The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 24
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 24

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 24
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v. v ' md f, ..- m m I-a,ai. m mimmmm an. n. nl mm wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmim vm m J 'i.ii mkvmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dreswiio kvHM VenUleae by inuM r AhaUeeai Wntoewe - - . - FABRIC WORLD HwHH ey C at S HEATING CO. c.rtwi ukt imm. FLEETWAY TM.44t BUHm Bridge Pteee. All TMIAJI TS4 SM Sanin Street vat ns-mii M.,tew i- ... .7 . 1 tlt-liei . BiaHiallal. CowwirMol. till St. UnU SM taewMrlel laterler Perorelora TtS-Te?l Pnrsktag sad Hlti Paving ky complete Electrical BP OTTAWA VALLBT , tutaUaSkm bp MmteM a-hatil-al ASPHALT PAVING - iT . limited PHIL'S ELECTRIC Services Limited use ikiutagtea tit-iist a-eir. v. IS Ctyas Anrn IIW1II (MM mmn u tut lis Cstnarlno Street SM-t4il isanussaanBuaaeajs LIMITED OPEN HOUSE THIS WEEKEND " THI NEW' MAYVIEW TOWERS v 1440 Mayview Ave. oH Rd. . . '! ;J ' v "v ,. ,v' West END CONSTRUCTION CO. 1 BEDROOM from j '....A $ 95;00 2 BEDROOM from ......... $105.00 ' , nit -:.y.Jl'ij. . Electridty heat hot water parkin TURNER REAL ESTATE LIMITED REALTOR 725-2208 201 Jkfii, fun to in (Cent, from Preoeelng Corumc) BACRELOR APABTattHT.' S1S4. BEAunrvL, t-BEnnooM, remt renueea. newqr aeeareten, pars. tng. 14S-4SH. BRIOHT SEVn-rTTRNISHTD FLAT, light, heel. 4dt Bene Drive. CENTRE TOWN. Manns ere. y ueuiosieu, wsu SS wau car- pees, see. Tss-ssse. crrTRi Towis. tncofro noon, nimi enemnvin, eaicony, Hgtrted. eeulppvd. SM-Ptet, a-e. CEHTRAL. 1 BEDROOM. . LAJSOE eiaiiia. avmst room with flreasaaa . and aatuua feuk. anoivee, eanetts. , Diinisnnoe , "the Canadiana" Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. From the elegant entrance and lobby, to the relaxing terrace and recreation facilities, nothing hat been spared. Eaiy-to-Uve-in apartments with window walla and screened sliding glass doors for generous light and abundance of fresh air. . A visit is an experience In itself. 729-eil7 201 AraerUnTotn tCont from ieueaitig Coluaral cbntbx town, ptnar ploor CENTRAL, f-BEOROOM APABT- mj"V neanaa. seuippea. SSJ rss-siss. CEICTRAL, Sf ODER PI BACHELOR. ST1 ""' " """ee' CHURCHILL AVtffUt. ir. rooms, lit floor. Oct. 1. tls-Stat, Vss-lVfl. . CHURCHILL - CABLING ABBA I Ail osorooms, anting, nvmg rooms, washer, dryer. October. IN. U- CLEafOW-B RONSON. 1-, S.BEO, seas. 1TJ. ' MODEL VVV." SUITE OPEN FOR V INSPECTION DAILY Y; I J i . 1 ."fit TO PJ. ' it IMMEDIATE AND LATER II y occupancy : 1 : 232-4487 JJ &:.'C0l 232 FOR A LUXURIOUS APARTMENT AT REASONABLE RENT. . . . VISIT U Versailles Model Apartment Now Open, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 27 HENDERSON AVE. . Oil HaaUd . Prce Brctrieity , ie Minute Walk te Downtown , Bwtmintng Pool , . Be una Baths . Parking and Laundry Paeilltiea V Phont 2344705 701 Am. R1S TO tn CTRVtLLB, tfPPER DtTPt-EX. heatad. lighted, garage, eleetrl- ' yard. TeS-WitT EASTVIEW. LABOR l-BEDROOM , . apartment, refrigerator, etove. ground nose. SIS-IMS. , lASTVirW. LOWER DUPLBX. t beclronma, sunraom. dinette. yrcimranuj. sia. wet. j EASTVIEW, 1 BCDBOOM FLAT. tmuneT floor, swwir eetasaiad; Sw. t te Barretts treat. ttS- xei. ASTVIBW. ' BAREMZWT. - t roams,. Mated, parkaaa. S3 La- - jra bubbi. veat-ioeg. 7185 201 m, RATS to in (Cent trees PTecedlnt Cel-nrm) ECHO DRIVE, OROVKD PLOOB oonroom, eining room, decora led to eboioo. September-Octabae. Unaoulpped. SLJO. na. ILICTRIC STREET. ' BED- rooms, sas. aoulppan. sdults. SHS-eeOT. eveeinga. . n-arjf abba, BPACTOtrt s-beo- raom apartment, balcony, nept. i. sua. u-M7t. tXOOf A MO LUOAR. NEW tEC- non i-oearoom eewtsssnt. ut- axont. nciNrnr ajuit bsad- PLAT, 1 BEDROOM. UOITTED. ssshs. are nocneater atreet. OLADtTONE a - BEDROOM. SM. nSSSm ' equippae. farage. BEFORE YOU RENT . . VISIT THE PARKWAY ' TOWERS : Corner of Richmond Rd. ' end New Orchard Ave. V 725-1393 OLERt. BEDROOMS. HEATED. ugnteo onuipp OLCBt l-BEB ,ttoef, modern etudina nsibi lighted, equippea. sas. w-joas l-BEDBOOM. OXOVND dint weaker, dryer. tlOS October. Second Avenue s OLBUt; I ' BEDROOM. CLBC ricaiiy eetuppae. para tng, aea IM-eeN evenings; tis-lue. days f ' . r 24 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL " . SATURDAY. AUGUST . 1984 Your Family Can Now Enjoy th; Luxury and Comfort of tho Canadiana iff Master THIS Party pWnraaber Corotered Odour REALTORS , THE SAVILLE TERRACE APARTMENTS 1 . Adjacent to Carlingwood Shopping Centr ' but only minutes from DowTttown,: FEATURING: sated Indoor and Outdoor - Swimming Poohj Private Balconies . i MuHOaaaatal TV" Kitchen Custom Oeaigned Automene Wan Ovens . counter cooa Tppo i am hi i Wlirh BonS Blevaters IS eu. ft. Befrigw stars Laundry Paeilltiea Oulet. Reetdentlal Ana ' A earned Parking Bpaoa puniie, a Bhoyplng centre Carpeted . . Walk4n CloShas Clossts WE OFFER: . sUariLOB sjrj f lv5'":$VV2.50 r'Jrm?! . $130 RENTAL OFFICE OPEN ' Dally t to pm. Saturdays It SS S p m. Sunaaya tl w I in. tasging Repreeentative ..vJJ. ft. MOFfATT ' 725-2720 Under New MsnttetnenL Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. School O.T.C. Bus SaS'ttses cenmgwuoo Purnlehed Lobbies Con idoi i-Lajntrtonoty ENJOY APARTMENT LIVING SEE ANYONE OF THESE TODAY Centrally Located at 60 DALY AVENUE NEW 1111 APARTMENT OFfTRS: Ream and Recreation '1a Each Apartment Refrigerator and Stove Removing Hoods Over TV Draperies Supplied Over Every Window Indoor and Outdoor Phtg-ln Carpeted Corridors v btdMdaaJ Tttermosta ties try Controlled Heating Large Raleoales Laundry Room Washers and Dryers e. a fit .- - IE V0YAGEUR Veur West Bna addreee only 4 mmutas from CarUntwoog Snopping Centre Croydon at Richmond Bned Your living of quiet and comfort Is secured at Le Voyageur. Lose led en both bus Unas: Cart ing Ave. and Richmond Rd FEATURING: . I high speed sieve ton . Piwjeurlaad ooifidora -. Drapea sa every suite . Broad loomed ha Da . Gymnasium . Woodworking hobbv ibop . Children's wsdtng pool . Indoor heatad pool Recreation mom , Multi-channel TV serial . Built-in evana . Counter top stoves . la . ft. refrlgaratar , PM mueie piped into each sahersea and dryer! e . . Interior-exterior narking ' . Decora tor appemted lobby , , Boatful mueis h mam lobby i Cenetant exchange of frank air . Beeutv ssloa . Tuck shop . Close to eehoete, churches. . 1 eFFeHKua I'a'O'rfiaCaSsI qtSCn WE OFFER: 1 Bedroom com-1 1 (T5 Vi tnenctng at . 2 Bedroom com menclng at Ma $125 J Bedrooms, i Bath- ; 135 ftjoni CQinnMncIng tt OPEN HOURS: a.m. so t pjn, Mon. thru Prl, I pjn. te S p "V Bat. and Sun Leasing Representative . ' MRS. J. RAMSAY 828-3117 ' Under New Mamgament. Owned and operated by SERIAL REALTIES LTD. This new Apartment building close tar. .Ottawa University, Downtown" Shopping and Is located m the quiet sjark-Uke atmosphere of Sandy HID. Yoe are Invited to attend the Official Opening Saturday, August Mth, from .f pjn. DROP IN FOR COFFEE AND BROWSE 201 Arc, fun io in jCeas, mas Preaeilliig Comma) glebe, t bedrooms, uvmo room, din ins room, scroonod porca. sua. oarage, sio. Morn-lnas. S-lo. or vntngi. sss-SSSS. outac t BionooMS. iXJtc- trlc.lljt seulpeotf. SSI. US-SI 14. CUBE. 1 On I jBXOKOOMS. ass an SSI., TSS-SliiS otuB. a KonooMS. aim- porchi. dining room, aqulppod, parkMis. ss. SM-illt outna. S BEDROOMS UVINO. auilna room. Mcu-tcaiiy oquip-ped, talconr. Mulls, tel. SI4- 13SS. I33-I4BS. HULL. I-. 1-BEDKOOM APABT- irwnta, aioeuw novo, too - v 777-10 IMMEDIATE SUBLET BALANCE of !, I MOroom. parains. S2S-SM4 IRENE CRXSCXNT. 1 . BEDROOM aporlmoiH. soo; a-ovor o o m apartment, S103. oqutppod, Soot. 1. Parkins. 3 JtM LARGE, BRIGHT. LIV1NQ BOOM. 1 bedrooms. docoraU to suit Uiunt. omtral, 1100. 131-411. J33-0771, E34-3537. The Sandringham I vultrurk wit realaajty when a Mend of mine said with treat pride -I ftv at the hndrtnsham " We all of iu luw to laol proud of tne ploern In wblek e Uva but th air of uit eonrldeaea mr frtond portrayed made m Jump t the opportunity to him. Aa I was drtrms out tnara I kept tnlnkut what ean b ae treat about an apartment, they are aU the same. Jun a place to live. What a surprise 1 had .com Um to me. If you lire In the eantre of a dtp you become accustomed to noiee and apeed and In fact almost accept It aa part of Uvtaf. Yet aa I waa drWInf away from the centre of town I had as air of expectancy about me. I became conscious , of noise and speed, then suddenly . . .'etnei I waa turnint on ae Bane Road. etlU In the city but the bt (inning of an entirely new world. The ehans waa so rapid that I thought I had surety been liven the wrong direction, and that eeunu-y living eould never be so cloaa to the city. Then I saw the Sandringham. ettling majestically on the hill surveying the surrounding beauty. I began to understand the pride hi my friend's voice "I live st the Mnovmgnam out to a view which is totally LA ROE I-BEDROOM APART -meut. with balcony: flora end refrigerator optional. Somer set West or Arlington, ass to Mac LA REN. METCALTE. I BID-rooms, equipped. Oct. I. 71S-S3SS, evening MANOTICK. BEDROOM. AT- tractive, heatad. Ugh tea. ground floor, sei-siis. MANOTICK. t-BIDBOOM UPPER duplek. equipped, heated, lighted, ate. Children welcome. Sl-SSSt. SfODCItN 1-BEDROOM APABT- mant. colorful bathroom, wether, dryer, perk tag aaclwted. est tacaaaa Street. leS-aeOS. ' MODERN HEATED S . BEDROOM epai linawL perkmc. baleeay, washer and faculuoa. 1 105. Apply IIS Blchelteu or TSS-MSS. MODERN. MAIN FtOOl roama. verandah, veneoana. parking. Slot, a sQeetrle. Tea. 14SS. MODERN, I BEDROOM APABT-ment. Weat End. sue. SlS-tSiS. BRITANNIA " PARK -APARTMENTS VVhmW0ffVr M0RE FOR LESS - -. ' New 1- and 2-bedrootn apart-ments ready for September occupancy. t ' - :. e WaD ts wan wmdowa Comfortable dining room e Largs bathroom with vanity Linen eloasts ill waU clothes eMesta applt- Cartad h5la',Mta Choloa of colon. tOai tree etoctrieity and parking no extras $109 ZEPHYR AVENUE AT BRITANNIA PARK Modala Open Daily Pram ' I pes. t p m. , ' 828-2144 i MODERN. O ROUND PLOOB. aauentameo i-Booroom. aae nt. Andrew. Ottawa, tn SSSS. NEAR MINES BUILDING, MOD-. are, spacleua. lower duplex. , eeiuippee. parkutg; till. CBS- soss. NEAB ORLEANS. MODERN t- eeureom apartment, ewn en- grounds. 74MI MEW. 1.. B.. S-BEDBOOM APART menta, atoaera nuiwing. aeatao. lighted, ttt tw Loula TlUey Ltd -Realtor, , 7e-eaui; e T11-4TSS. : i ' f THE ELEGANT . ' ; ED(3EWORTH IN OTTAWA'S " 1 DESIRABLE . . ;.west END Superbly Built and Destined 1-, 2- and eV-Bedrpom Suites. Aa exceptional location, ad- the weet Bndt moot L Baeallent eehooie eloae bp sad within easy welkins diiiance. Chuck aeeaas to the Queene erey. inasns snip miautee te downtown. OTA but ealP'Vs Tour teenagers will love the widest swtaeaamf peeL laaftng sataae ketk. a , . ( ' THE t w 4 ' EDGEWORTH; ' 810 Edtworth at Carllrn Just West of Woodroffe. V Ttl Vm, 2364905 ; Open I to 8J0 Weekdays v. . te 8J0 Weekends :; ' ataUtstW kp BTiaHsal tvest i ::pr.i;:r 20t Am. tun to in (Cont. from Praoadins Column) NEAR UPLANDS AfRPORT AND sUvereide, Government Buildings. I . bedroom, electrtcelly 'eauap. pad. free parking SlS-ltM. NEWLY DECORATED, t BED-room, heated, STt monthly. SS4- NEWLT DECORATED, ELECTR1- caily equippoe, I bedrooms, s Charlevoix. Eaatvlsw. T49-40S2 NEW EDINBURGH. LARGE 1- bedroom .apartment, equipped. parkUigj plug-In. tst. U Ivy ON - BtDBOOM APABTMINT. electneally aquippee, cenuel 1JS-75 11. local M. t to te S p.m ONB BEDROOM APARTMENT. electrically equip pea. sss. ill Gladstone. . OTTAWA SOUTH. l-BEDROOM heated apartment la tdplex, sso. parkins. Mature ladles or eeuple only. Cta-SPSS OTTAWA SOUTH. I BEDBOOM. eiecirtcauy eojuippeu. aepiemoer MS 131-3311. lSl-1431 evening! OTTAWA SOUTH. 1ND PLOOB. neaten, iitntao, sas. JS-ese . t eould tea the river flowing leisurely below with the wster lapping the delicate contour of s tree lined bank. Aa I completed a full ctrcle my mind waa rasing at the panorama of the butlding'e surroundings surety this had to be muea out in the country. The unique beauty of the Bandrtngham aetting ean only be deaertbed aa gracious. Mare was s building which, while contemporary ia concept, was ' delightfully remtnlsosnt at the eiegsnes of snothsr are. By this time I was anxious to view the suites, except that no doubts lingered now that they would not be ks keeping with the eurroundinge, I was now looking for all the extrss bscanae I had been thoroughly spoiled before I entered the building They were there. In abundance. Per a atari a hasting and cooling control in each ream of every suite. Large L shaped nvlnp-dlniM rooms, overslxe bedrooms, smple clossts. patlo-bsloony, beautiful bathroom fixtures . . en and en . . . feature after feature. I enjoyed my visit te the Sandringham with one reservation. I didn't live these. But I decided as soon aa poesible ! will say "I live at the aendrlng-ham n MJ. THE SANDRINGHAM 83 RANGE ROAD 234-377 owned and Managed by the Greet Weat Life Insurance Co OVIRSBOOK. AVAILABLE. large t . Tll-ssts. Slot. phone tts-ette roa details an modem 1 -bedroom spertment la Centre Tows Heat, ught sad parking Included la sew rent. QUEEN MART APARTMENT. 411 Elgin. Museum area large 1-kedroota apartment, living room. tuning roam, 4100. tSS-ttM. BBASONABLB ' BENT, tJOTET, eamionanie neeneiar apartment, aunnyshw balcony. Apt. SOS. aoo aaegmr. noa saanagai Worth Plese. BJCMMOrlD tjOAS, 1 BXOBOOM, "were, equippoe. see; aeeneior, ana. Parting. Tse-saM. pajits. SANOT HII4. APABTMXHTS. aso w. rereing. MVBior. launoro-wt. set Uurler BasC EU-1M4. SANDY HILL BACHELOR, 1 BED- iiunw, aa anreauana. Ttt-pree. BANDY HILL. 1PACIOUS t-BED- rosrssviesuv eejuppac S1SS. SANDT BEDROOM ANDY HILL, a BEDBOOM apartments, ITb SM SSO, 1U- THE .: . . , '. ' Acadian 153 NEPEAN ST. Just east at Bank SL Modern raven storey, twkve leva lor building fee luring btl-ooniee, disbwssnera, roily draped spta , ami many ether j Sedroome. from . . 0 .?w Open tor inspection dally. Mnu Hogarth. 137-1 kst, tJT- THt - : ': Du Barry 680 ST. PATRICK ST. tt CHARLOTTE . ; A asenfin ana- eral twe-'jad ream apartment building -rj-cd tar economy atinded - b( people, from , ; 41OU rarnished $100 AH ssrrless tnenaed ha rent Mr. Presley, its M. Owned I and Managed bp KASSRL REALTY LTD. ": , A) jXttouf, F. EUls J SANDY HILL. SUBLET. BOOMS. tw auowice- waiaing eistanee Centre Town. Stove, refriger-stor. heated, clean. J Temple. e. eea-faw, eveninta. ANDY HILL. I . BEDBOOM epenmvm. enutppea, perklre). reasonable. IM-tlSl ELP CONTAINED 1 BEDROOM waaea,aia it veurui Avenue. .' SEPTEMBER It, UPPER DUPLEX. 1 artorooma. set uagar. KPT. 1, I BEDBOOM APABT"- SOMERSET AND BOOTH. I BED- reem, ana soar, tts-eiet. SPACIOUS l-BEDBOOM APART- awaensd versndsh, sa- versnesa, S4-tItO. nMMBIW, SPACIOUS B BEDROOM UPPER - duplex, BeckelUfe area, available Oct. I. Tet-iOTt. evenings. SUBLET, I BEDBOOM. 1 eiatar axiees. -Apt. s. sas-esss, mornings. SUBLET. NOV. 1. 1 BEDBOOM. aieetrteally equippea. sss. s SUBLET ONE-BEDROOM APART- mens, neatee, eauipnee, ween-tng feellitlea. parking Winter r lug-ins. Phono '4S-411S, after Is p m. C EASTVIEW ' l-and2-Bedropm -'Apartments"7 Purnlehed newly del parsing, fai Bfltfnni4erteaBVa9 e I, Uundry. $78 v. $100 " 749-789o 1

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