The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 27
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j 8ATUIIDAY, AUGUST 29, 1964 501 HAH HU WAlTtD 501 Mill HQ WAHID (Coot, front rraeatfbic Column! fCrmt. from preceding1 Cohtma) XrMICNCEn. MARRIED-SIN- PROPERLY CERTiriKO CAPTAIN gls man lor dairy farm. Norlli to be In command of 100- pae-Bower,. IH4IU. wnffr sight seeing boat on Ot-I .TOriiurm arauir"e 5rX tow aUver. Paula Boat Unas S!Sgnu'gX,& UmlUd, 711M Station, Slg amylh Road. SECOND COOK. APPLY THE DIP- EXPERIENCED TELEPHONE lomat. 1 Montcalm, Hull. 1 to tftS"? APPU' "' HOE SALESMAN TOP Murdoch. 712-2ta. aalarlee mat aant. experience HAIRDRESSER- EXPERIENCED. iMceesary, bilingual pioaofrad t day week. ood commission Shoa Boa. 1st Sparks. " 721-Mal V- , ,. . TAXI DRIVERS, OVER IS VEARS LARGE FIRM ftEQUIKES , of age. Apply 1000 Wellington. j nnt mum tor eight ehlpping : position. Applicable muet ba TOP EARNINGS ARE IN FULLER In mat. reUaole. msssmtim Orada Brush lor willing workara. 111-10. Secure future tor snett nil- mis, 12toMndataAASll,,.Cl TRUCK DRIVER - WAHEHOUSE- r,fi Batori-i Ltd.. " ".r"nc.,.f 4roduc. ISM Albion Road. South Ottawa tl.rk. Hmnml ojitlon Apply . TTL-!! Zunder 'i Prultland, 2 tog Carllng LICENSED MECHANIC. TUNE UP Avenue, near Woodruffs - "- "tk UPKRHictlOOroUATislit LIGHT PICK - UP AND DE- quired by OtUwa firm of char-Ilvarlaa. aultabla (or retired tared accountants. Minimum re-gentleman, aalary and ear ax- qutrementa include 04 average uenaaa, Bos E-816. Journal. on Crada 13 papers. Apply Box LOCAL ARCHITECT'S OFFICE E-307. Journal. raqulraa the aanrlcaa of combined WANTED. MAN 00 YEARS OR rmtbtd machine oparator. maa- over to run road alda etore at aerigcr. and drawing file dark. Arnprtor. Apply giving quell f I Reply stating aalary expected, cations to Albarl B. Handanon. and rafsrsoces. Box S-3M. Jour- u King Street Weal, Brockvtlla. nal. Ont. MAN WANTED FOR RAWLEIGH hlisiruss Sail to 1.500 families Good profits for hustlera. Wrlta - today. Rawlelgh. Dapt. H-31S-S. 404 Richelieu Street. St. Hanry. laomraai MORNING PAPER ROUTES available. Call 133-OJf PHARMACIST. FULL OR lART- PRINTTNO PRESSMAN (LETTER-praail. 1-1 year experience re-aulred. (oad advancement. Ap- Cly la paraon Malmbarg Prlatara ta. lis Broeachlll Avenue. CHIEF CONSTABLE Town of Alexandria Aepncettone vrtll ba raoalvad by tha ondaralgnad until noon. Ttteaday, Saptambar tSth. 1M. tor tha position of Chief Con-stab), who will ba axpactad to una Ms own oar lor . raaaoaabla ramunaratton will bo mada. Appllcanta must apply In own handwriting. sutlng. aga. height, walght. aduoatlon. ax-aartaooa. aaUry axpactad and whan avaUabla. Wrlta f. A. CMARLEBOIS SacTCtsry ALEXANDRIA ' POLICE COMMISSION t O. BOX 148. ALEXANDRIA, ONT. KEN SEYMOUR MOTORS KEMPTVI1XE, ONTARIO 258-2358 258-3020 TRUCK SALESMAN Top wtges, all benefits, sal-ary and commission. Must bo - experienced, only top men. Government Department Requites for Northern PtnrerliM Construction Project, for 3 Month Ptriod. TWO LINEMEN Minimum ' S yaara' axparlanra tiwtallauVat Moo4100 a phaaa y llama and tranaforanara, soma toraman axparlanoa prafarrad. RlaoMeUna with powarllna aiaa UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE OFFICE tar favthar aXalla. Medical Sales Representative Baulrsd for Ottawa and Vsl-V araa by tag) ranking ptaar-aaaaauUesl hottaa to eall on Prsnaianca traan to applleanta with a minimum of one or two peer antraratty training la ra- Baata salary plus lateaatlao - bonua sian. company ear. lib-oral tmarenea and hospiuitia-waai aonaflto. raiuomont plan. Aivtleanio with aalaa aputuda . and Sssin for rawardlng work aa a gaolsaakmal flaM are av attao) to apply, atatlng auall- J0HN WYETH & BROTHER (Canada) Ud. ttTS Deimoada Road,, ox 2130, St Uurent. Que. TAB MACHINE OPERATOR rjrparwmted operator for TabulatJnf Department of an Industrial Plant in Cornwall, Instaltation contains two 407 machines with auxiliary elpment .,'' ; Good opportunity for ad-vancamant ta tha future to computer operations. N BOX, (-601, JOURNAL WANTED IMMEDIATELY. LOT mm. mm uUa Moarlanoa naip- rul. Apply In paraoa. aos Bank Street. TOimo MEN TO TRAIN AS RE- tr room cierxe wnua acting aa baU boys. M.ust nave oraee a. ba neat and pleasant. Apply In parson at aasx nwr o V Alexandra Hotel, SU Bank. YOUNO MEN WANTED FOR FULL and part time work. Muet oa neat In appeereaee and wlUlns in laarn. Fluant Enallah a aacas. ally, sis weakly guaranteed. For appointment eall air. jucner. iia-isoo. YOUNO MAN" FOR GENERAL duties In emeu on tee. tumor matriculation required Sje-eaoa. CslBP MANAGER REQUIRED FOR CAFETERIA IN Kingston. S-day week, rafereneaa required. Jtust be wuung to re locate, box aeuw, eeurnai. LOCAL OFFICE I Of Large OrgsahrsHea WITH BRANCHES COAST TO snast reoulrea a Dors, go as aa. to train for aalaa parser, 4 to a moat ns training aerioo at fixed salary. Apply Box S-SaS. Journal. CHEMICAL LABORATORY TECHNICIAN COURTAULD'S (CANADA) LIMITED Wo require a technician for the research dept. performing chemical work of a non-routine and semi routine nature. Candidates should have a good background in laboratory methods and procedures, preferably with education beyond high school. Salary will ba graded according to age and experience. Please reply to Tha Panonnel Manager COURTAULD'S (CANADA) LIMITED . Cornwall. Ontario EXPERIENCED SALESMEN WANTED. TRAIN FOR GREAT CAREER. r'eAL ESTATE. WE ARE EXPANDING ALL DEPARTMENTS NOW. PLAN NOW. DRAW ON COMMISSIONS WHILE TRAINING. CONFIDENTIAL INTERVIEW. BOB GENCHER. 733-7383. MERVIN GREENBERG LTD. REALTOR 235-181 1 PROJECT ENGINEERS Mechanical Engineers, with de-eelepment er peoduetlon ex-eerlenoa with email S eyeie Internal combustion engines. , ...... EirparWnca with with the and development of eceeaaories for ehala eawe, eyclea. farm machinery, etc Ontario Hospital, PS.I. group aalary range aaie. monthly. Forward complete isaums to Personnel Department OUTBOARD MARINE CORPORATION OF CANADA LTD. Peterborough, Ontario OFFICE BOY BRIGHT YOUNG MAN REQUIRED FOR ACCOUNTING OFFICE. Preference will be given to applicant with Grade XII education or better. Ail employee benefits. TELEPHONE 236-7511. sctsnsion 234 MR. N. A. MORPHY INSURANCE , UNDERWRITER EaoalleBt young man tt-M to aaeume a posltlnii of responsibility at - the Ottawa-Hull erf la af load. Ability to deal kaerledgeabh with all el asses af ganerel In K auraneo after suits Ma traintng. Appiieam must be bilingual and heee minimum of S t ears' TELEPHONE 232-4859 rsnir 501 HAU W WAJTIIV (Cant. Inn Preceding Colusjial REAL ESTATE OPENINO Leeg Established offke , "Ask OHer" WITH SELLING EXPERIENCE f ou eaa do well wita us. ununited opportunity for etneere. energetic parson. Educational tralnlna and athsr benefita. Our decadea of honest dealings Is a real asset lor you. kiw Oliver Realties Ltd.. - Realtor." SU-S4M. far appointment MHl BOX MAKERS Mnitiurm i rrt(xa PAINT - ina oraasman. sat uo man oallo ma china. FX and atralghl Una gluara. Haldalbura and alelble euttara. ConBdanllal re plies. Box E-a)lJ. journal THIN KINO OP SBLLINOT THEN WHY NOT SELL REAL E8- producta. It's satisfying, tode- lor." you can forge ahead with Ottawa s progressiva, nynama; company. Why not eall George Thomas. Sales Manager now? 131-2341. J33-50TS . CREDIT AND COLLECTION CLERK . FOR LOCAL PUBLIC UTILITY Applicants must have - completed high school, have experience in credit and collection work, snd own s car. Preference will be given to bilingual applicants. Applications mutt be made in writing, giving full details of all qualifications, to BOX E-585, JOURNAL ' - i 5014 UIESKDIillD AGOO. NEAR YOUR HOME. WE HAVE good vacant districts Build up a clientele sou will monthly sup ply with toiletries, medicines, cullnartes. apeclala. Realise "too to SBS weekly with commlaalon 49. Case gSd reimbursed during trial period. Jlto, Dept. SS, SIM St. Hubert, ssontraau. tnOS. SHIPhlAN LTD, REALTOR saw RslVrR OFFICES RE- aulra salesman to train la real estate. Upper income bracket gaeallabla. The real estate in- ouairy m wnmi w.mwb - future. Learn It nowl Con-fiditttal appointment, e e 1 1 George Thomas. Sales Manager, S3S-2MI, evenings J 34-5073. YOUNG WOMAN With proven 'sales ability and administrative experience at the executive level, is desirous ol becoming associated with an Ottawa firm. " 1 Minimum salary $5,200 per snnum. A complete resume is available by writing to BOX E-605, JOURNAL 502 FEMALE JtOJ WANTED BEAUTY COUNSELOR REQUIRES full, part-time, ambitious women. Tia-sear, BIUNOUAL DENTAL ASSIST- ant. Box E-01J. Journal CASHIER. SALES CLERK. EVE- nines a to a. ell dee Saturday. Apply hi person Eunder'e Fruit-land. tloS CarUeg Avenue, neer rLEANIMO WOMAN FOR 1 WEEK, preferably under 40 ream, uve In. Will be alone during day. profesalonai msn. TAa-aSOS. ave- CLERK TYPIST, BANK1NO Ex perience preferred, tor inas company junior itiatrtculatloa. ususl benefita, S-day week. 1 E-eto, Journal. DENTAL ASSISTANT etXOUllUIl, waat snd. tao exwartenoe mtoa eery. Apply atoUns ea. edoca- tto. prevtoua axperarnco, a . Box Ov-spi. Journal. mr-r.eunirf TYPIST. AOCUR- acy and speed eaasaiwi, rerer- xae-eeaf. j- DOWNTOWN SPECIALTY SHOP requires Inexperienced to wore, about ae aoara weexiy. Aa xl aa as. Eneneetle tne. pleasant disposmon, trim Store, ami smoker. InformaUee. Ap- pllcatloa. Bex E-aeg. JQuraai, EARN 012 WEEKLY PLUS ! A rrea wintfnM. in raw aoarv time. Just show Fashion Frocks to friends. No Investment, canvassing, experience necessary Wrtte North American Fashion Frocks Ltd.. S42S Industrial Btvd. Dept. B-irea, Montreal, Hue. ' EMBASSY REQUIRES JTXPERI-enced Book, preferable live In. good aalary. Box E-43Q, Journal. EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER. wanted Immediately. cM-eroe EXPERIENCED, GENERAL OR Bouee Keeper, aouii lamny. centre Town, references necessary, i. zrs-sws.1. Birm I p.m. EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER required, uve in. no neavy Must ae tone or enudren Good aalary. Apply Mrs. Griffin. National Employment Servtca. 313 Slater Street. EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER. knowledge ec amwtnaM sssin tlal. asre over SS years, required for dlolomene mlaeton. Apply SOS WUbrad. , Tauphoas . 335- SALESLADIES FUU TIMf eV'MRT TIME Pooitioni open in our ladies' costs, drassas, millinery, children's wear departments. , part-time: IT you are euvsri-obto fee a poettleei now of . later to tha Fall eoma to and discuss hewn and aalary with ; tat. ,- Balory and ootomtseaMi, ajan-eion and toearanee ptaa. Itaff , , dlseounu. ,...- ,, , . Bilingual fwertawed. MRS. H. BRENNAN , , Peraonnei Manager fatkr .afl: aaaTaS CAPLAN'S jN 133 RTOEAuWrXrA THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 27 sspsasiy i sMJia s ss,gi.igs yu m , Jm(J2ape; maj 1: ; " : ,r'HV,"'A - r? 4 WORKING CRUISE ENDS Regulsr Officer Trsining Plan Naval Officer Cadets B. M. Keeler,. of 590 .Kirk-wood Avenue, right, snd K. G. McLean of Montreal, learn about radar from Leading Seaman D. F. Timms on board HMCS Ste. Therete. They were among 200 cadets on Summer; naval training with the RCN's Pacific Command that ended Aug. 21. 502 FEMALE HELP WArTED (Cont. from Preceding Column) EXPERIENCED CHECKERS FOR dry cleaning plant, good wages. 7X5-1161. EXPERIENCED NURSING AS8IS- tanta for local hospital, excellent working conditions. Please apply ta paraoa, Monday to Friday, between 10-11 noon. The Parley Hospital, t Barton Street. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. SSc per hour, daytime shift. Apply to La Chandelle Restaurant, eg Laurler Eeat. EXPERIENCED SNACK BAR operator, start gl per hour. 720-3032. after I pro. IXrllllllCIO WAITRESS wanted. Dertlme work. Goad wages. City View Restaurant leie Merivale Road. 739-aaM. FREE HOME FOR RIGHT PER- aon to return for light household duties. Write with refer- Box S14. Morriaourg. a FULL TIME COUNTER LADIES. mond. ont. Telephone gaa-axje GIRL OR WOMAN FOR GEN erel housework. West End. 723- 1410. GIRLS. MUSICIANS. COMBO, 2 or 3 for omheing. 9 to g nights weekly. Write full particulars experience. Instruments played. Box 2003, Station C. Ottawa 1. HOME AVAILABLE FOR UNWED .niouter. eery tignt fluufl. i child. 745-S711. HOUSEKEEPER, EXPERIENCED. eicep in, nign salary, rcierencea required. 12S-43M. HOUSEKEEPER FOR PWYSI- clana family, a children, s . at school. Rililsnsas. 722-1870 1870. ERNESS. HOUSEKEEPER . GOVEI far mother leas home, iree-n, two eohoot age boys, atoqusred Immediately. Top salary. Phone TSS-I7M. HOUSEKEEPER. CARE OF ELD- erly lady, live hi or ' lea are. 148-4433. HOUSEKEEPER TO TAKE COM- piese energv as noma, a ia. iiaa boys, refsrencaa required. 5-day week, person 24-25 only. 722-4277? HOUSEKEEPER FOR WIDOWER. with acnool-age cniiaren. one at home: live-In. modern conveniences. Blossom Park. aa-eg3. ejntftgTaV INSURANCE AGENCY REQUIRES , clerk . typist for tape recorder dictation and general office routine. S-day week. Reply giving past experts nca. Box E-52H, Jour JUNIOR STENOGRAPHER RE- qulred by trust company, junior matriculation, ususl atnployea benefits, 5-day week. Box E-523, Journal. JUNIOR CLERK - TYPIST. PER-ferably with eoma knowledge of office routine. Grade 12. aalary 01 500. Box E-SS4. Journal. MIND OULDRXN. UOHT DUTIES. sleep uv weeksude aad evenings ear, 7ia-9aa anet a. PART TIKI RECEPTIONIST FOR doctor's office. State age. exper ience and expected aalary. box E-sao. Journal. PART - TIME HOUSEKEEPER, four or five half days a e r h week In West End. Box E-004. Journal. RECEPTIONIST. BILIN G U A L. elso waitress. The Diplomat, 1 Montcalm. Hull, 2 to 4. FULL-TIME SNACKBAR ASSISTANT Maturity sn asset, full company benefit Apply In person PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT Simpsons - Sears CARLING AVENUE EXPERIENCED COMPTOMETER OPERATORS Required Ifnreodlatoly for temporary poslttena. i i , CaU or Visit VICTOR COMPTOMETER LIMITED 227 LAURIER WEST Room 220 I.)'. ':' 232-79M -CASHIER --SECRETARY . i . j - . ''Btpoeleneee5, Mllngoal r lei k -eacretary to operate omen We hwurenca branoh office ta monern band rag to Null., Perms nent paettloai with Urge Canadian company, ususl staff benefHa.: it ysr BOX E-533, JOURNAL 502 FEMALE HEL WANTED (Cent, from Precetting Columal RECEPTIONIST - TYPIST Required for downtown buetikeas office. Experience preferred but not essential. William Teroa Ltd., 251 Leurter Aveoue West, Apply In RECEPTIONIST - TYPIST FOR law office. Call 130-0442, for appointment. REGISTERED NURSE FOR STAFF. 20 beds. Box E-47S, Journal. RELIABLE WOMAN, S3 TO S3, elderly lady and daughter, light house duties, live In. S2-2029, after g. RELIABLE ATVRS WOMAN TO mind one pre-school child: light ' housework, modem conveniences, good aalary. 731-MJS RELIABLE GENERAL TO LIVE-In. no cooking, good aalery, 2 children. References. 134-7540. RESPONSIBLE GENERAL. HOUSE- hold duties, fond of children, excellent aalary. sleep In. 733-5O0S. SALESLADY. EXPERIENCED PRE ferebiy in Jewelry, jauat oe re-. sponsible and willing to do other "work when not busy with cus tomers, salary ocpenos on experience and ability. Write In confidence to Box E-5M. Jour- nal. .- THE CANADIAN RED CROSS So ciety, 034 B ronton Avenue, requires female driver with experience driving a standard transmission. Applicants should be 21 to IS yeers of see. Borne out of town wora ana overnigm stay required. Cell Monday 232-7134. ext. S. 0 a.m.-S phv BE A HAIRDRESSER Great opportunity, toarn hslr-dressing Pleaaant, dignified profession. Good wagea after graduation. Thousands successful Marvel students. America's greatest system. Htuatrated catalogue free, day write or eeu MARVEL HAIRDRESSING .SCHOOL 72 Rideau Street, OtUws CE-0615 RECEPTIONIST r Capable, intelligent woman required to work in modern office in West End. Must be neat in appearance, ambitious and willing to work evenings and weekends. Some typing required. Salary 'commensurate with ability. Telephone for Appointment MRS. X. JOHANNSEN 9 a.m. to 5 30 p.m. 729-4351 - PART TIME WAITRESSES REQUIRED Muit be over 21. Training will be provided. Apply in person PERSONNEL OFFICE MEZZANINE FLOOR CHATEAU LAURIER HOTEL . , SENIOR : STENOGRAPHER ..i .!.(-.. High school graduate with at least 3 years' experience for s challenging senior stenographic assignment in Public Relations. Incumbent will be called upon to deal with the public and to handle a variety of clerical duties. Knowleflge of, French desirable though not tssentisl.x PtrmsMnt em-ploymenL Attractive,' salary and employee benefita. Please apply In writing, giving full particulars to BOX E417, JOURNAL iihiiwii eeaaVeJ -e" - . I i it. 502 FEMALE HL WAITED (Coat, from Preceding Colusa URGENT. WOMAN TO MIND 2T children, live-In. country .Jtome. Light housework. Daytime, 232-24(1. Mrs Conley. Eveninga, Car-leton Place. 1091W2. URGENT, PENSIONEB OR UN- wed mother, I avhooiage child accepted, room and board plus salary No heavy work. 23g-let2. until 4.20 . WAITRESS REQUIRED. GREEN Valley Rests ursnt, muet be SI years, experience preferred but not Batumi, full or part time. 72S-272S. WANTED POLKS IN OTTAWA aad district to show our exctt. ing Una of Christmas cards to mends and neighbors. No pertence necessary. Our big. full-1 coior catalogue roaaas it aaay to gat plenty of orders. Ears extra money this way. Wrlta today for Christmas cards on approval and free catalogue. Monarch Card Co.. Dept. IS, 117 Cannon, Ham- uus. WOMAN TO MIND CHILDREN and keep house 130-1700. sveu- WOMAN TO CARE FOR S-YEAR-old girl, light housework duties, freq room and board, plus gio per week. g2g-220. after (.10. WOMAN. POND or CHILDREN. general housework, lllve-In, good efiia. WORKING MOTHER WANTS live In babysitter, for 1 preschool children. North Bower, 4S0-1401. YOUNG WOMEN FOR PART TIME wora m our dsramtowaj office. Centrally loos led Guaranteed aalary. Muet speak English fluently. For appointment cu asr. aucnar. au-iaea. YOUNG, ALERT RBCIPTIONIST with typing and shorthand required Immeduuly by local ex- penoing company, ail employee benefita. Including pension, own transportation an asset. Reply In writing with full particulars to office manager. Box E (S. eoumai. YOUNG LADY REQUIRED IM. mediately, receptionist . typist. e, ano, pleasant woramg con. dltlona. 721-4201. SEAMSTRESS MUST BE THOROUGHLY CAP-able of working on expenetve gowns. 40 hour week. Apply tog .iwru oirvei. AVON COSMETICS HELP OUT FAMILY OUOOET Earn with Aeon. For deterle cell CLERK TYPIST In Purchasing Department High school graduate with el toast J years previous typing and filing experience. Age 20 to 20 years A I tractive salary Good working conditions. Breed employee benefits. For Appointment Telephone 828-2761 Personnel Department Northern Electric Company ltd. Research and Development Laboratories PART-TIME SECRETARY REQUIRED BY CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT ! HOURS 10-4 Age 20-40 Must he experienced bookkeeper and financier statement typist. SPARKS STREET 729-7068 STENOGRAPHER . Young lady required with minimum 2 years' office est perience. High school graduate. ; Must have good shorthand rid typing abilities. Duties varied and interesting. , 5-day week. Full employe benefits, , - ,. . ' For Appointment Cell MRS. MOUREAU CANADIAN WESTINGNOUSE CO. LTD. 1800 Bank Street ' 733-2500 S02 FEMiil KU WAITED (Cont. trait preceding Columal PROVEN Real Estate aales Methods NATURALLY PRODUCE A HIGH-er volume of business. T b s Thomas Shlpman Limited School of Real Estate will trsui you to succeed and "Earn While V a u Laarn." Decide right now to find out about tola challenging profession by celling George Thomas. Salee Manager, 23e- 3201. evenings 323-3072. DAT OR EVENING Oeed wages aad Tips Fall Tlsae ivniir-i esrrlssrn BUT i '"iiSi PZ"Z JfilSi. Z icatlal. Wa will tram you for waitress work. Apply in person. Sherry's Restaurant, Sparks at O'Connor. PAPER BOX MAKERS EXPERIENCED BANDERS. S AND S operators, corner cutting and guillotine operators. Confidential replies. Bos E-914. Journal LADIES! Become s. figure work specialist by training as a Comptometer Operator. CALL OR VISIT VICTOR COMPTOMETER ilMITED 227 Laurier West 232-7966 503 EMPLOTMEMT WANTED BASEMENT REPAIRS AND waterproofing, specialize In steps sna smewaias iay-l ia BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME. PAINT-Ing. decorating. Interior, exterior. Free eetlmatea. 74B-I2P0. BILINGUAL GENTLEMAN SEEKS desk clerk position. IS years experience, si so knows switchboard. Box E-422. Journal, or phono 74S-gO0O after six pan BRICKWORK, CHIMNEY RE-pairs, cement work, flagstone and blocks. Free eetlmatea. 237-2027 1 - CARPENTRY OUTSIDE. INSIDE, finishing roofing, eavestrough- Iftg.. Call Jos. B22-02V3. CARPENTER. CEMENT WORK, block chimney, painting, stone facing. 721-3924; .74S-H7g, eve CARPENTRY. BLOCK BRICK and cement work of aU ktnde, floor and celling tiles. Interior. exterior pslntlng. 212-osas CHAUFFEUR. HANDYMAN. RE- Ileble, seeks employment Tan 1333. COUPLE DESIRE CLEANING apartments, anytime. 137-loop. DRAUGHTSM AN. GRADUATE. jeantlng full - time employment In mechanical and 'or architec tural drawings. Good references 722-4220. EXPERIENCED WOMAN DESIRES cleaning. S33-94S. EXPERIENCED HOUSEK E E PER seeking position, willing to take on full responaioiiity os name: Must have top salary, aleep out. Box S-SOS, Journal. EXPERIENCED SWITCHBOARD oparator. typist, immediately. Weet End preferred. Box E-ean, FAMILY. NEED OF ODD JOBS. truck, hedge trimming. 233-04B. IRONING. DONE REASONABLY. at my home. Excellent wars Sll-SMS. KITCHEN MODERNIZED. GEN-era! elteratione, beat workmanship, rissonable rats. 232-1424. KLISHOGRAPH OPERATOR AND photographer now employed In a newspaper In Germany. 3d years of age. with six yeers Canadian experience, seeks post- Write Box E-aoa, Journal MAN WITH TRUCK WILL HAUL refuse to dump. Reasons b I e rates. ts-SMl. MAN WITH SMALL TRUCK. DE-aires light delivery. T4B-113S. MAN. BIO FAMILY. NEEDS work. Hava truck, clean, yards, painting, landscaping. hedge trimming, all lobs accepted. SU-044S MAN WOULD APPRECIATE 0P-port unity to learn welding, evenings. CE4-5MI. MAN WITH TRUCK FOR LIGHT moving, cleanup, lawn mowing T4t-aiS, MARRIED MAN. AGE 24. WITH S yaara' experience, ss office manager, peeks good position in any field. Box E-Mi. Journal. MARRIED MAN WILL WASH walla, floors, ceilings, odd Jobs. 4S-14SS. MIDDLE-AGE COUPLE DESIRES Janitor maintenance, lady housework. 224-1049. ODD JOBS, CLEANING ' BA8E-ment, yards, etc. CES-MSS PAINTER. EXPERIENCED. BIO er small. We'tt da there all. C Ellin PAINTING. SATISFACTION guarantee!, experienced painter. issMoneble rates., las-aeoS. PAPER HANGER. PAINTER AND decorator, free est una tea. 237-150S. PLASTERING REPAIRS, STUCCO. - painting. carpentry, cesaent. brick. Taa-lieg. 234-27 4g PLUMBING. HEATING, LOW coat. Free sett ras tea. 1J1-10T7 PRACTICAL NURSE. IN YOUR home, day or night. 2M-7051. REGISTERED NURSE REQIJUtatS pert -time work, mornings or afternoons: e years' experience. Phone T4e-saSe. - RtXIABLX MIDDLE AGE WOMANl desires light housekeeping or babysitting, Uve out. gas-eUS, RELIABLE WOM.N dYsIRSS hoeawwark, gi 15 aa hour. Me lor transportation t71-lla(. SPANISH COUPLE LEA VINO Ea ope, IS yeers experience, want Job aa domestics In Canada. Reply aeo Mariposa Avenue, Ottawa. STEADY EMPLOYMENT DESIRED by reliable married man. cleaning offices, garden inc. Bight watch man. maintenance week, painting. S years' experience and ten years with Sanitation Department, also experienced ta terming. SM-OgST. TWO MEN WITH TRUCK, DE BIT any Bind aa wora. yea-erae. WE DO ODD JOBS, yards, beeemeats, etc. WELL SXPERI1NCXD PAINTER willing to wore evenings, Saturdays. Free estimates, CaU Mr. T71-I441. WILL DO HEDGE TRIMMINO. landscaping, pahrttng, free eetl- ' melee, fteerrnrea. Odd Jobs accepted. 2M-27SO WOMAN WILL DO Ct-EANTNO Mornings only, sar-oiai, YOUNG WOMAN. WORK BY DAT, rea-l rva. FALL CLEANUP MAN WITH TRUCKS TO CLEAN yaroa. wear, windows, painting, siterse. aaitennr. nedgo mug. patloa. sia-44g FIltST WHITES DENVER -J- The first white visitors to what is now Colorado wss Corortado'i expadiUon in about im . , . ' ' $04 TEAChttt wiira ENOUSH PRINCIPAL- ICATHO-11c I to supervise kl clemeatary English clsases Muet have si lesst "B" diploma from the Province of Quebec Apply statins qualifications, experience salary requested to; The Catholic School Board of Raplde-des-Chenes, PO Boa 27. Aylmer, PQ ENGLISH TEACHERS 'FEMALE), with Quebec diploma for elementary schools. Apply stating qualifications, letters of references, experience snd telephone number to Catholic School Board of Raplde-Des-Chenes. PO Boa 27, Aylmer. PQ INSTRUCTORS FOR PRACTICAL busirm. trsining Day or night classes run ume or pert time. Lucrative position. PO Box 242. Ottawa QUALIFIED NURSERY SCHOOL tescher, for September. Apply In writing. Manor Park Nursery School. 444 St Laurent' Blvdj. TEACHER WANTED WINCH ti ter Public School Board requires a qualified teacher for Grade 5 duties to commence Sept a. 1M4 Apply to B D Wylle. secretary. Winchester. Ont Collegiate Institute Board of Ottawa Applications will by the undersigned for the following teaching positions duties to commence September a. ISM: 1. Commercial (Shorthand and Typewriting! 2. Guidance and Junior English I Preference will be given to male applicantsl. SALARY SCHEDULE Cstegory I . . S4.SM- SX tofl Cetegery II Cstegory III Category IV SS.100- (S.Toe BS.BOO- sa.son H. PULLEN Superintendent COLLEGIATE INSTITUTE BOARD OF OTTAWA 662 Lyon Street, Ottawa 1, Ontario St. Bernadette's Separate School Board i Ajax. Ontario -110 mins. from Metro Torontoi. Requires 2 QUALIFIED TEACHERS for September 1 for Senior School (Science) 1 for Elementary Grades I Junior School i Basic starting aalary aljoo Junior; (3.SO0 senior Fully paid PS I Attractive yeerly Increments. Apply to MR. M. COFFIN 149 Exeter St., Ajax Telephone 042-0325 Ajax SOS lumoi BECOME BTLntOTJAL IN IS wisks, S In group. All languages SehooJ of Modern Languages, SST MATHEMATICS. CALCULUS. physics, Engllah, PIANO LESSONS. INTRODUO tory special, (4 par hour, (1.23 nan hour. 111.4411, i RADIO AND TELEVISION STA- uona from coast to coast used Sports and Commercial Announcers, Weather Girls and DJ's. Commentators and Newsmen You may have hidden talent. Call The National Institute of Broadcasting. 1ie-612.. . NEW IN OTTAWA L'Ecole Universelle 235 O'CONNOR French, Spanish and Arabic Choice of private and group teaching. For Information CALL 2334363 Register Now and Start in September. SM IABT jaVKB BRITANNIA VILLAGE AREA. will mind children dally any noma. 121-2222. BROOKPIELD GARDENS, WILL mtna children, my home. Til 4017. EXPERIENCED CARE FOR CHIL- eren. my Bowie gin. llg Pretoria EXPERIENCED MOTHER WILL' mind child, home. Ottawa South. aie-eosi. GOOD CAR1 FOR CHILDREN. any age, weekly. MS-ISTS. OOOD CARE, BABY. MY MOMS. eta weeaiy. xja-eg7B. INFANTS GIVEN OOOD CARE. my noma. oauy. weeaiy. 7ZS- 4471. MIND CHILDREN. MY HOME. deny, a-7. Daytime. 232-2 IS MIND CHILDREN. MY HOME. monthly, dally er weakly. 743- MIND CHILDREN. ANY AGE. MY noma, weeaiy, alt Baseline. 72g- 7 sol . MIND CHILDREN DAILY. WEEK- MIND CHILDREN WHILE mother wares, 7 77 - 274. MIND CHILDREN. DAILY, WEEK iy. my ne 15-1130. MIND CHILDREN. MY HOME. sswnreay ie rrsaay, as7-oaia. MOTHER WILL MIND CHILDREN. rnrnorna. atorMlay-rriday sas- ORLEANS. WILL MIND CHIL- JJJJ. aay wn, (woe aara. ias OVERBROOK. CARS OF CHIL- RIDOEVIEWjMIND CHILD SEN. RTVERSIDE PARK. MOTHER will mind nehy or ehUd. my home. 133-4)403. ANDY HILL, MIND l-t CHIL. rest, aay noma, dally. Ilg-24 II WILL MIND CHILDREN IM MY m, rrosa a ime pan,, wee days only. 72B-7tl. rnorvimga. WILL MIND CHILDREN. 7 44-77 go, , MT WILL MIND CHILDREN ANT age. my horM. Maneedale. sts-tllS. WILL VllND CHILDREN, MY home, Psrkwend HUla. TMi-Ta3d YOUNQ CHILDREN. SIOOM. i ! i 1- t I Hi 4 I )f',' isaaP"

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