The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1918 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 10
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PAGE-TEN:-- THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 191S. WILL BONDS i YOU BUY Kiiiiui 1 DO TO HELP U.i? tGovernment Complies L i s t i which Gives in Concrete Form I Purchasing Power of Each V Denomination Sold. SECRETARY OF "IM ILL WIN THE By JOSEPHUS DANIELS, Secretary of the Navy 'T · - ' I I £$tl BOND OUTFITS ONE i;. GUNNY WITH KNIVES |:f ·' ' ' *;j FIVE-COMBAT-AIRPtANES-CAN-BE £?.. 1 BOUGHT, OR .TWENTY-FIVE 1 ty' ~ TRACTORS FOR ONE ^. ... : -$100,000 ONE. (£V *5r*ry. salesman who has tried to If tell ISO bonds .has bad the-question §i;DUt to him some time or other: "What j$*''can my Uttle $50 do in the way of HJhelpins finance the.war?" W. The government, has had compiled S'-thfc following-nntereatlng.. list which 3;aniw«r9 the qne'stioii: tor the $50 bond l*ltrer and for thW-man, who buys high- ^?;,ei r -,Denomination- .bonds as well. It %-gtws a cohcretjr'."fdea of' what your jltxnomey will do." " "*. ." feONE $50 BOND WIIX: ^!'. provide;" -trenciT - taUv« for a rifle g£ ~ company." _ : ·-'"· ~ ·'· ~-~ -- S . f fft»d a soldier for a year.--- |TIK noo BONDS WILL: ;.,, - . . i 'B«T a cavalrj; horse. --.-- - ~ ' '.' a^:'B«y an ammpjiltfon nrale.; ; f ^Boy m horse for the captain .of a m | .j: chine gun 'company.. '_;.:_· | YBny a 1: .'··: ~ a combat cart. IraBZB $100 BONUS |. '^Clotbe a soldier- and feed him for fi i: V^.t"one year in, France, j »ny a motor o:cle for a machine t '.; ~* inn company. ,' s ? ininnt noo BONDS WILL: | '.^Boy 'an X-ray outfit. j ORE 1500 BONO WIIX: ', ' Bopply oicyclesi for tie headqtiar- ' '· -^ters company of an infantry .regi- ' . . '. 1|uy SVcaseB -of-- jurgical instru- ~meniVf or : enlist«T men's belts. ,. Buy 1ft" cases of" snirjrical iastru- } ~ meats- for "officers'- belts. fONE 510S BOIJD'WILL: Clothe a soldier. | jeed a soldier lor eight months. , ?rorlde'five-riflcs-: -- · · Provide 30 rifle grenades. Provide 45 hand grenades. ov)de K pounds of'ether. ....... ; Bay US hoe water **.? ·' -f; :. .". ' -]|uy 2,000 surgical needles: ...... -. · »ioe BQNEf Agrp^oSi^jso BOND wni.-- ; ~r:.-.~~- - . Cloth* mad equip an Infantry s old] er ! fOB.1 H00 BONDS WILL: ; T Tarnish four mules, to draw an am- 'i ; !:T» bnlaace. . . OME $1.000 BOND WILL: ·'· . «y one X-ray apparatus outfit. ^-- Buy six cases of operating instm- r ".:'.X-ments for a base hospital. : Famish pistols for the men in a r^T'Tffle companyl e rolling kitchen. (Mo- ;-?.:rbmish eight ratfoo carts. "liijRX) ·WORTH OK. LIBERTY BONDS ' "' " . tror1iti horses to drair a gon In" an ·' '^ammunition train. HE workers ol this country are the oorher-stonea of tho country's strength and efficiency^ They are needed! in every field of endeavor, to-keen Industry going at home so that! we may be- effective in -backing up our troops at the front. If one would ask In Washington: "What do you need to win tho wa.r?" McAdoo"-would sny: "Money, pay your taxes and buy bonds to furnish the sinews' of war": Garfield would say: "Coal .will win tie war--It" Is needed to bunker ships, and to run all essential industries"; Hoover would say, "Food will win.the war." If you aak the Navy I would say, "Ships will win the war," and so on. But the real answer is: Labor, capable and ready, will win the war. You can mine no coal, you can produce no crops, you can build no ships, you can equip no soldiers or sailors to fight--in tho last : analysis the man who-totls is the man upon -whom everything else depends. . Labor is needed:for all preparedness. . · Labor la mobilized. It will do its part in winning the war, and when the war is won Labor will hare won its 'OTrn war. HEALING RELIEF FOR TORTURING ECZEMA A. A. Clarke lias sold hundreds of jars of Kokara, and although he offered to refund the purchase; price to any dissatisfied purchased, not one jar has 'been returned. While this is Hi'.rprisiug in itself, yet .the most anirvelous thing is the reports of chronic cases of eczema that j have been cured "by tiffs simple skin food. People who h;iv6 suffered with . I scales, scabs and even.' bleeding kch- ing have found relief in Holcara. ' No matter where the eczema, plm- · pies or other breaking out occurs, whether on die face, hands, legs or "body, the application o£ Hokara should give quick relief,, and even, the "worst or most chronic cases should be cured in a short time, ' You ciin buy a liberal.-sized jar today at the very low prbe 01! 35c, and with every package goes A. A 1 . Clarke's guarantee to rotund the money it it is not saiisfactory.--Adv. F E M I N I N h iviOOh^l j *HOWN U'i Subscribers to Third Liberty Loan bonds will receive a neat and artistic button aa-a badge of- honor.- It bears a border of brilliant red, a blue field a n d a Liberty bell and the word_ ing ."Third Liberty Loan" in white. · - BOND B U Y I N G . N A T I O N A L SERVICE. -Uncle Sam wishes-to enlist" every man, woman and child .of the nation In the Third Liberty Loan-campaign. Waen an individual invests in a Liberty Bond he enlists In the production division of the Nation, thereby supporting and backing up the men who are fighting in France that the world may be free.. OVER A CRIB The »|dc« of. his crib bear the chips and. the scar* --That-are one with-the four-year-old steeping; Anc; the* noise has died down that he made with the bars Ac the sandman came stealthily creeping; There's a sturdy small 'arm out on top of Ms quilt There's a tousled head empty of care--: But Imagine a Prussian sword sunk to the hilt In that picture of pure content there I Your mind as you stand, father, over his bed, Runs ahead with him over the years And his future you've charted all out in your head Without any big worries or fears. On the castle you build him the legend success Is writ 1 deep In the firm corner stone-How your castle vyoufd crumble you dare not e'en guess - · Should the kaiser transplant here hi* throne! For the lad that means all to you, then, good old dad, For the lad you see there in his dreams, For the boy whom you'd hate to have think you a cad, For the ~Mld upon whom your love beams You must si. . =f your means to the Liberty Loan · That the world may be safe for your son-Can you picture the boy's future--mother's--your own, If the lord of the world were the Hun? --A. M. CORRIGAN. Seems to Be Three-Fifths Convention, One Fifth Provocation and One-Fifth Humbug. A lady philanthropist, "who Is greatly interested In a new- hospital for women,, lays stress on the necessity for a complete staff of women not [ only as attendants aad nurses, but ; also ns physicians. Her reasons are j worthy of some attention, remarks I the Argonaut The hospital, she; says, Is for poor women, and poor 1 ·women are BO much more modest than those In easier circumstances. Women of the leisured classes do not shrink from confiding their Intimate; .physical troubles to the .man physl-| ician, -whereas their poorer slaters will' loften allo-w their small ailments to ; grow Into large oaes hecanso they cannot bring themselTes to consult a physician of the opposite sex. Probafely thIs IB true. "We have good aatbcrity for belteving that Satan finds some mischief still foi :ldle hands to do. Idleness always means familiarity between the sexes, and familiarity brings a lowering ol : barrters and a relaxation of re«tratntfl. Feminine modesty ia a funny thing lanywaj- It may he said paradoxicBJlT rtbat It IB erne of tho great facts of life ;that do not exist Most women hmrfl ;that kinH of modesty that loves to be :outraged. It ia like 'ho tail of- the 'Irishman's coat that beg* to be trod- .den on. ' Cnrlonuly enough, even th« pnoBt rigid modesty will grre ^a-y be- ·fore unusual drcumetancee, such t .an ocean Voyage or a foreign clime. The white woman IB not embarrassed by the unblushing displays of oriental life--at leuet for not more than a day. She llkea them. She will take her stand in the line of men and worn-. en awaiting their tarn in the ship's bath and she wfll be .juat aa proud 1 of the cut of her bathrobe as in the style of.her hat- And Tet tbtit same ·woman would believe herself to be .seriously embarrassed by an untimely encounter with a rrmlo guest In the .corridor of her own he ·*. American rand English women in France will do things without the slightest confusion that they would he incapable of In their own countries. In point of fact feminine modesty seems to be three* fifths convention, one-fifth provocation and one-fifth hnmbug. WAGE EARNER AND l PAYEBUIIST UNITE if;-? By MICHAEL J. MICKEY, Manager Industrial Department, Na- '^·tiWiat Asaociatlon of Maiiufactur* jpV'-£.' . ,, *rs, New York. '^Bwlness In ' 1913 If to be war. It wtft;pr!raarlly be war against a well enemy Vlthoit our 'borderi. ^W? most not permit It.. to. be \vnr. " " " - ' ' " " ' ' the Wckerings, misunderstandings imd social unconsciousness oreTnot effectlve- Ij4;and constructively-- dealt with by American Industry. - --·- - a|ihe Nutlonal. Industrial ,Conserva. Movement will.continue"to exert wery possible and legitimate energy r command of its writers,.public, printed Jiteratnre, moving pfetnre films, co-operating chambers of Jioiirda of trade, rtiligloas, social and. patriotic, bodies, to ·|kr*ad the gospel of Industrial'co-oper- atioe. t;'Certnlii agencies abroad In. this land. ·jir ^constantly seeking, creating and ***'" upon erery possible form of and opportunirj to sow the of dissatisfaction, discontent and In .bur-industrial world. 'These on misrepresentation,' tion and aeitation of deetmc^ ! live varieties. Must Combat "Isma." .They preach hair brained "Jama, 1 * class hatred and sedition. To defeat tliem'Is not only an imperative work for our national sufety, but a patriotic duty, incumbent upon-every thoughtful American. It cannot, be done by the occasional denouncing of such national" enemies," thus affording them the notoriety by which they thrive, but must, bo combated In the public interest by'a carefully worked out campaign to present the Impartial truth on the Industrial, social und eco- -nomlc probiema at stake. . Wage earners must be made ro more fully 'appreciate that their Interest In AmerJcan-indust_ry-is mutual with thtit of our" wage payers so far as our Industrial prosperity-Is concerned. --""-Wage payers who "do not realise the value of cultivating the human element UMlieir- plants must-likewise be shown the necessity for-thctii to literally Interpret nnd practically apply the lesson of co-operation. It must' also be recognized by onr public officials and communities In general that a healthy industrial atmosphere is only possible when friendly relations rather-than class antagonisms are.fostered by law and rmblic print.' ' - It sli^/i continue to be the porposa of our work on a national scale to dip- lomnticnUy and trnthfully correct the niisinforoiation and spirit, of thoughtlessness which- has so -frequently led the public into acts of reprisal that are immleal_tp_J.helr_owji. Interests aa ..Interests'.etlthe Spdus- trlal institutions upon which our na! tional welfare ns well as our Indlrid- ual comfort and convenience Is so de! pendent. The patriotic Importance of this work rfiust be evident to nil careful ol£ servers of events nt. thin time. In It's relation to our future industrial development the intrinsic value ot a hotter understnudlng all round cannot be ovcrcatlnmted. Spread the Truth, " . We will dedicate our energies, to tho spreading of the truth, the nwnlcenlng of public thought and tho public's SOTIBO of mutual interest und responsibility. ..W"e bpllevo there Is no more room in this country for profiteering on the part of so called Capital or so culled Labor. Onr-tvork will'also Inrolv* a further extension of the. campaign to protect nnd conserve tfio lives, Hmbg nud: general health of wage earners, the reub- sorptlon by industry oC Jobless \v«r- rlors und such of our strfcifers who nuiy be partiolly crippled In our military service, the raalntennnee of our tirrned'forces in the field and comforts of our home stay In if citizens oft well as our brave allies. ' Our Indus tries must likewise do their full and important share ia the financing o our war operations, -- Industrial Conservation, New York. Origin of the Menu, The menu, BO IndSap^nsabls -to the ordering of a satisfactory dinner today, had its origin in the twelfth century, the first person to use It being Prince Henry of BrtmswJcfc. At a large banquet he was seen to consult frota time I .to time a long paper at his aids, ap- , .parently attached to tho under side -at the table cloth ana rolled back. Gae inquisitive guest at length made bold to Inquire what study he might be* engaged in at that' apparently unseasonable time-; and Princo . Henry explained that It was a paper on which -;h«*had^noted down th details qf-hiq dinner and that-he wanted to be sure ·that aJl his lnatructJoiL6-bad been car- ; ried out. The simplicity of the idea struck the fancy of tho.guests and from that time the raen.UB .became the fashion. In its primitive form it was of such dimensions as to resemble a wall map and was given a position, at each end oC the table, the guesta at tae banquet bains permitted to consult it.--Harper's Weekly. Mostly talk. A barking do?, BO w* an* told, IB seldom known to bit*; Likewise a* man who talks a lot "Will run before hell fight." GOODS THAT DON'T STAND COMPARISON ^In anticipation of a long trip across the continent, this wise couple consulted the local dealer'in luggage--trunks and umbrellas and as the time approaches for their departure they are satisfied ·with their new possessions. Friends come to bid farewell and their conversation touches upon the merits of home-buying and mail order houses. . The visiting friends admire the home-purchased products and compare them -with a guilty feeling of their own folly when they tried the catalogue method and suffered disappointment Later, after many weeks, the touring couple return with their home-purchased trunk and bags in almost the same excellent condition as when they left. MORAL:--Never trust your wardrobe to any but the best receptacles; the home dealer will assure you protection. . . 1 . A Great Combined Movement by Great People Will , Secure a Phenomenal Boost for Yourself and THESE MERCHANTS. ZISntfEBSIAN-WILD COMPANY Fmrnltnre, BUKS. Stoves 154-153 W. Crawford ATB. TV. K. 1ECHE Dry Goodn 123 W. Crawford Are. THE HOBJOEH COMPAJfT Men's Wear 106 W. Crawford Arc. COLOSIAl NATIONAL BANK Corner Pittsburg Street and Crawford Arenne. McDONAXD MUSIC AND ELECTRIC CO. Eoj-ai Hotel Block S. Pittsbuie St. .11. KOBACKEB SONS "The Big Store" K. Httsbnrg St. C. W. DOTTSS Footwear for Eferybody 127 5. rittsbnrg St. COJfNELLSVILLE MASKET AND NORTH END MARKET JUmdlnft Grocery Stores 136 and 813 5. rHttsbnrR St. AJSPERSON-LOUCKS HARDWARE CO. Hardware 116 Y. Crawford Ave. CHABLES T. GILES Jeweler 141 West Crawford Are. BBOWJfELL SHOE COaiFAA'Y Shocn West Crawford AT*. COJOJELLSTCLLE DRUG COMPANY Drags ISO West Crawford AYO, PETER R. WEEffER riniios ood Phonographs 127-lS9East Crawford Are. A. W. BISHOP U! West Crawford At*. THE AABOJf CO. "Home Builder" US IT. Htteterg St CROWLEY-MESTREZAT CO. Shoes for the Whole Family 113 W. Crawford ATO, ARTMJUf WOBK China and Wall Paper U7-1.E1 TT. Crawford Af*. THE CENTRAL STORE Dry Goods 2U W. Crawford ATO. ELPEEN'S Ladies' Suits aoi Coats 130 X. Fittebnr? St FIVE AND TEN CENT WALL PAPER CO. Wall Paper MB W. Apple St. WELL'S-MILLS MOTOR CAR co. Agents for WIUys-Knipht, Overland Cars, Accessories WERTHEIMER BROS. Men's Store 124 K. Pittsbmrs St CONXELLSVILLE LAUNDRY "Snow White Wort" . 120 Baldwin ATO. COLUMBIA HO.TEL John Dnggan West Side PBISBEE HARDWARE CO; Hardware W. Crawford ATB. WRIGHT-METZLER CO. Department Store W. Crawford AT*. LAUGHREY DRUG COMPANY Drug's. 113 6. Kttsbws St HAPPORT-FEATHERMAN CO. You Can Do Better Uore. POPLAR GROVE 54-Acre at Tkeue Remarkably low Prices: lots on JMttsljarg Stoet, S125j lots on Poplar Street, $125; Let* on Hawthorne Street, $100; Lute on Canon Street, S30. City Water. Ca«h or on Easy Payments. Lots at C. B. McCOBMICK, Agent, P. 0. Bar 1U, Connellsvflle, p a . B.v C. A. VOIGHT TEY DISK--A-B*«ertJse of the Space:. AMD T^E. FOWKY TO LETT HIS CHICKENS COME OVEW. AND reoivj NN EACH GtVEi OS OPPcrtfTUwrtV To BUY UBTOIT BONDS if

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