The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 3, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 3, 1930
Page 2
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.*'- ' , t i , THE J3AIL7T Catholic Daughters or America , Initiates Fourteen .Candidates att^nd- ed a fliaetlng tSC^Coitrt Aiia.ttnci/^a,' Catholic DaujKpafi. ot'America, jgjin-. oeption School ~A«SU0rtum." A'class- ed fourteen (jandidjatfts was initiated. Miss Helen TllerTiMfeter df Pittsbnrg, aecretary of the home finding committee, sporsored by the OatlioHe Danghtftra o£ America, was a gtieat .and 'gave a most interesting talk on the progress of the oomiriittee and the ·work accomplished during 'the past year. The gnept list aJso .included Disfcrict Deputy Miss Margaret McHngh ol Un- iontowp, Mrs. John Locke, grand recent, of Oouvt Uniontowu, Miss Julia Joyce, grand regent at Gpitft i bnrg, Mias *ama.Ryan, giand"regent - of CouTt Brownsville, *Mra, Bose Adams, grand past regent oS Court New Kensington and mem'bers from Brownsville, Scottdale, and · Greensburg\ Unlontawn, Mount courts. The initiation was supplemented by a well appointed luncheon served in the social hall of the church. The tables were beautifully decorated with purpJe antj gold candles and baskets of calendulas. During the luncheon, Miss Margaret McHugh and Recent of Court Annvinciata' B. Pryce were presented with sages,.,®" lovely tea" r-oees, gifts from the local court. Concealed, in Miss McHugb's corsage was a gold! The lunch jon was prepared by »«m- ,0013 oE B*nde four and six in charge 'ot Mrs. Joseph Sikora and Mrs."PWllp Reilly, '. ACXILlAItY WILL BNTBK'PAIJf OFFICERS Tho Fiiyotto County ^edlcal Anki- Hary will entertain etate officers' at a bang-net Thursday night at the White Swan Hotel, UuJontown. Mr#. W. Jaokson Fre«inan of Philadelphia, atJite president, and Mrs. Theodore D. App^l oi LaAost^r, * state,, district coiinsolor, Tvill'be guests tor the. eve- ix'ng and will address the auxiliary, on tt.K) work of'the organization, Beaorva- tiona should be made with Mr^. S. A. Baltz o£ 60 Murray avenue. Uniontown, not. later than Tuesday evening. ELEANOll ORB WILL , IK Miss Kleanor G. Orr, daughter o£ Mr. and Mrs. Itobert O. Orr of I/n- aconing, Md., will be graduated from the Union Memorial Wospltal, Baltimore, tonight. Miss Orr will tafce the state examination one week later and win cortluij on, the Union Memorial staff. Mtas Orr, ,wha is a granddaughter ?E Mrs, C. J. Sehuyier oE South Kttsburg street, v.ts graduatefl from Dunbar n-p High School/ with the class - ol 1827^ of which she was president. OF HUTU BA5QUBI FBB. 11 The annual banquet of the paugh-. ters of Huth Claes ot Trinity Lutheran Sunday School will 1* held Tuesday night, February 11, in the social 'room of the ( hufch. 31, P. Events, Missionary Circlle No. -4 will meet Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. S. U- Morris, South Eighth street. Missionary Circle No, 1 will hold a nteetim: Thursday night at the. ; homo ot Mrs. Daisy EJbbert, Spydar street. Circle No. 3 will meet Thursday night. at the home of Mrs. T, P. Means in Falrvlew avenue. « The Intermediate 1 Christian Endeavor Society wiU hold its regular businens and social meeting 1 Thursday night, February 6, at the church. The B. M. £(., Class will meet Friday" night at 7 o'ciopH «vf the -church. The committee .consist?) o£ Evelyn- Stillwagon. Eleimor Aiia}repji anl t lluth Man.te 1 !. - , , ( Mrfi. Louden Hoftfess, Mrs. E. C, Louden wil}' entertain the Silver Thimbte Olub at $ 1 o'clock luncliton Wctfcneaday afternoon at"hor home in East Cedar Will Entertain CM). - ., ' Mis;i Gladys Albright will entertain the London Bridge Club at a sauerkraut supper Thursday night la Trinity Lutheran Church. First Presbyterian Brenta. The Woman's Missionary, 'Society. will'' meet' Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock in the ladles' parlor ol the cUnrch. Mrs. W. :W, Haines will be ths devotional leader, and! Mrs, X L. Proudfit will conduct' the literary' program. - · , - · - _ · Tho Naomi Missionary Society will hold its regular · monthly meeting Monday afternoon. first Baptist. Tha board'of trustees will meet Tuesday night at tho office of F. W, Hicks In the First Natioaal Bank Building.' · The Ladles' Aid Society will meet ·Friday night a.t, f:30 o'clock in ihe. church parlori. Mrs. Joseph Dixcn uui Mrs. J. H. Hoover aro.hoBi«S8eSi Lh ink service .Friday nlglxt at Fox; soe of tK rton at -.IKS " Church will' the home of East Washington avenuei Mrs. f. A. Harah, the thank offering secretary ot the society, will have charge of thd program, whicb. will be especially interesting and ht-lpful. This is one cxl the most important find significant . ineetings at taSv'^o,- clety's year. Mite boxes WlH''be;op-' eucd at this t±ma ani^ an unusual' attendance of members is anticipated. Other womeu,"- J a'ao men o£ the church are invited. 1 ' (JINK TUBKET The annual turkey dinner of the Greenwood Faacywot^ Olub will be held .Tuesday. aftorn^on §l;;_th^ home of Rtos, F. ,0. IV Se Qf Ifpiyh'Plttaburs street. A business sesslpli will be held later in the afternoon, Officers for the ©nsuinr year will be elected. MEET D. A^ K. Phillp t weemnu Chapter, Dau,ght(3ra of the American p.evoi,«ilon, will ineet Wednesday o£tiymoon, -JTebrnary B", in th^ Carnegie Tnee Horarir. fhe time Hr 2" o'clock.' A largo attendance- 1s ^desired W final arrangements will, be 1 made lor a colonial tea to be held "rft, the hosne ol' Mrs. John L. Q-ans, B3at Washington 1:15 and the at 2:45 P, 1M. ,, M. E. dhurcb Day will be observed Thnr«i day 'at tho church. The Woman's Foreign Mi^sionaiy Society will meet at 10:30 A. M., t \e Woman's Home His- aionary Society at Ladies' Aid Society Lunch will b" served at noon. , T^o 4 committee consists oS Mias £Htzapeth ·Williams, iMrs 'J. B; Sloncker, Mrs. P, C. Crislip, Mr.'i. M. B. Ak^re^Mrs, A'. A^ Clarke, Mrs. II. H- Molntjro, MT*S J.J*. Butler and^iw. William Nagie. ,'" The Kjug'^ ilerold? will meet Thurs« day afternoon at i 'o'clock in the church, Mre J. B. Henry ie the now superintijndei t The official board will meet Thursday, night at /:JO o'clock. T-tie mo'.(thly meeting of tho Carrie Kenyon -Auxiliary w^ll be held Thursday aight ia 1 7:?0;: o'clock^ in the church. The lunch cOnimittee coneists of Mrs. p. 0 Bane, Mrs. G. T. Artie, Miss Helen ^erroll arid Mies Martha Mitchell. M KS, Frank , W.' Jones is leader and JMre. J. W, 'MJtchall will conduct the -:le votipoals. · Tho bneitu as and 'sociiit^-ni^eting of the J. O. C. oWs has bef^'n; postponed. Tho thank offering of thjp Woman's Home Mitjeioiiary SoQlety Will bo tjaken nejct Sundnj "morafng, at which time all-tiiank ofieriag envelopes w* to be turned in. The personal workers who will talcs part in the ovangaliatic campaign are are especially urged to attend t,V» Wednesday evening prayer service, Pictures of 'he Passion Play will be shown by Bov. J. A. Jordan. -- , i Fir .t 1J. P, MeeUngt*. The regular meeting of the Mary E. Dlclc Bl'ile Class will be held Tuesday -qj ;ht at tho home o£ Misses IJJancbe' and- -Gr^ce. Pottor, 30 i South street. STICKEL FAMILIES KBvmonf A'JD ani/L Aim Tha home of Mre. Qatherlne Sticke! at Mill^Run'on Sunday w a s ^ t h e scans oj a ^ery^ ' happy n^fftniily ' f 'rounlon.i Planned 'ae h surpj'Ise for-MrsPsiipkol,' About -tv?«nt'y, per$ans gather^, at\tua home r" Included Vere Or, and Mrs. D, A. WiiIkjW",apd son, b£ H'«la,'.Mr."arid Mre.,M, son, «TJ? ati'd iaughte, Ine, 1 Mi. and Mrs, Otto Stickel 'und sons, Thoma'a, XUchard and Carl, Mr. end Mr«. A. C. Sticke} and, .childj^n, A. C , Jr., Clay, Sarah 1 Etta and Samtntha of Connellsville. ' Memb'ers of the familj' not ,abla, to attend , were Mr. ,md Mrs,' C. R. Stickel of Melr bourdei FJft., and Mrs, C. W. Gornert orf S . Petersburg, Fia. fldnfoik a nd ' l t o o the day hd family With'ij 1 ' i-f^» , , \. ft.-, tf ^r I - ©pent in renewing-. The ' bpaj d of tmste«s s win mcef, Thuraday, jijght ab 7;45 o'clock, at the' ctiurch; ] ,, ',-, The tallies' Missiouary;:Socioty will meet in re ;ular sosBion .Thursday afternoon at 2 .o'clock at the church. - - '"" VirstTJ, B; Ernts. Tho Win One Class will meet Tuesday night aL ihe hope of Mri!. Boyer, 1117 Oak street. The monthly meetltig of tibe offtcic.1 board will be held Thursday ,ndght at 7:46 o'clock at the church. The^jnid -weelc service and Evangelism Training Class aoflsloa will tie held Wednesday night at 7:30 o'clock, i -- ' " 9 · , Grcomvood 31. II Events. The Ladies' Foreign Missionary Society will meet Tuesday afternoon a,t 2:30 o'clock at the chuixjh. , The Sunday echool board will meet Wednesday nig^ tlie close of the regular. pi ay-or serv'ico. _ v -_ Th« official board will "meet Fr^ay night. , Oreenvrcfod afisrfo|i«ry Society." JTh4t Foreign ?jfi8sio'nB«y Society of itie' Qreenwood Metiiodist Episcopal b|iuTcb'viUl meet tdmqrgow afternoon at 2 o'clock_at fche chur3i. IfitJi Miss Wershfng. Miss Margaret Washing will eiittn^ tain the F.-M. Club tonight at het home in Qibson Avenue, South Connellsville. , '.Church Council. ' A special moetiag of the Trinity Lutheran Church Council has boen culled for tonight at the church. / Jesaie M," Grey 'Mission Oirpls, iot;tne ahria^tun Chniu(3h:will niset this evining f at 7; 30 o'clock at the hom« of Miss Mary Porter in Trump ave- ttllf-. * The Bible school cabinet Wilt meet Wednesday evening "at 7 o'clock. * The njcuithl^ meeting .of the Wo-' jieaiB' Missionsiry Society will be held Thursday after upon, in the' social room of the church. ; Evangelical' Cinrch. " · i '14, nteettog otthe' board of. stewards will pe h«ld tonifht at' the home of MS-s, L.'S, Banner . The-La4ie« Aid: Society will nwet Tuesday ni^ht at homo of Mrs, J, R. Shipley, South Pjftttsbtirg street. Th« Lottie. X Bradley Class Will meet v T3hursd^y night at Ih^e ,h«|jfne, of M r«. 'Sgeai« ^ihupe, South ' MtiSaburg , Trinity Iteformod Chnrch. The tS^urch Work Soolety will stieet Taursday nlgh^.in the church sodil rxm. A v jjood attendance Is doslred. A business meeting of the Sunday School board will* be held tonight at ·the ohurcb, F» G»,6fnb "Will Meet." ·' : :, Tb:gj f . jQlnb will mieet Friday sight 'at .the horns o ' Right He i my idea ia saa St, wonderful ooa^tl5B. right. · " ' i ''^fhgn?ivw ;bo'i| th« lew np8fet,'or 'hoe a cold, I giv«^ octai a Qallfornia Mg SyrpJ^C . tt · al-ways br|ghtea8/hi£), up^ ^eiyulafe 4 hte stomach and bowels; giyos-hia a hearty, . I have wsod it rtth Jackie lie, was we ax oid r and it oals failed t* he^jj htnn j fomwtlT." All ehftcJren IOT«- the- -ich, Irufty 'flavor 'o? California *Fig Sy 'up, A iar« vegetable product, it d^«$ it gripe or sicken. It atyayn acts geatly but tboroubJy ,to ciouxee th · srstccdL f? billons, headaehr, (xjastj pated chO- dron. Doctors ivay it tones and at;fnsth««M treak bowete. Try it -with 3oar child. See how ad breath, coated toarae or forecis; n«ss dieap- _ t , _ The name ^liforaia toaits th« Beauino/taiapturjor 50,jne.Ts., So for it 'Vrheu juylm-- ^A^r: MUSICAI, REHEARSAL FUESDAY ( The' "atTair wjU be* In ,Ui8 J form 'ot a ' ' 1 ol ,the Pythian ( . P«reong having ; parts 'in 'the* playlet are requested to be fpr- practice. B. oil A» Liberty Sister Council, Daughters of America, of Moyer will meet Tuesday night iu, Mystic Chain Eall. Colonhil Tea. The Philip Fredmaa chapter otthje D. A. K. will give, a Colonial t«i 'together with a diffplny oi replicas of all Colonial flags, 46 in number, at the residence ot Mrs, John l. Oanp, 202 East Washington avenue, Saturday, February 8, from 2 to 5 P. i»t. Members servlnff the fyaa will be jn^Coionial e?tiujie6. ' Ajti .' Members of JtoKart ^lub, otb*rc taking pant in. ifiuaical c unedy, ''Why. "Not?" mart Tttfsday E coning, 7:30 o'elbck, Weimier'a rousi s store, ,12^ 'BaSt.Ocawiord avenu«, C B. Ko'si.en 1 ' ba*er, clirWtoiVvwill be there, bejf£a ott. ' ' 1'wrty lor Janet I oekey. Little Janet Guckey ontertaiu a nuniber ol haf'Si'len'dB U a well-appointed ptirty; ''telobrat ag bw 'sixty Mrtliday' afiniversary a( the home ^ · hec Barents, ^MCr. and Mre. George Luokey, in Main atrefrt, Baai; Litoetrty. Saturday afterniion ^T) e/ houre were from ''2 to 4 ^o'c Joftk/ '.Tie time was spent in parlor guinea. At 3. '30 liutch was s«rv«d by Mrs. Ltokey, assisted by hei; si^tor, jVttes Ba una Tom.bJli,n, Tho favoi's we'* color d d^olla. Njjh littlfe mlsfi was tho Veei 5lent of All ladies not attend. A coargwi, thtf .ftr AmericaniKatlon i»vited,'to cents , TriU. ;be, Biwrnos-lUachn. Miss Ethel Barnes of Arnold City and Charles. Blacka 1 of 'Falrhope, were married, January Sfl,, at the home of the' bride's parenia. The couple wiil reside at Fairhope. to jaj-. and Mrfl, Carl ' \ ^Ansttno receiving coneratulati- j« upoa tb,e, birth of a 10-pound da,i ghter, ft(ai-flyn Louise, Sunday morn ng at H;10 o'clock at their bon, ;il Bast Craw- ,topd; ( 8.ve2ia«, Marilyn LoHiau is the first /girl Ju the faml y. i. The other ' is Ciwi, Jr^ Mr , t«a' aro retported to .be »itely. Mr. AIVF Jne ia insfcr»fl- of raferelc in the loc of ,'Ji»rJc Fbfits Jfcrgers, 3|ir. and Mrp. Myrle K. Berger are .race vini on. the birth £ their da«gh±er,Qn Moi^day, January 24. Berg^ wlfi be oeajeaabeirod as Audrian Qnest. DAWSQNGRWfGE OYSTER DINNER' : , SATURDAY, FEB. 8,, , Hi Grange 'p. 419 wii30W Its' oyster dinner at ^^Qronge" Lowair "^yoo-? -Townjsliip* on" , February 8. i r *V r % This ia an all-day affair and a nwich forward "to" went, accortjiag anounceznoni fccMiay. ' In^th* l ttte woni#ra. qt i |l^, grange ( prepare dinner wiitfe -r4he ."visiting- -women will, visit And p. 8«.iaJ perjod, Ijww -will f , ! , the gathering -will «o to the Bryan Episcopal Oburcb neanby ' I " prwenteri: tar, Methodic*. -F. amd Dowwon; Qbwtfhea. (J {'*' Haaal Addrww, JR,,JC. Smith, dent o Beading, BJdina MtaOiBaib). Maadolin jjolo, Leona una, accom- paaded by NeOVe McGtnnis on the piano. 1 Addmwfl. Rev, Cratrfortt Jyt paster o* IXnwon , ~ Church. t , Month organ *»0t, Mse«s Itreth- QM- lond and Aoma Rrttenour. ; r , ,, ''VWrfntlto^, .^aoru?, Wraeea \ tODOu Piano *«*, Mlaeee J$ftn and Ruth Orciwetau talks t»y fliei»bere a»d OM OT 'lh« RUTH RETURNS V CONTRACT; ~ By United XORK; 'jfH*.^.-- Bab* Ruth retwnted unsigned a -contract sent him is. JtorW* b5r ttoe JNfew York KM* irttb , relt^ntlon tiia; Iw be A holdout tiatefle Ids xl«tna:nds for A threc-'jroar contract at $86,000 , year are m^el. / - J' ,-. A Bta^w«at s0flt br BH^ W th 60 woqld qpiit tiase- ball pn.A~lirp oa th? diiyldeaads from if his denjRBda Donated. _ __ . ..,, used in the decorations the»Yflieran8 of Foreign "W«ws banquet Saturday nigM ware douat-od, by .Tamfis B. Schell and'the Alpha Company. AVOID UGLY rtoea a Get a tooe entbaarraws '7« Q« Dr. Bdbwarda OtlV* «*M»«14 baffin to you )jav^ tana toa faub V to-w nightft, W yoa ar«"llJte \6t others. · *· · · ,i H*4p cleanse tfcer Mood, 1»we*B and IJv'ep with Dr. Ed-w^rfis QHve Tailets, thw Huoaejssfwl snbaUtula f o r no uicknees $ g ttnini, X»i. Edvr*r«ls OUve -1^.151818 di tba* ealtwpal do«a, and just »e qOTco- but tb«Jr wofcton is Instead of dovero aad ' who tako Olire are n nVKf .ovtraed wttlx a "dartt i.'; a. b«4 breath, a dull, " ., BW. Hwei', bad dteposfttlw, OJM3TO Tablets are a purely veg»tatl^ compcnmd; ten own try their o*tv« color. Dr. BJdwarda srpent years among paUants afflicted with Mver and tuyw-nl (jobiplalrtta and Ol*vo Tatflcts art, tie Jmnvensely oOCeotlve result. TsJce nJehtly for. a weofc, - See ' how match b-etter yotu feel tuxl louOt. 13c, ado, ·r the ol home with you wherever you gjo * *·** A corneibof yoXnr home--on wheels -- that s what a fr , good closed car is for you in winter! Whenever and A? " ! wherever you may have to g o you can take indoor comfort -with you. And now ye u can choose a reliable used car as you sit comfortably t home too! The prices are low and the values are higr all through the long list of bargains in the "Autos for, 5-ale" column of The Daily Courier's Classified Section. ;r' We all catcli "cdfds and they can make us Eoiserablo; r^t^ours needn't last long if you -ffill do tWs: .Take ~'ffifb~oj; tliree r t;^blet$ of JBayer Aspirin just 'as soon as J trpos8ible aftpr^i; col'd starts. Stay in the house if. ypii carvVteep -warm. Repeat with'another tablet or two ^of'J-Jayer Asmr;*! every, three or four Bours, if those , symp|;oins of cold persist. Take a good laxative when 'yotf retire,^ and keep bowels open; If throal is sore, dissolve'three tablets in a quarter-glassful of water and gargle. This^ soothes inflammation and' reduces infection. There' is- nothing like Bayer Aspirin, for a cold, pr sore throat, 1 And it relieves aches and pains almost instantly. The genuine tablets, marked Bayer, absolutely ^armless to the heart. \ P I II I oi Salicylicacid HelpM Advice to Girls ITT X MM twMU ·«* yttft *t , _ i ·"··*» *wcw ttwe« ( ·M»t«r. It V«M hw* »t dm* I WM )«itri*^ti i» MM). M« lv the took te M«'«7w I Iwwwr ttmt I hud nMKto * I«L .Tin* nvtlt* unm* ·. X Mttar »b»t w« told me « a CMraMr ramuaoe. H« ' h*4 » lovers' , pirt »«w. But, I *«'t kndw what baa tMiXMnwL H« Wnt't been os ton , Mm -tor Ow piowftw. Jbunacm bar* been «M*nr ftronand., wfc*eb I torn* to t» trm, th*t to lnwi Iwetl »«. J* ottjcr strL I ftoo. ncrtfalne to thta ***,,n° I wwiWl* much Cur soon et ta, ·* fftrt bw»r be AetpftM TOW. and bow be fc» to !» **m «, Cirt voOeostamnAf MM) |T b« tei not tor £w» pwoths, I on. 4«Btaite Qait pwoon. f«r ttwsro can be no frith ft msus.-wtu* iona not cunt mb4. a»d t* w» Kwmr hta own «tet«r and t»e I wept l?*tl # several ·· yean*. p»ry to»- bor«. Th* fflri*' agioo are trom j thtrtrnw to tntaon, I ara JHnesm ( ·ad toy «MMnr tourUMa. This gilt i brf««d KM wid not my Eistev, VbtotOog At wws to« yowog to bo tnrttod to «. party irlth, «., feTkw. JXnrt ywa flbtovic IPO tiro 03 tot yiouns? To you think I fTM tJGp hy not cotor? W ATPIWGk It tr*s bat natwral tier ytiTOr frtend t* tortt« « grouj of ptopj* ·£ hr pwj3 ay*. But t seam '-MfdMT pecuHstt- tfeat «h« 'ramc-to .pair oCT her eucsta tn each «, noantrac. T GnT««pp io not «*o tfc*v Baid I cam IK« no reason for ymmcMieea to do so. As your a t£« trttmdship oC ttite rarl I vanity do not aee -why BQ ttot Iwwitexl to U»e pstnty, otHHiMt A year caacos to a «C youas»faa»? That $r botll 7«xi 9JDd I atoouM Eke to . t «m s*a«J that y*m wero i;rasEctftob enonty from TXMZT ttttstcof reneialuc j JOHN WALKER DIES ; mm INJURIES Jokn Walker, gij'yearfi old, o£ Bent- died'Sati.fda-y at noon at the bela IJoiWital from Injuries Friday ia an accident in the JHCilhaan Coal Company plaot near .H5s Tri*va former resident of Pe«Ty torosnip, and four ohildren sartive. ,The 6hildren are Bsner Walker and Jfrs* J Clarence* fUyinolds, Bepileyvill«; Mre, Wayne Dtmanan, Ros«(ltoB, and Mral : Balpli Leaoar, Ma/sonto'WB. ·Tt» bodiy was rernoved by Pcneral Irtreetor fica Blslr to We jnoa-gue at Perryopo»» -where it was 'pn-rpared far burial beforo be^ng taken to the hooue, Ther* wfll ho a brief aerv- Joe ftt 1 o'clock; .toniorrow atteraooa at Q} late home. A full service will be comdncted at 3 o'clock at the Little Bedstone Methodist Episcopal Church. Interment vfitt be made in the church cemetery, MRS. L D. CRRMNER DIES AT IT. PLEASANT i _j _ i , t o Tb« CHir4er. ' IWT, F«b'. ; 3.-- Mrs, . , r / wilo o f X Pfask»/ ier of West iMain ©treat, died at her'honie early this morning." SJio had lived in. this pl;jce nearly all her life. She wae a me caber of the Ifeit/ed Brethren Ctrarch, Jn additkwi i;o jtibb husband the ftJlowing chi]3a-«n survive: B..KC. Gbristner ~oi Kalaanaaoo, teb.; It, M-, Mount Pleasant; Mrs, J3jm TrJto^a,tb, -New Brighton; S. "3C Chrtetnec, ISoinors^;; IVIrs. A. O, BCTrnw, Pnts)j(drg; C. H. Gbrtaeir, Pittafenrg; Mrs Luther B*mbaogh at horn©, and K. JJ. Chrtetaea-, Bcchestor. Th* funerai service will be bid at rjEr*to«fe, ^^»©saay morning ai the redUJejK.\ Intoraaeni will .be 1 in Mount Joy 'Wont Be Bothered WlJk ' From 651 Fast 46th St., Chicago: "Last winter J .i ^ntborn cough -worried roe, kept me awake nights. It isied other cough m'edicines, but quickly disappeared when I started taking your good Foley's Honey and Tar. Coughing won't bother me this ( winter as I keep a bottle on ,haEd. I like the smooth and' pleasant it, leayes Jn ti»e throat' 1 Yoji gist; 'sells and recommends Foley'e Honey and Ta r. Ask for it yon- sal* by C. Roy H^tzel, Woolworth Building. -- Adivertif ement h 1 Man Dl J. W. Gwe«i is r«(popted ·Ql at his hotrfe in "Union street, Van- derbili. Mr. Q-ween, for many 'years a merchant at that town, has contracted,' pneumonia, 't was said. Mr. Gween is 0-ne of bhe bast known resid«nta of the Tri-Tow:i Community. ·'' Save money--read the ads. Xo Collection Plato RUSSBLLVILLK, Ark. Feb. 'I-- Attendance at a local church hiafl Increased 56 per oeut since tho of passing tbe collection plate discardod. · Patronize those who advertta*. PRESENT DAY MIKACE suffer with cxmslip^- tJonwfaoa you can find relief »o e*wfly and convwiientrjjiv Two Epsotnbs at niglit for cocwtipation .relief in tlM morning. Positive in actioa -- t migar -coated tablet, 'eaay «mi .pleasant to tabs.' Try a packagp tonight. Afc your druggists m3Sf and 50c sizes, THE DCLL COMPANY j Pa. Tune in on. Uie Lowe Brotliers' Co, (Makers ' of ' High, ' Gtewte Pub) Is) Program Over KDKA at 8 O'clock -- then, stop at our oiftce 'tomorrow and get T^owe Bros, freej boolclet on Home Decorations. i W. L. Whipkay 8f St. Fhonp 270

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