The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

y N BOLF f A 4 una REOPENS y 1 : J ROW JOt ' '" "'-" rtsim fw u; MMrBMM.. CLASSICAb SAUtr FOLK DANriNS axivr ACBOTKS - LADISS' aiLHOVBTTt Mooaan jazs j, ( lm im a FOR INFORMATION VCALL 235-2813 ! tNORID BOLF, -' Dtreetw. Member Imperial Society at Teachers of Dancing. Member Canadian Dance Teaeh-rs' Association. T Shop Friday 12.30 to 9 ethr days 9 a.m. to 6 p.m slllillliU pm i arv lit . - ft . 1 .1 -X X 'V v . who come home from school to' an empty bouse, get the key from its hiding place, let themselves in, get bread and Jam or peanut butter and go out again to run about the neighborhood like a lot of stray dogs till I or 7 p.m. Then Mommy and Daddy arrive home irritable from the rat race. One wee 10-year-old said, "I'm afraid of the empty rooms, but Mom and Dad must wort for money. Gee, I Wish my Mommy was home 'Whea I came from school. I get scared." . Thea, Mi Clark, you know the rest of the siory. They go to a neighbor's, she gets rid of them so they go to another and another; The only children they can find to accept them till their parents coma home are derelicts or hoodlums where they get in bad. V I feel parents should be forced to see that someone is home whea Uieschild arrives' from school. No wpnder chti-drefl are confused, mjxed up The feet, rejected, unloved' and unwanted, so they fH op ' with resentment against their parents and society who have treated them so. They )otn gangs for the sttention they never get at home. . '. -j - They talk of parent loving their children, but there are M t 18 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, 1984 IN INDIA tf. i r i I . I , I V; if ' 1 ' x t , vv Mi. A JEWELLED SATIN GLEAMS AT HOME Delict pink wtin cncrutted with Jewels U designed in in opulent it-home costume for the serenely feminine woman. By Dynasty of New York. "the ensemble has a floor-length slim skirt slit at the side to the knee. The long wide sleeves of the over-Mouse are richly jewelled. " 1 ' - ....... , , lUPI-Jouriul ritolM) -Successful Living mm by DORIS CLARK A Canadian Social Worker Helps With Human Problems DEAR DORIS: Something that's bothering me is the number of children "Hello, Johnnie. I'm here. Have an apple!" Nine times out of III Johnnie then runs out to play. But she's there! DEAR DORIS; I am in love wjth a boy three years older than m. It's hard to believe when you look at our ages. I'm also getting1 fonder (if another boy' who Is only a year older. I know they both like me. I think they're both cute and polite and nice but don't know which one to go with. . They've both asked me. What should I do? V, Anxteus, Is Knew. In tave, little srl? Then am I to believe theHove" makes the heart grow fonder for somebody else? If you didn't read my screed, "What Is Love?" which appeared recently, write in for it. enclosing It cents and a stamped, self-addressed envelope. i . Confidential la Hatten The hat la go with a round face should be one which counteracts the Impression of roundness. That it. the crown should be high. The brim. If any, should be wide: perhaps tilted. I would not recommend a pill box. Your best idea is to go to a 'hat store or department and have the hat buyer help you to select a style which, will do you 4ttic. - Confidential t If the boy wat once your boy friend, do at Dad says forget him. If both the boy and his wife were your friends, there is no reason why you should not send good wishes to -the two . of them, if you wish.'V , .. ... ,' (Longer.Juller replies were those who do not believe me. ,tii private! to those corret- -Oae Who Laves Children It's a known fact that most gang members were cheated children. Cheated of the love and security of a serene home with a another In It Cheated of somebody to coma home to: ' a somebody ' who" said pendents enclosing a five-cent stamped, self addressed vetopa, PROVIDENCE An ordinary watch srystal will crack under about SO pounds of pressure, according to testa. , , ELM WOOD ROCKCUFFE PARK, OTTAWA Wthe4 U Announce the Opening of Grades 4 and tit September, 1964 Private wMntla1 ana Oar aVMm far slrla Gntfee 4 -IS. Bmall eUMaea. rrfcafMN? atmosphere. Individual attention. . Tretniitff in development of good etudy-liaoite and -self diaetplino, High aaadomle slandarda. -. Apptyi ...? t Mrs. D. W. Blytk, MA (Hosts.) Oxoa : Headmistress " .... , . , t r ' ,". , Canada' teocfing tuttmn gince U3 - !jha n.n. tabs! in Tort " i h ' fi;?- " ,' . ' ' ,'. " ,'. ," ' , mf Stiporsar Ouafiry, Style Corractneit ', i V 'i V ,.' a IS,-.,' ' I' ctrxl DepfKrsble) Satrtfactiofl. - , . I HOLT HINFUIW,. .; 113 Qutpn Stft IO.T It i. , r 1 r it- 1 ft Why-G Q. Please tell me BUY I YOUR BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND "CrlARCI-IT". 3 CREDIT PLANS! V?1 -1 r r ..jfMf.iii 1 f i'' - r- 't j), flitl Fin? - FOR ELEGANT LOUNGING Echoing the new Parisian fashion mood of quiet elegance is this two-piece lounging pyjama costume trimmed with sable fur cuffs. The pants are topped witlj a double-breasted overblouse by "Jane Derby. The ensemble is of bright cranberry wool polished to a satiny finish. row Old ? Tha Question Box wha t raases a . crooked foot. My right, loot Jeans to the side, t wear, high heels quite a bit and after a few times one ol them sets - an awkward position. A. This may be due to weak arches or anklet; I suggest that you see a chiropodist or a podiatrist. 11 they feel you need It they will refer you to a bone specialist, if your trouble it weak arches my exercises will be helpful. Q. Is there anything which can be done for lines at the corners of the mouth? A. These lines come from sag in facial contour. Lubrication. and facial exercises which firm the facial muscles, are beneficial. If there are real lines at the corners of your mouth apply cream and then massage gently along the Jlne .using a finger in a rotary motion. If any of my readers would tike to have my facial exercises, sand a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request for leaflet number I to Josephine Lowman in care ol The Ottawa Journal. Q. Please answer thit in the news ps per. I am desperate! I have very long black hairs on my arms. The hair on my upper lip end on my back is dark and very noticeable. I have tried cream hair removers but these Irritate my skin, even the kind especially for the face. I am dark complextoned and so don't want to bleach the hair lighter than my skin. The hair on my arms it to long that I do not believe a bleach would help. It there any treatment I could use at home? Would tt be all right to use a razor? I have heard that shaving will nH causa the hair to grow in thicker and longer. ... . A. By all means shave your arms as often as necessary. This-, will not make the hair grow back thicker or coarser. A cream remover ' It better only because It mettt" the vhair ends so, that, they are not 'so blunt. The only other thing to do would be to have the hairs removed permanently with electrolysis, but with such a hesvy growth this would be expensive tnd tedious. Try cosmetic wax for the hair on your face. You might have electrolysis to remove the hair on your back. Q. I am 22 yean old and have what you might call a nearly perfect figure except lor my leg. It there any way to reduce the legs from the knees down? r A. Stand facing the wall, about three feet from the wall. Fall forward, catching yourself with your hands, on the v aw- - ' r-- - 1)1 I I U V m-. . .-oSfcasdaasw -' DEEP WINTER GREEN It the flattering color of this little evening dress fashioned in puffed silk satin souffle. California designer Helga adds the rosette and Jewel to centra attention on the figure-skimming waistline. : B IRKS 1 DIAMOND RINGS ' Finest Quality ' , Best Valut , ; Largest Assortment FROM $100.00 UP . , SH Mat snrnui lot vtm ma ' ;.' and tHURCS BSIDGI iHAZA Wt tt tt li I Si WCENUINE REDUCTIONS tsT L' :r i' on quality furs tsTAikaae trnmr oaaaaxi Chateau Furs , LIMITED Y "Serving OtntraUnn of - SatUted Cuttomerf V . 1(7 Bank St. 233-7T7S Women Invade Men s World Of Astrology and Palmistry By RUKMINI DEVI Canadian Press Cerrespondsnt BOMBAY (CP) A 3.000-year old male monopoly in India is being threatened. For the first time, women are invading the professions of astrology aid palmistry. And the new entrants seem to be doing pretty well. By tradition, peeping into the future has, been a man's job in the East. Ancient Hindu books nn astrology one manuscript is 3.200 years old-' frown Upon women casting horoscopes, reading palms and gazing into crystals. DEATH SENTENCE One 12fh century : Hindu king ordained the dth sentence for women who dared to dabble in astrology. Now in a quiet bylans in central Bombay, a beautiful, long-tre&sed Hindu woman is earn ing 1100 a month by casting -horoscopes. Mrs. Avlnash Joshi, a mother of six children, is among Bombay's two dozen female astrologers. Her clients are mostly businessmen, politicians and government officials. She charges lower rates to housewives. Mrs. Joshi learned astrology from her father and grandfather, who were noted astrolo-cers in their day1, The grandfather was "astrological consultant" to the' royal family of Indore. , e clan of maharsjas who now have retired. Most of the women-astrologers still function under serious handicaps. Their biggest worry is the -hostility of male astrologers who do not like female competition. ' .-; HARASSED Mist Kusum Sharma, a Delhi palmist, says that she Is being constantly . harassed by "evil-minded young men." She be-lieves some of ihem are paid wail. Fall forward with your body in a straight line from heels to head. Touch your forehead to the wall and keep your, heels on the floor You will feef the pull through the calves. Push yourself away from the wall and continue. Another: Lie on your back. Bend your left knee. Kick with your left foot, straightening the knee quickly. Do the same with your right leg, and continue., alternating left and right. Do this briskly! by her male rivals in the pio-fession.. "But things have siarted improving since I started giving astrological advice to a couple of senior polics officials," Miss Sharma added. " Pandit C. B. Nambiar. a year-old Bombay palmist, suggests women are not suited to the astrological profession. "The job requires greai study and determined objectivity of which women are incapable," Nambiar said. On the other hand, astrologer Avinaih Joshi holds that women are especially qualified "because of the superiority of our mtuitivt powers which aid the divining process." ANIMOTDL m hotil rmm stTsj sn Cwoan ISS4MS mil JV OTTAWA "Our Constant Aim Give Good Value" .CLOSED MONDAYS v SHOP TUESDAY through ' SATURDAY DOWNTOWN .0 to 5.38 238-151 1 WEST END 9.00 t 5.30 236-4662 Bn.LIXGS BRIDGE 9.30 U 8.00 236 308.1 ; f All Three Stores ; i Open Friday Night Until 9 pan. UsUUd 0NLY33 LEFT FAIRCREST Ottawa i Largest arid Finest Of the 237 suites 204 ore occupied Ckattr fftw far 'Fall Otcnptucy , ' RaJkaBaajBjssIulsgsHgssaagsai ; ... I Enjoy an unequalled view of the city . . enjoy the pleasure of the , Faircrest swimming pool . enjoy free transportation to and from O.T.C. bus routes ... enjoy Ottawa 'a address of prestige.- Visit URU ah mi Mkk y teXsWlW UR t ItarMsl ST!- H25eM . las Ulastratedi - LUCC 2 laM Ut 3 ktrtaa iri$2i6.3 iivPri jpCn -ir.r. aW-t"-,' 'X v kr. fier"-- " Q .tuTty y ''f,Cslgyaajpttjssts s)sassalSstshiMtlBjJg THE FAIRCREST- is Wtek.nd Smyth Rrl. at Riverside Drive ' .. v . 733-5011 , ,. . 'f c .. . : man Jokii ar MottTgaat,' ratiat y ..v,, ... .; t . .. V. Jl

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