The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 26
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.jp' r .umrtui icmii rtiHIMr trA.4O.Ktr te.Sp7LllL-l 1 l-laraawa..!! 3 2Wrwt wFeVtWa I- mmms: tMaMltl. TOTAL 45 mt.fsaallissligg-29 1 in i "a ay aaag sfaaiia 301 UTKiaFOtUU (Coat, from Preceding Column) BRADLEY PMNO AND ORGAN HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN WITH bench, tone eaoinet, reveroera. tlon unit, complete, lass: Hammond Spinet MS, reverberation unit and preset, itrs ll ssaiuwm oeo 3O0. 710-141. . MACHINERY LABOR STOCK OF NEW AND uaad sawmill, alanine mm and ahop equipment. M Zsrarmaa and Co. Ltd.. 100 Bay. vkyw Road. Pbona : 73-3111. 3011 IU1UB AUGUST CLEARANCE SALS ON ail travel trailers, giuy trow ana eave at "Kenaon" Trallar Salee. Smith Fall. HOLIDAY TRAVEL TRAILER company, aaiee ana rantaia. laaa Car line- Avenue, 711-4700. BoU- aay irevei iranera. ON DISPLAY AT OUR LOT. luiry equippau srawa ueirera zvr rent and aaw. Make-your reservations now as booking are Eoing fast. Alao aceaaaorlaa. ttchee. aide mirror, stacker , ... t.M flAlId,, ravel Trauara. 143 CarUns TENT TRAILER! APACHE HEI- 11,. - siinruner. Bala and rental. Everything lor the camper at abk; t-amping Equipment, Almonte- Opea dally uii in pjn. TRAILER EQUIPMENT AND AC eaaaoriaa, auuaiiaer piwm aatrren. extension cord, ateckar lacks. , leal Carllng. 7: Holiday Travel Trailer. USED TRAILERS, FROM 11 FT. ap ta 17 ft. Buy now and serve at Travel Mer Irallar Sale, 0 mua em eai arena sum a Mtgnwey at. ewioee 11 FT. TBAVEL TRAILER, SSO0 Aisar a, isr'w. . .. muDfartl.V aKLF COS talned Oenaral Travel irmim iot ale or wlU rent ta rasponslbls prtvata psrxy. nil avallabla. 731-3304. 102 UflOL. WAJTED CAMERAS, ENLARGEHa. MICRO- aoopaa. ainoeuiara. paanisgxapnie equipment, uouw. aa Bu-aat, ELECTRIC FIREPLACE. BUTT- bat tor recreauoa raajau rsa- 71U. HIGHEST PRICES PAID. USED affiea Mraitara, ty papainase, teal aims eebtneta. duplicator. adder, tape recoraer. aaisee. MEDICAL STUDENT REQUIRES binocular microscope with mov- hvg staaa. rAa-iaaa. evensng. PIANO. GRAND OR UPRIGHT. urgently Beaded) aaaa. 777-aooi. evening. . PIANO, GOOD CONDITION. 313- PIANO WANTED. IMMEDIATELY saan. rsa-ieae. - - ' PIANOS. ANY MAKE. ANY SIZE. tor eaan. ane-rwri. RALPH'S FURNITURE PAYS cask for Boueenoia lumrtura, aa- pllance 134-a i s 1 SCHOOL BOOKB. YB OLDB BOOK aimopa. Nepeen at avana. . TWIN CARRIAGE. GOOD CONDI- tlon. Apply bob Devim, tew pnona aui cariaton nap, vrn. WANTED. OLD CARS FOR JUNK, will tow away, aa eon. ae-ea USED PIANOS -WANTED Wo WUl Buy Your PUno - TOR CASH -- accept It in trade against any tnorchandlM in our stores. Call Today, 232-1581 i .' ' ' "' '' ' ROBERTSON, PINGLE and TILLEY LTD. , ; " '. M SPARKS ST. and CARLINGWOOD PLAZA 301 MATS UO MiBIrS CLASS WrTlROrT-ANE, brER- ury Mark ao H, ajuieR aUvar, tower anlt, 740-030. Cabin cruiser, is ft. 10 ft. beam, fully quipped with 117 cu. Inch Chrv V-t motor, auto matic ante pump, blowers aw. Priced for quick aala Pbona 17-3974. Perth, Out (Continued aa Next Coiumnl- Journai Want Ads bring quick results. 301 , 101H AJLD WSUtt (Cant traat Pleosding Columa) CAB-TOP BOAT. CONSTRUCTED os manna piywooo, every wins sealed with marina Blue and bald together with aver 11 groae countersunk araaa screw. Ap- proximately 11 feet long ay 4'k it. wkte. Seau V bottom. Ideal for a adult. Aakmg tes only, lor quick sale. Pbona 777-4047 Iter 0 P-m. INBOARD CABIN CRUISER. 15 X 0 ft. beam, complete witn aaaa. electric windshield, wiper, anchor, fir equipment, bilge pump and blower. Larae galley, line. horn, search light. Steer master steering power aa oy imercepior marina anaine Built ltl. flbre- glaaa ever 4 Inch marina ply wood. Biaepa a. Broeotoom, cur-taine. ate. Complete SJ.3O0. Call Arnprlor, 111 atoa, alter 0. or 033-1473. bualneea hours, LAKEFIkLD. ' 10-FOOT. CEDAR strip and Evmruda. 10 hp.. 100. ' PRl-naal. NEW 1004 SHEPHERD SUNUNER cruiser M ft.. 110 ha Holiday Marina Salea Ltd., Exclusive : dealers for Shepherd Cruiser In tha Ottawa Valley, aterricriruie 3a-45 OUTBOARD MOTORS FOR SALE Johnaon'a Furniture. Ill Murray. 139-1147. . PETERBOROUGH MOTOR BOAT. wmpieMiy auulPI " w ft electric start Johnaon. Tee-Nee trailer, outnt new aver 33.000; wlU accept nearest offer 31.000 711-4404. It FOOT CHESTNUT. 13 ELEC- tnc, windshield, control, steering, bilge pump, anchor, chroma fitting, preservers. 4a-lU4. 304 FtW MMLMIXTj JOHN DEERE. NO. 30 PTO COM- bine. 7 ft. cut. grata tank ana Scaur - Ktean. Davklaon Equlp- meni. aianntHia. tint. 306 rUimiAiin EXCEL STORES PLAZA GINGERALE OR PLAZA COLA 7 30 or. TI botUes 1 RED and'WHITE POOD STORES "EXTRA SPECIALS AT OUR NEWEST RED AND WHITE 780 ST. JOSEPH BLVD., HULL, QUEBEC Open Every Evening Till B pjn. GOLDEN RIPE LARGE SIZE BANANAS at Your ALLIED FOOD MARKET STEINBERG 7 BTORXt TO SERVE YOU Fair lawn Plaza 214s Carting Ave. Bullng. Bridge Plaza , Wostgste Shopping Centre Eaatview Shopping. Centre Elm vale Shopping Centre , S55 Montreal Road ; 15 Loduc Strtet HuB , FOR SUMMER SALADS : RICHAAELLO ' SALAD DRESSING DOMINION STORES LIMITED .-A&PV'- j FOOD STORES' KLEENEX 40tVs i Assorted Colors , I ' ' SPECIAL . ; LOBLAWS : I ALPINE QUB LIME RICKEY - '"" !'" ft i. '.i V"A SUMMER FAVORITE AT THE COTTAGE 1 ' OR AT HOME.", - i 307 KTSTOCI ACTTVa. HTALTTIY LABRADOR -.-r pMppiee. mraa BnatM regUlered. S33-0S1S. . ADORABLE POODLE PUPPIES r ewis BNue-oiacK, mut brown, reasonable. I-J-41L aUDOIEa, ASSORTED CO LOUS, ua. 73S- 1703. DALMATIAN PUPPIES, REGI8-! aaraa, .anew and companloa vwcw. rwn uower. Sea JO 11 DACHSHUND. REGISTERED. 1 eju. nnaera ainaaa, lis Rent, Hall. FOX TERRIER PUPPIES AND ether. S Arlington. Phone CBS- evoa. GERMAN SHEPHERDS. PUPS. pwjucoo, ota, a HUNTING HOUNDS GIIABAN. taed for burn mg. i Sacrifice, vary aiieop. lu-ms t .itintied an Neat Clmni 307 m sroa IConf. from Preceding Colons LABRADOR RETRIEVER PUP- ptea, registered, r a a s a able. aeeaotic. wa-aooa. POODLE. SILVER. MINIATURE, female. 1 years, tlao. 733-333. iDLES. SILVER MINIATURE. glatered. tnoculatad. m I a 1-loaO. 73a-3a37. REGISTERED GERMAN SHEP- herd pup, lie montha, ceom. moaaiioo aai-tm. SHEPHERD DOG. PUREBRED. Us- y ear-OKI. Tiaesn STITTSVILLE KENNELS. PETS boaraea, oatnaa. c t pp a anu All sypea oi vwt"ve for a!. 1103 Wellington, ni-3111. stlttevUI 133. Complete ime os pas auppuea. TOY POODLE. TINY TOY brad. Little beautte ready to go. Sired by American Champion Silver Showman. Champion studs, all color avallabla. Mrs. Courtney, Dorcourt Kennels, U4-4 1 1 WANTED HOME FOR BLACK and white mala kitten, house trained. Tao-IMS. ' WZIMABANER. MALE. AEOIS- tered. . pedigreed. vaccine, trained. 0 montha old. 71-419. e pm BUtAKDlNO KENNELS PETS BOARDED. BATHED. CLIP- pea ana aiuusiu. new m Pbona Mrs- Hayaa. 743-tlot. 30t UVBTXI MIlTtt DAIRY COWS SOLD ON TIME. no down paymenv a iae pay. Phone its Embrun. or write si Marlborough, Ottawa. HEREFORD HERD' FOR SALE. 10 COW, to eaivee, e rnnte. - 1 bull. 313-3411 WANTED RIDING BOOTS. LA-dtar T and 71s; me 10 or "lot, 7H-iaae. U00 BALES MIXED CLOVEB ana auaua nay. f-noe All ceodltlonad. Everett Hasan, Wolfe laland. OnL Kingston S13- 1037. Wk JTiMPS WD (0! 5?T OTTAWA COINS WANTS SILVER dollars, iraa. lew. mi -Alaa need 101. itai, iom I proof like ecu and dollar. 131-7100. SEE OUR GREAT SPECIALS ON stamps and coins, alao Kennedy helf dollar at our 1 booths it the Ottawa Central Exhibition. Manufacturer a Annex Building. Coin Centre of Canada. 130-3sI. 400 ABE ON AND AFTER THia as ls win l"rjV7 V ' for all debte contracted "V am. be sir wife providing rt by my te I or a Cann Organ rrom Ki at I or a wan. v.. w. - - -"-Parlalen Piano Ltd. Signed Aba L M. DOVB MUSICAL SERVICEa. Pianoa tuned, repaired. Instruc tion aa bead and orchaetr la- new pasnee ana 73S-03SS. ALL YOUR IRONING BEAUTl-rully dene asp bom. S1WB30. CARD AND MIND READING. CROCHETED ATS. WOOL TAR- DISCARDS FROM YOUR BOMB prr-vtde wore ana wage roe u aVuStoaeMa and aaadr et the Ottawa Neigrtnorbood aarvltM Worksaopa. I-3737. DAI VINO TO SIOUX LOOKOUT. via ron wuiuun, run atwu. Leavmg Sept. la. wn 1 tot till, ask tor Jack. FLOORS BEAUTIFULLY CLEAN. ed. waxed ana p mem en sear- pnona esa-vi if FREB ROOM. BOARD OFFERED to eweriy gacnaamen vw. w. Telephone collect. M McDonald s Corner. Mr. Coualna. FREE ACCOMMODATION FOR mtddleheged women tn exchange for light duttee. Beat B-S17. aeur- GRATEFUL THAN KB TO ST lad for raeer receivee. GRATEFUL THANKS TO ST Jade for favor received. AX. mawtwa -rwirml arTTH YOUR waahert For tree astlmatae SU MO VINO t FOR LOWEST BATES and dependable eervtee call Capital. Fully ensured. 70-7011. NEEDY FAMILY WANTS STOVE. 0SS7. ORGAN AND PIANO LESSONS. and pointer system, now regle-4eraaTlt Factetaa Plan Stu ds. 740.7071. PIANO TUNING OR BEPAIBS BY ALII I Itl aTSItaT JWI tOB a aaw w ana Poteon. Ptagte and Til I la y LtMSpaxkT Straat. S1S-I30 pLZAaE WOULD THE LADY whoa I ate on me w - cott and again to nanioiseen. contact Boa B-01S. Journal. aalNTING. LETTERHEADS OR I " " T. 1 at I at wkaMaaaaaawgl aaVTJa fwh.' IT, UWm 9 t--a7-al a- PROTESTANT WIDOWS , keeper, non amoker non-drlnk-ar. Write Box HO tWraa. One. BAWLEIGH PRODUCTS, DEUV- RIDE WANTED BY TWO ENO- 11. h girl atuaena o ?T bars ar 0. Box eVotl. Journal. ROOM. BOARD. A NO CARE FOR aider ry paopaa. si i 1 1 -isa-illl. aciERTiric noraonucnoN Centra, e aiw w ron lO a. OB, aa aeei. aiLKSCRKEN PRINTING AND v3a a m tm ,vT.rurn join aiiwi --- Friendship Club. Introduce peo ple Of geoe snsrenw, - -a CMt-of-town tequUiee welcome ConfldenttaL Telephone 337-1070. Box D-703. Journal. BPONSOB WANTED FOB INTEL I Kent herd wart log group - waived la Important hlatortcal as elect for Csnads aenianniel Box B-4S7. Journal. STUDENT DR1VINO TO EDMON- toa giptamonr It. snare artvusg. 113-710. ... TRUCK. lt-TON. REMOVE RUB- Bien. etaan yaroa, aamuiaiiia eew Tvaatwhrrraa BINT ALB. RE- petr. Esaiiladj aeuivary. s-wonei 140-) ThLma's Herbal . Treatment 397 Bank St, OtUwa 2324388 .. ' Closed UntQ - SeKtnber 2M ' AD products available at , Steventon't Drug Store t . uu auaiB - i " A 232-7364 V , r I ..iiJLJES-JUSl sMllt.efceLnaed WW i s" 26 THE OTTAWA Ji IQURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 104 203 nUSHDATO. . ' (Coat, from Preoaaiae P iiim PARTLY rUKNISKHt. BACHE-lor. redecorated, front ground HOOT. Mcueea. zae-lVee. SANDY MIX. BACHELOR apartment, moeerniy rumisaon, tt3. Ium optional. 31-117. . sublet, i bedrooms, fur- rushed, wort Bod. flu. I3- SUBLET 3-BEDROOM. FURNISH- , wort End, im. hhwi WEEKLY. MONTHLY. B B A U T 1-fully furnlahed apartmenta In eoryjrt ot city, ju weeaiy. ' WEST END. CLEAN ROOMS7 completely furnished. A4ulU. 730-3171. WEST END, LIVING ROOM. FUEL lirepiace. a uowuuma. wrung area, equipped kltonan. storage, laundry lacultlee. linen, dishes, electricity includod at SIM. PAS-0701. . ' WEST END. BACHELOR. PRI-vato antrane. married couple . parkins. PA0-lia7. t BEDROOM. NEW FURNITURE, mbar. dryer, parklnc tnclud-ed. 14S Laeaaaa Street. TO-1 S-BEDROOM APARTMENT. 1S Laianer wan. a aoi. McEELLAB PARK APARTMENTS IMS Cart tat A nana 713-4373 OFFERS FULLY FURNISHED 1, t ad 3-bedroom apartmenta. alao linen, dlshee. TV and maid eervsc avallabla II featured. wlfnmtng bom, weea- ly. monthly. uy. ran lata without 1-BEDBOOM APABTNENT KKAIt ItOCXCLIFFE. QUIET raa. furnished to auM. SO Caas- LARGE FURNISHED 1 BEDROOM - $102 MILLCRAFT ARTS. Swimming Pool Rccrastioa Area T Mtuute tram Contra Town Oft lea SM MUlcraft Croaeant Next to McArthur Plaa Bhopping -Contra. Baatvlaw 74&MI741 " NO LEASES REQUIRED , Ottawa's Leading Apartment Hots) THE SAVOY 140 Slater St CEJ-6273 OFFERS: Putty raiulehed bachelors, 1-end 3-bedroom suites wltp ecnplett betel relet flat four DAILY at WEEKLY to tha Xaart at Caatra Towa ARISTOCRAT ttt Coopar S. rUBWlBMXU 1 -BEDROOM $37.50 . WEEKLY - MOMTHLY YEARLY Olifainlaaail Apia, AvxtlsM , aM-410 Data at taa-uie 30! itnCia FN SALE ALMA TEX FOB ALI alarlna reoulromeut buy at whnleaale prfres Wa carry Var- swiote. Trading Pant, ISO! RX3-11T3. AQUARIUM. 10 GALLON. FULLY qulppad. B Flat clarlaat- 713- loaa. . BABY CBIB AND MATTRESS. Lloyd eerriasev tab? tend. 733-1 1700. - RAMFORD REGIS LTD. WHEEL-1 ehtlr. winter, inmmndas, arthritis chair. Rental ar eeU. AM stent street, ciMlia BANDOAW. I. HP MOTOR. una. a lot; as- waoa ntuev t hp motor; 0 wood chleele, BXATTY WASHER OOOD COND1- BED, RUG. WARDROBE. MI8CSL lanaoaa article. aSe-SBls, oae-i bedroom arr. a -piece, box pnng ana mattr, food a allien. 713-373. BEDROOM SUTTE. S-P1ECE, It' mow. ieav Evenings. ivlng countty. b ras-earo. BED. BINGLK. MAPLE. COM Plata, tie; chesterfield, sotta. aad amtctnM m ! aaca. SJ-M7. BELLANCA, FRESH OVERHAUL. iauuvaiaa. vaconno. run 1 low tana aacmo. W4UI BELTONE BEAJUNO AW. PRI- at awnar, aaoa ' loot, altar fao. BICTCLZS. NSW AND , USED Toa analttr at tuaaat arloaa. BrwM. Boa and Campanr. SU BICYCLB. BLUB RACER, OOOD ondlUoa, 1 paar old. PA- BICYCLB, BOYS. I STANDARD. 1 raaar. soon oonoiiioa. riu-avaa BRAND : (ISM. HI Mr- SOYS- FOOTBALL PANTS. ahonMor aada. feoS aaa 7a. TS, CAMERA St MM. VOfOTLANDER, V Itoma tic II A. fully automaua. 1 porni a tawa. yiiw. raa-iaio. CAMERA. BAMOCAFLEX. SI MM. Pan-Laek trtnod. Sckanta UaM anatar. flaah trait. Portia tana. arornr laaa BkyllaM altar, aw aoadrtioa. OYta-lnal aataa SIM. aakmg art. TSt-ttat or m- CARRtAOB, OENDRON. - CON- -raruoM. nxa aaw. uro Aaraa, SOS ElMa Aranoa. CASK FOB HOUSEHOLD FUBNT-ara, namplili aatataa. You MiurraF?'11"'1"' LUMBER PLYWOOD TENTEST ' MAS0NITE ABITIBI HARDB0ARD LOW W FfIICI WAMT On IKAVICS .aZAGERAAAN aVCO.LTTX ;, ,.). u 10t BATVIEW ROAD 1. y OTTAWA, OUT. ' PAMIII' 301 A1TKIB fOt Ull. (Coat, rrom Praeadlns Corumal CHESTERFIELD SUITE. BEACH ranaa. ruf. othor mlacallanaoua lurniiuro. aia cooours. Apt. 1 CHESTERFIELD SUITE. BEFRI- taralor. atova. haavy wlrin(. SI. OOM. CHESTERFIELD CHAIRS. EASY c ha Ira. la prica, $39. Bran a Up-holatarlns. allpcovaiinc. rap a 1 1- ua. nana. a-aaua. CLOTHES TO FIT "BARBIE Doll." SOa aach. UnlTaraal. iu COFFEE TABLE, mahofany CMp- pandala, raaaonabM. Tt-T3a COLLECTION OF 1 NATIONAL Gaoaraphlc macatlDaa. dating Irom 1M? to 1063. Raaaonaolo onar eonaldarad. 777-1401 COTTAGE TOILETS. COMPLETE with aaptlc lank, a law lall to claar at tilt, ragular tut. Ot-tawa'a laraaat Mlaction of plumblaf. vJilliam'a Plum bint ana Haatinf r.ia-. luaa aiarivaia Road. T31-3M. Cloaad I p m.. Saturday. COME IN AND SEE OUR LARGE attention or lawn and. tartan auppUaa at SO off B. F. Good. ricn, oa anna, aoa-naa. DEMOLISHING. LUMBER. - GAS rurnaea, hot water tank. CEs- SaSt. DEMOLISHING STEEL 8TRUC- turo. ataai baama of an auaa. Vary raaaonabla. Phono 3U-4303 or apply at tha trallar at wauuujion ana pi uau. DINING ROOM SET. T PIECES, food condition. 1234473. DINING ROOM SUITE. WALNUT, naada raflniahlnt. S wardroba wunaa. Ta-o7i. DRAPES, HALL CARPETS HID. a-Baa. gooo conatuon. i ELECTROLUX VACUUM. GOOD conaiuon. aw. las-aaaa. ELECTRIC RANGE. S CUBIC FOOT rafrlfcratar, aiactne not waiar tank or win trada thraa Itama lor larger rafrtsarator. S3S-1W0. batwaan 4-a. ENGLISH. FRENCH SONGa. GUI-tara, organ muato. Muala Caatra, 141 Ridaau. EXACTA CAMERA, VX11A. BIO-tar lana. to vlawmg hooda. 135 mm laeo tM: 30 mm Rodanatock S t: aceaaaorlaa. pro baa. 323. or upa rac order aaal. aaa-apaa. EXCEPTIONALLY FINE VICTOR- lan antKrua mahogany buffat, aaoo. caaatarnaia. cnaira. ruaa. buraau. otnar houaahokt artlclaa. t3t-a5S or aH-ga4. FALL SALE. DRASTIC REDUC- uona to elaar. gaa ramgarauira and llghta. Manlon Propana Gaa FREEZER. RCA WHIRLPOOL. enaat typa, 11 rnonina an. aa 333-4133 alter FLOOR POUSHBR AND WAXER. 14 . gooo conaaaon. iao aw. FRAMB STRUCTURE COMPLETE lor building sf x 100 laminated root, architect alana auppUad. Apply to Bart FaraaL s Thoroa straat. rarta, oat. Tarapaoaa MT'lStT. FREEZER. OHwEON. SI CU. FT. automatic, raaaanaaia. ai-i7WJ. FREEZER. CHEST TYPE. It CU. It: axoaUant condlUoa. T3S f RIDGES. 8TOVES. WASHERa. dryara, taoanattaanad, guaraa- taad. Appllaaea aannea caaira. Somaraat aad Bochaatar. 1U- tua. FRIOIDAIRE REFRIGERATOR. kitcnan taaaa, ana cnaira. iaa- T78J. FULLY AUTOMATIC. SINGER Sawing mamma, wtta owca tor wutaoa noaaa, anroroioary. a. waa'war 340.Su, caorplata balanoa owlna Pay Sio aaoathly. Call SJS-TaoO. anytime. aim JACKETS. COATS. BTOLEa, tat, parfaet. Waairman Fun, P AS-aua. ruRNmniE. uvmo boom, bed- room. wiairlatoa, anwt aau. anar s. T33-TiaS. GIRLS' BICYCLE. EQUIPPED. brand aaw bad. complata: naw crib, rug undar pad rarrlgara- aar. Bargain. jjoo407. WIN A TV MAKE EXTRA MONEY Wra a portabla TV aat, wtilit you maka antra taonay. No ajipartanea awoaaaary. Sail axel Unf trm-ralua Chrlatmaa Carda and Olita. Bant big aroftta Frteaea and aalghbon buy aa right. Write tor Iraa color catalogua Spactal aaonay making plaa (or akttrahaa, aluba, achoola. HOMER-WARREN CO. Dept. SO, oil CWndeaaa Ara, EXHIBITION SALE , TV 21" . $49 up COLONIAL FURNITURE CO. LTD. Trade-la Dapartraaat 403 RANK Dial 236-9411 TARPAULINS AD Sltts, Complota Wita Ropes and GroounoU, CtBvas or flastlc, AA ZAGERiVLAN ; A CO. LTD. 100 RAYVIEW ROAD ' OTTAWA. OUT. I TBKtllt Demolisher Clearing Lumber Yard All MATERIALS FOR SALE Fercad air fumacca, ell tanks, btowort, buirrars, space beaters, floor furnaces, doors, windows, stairs, bath tubs. Sinks, basins, toilets, sheeting, plywood, Looo-a of feet of 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10. wooden baama, tteei baama, ah snimua doors and windows, bricks and Nock. A - Many Other Items Toe Numerous to Mention. Osgood lumber Co. ltd. . Located at the end of tha Albion Road, I mils south of Rideaa Carleton , etoa Racowar. 301 AJrnOO FOt SAU ICont. tram Praoadlns Column) HAIRDRESSING FURNTTURE. atyiing laoar, wiw mirrur, wrwi cnaira. ahanipoo chair. Vary raa-aonable, axcallant condition. 14 3333. HAY FOR SALE. ALFALFA, TIM- otny, Clover, avraw. nay aann 14a-lSS3. ' HIDE-A-BED. NEW MATTRESS. good condition. 333-741. HI FI SET. tlW. 37 ALDER CRES- oant, T3S-ie3a. UjVESEAT. ADJUSTABLE FOB bad. month old. 134-S3M. ava- MICROCORDER TRANSISTOR tapa record an by Wabeor, whlla they. Uat. MM. VaUay Audlo-Vuual. 110 WaUlntiaa Slraat, MOLESKIN JACKET. LIGHT blua wool ault, alia Sola. CS3- U1. MOVING, MUST SELL WASHER, aryar, lam pa, taoiaa. aingia oao, piano, goulp tabla. Accept offer Phona batwoan i and S. 14S-I3SS MUSIC COLLECTION. APPROXI mataly 1.000 ahaate. Popular aonga. Baal oner, NUMBER OF OIL BURNER CON. varalon units, with 300 gallon tanka, lor aala at alta. 123 corn-plate. Apply at Praacott Houalns Authority. 311 Park Straat Weat, Praacott, Onl, Box SSlor pbona wAvaA-aaii. OFFICE FURNITURE. NEW AND uaad. opham1, 110-131 Albert Straat. 337-llia. ORGAN. LOWREY. RENTWOOD daiuw, 4. year old. 31.300. laaa uuui. Ta p.m.. iM-ravi. ORGAN. HAMMOND. MODEL M-101. with buUt-ta foeera. apinat. aza-am. - OWNER BOUGHT NEW KENMORE naa for aala 40" Mouat ranaa, good condition, 30. 123-7101. call altar a PEDAL ORGAN. IN FAIR CONDI tion (Deherty), tot. 334-3304. PIANOS. ORGANS, MUSICAL IN-trumental Bargalnal Naw and uaad. Lauton Piano and organ Open Friday cvonlnga, 733-1434. PIANOS REBUILT AND O 0 A R- antced. Buy or raal with option to purchaea. Rantala from SS par moatk. Robartaon. Pingla and Tlllay Did, M S parka Straat and cariingwooa riaaa. eaa-iaai or T30-S3Z3. POWER PLANER; ALSO 1 HP gaaoune motor. aa-aaj. PROPANE OAS HOT WATER tana, aa gaia., una new, i able. S3S-STT1, erenlng. RADIO . PHONOGRAPH. CHAIRS, dreaaar, dry Iron fan aland. gou ciuoa. 7a-oaja- RANOETTE. ALL HEAVY XLS manta; SIT. T3S-3SIS. RECONDITIONED. DIAMOND AND emerald. Victorian engaaomani ring. 0300. Boa a34. journal. REFRIGERATOR. STOVE. 4-PIECE . lhrlns room art for aala. 313- ai7a. BEFRIGMATOR. WESTING- nouaa. 401 O'coaaer, aai was ftar t. REFRIGERATORS. VARIETY OF auaa and maaaa, waoa m on combination freeaar . refric-eratora. DomaaUe Food Barvtca. 73t-ltll. , ' RENTAL VACUUM CLEANERS. S3 monuuy. a raa. oauaavy. raa 3433. ' RENTAL. CHAIRS. TABLES, OUT. beard atotora. Aalaalaioaa, tefrl-aaratara, crlba. oflloa. baaauat, noma iwnlablaga, Jonnaooa Far., altura. Ill Murray. Sts Steak. RENTAL OF VACUUM CLEANERS 3 moauuy, aay ar aignt. tao- BXUPOfJSTBRINO. OIVB YOUR furniture a aaw look. Work maw ahlo auaraataaa. Fraa aatlmataa S-aiaee aat. davenport aad chair from' met. Cadlaux and Tltt-lay.. SIT Montreal Bead. T4S- 1130. , BALES. EERVICE, tNSTALLA-tlona. tanka. pumps, hoaaa. aou- aHmga, ananaa. powar aaaa oft, drive ahafta. iolnt noaa reel, ma tar. valvea. balta, Alemrle lubrication aqulpmant and fla-tlnga, ear waahara, uaad w a h-mobUo. track typa m good condition. Uaad equipment bought and aold. R. 81 Oarmaln Ltd., Mt St. Lawrence. Montreal. due. SEWING MACHINE. ZIO ZAO. automatic, makee button botoa, aewa en but tone, aoas ambroid- S34.T4. take over pay men ta. Call im-ivw, anyurne. SHKARED RACCOON FUR COAT. matching hat, else 14-10, coat tau. eat! 1350 eaah ar win accept site aad cheaper far eoal. A Lao autta. drum, ether ctetn- Ing. alaa 14-ia-n. 33a-eosa. SPACB HEATERS. SMALL COLB- maa, atrga Duo-Tltarm. aiowor, thermostat, good oondtltan. 004- aiea. KEEP. COOL At Roma and at tha Of fire With a Reliable Faa Front OTTAWA STORE AND KITCHEN - : EQUIPMENT 240 Bank St 232-0121 CARPETLAND 721 Richmond Road 729-1469 000 Colore t WOOLS ACRILANS NYLONS ' TR1LANS BLENDS ALL OOODS DISCOUNT ro , TERMS AT BANK RATES Better Oeode for Laat. Call Ut for Borne Bervtoa. f 729-1469 Open s.m. to 9 p.m. " Monday to Friday ; . STEEL SECTIONS Erery shape srsDable for balldlaf conatrucUon or manufacturtni purpoeos. ' Fabrleataaa aad araeUaa aar tea at yea M; ZAGERAAAN ca LTD. ; let BAYVTBW ROAD ' ; OTTAWA, ONT. , t . Telaphena pAS-ettl . sot uncus FC Sill (Coat, from Preceding Column) STOVE, NORGE. t" BURNER wven, a awraae nrawera, aow 133-S3B1. STOVE. 4 BURNER. 4e FRIG! aalre. with warming oven and a tor ace drawer. 713-1443. attar 0. STOVE. HEAVY WIRED. BEACH, 4-burner. good condition. 733- 7091, morninge-eveninge. TABLECLOTH. HAND CROCHET-od. beautiful deelgn, used once. 131-3131. TELEVISION RENTAL, til DB- uvers, op lion to purchase. 334- TELEVISION. ALL SIZES. BUY aa you rent. Trade without cean Hunton. 134-1330. TELEVISIONS. NEW. USED, 33 waaaiy. no caaa. witn sraoa. aa- 3o. Excel. TRAILERS, BOX. LIGHT. STU li ny, sell. rent, iw-jwi i 133-loar TRAILERS BOX. LIGHT, sturdy, eel, rent. 73-31J 1; au- " - 1 - - TV. HI-FI COMBINATION AND TYPlWniTIFU, ELECTRIC Mo tors. Vlctrola. raoordi: personal radios. Evanlnga ISO Preston. TYPEWRITER.. NEW. PORTABLE, manual and electric. Smith Corona, e-year warranty. 731 4SM evenings and Saturdaya. USED FURN1TURB. DESKS AND chain at Bvaaa and Kert Ltd, in USED BUILDING MATERIALS. aluminum operating windows, alased and mlacallanaoua brick. Artificial atone, block., doors windows, coping atone arra other Hems too numerous ta mention. 733-1710 sreekdaya only, bay iwean e-e- VIOLIN AND GUITAR. REASON-able. Tl-sai4. 3 to 7. VISIT OTTAWA'S LARGEST furniture and trade-in department. Alwaya an --interesting tour. Johnaon'a Furniture, lit Murray. WASHING MAOHIKES AND atovaa. raouiit. guanntead, from SIS an. Tha Service Depot Uro- hou. aae nemarar. vsa-oasa. S FULL DISCS. HUB CAPO FOR iB07 t-aoiiiae. seat oner ace ad 74l-a37t after t Jo pm S BOUDOIR AND BED LAMP aeia. mooer tv antenna. tl.M. Robert Electric. 133 Rl- ueau tirce. S ROOMS OP BEAUTIFUL FUR- uiiura. aaas. never uaad, must living room aat, S-Mter sofa and matching arm chair. Genuine walnut eeffea. 1 and teniae, lampa and pictured Rich Scandinavian style walnut ftnlah dinette table and 4 chain, Bedroom aat, white "and gold pro vincial eeeun, consists of double dreaaar aad framed mirror, single commode, double baa. spring and mattraaa. Sea It nowl 1315 "for eeanplata S ream grouping. Convenient terms 307 A Meat-raal Road. 74a-at7. 10 OFF 1M4 LAWNBOY POWER mowers. Green Valley sot Moatraal Road, 1t-4433. 0 GAL. HOT WATER HEATER. eaoauent condition. 47a-a33. 1M3 PHILCO Hl-yl, tilt. WEST ana Appiianoaa, 1013 Walllng-toa. 730-4 133. BICYCLES 300, NEW, Stt.te UP. SECOND nana, aio up. nyiea ana Co, goa-S07 Bank, between MaeLarea a BaroareeL 111 0014. Opea Friday till 0 p.m. WILLIS AND CO. LTD PIANOS: ALL CANADIAN WILLIS pianoa at eonatderabie a a I n g a. Uaad and reconditioned pianoa from 7t up. Ottawa's largest Plane sna organ neeier. taat Wellington. 713-1 Ml. HIGH SCHOOL FOB DOGS FALL OBEDIENCE TRAINING SALE TEAK FURNITURE 00" FLOOR ; BOOKCASBf .. . $39 COFFRT tie TABLES . ? I J END TABLES . DININO ... $9 . $65 . $10 DINING cHAisa ... MATINEE FURNITURE -297A MONTREAL ROAD 74S42U . ... NOTE: Opea Every Weekday Evening Until 9.30 p.m. CORK BOARD ASBESTOS PACKING ' INSULATION J PRODUCTS I SM MERTVALE ROAD 5 PAS-4607 FIRE SALE , . j CONTINUES , 4-Orawer Cheat, eMO OC unpalnled . f IJ.7J -Drawer Cheat, ru ftc unpointed . I J. 7 J t-Drawer Chart, t7 anpamted . 4 J "ZZT $24.95 S - Drawer Double - Drasssr, anpamted .... $24 95 11 - Drawer Triple Dreaaar, ' unaa toted .... Jpf 9 ' ROTHMAN'S FURNITURE ' 329 BANK STREET ... :v ; Oaea tr te t , NIGHT SHOPPING BARN Deeohenes and Lower Aylmar Rd , t . upaa 7 ta 40 pm. 'ONE' .17", PHILCO Portehle wtlh can-Tanna.'' "m torauola, . atftO guaranteed ....... O" . R & A. COHEN BANK at LAUR1ER . 234-74S1 ' lUUSi Uaua; the tolaowtar IS letter la tha blank aquarae below how many weroa can you form vertically udhorteon tally? Uaa aatna ward only oaoe and no proper aouna ar plural plaaaa. Whan word oaataut faia than tetter and ar m aama Una l a, TOICaT acor. Inf at 1 pt for word "TO" and 1 pU. for word "ICK." MAXI-MUM KTJMBEK OF POINTS PlWUNBUFIVaiTaaaalat you, wa have tnatrtad a few aodlUonal lattara. AAEHrf 400 fOMUU (Cont from Preceding Colttmn) UPHOLSTERED FUBNITURat RE- covered, slipcover, repairs, au-chea chair recovered. Quality materia la. Law prices, 731-7171. WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO, maaaage and naam. operataa oy graduate ins as s Pbona 333- 0331. ..J WHY NOT RENT AN ECONO-CAB for your vaeattonr no traveu restrictions and weakly rata lea than you think. All car automatic. Insurance, aeat belt, radio. Telephone 743-144 YARD, CELLARS AND GARAGES cleaned and hauled away, repairs. . rmlnUng. email carpentry work, lawn car aad a meat work. 130-0037. YES IT HAPPENEDI 33 A WEEK for dancing lemons ana oe a member of an exclusive elun. MA Rldeau Street. Steve and Norma School of Dancing. Ap ply In person, no pnona caira. YOUNG GIRL WANTS GENTLE- man companion so bshh. help finance eetate that VII left her. Box E-403. Journal. ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS ACCOUNTING, BOOKKEEPING. financial statements, resume. Moderate tea. 713-0171, -altar 140. 501 HUE ffilF WAITED C ARETAKER. FULL - TTM1. Church and adjoining nau. wnse giving age. experience and reference to Property Chairman, Westminster Presbyterian Church. 470 Roosevelt Avenue. CHAUFFEUR REQUIRED FOR Australian Ambassador ta we United Natkma In New York. Salary SJ.OOO-atoO par einum. Application IB nrrlttng only to Australian High Commlaaion. 00 Sparks Street. Ottawa. Part of tha coat of the far to Maw. York can be reimbursed after 11 month antiafaetary tervlce. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT'S of I ice requtree tmermeaiaie or enter CA student ar recent S aduate. MacLeod. Comrla and ompany. 130-0111. COOK. MUST BE EXPERIENCED In dining room wars, neierencee. Apply In peraon. Tha Butler Motor Hotel. Ill Montreal Road. EXPERIENCED OIL BURNER ervice man tor run time employment. Apply J In peraon to Hubert Stove and Furnace Ltd.. 101 Pinner Straat. EXPERIENCED BUTCHER AND Counterman neeoea irrnncujeseiy. Glebe Meat Market. 133-0301. Medical Detail Man Required by expending progressive pharmaceutical company offering pharmaceutical specialtlea only, lo call on doctor, boepttale and druggists la the Ottawa-Httll area. Stvould be dependabU, married and are between SM. Some selling tapcrtence necee-aary and should have awn ear. Salary plus bonus, group Insur- Reply gHrmg full deUlla ta Box E-6G7, Ottawa Journal Student Draftsman Itoqatrasl bjr NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL Tha Dtvieiou of Mechanical Engineering renurres tha aer-vlcea of young snaa ta detail components for turbine elated experimental teat equipment. Appltoanta must have at leant Industrial high achool greduauoa or the equivalent with honor tn the drafting eeelon. Resrrenr ex-parlanoa would be aaset but a not aaeenlleL bilttel l-ary up ta OSASO par annum depending upon auallfloatlona. Apply eta ting age and giving II detalla of educe Hon and experience ta tha Employment Officer NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL Drive, Ottaw 1. Quote eompettttoa aumber ME-111. COMPUTER PROGRAMMER Required NATIONAL RESEARCH . COUNCIL Te undertake problem analysis nd digital computer programming for research group tn the Mechanical Engineering Division. Problems will in- elude general scientific ealca-' 1st lone and reduetioa of en ginaertng teat data.. . Candtdstaa anouM have knowt. edge of aaavarical analyses and elementary etstletice as well aa computer p roars mmlng. ee-pecislly FOR TAN programming. An catMintenca with analog computer or general engineering lading would be 1 value. , , .; I,.. .. ...,. i( - ,, Apellcanta enould nave a una. varsity graduation with specialisation an Mathematics and , at leest one year of programming experience. Credit will be green for additional re te la ueu at , GRADE 13 GRADUATE To Study Mill Opera tiont ''.i .-and INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING v (TIME STUDY) ' tti All Departnientr ;' . Opportunity and need for further technical study while . wactngv ... Textile or Induttrial engiTveer-big experrence desirable but not nrKeaaary. Company is a world leader in paper machine induttrial felt and blanket production. Company has pent Ion plan, tSS. Mveiage. group Ingur-snce and regular holidays. Apply by mall or telephone (or interview, to R.S.1ACKSON . ;t : IntL Entneer ' " . v KENWOOD MILLS' ARNPRIOR, ONTARIO x . Teiephone 623-3161 . ,

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