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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 3, 1930
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·Li ast Hjdition P rice «i» · donnellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper, The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough.Regiom I ^ I · j _L| ,-- trr\r no vr/-» m VUJj. 45, WU. 71. , VN* 1% ««sfcly CUW»I««T. Founded The imily Cuurldr, JA.iiatK 1 ISoventbcr 30, 1002. Julj IS, 1089. CONNELLSVI PA., MONDAY" EVJ5NING , FEBRUARY 3, 1930. CHIEF JUSTICE IAFT RESIGNS FROM BENCH Breakdown ,m Health Caused by Overwork Of 71-Year-Old Jurist Cause. WAS NAMED BY HARDING · JJy.'United Jr'resa. .WASHINGTON, Feb. 3,--Chiof Jus-' tie© William Howard Taft of the UniUkl States Supreme Court today 1 submittf^i his reignatjon Jo President Hoover and thus brought to tt cloeo dramatically one oE tho most bi'llUant unroers in the country'« history. Broken In health, Uie man who v r«,se (o the pinnacle of political preton|ent as Presklont oE the United States and then became head of the Nation's nighos.t tribunal, submitted his renlg- k, nation through hla tto'n, Robert Taft. Taft it. row at Aeheville,' N. C., where h-o went for a rest when he-.waa fdtced to sjve up his work on tlw Supremo Court by overwork ami grleS over the leith of hfa brother, Charles V, Taft. ' Tlite condition: was accentuated by a .recurrence of an old bladder ailment. The Ch-ldi Justice,; who is 12 years old, will leave Aahevilte today for his homo. t President Hoover has not acted upon the resignation, it was said at tlto /' White,, ami it is presumed the retiring Cluof Justice will confer .with the President soon after he · arrives liefu. The aged Chtef Ju.stic« w«e stricken heavily by the death o-f his brother, w i t h whom ho was very close. Thin was a. contributing factor to the breftk- dowu ho suffered'recently.,; He was forced to give up bin place on the bench on o'-dorw ot" Ws physician. Ue wiw very t-loaely fied down with his demanding' duties. Apout tlu'e* weeks ago ho left fur Ashevillc. Tal'l wa.s th-e only man in tli«,his- tory of tho UniUMl States lo hold positions both as PiesUlent and as Chief Justice. I I waa elected to Uie Presidency In 10 S. Ho servort but pne term in the W h i t e , being defeated in 1912 when'KOOJMvolt bolted the Ttepublican party and 'urnierl tlw Hull Moos-o or 1 ProgveSttU-e party, with, the result that Wilson war. elected President. In ..Itino :!, H'21, President Harding' luunod 'ilif former President Chio-t J u s t i c e , w h i c h l«Ht he had sinee held. Seals Sale Here ,u- Within Less Than $25 of $1,100 Goal Assigned a quota of $1,100 in thn Christmas SeaK campaign in the territory embracing Connellsville, .South Connellsvillo atKl Gonnellsville 'township, the health and hygiene committee of the Woman's Culture Club _was within less t h a n |25 of the goal, according to announcement today by Mrs. George B Marietta,' chairrmn. The report of Mrs. Marietta, with HO letter's of solic itatfon not ,yet n n - swerod. was $1 075*23. Receipts laei year amounted to $965.50. Mrs. Marietta Indicated that contributions are expected from a number of. persons who havp been away from the city. * v |'The health anil hygiene committee is very gra'etul for the generous response and the people of ConnellH- ville and surrounding territory are assured they bj-ve been the means of. helping support tho three clinics. which are established in tho Second National Bank Building," Mrs. Marietta saitt. The detailed report of shows £he following: , Counellsvllle si hools ...I -- .,,,$ 261.0? South Connell: ville Schools 40.26 Connellsville T,vp. Schools .... Immaculate ''.Conception Sciiool _______ ___ _________ ,,.. Holy ^rlnity Si hool .._. ...... _. St. Evangelist School ........... St. Hila School ______ ,, -- ......... Mis\3 Mary Allen, nurse ________ Sale at 1'oslofl ce -----------From circular letters --------- f receipts 23.22 2.G5 10,44 20.00 Bt.05 GS.O!) 560.59 Tfital _ ,, $1,075.28 Expenses"amounted to ?51.90, which embraced supplies trom the'' Statf, seals,- posters, slides, envelopes and postage. BERKEY TRIAL PRELIMINARIES % ARE UNDER WAY Anothf r Bombing Skttelrs Three Chicago Stores l:y 'Untied Press. CHICAGO, Feb. 3.--A torriTic bomb oxploslou c"umpled three stores into tieb-rlb and rocked tho entire southwest sldo early today, climaxing a r'eign ot terror that had listed four gangtanu murders In as many days \n another liomblng, that of a theatre rrowded with women and children. Thousands ol rosUients withiiv a t-ad-liis of two miles were jarred by the early morning bombing and streets filled with tjvrorlzfld men, women and children, ninny in their night clothes. Despite the f u r y of the blast no cue was reported injured. Buildings a halt milo away were shaken until' pictures fell from walla and viudows were shattered lor blocks In all directions from the brick building. The bonYb was exploded m a grocery operated by Samuel Donla. Hia s\.0ck was reducod to a smear of 'vegetables sud other goods and, plastered iill ovor the district. A butcher shop and a tailor shop were quartered ' lu tho btlier two dlvlaions of the bulld- ' Ins · ' Police ascribed the bombing to ter' forlsts who resented Donla's iire«ence in f,ho neighborhood. Traffic on ' nearby street car lines (tat! on boulevards was tied up for au (jour as crowds massed in the streets · to watch ttremen* clear away the debris. . TUc bombiuB was a s,pactacular tiigh point in the almost unparalleled cycle of crime of the last few dVs that lias ranged froxa terrorism and C murder on p. grand scale to holdups, robberies aul aluKBiugs that have kept the long unpaid police depdrt- meist on the nu\ avid brought demands for drastic f,utlon from -cltizena. 'By U n i t u d .Press, PITTSBUHOj Fob. 3.--Thp jury to the «as^ »f former Judge John A. Berkey of Somerset county and 15 of his alleged associates for violation o f : the prohibition law was selected at the morning session', of the trial to* clay. ·United States .Attorney L, A. Graham sairf the"cusi is expected to'last the entire week as the trial began before Federal Jii'ige V. P, Schoonmaker. Among the iirst witnesses to bo called is Claud · Welsh of Somerset, listed, as the " ,tar" witness in '.he case. He is said to have been one of the alleged conspirators and cannot bo prosecuted because he,was. called before the giaul j u r y to tesvtify when Berkey and the others wer indlctei. Among members of the juty are Fred J. Sehalsauvp of Fayette county and S. W. Shelter of Westmoreland county. ^, Banker's, public officials, physicians l a n d other prominent citizen's of Som- I erset county we re Included in., .serves ot witnesses wh arrived today for the trial. · Bank records were to ba brough't here by cashlei s and the clerk of Somerset icourtB lias been ordered'to produce flve dockets of the court, An effort will be made to conclude" the trial boftfre the end oE tho weak, United States Aitoruev. Lewis A. ,Gra- httm said. BALTZ' QUETIONS TO WOMEN IN MURDER MAY MEET OBJECTIONS UNlONTCnVN. Fob. 3.--1C tiue-stlous pertaining lo t h e t r character or any- thlug irrelev.vnt to the m u r d e r pK John F. Donohoe arss asked Mrs. Olonn Allum, Mrs. Helen Hess or her daughter, Mildred S. Tusker, when Coroner ISaltK rosumdH the Donohoe inquoKt Wednesday a f l u r n o o n they i v i i l ' a i o t 5)0 permitU'd to nntw«.r, Wade K. Nouell, aounse! for the" womon, .said today, Newell saui objt'Ction^ u o u l d be as a p r o t e c t i o n to his clients. MELLONS REPORTED BACK OF C. E. WOODS FOR GOVERNORSHIP By United Press. PirrSBURG, l-Vb, 3.--The name of Attorney General Cyrus Jil. Woods of Greensburg is bt ing oitered as a .fjolu- tion of the problem of the Repuljd'lcan Stato orgauiKation as to a candidate for tha nomination tor Governor, The Woods proposal, it is believed, comes from the Mellon wing of tho organization. FIT many yeai's lie has been high in f a v o r of Secretary of Treasury A. W. Mollon and former' State Chairman W. L-. Mellon, who shares with S e n a t o r Joseph R. Grundy the actual management of the State organization. ' \ Aiitomobile Drivers I .Disciplined by State HARR1S.BU.RG. Feb. S. -- Among autpmobilu .drivers who were disciplined for violations of the law during Hie past vec'; are. K j. Js'abur, Periyopolls, wlu^e licenae wae r e - voked for -operating his car d u r i n g period of r e v o e a ; l o n ; Henry J3,'.Lari- mer, Uotle Verti-n, llceriso suspended for in v o l u n t a r y m a n s l a u g h t e r ; - Carl Smith. Coniiueni-e, license suspended lor Impcraouatlo'i «iui f u l h i r e to ap- ,'poar for hearing. BREAKNECK ROAD BOOSTERS TO ASK TRADEJ50ARD AID Seek to Jiiive HigJw.ay By Way Of Tillage to Mclcroft, Other Valley Points. S. A. HARSHMAN IS PRESIDENT !3amuel A. Harshman was elected president of the ConnonBville-Break- neok-Melcroft Roa^ Improvement A»- sodatipn at the annual reorganization meeting/Saturday evening at the Breakneck School, which was attended by more than 50 taxpayers, advocates of Constructing a passable route from Breakneck to Melcrott. Among the other officers chosen were: Frank Wilson, vice-prealdent; Clifton Breakiron, recording secrti- tRiy, and Clyde Leonard,' financial set retary and treasurer. . t J'roponchts of the- project- want the thoroughfare improved so as lo provide anfither outlet for the 'residents of the' Indian Creek Valley as well as esiablish" a more'direct stretch' between Connelisvllle and the Donegal pike. A committee was nanved to visit tho Comiellpville Board of Trade to enlist the support of Connellsville's citizens to put over tho proposed wofYi. There were a number of talks, boosting the improvement . of the thoroughfare from MelwoEt to Clinton, said to be a distance of about eight miles, as tha first Hlep toward gosling the farming commxfnity "6ut of the mud." It wag said that tho road is pra'ctically in an impassable condition most of tbe Lime. , The Melcroft-Breaknock stretch' if improved, would benefit GOO families who iive within proximity^ (,o the ronl. advocate.s declared. This would be a connecting link between Oonnellavlile and the 13ouogal pike which -would make this city easily iu:- ces.siblo for the rich farm territory., A committee was chosen Jo make a study as to what, stepM should be taken toward resllzatlon o£ the p!an an«i this body is to make a rport at the next meeting of the association on Saturday evening, February 15, at th Breakneck school hoyse, "here w.-is a large delegation in attendance) frotnUhe Clinton district. It was broHghl out at the meeting that the matter of improving tho thoroughfare- was brought to the attention of the State Highway Department about a year ago and that at tKpt time it wae explained that the roud would be Included in the n«xt major road building program whh-h is fo be brought before the State Miniature when it Te-convenes at Harriaburg. At that time, it was said, petitions, signed by road .supervisors of--Conni9)l«ville, RullBkin and Saltlick townships, through which Uu, road passes wore presented to th« Highway authorities. Advocates of the project stressed th importance of the road as a major thoroughfare, pointing out that the consummation of this rouf.e would tend to make Connellaville more'easily reached by farmers not only those located along tho stretch but by those wno reside in the vicinity of the Mount Pleasant-Donegal 'pike which penetrates the farm country. AVhen reportrf will be heard from the ' committees at the session on February 15, it is believed that the- association will be able to take some deiinile steps toward realization o? a t:oucerete road; DAVID S. STEPHENS SUCCUMBS SUDDENLY TO HEART ATTACK \ David S. Stephens, 39 years and f o u r months old, of_263 Bast Fairvi^vw avenue, dropped dead at noon Sunday near the lunch quarters of the Capstan Qlass Company at South Con- nollsville where he had gone to purchase something for his lunch. He died suddenly when etricken ' w i t h ' a heart attack, Mr. Stephens, for 15 years a brakeman of the Baltimore Ohio 1 Railroad, wae: furloughed about) tour months ago and took employment with, a contractor. Hfe was wjorlring In Kouth COnnellsviile yesterday,' Mr. Stephens was born v at Mount Pleasant on October 2, 1890, the son of the late Edward and Mary Stephens. He had lived practically all of tiis life in (his vicinity.' His wife, Melissa Artis Stephana, and three children, James 13., Dorothea and Maralene, j survive. Mrs. S. H. Stewart and Robert J. Stephens, both of Conneilsville, are sister n'nd brother. Tae body was removed to the funeral parlors of Charles 0. Mitchell where it was prepared tor burial before being taken to Die late home 'at 263 East Falrview avenue whore the funeral service will be held at, 3 o'clock Wednesday afternoon w i t h Hev J. II. LaniberUou, pastor of First Met'iodist Protestant C h u r c h , omcial- Ing. Interment will be made in Hill Grove Cemetery. ' (a-iimsiono Man Killed, Ji hu LaBascam, 28 years old, of Grindstone, died Saturday \\\ the Charleroi-Moriessen Hospital of a f r a c t u r e d skull suffered in an automobile accident at Belle V'ernoo, TWELVE'PAGES. Senator Picks a Dry Chief Senator Smitii W. B ookhart (left), of Iowa, erosnder against al- / leged drinkinsr at exc usiv« i clTi'bs and rich men's dinner parties, told' how he would "dry- ip'- New York, He would besrin by-naming Majpr-General Smed ay t). Butler as'- generalisaiino of ptorubition en^orceraent, with a . reti band to jick hia'o-wn men and'aH ttic men he needed. ' ' . . 40,000 MIJ^IQSADIES IN u in ITi' H A V K , By United ]?res WASHINGTON 1 ^ Ffrb, 3'. near'iy 40,000 "millionaire UnitW Slotos today, · ac statifftios of ihcOme torai by th« Treasury Departn Tbe figure* show that paul' income tiiTt on in totaliid more thati ?1,OOC tho year, mom than evw ported. In 1927 there -\ve who paid taxes op an in 000,000 or more. "Millionaires" wer« a Treaaury oflicfale as thos on an Income,of $60,000 Such an income rate* a f 1,004,000 they ettiiriatcd many such inromts w«re salaries ratl'.er than int« vcted oaplte.1. -There are ," in th6 ·ording to 1?28 issued ent. 96 perfions omes^ that 000 during before rc- ·e only 23U ime of $1,- cepted by ( who paid or more. irinclpal of although in form of f«t oil in- 1 Local Committee Secures About 100 Boosters of Yough "Are you ft. men\bnr of the YoUgh JRiver Aesodation?"' Tnat is tho fiuewtiou bei ig asked; ia Connellsville'today, aud lembers'ol ·the campaign committee r port there i6 no difiScuity at-'«U in e» -ollittg new people. Tho total 'it^presV tit ia about 100. vitally in- *iiv l^^oi^5^tJ ·ndefl the i t ' Colonel on January s over the the queS- · project ie is now ap- imand for u ot many It is dele who live hs similar arfced here -KiKeesnorf, nan of the ' tire group tereated in (he Youg-hiogh and fiince those who all hearing beioro Liwitensi Jarvte J. Bain in Pitteburg 20 have become enthusia* project, a now attitude 01 tim is apparent. 'Chat fh no,t without I p posj.ibilitiei In order to pretii.the ti improyemont, an 'isciati' membera is being formei slrel to got into it ail peoi along tho river- Campai, to tho.£ ! which Is 'being s are already under way in and Woit Newton. H. C, Haddock iq chair commiltee and. a ma-effng-c will be hold «ome tfmo this MRS. HURST ASKS ANOTHER TRIiL v OF DAMME SUlf DNIONTOWN, Mrs, ,Oliv3 Hurst, widow Hurst, ~whj va,S kllletl wlu motaile Of Charles! H, Miclu dale, in which Jxe ,waa a overturned near Braddot last August "57 today fileft a new trial -ot heir damage It is] con tended Uto, ver allowed the plaintiff nothi self! o-r two children., was- weight of the evidence wh tion of -th«- l a w r w a s inad/e ·JSicher carried protoctior tent of $20,000, all' -of w! have gone to the widow ai had the jury so elected, it of Glydo L. the .A uto- r. of , Scott- passenger, ffs~ ' Grav^ molioii-fpr suit.-- -- liet,'_ which, ig for her- tgainst the le ^applica- ;uate."\ to the ex- ich -would, d children was said. Dr. Herring'toii Bel er. A card received by R. 3 \ Klingen- smith'' from t)r. f L. Jf. Hei-ri igton, who is at Cleveland Clinic ^ 1 lOBpital at Qlev-eland, says ilv is 4bje o be about and hopes soon t^veturn I i his homo at McKeys Rocks;' The Weather Cloudy, w j t h light rain or snow;' Tuesday rain or ,$now, not much Lhaiigenn the iompe^alure s the' noon weather forecast foi \Ve.s-lw u Pennsylvania. Roco d. 19: 0 3929 ..... If 28 ..,..3' I -I f 21 Maximum A l l n i m u m COUNTY M1LLAGE TO BE NO HIGHER, OFFICIAL SAY Special to The Courier. . TJNJONTOWN, Feb. 3.--The board of county commissioners and County Controller A. H. Dunaan are busy this week preparing the budget for 1930 on which the annual tax millage will be based. ,They have, until, February 15 to decide what tlie millago shell be, but it: is undei'slood an Vagreement hae been reached not, to increase the mill- arge. Each mill brings Jn $100,000 if the entire duplicate 'ifi collected, it hwi been estimated. C. E. LIVINGSTON CALLED BY DEATH, WAS LAKE ERIE MAN ^ Uharlee B. I^vingston, 68 years old, a former resident of Dawson and I^aytpn, died at 11 o'clock Sunday morning, He had been ailing Cor tsomo time. ^Mr. Jjivingstoxi was a resident of Dayton and vicinity for about 20 years and 1 for some time lived at Daweon. H^ Svfts employed by the Pittsburg Lake Krie Hailroad at Dickereon' RTF(i aivd McKees Kocke as a Ijrakeman. He 'was in the H^rvjce 'of the road tor about 23 years. Three children survive. They are: Harry E. Livingston -of Chestnut street, ConnellsYllle; Charlee E, Livingston of Layton and Mrs. Nellie Sullivan of Baden. There are two brothers, John an,i "Oscar, J»U' si New Kensington, Tho body wa« removed to tbe par- lore of Funeral Director Charles C. Mitchell where* it wan prepare-:! for burial. This afternoon the rumairis taken to the home of $ aon, F. Livingston of 1213 street where the 1 funeral be , held tomomrw; afternoon,"'.at 3 o'clock. Rev. D', R, 'ai-alianC-pastor oi! tho^ First Methodist' Epfecopal Churclu wilt'officiate. will be aiade in the Dickerson-IKun Union Cemotery. ·^ "MARGO" COUZgS ; AND CllRK BJSBAND , t , I n- t if "*» .'1*^41 * " EOROTENBYDAD Feb 3,~"Margo" Coiissons Chewnfng,'"]9, who startled Washington wheji [she eloped Satur-' day with William ^lellrips ^hewning, Jr,/ Sg-tyear-old bank clerk, has.b 6 ® 11 aocbra^d parenttrif forg-ivijness and w.ill-return 'here shortly to start married life in a mbdtest housekeeping apartment. Nows of tke-;forglYehess -came, by telephone frorn^ JMrs. Chcvwnmg at lilchmoud," Va^/Her father, Senator James __ Michigan millionaire, refused Lo comment, nor would other members o f ( the Couzens household discuss tho mlUter yesterday. "Margo/^-^ho'wever, informed reporters from-her Ilichmond hotel, that she had called her parents by telephone, informed them of the wedding and obtained her pardon. She plans to return home with her husband after an indeterminate honeyir^ou. Of her future plans, Mrs. Chewning had little to say, except thai she expected to find a lillie housekeeping apartment upon her return and begin her marilage career in a simple manner. HOOVER TO FISH IN FLORIDA By United I ress. "WASHINGTON, Feb 3.~The While J^ouse announwil today that Preeident Hoover hopes |o spend four^or five days fishing at Long Key, Fla, .some time soon, f hough an ex.-tct date has not been determined. East End U. B. Church Reduces Debt by $2,000 The 0rst atMiiv-ereary o£ the .Bast End United BreDjren Church was observed with special services yesterday and th-e reduction of a debt of $4,200 against the edifice by more than $2,000. , Three large audiences heard special programs conducted in the morning, afternoon and evening, and at each generous subscriptions were made, tilpth In cash an-d pledges. Rev. R.1L Arridt, pastor, announced today that the goal 'of $1,600 had been greatly over-subscrltied, the total received being $2,010. Dr. G. R. Stirayer, pasixxr of the Westmant Brethren* 3hurch of Johnstown, was the principal speaker. Ho was on all three programs. There was an attendance of 183 at the Sunday School, vritb. a collection ,of $17. , The enrollment is approximately 2000. The church was flHed for the mt»rn- ing service. Br. Stra/et delivered' the aermon. At that time ?1,W9 was received in ca»h, and oledgea, Messages of greeting v^ere brought from other coagregtiiiona in the informal afternoon session. There included short talk;; by Rev. 15. A. SchulU of Oonnelk'ViUe, Bear. O. E. Householder of Bvefon. and Key. Strayer. A half-hour concert was. given by the 22-piece Sunday School orchestra under the direction of .T. Franlt Hardy 'of Scottdale. The collection totaled $300. At the evening service there was special music and an address by Dr. cUf-ayc-r. As the toUl collection for tho day neared ?2,000. Rev. Arndt announced he would Ung a -solo if it passed that figure The "amount reached $2,010 and the minister sang 1'Tell It Out." The evening collection ' was ?«61. John Waters of .Teannette gave seven) tenor solos. GUYON D AMIS DIES AT AGE OF SJ); WAS ONCE B.4-0. FOREMAN Guyon Daniels, retired employe o£ the Baltimore Ohio Railroad, died at i:5U o'clock Sunday morning at his honv , 1314 South An h street. He was 80 years ofd, innrmi iea of age being tho cause ot death. Although he had not been in good hsalth, his condition diti not becoiw serious Until a bout "two weeks' ago. Mr. Daniels was lorn in Somerset county 'on September 2*2, 184-9. He '.had' resided -In 1 this city for about 40 years, and was emp oyed a« a track foreman on thfe Counellsville Division of the railroad. Mrs. Daniels died in May, 1929. Survivors Include t le following children, Miss Melissa a c lidme, Mrs. J21- nw»r Dagen, South Connf.llsrille, and Ml'S'i Charles .Wills, ConnollviHe; ona sister, Mrs. Walter Byecly o£ Charleroi; a brother, David, of Connells- vtlle- and two grandsons. II^o was a member of the Baltimore Ohio Veterans' Association. Tho body was removed today to the homo o k a aon-iti-la v auti daughter, Mr. aild Mi's. Charles Wills. in Isabella road, Ccnnellsville, by funeral Direr tor C. C. Mitdie.ll. .Funeral iervioe will'be lield ti(ere-~at 2 o'clock Tuesday aftor loou, Interment w i l l be In Hill Grove Cemetery.. · 18 BIDS FOR STATE PROJECTS RECEIVED By United Freds. KAKRISBURQ, F-eb. 3.--Bids were received today by St! te HiglnW-ay Department on IS projects In* various sections-of: the State. , Tin? projects and low biddc-rs included: Somerset county,'bridge over west bran-cli of Coxee creek in Somerset township, T. A. Barker, Gre«nsburg, Somerset county, i',733 feet, Shade township, D. K, Dtvls, Johnstown, $41,096. " SURVEY OF ROAD NORTH OF CITY IS UNEiER WAY Engineers of the St.ite Highway Department are making a survey of the road from tho city limits northward. It is reported a p irt of the' road will be widened. VETERANS' AH) URGED IN PEACE TIME^ACIWITIES Major Olake Solicits Support oi' Vongrh Canalization at Philippine Dinner. }· * ( 250 GATHER AT FESTAL BOAJ Service of "the' former soldier 4 - to tiir community"""was the keynote of tho principal "addressee Saturday night a'. the annual" banquet of Walter B. Brown Post, , Veterans of Foreigr Ware, which commemorated the 32nd- anniversary, of the outbreak of tho Philippine Insurrection. Two'Kundred Jiffy persow, JiMtUtditip veterans f the Civil, Spanish ant WoHd wars, and a number of dis tinguisfied "visitors gathered, at th spacious quarters of the organisation in "North Pitteburg street for tho celebration. A plea for the army veteran U transfer the spirit of loyalty which fit- so.bravely displayed when he took ur arms in behalf of his country to Jh'' consummation of civic affairs in ..hie.-' home locality was forcfbiy made. T!e support of the service njen wat sought in the movement to develop the Youghiogheny River and make navigation pos«ible as far as Connellsville It was cited that great benefits wouW be Derived fay all of the localities ic the Yoiighiag'h'eny'basin and that in- du6i!rial conditions would neturally be improved in communities in close · proximity to the river. - - - - - ·Titiree members o£ fie Grand Army of the Republic--Commander jCliarlet H. Hill of William F. Kurtz Post No. 104, Irviiv Giles arid A. S. Haddock--· were guests. Robert G/Woodeide of Plttsfcurg, past conimander-in-ehief of the Veterans of Foreign;Wars, and controller of Allegheny county, gave a brief history 1 of tho organization. He told of tho building of 14 cottages for the children and widows of veterans, adding that a movement is on foot to construct a cottage in Allegheny CQuiity. Ho'commended the committee for having as guests at the dinner members of the Grand Army ol th» Republic. The. speaker declared that the term "ex-service men" was not befitting to those wlio served und^r OW Glory, saying that they 'are "service men"--during tho war serving, their country Continued ijn Pag'e'Boveq. Survey Under Way To Mod Violators Of Compensation Act 3Hes in (hair. II O C K V f 13 W f'J3NITKNTIARV, BELLKFONT13, P a , .Feb. a!--Gulseppe Gulda, 36, of Doyiesiown, paid with his life today for tlie murder ol ,7oin Gillotta, near Bristo , December DO, 1928. ~ A survey of pla-cos in this locality where labor isemiployod is being made : by Factory lupector C. J5. Gilcbjist' to discover:emplbyers who have failed , to comply with the State Workmen's Compensation l^aw. Sii^rvisiug Inspector F. P, HucXestein, wtoose office is located. Jn. th4 Fulton Building, Pittsburg, states tliut th4 · I'ennsyl- vauia Department of Labor and: Industry proposes immediate prosecution of all those who have neglected to afford this protection to persons in | th«lr service. II is announced that tho «urv«y hore i is part of a vigorous 'campaign, being conducted all over the Slate by tli« Department of Labor an-d Industry to obtain compliance with th; act. Although th^ Bureau ,pf Compensation i cbaTg«d witb." enforcement oE tlie Compensation Act, the,'field force of the Bureau of Inspection is aiding in this check up. Distressing"cases are reported fn %yhiqh workers have sus- talBed injury or death; and th^y or their dependents have been unable to obtain any redress bijca'use employers iiogl-ected to carry componsatioii in- Ktirauce and were not financially responsible. ' Inspector Gilchriel points out that tho-State Workmen's .Compriiisation Law became eff-ective January 1, 10W, so that there ia no oxcuso Tor any employer to 'plead isfnorance- of its existence. Th« State Legislature in 1920 adopted an'amendment to the act increasing the penalties for failure to comply! Tho law now provides that any employer who faili» to carry com[ pensatioh insurance shall be g'uilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall pay.a.line o£ not less thau:J100 or not more than ?6()0 and costs of (prosecution, or Shall be imprisoned for a .period of ,not mor« than »ix 'months, or both, at the discretion ot Continued'dfa 1'aire Stx, Spani.sli Students' f-trJko Settled. MADRID, Feb. .".--Students in Spanish unversitie* are preparing to return !o classes t o d a y as a result of the Bereuguer government conceding to reinstate Prof. Mig lei de Unamuui, expatriated in France tor five years. A i l n t H k i d t u Hospital. Mr-H. Maria Glgliotti of South Pittsburg s-Qlet and Sarah Piper of Swaug- ertoWJi road are nuclei going treat in«nI an the Comiellsville £ l a t e Hospital. DISTRICT SUNDAY SCHOOL MEETIN THIS EVENING At the monthly meeting of No, 2 of the' Fayeitc County Sunday School Association this evening at 7:30 o'clock at the Firat Presbyterian Church, MlR» Florence Kimball, dean of tlie girls at (he High Srhoo!, wlU speak on "The Responsibility ,pE th« Parent to the Ch'tW," Rev. E. N. Duty, pastor ol the Christian Church, w i l l conduct the devotional period-

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