The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 25
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anaVe,e,a.oosm,m..e-e. SATURDAY, AUGUST 29. 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 25 r " 201 AMI, RATI TO LET (Cant, from Pimodlng Colueaitl SUBLET, OCT.. '3 BEDRl OOl rklr, equipped IAWB nouM TWO BCD BOOM APARTMENT. eleewtoelly equipped. Apple M ' Rideaa Tnm Apt. I I UPPER DUPLEX M4 LISGAR Aug II. SS5. S1S-7S44, evenings UPPER DUPLEX 4 BEDROOM t bathroom. Britannia Park aaa im. UPPER DUPLEX, 3 BEDROOMS, heated, llahtod. S7S. 1U-II11 OPTEB DUPLEX. a-BEDROOM. neeled. parkin. available. T4S-I TS1S. u Donald. UPPER DUPLEX, a FLOORS. 1 rooma. October 1. unequipped. aae-atoa. 134 a to a pan. ' UPPER DUPLEX. 1 BBDR00 M. claaa. haatad. private entrance. X15 74j14S. ; UPPER DUPLEX, a BEDROOMS, not oqutppad. Eaatvlew area. SHS-aSS. VERT LARGE. ONE BEDROOM apartuieea. Hanover kitcbaa. elee- trlaauy equipped, parking. 4a - Mean Ai-enue. IN RESIDENTIAL SANDY HILL Le -Chanteclair -Offer Spacious Apartment Living Wall-to-wall carpeting Individual balconies, Indoor heated swimming pool and gamea room. Air-conditioning optional. Convenient to schools. churches and the downtown area. 290 NELSON at 1 LAURIER 232-1143 232-1214 VERY CLEAN. 1. BEDROOM apartment, eloee to tioa. ahopptea. rodscnrelaa, s WEST END. MODERN s-RED- reont lowar apaitroent, eloee to nw, rrvnuq iao. saa-aaas. WEST END, LARGE, MODERN 1- asuioura apanmani. one. ih WEST END. VACANT. 4 - BED-room apartnant. 445. autt couple, vary claan. Central, lse-104. evenmgs. .ae-aiao. WEST END, AND BEDROOMS upper duple. Tas-SSdS. 1 -BEDROOM APARTMUTT aaodorn rarlvtlng, Caatra Towa. fMrktec beat. 11M Included ta - sear nac M I BEDROOM. MXUIOSB NEAR Oiaitatsaa. are. aas-aaiu. t BEDGROOM. MODERN', SUBLET May J, IM, caitdc poo). Baa-sira. a. narev eaitooer awannuaa 1-BEDAOOM APAKTMXJrr, " trtoaUT eejuaosed. a, ei Inwaodsaasay, ratal Sroe month - SilllaailiaT. Apply efcspart dee. As. 4. Tat-OaBl. 41 a Mra-trm BRITANNIA PARK "WHERE WE OFFER MORE FOR LESS New 2-Badroorn Apartments Ready for September occupancy. WalMawair wlnduwe Comfertaole dtning roam Larva bathroom with vanity and extra eoontcr apaca Lanes cloaa la Pull wall alothaa cloaete Provincial daalcnad kttrhena with moat modern appliances Soundproof buJJdtng Carpetod balla Caotaa at eolors. tllaa and counter top flnlahoa Prao electricity and parkins $109 ZEPHYR AVENUE AT BRITANNIA PARK Mode la Opaa aDily Prom 1 in. to p re, 828-2144 I BEDROOM, BALCONY. HEAT-ad. United, an, 157 St. Andrew 1 - BEDROOM APARTMENTS. quiet. lean, r laeill perkmg. laundry factiltlae, ioni ser, ana am. SS Crtchton, 74- . BEDROOM APARTMENT. Mo- Artoar pleaa, etectrlaally equlp- . pea. sweesa. Tee-eree. S-BKDBOOM APARTMENT, KXAT-ad. parking, aas. SU-aiW. BEDROOMS. KITCHEN. BATH-room aaoand floor. SI Gordon est asoo. I BEDROOMS, MODERN CHOICE waat En laaauaK free Barking BEDROOM APARTMENT. I Hvtra- room, kitchen, bathroom. aaaament, free parkins, pJug-ln BEDROOMS. DININO BOOM - kitcbaa. lao Willow. 8-BEDROOM APARTMENT, OCT abar I. Can 74-aitl. 1 LARGE ROOMS. KITCHEN, bath and eundech. SS ralrmont. -BEDROOM APARTMENT. SEPT. 1, lafilaeiatoT. etatre, food fam-By atae. SJS St. Laurent Boule- yTHE ENVOY 'V ta avdet raaldtntlal Bandy , . HM1 , Spall ta kerre Urea aal- ' In kltohen, double ateed dmma aaa Hrta rooma with Merieera foyer aad Ene taaaarally detoratad he I la Swtmmlna pool and rooftop and pkieMn aarkmi BACHELORS tTeOaJ -e.... .' I BIROpM "PBOM ,... $75 $115 $130 234-0730 ' . s , - STEWART ST. st OUPEI. .. . I ' 201 AriLiusnin ' (Cowl, from praoadlns Columa) 4 ROOMS WTTH BATH. NICE. orient, aiactiieally equrppea Would auit ooupla. au-saaa. US-)!. 4-ROOM APARTMENT. ELEC-' Uleally equipped. Aucuata at. near Rldeeu. edulu, SH. 74S- Jia ara. sept . central, large. I -bedroom, equipped. SW-ltf eweuuiaa. 44. 3 ROOMED UNHEATED rial. LeBretod at Arluutton. 4334. attar . iso wooDRorrx. sept. i. s. larae. equippea. T22-iaaa. 141 BREEZBBILL t TO ROOM PROM 477 JO. PUR- nianeo. avauaoia. Apply Apt. iot. 7IS-3t7. CENTRE TOWN 1-BEOROOM DUPLEXED APART- ment modern, equipped. Saa. SHS-0131. NEAR RIVSRSIUE DRIVE, SI 7 EVERY CONVENIENCE OF A bachelor apartmant la yours la in is wen appoinieo euite. jne lectrlcelly equipped kitcbaa la oeauxnea lor your earl bbtuii convenience and the bl brlcht rooma will delleht you, within walkmc dlatanca or Eaatvlew Shopping Centra and OTC bua aerelca at your doorstep. 144-77M Ottawa's Finest Apartment Building Is Located at - JOO BRONSON The JULIANA 100 BRONSON J Open Till I p.m. very arvenin 4TVnjiig. rom PURTBER DrroRMATfOsf Telephone 233-7719 BRUT ANY rEBBACB LTD. BACRSXORS. UVTMO ROOM. arraawad an bedroom area, kitcbaa. ceramic tiled bathroom, ateea. retrlaerator. beet, bot water and electricity supplied Pree car alus-U at your door Modera laundry rooma. SSI Brlttaap Drlaa. T4S-SSSI. NEAR CIVIC OSPITAL MODERN t BEDROOM APART. tenia, heated, laundry feciltuee. Tmratraj witn puts in. superln IO00 Silver. Unfton. rastview, aaa LOVELY ONE . BEDROOM NEAR Cummlnsa Bridge with la welkins distance of Eaatvlew Shop-pm( Centra. OTC bua service et your door Thai at a large well appointed eulte that oilers you bid brlaht rooms, fully equipped kitchen. Sear to eel una a tees Is. esc. 7-f JA. sst.aa . sta.aa PRICED RIGHTS WE ARE SURE that thla a-badraom apartment. newly decorated, janitor service electrically equipped, tree park- Ins aad direct route SI but, eaa eat ee pee I en. rnone ree mim. ; FOR OTTAWA'S FINEST APARTMENT PLUS YOUR OWN PRIVATE COUNTRY CLUB ! TURN TO PAGE 3 . Ttrs BNpnrLB ill Olreaeer CeavealraUy Located Neat Beak Si, m otmrr surroundings. Brand new balldlitf erltb parktne elevator, laundry room. Saarsar V anaater antenna aad Bachelors and ana bedreom. from sao Rental offlaa aa ptsmlsae. or poooe 2M-7eaa. MBTCALPB. NEAB MUSEUM. SIS MODERN SEMI - BASEMENT apartmant, 1 bed room, llvtnt roora, aim u many aquippaa edulla. ' October or November I sse-aiss: sas-isa. . OUARANTT TRUST COMPANY et Caaada. Reartara" a ta a tlt-latl .-- .. SUSSEX DRIVB. TWO BEDROOMS. rooms, i rv ins room, kltcheei. heth. S7S. Immediate aocupancy. 234- OTTAWA BAST. LABOR TWO oeuioum apanment. an ffround floor, electrically equipped, re- sneiira. eey. aaa pass, CENTRAL, "l AND t -BEDROOM LARGE, SPACIOUS AFART mania, ammd rooma. a aoundproof. parkliaj. W I latdsa Arms, lap Arayle. 201 ami, mn to in (Coat, treat pranarllng Calamai ARB MORE BEDROOMS A NB- eaealtyt S bedrooms, large uvlna roam aad kitchen. eleetrlcaUr equipped, tile kathrarsai. tree parking, schools and ihopfMng very handy. Phone 744-414 ait CHAPEL STREET BACHELOR AND I BED BOOMS electrically equipped. Manor service, laundrv udlltlca. era bulMUuj- ns-asis. HAUoa usi aias t.avnannu apaamiKMir SEP. arata mmns room, auuuipeu ens uw, si7v. tee mmmm. WHY PAY MORE? Before You Decide See THE AUGUSTA" Corner of Ridesu and Augusts I A 2 BEDROOMS jJJ Also furnished apartrnenta on request Model Apartments Open From 2 to 9 p.m. Weekdays, 1 to t p.m. Weekends, 233-3611 749-7248 THE POOR WINDS APIS. Laxary Lrrtag AS a Price Tea Can. Afford MO LEASES REQUIRED FOR OUR rally furataned bachelor. I- and S-Bedroom suites. Linens, dteheg aaa free perking, plus weekly raaia service ate exceptional crier. LOCATED AT tTSS BASELINE Bead at Ravshe Drive. 721-74IS I -BEDROOM. St HERE IS INCOMPARABLE CON venlenee, looatloa and luxury only minutes from - downtown Ottawa. Ideally situated In a quiet residential area, tub 1-bedroom offers you aa electrically equipped work - saving kitchen with loads of cupboard apaca, ceramic tiled bathroom with vanity, abundant closet apace PLUS a mala floor laundry and utility nam. You 11 also enjoy the con yea lent OTC bua service at your door step. 7ZX ao4i. PARTICULAR PEOPLE PREFER. THE TIFFANY PURICISirED OR DNPUfUflBHBD APARTMENTS 150 DRIVEWAY 235-8341 l-SSDROOM APARTMENT. StS NEWLY DECORATED. MODERN, eleaililcallv aiiiimiian eloaa to Ottawa University or Parliament Buildings, an Murier a. or ser ssaa . ORDER YOUR JOURNAL WANT AD 4 OR 7 TIMES AND RECEIVE ONE DAY'S ADVERTISING FREE! Arrrrourcemerits IN Btrtha ins Deaths I0SA Ana! verse rr Maaa tag Cards at Thanks 1SSA Societiea and Ladgaa let Feaaral Direoaara las ' CaaaaSary Memorlala ISSA Came aa Caarea loss Plarteta 104 Laat iosa Poena! lie Wlii a Oe ui iia ' Apartments set 7 Apas Ira sals, Plata to aaa - Ap BY PHONE 236-751 1 -taam are aa dirty dairy U pasj Suarlay S a-m. te AT THE COUNTER Tbe Joarnef Building. Mem Ploar. weekdays tram a am. la a am. aataraays (rasa a aas. la 18 aeon. - ,201 ira.funnin I Coat, from Piauidlag Columa) OLEBS LOCATION ROOMY, OCT. I APARTMENT. large nvanff room, a aearooma. kltcnani- eleetrlcelly equipped bathroom. aad-auT. SANDY BILL J- AND a-BEDROOM APART-mania, aaa. aaa and SS5 Large -. Irving rooms, electrically equipped: very nomrortabla. off -at reel parsing- sja atpi; asa-ana riSVST MONTH PBEE AVAlXAaiLE CENTRAL. STOVE refrigerator, Venetians, parkins. 1 bedroom. SSO. aaaSoS. ALTA VISTA I aad a Bsdraaas Aaartmeau Prasa SS7 HERE 5 1 EVERYTHING YOU , have - bean looking for and aore. extra apace, extra roomt-aeee. Bnay living In a quiet residential area close churches, shopping and OTC bus service Included features are pa clous rooma, fully equipped kiicnena, a no many more con-venlencee of comfortable llv Uvlng 7JJ-S40S CHOOSE YOUR SUITE NOW I! For Fall OcxnipaiWy. Only a Few Remain in Ottawa's Largest and Finest THE FAIRCREST Smyth Rd. and Riverside Dr. 733-5911 aas MONTHLY LA ROE. BRIGHT. 1 . BEDROOM apartment to eutuet. 4 . place ovui, iwvaneov en vaiconj, newly decorated, equipped and heated Looatad Bank at Gladstone BUDGET PRICED NEW BUtXXrtNO. CLOSE TO churches and shopping Carpeted halls, electrically equipped. Must be eaea ta be appreciated. Lorraine ApertmantaJ S4S Clarence Street et rtieUC. A. ritralm-mone and Co. Ltd.. SU-71SS. Evenings aaS-S4M and 7 Si-XSSI NEAB atlNBS BD1LOINOS SSO BETJ-4IIT.IHOTON. GBOUND Boar, aaaaeta i bedroom, equipped. Oct. i. Adults, garage avail- $65 a. $95 Bachelor 1 and 2 Bedroom - Electrically equipped, colored fixtures, laundry facilities, free parking. Janitor service. Apply Apt 1. 373 LafonUins St Eastview, or S. G. AAacy & Son Realtor aad General Insurance 265 Laurier Avenue, East 237-1595 Articles for Sale SKI Articles far Sale ana A rtlclee Wanted SOI Beats and Marine aoSA Gardening Lendacaptrig Sot Farm bn piemen ta SOS Fuel for Sale aos aat aoa Penltry.UvaataeB Personals Employrrsent late Beaf Waatsd SSI A Sslssmsn aad Agents UI aox r easels Berp waaasd sas , Tse osiers WssMed a aas. ta t pm. rlWaday till 1 Baa. Baaaday S pas. te pa. ANNOUNCEMENTS Deet Betaaaa. Leesm ISiUna, Ta pm ward, mmbaass Charge Legal Bidna. Tanaara. SSa psa- Una. . . NOTE: Baaagamsass. Maiilagis. wttk gr aHblat psrttiraa. appear an fcdal psaya. Box Niambawa Wotsi nsad count as three' (3) words, nires la froupa, each initial. sbbrtrrUtlons, si pis count ' as 1 wrjrl TtjeTpboos aumber, a words. Cost of aasilint Box Replies, 10c oot refundable. It ia sdvuable to oaa Name, Address ana Tasarphone Number for batter reaults. Kates apply to prtvata advertisers only. ; . ' Ifa aaay to wr A4 for .......... daye PVtase to odotti $......... wtoe wMdln No. .1 " NAMK ADDRESS ....Ms. No. .... . MU hit OASSTOD ADS, THE OTTAWA JOURNAL, H7 Ooaaa Street, Ottawa. I I I , Na, le ' h I H Witta Qbb I WaN I ta tad. Spaca Wotb l TTase I Thttes Tints Tawas Tlsaa I l t jM filM Free U.T rrea ) t I I , I I M IM Free tfT Frae" 11 Jl IM Free j J4 Frea j , I . U . St 1J Free UI Free ' t . 14 M .! Free t-7t Free , ' IS JO 'l2S I Free M Free t, U tAm Free 4U Frea j I I - 17 j IjM IM Frea ( 44 Frea I j I I I . It lit Vn Free 4-14 Frea ' I j I H U4 UI Free ll TnT I t 1 Ut) IM fraa MS Free w affiNUIXIM 201 U FLITS TO ItT (CaMit rrtafa. FrtMsdlAjr Cettuia) H RESIDENTIAL AREA. aVBCDROOII with rplcm, ttjuppd. 7. leATKB AND LAL'BIKB AvartMtaita Lttl. BACHlXOItJ TnOH M. 1 BED room from no AU afwrtmcnte ciesan, oil ntaiM, aluminum wtiv tlowa. ho, water and laundry faciUUsM. Janitor attrvloa, par-aunal managamam. Apply renlal office, .M9 SUUr. Apt AT 201 McLeod (Opp. National Museum Park) YOU CAN NOW RENT ONE OF THE FINEST ONE-BEDROOM APARTMENTS Come and See Our - Display Apartments Any Day From' 2 P.M. - 9 P.M. Deluxe Accommodation at Standard Prices. TELEPHONE 235-4221 ALBERT NEAR BRONSON I and t I ELECTRICALLY EQUIPPED healed. Apply 470 Albert St, Apt. a. or S C Macy and Boo. Sen Laurier Ave. East. SaT-lSfo. GOVERNMENT EMPLOTEES AT 444 SO. YOU CANT BEAT Ulla. Apartment with appelate budroom. large living, separated kltohen with stove and fridge, free parking. Interested, phone 744-4 1U. NEW WENTW0RTH 7 PLAZA Two Luxury Apartment Buildings in the Heart of DQvntown Ottawa. Individual beat controls, kitcbaa exhausts, etr-condlttontng. meeter TV aateana. balconies, swimming pools, parkins. BEDROOM $1QQ BACHELOR and I BEDROOMS AVAILABLE Manager and Superintendent aa promisee. Telephone 234-4065 ' sandy arm. 1 aad a BaSiaeeaa a UVTNO BOOM. DINTNO ROOM. balcony, electrically equipped. perune. APOlv s. a. Macy ana ' Bon. -Realtor- and General In- aorance. aas Laurier Ave. East, 237-ises. a-BEDRooM. tea SEPT. I. MODERN. NEWLY DE-corasad. 24 Lenare Place. Eeet- tnew. tae-eiTTa. aea-a7M. ST. MARY'S PAR1SB MODERN I BEDROOM APART-menu eleetrlcelly equipped, quiet end reetrui aarraundinga. siwo. 7ss-e7sa. aos sna SOT Tuition Baby Boi sitae Positions Vacant Rooms sei Roama to Let eni Rooma Wanted SOS Room and Beard Real Estate 1 Boaees tor Sale 741 A Aats. far Sale TO Boaaas for Bent 70S Boasas Wealed ta Buy ttSA oaaes Wanted to Rent m Otrieea-Stores ta Rent TSSA Pi aunty te Bant aoa Pispsitj Wanted 707 Oat-et-Tewa Properties 704 Farma tar Sam end Rent BY MAIL Clssslflsd Ada may be placed by DEADLINES Classified Ads received before Maaraeyl may aa inserted tne CORREaiONS AND est sna S04 scs SWf aos AUowance sen be made for one ui Bieoiroet Insentoa only. Adiaiiiasaiaiita abay be mace I led for neat day tf esetructloaa are retelsad before S BJn Monday ta Friday. I pat, Saturday aad S pea. ta S pa. Sunday. Refunds wul be given ea anussd ar eanceiled laawrtlone. Whan eeneslUng aa Ad Saiasad a -RIIT anaabar. Ma allowance ea claims oanmlltd wltaaaat B. ItVWORO AD 714 101 IConV from Preceding Columa) S-14 l.gNORS PLACE I BEDROOM. SaaSO MODERN, electrically equipped laundry ferllltlee. lanltor aarvtce. free plug-In parking, also partly fur-nabed SS7 SO. aU-IMS. altar S. 74-Tml. COOPEB STRRET BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND HTT-ealle. lor Oct. I occupancy I bedroom wllb porrfa. 40 aaa- sovl Aiier i pa. cau aJe ewv THE BXECOTrVE Baraeler aad I Bedreeaa Proas SMS LOCATED AT THE CORNER OP Mrtcalle and Lewis Streets, Just a few steps away from Elgin Street shopping and transportation Unmatcbed for convenience and elegance, unequalled In aarvtce. equipped lor your 'comfort with automatic alave- tors. rooftop laundry and pent house solarium Puratabed on request. Enjoy the quiet at- -moephere of one of Ottawa's finest addresaes. 232-0300 Eastwood Park Estates OTTAWA'S BEST RENTAL VALUE IN FAMtLV TYPE surra 3 BEDROOMS from $92.50 3 BEDROOMS from $110 See the Model Apartment sas mcarthUr road Just fn side tne private stone entrance of Eastwood Park Estates Superintendent on Premises 749-2332 " BERT KATZ REAL ESTATE LTD 236-9183 WEST END a-BEDROOM DUPLEX. SPACIOUS kitchen, choice of recreation room or separate beoamant. SI 13 heated. S3S-4S1S. GOOD VALUE a BEDROOMS. IS PRESTON. redecorated. See and S45. CE4- Z4. I MUST BE SEEN AT THIS MCE! Large bedroom, living ream, pullman kitchen, stove and fridge, route Si bus Sakaa you downtown la 14 mlnutea Pbone anrlUIHll TVkAACR t BEDROOMS. LTVINO. DINTNO is oca. ajicnea eiaciriaBuy equip aed. ceramic tile batbroont private basement with laundry tuba, heated garage. 41 eat, bet water supplied Vhodla. shops, churches closa-oy. SS. rltuay Drive. 74S-4SS1 LONDON ASMS 1SI Meeralfa screes 7-l4 OCT. I OCCUPANCY. SPACIOUS 1 bedroom apartraenta. ample cupboards, elevator, laundry facilities. Superintendent. Apt. a MINTO PARK AREA. (1st HER IS A l-BEDBOOM APT. only atepa away frara Elgin street shopping and tranaporta-1 non with every comrort ana convenience yon oould pasatbly tmarine. reaturea utctune elec trically equipped work-eavtns kitchen with loads of cupboard enece, ceramle -tiled bathroom, abundant floor So ceiling closet apec plus sparkling leandry room. You wul be delighted with , supsvbly plsanad aulu that Is designed to suit your every day need and desire. Fur nished on request, gas-jsrp Tne Parma Wanted TIS Cottaaaa far Sale 7IA Cottagae for Rent 71 B Cottage Lata for Sale 711 Cottages Wanted f'.IA Resorts 711 Bastneee OppertanlAes 711 Financial Used Cars. Aatea far Sale A aloe Wanted soa Tracks aad Trailers Caragaa w Mrsceilaneous Legal Aucuea audi through the convenient am (10 am. Thursday, lam. roiiowmg puoiieawras nay. CANCELLATIONS ?0h ll.RAftTOin 201 I3TL. RATS TO LET (Cont from mnadln MINT0 Canada a Mast Honored Builder FOR OTTAWA'S LARGEST SELECTION OF OUTSTANDING ACCOMMODATION TURN TO PAGE , PARKW00D HILLS MINT0 ' Most onored Builder In Ottawa's Popular West tni PARKWAY, APARTMENTS ENQUIRE ABOUT MONEY-SAViNG SUMMER SPECIALS . Comfortable parkland . surroundings Convenient to Shoppers City, CsuHintwood . Sboppiof Centra, and new Trades School Public and Separate ' Schools, snd Churches Free plug-in parking BASELINE BO AO JUST WLST . or wooQRorrE ave. (near Shoppers City) . ore bus at door RESIDENT MANAGER' A. ROTHSCHILD o28-483 82S-297 Ylait our furnished aaodels an display every atoning (incL Seturdsysl tu a. Baaaday tm S. MINTO Canada a Moat Honored BulUs ' 14 .Blocks From Parliament Buildings SELKIRK APTS. BACHELOR tram 1 BEDROOM fruia a BLOROOkt Inan . $75 $82 $112 rURNIbHED ON REQUEST DAILY 10-S: WEEKENDS III 749-7755 Corner Montgomery knd Selkirk Sta.. one block south of Rideau St just part Cun-.minra Bridge nesr Eaatvlevi Shopping Centre MINTO Canada's Moat Honored B'HMry THE NORWOOD Caatra Towa Reserved for Adults Only 1 BEDROOM S1W Extra e-wtvenieaoa at yours In the Norwood Apts. with out standing comfort evident In every wall-planned feature. You'll love tne delightful designed reowis, work-eeving COS kitchen, ceramic cm bathroom, the bedroom v. ail that to'ds out leite saecioua closets, the lustrous parquet flooring, the fuU length enclosed eelrony. JUST OPP ELGIN STREET SS C ARTIER STREET 232-7879 Dally t-S; Weekends 1S-S Close) to Wstgott Shopping Centre WESTVIEWAPTS., 1 BEDROOM .. 102 Modern apArtxnrita close to Carting A, shopping. scNls snd di arches. Corner LspsrrWra aad Cold ray ' surRwooa. 2041 ' : y .MINTO V,v Cnade,s Meat Honored Builder i. 1. JL 201 AfTLRATJ TO liT (Coat, from Precadtag Columnt 444 LAURIER AVE. WEST bacn axon and i bedroom mooarn. tireproor bulullng. central location, laundry lacllltlee. electrically equipped Pree park-keg Janitor service. 124-21 7 TIIS SJtXONT (Wast Eadl sssas u sitsae , MACY BOULEVARD. BACHELOR. I- and l-badroom, fireproof and aoundproof bulidlng. ceramic bled bathroama. eleetrteelly equipped. laundry facilities, lackers, lanltor aarvtce, garages, car plugs Apply Apt. 110. lag Macy Blvd or 8. C. Macy end Son. -Realtor" and General Insurance, ass Laurier Ave. East. 137-1MS ARCHITECT ' DESIGNED Wttk Yea la Mlad CENTRALLY LOCATED IX Sandy Hill. ZM Stewart Street Provides (he latest and moat convenient apartment ltvng at rentals you can aford. 7 sale fully appointed public areas are spotlessly clean. Swimming pool, patio and eolanum eundeck available et no extra charge IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE BA-cnelora from S7S. 1 bedroom from II IS end 2-bedroom from S140 00. Before you rent, drop In end see. Call Sir nice Feller. 094-0790 The Governor Metcalfe 330 Metcalfe St. "A Residential Address In Downtown Ottaw" BACHELOR. 1- and 2-BEDROOM APTS. Reaident Manager Telephone 235-40K7 An Ottawa-Owned Company. O-varaor Metcalfs Bealty BRONSON APTS SOS BRONSON. MODERN SPA-cioua bachelor. 1 and a aad-room apart men ta, eleetrlcelly equipped. Within eaay watklng distance of Parlumant Hill Priced from Sas. Br appointment. S34-41SS or apply to building superintendent on prem-sraa. S14-S7S4 TBE LEXINOTON SOT RIVERDALE 'AVE. AND 1 bedroom apis. Many modern conveniences. 7SS-7SS4 WARBSN ABMS. SIS MACLABEN BACHELOR. 1 BEDROOM. EQUIP-ped. washer, dryer. Furnlebad optional. st4-SS04; evenings. SI4- NRAB OTTAWA VNIVEBSITY Sha Sasnmrt, ass WUkred ai-asss LtrXURY AIR CONDITIONED a penmen ta from Sou. elevator, laundry facilirJee, aundeck. parking. eupL en praaslaee ar SJ7-aaae. - 202 coirpLE. wrm s cnrunxx Wtu pay aaa. Eaatvlew. Mew Edinburgh. 744-0144. FURNISHED APARTMENT TOR single hue mem woman, vtemtty Carlingwood sho oping centre. Apply Boa 4S4 Arnprtor. Ont. ROOM APARTMENT. MAXI-um age. Waat End. 73S-041S. 201 FlfltNtSHCO AFIL ATTRACTIVE 4 . BEDROOM DU-, plax. a hathrnoma Rorkc 1 1 1 f e area I4S-OS14. ATTRACTIVE I BEDROOM. AND S bedrooms. Ottawa South, eon-veinent transportetloa. shopping S34-1747 after 4 SO ATTRACTIVE FURNISHED S-i room apartment, hospital area. Irving near Wellington. 72S-004 AVAILABLE. I -BEDROOM apartment, business people, SS Patterson. OSS-toss. AVAILABLE, a BEDROOMS. Kitchen, lag Sunn? side Avenue. C11-7S4S tVAILABLE. WEST END. BED-room, large living room, dining are. equipped, kitoben. storage, nrwly decorated, laundry loclli-tiea, Unea. dishes, electricity included, sios suit a. PAa-frrsa. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY. S bedrooms, furnished. Bendy Hill. .Teachers preferred. SI 10 Sas- TS.7. AVAILABLB. SEPT. I. OCT. I. central, seodara, aewty renualv-ed. decorated apertmenta. Haaa. . d tehee, washer, dryer, parking: 1 -bed room bachelor, aaa-aiaa; su-oass BACHELOR. FURNISHED. HBAT- en. sal uagar, uaHU 71; ave. nlnga, ai4-47a. BASEMENT APARTMENT. 1 BED- roora. equrppea. sen. available Immediately. 4HS-S04S. BRONSON AT GLADSTONE. FUR- nisned oacneinr apartment, ground floor. 17 SM-1711 CENTRAL. I BEDROOM, large. clean, newly furnished. Slog, eublet as7-oia4. after 4. ' ' CENTRAL FRONT. SMALL ape rt menu newly furnished, equipped, television. . 14-4794. COMPLETELY irURNISMED FLAT. stove, refrigerator sink, cooking utensils, suit working couple -student. J7 MecLeren, SS-Saa9. FURNISHED APABTMERT. weekly, monthly, gaeld saraks meloSad 74S-441S FURNTSHED APARTMENT. SS Laurier. Hun. Apply as wurter A venue. KulL FURNISHED. HEATED APART' mente. at Lake Park. Enjoy beautiful nyontha ahead. Carle-ton Place) 11S4. IMMEDIATELY. OCT. I. CEN. trei, newiy narruenes, aaoarsisa apartmant. waaher, dryer. US. 1441. NEW, I BEDROOM. FULLY FUR nlshed. Eaatvlew. available tm-med lately. 140-1441 OTTAWA SOUTH. NEWLY D EC- era ted. raialshsg 1 bsdroom heated apartment la triples. Bun. room aad ear a .wish. SIPS tnctud-Iray Bars re. Mature lad lee ar ooupla only. CEa-aoM. . OTTAWA SOUTH FLAT. . NO - children, aept. i, aaa-sss. OTTAWA BAST, I . BEDROOM apartment, nee ted. lighted, parking au-atai. . OWNEB OOINO SOUTH. SUBLET 1 -bedroom apartment, eosrsalete- ly rurnwaas. TV. Ihrkted. artv ate garage. Oct. 1 tol April ae. eiia. au aat-4TM. 423 C aeper

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