The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 8
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rAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL-LSYILLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2-!. 1US. ·4 Spring Goat of Siik and Wool, VINOl FOR it Cured Her Mrs. Thayer^s Letter West Somerville, Mass.--"I suffered from a severe attack of bronchitis, with a terrible cough, no ap- . petite, no energy, no strength and loss of sleep. The usual remedies j failed to help me, but they gave rnc I Vinol and it restored my appetite, | stopped the cough and built up my ( strength so I am able to do my house- i work .igain."--Mrs. P. B. Thayer ! We guarantee Vinol for rhromc, Boughs, colds, bronchitis, because '* , is -t , onstitutional cod liver and *rtm | remedy Formula oa every i«ottU, [ i Laughrey Drug Co., ConnellsviHe; j David C. Eason, Durtbar, and at the I best drug store in every town and city m the country. So loos as ttoey must economize in rool, designers appear to have made ap their minds to do It gracefully. V7h«n they accomplish snch a combination as appears In the coat for spring, shown above, we are inclined to be tbanteful lor the necessity lhat mothers socfa lovely invention. Rica satin · and peach-skin velotrr vie with each" other in it and the satin in a heavy soft quality cannot outclass the velour. The velour in fact is used as 4t for decorating the coat, bnt Is an Important part of the garment hi wiUch Che two materials az* nicely balanced. The body of tne coat is made of the satin and is cut full. The lower part is ot the v«Ionr set on En a very wide band machine stitched along the top. A shirred cape collar of satin at the becfc has its length doubled by a wide bond of the velour. The cuffs are made of 1C and the b*lt I* bordered with It also. The belt is wide bat th« softness of [ the satin allows it to crash, so that it slips through slides of sitln at the sides of th« coiit, ties at tiie front anJ hangs in long ends. Altogether the design accords with the new departure in the combination of siik and wool by presenting equally new features in Its style. ' Veloar is made in lightweights that mate this beautiful fabric practical for spring and summer coats. For the commc* season style decrees that the separate coat fall short ot reaching to the bottom of the skirt by several Inches and there is a rumor of three-quarter length models for summer wear. There is a variety of collars, several of them In the square cape style across the back and lengthened into rovers at the front. Belta play a leading role also employed In' many ways but always present. Coats j are fnll hnt hang straicht and some j of them are smartly military looking. The Five Food Groups. 1. Vegetables op fruits. 2. Milk, or cheese, or eggs, or fish, or mcnt, or benns, 3. Cereal: Corn, rice, oats, rye, or wheat. 4. Sirup or sugar. 5. Fat: Such as drippings, oleomargarine, oil, butter. Choose something from, each of these I five groups every day. [ More One.Dish Meals. There are some more recippa for dishes of this kind In other United States food leaflets. "Instead of M« at" (leaflet No. 3) telib what foctis are good to use when you don't buy meat, and how to make some meatless ontMllsh meals, "Make a Little Meat Go a Long Way" (leaflet Xo. 5) will help you to cut down yonr imat bills. The savory stews and meat plos show how you [ can give your family a good one-dish j meal by using a little meat In various combinations. i You can make up other recipes for yourself by combining foods from most of the five groups. Pass them on to your neighbor. NOT THE SHOCK EXPECTED Uncle Sam's Food Lessons Intonnatloa Service tT. S. Dft- pextmeul of A£ricultnr«.) A "WHOLE DINNER IN ONE-OfSH. Everybody Will Like the One-Dish Dinner. A disfa hot and savory--good for work or play--that Is why tin* father and the children vUl llie it. Easy to coofc and serve--ttat is one rtsison why yon vU\ like it. Only one dish to cook, few plates to "wash, steps * aired. Good, oocrishlng food--yon can feel sore that yoa are feeding yonr fjonily r'ght If yon give them this dinner. It - mtatos all their bodies need to help t'lem wort: and grow strong. This dinner helps you do your part t" jr yonr conntry. Ton can save wheat a nd meat to ship abroad. Onr soldiers j n d the allies need them more than we ^ Try These One-Dish Dinners. Each of dese dinners contains sn£- f dent for a family of five. Fish Chowder. Rabbft, fowl, or any meat xnuy bo rf.sed Instead ot the fish, or tomatoes lastead of mtlfc. Ooxrots may be oEoftted. One arrt! ooe-fcalf povzuds fish Cfreah,- .-alt. or'catmedl. Nlnepototoes, peeled and cot In small I'feces. One onW, ffflced. Two cops carrots cut in pieces. One-Amrth poond salt podt. Three cups milfr. Pepper. Three tablespoonfols float; Out pork lo «ma.n pieces and fry Tith the chopped onion for five mio- n tea. Ptxt port, onions, carrots, and po- 'atoes In kettle and cover -with bofllag water. Cook until vegetables are tender. MT three tablespoonftjls of floor with one-naif cnpfnl of the cold mllfc :ind sttr m, the liquid In the iot to 'hicfcen. Add the rest of the mflk and antfl TegetaWes are tender, ilii three :oblefipoon£nl3 of flour wlth-half of the cold milk and stir hi the liquid In the pot to thicken. All the rest of the fish, "which has been removed f-om the bone and cat In small pieces. Cook until the flsb. Is tender, about ten mln- ntes. Serve hot. You can omit salt' pork and use a tablespoon of other fnt. | Dried Peaa With Rice and Tomatoes, j One and one-balf cupfuls rice. Two cnpfuls dried peas. Sbc onions. One taMespooTrfuI salt. One-fonrth teaspoonfnl pepper. Two cnpfuls tomato (fresh or canned). Soak peas overnight In two quarts of water. Cook until tender in water In much they soaked. Add rice, onions, tomato and seasonings and cook 20 mlnntes. Potted Hominy and Beef. Hominy is excellent to nse as part of Q. one-dish dinner, If you have a fire hi yonr stove so that you can cook it for a lone time, or nse a flreloss cooker. Heat one and on^balf quarts of water to boiling; add one teaspocnfnl of salt and two cnpfnls of hominy which has been soaked overnight. Cook in a double boiler for four hours or In the flreless cooker overnight. This makes five cnpfuls. This recipe may be increased and enough cooked In different troys for eevemi meals. Hominy Is excellent combined with dried, canned, or fresh fish, or meat and vegetable left-overs may be used. Here is, one combination: JFIve cnpfuls cooked hominy, Ponr potatoes. Two cupfuls carrots. One tenspooofnl salt. One-fourth pound dried beef. Two cnpf nls milk. Two tablespoonfuls fat. Two tnblespoonfnls floor. Melt the fat, stir in the flour, add the | cold milk, and mix well. Cook until it j thickens. Cut the potatoes and carrots In dice, mix all the materials in a baking dish, and bake for one hour. These dishes supply all five kinds of food. Each Is enough for the whole dinner fnr a family of live. Eat them with bread and with fniit or Jam for dessert. Then yon will have all the five kinds cf food your body needs. These five kinds are shown on the nert page. Debutants Would Have Been Willing if it Had Been Otherwise. After tba Spanish melon, -while r-vaiting the cold consomme, a young Japanese diplomat too.k the 'an from the white hand of a debutante, and opened It--from the right to left delicately. "You noticed how I opened it?" he i said. "Prom right to left?" "Yes," she returned Indifferently, i "But everybody opens fane Cram right to loft." "And do yoa taiorr wfcy? No? "'' a n I'll tell you--1*11 warn you--so tl, *u yourself mcy never, by any cbu.uco, open a fan from left to right." Ho flipped his amber-colored chabtts and resumed: "Fans originated rn Japan, and from time Immemorial the Japanese fan- makers, whose morality IB not like western morality, have constructed fans in such a manner that, opened (rom right to lt»ft, they reveal Innocent and lovely things--flowers and temples and tea gardens--while, opened from left to right, they reveal scenee of an indecency and obscenity passing belief. "Of course, all Japanese fans are not of a double entendre such as this, but many are, and hence Japan has taught the world to open ita fans La oaly one' "way--the safe way " The young lady opened her fan, very cautiously, the unsafe way. Then she said: "Pshaw, my fan IB all right" And then gava a little disappointed shrug of her wht'ie shoulders.--Chicago Record-Herald. Pig Hunts Rabblta. J, H. Lankford of Lewea, Md., a village just acrosa thti lower Delaware line, has a pig that 'lunts rabbits and i joins In chases with He owner's dogs, j This pig is a thoroughbred of tbo| Chester County White variety and Is I known as Sir Qrui'^r. It flrat saw i the light last Auguat, a^id was allowed | to run around the Lankford home-1 stead with a pair of rabbit dogs, and It followed the dogs to the woods and hunted with them. When the rabbit season opened and the rabbit dogs went on a aunt the pig followed. Mr. Laukford tried to fasten up tho animal, but iti vain. Finally he £a.Te the pjg its liberty and permitted it to follow the doge at will. Mr. Lankford Bays he will endeavor to train the pig BO tb»t it will bunt j without does. DRESS GINGHAM per yard No over 10 yards to a customer. TABLE OIL CLOTH, per yard Either light or dark patterns. DON'T MISS 7Dc Ladies' Si 1 ^ Gloves at 3 Ladies' Union Suits for 55c $1.00 Men's Working Sox, the pair - - - - 9c $1.25 Umbrellas, big selection, at - - 87c Children's Hose, including large sizes - lie Women's Vests, wing sleeve or sleeveless 12/ac Men's Khaki Shade Overalls at - - - - 87c Men's Red or Slue Handkerchiefs - - 8c BLEACHED ML'SLIN". per yd. Xot m er 10 yards to a customer. 14ic BED SHEETS, 72x!)d, a I _. Wliile they last only. 65 c 76c Men's Working Shirts at · 9Sc Boys' AVasli Suits at Up to 50c Neckwear at ,-$1.48 Bed Spreads 2 Children's Fanty Waists at --_ $1.85 Lace Curtains, at only 85c Sateeu Underskirts at $1.25 Cover-all Aprosn at 39c Heavy Tnrklsb Towels at _, 13r Toweling, red border, at ~ - _ -_ _ 75c Corsets, 'n all SI?PP, at 25c Voiles, pew pattern^, at Snc Knvolopo _79c lOc $1.19 25c $1.19 _ 59c _87c 26c 6c 49c L4ic 49c This eit'iil is more ilian !i sale. It'« a time ulion we consider it Our D u t y to give our Profits (o You, a reciprocal i o n j _ for }·(»! iroixi w i l l and s t r a d j pafronnic t h a t , has made t h i s Connells-ullc Bargain Center possible. .There is no ((iicstioji a.s to (lie great values n h i c l i vtill be offered lnr- inir this sale. Tlii only question is. Will You Get Y o u r Share. 1 Come early and often. The Benefits Will Bo Enormous. Seven m o n t h s ago n o drove a hard Bargain vtith t h e m a n u f a c t u r e r for nearly 1,000 CHILDREN'S DRESSES Which enables n to sell in our An- imersarj Celebration Worth Todaj $!.«!! and 31 ore. Ail si/.os i n c l u d i n g up to 14 .-ieui's. Children s GmKb.un and c uii,h Iii-tFnO'- nciu and dark shades. ^V:!h ihe ir£.~?n' ;r\Y '/f ginc;humc eu-i m o ' l u r w 11 do well to l:iy in a .suppl;. I of thc.,0 drobSPe cu such a I,UT bavins. Sensational Anniversary Offer in Women's and Misses' Worth $18.75 and $23.50 At these low prices'they will be claimed in a jiffy by women who know ho\v to economize. Stunning models in poplin, woo! velour and other materials. Children's Coats, Cloth or Silk at Great Reductions Woman IVho Practices T h r i f t f a n Afford to 3Iis This Sale of Women's and Misses' SUITS Beautiful New Models Silk and Taffeta · Worth up to $15.75. TXl SUAL--But B. Shembcrg, a well KIIOM n wholesaler, retired from bus ncs^- ar.d sold us n..; entire of dre.sKcs at a fract'on of t h e n real \ a l u c M'onh »p (n $-25.00 A harrcit da\ for Suit buyers. inrtci-d, when y(nj caji i c n h ? e such - a \ m g b on such bc.tUMful f u l l i Jj.ilf I ntd. A STARTUG VALl'E A h o u t 300 Georgette Waists rorlli up to , j SkOO, at .. Tho dre^^ie^t, handsomest and richest you have eor prcn for e\?p *\virp our anntvorsarv priro. 1 If no- for ihe buying power of the .16 stores, ivo would never be in a position to oFer puch f\traordinary va'ncs. THY OUR CLASSIFIED ADLETS. SOLD BY i»RXTGcTinrs. t0 *"" P»rc=I Po« if ^"'fj^-l'nw *1, t,r J bottle. 92 75. THE EVANS CHEMICALCC.. CINCINNATI. O. DO YOU NEED JOB PRINTING? We do all kinds of Job Printing at our otfice from the visiting card to the finest commercial work. Try our printing. THE COURIER COMPANY. 127^ W. Main St.. ConnellsviHe, Pa. tiruirnmiwirr 'CAP"SXUBBS TIPPY BROUGHT ABOUT A HAPPY EltTSIOS lij

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