The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
Page 5
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.., \tIQNl)AY, FEBRUARY 3, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, COfrWEL'LSVIl US, · ·*- V Ns. Chicago las Its Fourth Assassination in as Many Days; Theatre Is Bombed By trnltcix Vi ens. CHICAGO, Feb.' 3.-- A crlm-o cycle almost unparalleled even in Chicago had bcien augmented tolay by another gang murder, the fourth in as rtwiny days, and the bombing of a theatre with woman and children. ^ shootlnK3, robberlce and Kept tha Ionic wnpnW police department on the run and apprehension vsis voiced everywhere, . with cttizojaa calloused to ti daily record of crime demandinj; that the reign ot tenw be stampcl out, .Jofcoph (Motor Ca5') Cada, dude gangnter, ono «me race track dare- 'dcvll, racketeer and s, hale fellow 'in all the haunts of the underworld, was We latest victim of gangland ven- H«- literally "toc-lc himself for a ride," since he was thot to death by two men i who rode irfth him in his own expensive ftutomo'bile down a street in the ex«lusiva Wlla.on a'venuo district before dawn yesterday. 'The kilters, immaculately dreesed young mon, wei-e seen, to get out of the car, straighten their i.iee and coat collars and saunter away. , Slumped over the wheel was the dying Beau Brumrael. In a specially built pocket of t his vesi^was a .38 caliber revolver with a one 1ndi r barrel.' "Motor Oar Joe" h«d not clutched for the revolver because ho was shot from behind, apparently by u man sitting in the rear seat. *That bultet. entered the back of his head. Another had been fired into the side o'f Ule head, apparently 'by the other man sitting beside him. I'olice had too" clewa to .tho Identity of thj murderers, no Ideals to their motive. It was another gangland al~ lair, baffling and brutal. Harnoy j. Mitchell, treasurer of the Checker Cab Company; Glenn Jack*- eoi, ft driver for the company, and Julius Roseaheim, an'informar against criminate, all have died In such the same way. in the last four days. The murders/are unsolved. The theatre homing, following close on o, 8erte« inseveril parts of the city, occurred . late yestorday at Hinsdale, a suburb. Women and chiWron oomprised the majority of the SOD In the theatre when the blast shook the building. Thoy etampeded for exits, screaming with fear. There wes 'a rush in the doorways and, many wrore in peril'.of b^ing trampled to deat!^. ReV. Richard J. Lee, rector of the Grace Episcopal Church, nearby, ran to the entrance «nid shouted reassurance to prevent panic. Mrs. George W Krugor, wife of the owner, mounted the etage and plodded with those in the audlenco .to. keep their seats. Finally the theatre was cleared. tf»e -our claslilod advertisements. « i Tri-Town Firemen b i ' * Banquet Wednesday Night, Fe)brpry 19 The annual banquet" o? tlie Tr,i- Town. Community'Volunte'r Pire De-" pakment will be held' on Wednesday evening, February 19, in the l*gion rooms at Vandorbllt, \/ Announcement of the change in the dates was made tod.iy by the committee in charge. It was previously planned to hold thu Dinner Thursday night, Februaty 20, but owing to a confllction · M ith nno,tli ovent it wan decided to tmld'the banquet a day earlier., ( ( An interesting and entertaining ^program Is^bVlng drawn up for the occasion. x All members of the "fire company tire requested to meet at- the hose itouse tomorrow evening, February 4, at 7:30 o'clock for a flrc drill. This Will be the first of i6-ki»d since the, organization of the department. It was aaVd that this ,1s to be the flr«t of a series of, drills as the officials, want every member'" of the company to become' familiar with the opera 1 "lions of the .truck, and other flre ,fightlng apparatus. Everson 'EVBRSON, Feb. 3.--Mis. John Kelly of JPUtsbnrg is visiting at tho home'of her parents, Mr, arid Mis. B. E. Eckman. Her sister, Miss Catherine Bck- raanj of Setofi Hill, Qreensburg, also spent the week-end at! the- home of'hor parents. i t 'Revival services will begin at the United Brethren Church on February 16. Revl Mickey will be the evangelist fo-r the three weeks am! Thomas Filler of Altoona, the blind singer, will be here' the third week. The .U.' B, Orchestrav'wlll furnish special music three 1 nighld each week, · , On Wednesday afternoon* February 5, at 2:30 o'clock the "W. M. A. of the United Brethren Church will hold a meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Frauklaoad of Brown street A good attendance is d*aired. Oa Tuesday evening at 7:30 o'clock there will be a.meeting of rhe official board'of t^e United Brethren Church, All ihembWa are ,re«iues(ed to be -present; ' *,;'^ Omer G-. Davis of/ Brown street spent Saturday In Pittsburjf. , Tho United Brethren" Church will hold its quarterly coiiference in tho church on Monday, February* UO, at 7:30 o'clock. looking for Bargains I If so, read the advertising o of Th« Daily Courier. x LSO ' Fitting Only The -- Isn't Fitting The Figure T ' O know just -what, style gar-, ment to wear is more or lens a problem to every womaru Each type--tall--short--stout -- slim-straight-4-curved--has it s own individual requirements- to Miss Betty Person^ Figure Stylist of New York will be in gur Corset Department tloday and the balance of this week, to explain how you can attain a perfect foundation for alJb your apparel. For this occasion we are featuring 4 · i -^ I ^ + ^ ^ Girdles - Combinettos · Wecordially urge every woman ,to tcike advantage of the opportunity to consult this eminent authority for which, of course, there is no ad- dttional charge. · ' ' BRADDOCKFIRE . VOTSHADKIN , AT Ml PLEASANT Bodies of Jame's Woltyrd, TP Two Children Buried at CokeYfljLcL PLAN FATHER, " \ SON BANQUET ',," Special to The CotirJer. " · MOUNT PL13ASANT, Feb. 3.--Mre. Helei'" Brubaker Wolford, who with her husband, Oaitiea Wolford,'' anfi t^air two children* Jack, elx, an^ il/ucille,' three, died within tWo^.hour.B'of each other Saturday itei'n^on' ,' t at ' Vb Braddock Gtineral r Hoepltdl,- following a gas explofiion i at .their' hotri^ 1QH Fourtli street/ 'North Braddockj 'la J a daughter of! Mrs.,«' 33}li!abeth ' Lindsay Brubaker, of: CokeviUs'.and., a^'.grand- dau'gh^er of 'MtrV. Kathr/yn 'Lindsay, former rt;eJdent6 4 of this placa and Iboth well known-liere. ' The. 1 'lour bodies were removed/- yesterday afterDoon to the Ijome'-olf Mrs'." 'WoHord'g m'ottw|r; Mr9'.i' Brub'aker ^at CokevIUe, The'j jfuieral/ service · was hejld toflay ,v?itm' interment 1 in Biairs- ville Cemetei-y. ' ' , , JTathor-Son Ban^nol. Plans are hetihg^iaad^'by^the'' tlnion Presbyteriftn^Cbttroh for the annual father uhd' son banquet on .Washington's Birihday,' : £Fho father and son banquet TVR« lna)jgjirated ' in Mount Pleasant by Re-TJnion Chtti'tfli. ' GuM Meets Tonight. The Otterbein Guild ''oil,' t»6 United Brethren CSiurch'ViH^jnee't 'at 'tho church this evening at 7:45 o'clock. Bilfle Class to licet. The Ladies' Blblg Class ' of _the United Brethren 'b'nurch 'will hold itff regular,,mooting/a,t thg home of.Mns. S. M. Crosby this evening. ' Makes WorK" Interesting. A new syeteia' has '-been devised In ·the' senior typing .class jf the high school, in 01 der'to'make tho work more .intetjatingr. Each teacher has a secretary appointed frten fhetr Tiie teacher may have her choice, a secretary lof the entire year qr a, dlf- fe^'ont's'ecrstary every, two weeks. The id«-a put into effect very recent!y^h'as created a great deal of interest and .is following out the system uaud In practically, all high dc^ioole where *three yeani typing is taa'ght. / ' Personals. ' Mr. and-' Mre. Ddtid Wilson atid family of Cambridge, Ohio, are guests of Dr. and Mrs. A. ^0. Miller. Jdr. and Mrs. Raymond Gabler and children o£ East Endj 'Pittpburg visited .with friends over Sundfty. i Mrs. Eliza'botti MoprogQi' Jb»d ae her guests ov«r the week-end hor-eteters, Mrs. Minnie Locke of,Bast End, Pittsburg and Mra. Margaret Wisetngwot Beave£ Ft.llsi ' { Harry Honteter of C?onemangh viflited' w^th flfiends to Mount 1 mt over the Week-end, Mr. and Mra. O. W Lydlc 'of Buffs- dale are receiving congratulations on the birth o"f a daughter' at the Memorial Hospital 'on Saturday evening. Joseph Grantzj Jr., has* returned to hie home -in. 1 Lockport, N, Y., ' after visiting inrlth hie mother, Mrs. Joseph E.) Grant:!, _, LYSTER AND WATTS GUILTY; THIRD MAN IVEN HIS FREEDOM FRANKLIN, Feb. 8.--Walter, J, Lystcir, former lieutenant ol Pittsburg Coal Company police, and Harold P. "Watts, former private.- in ,the same force, were' found guijty' here ,Saturday night "of involuntary manslaughter in the killing of John Barcoski. Frank Slapikas, the third coal police defendant, was acquitted. The verdict was returned after a Veqango county jury had deliberated abou^' five hours. It came' as a climax to'a case which has held public interest since Barcoski,' Tyre farmer-miner, was. killed February 10, 1920. An Allegheny county Jury in Sep- iiember found' the three mon not guilty of a charge of murdering Barcoski, Judgo "William B, Parker received the "verdict and had i t , read, to the counsel and spectators, , Defense counsel made an immediate motion for an arrest of- judgment ' ,nd^ a new trial. - . -Judgo Parker granted the requeks, ;lvlng; the attorneys 10 days' to flic reason;* for a now ''trial. The maximum,, sentence poss.ble in the case is two years to.a,'p6na,» Institution, The judge may use his discretion In thUa. Assistant JDistrtcl Attorney Clunk is of 'the opinion the court might dispose of the case' by a toe, Howeyer, he does not believe ,..13^ probable. Regardless of -what sentence .they receive, it will be possible i'or Lyster and Watts to apply for pardon at any time. ·- WESTMORELAND CO. ' PEOPLE PENSIONED ·* Congressman Adam M. Wyant of Greensbm-g has.,been instrumental in. securing, the following pensions for residents 6t Westmoreland county: Hairiat Trimble, ScottdaJe, ?40 per month from J-uly 22, 1929. Anna B. Couchenor, West Newton, $40 per month from July 12, 1929, Goiald.R, Wilson, Seottdale, $17 per mont'i from May 18, 1929, ^ John S, Taylor, Weat Nekton, $96' per raonth from August 7, 1929. \ Su»an H. Null, RufCsdale, ?30 peri month from October 15, 1929, ' Mrs. Joseph Vonenslfey, Mount Pleaiiftnt, ??0 por month f compensation from August 3D, 192S. " r«trinlze those aJvorti*#, HAT IS TO BE DONE !BOUT THIS? THI3 NEW CLOTHES DRYER IS THE ANSWER A gas-Heated Ctoffjes Dryer wf 1 .give you permanent rjeHef firwn the ;many annoyqnc«s which go with drying ,y clothes outdoors. With this helpful appliance, the ,drying,is done right-in the basement, with full protection from dust, dirt, smoke, soof and weather. The pieces are taken from-the wringer and placed within the gas-heated .drying -chamber-of the Dryer.' |n a short-time'they are*reprdy for ironing--fresh, , sweet-smelling, sterilized, bleached. \Vash-day is cut in* half.»The weather never, interferes. Troublesome -clothes-lines and clothes-pins are banished.' Lugging heavy, basketfuls of clothes to and from the yard is.a-thmg of "the oast.- Drying the clothes becomes the easiest and quidest part of wash-day routine* · ' ' " s " ' Stop, at the sipre and, let, us explain the Lamneck method more.fullyl Hundrecs of oor customers'now dry their dothes this-up-to-dote way. TMt modtrr Qo»b«J Dry«r « f»» ' ft *m* *· Hm« cmd effort r*. ll brtnot }vn«'» bofcm«rt weather It prewiti lakbaps lOw thf It ·oabU* you to wmh, iry owl carrying fcwory ba»lt«»vtt ot, (f\mi to bonjj H*« oi*e«» on »»'-. to yw bflMweot^Hi full pro- *hlch jpollycwrmornlng'uffort, lronanyti*n*of doy.;. any day i« lo end from ' Unvmd'kik* Jh«tn down t»«Bon frtwn *oot, du*», · ' cmd «w« w*dj- and »»«· you wi«h. Mak»* you indej ' MM yonl. wiwi Ay. *rt, frooiw. v , on clothtt. «nt of HK» weather. ' i / Tbe Qas and Electric Applipice Co. Subsidiary ot GAS 302 Soiuth Pittiburg Street. Phone 322 NEWSOFDAt 1 AT SCQTTDALi: BRffi^LYlOLD , r *TM~ / ^ Special, to The Courier, ' , , SOOTTDALE, Fob., §,.--Sfv* -y two years a^pHcalioit' Is-made to tl e Commission on. Secondary 'School o-f the Association of Oilleges 'tod Se :ondary Schools'of the Middle' Start-s an,d Maryland for rra.ting ,as a fla a't-claaa isecondary,school ,whiio Scot(;d vl4 high has been .acerellited^on ita jast applications, it' will apply again t ais yea^r for, accrediting.' .Tlie 'Commission ha^ ofOc« at thi» tlnivereity ot Pennsylvania an 1 serves as a fact'-Wddng and rating agericy in the preparation / and miai: jtenance of a list accredited 'secbn'darj ^vlth'in' the l territory aiid a^V» as a clearinghouse for info-rfnation of a PT ifessiori- al clearing liouee jjor, iiiforn ation of a profeisJonal 'character c Kerning these schools, ( _ , , . , All secondary .schools n' New York, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, the Distrlc o-f Col- rumbia and the Panama -Ca IB! Zone are privileged; to apply ftrtj inclusion o the commia'eion's ' accrecti :ed list, is compiled annualy. Dr. B. Dimean G-riaell is ch ilrman of' the commission and points out that approval essential 'to mema Tship cm the accredited list is bap d fundamentally on the efflclencfr* of the school's preparation for coil ge work, among the moat iinportar t faxito-rs Being m0mlers'hip on a list approved ·ose.ntiai to membei'shlp o ; the accredited list is basod fund imeotaUy on the efllctency of the schxaol's preparation tm collega wo- k, among the most important ' footers^ being mem'bershiD on a list apprjved by a state department of education, bemhtp in good stand-ing o-n,the ac-' credited list of, several- colleges and universities, the records of'tbe'eohopls in- various .examinations atad tests and the 0UCCBS8 of the ,, graduates in'col- lege, _ ·' ,; ' Secondary schools-not appearing on the list/m^ly be doing equally as well in ; their'^orJc as those' lasted -but may ,'be excluded because "fchey do ,prepare' .well or at-all for college'entrance. , In some instances schools fall' to apjply tor'places on the list and this Is responsible for, the, omission from the list · i , ' ' ' Saturday Woman, I/eadershlp. ' Mrs. !O, V J. ?Cess o£ Chestnut street Was hostess' Saturday afternoon is, the, Saturday Afternoon Club, with members, from Mount Pleasant and Seottdale, The meeting was a most interesting "one, ^with the 1 , program revolving around "There Is 'a Womaii at,the Beglniiiug of All Good Things'.'" The first paper of the s afternoon ,was presented by Mrs. J. R. Cambell and was a review of playera by several ·women. Mrs. Howard Stoner dealt the woman novelist.' Mr^, Prank D. 'Barnhart had a paper on an educator^ 0-n account' of the very iaterefittng program presented, Mrs, TV. R. Sayre was unabie to present her paper on. "Screen Stars" and will give this at another time. At the close o£ the^ meeting-,a social hour was he,ld and' refreshments were served. The next meeting will be held at the home of Misses Anna and Blanche Galley, .Church street, Mount' Pleasant. : Exchange Pulpits. Rev. J, B.' Lambert, pastor ot St. Paul's Lutheran Churclii, exchanged pulpits with Dr. W. H. He'triclc of Con- nellsvine on Sunday morning. In the evening he preached a special aermoii to observe his flret anniversary. Council MeetJnsr 'Jonigrht.' · j The monthly meeting of council will \ be held at the borough building this ' - ', · Stomp ,CIul)* to ftleet. ,ThO'Seottdale Stamp, Clab-will meet at the, home of'Donald .Gaughrey at 103 ' Chestnut" street - this ' evening-' at 7; 30-o'clock. Other Hew,B. The, offices of,the Citizens "Water Company will ·, be moved about March 1 from ita present-location 'in Spring street to»318 Pittsburghtreet, in the first floor of the. Overboil, building.' Chief of Police Frank Ganoe has 'gene,to Pittsburg tod-ay as a witness iii. Federal court. jMrs, ;Ray Kennell, · who . was a patient at the Memorial. Hospital at Mount Pleasant, where ahe.undrwent an operation, has been,removed to her home in 'Arthur avenue. Mr. and Mrs. J. H.' Browafldld, are spending the winter in Morida. 'Miss Ann Wray had aa her guest ovev- the week-end Miss Gillian Fry of Greenaburg, '^ Iron Bridge BRIDGEPORT, Feb. S --Merritt Mc- Oloy, a student at Gettysburg Oolloge, is 'ipendine several days between semesters with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. J. McCloy. ' Mrs. F. L. Bladr has returned home after spending some tl'ne, with relatives near Johnstown* Elmer Washabaugh o'' Monongahela City', was visiting, his mother, Mrs. Ruth Washabaugh, an-l sister, Mrs. Georgo Bugle, on Wednesday, . , M?|. and Mrs.' J,. TVt. E alter of Scott- dal®,and Mrs. Weldon ,' r ones and Mrs. Thdinas Carlton motored to Aliquippa on ijuiiday to-visit thrlr sister, Mrs. H. J". Johns, who 16 ye -y ill. ' Mr, and Mrs. David Recknor and chililren,' Helen an'd Be bbie, ot Mount Pletisant and Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Recknor (-spent Sunday will- their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Renlcnor, 'Mr.- and Mrs. -Ellsworth Dick ot Warren, Ohio, apent neural daya here with the former's paients, Mr. and Mra. A. L. Dick, and sister, Mrs, John Weinman. Auto Mishap Fatal. John liaBasca, 28 yeara old, , of Grindstone, died Saturday in the Char- loroi-Monesaen Hospital from a fra£ tured skull suffered Friday, January 17 1 in an. automobile accident vt Bello Vernon. lie was injured when his speeding machine crashed toto a- telephone .pole. Dies of Injuries. Joseph Stanton, 28 yeara old, who .was crushed while at work Friday in the Hayes 'coal mine, Hed Saturday ia · the Uniontown Hospital. Tha body WH removed to the homo of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grant Stanton of Oliphant BMrnace, Victor Radios Monthly Payment* GEO. W. CARROLL PAINT UP! A (TfoUar*s worth oit satisfae- tlok for every one yow Call FOX'S ! , And You'll Get Its Phone 841.

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