The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 20
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 20

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 20
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20 Bastmg Sauces, i"'" ' ' .:-r ' 1- . Boost i -igj- wT- T" HAM WITH ORANGE LANDERS Liars Seldom iTare One Target ... BASTE ST ANN Dear Am Landers: How does one protect h I m e 1 1 gam a liar? Plena don' l letl me to avoid him. 1 would like nothing belter, but It it . impossible. We have the tame friends and our paths are crossing constantly. ' This person is vicious, cruel and clever. His tales have a quality of believability because' he skilfully manages to book the lie to a couple of half truths. : 1 have faced him on a few ' occasions and asked why he" v told so and so such and such. Jte denies everything and (wist the facts to make It appear as if the one who repeated the story was-actually the bar. .. . - This, person has caused me i many sleepless nights. I'd ap ', predate your counsel. ''. VICTIM OF A FORKED TONGUE.'.. " : Downtown UmIh :? ' ' ONLY 2 MORE WEEKS! V.r--j 11 1 lit naWniir Hi a - ir ar- . a : Dear Vic: Liars , seldom have ana target. Yen are probably ana a( many. People team wbs's who and-what's what, eventually, and the the Ilea are bo laager believed. Your best protection against li Is your own good character. It's a wasie of time and energy to try to defend yourself against this kind of an assassin, - , . , ,?''..'' ; Dear Ana Landers:. Our 12-year-old dsughier Diane is an Only child. Because of my husband's work wa must go out socially at least three evenings a week. Our neighbors have a 17-year-old son who is eager to ears soma spending money. For the last several months we have had this boy sit with Diane. It seemed like a pr- WcttsaU 72MS31 r , hutr $7.45 $9.95 v - COM Mademoiselle Room Style League Perm and Cut,' " v rag. 118.00 ......... Hero Polar Perm and Cut, re mow '.;....'.;irr.' Antoine Salon Gold Bond rg. S2S. . W feature CLAIROL hah- color, RESTOR (or problem . v hahr, REVLON manicures. Downtown 2324464 Wttgatt728-1821 Local 68S48o Local 259-202 SAUCE fecily splendid idea until recently. When my husband and . I came home Saturday night at about midnight. Diane was not in her bed: She was in the bathroom with the door locked. We pounded on the door until she let us in. The poor girl had fallen asleep. She had taken her pillow and blanket and made a bed for herself in the baihrub. We finally got an explanation ,out oi her. Diane's bedroom door has no lock- and she is afraid of the boy. She gave us her word that ha had never done or Said anything wrong but she was "afraid he might." We don't want to be unfair to the boy, Ann. What should wt do? We believe Diane was. telling us the whole .truth. Thank you. f CONCERNED PARENTS. ; Dear Parents: The bay may be perfectly fiat n every re .sped, but It la apparent that Diana is aat comfortable with bias. .,'..- Get a girl sitter a big sister substitute. The bay, at course, weed net be teM tbo reus far. Ike change. Congregation Bids Farewell ; To. Pastor Members of St. James United Church, . Osgoode. held a pot. luck supper to honor their minister, .Rev. K. . O. Robinson, who I leaves' with his wife and family on Sept. 1 to lake over the charge of Riverside United: Church, Ottawa. ;; Taking part in the program were Mr. Earl Sherbino, who gave the farewell address; Mrs. Ernest Ingo, UCW president: Mrs. Hugh Wilson, a former member, visiting from Ann Arbor, Mich.: Mrs. Lola Flake, and Mr. Dave Miller, i IF 00 B A HEW Wei Your . w Well Collar W! THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1964 , the Flavor o Ham and sweet potatoes get a new look and flavor cooked this way: The bam IS basted and glazed with a sweet and sour orange sauce as it rotates on a rotisserie. , The sweet potatoes arid mandarin oranges accom-- panying the ham arc baked separately to free the barbecue for roasting corn. The ham needs little attention once it Is spitted through the centre and placed over a well-built fire somewhat cooler than that for broiling. Adjust holding forks and tighten securely so ham does not slip around on the spit rod. If a section of trie ham protrudes, fasten it with skewers or tie the meat compactly. The basting sauctrgalni Oriental overtones from its combination, of soy; honey, ginger, garlic and mandarin orange liquid. Tomato sauce with mushrooms is used for basting tha packabl meat loaf, which can be made now and grilled outdoors later on. Double the recipe and freeze the second loaf for a future barbecue. Freeze tha sauce separately. ORANGE GLAZED HAM , , DINNER 4 lb. raaaad has - I can tasoata eaace (7ft at.) ensi bawey sup say sauce I (II as.) caa saaadaria oranges, drained (reserve liquid) 1 tablespoon vinegar H teaspoon ginger .' I cleve garlic, embed . 1 (I lb.) cane sweat pu-toes, dralaed utter Remove bam from can and reserve can. Secure bam on rotisaeri spit. Place , aver barbecue coals and rotate for a minutee. Meanwhile, combine tomato sauce, honey, soy sauce, mandarin orange liquid, vinegar, ginger and garlic. Simmer eight, to II minutes. After ham has cooked S minutes start basting with sauce. Cook an additional ja minutes, basting "occasionally. " .r-- . Arrange sweet potatoes and orange sections m ham can. Dot with butter and pour ana cup of basting sauce over. Bake at J degree for minutes or ' until heated through. Serve remaining basting sauce with ham. This can ba don in the oven using same cooking time and temperature. RARBECUl MEAT LOAF Meet Loaf: 'J !4 ma grotrnd check . IH esm trash bread ervsnbs H aa tomato aaaea wfth mushrooms (7 V, .) I egg, slightly beaten ' H cup chopped onioa I tableepooa Worceetw 1 tea spoons prepared mus-ard I tMspooa sah I V teaspoon sage . ',4 teaapoosi pepper Barbecue Sauce; Vt cans tomato sauce with V cup brown sugar 2 taaspooas Worcester. ehir sauce Vj teaspoon sage Combine sll meat ingredients. Lightly pack into IV, quart loaf pan. Bake at 350 degrees for one hour. Chill. While meat loaf bakes, combine all barbecue sauce Ingredients In a saucepan. Simmer 10 minutes. Store In s refrigarator until ready to Slice chilled meat loaf 1,4 inches thick. Grill on rick three inches from hot coals, 10 minute top end bottom., Bast with bsrbecue sauce while grilling. Serve immediately with extra sauce. IN NATIVE TONGUE AUCKLAND NZ (RNS) Archbishop James A. Llstoa of Auckland announced that New Zealand's M.eot Roman Catholic Maoris will soon ba able to hear portions of tha . Mass M their native language. Journal Want Ads bring quick results. ' . Mm AFFORD FOn COAT . . . Take tha Fullaese Out af OM Far Coat , ' Chang tha Style of Your and Sleeve Repair AH tha Wara Pert 9mm i fui iw I Mir : ' - . i L . W1 Provtd a Silky New Lining Tbea Ctaaa and Ghua the Fur MOW'S THE TIME TO RESTYlS . WHILE SUMMER PRICES ARE LOWEST A W"H Guarantee Yoor Restyfad Coat n ipv DWORKIII FURS LTD. ( 256 Ridoau St. A :V ' w . . pff t" 'TV T, m 1 ill ifrtiW . ; . BASTE By MYRTLE MEYER ELDRED When a two or three year -old and a ' baby must share the same room It can pose soma problems. Mrs. H.D.R. is concerned as to how such an arrangement' will work. She writes: ; ;..-' r "Dear Mrs. Eldrad: :. "Wa have a two - bedroom house and tha baby has been sleeping in a small crib In our bedroom. I would like to move him Into our older boy's crib and Into his bedroom. Tha older boy has been sleeping In a youth bed for several months bow. ' "The baby: is three and .a half months old- and sleeps through tha night. I put him down sometime after seveef ht night. Oar three year - old goes to bed soon after that. Usually I bath him after the baby is m bed. My concern Is that,' good aa the baby Is, ha does not always fall asleep at one. Is his brother apt to keep him awake? "My friends tall me to wait awhile but our room Is small and I would Ilk to snake the change. I have thought of letting the baby sleep in the playpen' during the afternoon as the older boy does not ak ways sleep. There doesn't seem to be sny Jealousy on hi part and ba is fond of the baby and careful with him. What is your advice on this subject?" V- STAY ALERT ' , Many parent put. their youngsters together with satisfactory results al about this :::ttT v.. - : TMSOUtN BtTtCK .''. i H-i ,. ' . Wtra --.! V.'. ':--."-'.'.W . 144 50 , TrarfftSMtal .' 14-DmmonJ ' ' Htrfl Vtrtorim Whefherithaaa utlra aiAtWit or trmdUUwvtt " 'diamond setting voo ar " . leokiag for, youi nd your Bnorour raller;. and" ' heart s desk at Feocee Credit jeweDer ; i . . all art with certified , ffwrfeet diamAtMSt .ml ' , n- -" . . 1 ' ' ''V ; '' Share . . , ' ; ' hW.' MEAT LOAF WITH TOMATO SAUCE Room age. But until you are very sure of what your older boy may think of to do, or until the baby is .bigger and more physically Independent, keep an eye and ah ear out until he is asleep at night and when awake in the early morning. Jealousy may not snow up until the new brother becomes more of a personality. Even If the older boy Is not motivated to harass or hurt the baby, you cannot predict what his curious or mischievous conduct may be. STRANGE IDEAS Two of my children slept U getber at this age and wa had no' problems; but there are those wbo will climb into the baby's bed, poke fingers ui' their face and toss toys and food into tha crib. At three, some children are wanderers, both al night and hv tha early morning. Sometimes they get Strang. idea..,'. :'', ,.' As for sleeping, unless either of yours are easily awakened, they are not apt to bother each other. It la amazing how a child can sleep through accustomed noises and they will become used, to each other. You can expect occasions when M scene or a crying spell will 'disturb tha alhar.' , ,' . ' You are wis to separate them - at naptime. . (is the playpen or give the older boy a treat and let him rest on your bed. Discuss the move with him. enlist his help ami co - operation... Build him up a a big boy. Children res ...... . ,." rr...3fl,t!.'J l'; UAi.lTV, AND valuc , ; I Us X' Feople ' i Credit XV.1, . ;'. rv- x -i ' iil ' I 'iff PZ X .. .; fully backed by aur - "v f ' t0-point money -hscl .-t guarantee. . ) ""',Jf v . TvAll f Barbecue Meals if Y 100 Spalrlks Stret - Open Dally 9 to MS Friday night till 9 - phona 23 J 1709 pond well to such responsibility. ' If you have questions about with others please send your, letters to me and I'll try to print as many as I can. If you wlh a personal reply, please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Send to Myrtle Meyer Eldred in care of The Ottawa Journal. 4503 aiTsc 10-90 SUM STREAK A strok of slenderness stroke of genius on your part to sew this tab-front shift now! You'n wva to slip into it ion busy days ahead. Easy!'. Printed pattern 4903: Misses' size 10. 12, 14. 16. IS, 30. Siza 16 requires 3 yards 35-inch fabric. FIFTY CENTS (50c) in coins (no stamps, please) 'for this pattern. Ontario residents add 3c sales tax. Print plainly SIZE. NAME. ADDRESS. STYLE NUMBER. Send order to Anna. Adams. car of The Ottawa Journal Reader Mail Ltd.. 60 Front Street West, Toronto 2. Ont', -nAiK-To-stnooL" ."' m.' Mi iti-it ihia McaiVALa aon Arm. traai rity view IOA 1 COI.LIO STBEKT r.rl.Ma rtor. rkM IM ' i. i a a a w . YIXMTQO Birthday Club AUGUST 2t ' i , ( Grsr Kenvon, age 10. Gregory Moss, age 9. ' AUGUST M . James Duncan, age 9." In McNeely, age 3. KiWin Maria Carolyn (Kelly) Thompson, age 1. Tilt Journal, Birthday iditof, Ottnita, Ont. Pleau enroll me in Tht Journal Birthday Club. I will be .... peart old on . tt ... AddrtU , PLEASE PRINT NAME E4 t! TImm asnM. win not b sntom.Ue.lly MrrlMi forward .r by nar. Tlwjr wtit b. e.rrlMl onlr mtkm . coupon u ml In in w- vanra. Mllinfl .r. mtnew to eMltfrMi 13 .n4 rounaw.l Brazilians ar the worM'$ oldest producers of rubber. DOREEN KEATING DANCE SCHOOL COMMENCING SEPTEMBER BALLET AND TAP 4 YEARS AND UP Vlrlnlty FlnerrHl Ml Nllkw.y IS, rwivvnfenl for We.t KnS; A.V- ihr .na crytuu Suva mievntt. Telephona S2S-1IB7 rS laelatwai yi Cartlar n at ?iist ' i i ' - i. . ELM VALE . . Shopping Contra) SL Laurent Blvd. at Smyth Road Where something good ; -is always going on MERCHANDISE ARRIVING t DAILY FOR OUR 40th ANNIVERSARY SALE W Mir MW mtitrai 9M , : fr SAVE MORE 1 ' ' During Our AUGUST FUR SALE AUGUST FUR SALE r UianiiL':iJi 176 Rldeaa Streat ' IM-gSOg 1 STUDENTS! 4 SrtCIAL DISCOUNTS FOR SCHOOL OPENINO ' 4' A Come to Wallack'g f or Vll yoHir 1 ' Art -Materials grid Draftlrif; Inatrumentj Watar Colour Sets , Drafting Instruments ' Fast! and Crayon Set Rulers f,, ," Watercotour Papers .; Drawing Boards'" Tempera Sets ' Set Squares v ' OB Sets ' T-Squam Construction Faper-' Brushes of AH Type Paslel Paper Cotoarad Pencil Sata'' Charcoal Paper , pad of AB Typ FREE! LETTERING PEN AND HOLDER - a.- ) tsc, wna T.ry aarrkai. mt ll.s at SMt ; ' . , wall. uutt,iam. . ' WALLACK'S ART SHOP ; 302 BANK STREET .'Y' '' 235-4309 OPEN FRIDAY EVENING TILL t P.M. ' V. fwa Farkntg at raw W ''aw' Mara' i ,MI --v -' A A.... A .1 - saT1fcsaa1isl a j )

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