJsin Crosslaad, Mrs. Agnes Smith, Mrs. James Caudy, MTs. Mary Hamper, Abdominal bandages Surgical shirts _ Shoulder wraps Socks Wi-istlets ' Sweaters Scarfs Helmets Pillow, cases :- Eed socks ' Eye bandages . Knee bandages Convalescent gowns _ Pajamas.* Sore foot socks "Wash cloths Hot waiter bag covers . Triangular bandages . Sheets --_ Pneumonia jackets Handkerchiefs , Baiby layetts Belgian outfit Straps and buckles Dish cloths Bed jackets Ambulance robes _ Miscellaneous . 8,775 . 2,015 . 1,641 . 1,780 1,078 . 625 . 288 . 294 . 1,307 532 . 707 . 191 157 , 378 . 532 . 193 . 102 . 202 . IS . 12 . '134 71 33 36 . 30 4 : i . 241 Total number of pieces---63,174 Tbe total for all units in the last ingathering, April 18, follows:--5,675 surgical dressings, 2,793 towels, 1,209 Mrs. Thomas' Cunningham and Mrs. 1 ^?°TMi n _' l L' a " da ?':!' W. stillwagon; dinlngrooni, Miss Martha Babbage, Mrs. ,T. Jl. Lambertson, Mrs.' J. J. Robson, Mrs. E. E. Grouse, Mrs. W. F. Brooks, Mrs. S. S. Mar'sleller, Mrs. William Sickles aod Mis. A. Murphy; United Brethren^ Mrs. P. B. Noon, chairman; Mrs. J. S. Showers, Mrs. Ada "Wliipkey, Mrs. Bmm.-i Bridegum, Mrs. G. E. L'eonard, Mrs. George Zimmerman, Mrs. Adaj MoVlcs, Mrs. Calhoun, Mrs. Charles Be'rkey, Mrs. W. N. Laughrey, Mrs. H. L. Krcpps, Mrs. James Kiddie, Mrs, J. Oker, Mrs. Stone-and Mrs. Koontz. 305 hospital shirts, 462 socks, 2S4 wristlets, 76 sweatees? 64 helmets, 13 scarfs, 301 eye bandages, 75 knee bandages, 108 bed socks, 110 sore foot . socks, 32 triangular bandages, 37 | pieces baby layette, 16 pieces refugee work, S6 straps and buckles, 30 dish cloths, 23 wash cloths, 4 bed jackets, 10 convalescent gowns, 1 ambulance robe, 1 bag · sundries; total, 16,166 pieces. ". . . '· j - IMPORTANT TO ALL WOMEN . READERS OF THIS PAPER Thousands upon thousands of worn- i en kidney or bladder trouble and j never suspect it. ' "NVoraeh's complaints often prove to be nothing efserbut fcldney trouble, or the result of 'kidner or bladdw disease. 1£ the kidneys^ are not la a healthy condition, they may cause the other organs to become diseased. You may suffer pain in the back, headache and the loss of ambition. Poor health makes you nervous, ir- DARKEN GRAY HAIR; LOOK YOUNG, PRETTY Sage Tea and SuJphnr Darkens So SaturaOljr That Sobody Can Tell. ritable "and maybe despondent; It makes anyone so. But hundreds of women claim that' Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restoring health to the kidneys, proved to be just the remedy needed to overcome 1 ·such conditions. , A good kidney medicine, possessing real healing and curative value, should be a blessing to thousands of nervous, over-worked women. Many send for a sample bottle to see what Swamp-Root, the groat kidney, liver and bladder medicine will do tor them. Every reader of this paper, who has not already tried it, by enclosing ten cents to Dr. Kilmer Co., Binghamton, N. Y-, may receive, sample size bottle by Parcel Post. You can purchase the medium and large size bottles at sll drug stores. BUI'S FARM. Entertained at Scottdiile. Sixteen members and four guests attended a Very enjoyable meeting r of tho Silver Tbimble club at,which j West Side Woman Locates in Diinbar Mrs.' Harman Kerin'ell was. hostess j . Township. yesterday afternoon at bar. homo a t j Mrs. George Miller of the .West Scottdale. Knitting* and music were i Side, has purchased F. E, Gebhardt's the auiusements. Virtually all the; -JO-acre farm in Dunbar township. Bair that loses its color and lustre, or fades, turns gray, flull and lifeless, is caused by a lack of sulphur in tie hair. Our. grandmother made UB a mixture of Sage Tea and Sulphur to keep her locks dark and beautiful, and thousands of women and men who value that even color, that beautiful dark shade of hair which is so attractive, use only this old-time recipe. Nowadays wo get this famous "mixture improved by the addition of other ingredients by asking at any drug store for a bottle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Compound," which darkens the .jjair so naturally, so evenly, that nobody can possibly has been applied. You just dampen'a sponge or soft brush with it and draw this through your hair, taking one small strand at a time. By mornlug t!ie gray hair disappears; bat what delights tie ladies with "ft'yetii's Sage and Sulphur Compound is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair after a few applications, it also brings back th'e gloss and lustre and gives it an appearance of abundance. ' "Wyeiti's Sago and Sulphur Com- pqtmd is a delightful toilet requisite !o impart color and s. youthful appearance to the hair. It is not in- ter.rted for the cure; mitigation or prevention, of disease.--Adv. THR STOKE AHEAD." Trie HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 129 to!33 N PlTTSBURG'SI". CoNNELLSVILLE. PA. BUTTKIHCK I'.i'j' Hosiery Ladies' fast black lisjo Hose, full regular madq linen toe and hoel. sizes 8'/4 to 10. Mill price today 25e. Anniversary Sale price 19c per pair.' \ Children's fine ribbed fast black Hose in all sizes, double heel, too and kaee. Mill price today 20c. Anniversary Sale price 15c per pair. - Ladies' fast black mccs ..lisle Hose, full regular ruade linen toe and heel, sizes 8 J Xt to 10. Mill price today 35c. Anniversary Sale price 25c per pair. Our Waist Specials SPECIAL NO. 1--1 doz. Ladles' Waists, made of fine quality Voile, both plain aiifl striped, sizes 36 to ·16. Mill price today 70c. Anniversary Sale price 59c each. SPECIAL NO. 2--1 doz. Ladies- Waists, made In fine quality Voile, boih plain and stripes, high or low nrck, sizes 36 to «. Mill price today 75c. Anniversary Sale price 69c each. · · SPECLiL NO. 3--1 dot Ladies' Waists, made in Due Quality Voile, high or low neck, sizes 36 to 46, "Mill price today $1.00. Anniversary Sale price 79c each. Lace Curtains, Scrim X "White aad Cream Scrim Ctrrtafajs, lace trimmed, roll length and width, a very fine qirallty. Mill price today J1.50. Anniversary Sale price J1.1S per pair. Fine "White Lace Curtains, full length and width, excellent quality. Mill price today $1.65. Anniversary Sale price ?1.3D pra* pair. Curtain Scrim in White and Cream, hemmed edge, full 36 inches wide. Mill price today IS^c. Anniversary Sale price 15c per yd. Curtain Madras in Cream and White, full 3C inches wide. Mill price today 36c. Anniversary Sale price 2Sc per yard. Highly Favored Frock Style« A 1 .'!* the graceful straight lines as the prevailing mode, we are presenting each day a- series of models that are individual and style-different as can be. For example, a navy blue crepe dress with contrasting trimming, colored large bead buttons, dutch .neck and over skirt effect--a plain, simple, but effective style. A gerge freely trimmed with satin, with belt, and bov.- finish; sQuar.e neck and buttons. . Another model, straight line but with low blouse and sash. This style is trimmed roadarine style with Scotch plaid. White--A Smart Hat Style . There are many hundreds ot very smart people who maintain that no hat is so smart and exclusive as the all whito hat. White Hats are out on Fifth avenue, New York and tomorrow we place on exhibition -and sale a larK'e collection which is received within the hour of this writing. Prices range from $4.95 to 520.00. Voile--Indian Head Linen--Muslin Wliile Voile, 5G inches wide, fine sheer weave. Mill price tod is .17c. Anniversary Sale price 1 per rar. The well known brand--Indi Heat] Linen, 30 inches ivide. M price today 2j',ic. Anniversa Sale price 17c per yard. Colored Voiles, 27 inches vid in checks, stripes, floral desip pink. blue, tan and paisley elfec Mill price today ID'.ic. Annive sary Sale price 16 2-3c per yart Bleached Muslin, 36 inches wit good quality. iTill price loday 23 Anniversary Sale price 15^c p yard. House Dresses-Aprons House "Dresses, grey and hi checks and stripes in Gingham ai Percale, all guaranteed fast colo and the best workmanship 1hat c; be had. Sixes 36 to 42 only. M price today $1.50. Anniversary Sa price 95c each. Coverall Aprcms, button do-* side, made by the best Apr manufacturers only, made in Pe cale and Gingham in light and da: colors, sires 38 to 46, full lengtt Miyll price today $1.00. Annive sary Sale price 69c each. ChHdren's Goods Children's White and Color Dresses in Gingham, Percale ai Crepe, in plaids, stripes and check sizes 2 to C years, all well made ai nicely trimmed with silk brai guaranteed fast colors. Mill pri- today $3.00. Anniversary Sale pri' 59c each. 25 dozen Hompers in Ginghai Percale. Ljnene and Chambra, pla colors, stripes and checks, sizes to 6 years, fast colors. Mill pri. today 75c. Anniversary Sale pri. 49c each. members of t h e . c l u b , are knitting socks'for the soldiers and sailors. An elaborate luncheon was served. The last meeting of the club for. the year will be held Wednesday: afternoon, tilt; deal being closed through A. E.; Wagoner Company. Mrs. 'Miller j moved into her new property todny. "Mr. Geblmrdt will store his house- hold'goods in one room of his proper- V . . . PERSONAL.; : ; : Mr.: and: Mrs.:G. .R.- Car'others have retocnied no-me from a visit "with rela- IT*S at. Cbalmont, Pa..... . ; .\fay- 8,. at. the home of Mrs. Joseph j:ty on. Sycamore street until ho is able Riling in West Cedar avenue. · . . . to secure another home. ' . Catherine Gabs^- daughter--of XCl ADTAJTCIE IN PRICE rested for being ftrunfc and disorderly. One:-ether prisoner given a hearing got :-iS hours, · '· . · . Bruddock-CKiweg/ ,, - Miss -Rebecca J. CloijFe'g/i'd'augrhter of _Mrs.'-; Anna doused of-- Spric-gdale, Pa.. and-Janaes S. Braddock, a promi- .nent'coal operator of 'Mount P.leas- 'anV were quietly married yesterday ·iif-the-h'ome of tlle'brider Mrs. Brad- · dock was superintendent 'of ther Cot-', tage State hospital for sorne flme and has a wide -circle of friends ·here. She is a cousin of W. C. WIssei of/-; the:! tail, Saturday, April 2S. All are in- West Side. Mr. Braddocfc-'jSria broth- j vited.--Adv.-25a.pr3t.' ' er-ln-law pf'H". C* Frick- and is one of the best.known resident's of Mount Pleasant. - ' . - ' ' · ' ' . ' Ruddy Cheeks--Sparkling Eyes --Most Women Can Have Says Dr.'Edwards, a Well-Known Ohio Physician NEW AUTOMOBILE MOTOR IS GIVEN A TRYOUT HERE Car up Apple Street Hill at 50 Miles an Hour; Dp Summit Hill at 08 Miles. Fred M. McCarthy, noted auto racer. and A. B. Boettchcer, president ot the O. B. company or Dravosburg, Pa.. are in Connellsville demonstrating a new motor for which great things are claimed. On. their arrival Tuesday they made a test run up the Apple street hill, with Mayor Duggan as MADE THIS DOWN Her Signed Letter Proves This. Read it Eeene, N. down, had no H.--"I was strength, no that; all run appetite MRS. ELIZABETH BLACK. Mrs. Elizabeth Black, 7S years died Tuesday night at the .borne o. daughter. Mrs. Samuel "Worceste Brownsville. Pv.ncral services held this afternoon. Among the riving children are Robe'-;. The sod Lynn, all of ConncDsville. . ROSE GALL. Hoiie Gail. 10 years old, daui of Mr. and Mrs. Prank Gal! of Tenth street. VTusl Side, died night. Notice of funeral later. If Tou passenger, at a speed of. betor than £37 60 miles an hour. In tho afternoon of O f the time I was unfit for work. My the same day a test was made over druggist told me about VinoL I took ; Advertise for it in the mountain east of Uniontown. The it, and my cough soon disappeared, ' car. there showed a speed of better, than GS.miles an hour at the top. s built by the 0. B. feich A. C. Stickel of is a director, at its appetite improved and I am One cent a word. SnnieCling our classified The car-.w company of Conne'.lsville strong and well again."--Mrs. Irine vinol is a constitutional cod liver and iron remedy which creates an appetite, aids ^digestion, enriches .the , ,,. blood, and :n this natural manner Mercer chassis mounting an 0. B. i creates strength. We guarantee it. l^ant at Dravosburg. It consists of a gyrotory valve motor. The motor is three -lind threo-fou'rths inch bore, with six and three-fourths inch stroke and is rated at 22 horsepower. The engine has only four valves, one for each cylinder. These .are hemisplioric- al and form the conrbustion chamber. The area of the inlet and exhaust valves is seven ..and three-fourths square inches. This combined with tho fact that the engine carries 133 Laughrey Drag Co.. .Connellsville; David C. Eason, Dunbar, and at the best drug store in every town and ; city in the country. MASTOH) lui!g-hfa'r of .llr. nnd jlrs. .1, l. Snis-; son Umli'r Kuii'c. Louisa Soisson. daughter of Mr. and \ I pounds compression gives it the 155 Mrs. A. D. Soissou of East Crawford ' horse-power shown on block tests. avenue, underwent a mastoid opcra- pr.F.M. Edwards for 17 years treated The t""''" 8 aro not P" si "ng th e i tion Tuesday afternoon at ibe A Ho- : v '.- Buljin fiefs Pfre.Baysi ' ' - Tony 'Rubin of Greensbiirg .given-'nve days in a cell -by Mayor! '.Duggafi · this morning. He was ar- ] theirotive'color.' tJit * i J^tf AVJI -if ycBTS LTcalcQ I \ · TM · , i_ . , scores oJ women for Ijvsr and bowel! automobile possibilities of tbe motor j gbeny General hospital, Pittsburg, am! ailments. During these years he gave to' at present, but are devoting their at-1 according to reports received from the his patients a prescriptjon'made oi a few tention-to the building of a 1Z-cyllnder| hospital, is getting along nicely. The well-known vegetable ingredients mixed by There will be a dance in. the Slavish Try our classified-.'advertisements.- a.--l.fa..lJBi»'.. These tablet liver and letsarcvrqnder-wortersontha pleted tbe car will be driv. oTvel^ which cause a nonnal.' against time at the dbeep ., action, carrying off the waste and poisonous matter in one's system; If you f-ave a pale face, sallow loot doU eyes, pimples, coated tongue, headaches, a listless, no-good feeling, all out of sorts, inactive, bowels, yon take one of Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets nightly for a tima and note the pleasing results. Thousands of women as well as men aeroplane engine which will be pre-1 operation was performed by Dr. M e - 1 sented to the government. As soon ; Kee, a prominent Pitishurg snecialist, | as the tests in this section are com- assisted by Dr. T. J. Eltericb. also a ; ven 24 hours'well known Pittsburg physician. i epshead Bayi 3Irs. Soisson will remain at the hos-; of the boys in the;trenches is poor business., Better invest in a Liberty Bonds. cessful substitute for calomel--now and then just to keep in tbe pink of conditioa. lOcaodZScperMK All druggists. ered. speedway in New York. The inten- P'tal tion is not only to .break the 24-hour J record but also to test the durability of the valve. Caught Under Slate. Thomas Pbelan, 25 years old, son of Patrick Phelar. .of Mount Braddock, was. painfully injured Monday morning by:-a fall of slate in the mines. His face, was badly lacerated. her daughter has rccov- j Increase in. Telephone Usto. The Fayette. Rural Telephone company, operating in Upper Tyrone and Bullskin townships, has filed with the Public Service Commission a new tariff of . rates, effective May 15, in-1 creasing the residence rate Jrom $]Ej to.?16 per annum. i Awfully, Scratched and They RE Together, Came in Blotches and Itched. Used Two Cakes Cuticura So'a and One and a Half Boxes Cuticura Ointment. "I firet broke out with tiny piropl and when I scratched them they wou! run together, and my fsi v ' a s a solid cats of so: "UOipnB. Tbe pimple cari.'siri blotches and itcbe and after scratching the burned and smaned»wruU.' "I was lold to use Cut cura. After using one bo and a half of Cuticura Ointment an two cakes of Culicura Soap I wa healed." (Signed) Miss Edith * Colerasn, W Townscnd St., Wi mington, Del., Sept., 1917. If your skin is already healthy an clear keep-lt BO by using Cutlcuni Son for toilet purposes toucht of Cuticura Ointment to soothe an heal any tendency to irritation, rednes or roughness of the skin or scalp. S«mpI..E.eb Free by" AiMrosnoi card: "Cutiogr.. D.,t. R, BO.IOB." So' everywhere. So«p25c. Ointment 3 and 50

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