The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY ATKIL 24 1918 THE DML? COURIER, COVNEIJLSVXLLE PA. PAGE NINE Grand Openi i M ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY The Tabloid Deluxe WEDNESDAY MATINEE Supported by An All Star Cast 9 Ray Grenwalt, Ed. and Ruby Garrison. Moore, Carolyn Lowry, Clean, Refined Comedy-- Special Scenery- Jingling Melodies. RUBE FERNS, "Wizzard of Joy." Wonderful Musical Specialties--Beautiful Wardrobe--Classy Dancing. JACK GARRISON, The Nut. GRENWALT AND LOWRY,, Nr- elty Musical Melange. JACK AND RUBY GARRISON, "The Ma^. The Nut and the Piano." ·· PAULINE AVIS, High Lyric Soprano Accompanied by THE HOOSIER CITY SAXA- PHONE QUARTETTE, Messrs. Moore and Grenwalt, Mesdames Moore and Grenwalt. SPECIAL VAUDEVILLE FEATURES. Produce ^rom Backyard Garden. SAID BY WITS OF T HE PftST IN HOME GARDEN Order Early in Effort to Secure Supply of Vegetables for Table and Canning. tables for succesM-i e plantings through out the season for a famllj of fou- Beans snap B«an° pole Lima Beans bush .Lima. Bee Cabbage (early) Cabbage (lo.tej 1 to 2 quarts 1 pint 1 pint 4 ounces 1 packet H ounce 1 ounce Celeri Corn sweet Cucumber 1 Lettuce Muskmelon WELL-LAiD PLAN GREAT AID IS!" PeiL3 garden Fad'sh Salsify Spinach 1 packet M to 2 pints i ounce 1 packet Kale or Sw as cbard2 ounces *£ ounce 1 ounce 4 to 6 quart a 3 packet != ounce 2 to 4 quarts Approxir-ate Quantities of S^ed That Shcufd Be Purchased Is Given ir Table--Working Space Is Impor tant Factor Squash (simmer) ·-quash (Hubbardl Tomatoes eirly Tomatoes late V atermelon 1 Memoirs of London Mercnant Totd of Many Good Quips He Had Heard The lato John Richard Clayton of the firm o r 01 nton Bell glass -mint er of London England had aonap good stories of his ototriences \\ith the pry-! Kaphaelius brethren He uas onco eoiiKht otu bv (he pairt j era He called on Rosettl in hie studio and listened to the brilliant diatribe." of the oung men against whom tliey called the slo htnpss of modern paint ing Sloshy was tlio terra t h c y a r p U r d to all the ar. ( f that da\ and thcj did not spare Sir Slosh ja Revnolds him self Clajtou ^ab Cona of lUhng ho? he noticed tint the studio was hung all ro ind v,i Ii photographs of the uorks of the groit masters hut he ·Ras astonished to see t^at thej ^era all either on their BIUCS or ar J io down Afte^ p'easa-t talk he ~ t^red to nqu re the reison of tin Rossett affected to '· 1 ounce aid V* pound In fall 7 ounce Vi ounce I packet 'u ounce i ** to 3 ounces Prepa-ftd bv tha United States Depart- men* o' Af.riculti.rc) Space for Garden Oft the see 1 for vour home garden If a gardener should desire to planl e ~1% Thi^ i 1 * ar impon mt v tep tn tl e T 1 of the vpcretablefi mentioned it I* homo eirtloner^ effort to s;ippl\ froh calct luted bv garden specialists of the strange L i n g i n , ve^etii^es for his table and £( r cnn L S department of agriculture thai be pi.z?led at (ia\ton a diacoverj i urn,, ind to hofp relieve the demand enough spice could be found for them \\h; he added a~*n t they o i the country « supplies of food l In one fourth of an acre Howe\er it right' Then RobotLl shou ed Here Soul should be ordered -well in arl Is adU"d that the gardener unless lie Hun,. Mill-is he^es a felJo-n w h o vflnt.e of the t me for planting tn the has had one or more 5ears experience knows the ^ a y these sloshj thine open sn tliit it iUII b e r e i f U for p l n n t center his wora. on as few as sir of shou'a be hung 11^ In fats or frames and nlso.for use the more important vegetables For Th 0 motifs occasionally demanded of outdoors a*? soon as the weather and most of the vegetables listed the him ·wh ch he could not re"use raaus I tlio condition of thf* soil mike It pos- plantings may consist of the entire him wince and he bni«d gr mlj once ^ible Before ordering seed the home quantities mentioned Relutiveb Tvhen P member of the Arts club o* ITTC onei ^hou'rl tkcide w 1 n t repe aiiiuH quantities of canllflov er egg v.Uicfe ho was one o£ the oldest and til l es he wants to raise and also plant and pirslev should be sufficient most eitc°* T ied members declared th shoi Id plan ind decide on t i e In it lo- for most families The entire sapplj if you accept that kind of order th t.itio" fo ench '.esetnbte dotprniinmp of string beans bu^n Lima bean« firm of Cla/ton £. Bell will be kno^i ho\\ much ·'ced \vill be required for sweet corn lettuce peab and radishes as Saom £. Hell it at available for eich varietv A should not be planted at one time but -\\ellliid ^a -den plan Aeries be a successire plantings two or three iid in determining the amounts week* apart should be made BO that PLACE C O N F I D E N C E IN SOIL and \rneties of seed that wiU be! a fresh supply of the vegetables may' iKCiltd be had throughout the season Seed for Garden Of early Irish potitoes 1 pe^k to rolloTrin^ are the approximate (juan- ! bushel will be required and of latp t us of cod thn* should be purchased potatoes ^ s bushel to 1 bushel or more f a feinlcn "' ch. is to fcnpplj vege- depending upon tne aniount of ground I available for this purpose 1C abuad Land Wii! Do Just What Farmer Will Let It n Way of Producing Various Crops Confidence In the so 1 mean 1 ? much, for good f i r m i n g If ^u bthc\o your aat space Is a\ailable It may be well soil v.ih respond L o good tillage jou to grow enough Irish potatoes to last are apt '·o trust it Lint far If jou ihroughout the winter | believe jour ^o I w i l l p«j ior the ei tra expenbe \ o u are hkelj to make PLANT FOOD IS BIG FACTOR greater investment But after all it ,_ _.,,_._«.i is self confidence of pro- Not a S.mple Problm, of Supplying J"st vvhat JOQ lot It In the 1 Manure and Commercial Fertll- TMcaou - tzers to Make Fertility ' Tbe expression soil fertility Is Planting Carrots used to Include the factors which make Cirrots planted ID the early spring a soil proSucme Plant feeding is not are n ° ea commonly in the tall 11 uell a simple problem of supplying manure as durta S the summer but a mud md comnurclal fertilizers An abvm TM° r « tender product Is obtained for dance of aioilable plant food is an es ( fa " nnd w 'nter use it n second plint ·wntlal factor of soil fertihtj but there ' ln s la mad^abou^JunelS to July I are other important factors . plants in small gardens because uhiie these are attractive additions to the 1 table they are In a wny luxuries on. which many housewives hesitate to spend money When the battle is raging aadl eveything depends on the ability of the artillery to stop the rush of the advancing enemy or to clear the way for our men, tt does not matter to the gunnet how much die shells cost. What matters to him is that he shall have ai many shells as he needs--that meani life or death, victory or defeat. Modern warfare is very expensive and this %var will be won by those who are able to provide the last few million dollars. That is why it is necessary for the United States Government to have g-eat quantities of money so that there shall never be a shortage of shells or other necessities. LIBERTY BONDS will provide this money. You are not asked to GIVE a penny, merely to LEND liberal interest to the richest government in the world. Every LIBERTY BOND you buy stands between the American soldier and the enemy. It saves the of our mem and provides them with the means of victory. Your share in winning the war is to BUY LIBERTY BONDS AND BUY THEM NOW F£OM ANY BANK LIBERTY LOAN ADVERTISEMENT has been contributed by COMINa UP TO SCRATCH Sarply a uniform! Overalls. A few yard* of wire netting may mean peace with yonr ctlcten loving neighbor If that doesn't nork, try a sent'e message to bis -wireless ran. [ Of conrse tlie cynics will make the , most of the declarition that the mar . I rlefl men In the trenches stand shell | I shock better than the single ones, Use Our Classified Ads. II You 'Want Anything

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