The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 22
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 22

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 22
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22 THEATRE, MUSIC NEWS Farce to Conclude Mile Ten Series On Mad Night, a tare by James Reach, will be the final production of the Knot at Mile Ten Summer Theatre. Eardley. Que. It will be presented Sept 4 to ( at I X p.m. Bob Browning, a Carleton University student, will play the leading role of a young playwright, who, while searching for a secluded place to work, ends up io rest' home for the mentally disturbed. The female lead will be played by Alliten Tache. a student at Notre Dame Convent. Others in the cast art Bobby Dermer, Shelly Woodbury, Don Grant. Sheila McCook, Ed Henna, Hugh Shewell, Lube Goy, Peter Blats. Jo Crlchton, MarJ-orie Dickson, Jacqueline Roddick and Chris Baimerman. Cornelius von Baeyer la the producer and Elizabeth Dickson the director. The theatre building was formerly Lower Eardley United Church Hall. It Is located on Highway t some 1 miles from Ottawa. w. Under Milk Wood, the Dylan Thomas P'y which opened Thursday at Le Hibou. will continue tonight and tomorrow night at I.J, k will have a further run Sept. J to I. It 4s being presented by an Ottawa' group called Upstart Productions. The director is Tim Bdnd. Comedienne Joyce Grenfell is to give a performance) in the Capitol Theatre Sept 32 under auspices of the Treble Clef. Itt&ak Perl man, the young violinist who won the 19M Lev-entrttt Award, ha been engag WIENER. BLUT The colorful production is directed by Tony Nieatner, with choreography by Fred Meister. sets by Ferry Wind' berger and costumes by Hill Rneu-Grome. The show has been brought to this continent by impresario Harald Hoeller, who was responsible for the "Vienna on Parade" production of previous season. The tour began in Los Angeles early in August and the how' Broadway .opening is set for Sept. 11. Wiener Blut was the last work written by Strauss, who died shortly before its premiere. In the Spring of 1890 the impresario of Vienna's Carl Theatre, Fran Jauner, asked the composer for new oner-' etta for the Fall season. He said, however, that need only be a pastiche of Strauss tunes which were not familiar to the Austrian public ed for the first concert in the forthcoming Tremblay series The concert will take place in the Capuol Theatre Oct. 29. The Warsaw Philharmonic Or chestra was to have opened the Series but its Ottawa appear nee was cancelled as the result of a ruling made by the Ameri can Federation of Musicians. The Ottawa Youth Orchestra will hold Its rehearsals in Glebe Collegiate this season. Auditions will take place next Saturday from I a.m. to noon- on the music room at Glebe.' James H. Hargreaves. - head of the Glebe music department, Is the orchestra's new conductor. All the Ottawa student musi cians who took part in the National Youth Orchestra's recent session were previously mem bare of the Ottawa Youth1 Or chestra. Sunday Evening Carillon Program The following program will he finKcntcd bv Robert Don- nell. Dominion Carillonneur, en the Peace Tower Carillon Sun day from to 10 p.m. Crtlkn M. tehejm The Roaerr Nevtas Tales eJ Hotfiaan Interlude mate da Chiaaa tor Carillon ...... B. Van! la OtOTU llaronie Danes Me. le gether. D. Scarlatti O Canada and God the Qima Company of 65 In Viennese Show A company of 65. including leading singers and dancer from Vienna's foremost oper etta theatres,, win present the Johann Strauss operetta Wiener Blut (Vienna Life) in the Capitol .Theatre Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 8 SO. Straus began assembling the material and Victor Leon and Leo Stein were engaged to write the libretto. All went well until Straus was stricken with pneumonia. On hi death bed he recommended that Adolf Muller, a young composer-arranger, be engaged to put the final presentation to The libretto is concerned with the sort of romantic intrigue which can exist only In the make-believe world of Viennese operetta. The central figure is Count Zedlau, who has one wife, one sweetheart and one si heart-to-be. The last is be trothed to his valet '" ' When the Count's superior come to Vienna he mistakes the sweetheart for the wife and vice versa. The wife mis take the sweetheart-to-be for the actual sweetheart when the latter appears in dancing re galia associated with the for mer. The valet simply can't believe what is happening. By the time the curtain falls, however, everyone t back in the arms of the one to whom he or she belongs. - - The show is coming to Ot- unucr auspices oc irem blay Concerts. Bouncing Mining Town Up Again By JACK MORRIS KITIMAT, B.C. (CP) - Thi aluniinum town of soaring up and rock-bottom downs is up again. With a touch of longed-for prosperity Have come the trappings of smalt-town civilisation. Born of a world-wide demand for aluminum, Kitimat and it huge Aluminum Company of Canada smelter have acquired a neat, settled appearance on their loth anniversary. " STEAK FOR BREAKFAST Gone aiM h boisterous eoe-struetlon days of steak and apple pie for breakfast, ef rollicking, fight-filled Saturday nights and the loaded Sunday morning drunk tank. Gone. coo. are the $2M weekly pay cheque for the hard-rock miners, carpenter and laborers: the shivering mornings In the endless row of leaky huts and the dally battle So build la the wilderness of northwestern British Columbia. With their disappearance has come settlement that at last appear permanent and. hopefully, an end to such days as Black Monday. PRICES FELL When Alcan. a subsidiary of Aluminium Limited of Mont-treat, decided to pour ttso.aoo-lot Into construction of the smelter town and it nearby Kemeno Irydro-eleotric project the boom seemed never-ending. Population grew to more than .14,000. The demand for housing, cars, refrigerator and clothe soared as the town and its smelter took shape In the rain forest 400 miles north of Vancouver. An Ice-free deep-see harbor, capable of berthing freighters from South America with loads of the raw-material alumina, was located as a valley -surrounded by a cloak of snowcapped mountains of dark blues and greens. Then cam Black Monday, Oct Jo. 157, and the layoffs cam without warning. Falling aluminum price and shrivelling world demand burst the bubble of Kitl mat's dream as hundreds of men lost their Jobs. The situation Improved slowly. By IMS, prospects looked brighter. Kitimat recovered some of its lost population, which had plunged to a low of T.0M in less than two years. Tod ay Kitimat has slightly more than t.Mt people. There is virtually no unemployment, and the Unemployment Insurance Commission office that once, waa so busy has been dosed. ISLAND DOMAIN AUCKLAND New Zeal and' bland stretch front the troolMto Antarctica. open its film season Sept. I with Knife lit the Water, a 1MI Polish production, U will be the first offering la series entitled Cinema II. There will be If film in Cinema II and Jive in a series called Cine-club. The Utter wiU begin Oct I with a Greek film. A Girl In Black. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUOU8T 29. 1984 Jti: ,.f-' ' - '-- 4 AUTOCULTURE! ,.-'. r- ' ' . That's a new word which could, be coined to describe this old car w r e c k made beautiful by the addition of flower boxes full of blooms to disguise the old scars. The former owner left the car on a garage lot in West Berlin so the operator decided to change the, eyesore Into a horticultural asset. ' ' . iFsdnsws Journal Photo) Businessmen Help Nuns Run Home NEW YORK RNS) - A busi- aessmea'a group bar is aiding ftoanaa Catholic asm who oper ate a boss for retarded caul-drest at Geuvule. NY. Accor ding ea article hi Petieieaaa Today, swWicatloa ef the Astertcsa Petroimas lnet s. St ffjta'e Home for Chu- drea, eoeretsd by the FeUciaa Sirtvja e receivtag aid Organised am) frees) kaowa a Dollar BUI, the saea, away ef waoea easoclsted with the oil industry, aell 1JM saeabenbip card aamiaJty. at tl apiece. ere turns ever to Two Film Series At Le Hibou Le Hibou coffee house will needy youth causes, including St. Rita's. There are SO children at the home, ranging from infants to 11 year old; and there are almost la many staff members, half if them nuns. According to Sis-er Raphael Marie, the home's administrator. "We are nurse. mother, and teacher. To be all three, we must staff our home accordingly." Lawrence Fleiscimann, presi-snt of Dollar Bill, said his group decided to aid St Rita's cause "we liked the feel of the place." "There is a word that sums up the . atmosphere at sue home." be said. "It I 'love.' " "Those Sutter are the great- et" Mr. Fleschmann comment ed. "We give them money from oar treasury, and we' stage affair to raise more for them. They're so wrapped up w r a their kids, they'd never get around so digging for x t r a revenue.' : Currently. Dollar BUI i aid ing the nuns in a $500,00 build ing expansion program. BELOW SEA LEVEL ' CAIRO The Qattara depression In Egypt t 436 feet below the level of the sea. the : TREMBLAY CONCERTS 36th ANNUAL SERIES OF 7 CONCERTS ' at the Capitol Theatre DETAILS IN NEXT SATURDAY'S PAPER CARLETON UNIVERSITY Graduate Studies Program to t ( ENGINEERING Aeronautical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical The Faculty of Bntnortn often eourwis for fuM-tlmo nd Mrt-tiiiM candid ua for tM desrra of Master of Bnalneortn and Doctor of ptiUooopky la Enartasrln. FOR INFORMATION OM ADMISSION MtQUIREMKNTS. AND DETAILS Or COURSES OFFERED, PLEASB CONTACT THE FACULTY OF ENOINEERINO. C. I. MAC . KENZTE BUILDING, TELEPHONE S3S-I10T. THE FOLLOWING COURSES WILL BE OFFERED DURING THE FALL AND SPRING TERMS OF IMe-SS: The tollowlfif con raw will be ottered aurtn the tU and aprtne tonne of !-: 00 AEBOPTNAMICI, Mon, ana) Wad, 410- pjsu, both SO wjno TMIORY, Toes, en Than, - tm tint SI nTMAMIrs or rUOT, Mon. and Wad, SJO- pas, ISO THEORY or ELASTICITY, Men. and Wad, U I . SSS Ml THEORY or STRUCTURAL STABILITY. Mow. and Wad., a a. a n m SSS ANALYSIS OP ELASTIC ITRVCTtJRR. Mon. and Wad, SJO-S pji., nrat term. ' - Str EXPERIMENTAL STRESS ANALYSIS. Toes, end Thura. - S 30 ajn, tint term. ISO ADVANCED SOIL MECHANICS L To as and Tfcura, 410- p m.. first term. - SSOb ADVANCED SOIL MECHANIC ft, Tuea, and Tbun, J- tfat YJ mu BCejffTdBi tsPTTrffYj' PAVEMENT DESION. Tua. end Thun, SM- sin. flrat term ADVANCED THERMODYNAMICS. Tua. and Thtm, te S p m, both terms bomachinery. TURao Tute. and Twora, l-4S a m. Ml OAS TURBINES' Mon. end Wad, !) pjn, ascend i4$ VIBRATtoy ANALYSIS. Mon. and Wad,' UJO Bjav-t B4 HEAT CONDUCTION ' AND RADIATION, Tuaa. and Thun, .S0 - pm, first farm. S4t HEAT CONViCTtoN AND RADIATION, To, and Thurs., S SO - S pm, sacond tarm. SO ai,TcTICAL MATERIAL. Mow. and Wed, IB - p m, flnrt tor "ft Maw THEORY OF SEMICONDUCTOR DEYICES, Ma), and Wd IIS.I in, a, fund toim BSia APPLIED ELECTRO is ROMAONETtC THEORY. Mon. and Wad, 4 30 -a pm , nrt term. ADVANCED LINEAR SYSTEMS. Twsa. and Then, ! e SO a m, first tarm. M4a INTRODUCTION Tr STATISTICAL COMMUNICATION AND INFORMATION THBORY. Tuaa and Town, 4 SO - M4h COMMUNICATION . STSTEMS ' PNOrNEERrNO, Too. and Thun, 4 JO - a im, sagnna term. SSSa ADVANCED LINEAR CONTROL THEORY. Too, end Thorn, e JO - p m, first term, uaa ACT IV network theoby. Mow. end Wad, 4SS-S fh-ltl.. flTtf vaFTTYt . Sa ACTJva NETWORK DESION. Man. .and Wad, 4- 5T toPTCCINCOtrfEa LO0IC. Too, and Than, 4SS- SS nPnTlAL COMPUTER APPI.ICATION IN ENOTNEER-INO, a-cpnd term, noon to bo srnmeed. Ftm meeiln. ory" 3ms teks'e BnlMIn. pm, wd4 Jams- tm-v errwo Ann adaptive systems, tw. end Thun, S JO pm- apcnnd term. REGISTRATION - .1 Far eradoate aradeota Beptewiber 14. II Bad IS. I M-1S ITaAi! " u "Part rim te Nensaa Pstanaa Halt classes' -V First form, Sept. II -Dec IS . Setood nrm, Jan. .Apr! II ' CARLETON UNIVERSITY ' Colonel By Drtva (Htawa 1, Ontario Lonely The Saddest Word By ALAN WALKER LONDON (CP) "Lonely" Is the saddest word. Everybody knows loneliness hurts old people with bo families. Little children can get terribly lonely too, says a recent report of a British agency, and such loneliness can seriously alter their character and make it difficult to cope with society when they Jraw up. New -city' living conditions. with sky scraper apartment buildings contain i n g famtlie that in past generations would have had houses, - are at the root of the trouble. P re-school children who live above the fifth floor aren't allowed out to play, says the re port, because their ' mothers can't run downstairs quickly enough in case of trouble. Deprived , of the company of other children, the lonely young sters enter school with scarred personalities 'and have great difficulty entering Into community life. "The lark of opportunities of learning how to develop normal human relations may cause a child to become suicide-prone in later life, and add yet one more to the 1,004 suicides recorded each year in Britain. 'How happily a person gets along as an adult in his job. in his family and social life, depends a great deal on how he got along with other children when he was young." The report also deals other forms of loneliness usu ally overlooked by people who themselves have "healthy and fulfilled" relations with the world around them. There is "weekend loneliness," widespread among professional workers who are too busy during the week to make outside friendships and find them selves at the weekend "without a soul to speak to." There is "retirement loneliness" that strikes professional workers "who find too late that they have made no personal friends." Wives of travelling salesmen and transport workers face long and unhealthy periods at home alone, the report says, and this can have disastrous effects on a marriage. And there is even something the report calls "hire purchase loneliness" that plagues whole families who have to devote their entire income to paying off Instalment plan debt and who have no money left for en- WthUertainment. Persons between the ages of 10 and SO are the most prone to loneliness, the report finds. "Men and w o m e n tfvlng alone, making no friends at work, returning each night to a solitary existence, too old for youth clubs, too young for the sedate societies of the grey-haired, long for contact with men and women of like interests, whether In theatre parties, dances or outings, or just for somewhere to meet drink a cup of coffee and talk." CARLETON UNIVERSITY s LATE AFTERNOON AND EVENING COURSES DEGREE PROGRAMS Winter Session, 1964-65 - Classes Begin I Wednesday, September 16 UNDERGRADUATE COURSES: Studenfwilh Junior or Senior Matriculation may proceed to any of the three following pass degrees by attendance at late afternoon or evening lectures: Bachelor 0 Arts; Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Commerce. (Students proceeding to Bachelor of Science degree are normally expected to take certain senior courses in the day division.) GRADUATE COURSES: Information Is available from the Faculty of Graduate Btudle. telephone 233-7&M. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: Courses are offered leading to Waster of Artt; graduate Diploma m Fublic Admro- itfration; and undergraduate Certificate in Public Service Studies. The subjects listed below are those of the degree, df yjoma and certificate course. They are open also to . person who do not wish to study for certificate, diploma or degree, provided they have the required background for the subjects chosen, or provided they enrol in introductory courses in which space is available. NOTE: Change hi the schedule may be made before the opening date of classes. ACCOUNTING " 10 ELEMENT ABY ACCOUNTING, Mas. . TT alternate Wad, S-S p INTERMEDIATB - At COUNTING, Wad, S IS pJC " HISTOBICAL DEVELOPMENT OF ACCOUNTING THEOBY AND PRACTICE, first term. Mow. a - pjn, plua ooe hour to be arranged. - -1 ,. ' 123 COST ACCOUNTINO. Titoi, -l pJW. plus OM M OENMENtT?COUNTINO AND FINANCE, Wed, I sun, plus on hour to be am need. BIOLOGY - . SO ANIMAL MOBPaoLOOY. Tuaa. and Thors, Sie-S . pjn. Laboratory. Sat a jo. -1 p.m. . : SO ZOOLOGY ANIMAL ecology, feeur to be ar- ranfed. CHEMISTRY - 10010 OENEBAL CHEMISTRY. Mon. and Wad, (-SJ0 pja. Laboratory, Sat,' am.. 11 noon. CLASSICS, GREEK SO HOMER, Thun, pm. CLASSICS, CLASSICAL CtvUXCATION SOI BOMB IN THE ANCIENT WORLD, Wad, -( pjR, (Also listed as HISTORY SOI.) . . t -CLASSICAL AR AND ARCHAEOLOGY. Mon, (. COMMERCIAL' LAW " 100 COMMERCIAL LAW, Moo, and Thun, -S pm. ECONOMICS IS PRINCIPLE OF ECONOMICS. Twsa, - P, plo ' on hour to be ajranevd. ' SnO PRICE THEORY. Moo, - pm. " .. 230 ITATIIIICAL HITSOSI II Tua awMt. SCIENCES, Wad, pm. va oe arranaeo U3 aa.BavHl, urn, w - mm. .SSI NATIONAL ACCOUNTINO, Mrat term. ECONOMIC OF PLANNING ID RICS, Tua. and Thun, p.m. 11 atiBlir vniiur, ttr m b LITERATURE, Men. and Thun.. S - 10 pm. RENAISSANCE PROSE AND POETRY Wed, IT. MOB, 4- S4 PKOBLEMSOF A EE A DEVELOPMENT, Men, -B S4 BUSINESS FINANCE, second term. Toes, SSS LABOUR .ECONOMICS AND INDUSTRIAL RELA TIONS. Tuaa, 4 - pjn. or pi MATHEMATICAL ECONOMIC ea, S- AND ECONOMET SOO ADVANCED ECONOMIC THEORY. Roun to be ar-ranffed. ENGrNEEJUNG i Oraduato eourses for full-time and part-time students In the Faculty of sicifieerln an listed La a separata ad at1 tie1 ment in today's paper. ENGUSH . 1 ; ' 1 LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION, Tuaa. and Fit, 10 ENGLISH AUTROaa PROM CRAUCER TO . f. r ELIOT, Mon. and Tbun, s -10 pjn. IS MEDIABYAL AND RENAISSANCE ENOUSH 4-4 p.m. SSS RESTORATION AND EIGHTEENTH CRM CRY LITERATURE, Wed, 4-4 pm. S4 NINETEENTH CENTURY LITERATURE. Man. 4- 3O0 NINETEENTH CENTURT THOUGHT. Wed, 41 OLD ENGLISH POETBY, Man, 4-S pm. 4S0 THE ENGLISH NOVEL. Than, -l pm SI I BEOWULF, Man. 4 - p m. S30 EIOHTEBNTR CENTURY TUDIRS. Men. pm. S4S NINETEENTH CENTURY STUDIES, Wad, 4- pm. SM AMERICAN LITERATURE, Moa, pm. . S.H MODERN DRAMA, Wed, 4-S pm. a-au.rvi.iT THE CANADIAN NOVEL. Thun, 4- RJR. pm. 10 READINGS IN MODERN FRENCH. Man, (- pm. ... end alternate Wed, a- pm. , . 10 PRENcsi LlTEBAtUBB, Tues, - pm and alter- Bate FrT . pm ' , 11 LA LITTERAt UR D I. RENAISSANCE, Mon, . - p.m ajid alternate Wed, -pm. M LB ROMAN CANADIEN DE LANGUE FRANCA1SE, to he arraased. ... GEOGRAPHY . . v. ',. Jf 4, i; tV,., ) IM CLIMATOLOOT. Wed .T- lSPJn. " Hi K2NOM,c OROGRAPHY, Mon, t . 10 pm. geology"" v"to"' IS BI.BMENTARY GERMAN, Tues. and Fri, S-S p.m. , ; tNYEEMEDIATB OEBMAN, Mon. and Thun, S-l . . tns Intermediate COMPOSITION, bash terms. Taos. ' . Il Pm. and Thun, - pm, . " L",.,",OUT CONVERSATION, both terms. Tuea, .( pm and Thun. S-S p.m. " ?ri?,M. t"?" r " "rNETEENTH CENTURY, Tuea. end Thun, -T.SS pm. SOI advanced composition;' both trrwi, Taea, If a. and Thun, (- pm. SO' advanced CONVERSATION, both terms. Tee, , pm. and Thun. S-S pm. . v-- nuiuKi , l".1- "'"jrT"""1 " MODERN BISTORT, Mon,' v 'ii. vrcDiiai rnim aiaruaaiono. - i' ROM; IN TajB ANCIENT WORLD. Wad. - p.m. ' ... ''ao Hated aa CLASSICAL CTVILtJ! ATION SOI ) ' M . I5S i!.D,A.l?"",T,A' TRADITION IK WK7-LmirTNVS?- tw- . - Nr.w,f."T0,T' .n-. PV tXWtod . ''-.";v;. halt-rredll 3 SSS se. namsa constitutional bistort, Man, t . i HISTORY OP EASTERN EUROPE. Tues, T - 1 pm. f SB PHILOSOPHY OF HISTORY. Wad. 4-t la. SIS CANADA S1NC ISSI, Tuaa, 1-1 pm. MATHEMATICS . IS- ALOEHRA. Tuea, T- pm SS GEOMETRY, Wad, J0- m . or Wad, - IS- TalOONOMETRY, Moo, I J S pm. or S -1 30 pm. 100 CALCULUS. Mon. and Thun.. - pm SO CALCULUa AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. Mon. and Thun, S - S 30 pm. 110 LINEAR ALGEBBA, Wed. end Prl, S M -S am. SSS INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICAL ANALYSIS I. first term. Mon. end Thun, JO - pm. S3d INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICAL ANALYSIS II. second term, Mon. and Thun, S.S0 pjn. ESS STATISTICAL ANALYSIS HI, first term, Tuea. end Fri., SJO-S pan. EH CORRELATION AND . REGRESSION ANALYSIS. second ten. Tuaa. and M, pm. PHILOSOPHY , -, m 100 INTBOBOCTION TO PHILOSOPHY, Tuea, S-l pas. and altaraat Wad, S 1 pm. PHYSICS - 10 INTRODUCTORY PHTSICS. Mon. and Thun, - JO pm. Laboratory. at, am.- IS noon. SIS ADVANCED NUCLEAR PHYSICS. Tues, 4- pm. S14 CLASSICAL MECHANIC AND THBORY OF FIELD. tint term. Mow, 4- pm. (IS CLASSICAL ELECTRODYNAMICS, eaeond term, t Thun, 4 - pm. SI. APPUCATION OF QUANTUM MECHANICS. Wad. 4- pm. . ... ... , POLITICAL SCIENCE 10 INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE. Thun, T-S pm. Oroup dlacusalons, - 1 pm. S3 HISTORY OF POLITICAL THOUGHT, Fri, ? pm. Oroup dlaruaalona, - I pm. see INTERNATIONAL POLITIC, Moa, T- pm Oroup dlacuertana. - le p.m. SOS CANADIAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS, Wad. 7 -S p.m. Group dlacueatona, I pm. SS SOVIET GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS, TaW. pm. Group dtaruseiona, S - IS pm 4 PROBLEMS IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION. Bat, 5 - 1 1 am. Group dleruarlone.' It am to IS noon. 400 GOVERNMENT OF CANADA, Moa, Y- 1 pm. ' 4M MODERN POLITICAL THOUGHT, Tuea, 4-T pm. 41 LIBERTY AND AUTHORITY IN MODEBM WEST- RRN SOCIETIES. , a a m la noon. PROVINCIAL AND MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT, Wed. 4-T BJ THE CANADIAN : AND TaADITIONa. Wad.. l.Kaj Thun, V , I a a m. AMERICAN POLITICAL THEORT AND PRACTICE OP ADMINISTRATION, Sn CANADA IN WORLD AFFAIR, fri, 4-T pm. 570 BO VIET FOBEION POLICY. Thun, 4-T pm. . Sao AFRICA IN WORLD AFFAIRS, Wed, 4-t pm. PSYCHOLOGY 10 INTRODUCTORT PSYCHOLOGY, S SO - s arm. SOCIOLOGY ' W TNTRODUCnON TO SOCIOLOGY. erouD dlarueatone. a - a am. a.m. or - le p.m. Twsa. and WedV 340 PERSONNEL PSYCHOLOGY. Than, 1 US. 3M MOTIVATION, Man. 7 - IS pm PUBLIC LAW SM THR ELEMENT OF LAW.- Than, T I pm. 41 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Tues. T- I pm. SM ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. Tues, 4-T pm. SSS INTERNATIONAL LAW, Man. 4 -7 pm. RELIGION ISO INTRODUCTION TO WORLD REUOIONS, Tues, ISO ' INTRODUCTION TO THE BIBLE, Tua. and Than, .4-SS0pm .- It THE JUDAEO-CHRISYIAN TRADITION IN WEST-, ERN HISTORY, Tuse, T I pm. (Aim listed a t ,., HISTORY sia.t EES RECORDS OP THE LIFE OF JESUS, Thurs, ( m. , 4 JUDAISM AND THR JEWISH PEOPLE, Wad, p.m.. Ttetlrmlnff Baptemher S3. see Ielected PROBLEMS IN INTERPRETATION, hoof ' to be arranged. , RUSSIAN . IS ELBMENTABT BUSSUN, Mon, pm. and Than. 10 INTERMEDIATB RUSSIAN. Men, - ( pm. and !' TH" CIVILISATION Or RUSSIA, houn to be ai i an Red, sot advanced COMPOSITION, hoars te be a nan red. SOS ADVANCED CONVERSATION, houn to be emneed. 3.70 SOVIET RUSSIAN LITERATURE, Mon. and Thurs. . a so - a n.r SS THR RUSSIAN NOVEL. Taos, and Fit, 4J0- pm. Wed, S pm. n (OCIAL research, Tuea, T -1 pm. - ' 14 THE PRIMARY OROUP. Thun, T-S pm. S4S SOCIOLOOY OF WORK, Tuaa, 4- pm. and one hour to be nsnfnf. SB SOCIOLOGICAL THEOBY. Than, 4- f pm. and. one hour to be arraoneed. t SOCIOLOGY OF DEVIANCE, Wad, 4- pm. and ' " on hour to be erraneed. IS THE( ETHNOGRAPHY OP FRENCH CANADA, Wed, . 400 . SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS, houn as be SIMM. LJ. ". .SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY, houn to be amneed, tJS CANADIAN society, houn to be arm need - POLITICAL SOCIOLOGY, houn to be arraneed SPANISH IS INTRODUCTORY SPANISH. Moa. and Than, S-S 10 r NTSRMED1ATR EPANISH. Tuea a . a ) SS4 '- TSPt ClvrMT!ATION OF PAIN.T4on, S-S pm. and .. altrmat Thurs.. 4 - S p m. i THE MOOKBN SPANISH AMERICAN NOVEL. Moa. mwnm a nn. . -rm - p.m. . Tuition for each single course in Arts, Commerce or Science is 195.00. Thi Include all miscellaneous and laboratory fee where.applicble. Fee r du in full or in part at the Uin or registratlofl. Students should provide their ( own cheque forms; blank cheques wUl not be available. - ' f ' -" ' .. KTOISTRATICVN Evening undergraduate and special students register Th a rsday or Friday, September 10 or It, between the hour of 7-30 and 10 p-m. Graduate student register Monday, Tuesday or Wediveaday, September U, IS or IS, between the hour of 740 and 10 p.m. . . , , X. ': 1 - : .. . " : . , PARK INO : - '." AH (tudenu regularly driving care to the University must obtain parking permits. The fee for part-time student Is $7.00 a year. Permits may be obumed during rgitrtioo, f , , - ' .; FOR INFORMATION ON DAY AND EVENINO UNDERGRADUATE COURSES, AND NON-CREDIT EXTENSION COURSES, CONTACT THE OFFICE OF THE sTXGISTsTAR, SSS-gltl. FOR INFORMATION ON GRADUATE COURSES, CONTACT THE FACULTY OP GRADUATE STUDItX 3U-7SM. OR VVTtlTE TOj CARLETON IJNtVERSITY. VVLUNtX PT PRJVC, OTTAWA I ONTARIO, V seta i j, ' ''eas- -- a-a-x'ab. it 4. 1 X V ap. . V- eX- - ' f'

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