The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 8, 1938 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 8, 1938
Page 8
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1 J AC" EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, JANUARY S, 193S. x. Basketball Basketball Sporforials By JOHJJ H. WHOKIC Sports Editor VIEWS IN CAGE RULE Bruce M. Shearer, Dunbar Township High coach, fels the new center Jump-less ruli Is too hard on his players although lie regards the legislation as a help t him because he doesn't have a large center. His squad runs into one bad quarter every game because the strain is terrific, he said. The same view is held by Bill Lohr of Scottdalc. "If the center jump rule had been in effect we'd hardly ever get the ball," he said. "New we have a chance lor it once in a while." The Blue and White has no rangy boys. Lohr predicts that high schools would return the center jump next year although the colleges might continue it. "The play is so fast that it works 'a hardship on the boys," Lohr added. Referee Joe John of Unlontown doesn't believe there have been sufficient advantages to warrant such a strain on the high school players. "It's more difficult to keep up with the ball and its plenty tough on officials. Imagine how much harder it is on those boys," ho commented adding his belief the center jump would come back. Even the scorekeepers are putting in their bit. There have been several instances where they have had difficulty in keeping tab on thl field goals. In one game particular a team scored and while the compilers were marking it down in their books the other club had passed the length of the door and the ball started back up the" Held. It happened so quickly it was hard to believe. When the boys cut loose it means a red hot ball game but the pace must necessarily be reduced because they can't keep up that gait. Allie Luczak Makes 20 Points as Locals Drop First Loop Tilt THEY CALL THEM "HUNTERS" The Lalrobe Bulletin had this item in its editorial columns which is worth passing on to local readers: "Mistaking a flapping towel for a deer's tail, a New York hunter fired with the result that a man was Wiled and a second man wounded. "The New York State Conservation Department has just announced revocation of the hunter's license for a period of 10 years. "By this decision the conservation department has made a real effort to emphasize the seriousness of such careless hunting. "Ar.body who up and fires at a 'white flabh' is far better off without a gun." Unless theic is a halt to this appalling toll of human life in this Commonwealth, prosecutions on manslaughter charges probably will have to be instituted. It's getting to be a calamity with the careless hunter being exonerated because the object he shot at "looked like a -squirrel." Be positive of your target or don't shoot Suppose you were on the other end o£ the gun? COM.ME.XT FROar FLORIDA Ken Stimmel of Stuart, Fla., formerly of Dawson, writes the editor: "I've been reading in various papers, Including The Courier, abou the new rule disposing o£ the center jump. One can easily see the viewpoint of those opposed to it but on the other hand the opinion of those favoring Its elimination has the greatest number of points. "I have been officiating at basketball games for five years and I believe that the banning ot the center play docs not hinder the game. A number of prominent coaches have said 'It tires the boys too quickly. May I venture to say that It takes perfect training rules for a person to endure the stiain of all sports. '. have seen many gradually falter because of non-compliance with stric training rules. A team of boys in good training condition will easily overcome this so-called major obstacle and criticism." Stimmel is officiating nt games a Stuart High School nnd is to have charge of a projected floor tournament at Vcra Beach, Fla. BITS HERE AN!) THERE Uniontown is still in the Section race with its victory over Charlero . . . Norwm went down before Greensburg, 34 to 24, and the Section 3 chase now Jays between Johnstown and the Westmorland countyseaters . . . Paul Wancr didn't mince' any words when he bald that the Pittsburgh Pirates "probably want cheaper faces"--but not new faces. "According to the contract sent me he (President Bill Benswanger) has no stars to trade but just wants a bunch of bums at two for a nickel. Any trade he wants made for me is okay by me. Them's my sentiments." . . Greensburg wrestlers defeated Moun' Lebanon . . . Fred Apostoli, the San Francisco kid who has been trailing World Champion Freddie Stcelo for three years, finally caught up with him at Madison Square Garden Friday night and bcfoie 10,000 fan: gave him an unmerciful lacing foi eight rounds, cut him to pieces with a two-handed body and head attack and then %von on a technical knock out alter 54 seconds of the ninth . . Grove City took a 44-39 win over St Vincent . . , Jimmy Thompson am Willie Goggm forged io the front in the first round of the $5,000 Lo. Angeles open golf tournament witl scores of 65 ... Wayncsburg came through strong in the last half t down Wc«t Vuciiila Wrslfjan, 46 t 19. : lood City Shows Two Full Squads of Same Strength. PLAYATNORWIN HIGH TUESDAY The Conncllsville High School basketball team, notwithstanding the stellar performance of "Allie" Luczak ivho tallied 20 points, lost to Johns- .own High, 35-29, Friday nigr.% at the local gym before a cap-oily crowd In another Section 9 game. Play was fast and hard fought and though the Jawns finally took a six-point margin, the score hardly tells the story. For more than three quarters the team fought fiercely to establish some sort of a "safe" lead without success. The score was so close that first one then the other would have an advantage. The Cokcrs drew first blood at the beginning ot the contest with Luczak registering two fouls and a Md goal. Jordon more than evened the count, sinking a free throw and getting two goals, to give the visitors a 5-4 lead. When the period ended, ihe Cokers had forged to the front to lead, 8-7. ' Coach Foxy Miller used 11 boys in the setto without Impairing his attack or defense to any noticeable extent. The fact that he was able to make these frequent substitutions aided materially in victory. It meant that he kept a fresh combination on the floor and the Cokcrs were taxed to maintain the pace. The huge crowd that jammed its way into the gymnasium seemed to find fault with the referee's decisions and on one occasion protested so boistcriously while a Johnstown player was shooting from the foul line that the "ump" awarded that youth another shot. He had missed the first two but tallied the third. Luczak and Marakas made all but one of the Cokcrs 1 total. "Allie" shot seven field goals and six out of eight fouls. The efforts of his mates from the free line were woefully weak, a total of 14 attempts being missed. In the two league games played by the Cokers, Luczak has made 13 field goals and 17 out of 22 fouls to account for 43 of the 01 points scored by the Orange and Black. Tuesday finds the Cokers traveling to Norwin for its third clash in Section 9. The line-up: Conncllsville Showman, f Luczak, f _ Marakas, c Olszcwski, Stipa, g Totals 10 Latrobe High Trims Ramsay In Section 9 MOUNT PLEASANT, Jan. 8 Ramsay High basketeers suffered a 32 to 23 setback nt Lntrobo Friday night in Section 9 in an interesting contest. The summary: Latrobc G. .-7 1 .1 2 Srecnsburg . -Johnstown . -onnellsville tforwin _ -- Jcannctte ,,_ trobc - Mount Pleasant _. Scottdalc Massena, f Kcim, f Stccle, c .- Smkey, g Collingrand, g Ballcntyne, f -__ Hough, g . , Totals .... Ramsay Rudnik, f . Damico, f Gaudino, c Queer, g ,, Murtha, g Lcntz, i Zcleka, g ...2 0 1 F. 1 0 0 2 0 1 0 rt,s. 15 2 2 6 4 1 2 14 G. . 0 -0 - 0 2 -2 -1 4 32- F. Pts. 0 0 0 0 0 0 Totals Referee--Koch. 10 Bowmans, Gay Boys Triumph in Dunbar Basketball Group The Bowmans took over the DeMarco five, 9 to 12, and the Hi-De- Ho Club defeated the Baptists, 27 to 17, in the Dunbar WPA Recreation Basketball League. The scores: Baptists B. Bicgley, f H. Hair, f D. Nygren, c Johnstown G. Tanase, f 6 Jordon, t 3 Shannon, o -- 2 Boltz, g 2 Vennett, g o Ellsworth, t _. 1 9 20 F. rt*. 2 14 2 8 Totals 14 7 35 Non-sconng substitutions -- Con- ncllsville, Evans, McClurc, Reed, Murray and Byrne; Johnstown, Whitelow, Murray, Slick, Stour and Shaheen. Scoring by quarters: Connellsville 8 5 9 7--29 Johnstown . _ 7 8 12 8--35 Referee--Coles. Fouls missed--Luczak 2, Marakas 1, Olszewski 2, Stlpa 4, Evans 4, McClure 1, Murray 1, Byrne 1, Tanase 2, Jordon 1, Shannon 1, Ellsworth 1. Meyersdale High Bows fo Somerset In League Battle SOMERSET, J.m. 8.--After being held on even terms in the first half, Somerset cut loose to topple Meyersdale, 22 to 11, in a Class A game in Somerset County League. The summary: Somerset G. F. Pis. C. Moroco, f _ 3 0 0 Barkman, f _ 3 i 7 Van Gilder, c 3 1 7 Miller, g o 0 0 Hay, g o 0 0 Coleman, g i o 2 Glesner, g o 0 0 Benchly, f o 0 0 J. Moroco, f o 0 0 Forney, g o 0 0 Fluck, g o 0 0 Luby, g _ o 0 0 Totals -Meyersdale Hosteller, f Beynon, f Barber, c Gauntz, g Fink, E Bcal, l Long, g Stein, g Pfeiffcr, f Glimo, f . Totals Referee--Kith. 10 G. 1 .. 0 0 o 2 0 - 0 -.0 . 0 _ 0 2 F. t 1 1 1 u I 0 0 0 0 H. Yutzlc, g _ R. Provms, f _ G. . 1 . 1 3 . 1 . 0 Totals HI-De-Ho L. Harvey, f Gent, f ... C. Harvey, c Sykcs, g - - _ _ _ R. McDowell, g 8 G. 0 4 2 ._ 3 __ 3 F. Pis. 0 2 0 2 1 0 o 1 17 F. Pts. 1 1 0 8 1 1 0 Totals . . 12 Score by quarters: Baptist _. - _ 4 11 0 2--17 Hi-De-Ho 5 8 0 11--27 Rcfrce--Cruso. Bowmans Soldano, f . -Bruno, f Jarvis, c . Bojosky, g Cruso, g G. . 7 . 6 . 4 . 0 . 1 F. Pts 1 15 0 0 0 2 Totals 18 3 39 DeMarco G. F. Pta H. McDowell, t 1 1 Lizzie, f 1 1 DeMarco, c 2 0 Dunaway, g 0 0 Manzola, g l o J. Bruno ________ 0 0 Totals 5 2 12 Score by quarters: Bowmans . . . 4 11 8 16--39 DeMarco _ _. 4 a o 2--12 Referee--R. McDowell. 1 --0 -- 0 --t -2 East Huntingdon Loses to Ligonier After Good Sfari ALVERTON, Jan. 8.--East Huntingdon iuflered B 23 to 16 loss at the hands of Ligonier in Section 10 after the two tc.ims had moved oft to good start m the first quarter. The summary: Llconlcr G. Donate, f - . 4 Rambay, f o Wilt, c . Mitchell, g Bergstrom, g _ . Snydcr, f _ Hantz, c _ Buell, g i Zuri, g __ o Totals . 9 E. Huntingdon G. F. Pts. Morgan, f 1 l 3 Clausncr, f . o 0 0 Pclro «c -- -- 2 l s Popovec, g 2 2 6 Thorn, g . _ . _ . _ . l o 2 16 F. Pis 0 0 0 0 2 0 1 1 1 W. P. I. A. League Summaries ' SECTION 9 Yesterday's Results. Jcanncttc 38; Scottdale 29. Grccnsburg 34; Nonvin 24. Latrobe 32; Mount Pleasant 28. Johnstown 35; Conncllsville 29. Standing of the Clubs. Pet. 1.000 1.000 .500 .500, .500) .500 .000 .000 CHURCH CAGE PLAY BEGINS ON TUESDAY Nine Teams Enrolled in Loop; Much Action Expected. TWO GAMES TO BE LISTED NIGHTLY Games Tuesday. Jcannctte at Johnstown. Connelfsville at Nonvin. Grecnsburg at Latrobe. Scottdale at Mount Pleasant. SECTION 10 Yesterday's Results. Ligonier 23; East Huntingdon 16. Youngwood 31; Derry 23. Dunbar 33; Hurst 24. Standing of the Clubs W. L. Dunbar Twp. 2 Perry Twp. Youngwood Ligonier East Huntingdon Hurst Pet 1.000 1.000 .500 .500 .000 .000 The Y. M. C A -Chuich Basketball Jcaguc schedule gets under way Tuesday evening at 7 o'clock, it was determined Friday at a meeting at the Y. M. C. A. Nine teams will be represented and are ceitaln to give cage followers plenty of exciting games during the winter months. Those having membersh.p in the league arc: United Brethren, Churcli of Brethren, Leisenring Presbyterian, Christian, Dawson M. E , St. John's Holy Name Society, First Methodist Episcopal, ?irst Prebbyterian and United Presbyterian. A small admission charge will be made and the public is attend Two games will be played each night. Total b 6 Score by periods' Ligonier 10 fi 2 0--23 East Huntingdon 10 'i \ :t--IB Referee--Snydur. rnlint In Nary. Three enlistments in the United States Navy through the Uniontown recruiting station include Raymond L. Brown ot Mather, William B. Trcsilcr of Confluence and Michael J Slcdz ot Edcnbom. Games Tuesday, Ligonier at Youngwood. Dcrry at Hurst. Dcrry Twp. at East Huntingdon. SECTION 18 Yesterday* Results. Rostravcr 46; South Huntingdon 22. West Newton 35; Scwickley 20. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Rostraver 2 Belle Vernon 1 West Newton 1 Faycttc City 1 1 Sewicklcy _ _ _ _ _ Perry Twp. South Huntingdon Pet. 1.000 1 000 1.000 .500 .500 .ooc .000 Games Tuesday. South Huntingdon at Fayette City. West Newton at Rostraver. /Perry Township at Belle Vernon. SECTION 14 Ycstcrdaj's Result;,. Georges 29; Redstone 22. South Union 41; Maplctown 22. North Union 35; German 9. Standing of the Club? W. L. Georges - 2 South Union Point Marion _ _ North Union Redstone ,, Maplctown German - 2 .,, 1 _ 1 -- 0 .. 0 _ 0 Pee. 1.000 .000 .000 .000 Games Tuesday. Redstone at South Union. Mnplctown at North Union. Point Marion at Georges. SECTION 16 Yesterday's Results. Bcntlcyvillc 32; Ccntcrville 25. Standing of the Clubs. W. L. Bentlcyville _ . 1 0 Centcrville . 1 1 East Bethlehem . 0 1 East Pike Run 0 0 Pet 1.000 .500 .000 .000 Game Friday. East Bethlehem at Bentlcyville. SECTION 4 Ycslcrdaj's Results. Uniontown 23; Charlcrol 22. O n o o f t h e f i r s t questions a f t e r any fire -- WAS IT INSURED? Why not be sure that your property is properly and adequately insured. C a l l t h i s A g e n c y To-day. J, DONALD PORTER IJfSUBAXCE First National Bank Bide.' Councllsvillc, l'ft. D a r t b a l l Loop Play to Resume Monday Evening Play \vill be resumed Monday eve mng m the City-Church Dartball League after a week's idteress owing to the observance of the V/eek of Prayer. The schedule for next week follows: Monday--Evangelical at M. E ; M. E. Juniors at Baraca; United Brethren at M. P. Tuesday--Presbyterian at Christion; Lutheran at United Brethren. The Standing ot the Clubs. Methodist 3 Lutheran - _ 4 Pri'sbytcrian _ 2 Baraca I Evangelical 1 Christian . . -- 1 United Brethren 0 Methodist Protestant 0 M. E. Juniors 0 L. 0 * 1 2 2 0 3 Pet. 1.000 .66' .667 ··»·] .333 .333 .000 .000 0000 California 28, Monongahela 26. Moncs:en 20: Brownsville 12. Standing of the Clubs. Monesscn Donor.i California ___. Uniontown Browiuville -Charleroi . ,_ Monongahela . W. 2 --_ 1 1 1 1 0 0 L. 0 0 0 1 1 Pet 1.000 1.000 1.000 .500 .500 .000 .000 Gar/irs Tucsdaj. Uniontown at Brounsvillc. Monesscn at Donora. Charlcrol at Califoinui. Dunbar Township Goes Into Section Ten Lead, Defeating Hurst Five W e s t i n g h o u s e Has Uniontown Here on The team will swing into action Monday night at State Armory, when the Umontowu Kauf- mans appear foi a grudge battle with the local stars. Tension has been at a pitch ever since last season when the county- scat club came to Connellsville and made the locals go into a flvc-nvnute extra period to win by four points. The Kaufmans have one of the finest teams in the county and with Hurnoy and Schrock, two former college stars from the Pittsburgh district in the lineup will give the Westinghouse club plenty to think about before the evening is over. Playing their first league game Wednesday, the Kaufmans ran roughshod over a strong Fayelte Candy Company team. In the preliminary game the Paramount Juniors will play a strong junior team from Washington, Pa. This game will start at 7 30 o'clock with the mam attraction getting under way at 8'30 o'clock sharp. The doors will open at 7:15 o'clock. Leisenring Takes Lead In First and Third Periods. Homestead Grays President Would Deal in Liquor By United Prejj. PITTSBURGH, Jan. -- The State Liquor Control Board today had under advisement the application of the president of the Homestead Grays baseball team and the operator of a one-man taxicab company to go into the retail liquor business in Homestead, Pa. Rufus Jackson, who heads the famous Negro nine, and Emanucl McT'heirson, the cab operator, petitioned the board for the license. The application was for a tap room at 512 Dixon street. Jackson listed thi ee arrests for violation ot the law, in his application, and McPhcirson listed two. It was brought out at the hearing on the application, however, that Jackson had omitted three arrests, two for operating lotteries and one for carrying weapons, and his partner failed to include four additional ancsts. Their attorney, Charles Coll, said the ommissions were due to the failure of the district attorney's office to furnish him with a full record of clients. Jackson said, that m addition to the baseball team, he operates a cleaning establishment Board agents said both were financially responsible. DERRY BOROUGH BEATEN BY RAILS Trimming Hurst High of Mount Pleasant township, 33 to 24, at the Lelsennng No. 1 gymnasium Friday night, Dunbar Township High School basketeers went into first place in Section 10 as Derry Township idled and Dcrry Borough suffered its Initial setback at the hands of Youngwood, 1 to 23, the same team turned back by the Red and Black in its loop opener. At the same time Ligonier came through with a 23 to 16 victory at the expense of East Huntingdon Township. Leisenring scored a six-point lead in the first quarters only to have Hurst whittle this down to two in the second stanza. Then the Bruce M. Shearer clan went to town and outscored the Scarlet Hurricane, 14-5, to put the game on the proverbial ice. Tuesday night finds D. T. idling in league competition as Youngwood entei tains Ligonier, Derry goes to Hurst and Dcrry Township invades Alverton. The sumnrtry: Hurst G. F. Pts. Dolans, f .1 2 0 4 Kamponk, f 5 3 13 Vikartosky, c 0 0 0 Pfrogncr, g 2 0 4 Baluh, g 1 1 1 ! Totals Dunbar Yourich, f Pavlosky, f Hasson, c Herchko. g Husband, g ..10 G. '. 2 _ 3 . 5 . 1 4 24 F. Pts. 3 9 1 5 1 7 0 10 33 Totals . .. 14 Score by periods: Hurst 5 6 5 8--24 Dunbar . _ 11 2 14 6--33 Referee--John. Cribbage League Will Be Organized In Scottdale Area SCOTTDALE, Jan. 8.--Persons interested in organization of a cnbbage league to embrace Scottdalc, Everson and surrounding community within three miles are requested to leave th»ir names and addresses at Rutherford's Book Store or mail them there not later than January 14 so Ihat games may be arranged. There will be no entrance fee. It has been suggested by several cnbbage pla rs that a tournament be conducted during the winter. DOLLAR IN HAND IS WORTH SAVING... Watch for Opening Date of Our Sale "BARGAINS" Merchandise Priced To Suit Your Purse "NOTHING RESERVED" GIGLIOTTI'S CO'SElLSVILIiE'S IiEADIXG 3IEVS STORE 121 North rittsl)ur§r Street.

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