The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, I S I S . THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE SETON. "Perhaps," hp said, doubtfully. A c.oment, then hi 1 * f co\v n lightened. "You ?'ve me a thought," said he. "You s'mll wear the Jewels." "Wear them? How?" "On your back, in that very hump. It * ill be the safest pobsible \vay to con- seal them." ^ "Rosa clapped her hands lu delight "Why, of course! It is the very thin?. Wait until I show you." Profiting by her first moment ilone --Evangehna nnd her husband being still in Ignorance of the contents of "he treasure boi--Rosa made a bundle ?ut of rhe jewels and trinkets nnd fas- :--ned 1: securely inside her coat. After s few experiments she adjusted it to aer liking, then called O'Reilly once aiore. This time he was better «at!s- 5orl. An application of Etangeina's s'aln to darken her face, a fe\\ tatrers *i(L a liberal application of dirt n the salt, and he declared that Rosa v ould :iss anywhere as a boy. There came a night when the three 3f them bade good-by to their black Companions and slipped away across the dry to that section known as I'ueb- rf Xuovn, then followed the road along .lie water front until they found shelter within the shadows of a riikety iiructure which had once served as a )ath house. The refugees waited a long lime; :hey were beginning to fear that old Vlcrtn's nerve had weakened at the jlevetitb hour, when they beheld a skiff loproaehing the shore. It glided closer, jntered the shade of the bath house, lit en a voice cried: "Pset! You are there?" It was llo- rln himself. Hastily the three piled aboard. Morin b*nt to his oars and the skiff shot out. "You.were not observed?" he Inquired. "No.** ' Morin rowed in silence for a time. "When do you sail?' O'Reilly as'ced. "At dawn, God permitting. You will j have to remain, hidden and you mcstn'c | even breathe." He brought the skiff alongside a h,«.t- tf red old schooner, nnd his passengers t elambered aboard. There was a tiny cabin aft and on It. sheltered from the o.ght dew by a loose fold of the inaln- snll, were two sleeping men. The newcomers followed Morin down Into the evil little cabin, where he warned them In a hoarse whisper: ^ "Not a sound, mind you. If anyone comes aboard, you must shift for yourselves. Creep tato the hold and hide. Of course, if we are searched--' He muttered something, then gropeu his way out on deck, and dosed the hatch behind him. Now that they had actually embarked, upon this enterprise nnd the girt had given herself entirely into his ' hands, now that an Imminent peril encompassed them both, Johnnie fe! v that · F-osa belonged to him more absolutely, more completely, than at any time { heretofore, so be held her close. Rosa ! lay relaxed against her lover's shoulder and In baiting murmurs, interrupt- j to do Tuth. E\en the food is wretched. I'm going to take you away," Esteban stroked her hnnd softly. "You can't do that, Miss Evan?. You hnve been wonderful to me and I can't hetjin to express my gratitude--" Norine stirred, but he retained his grasp of her fingers, gaining courage from the contact to proceed. "I have been trying for a 3ong time to tell you some- tiling. Will you listen?" "Xot now," she exclaimed, with a visible lessening of color. "Don't bother to tell me now." "I've waited too long; I must spea*t. You have stayed on here just to nurse me. Isn't that true?" She nodded somewhat doubtfully. "Now, then, you must stop thinking cbout me and--make your arrangements to go home." There was a moment of silence. "Yes. You see, I know how tired you nre of tins misery, thi? poverty, this hopeless struggle. You're not a Cuban and our cause isn't yours. Expeditions come from the United States every now Shoot Down the Red Cross Flag Orcfcr*. "The wounded who lay in No Man's Land were left lo perish. The French tried la rescue them under the Red Cross flag but We only sneered at them and shot it to tits. The Red Cross flag had lost all Its value for us when it was raised bu the French. Mistrust was nurtured among us. We mere told that the enemy misused the flag and that we must shoot down !he men who bore it.' Here is an admission of a German soldier--a confirmation of Prussian "kul- tur." It is only one of the striking paragraphs in Confessions of a GermanDeserter The real "inside" story of ; Prussian militarism about to 1 ',; appear in installments in ! | This Newspaper i » ********** w*»v»vvi "Esteban, Dear, I'll Never, Never Leave You 1" and then and the government will see that you are put safely aboard the first ship that returns. Til manage to gel well somehow." Norine's color hnd returned. She stood over the hammock, looking down mistily. "Don't you need me, want me any more?" she Inquired. Esteban turned his tired eyes away. ·1. She n into your mvn world nnd forg°l--" A sudden impulse seized Ihe stopped nnd gathered the ifrk her young, strong arms "Don't he silly,'" she cried. "My world Is your ^vorld. Itehan dear. I'll never, never leave you." "Miss Evans 1 Norine!" Varona tried feebly to free himself. "You mustn't--" Norine drew him closer. "You're go- have nothing, utter happiness. It was the fullest hour of their lives! With daylight, Morin routed out his men. There was a sleepy muttering, the patter of bare feet upon the deck above, then the creak of blocks as the sails were raised. A few moments, then there came a hall which brought their hearts into their throats, Morin himself answered the call. "Good morning, countryman' Htive you caught any of those accursed filibusters elate I saw you hist? So? C'ayo Bomauo; eh? What have I aboard?" in - t( tel1 me **£* v , Morin laughed loudly. "You know very · TM offer me nothing. You re going to well-canlon and shot for the rebels, *«** generous, noble thing W e l l ! I of course. Will you look? . . . N o ? ^te generous people I'm selfi^utter- . . . Then a cup of coffee perhaps?" Jy selfish and spoiled, and I don't pro- OReillr peeped through a d i r t pwe to be robhsd of anjtliing I TMt, seined cabin window and saw ths-t che ^ast of all my happiness. You do love volandra was slipping past the strn of me ' " OD t V O U f the ironclad, so be withdrew his head Esteban's cry was eloquent; he Quickly clasped his arms about her and she Of course this was but one (Linger 1 held hlm flei ccly to her breast rnst and there were many more ahead, i We " re Quite mad. quite insane, he for Monn's schooner was liable to be ' told h " *«er a while. "This only stopped by any ot the numerous patrol j makes it harder to give you up." boats on dnty to the eastward. Never! **TM're not going to give me up and theless, when an anxious hour had pnne \ by and she was well out toward the j harbor mouth, the refugees to't one ; cnoiher they were safe. n're not going to die. I sha'n't let ou. Think what you have to live for." "I--did wrong to surrender." "IE was I who surrendered. Comet , Must I say it all? Aren't you going to ask me--" "What?" "Why, to marry you, of course, Esteban Varona made slow process i Wo * re «° 3n S to be married, and I'm go- Niward recovery. In the weeks fellow-1 * n S to^take you out of this miserable Ing O'lte.lly's departure from Cnbitas place." CHAPTER X X I . Three Travelers Come Horns. i gam was steady, but beyond :· certain point he seemed unable t'» go. Then he bec^an to lose strength. Esteb in awoke to the fact that he \va? losing ground, and his dismay was keen. "What happiness!" he murmured. "If I were v,ell-- But I won't let yon marry n dying man,'* JSbrme rose, her face aglow with new strength, new determination. "I a \\ouderful thing had come into 'brought jou back when you were all bis life and he spent much of his time I but gone. I saved you after the others !ii delicious contemplative day dreams t h P d gl^n you up, and now you are concerning It. waiting for the hour | mine to do wirh as I please. You be- w h e n he would dare translate those tl roams into realities. It seemed to him long to me and I shn'n't consult jou." She turned, for a figure had dnrk- he had always loved Norlne cer-j ene( 3 the door; it was one of her Engi i n l y she hnd enshrined herself la his J lish-speaking convalescents who wab h-Mrt long before his mind had re-| actm S as a sor t of orderly. ~iined its clarity, for he had com* o u t i "Senoritfi,** rhe man fold, R a' his delirious wanderings v.Uh his i riash of -whlto t?eth, "we have another love full srown, j it ok man, nnd you'd never guess who. The time finally when he -ould lt ia that American. Bl Demonic--** 3 longer permit the girl to deceive I "Ts he sick or wounded?" Esteban 1 Inquired. "Shot by a Spanish bullet He asked at once for our senorita." "Of course. 1*11 come In an instant." When the messenger had gone Norlne bent and pressed her lips to Esteban's. herself T him. with her brave as^ump- t'on of cheerfulness. Norlne had Just t"Id him that he was doing fame nsly, h u he smiled aud shook hi* v eary b-ud. "Ltt's be honest," he said. "You t iow and I know that I can't get wll." "You mustn't be discouraged,' she · Id him, earnestly. ''Ixeraember tills Is climate aad we have no hlns His left arm lay In a sling across his breast. He looked up at her approach, but she scarcely recognized him, so greatly changed was he. "Hello, Norine!" he cried. "Well, they got me," Norlne paused In astonishment. "Why, Les'Ie! I was so frightened.' But--you can't be badly hurt." "End enough so that Lopez sent me In. A fellow gets flyblown if he stays In the field, so I heat it." "Has your arm been dressed?" "No. I wouldn't let these rough-and- tumble doctors touch It They'd amputate at the shoulder for a hangnalL I don't trust 'era." "Then I'll look at it" "It doesn't hurt, really," he declared. "It's only a scratch." "Then behave yourself." Norlne forced the patient into a chair and withdrew his arm from the sllnp, i Then, despite his w e a k resistance, soo j deftly removed the bandage. From j his expression Rhe felt sure that she must be hurting him, but when the Injury was exposed she looked np In wonderment "LeslieI" she exclaimed. "What In the world--" Branch at^gcled with himself, he swallowed herd, then snid: "You can see now why I didn't go to a doctor; I did It--shot myself. You won't glvn me away?" Norine Rented herself weakly; she stared in bewilderment at the unhappy speaker. "Afraid? You, El Demonlo! Why, you aren't afraid of anything!" "Say! You don't beliCTe all that stuff, tin yon? I'm afraid of my shadow j and always have been. Fm not brave and never was. They told me I wns going 1 to dip and it scared me «o that I tried to end things quickly, I couldn't bear to die slowly, to know that I was dyinp by inches. But, Lord ! it scared me e \ e n worse to go Into battle. I was blind with fright all the time and I never got over it Why, the sight of a gnn gives me a chill, and I Jump every time one goes off. Lord ' how Fve suffered I I "went crazy nt our first engagement--crazy with fear. I didn't know where I v.i\s, or what happened, or anything. Afterward, when they hailed me as a hero, I thought they were kidding, that everybody imi^t know how frightened I was. After a time I saw that Td fooled them, and that shamed me. Then--I had to keep it up or become ridiculous. But it nearly killed me." It so happened that the presldenl nnd well-nifjh the entire provisional rubfnet were in Cubitas. Leslie and N'orine went clirectlv to^the former. He | promptly sent fur the minister of jus- I tire, who in turn gtiUantly put hirapplf | at Norine's disposal. In no time the news had spread nnd there was suh- ' dued excitement throughout the cnmp. Norme was between tears and laughter when she ran punting into Estcban's cabin, leaving Branch to wait outside. ' At sight of her Esteban uttered a : low cry of happme^. "Denrest! I've I been lying in a stupor of delight The I world has become bright. I hear peo- j pie laughing. What a chancel" "I've arranged everything! Tue president and his cabinet are coming to ·witness the ceremony." Eatehan poised upon hie elbow, bis face was a srndv. "What have you arranged 0 " he managed to Inquire. "Sh-h!" Norine laid a finger upon his lip«. "The guest of the republic Is to be married today." "Norlne! Oh, ray dear--" quavered ihe sick man. "I can't let you do this mod thing. Think! Tin ready for the ! grave--" j "This will make you well. We're go- I ing away when the very next expedition arrives." i "I haven't the strength to refuse," ' Estehnn murmured. "And yet, how | can I leave Cuba? What right have I . to accept happiness and leave Rosa--" i ThN \\afi a subject which Norlne ! dreaded, n question to which she knew 1 no answer. She was not in a inood to I discuss It, and mode no attempt to do - so. Instead, she laid the Invalid upon | his pillow, saying: i "Leslie is waiting to wish you joy | and a quick recovery. May I ask him in?" I TO BE CONTINUED. This Bed Davenport Easy Terms -- You c-an have it put in your home right now without feeling ihe cost -- oily -$1.50 Cash, $1. 00 a Week. NOW THINK IT OVER! Wouldn't this massively beautiful Bed Dave'iport make your home look much nicer' Wouidn t it add greatly to its comfort? Wouldn't it be a great convenience to you to have ar extra bed always ready for constant or emergency THIS HANDSOME BED DAVENPORT contains a real, all-steel, full-size, double ;jed and it's so constructed that there's room for a thick mattress in place o£ a mere davenport pad. This feature adds greatly lo its comfort when used as a bed. Its massive frames are solid oak, splendidly finished and it's covered in that rich, golden brown imitation Spanish leather If you havjn't a Bed Davenport in your home tbis is a golden opportunity for you -- don't miss it. Come iii early as you can. This Handsome Bed, a Great Favorite With All Who See It--Only-- If You Are Short of Drawer Room Don't Miss This! For a fpv. d:n. gu mji ^ ou j o u r And o u can have it delivered : m-mber of ^ v e intend hoice of a Chiifon- to our home, right awaj for only 50o CASH. 50c A U K E K . We know of no hotter way than thi«: to make it. eas\ for everyone to profit bv this remarkable offer This bert has heavy'15 posts 2 mc nns m diamein ard you may h a v e vour choiore of whuo inamel or beautiful golden brono^e finisb. icrs for only JKASV TERMS, $1.50 Casb, $1«00 a M'ecfc. Mrs* of th^m are of Colonial design, similar to this picture. \Ve'l built of quar- ler-sa^'ed oak and h i g h l j finished. Values up to $35.00. This Columbia Graf- onola w i t h 12 selections for See the K e a u t i f u l x12 ft. Tapestry Brussels Rues Rugs of Ail Sizes and All Weaves Come in -nd ·-cc oui b:g ^pnns dlsji ,n. Sprnm hou^-cl^aring a l w a y s suggests new i u;*. to bnnliien up i h i - house \W ha\e nigs fot tUe porch. ru?F for he baihi ooir *"oi the bedroom nifis for IJa=; terms and no interest, rb'irgc^ at tlie Rappoit- reaiherraaii Compan- f'ome ,, , .n and hear the later-t ( olum- *** dmms-ronm. ru g b for ( b e -jarior and ru?s 'or t h e hall, and -.veil biU Records. 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PATRONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPER. "Remember, you're mine to do with as I ple:ise," she snid; then she fled down the grassy street Branch was waiting at Norine's quarters, a soiled figure of dejection. Bright eyes, clear complexion, vim, vigor and force, all Indicate perfect health; without it you are handicapped In the race of life. Take Hol- lister'a Rocky Mountain Tea each week and^eep up with, tlie live ones. 35c. Tea or Tablets. Connelleville Drug Co.--Adv. (FLAG COUPON) HOW YOU CAJT GET A SPLENDID FLAG FOK LITTLE MONKY. All tjiit is necedsj.ry Cor you to do is to c!'p the couponb and bring or send them f o Tlie DaJy Courier aflcc wntli §1 l and the beauLiful Flag is ours Desrnption--The flag Is 8 feet long by 5 'cot wide; rainproof aJid sunproof American bunting--absolutely fast colors. Stripes sewed, double stitched strons canvas heading and metal grommentF Thib Sx5 Foot Kla? tor 0 Condons of Consecutive Dates und $1.40 Cash. Note --If ordered by Mail add ]Qc for packing and postage CLIP THIS FLAG COUPON TODAY I and, with required cash for Flas send to Flap Department THE DAILY COURIER 12!) 1-2 IV. Crawford Kame_. CO!fNKM,SYIT,T.K. PA. Street or R. I'. D No Town _, State_ W W £lnffp]fv Ki - idra;e w Ha;i - -ivc, . »?. COXMLLSMLLi:. I'A. OOOOOOCX2CCOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Try ©yr Classified Acis, it"s Hoaiey Weil \r ' OOOOOiSOOOOOOOOaOOOOOOOOOOO OCCKKJOOSaaoQQCCKJOGGOQOOOOO

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