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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, April 25, 1918
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ConneOsville'* Biggest and;: Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily-Circulation Last Week, 6,709 VOL. 16, NO. 141. CpNNELLSVnJUS, PA., APRIL 25,1918. EIGHT PAGES. XRMANSTAKE hree Attacks by Teutons on British- Positions to East of Amiens are Beaten off; Battle Resumed This Morning With Great Intensity; Struggle for Possession of Hangard One of Bloodiest of Campaigns. JSHAN PEASANT FOLK ANNIHILATE UHLANS By Auoctated Fneu. ·' PARIS, April 25.--The Germans have captured the Tillage Hangard on the front southeast of Amiens,- .the- war "office an- ancjd today. .'.'·.£,*(. ... · ' ' v This battle continued with violence through; the night in. s sector. The French lost Hangartl, recap"t«^ed-it'an*flnallyl re again forced putof 'the, town, but'are holding the: ground mediately around: it. · ' . . ' " ' ' Tae statement follows: --* The battle continues -with violence .around the .village of; ngard on which the Gennans ( concentrated their .efforts- dtr-j ·the night. French troops resisted, valiantly, and counter at-| ;ked several times with' success.- .The Village was lostjythen 1 ! aken by the French and finally remains in the handset the j rmans at the.cost of heavy losses.·'· The French are holding immediate 6utskirts ; of Hangard and the Germans have 'not jn able to debouch from the town in spite of repeated ·efforts. , "On--both banks of the Avre the" artillery fighting continues i violence. - . . - . - : . ' : "The French made several successful raids,:especially west Lassigny,-south, of Bouchy le Chateau and. in Lorraine, V?e }k a certain number of prisoners.. The artillery fighting .was Jy active in the'-TVoevre, In the region ot Flirev and Regne- le." : " : - ' - - · - · ' · ' · · . · ' : . - " '..A/;?::" -'I ' i. - . , . - . BBIYE OW BRITISH IS BEPUMJBD. : j . ; LON.DON, April 25.--Three 'attacks made"by i the.Germans" on- Ush, positionsjeast,' of Amiens have been'repulsed, it;' is an- anced officially. . . , , . . ' · . . . . _ ' · '.-.;'" '- f - ; ..·;'. ;: -: ··; . |: ; On the Flanders-front late yesterday the Germans attacked jnch positions northeast of Bailleul and were' ! repul»ed. 'Early ;s morning-after an intense bombardment, they renewed their acks in this sector, and against British petitions farther east. The,Britisli^regi!,taieja;ground around ViUere-Bretonneui,by _ _ * ^ _ . ^^j^gg^V^g WKBHSSDAT, 31AY 1, IS , OM.T DAT TO BEGJSTER FOE raDCAHT,'· MAT 21 '.Republicans of" ConnellEville who were not .registered, last fall or who hre lost their right of franchise by removal from one ward to another.or into the city from, some other, locality have.- the opportunity- 'to 'qualify for the primary election on Slay 21 by appearing: before the registrars* in.'person'on Wednesday, ·May 1, and registering. This is · 'the only-day set aside for that purpose in advance of the primary.-''The-registrars.-will be at ·the regular polling places to enroll .yoters -between the hours, of· 8 a. m..and 1 p. m., 2 and 6 p^ m. and 7 and 10 p. m. ' Take- along -Tpar. tax.receipt. and . if : naturalized your naturalization papers. .Nominees tor,important offices' ar« to be chosen and it therefore behooves every; patriotic, Republican to prepare, to eiercise hia-right of franchise.' ' MORESfflPSyp NEKEDTOMEi NAVY EiEOTE BANNERWTHE COD^TM, CLAIM OF SCOTTDALE . -- -- . ~ · | - - j _; .. C. S. Battle Cruisers.'.Wot "Orer j Woirien of T]iat v ,Community in There" Because of Lack of Colliers^ I'ear Hare Made «2,l74 Bed Cross Articles. WHIRLWIND CITY IS U-BOAT END IS IN SIGHT MATERIALS COST $18,000 Unless the Germans Invent Soisclcss | Jfot Itoastinglv, leaders of Chapter Engine the Submarine is Doomed j Assert That Considering Population and.-That'in Few Jlonths, Declareaj Speater «t XBYJ- Itiajrue Bally.! of Mill Town Has Not Been Surpassed by AJIJ- Unit in Katlon. tacks| ;iersBretonnetarani · still continues. ·Heavy casualties have ,;n inflicted'orfithe.enemy there.. ' . -,0n the BaUleul 1 sector the battle is continuing'oTer a wide' ;nt, : .. ',".·''· - . . . ' · . . . · ' " ' · T h e statement follows: - . · ' . - . ; "Heavy fighting took place all night in and around Villers- :tonueux and-still continues. - Our troops regained ground by inter attacks and-have taken a number of prisoners. "The fighting yesterday on the whole of this front was most ere and heavy casualties were inflicted on the enemy Ty ar- ery, infantry and tanks. : , "Late yesterday evening the enemy also attacked French -itions northwest of Bailleul and was repulsed. Early this rning the enemy renewed his atteicks in this sector and on tish positions farther east after an intense bombardment. "A raid attempted by the enemy during- the night in the ghborhodd of Bucquoy was repulsed." J9A5TS iriTH XACHDJE !'· 6UJTS .UfMHttATE UH1ASS. .OTBRDAM, April 25.-- Three idrbns of the Sixth Police regi- t of U-Klan» have been annihilat- n Todolia by- Ukrainian peasants, refused the soldiers' demand .for supplies, according to a Police is agency dispatch received by the Iche Press by way of Berlin. The aints were armed with machine i and mine throwers. srr^aiSF, SKULKS ix TOIAT*S CASUALTY LIST. ASHINCTON, April 25.--The cas- y list today contained 49 names. led as follows: ;lled in action, two; died ol nds, six; died of accident, four; ot disease, seven; died of other es. one; wounded severely, five; tided slightly, 2-4. eutenant Lawrence P. Ayer is in- ed among the \illed in action, tenant James Calder Marquardt oC an accident. BRITISH LOSE 4» TO ' 5J»0 SACHI5E GK«S. , LONDON, April 25.--The British have lost nearly 1,000 guns, between 4,000 and 5,000 machine guns and the total manufacture of iammunition of j between one and three weeks since I the present battle in- Prance' began, j TVKnston Spencer Churchill, minister j of munitions told, the House of Comi mons today. All theise losses have ! been made up. - . TOK PK190XEKS H .. SffiKKlA A XEKACE. UtBlN, Manchuria, April 25.-aan and Austrian, war prisoners in ria are estimated to number more "lOO.OOO and in official circles it is helil they constitute a grave ice to the allied position in the 'Ernst. "K"hile the number of pris- s bearing arms under the Bolshe- ^Jlag is not great even a. small ·6er might prove a. poUnt danger 'ey were permitted to become the nizing and directing force behind " [Bolsheviki.. With German or- zation controlling the Bolsheviki ·ige army might be raised in 3i- LIVERYMEN IN SERVICE H«TJ D»ll Hug, fltg «t His OBtee Bearing,!' Stora. | Harry Dull, proprietor .erf Dull's Irsr- | ery, has on display .at his estatlish- I ment, a service flag iriU 12 stars, Tepr I rcsen-iins men formerly in his employ now- in the serrice. The list follows: Geor«o Hetiel, Elmer Camper, Martin Ringler, Paul Williams, Harry Ktagler, Henry Cole, D. R. Long, - Cirrtis , Loman, William Johnson, George Johnson, J. F.. Seal ami-Valentine Graaby. r. s. ; . - ' ,; JtVKCfES KILLED. 'ASHINGI'ON, April 25.^Marines lint in France have had a total U casualties. It was officially ari- iced today- They were divided, as '%b: Officers, wounded 4; enllst- ien. killer 34; wounded 236. One -IianJ 1 lost 21 men lulled and I/ia aded oat of a total strength of 250 »·»» tbe first officiar announee- "t~ flmt Cie marines are taking an ;-*'p*rt Jn the flghting. They were the-8rst: soldiers to- go .to ut U had been understood be n* used for polke pur ' lines. HEKEERT CHBISTNRR ' . BACK W CAST. Herbert. E. .Chrfatner, who is with the 320th Regiment, .Camp Leo,, has returned to camp after spending*a furlough with his parents, Mr. and.Mrs. Rudolph Christner of Berlin, and his sister, Jlrs. E.' K. Sechler of North Cottage avenue. XTKDOCK MeDOJfALB SATE DT TRATfCE. Murdock McDonald has arrived safely in Prance, according to word received by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William McDonald, Dawson. SMITHTOJf JtAJf IS .-". · · ' ^"OIV AX OFFICEK. ·James Benedict Shea of Smithtoo," j was one of a number of soldiers to I graduate from the Third v ' Officers' | Training, school at Fort Oglethbrpe, I'Ga. Shea is 'with. the field artillery, XETUMfS TO CAXP. Harry McCartney of the 102nd Field Bakery, left this morning for Camp Hancock; Augusta, Ga.. after spending "a "furlough with his brotter-In- lawr and sister, Mr. and -Mrs. P. R. "Weimor o£ Wills-Road, /and other relatives : fc this community. LESS THAN DOZEN AMERICANS KILLED AT SHCHEPREY By Ampelated ,' Aprii*25;^Tlie number of Americans killed'in tho German Mtaek; of. April -20; -nemr Seiobepirey, war less thin a dozen, and '.the -nuin- ber, injuied'waa^ about: 2.0. . , « · · " '·- ' 'These figures made', known today appeared- to give: support to ' m«n c'Hdm, -that ::':1*3 Americans were caiptored, since it:Dreviously had tweii admitted that the American cae- ital ties, were around 200. : . - : The urgent need of united, public support of _the.Shipping Board in its program for supplying;, ships for transportation of suppUcs .to the American, forces. in Prance and for .the Allies was presented, to a large audience in. the high school-auditorium last night by Captain William H. Stay ton, a: former, naval. officer, who came hers under the auspices o£ the Navy League. , - - . . - Y - . . . . As showing the-heed for greatly In-; creasing .the output .of ships. Captain Stajton gave : what- he said were official .figures to show, that the total tonnage of the world had been . decreased' from 60,000,000 tons at the beginning of the .war to 40,060,000 tons at-the beginning of 1917. and that at the present time the total is tiot more than 32,000,000. -Under, the'leadership o£. Charles. M, Schwab, who..was recently named d!» rector general of shipbuilding. Cap- 1 tain Stayton expressed the. belief that the United States will be able to ac- cbdiplish what was deemed before to be impossible--the "construction of 10,000,000 to 12,000,000.tons.a year and thus offset the work.of the submarine. The" depth bomb as. an .instrument for locating the sea pirates by means of, the,.vibration of the engine gives promlsV of solving the menace of the under-sea boats in the. next few months,';..Captain -Staytqn'/Baid.. He g"aye a-new description of the depth bomlv declaring that »· tin can or anything -of" the' sort".filled with, 'oxploslve' and discharged a t . any' ;^epUi determined upon, by means of. a string and a trigger "serves the purpose.; He said ; there .-is nothing to the. theory of.-the bomb ^denoUited' by pressure"' ' Hatter.Kot.Dropped, lint Lnid Aside s for iiberty Limn. Although no mention of a curb mar-, has been: made recently, the matter has not dropped out oC-sight. The curb market has only been laid aside during the Liberty Loan campaign. . The subject will be brought up t again after May 4, however: . · ' *'' ' A.circular letter has been sent to the fanners in the surrounding districts asking them not to abandon their plans for -bringing their goods to Connellsrille's curb market, as the plans will be furthered soon. That this city win haye an open.' market is certain. It is. likely, that soon after the close of the Liberty Loan campaign the committee will hold a meeting and get the matter into full swing again. LINER OVERTURNS of Crew of St Paul Imprisoned in Hold of Tess«l. -By AMciated Frees. AN ATLANTIC PORT, April 25.--; The American line steamship St. Paul overturned . while . . being warped around her pier here today after coming from"a nearby dry dock. -Many worfccnen on board appear to have been -imprisoned in the hold of the .St. Paul.' · ' Observers from the top of buildings overlooking the pier saw rescuers cutting'holes in .the part of the hull above water,' letting down ladders and bringing "op the, men who had been .imprisoned. "Whether the St Paul's seacocks were left open or the ballast shifted remains to .be determined. STORE IS RQBBEt) Merch»lt*i(lp and Xoney Taken Fron Fittsbnrg Street Confectioner. The store of Faris Melin. in the Pritchard building on North PiUsburg street was robbed yesterday morninc. A quantity of candy, cigars and cigar- ets was taken. The cash, register was also tapped for ?20 in cash. The roD- bery has been reported to the police. Entrance was gained to tie store by breaking a window in the rear. MORETATIENTS ARRIVE. Total of fit Sick and Wounded Soldiers How at'Hsrklcton. . Twenty .additional sick soldiers are eipected to arrive today at the United States hospital at Marklcton, making a total of 6). The contingent of soldiers at the hospital is.. composed .of Americans, white and colored, and Frenchmen. 'At the Hospital. Lewis Taylor of the TVest Side; was re-admitted'to the'Cottage State hospital, for an .operation.- Miss Blanche Helms was discharged yesterday. John -Reese, ;-yrhb."underwent-'an- operation for 'appendicitis,'. ;and. -Darl' .Nye. ot South '· Connellsyille, who ', is beiiig treated for."a bullet wound,'are .getting along .nicely. succeeds, he saidi the. :XInited States and her allies,.Will have-to start over again in finding -a method to locate the pests. There are no large warships of the Onited States in European waters. Captain Stayton 'said, because the supply of colliers is not sufficient.-As against 2,307 'of these vessels necessary the country has 24,.-he said. Somewhat ol a- shock was created by th'e captain's picture of the possibilities of the Russian war fleet now in tie possession of the Germans getting Info tho Atlantic and playing havoc with the. transport of troops aW supplies from the United States to France. This he said would probably be overcome in a few months but not before a lot of lives had been lost There Is no way to prevent It, In his .opinion. Captain Stayton's figures d^il not' ring true when he talked o£ the tonnage necessary to transport and maintain the United States, army In France. Ho . declared' that 9,000,000 tons are needed for every million soldiers. According to Secretary Baker, he said, the United States -now has only 2,700,000 tons for this purpose. He did not explain how with about a. fourth of the required tonnage the United States has put over a halt million men across. the sneaker took a rap at organized labor, asserting that men in shipyards are not showing the right spirit in the amount oC work performed daily. ' 1 dosing his address Captain Stayton appealed to the public to write to the Shipping Board and to members .of Congress approving the government ship building program. the address, the high school girls' chorus of about 100 voices sang several patriotic numbers, following which Miss Mary McConnejl "Liberty Bell," the final chorus being a 1 parody, "Liberty Loan." Mayor Duggan presided. According to a' summa-ry of articles j turned in to the Scottdaie chapter of : the American Red Cross, the women of that community have, in seven in- gatherings, the latest or which lias jnst been completed, provided the government with a total of 62,174 ar- , tides. This-is claimed to be the rec-', ord for a community of its population, i The. seventh ingather'.ng :s in keep- i ing.wjth the.'h}gh standard of tbe pre- j vious,ones' and.shows a total ot 16,166 i pipeces. ' ' . - . - · ' . j "The wonderful "amount of w o r k l done by the various units Is cer- j talnly an honor to this community," j says a statement issued by the publicity committee. "THe womeu of Scottdale, Everson and vicinity have COMM,LSVIT,LH JS SHY OSJbY 84,150 OF ITS ALLQTHENT. Conneiisvillo is uon- within of . reaching tile allotment of' ?848,100. and an eftori is being made to reaca the ?I.OOO,- OCO mark.' Reports by team captains today were: CAPT. ' ' AMT. Pryce ------------------------- $131,600 Ashe _________________ ..... _____ 110,250 Hooper BU-ler Downs :_: , Leche _ ... , ', Crowley Wright" Kcagy Konney ' , Wilder Graham _·_ Subscriptions through other channels previously .reported 183,900 G3',100 OOiOOO 30,000 51,550 42,000 40,450 30,600 27.900 23,000 ltf,600 Total ... _?842,!)50 One Team Gets $2,800 in "Thoroughly Covered" Territory SCOUTS START SATURDAY Boys Will Subject the Community to Final Combing Process. i COMMISSION EK IN CHARGE i j Connellsvlllc Still in (lie Lead of l : n- iontown and Hope is Strong Tliat the Advantage Will be .Maintained Until Honor Flag Goal is Jteachcd. answered every patriotic call. Within | QUICKER LOADING 90 days after the war was declared 27 ! . -,.,, . . _ ,, units were organized and working, j. , ^Q .UNLOADING OF The total now is 32, representing .a population of.about 10.000. ."Scottdale auxiliary has purchased about $18.000 worth, of material from the date, of organization, April 8. ini7, to'April 8, 1918, and has made up the .same, into 52474 articles of comfort for. our soldier boys. Compare the record, Kem by item, with any other auxiliary, branch or chapter, and we: believe you will find Scottdale auxlli-; ary is the banner organization in the United States, taking into consideration the population. .. ."We arc cot saying thisJn a boastful manner, but simply lo show' that in,.the. vital factors of-: the war,. Red Cross, Liberty Loatur or whatever the (Continued on Pnjjc TwoJ. Baltimore Ohio Officials Touring Hie Lines to Acquaint Patrons wi'h Necessity of Specuins-up. Renewed efforts .are being made by I LliAD LIB LOAN | At-the noon dinner of the canvass- i. ing committees of the Liberty Loan i drive today the total of Connells- I'ille's subscriptions was boosted to $843,950, just ?4,150 short of the quota, * It is expected that this will be covered j before the afternoon is over. The big ' clock is poised for the jump over tho i goal in a bound, and by tomorrow j night it is hoped that the fl.000,000 mark will have beeu reached. Ari effort waa made to raise tho quota at the dinner today, but ail cap- tains'reported the entire^amounts solicited by them "were in. Captains Pryce and Ashe still have the distinction of being the only ones to go over FARM RETURNED CHAMPIONS BANQUET To celebrate the- close. of a suc-j cessful season the Lady Maccabee I basketball Learn held a. banquet at j the. Yongh House restaurant last night Members of the team-and several guests were present. .Music was furnished by a phonograph and after the dinner AD impromptu dance was held. Prior to the banquet a box party waa held at the Paramount theatre.. The banner for the champion -girls' countiss .was presented to the Macca- bees. The large pennant was oC a blue blackground with gold letters. The banner bears the mscription, "1917-18 Girl's Champions." It Trill be placed on exhibition for the remainder of the week. The Lady Mac cabees won the championship of the two counties from tbe Kcottdale girls, defeating them on a local floor. Present at the dinner xvere: Itrs. C. A. Wagner, Mrs. Olive Whitmore, Misses Mae, Ruth ;mci Amelia Mosley, all members of the team; Jtiss Daisy Ash, manager; Ed. Wall, coach; C. A. Wagner, James M. Driscoll and Robert Grim. Short talks were given by Miss Ash, Ed. Wall and C. A. Wagner. the oflicials of the Baltimore Ohio! the 5100,000 mark. Pryce has a total railroad to secure th G cooperation of j of $131,600 and Ashe 5110,250. shippers and consignees in thej p, w. Con way. reported that the men. quicker loading a n d , . unloading of! employed at the tie plant at Adelaide cars. -These efforts apply to cars of j have subscribed $2,200. "Of the 38 men, all kinds; but as there is even more j there he says 32 are Austrians. Rev. pressing need for open tops t h a n , f o r ! E. B. Burgess gave, a short falk and box cars, greater stress is being plac-j urged, the men who could to double orl upon the prompt loading and un-i their subscriptions. He announced loading of the former. . The continued that, he intended doubling* his. The scarcity of cars-.suitable for handling coal makes- it all the more necessary to 'limit the holding of. open lops to credit went to S. P. Ashc;s team. The canvassing teams which have covered' the city for the past 10 days DIESON TRAIN Man linro^to to Hospital f!ere,. FolIOYrir.f? Accident. "While ou his way to the Cottage State hospital yesterday afternoon, James TV. Thomas, 2 years old, of Frostburg, Md., died on Baltimore Ohio train No. 15 of injuries suffered during the afternoon vrj-on struck by an' automobile at RockwooJ. On the arrival of the train here the body waa removed to Funeral Director X E. ihe shortest possible periods. Every!are going over their territory again. ,day../that. $ 'car : is:.detained.» either,at^ to scrape up whatever. iiibixlbVdlU^r ^nW been missed in tiie that the number, of available cars is I previous house-to-house campaign. It reduced accordingly. | is believed thai man* loose dollars For the purpose of impressing upon! will be gathered in through this the shippers, and consignees the great' method and most of the teams are go- urgency that exists for th expeditious 'ing over their'tjntire district a second movement of cars, J. C. ilcCormick, | time. commercial representative, and W. H.; . One team, Declaring that its terri- Mason, commercial freight agent* o f j t o r y had been thoroughly gone over, the Baltimore Ohio are making!gave the right of canvass to another tours of the ConneHsville division.' aggregation and $2,800 was solicited The facts of tb e situation are being .yesterday afternoon in that "bone pointed out and the assistance of pat:dry " section. With only $48,100 nec- rons is being requested in order that! essa ry to reach the goal the commit- some measure of relief may be pro-; lees are striving to pass that mart vided. . an( * reacu the $1,000,000 figure by In many instances the delayed load- noou Frida '- Tllft campaign win not ing or unloading arises from shortage· cease u u t i l tbe e u d of the loan drive of labor, but in other instances this! Beginning Saturday the Boy Scouts reason does not exist. Shippers a n d j w ! l 1 faave a frec haijd a *d ^«7 are consignees are at times indifferent I expected to uncover some loans. Tho both to the appeals that have bcen!? l t y W1 " not be divided into di stricts made to speed-up and to uh e accnmu-i ^ *** scouts but an ' bo * can lation of demurrage charges. Without a more genera! willingness to help in the matter of obtaining the greatest possible use of the existing equipment of the railroads, it will not be possible for the operating departments to improve their service. That patrons of the roads may realize their duty, and act promptly, is the "purpose of the campaign npw in progress. MAY BE PRISONER I-'ianco of Tonn)t Mcycrsdalc Woman Mission Since Jtnrcli 25. Lieutenant I'Vaiik A. ^filler. the fiance of M.iss Hflen Collins of Meyersdale, has been missing since March 25th and is supn«ed to have been killed or to be a prisoner of the Germans. L.i(ni!.enar.1 Miller v enlisted in the British Medica; corps last August for service in Fran:e. Tbe news of hi* disappearance was first cabled to the young man's father. rjs, nephews of the deceased, came to ConneHsville following Iho accident, returning to Frostburg today. Mr. Thomas' was a miner and had Ixieu employed for the past nine I :nonths in a mine at Eockwood. He County, Cannot Use Large Tract of I i s survived by his wife, one daughter, Sims' parlors, and this morning was ,, , )ron , inent physician of Maderff. Pa., shipped to tile Thomas home at Frostburg. E. Thomas and Lewellyn Thom- Laart at Mt Braddock. The Mount Braddock farm, not being i Mrs. Thomas W. Price of Frostburg, ind the following brothers: Ellsworth, adapted for an alms and work, house, John, Lewellyn and Trouvodore the. county commissioners in a resolu- j Thomas. Deceased was better known tion adopted Tuesday, authorized that i as "Badger" Thomas' among his many a quit-claim deed he prepared returning the 636 acres of surfacxv land to the H. C. Frick Coke company and tbe W. J. Rainey estate. The . property was given to · the county five .years ago especially for' that .purpose; p . · · 1 Generally fair tonight and Friday, except rain in the. south portion is fae noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. : · ··. Temperature Kccord. 1D18.. -1017 yn-rimnTn.^ -·...·'. ^ firt./ . QQ Minimum 32 44 Mean 46 52 Tiie Tough' river fell 'during the night from 3.SO feet to S60 feet, ·ft friends^at Frostburg, and the surrounding mining region. START TOBACCO FUND Contributions to Bny Smokes Tor Co. I) anil Medical Corps Asked. . A fund to purchase tobacco for the soldiers in.Company D and the Hospital Corps before they go "Over There" has been started and collec- JJons are being taken at Keagy's drug store. With the word that the 110th regiment.has moved out .of 1 'Camp Hancock, a movement .to send..the boys a last, parting gift "was-started. Subseriptions-to the fund may be left at HetzeUs drug store "in .the business district. - -It.' is. planned to raise ' ne possible in order to.make' the shipment while, the soldiers', are in -New-.York. who communicated it to Miss Collins. Miss Collins .became betrothed to Lieutenant Miller before be left for "Over There." HIT BY CAR Scott)?Ie Liu! Struck M'liile Flaring on West Tenn Tracks. Robert Richards, eight year old son of Mr., and Mrs.*Frank Richards of Broadway, Scottdale, was severely injured, last evening when a "West Penn street car, bound Txr Grecnsburg, struck him while he was playing on thii tracks along Broadway. ·The .boy was placed on the car and taken 'to the Memorial' hospital at Moun£, Pleasant. He suffered several lacerations of the bead and body. DUNBARINWINDUP Hcfl Cri)ss Committctt; Go After Missed Ones in Loan Drive. At a meeting last night at Dunbar committees wiio made the Ked Cross canvass -were enlisted in the final Touuding up of persons who have not subscribed for the Liberty Loan. The committees-will make an effort to complete the work by Sunday evening and will report at another meeting Monday evening. The', total subscriptions now- are 561,000. .The dis- .trict,allotment .is $11,000. where he wishes. The boys will secure application blanks from Scout Commissioner A. 0. Stone at his Lincoln avenue home on Friday afternoon, between 4 and C o'clock. Armed with, blanks the scouts can start "out Saturday morning. They will be in the race until Saturday, May 4, at 9 ly bonds turned in on scout application blanks and signed by the banks w i l l count to the credit of a scout. A meeting will be held at Mount- Olive tonight in the interest of the loan. It has not yet been decided who will make the address but a man who can talk and who is well posted on the Liberty Loan drive will go there. There arc also further, requests" for" meetings to be held in different outlying districts on Sunday. Persons to. make these addresses will be decided on before that day. The committee at the head of tho. Liberty Bond drive in- this city is of the' opinion that although the number of subscribers is large the amount of subscriptions taken out by many of them are not of sufficient amounts. Continued on Page Tft'O. GIVEN MONEY BET Gift to Lieutenant Dilworfh Containg. $50 in Gold. A money belt containing ?50 in gold was presented Lieutenant Montgomery Dilworth of Company D, 110th Regiment, stationed at Camp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., at a dinner given in his honor last evening at 8 o'clock in the private diningroom of the Arlington Hotel by the office force of the American Manganese company, at Dunhar, Lieutenant Dilworth being a former employe of the company. The presentation speech was made by Harry Cook. Lieutenant Dilwortb responded with an appropriate talk. I Tbe dinner was elaborately ap- | pointed and was a very enjoyable af- ' fair. Jn addition to Lieutenant Dil| worth and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. |D. K. Dilworth, the following were | present: Harry Cook, Mr. Sullivan, Miss Mary Gilleu of ConneHsville: Miss Hazel Shumaker, Mr. and Mrs. L. S. Kerchner, Mr. and Mrs. J. \v. Greaves, Mr. and Mrs. Clark White,and John Dowds, al] of Dunbar and all members of the office-force of th« American Manganese company., ileu- tenaat Dilworth is spetfiing a furlough with'his parents.

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