The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 12
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c f * ' TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER/CONNELLSVILLB, PA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 191S. WOUNDED AUSTRALIANS BEING TREATED ON | THE ROAD TO-THE BATTLE FRONT IN FLANDERS ,; DISASTROUS DELAY KTAKMG. PLACE IN BUILDING OF CARS |p Is the Churge Made by Organ *j;f- of tlie Iron and Steel :|v Industries. BLAME LAID ON WILLIAMS Head of the BaiLroad Ad-1 jfK, Ministration, Who is Pursning the j :i : .-'i.-" Same Coarse Denjua Did IVnnn | |4 Brad of 'the ShlpbuUain S Hoard.', '|^V;' ' ' \ fe- "Wnat at 'Washington," asks the; ||V Cleveland Daily Iron Trade and Met- j S?^ al Market Report, "is boltling up and ! l^'thus delaying the placing of the vast! |?S';freight car orders which ought to! f|X:', have been in the hands ;of builders | Up' weaks ago? The designs and specifi- «r£. cations for the 100,000 cars been SfVcompleted and approved by the rail- l^jjoad engineers, by the car builders ?!|P'; : »Bd'by the government itself. "What |ft:''-!theii is'delaying the award of the con- tijUjp'.. tiaets and the building of the cars? IgV, "Every coal mine owner, every j """ mill manager, ever/ blast fur- i operator, every coko oven oper- knows the shortago of freight §s;'cars has been, and now is the one ^r':; thing delaying execution of projects fey-vital to successful and timely prose- j^V:; cation of the war. Yet Washington § '£ delays, fiddUts and fusses over the !,|a*«rdin|; o£ cars absolutely necessary gi'.-llo move the freight. , H? "John Slcelton WffiamE. purchasing ffiS-:l«ad of the government railroad ad- t:f.r iniaistratton, is blocking the purchase ifi'Oof these cars. The same course of fe-;iy-stGuisi*c delay pursued by Denman, fc ; once head ot the shipping board, in |£ ^ilioldiiig up the shipbuilding program §i.-:':to .the disgrace of the cation, seems aJatmating the car purchasing j ·, $£·'-':committee at Washington. ' ' - Join Pennsylvania's New Army of Poultry Producers Pledge C«rd Campaign lor more Poultry conducted ht- Department of Agricnl- turc, Harrisburg, Pal, Pennsylvania War Poultry Commission, Pennsylvania State Poultry Association, and Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. ' . - TTttL TOU BO TtOUB SHARE? Check items which fit your case for guidance of War Commission. I agree to set oae'or more settings of eggs, or purchase baby chicks, or breeding stock to produce same to help the food supply of the Nation. I can afford to.invest : and am interested in 1st . (Name breed preferred). I have feet available. I have chickens at this time. (Deserving caaes vrili have special attention). I would be willing to become a producer of poultry meat, if after proper investigation you find Toy application for hatching eggs worthy of such consideration. I cannot afford to purchase chicks or hatching eggs. 1 will gladly report to proper authorities the success of my hatch when demanded. I desire to receive list of chicks and eggs for sale, and such free information in the way of bulletins or other literature that will give me such information as to enable me to obtain the maximum results ivrth the minimum expense. Signed P. O, Address Express Office or S. F. D. Route Penna . m Srid? 5ATIOJUI £EAGTE. Testordmy's Besnlte. St. Lonis 6; Pittsbnrg 5. Cincinnati 3; Chicago 2. New York 9; Boston 2. Philadelphia 7; Brooklyn 2. HOW GERMAN SOLDIERS ARE TRAINED IN THE GRENADE THROWING Standing of UK CloJbs. W. L. York - . · 6 -"Williams on March 21 sent out tel- '; egrams to car builders, summoning S them to the national capital on March i;25 prepared to.obtain orders on. these Philadelphia Cincinnati -St. Lonis _ Pittsburg _ Chicago :,cars. But the March. 25 meeting was Boston |S . adjourned- subject to call later. ^Again j Brooklyn 3^~~ the car boiWers were called to for April 9. Again a post-1 , Today's Schedule. this time to April IS. Yet j gt. Lonis at Chicago. _. . .. . i -i. , New York at Brooklyn. Philadelphia at Boston. AMERICAS LEAGUE. Yesterday's iKes-nlts. Philadelphia 5; Washington 0. Cleveland 8; St.-Louis 2. Boston 1; New York D. Detroit-Chicago, rain. Boston . Standing of the Clmbs. W.'. L. 7 i --; _ 4 1 1 1 3 5 2 4 2 4 __ 2 4 Cleveland -Detroit New York '_ St. Louis _ Washington Philadelphia Chicago Pet. .875 .800 40 .375 .333 .333 .333 2 .33S ..../another postponement to April 17. §£-; : 'And the end of the story of postpone- |£- ':.ments, fiddling and delays is not ynt. Sji'f.'- "More than three valuable woelcs ^'-'"thus have been frittered away. All ^7: this lost time, is most valuable and p^ can never be recovered. It was not sf*; in the case of the Den-man shiptmild- if-Vihg matter, for. even today the ship- |£'-";- builders have not been able to' catch vi;'..up with the original schedule. fe.' "Five months in any event will be ^:0-. required from the time the orders .are : placed until the first cars can be de- ,'Hvered. These five months must be v|.; devoted to production of new dies for I;! forming plates and othur new equip~J .ment which are absola r .ely necessary ife to the building of the new specifica- Ifj tion cars. Too, time will be needed to £§· get ready to manufacture the special; ties for these cars. "But why the delay? In the trade ££ it is common knowledge that Williams ! and his committee is dickering, -:flddling and maneuvering to get a slightly lower price on these cars. ,, price Is just as important to the t.bnilders as to the government com- 'J'nilttee. Bnt'.in contradtstltictinn with attitude of .the TVhsbiagon com- i'mitee.' builders feel that the ..thing is to j«t cars deliv- and they feel-the orders should jjj be'.let.'go at once, the -balldrng of cars feVstartsd and then · the question '-of. ' ' ices can be threshed out. u lf thesd car-orders are let now, yjsdeliveries' can begin by late December r early October, just when the coal lovement for 'the winter -will begin 1 make extraordinary demands upon flj'the lailroads. It is essential for _ ,, _ g;Uie good of the coumry. if it is t° | residence on Water street'which he r to Tbro-rr From All Positions; Practice and Instruction Contin. ues Without Interruption. · The account which a recently captured German soldier gives of the training the Kaiser's troops receive for the present campaign in Flanders i aod Picardy, recalls the very Interest- lug explanations of the use ot hand grenades, as given by Lieutenant Roeder during his address in the high school auditorium on Friday nfght The story of the captured German was thus related: "We are taught to throw at a target at some distance wrhile standing, lying, sheltered in a trench or while run-ning. At first empty grenades are used, then ha!f charged ones and finally ones fully charged. We also have PcL .3331 .667 .500 .400 .400 .167 .000 Txtay Schedule. Chicago at St. Louis. Washington at New York. Boston at Philadelphia. Cleveland «t Detroit Confluence. CONFLUENCE; April 24.--The funeral of Mrs. H. : C. Dean was held today at 12 o'clock, and was largely attended. Her pastor. Rev. William Bracken, had charge. Rev. and' Mrs. Charles - Porter ot . to learn to throw these grenades used by the enemy in case they should be found in any trenches. Then we are taught to ran into all kinds. ot obstacles; to construct, leap over and destroy them. We also hare to be able to handle guns and to be able to manipulate bombs, machine guns and infantry cannons. This all takes place in the morning. In tlie afternoon we are taught the theory o£ the ! exercises practiced in the morning, while in the evening we learn to take the snemy's position and bow to -outflank them. "Our men are all fighters in these attacking units, and we do .not even construct our own trenches, as this part of the work is taken care of by another company, bufin our battalion it "was done by Belgian men and women. "There is no 'limit to the time of instruction which continues until every one has perfected the art of throwing. Those who are not fitted for the work are immediately sent back to their original units,, as the work is very hard, even though extra rations are received. . . "When reaoy to make an attack we arc taken in auto trucks to the trench from which we are to start. The artillery opens fire and -we leave in Indian file. Each squad is made up of Addisoh, were here yesterday on their j fifteen men. The cantata is in the way to Pittsburg. · J. L. Burnwo'rth of tie West Side, is engaged in building himself a garage. . . . Mitchell has moved into the ||ra'voii( the absolutely intolerable con- j ccn tiy secured KJ gtstion or coal and other cars as was I liam Anderson. in a trade from Wil- Cyrenus Cronin, wiio has .been very _ .v'sutfei-cd law winter, .hat these car |;'j'.or'de'rs be placed withnut further de- j m, ; s reponedbetter ;j;lay." · ^ | . Mrs. L. D. Show and little son Paul K'-' ' i '» yesterday for a visit -with friends £",;.- Jnne Court Jurors. j in Pittsburg. ££;- Judge; Van Swearinsen handed j Mrs. William Hostetter, who was %-idq-fc-n' an order directing the jury : visiting her son Hal and family, of |i'co'mEilssioners to empanel ' and the i this place, has returned to her home Ktsheriff tn summon a irrand jury and at Somerset- S s pcUt jnry for three weeks to serve at j Mrs. OrvHJe Tike went 'to Union- ?iythe JIIBC session of criminal qourt i town yesterday to visit, friends. order calls for 1« jurors to be j J. B. Colborn oJ the Jersey church, for each w. ;e k of the ses- i was here yesterday on. his way to Sslon. f%V It Ton TTant S»methin!! Advertise for it in ou;- classified col- imnn. Oae cent a word. · " center with a fighter on each side, who carries sfic grenades, twelve half- grenades' and two smoking grenades and rifle with six cartridges. Each squad has its · own artillery, operated by five men. At the given moment the artillery demolishes the parapet- wall of the trench and the attacking- unit makes the assault where the other troops hope to eater." Sale" Confirmed. Sale of one acre of coal in the Lewis Emery tract in German township to Alonzp C. Lee by the Payette Title Trust company, trustee for the Sunshine Coal Coke company, was confirmed absolutely by the court yesterday and tlie trustee authorized to execute a-deed. Meyersdale, Pa., on business. Yesterday was the last d a y o t ,, school. Appropriate eiercises .were \ o£ tho boys » held. · . . [ business. Patronize those wno advertise. Bonds.. · Saving dollars and wasting the lives ,e trenches is poor invest in a Liberty Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend. FEATURING For Springtime Thia store has made a name for itself in yard goods. The satisfied purchasers who come here season after season for the fabrics they need tell wore eloquently thau -words that Wright-Metzler Company quality may be identified with the yard goods section of this store.' We set the season's pace for wash goods by our special display of AMERICAN COTTONS Cotton is the American fabric. Never before have. American designers and manufacturers produced such, weaves, patterns and colorings. Never before have American brains and American labor co-operated to manufacture so extensively and so well. Never before has this store been able to show a collection so complete, so comprehensive and so full of suggestions. The Wash Goods Section Is Bright With NEW COTTONS Ginghams White Goods Fresh and dainty voiles in woven checks, stripes and plaids, openwork effects, shadow moires, crossbar voiles, embroidered crepes, dainty lawns, batis- Uea. organdies. 2Bc to Colored Voiles v Some printed in gingham effects. plaids, stripes and checks. Some in pretty floral patterns, some in .futuristic effects lite foulards. ' 26c, Hue and SOc the yard! Cotton Suiting 36 Inch white mercerized cotton poP- linB with colored woven plaids and stripes. An ideal wash fabric of unusual wearing qualities. iOc the vord! A largo and varied iissoriment of colors and patterns in a section reserved for singlianis aJcnc. Plain colors, checks, stripes, plaids, in modest and bold patterns. 25s !!."!· and SOc the yiinl! Cotton Foulards In the patterns and colors nf silk foulard, with the sheer* and effrrtivcnrss of silk foulard, yet at a fraction of the price. 4iic t yard! Minerva Knitting Yarns In Oxfordi Khaki and the Novelty Color* for Knitting Women's Garments --MSEHTl SEBJIAHTOTTS SABN in Nile. American beauty, seal brown, scarlet, myrtle, grey, old blue, black, old rose, amber, wild rose, hyacinth, purple, gendarme, pink, hunter, cardinal, apricot »nd white,--at SOc the ball- ---HDTEBTX SttKJDXED TABS in blue green, tan. light grey, dark grey and bronze,--nt 56c tic bail. --MDfBRTA SILK SHETLAND' TAKf in peacock, gold, purple, sage green, burgundy, white and apricot,--at 70c the bal], --3U5EKTA SHETLAHD F10SS in Nile, old blue, light blue, American beauiy, -black, pink, purple, old rose and sage green,-at 50e the halL --KCTERTA YICTJin; tAEJf in chamois, old bias, old roso, raspberry, white, turquoise, purple, American, beauty, peacock,--at 65c duball. For Soldiers --MDTEHTA HAJTE TABS' in khaki and oxford,--at £1.10 nod S4.7S the hank. --AYIATI05 TABJf, extra heavy -weight, oxford and khaki,--at 60c the ball. --AKGOEA WOOL in whit-:, grey and black,--at SBo the ball. --METEETA TAKf, heavy and light weights, v-bntrt and oiford for soldiers' and sailors' sweaters,--»t SOc the ball. Knitting Needles --Amber and bone* knitting needles in sizes 3 to ty,,--»t 25c and 45c the pair. --Steel Knitttns Needles, five in a set, sizes 11 to 16,--at SBc the set --Aluminum Knitting Needles, with red, green and pink tops,--at $1JX) the pair. --Amber Rings for Knitting Bags.--at Sflc to 65c the pair. SPECIAL! 32 inch DRESS GINGHAMS--a small assortment in stripes and checks-- 35c values 25c the yard In a Big Attractive Assortment All Very Specially Priced at $16.95 Some of Dame Fashion's very newest suggestions for street and afternoon wear. You'll like the smart colors and trimmings just as you'll like the materials themselves-Taffeta Crepe dc Chine Serge Wool Jersey Foulards See these pretty styles--by all means see them. ·And if you care to make a choice it may be in sand, green, blue-and-white, grey, navy, black, brown or rose--and in all sizes for women and misses. Other Dresses $13.50 up to $69.75 Models here to please ycie fancy of even the moat fastidious woman. Mode)s that reflect credit upon tiieir mak-er just as they trill reflect great credit upon tlie good taste and value-sense o' their wearers. ' Styles in serge, all-silk, combinations of serge-with-sUk and sllk-with-silk. All colors and sizes.- * r Comfy Undergarments For Tiny Tots --TVool Binds, button front and wrapper styles,--ai 75c. --Part-wool vests in button front and wrapper styles, all sizes,--at oOc. --Tab Bands, silk-and-wool, wool, all sizes,-at SOc and 70e, Smart Styles in Pique' Neckwear --Smart tailored vests and collar-and-cuff sets give a Springlike touch of freshness to the serge frock or dars. suit. Square scalloping gives a delightful touch to one set of collar and cuffs,--at SlJiO. Many sets with a slight bit of embroidery,-at 75c to $1.59. Styles in separate.collars many and varied-all moderately priced. Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on What You Spend--Get Them With Eve -y Purchase. BLUEBIED PRESENTS CHARMING CARMEL MYERS AND REX DE ROSELL1 IN "THE WINE GIRL" A 5 ACT ALSO AN L KO COJD3DY IN 2 ACTS. T O M O R B O Y T ·WORLD PRESENTS ETHEL CIATTON IN THE EXTREMELY INTERESTING DRAMA "THE WITCH WOMAN" A STORY OP HOW A BEAUTIFUL GIRL BECOMES KNOWN AS A WITCH WOMAN. ALSO CURRENT EVENTS. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY William Fox Presents PEGGY JUTLAND in THE DEBT OF HONOR" Also "The Scrccn Telegram" TOMORROW · OL1VK TEl.l. I N "THE, AND THE .imGE" Built on tic Story of a Girl's Sacrifice for Her Ifolhcr. Just Over the Bridge' ConneHsvillc (IVcst Side) IF YOU HAVE ArfYTHING POH SALE TRY OUR CENT-A-WORD ADS. igoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocxxxaoooooocxxxxxxa; THE JOB DEPARTMENT OF g THE COURIER DOES ALL KINDS | OF COMMERCIAL PRINTING, p Saooooot)QOO3OfKXXxx)oooooQo«iooooooooooooeooooooooooco^ SEJICE STATION Carroll Battery Co. A Factory Trained Buttery Stan., -atrpnize Those Who Advertise. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPMAN5 TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVIUE, PA.

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