The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE DAILT COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 24, 1' HEKRr P. SNTOER, Pounder nad Editor. tS73-m«. TUK CODHIEIl CO3tP-Ofr, Pnfeiiaker*. . K. JC SNTDEB, President. JAS. J. DRISCOIiU 8*0*7 and Treasurer. Buslceas JOHN L. OAKS, Managrlns Editor. WALTER S. STTMMEU City Editor ·JISS IOTNNE B. KJUCEIi, Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press. Audit Bureau at Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated Dailies. Two cents per copy, 60C per month; JS per year by ma.1! It p.Jd In advance. Entered as second clasj matter at the postofflce. Connellsville, Pa. TiEKTESDAT ETE'G, ATKtt. 24, 191S The C««rler'B Serrlee Fla*. WELI.IAM P. SKEIRMA.N, Hospital Unit 1,. Ainurlcan Expeditionary Force 1 -, France. RALPH F. SLIGER. Company H. 319th Infantry, u. a N. v.. Camp Lee, Petersburg, "Va. Member of Tk« AMoelatcd PT«M. The Associated Press Is ax- ciusi-.eiy entitled tJ the use tor republicatlon of all ne-srs dispatches credited to It or not otaerwisa credited In this papor and also the local nows published herein. ABE TO'U A V. C. Han7 A V. C. is a I pretty big tiling. It means that valS* has dominated over danger, fear^-pain, selfishness-all of those things which are supposed to have so much power over human beings. A man. who wears a V. C. deserves to be marked out among his fellowmen for homage. Victoria Cross, the letters mean one o£ Britain's highest medals. There is another kind of V. C. that one doesn't wear. But it means something bjg'just. the same, you are assured by the Liberty Loan committee. The glory of it goes to the man who gives it, not to the one w-ho receives. And it means that in the man who gives it, patriotism, love of humanity, the will 10 sacrifice, lias dominated over selfishness, fear of inconvenience and all of those things which hold back the human race. It means that the maq who gives it has counted his resources and his needs, and then pared down the demands of those needs, gone without things that -he usually thought essential, put the lives o[ his fellow-men ahead of his own comfort, put future liberty ahead of today's ease, and BOUGHT A LIBERTY BOND JUST TWICE AS BJG AS HE HAD INTENDED TO BUY. For this V. C. means Victory Check. If you can't wear a V. C. won't you give one? You've won an honor either way. The British Xavy has out-Hob«onert Hobsou in the business of rorklne up the submarine outlet oC the Huns One Cent a Word. No advertisements 2or Ittat Than 15 Cent*. Classified columns cloae at noon. Aclvortiaomento of want*, as-le* etc.. received after that hour will not aooear until the day CollowlnB. WANTED -- YOUH business RENDINE S. BAHBERING tl WANTED--GIRL o u n y v v v r k 304 iiU WANTBD--GIRL, FOR GE.VKKAL, housework. ELFDBN'S. -104 South PiUsbm-E street. 22apr-ttd MICKIE SAYS WANTED--SECOND ' HAND TTPB- wrlter. Call Bell 13-E. or Tri-State SS-W, Mount Pleasant. 'JStebtt "VV'AXriSD---ROOM WITH BOAIU") by young man. Address "A, i:are Thy Courier. _Ma|H.U' WANTED--PJLAHTEKINU \.VIJ .riJR- bnifr Also Jn.sJiJc painting- and \ v h l l o -nashinff WILLIAM BRANCH, B. U J3S-W. 24aprit D--TWO OR T H R B K LX- furnishcd rooms* for l i f h t housekeeping 230 East. Frurview ii.\cnuo WANTED--BOYS AND GEIILS OVKH 16 .ye/if* of affe. Paul while learning CONM^LLSVIL-UE SIbK AIIUj WANTED--BRIGHT BOY OVER IS jears of ag-c t*» ifim job p r i n t i n g . I n quire JOB DEPARTMENT, Conner Jtiapr-tf The Liberty Bond toasters h a \ c not been pussy-tooting on the job. They have mcrell been Betting -ead to make a noi^c with blp fiRUrcs Eat still more spuds. PUT THE 1DLEKS AT 1VOKK. PeniisylvaEuans art proud o£ ihc record the Keystone siate has made m more than meeting its full qviot'a of soldiers for every war iu which our nation has been engaged. Toda we are no less proud o£ what our people have done in providing funds for the Red Cross, the Y. il. C. A,, Knights ol Columhus and other war activities and the subscriptions to the three Liberty Bond issues. Much, as there is cause for just pnde in the things ·we have done toward helping to win the war, there remains a condition thax most be corrected, otherwise hu- mlliauon, and shame will overtake us. la every community there is a auai- ber of men who remain idle from choice, notwithstanding the repeated calls thai are being made for help in every quarter and h every line of ac- tivitj-. Others are lazy and shiftless and willing to I H e on the earnings of a day's work now and then or to depend apon other :aembers of their families to provide them with subsistence and Still others gain a livelihood h preying upon the sins, -weaknesses or habits of others. These Idlers, be they rich or poor, are a curse to our country. Thai they cannot be reached ^y any of our laws eicept those providing penalties tor vagrancy, is the lamentable condition which confronts us and which, if not remedied, will maie it impossible for Pennsylvania to do all thai it can or is expected of it in this great crisis in. our nation's life Congress was fully justified in the adoption of the Selective Service Law under which every man, entirely without regard to his station in life must, if physically qualified, enter the National Army and consecrate his life to the holy and righteous cause m which our nation is engaged. But there remain, behind thousands, yes millions, of men wasting Ureir strength and time and consuming the food that should be conserved for the starving la Europe, instead of engaging m any form of productive effort winch is just as essential to the nation's existence as the service of :he soldiers. The stron-g, willing and able of our young manhood have been chosen for military service. The sacrifices ot these men. In money and hardship and heartaches and oven life itself can never be measured nor computed. Against all that they may do, suffer aud lose, what have the indolent and cowardly to show for what they have done, suffered or lost! Shall we be recreant to oar responsibilities to our soldiers by refusing to demand that something be done to compel :he slackers to go to work? If a nation, in time of grave peril, such as has com-e upon us, were too cowardly to defead itself, it vou.d deserve to die. Are we any more deserving; to be paved If we lack the courage to force our loafers into useful occupations that our nation may have the strength to vrin in the mighty conflict in which we are engaged? Unless the people make demand that something be done to counteract the grave injustice being done our soldiers abroad and the faithful and loyal workers who are toiling diligently at home; the government at Washington, or the individual states, cannot b»* expected to act Early in the war the legislature of the state ol "West Virginia, in answer to a demand of the people, passed a law requiring every able-bodied man to work a certain number oC hours per week. Somewhat later Maryland and still later New Jersey enacted similar laws. "'.Vhat these states have done should be done on a. mor^ thorough and drastic plan not alone by Pennsylvania ;vnd every other state in the Union, but by t*ie Congress itself, as it is only through national legislation that the full man-power of .the country, not in the military service, can be developed. It is the belief in all well-posted quarters that there is enough labor in this country, if employed with ihe regularity of the soldiers' work, to produce all the foodstuffs, to buiid all the ships, to min all the coal, to make ail the coke, ITOB, steel, munitions on'i supplies needed for the winning of the war. As a nation we were ready to meet the issue of war and make soldiers of men who had never carried a gun. Are we, as a nation, equally ready to meet the iss IBS of non-employment and make me:i of the idlers wuo n e \ e r carried a b o * , or wielded any other implement of ho^ebL Industry' ·When reciatrants boldly assert that they would rather be *hot t h a n go l n t u E h f ' A r m y , isn't U t me for the iprap-* to be tiken out of thy wheels of t"c department of jutticr which i u p o n handling offenders RRairis f»overnment r instead of r u r n i n f f over to the military .luihomie"' the The B. O. veterins proved again l.LSt niehV that they .ire old onl in years, not heart or spirit. By Walt Mason. CHOBGS, Of course iou'll list to every yarn that speiks of siege and battle, bin don't forget to pa~nt the tu.rn and f«ud the liogrs ami cattle. Anon j o u l l pause to criticise the latest w .ir nrutncuver, b u t don t [orfret to swat the flies and mind the rules of Hoover We mustn't overlook the chores that keep the pulleys lurninp, he-cause a distant cannon ro2.n=. and battlefires are burntos- "With me you w i l l m gladness jumn -when Pruxsian strength seems dwindling, but. don t I'orpct to prln\e the pum-p and carry In some kindling "Wts hn^e to keep thins", moving on in times of stress and panic juat as the moved before the «la-w * o£ -warfare moat titanic. Our sacrert bulwarks we betraj if we stand itlly yawping, instead of raising preens 1 and hay, and corn, for f u t u r e popping. Oh. come If fa plant our Burbank peas, and ho* the tragrant lettuce, then talk of scrap-* across t h e seas and pram 1 that the -win net us Coma, let u« prune the hardy squash, remove thf* weeds and boulders, then -wade around In gore, kers-losh, up to our i,va.iFts and shooldcrs. We have to feed the alltea hosts, and stop Bill's submarlnir^. Rf let us quit the hitching posts on which' w e have been leaning. W\N'TT-:n--FOU MAY 1-MKST FH E roo-n honso ti ith h.uh, South Side p i e - ferrcd P h o n e Tri-State 13" IM.uprtfrl WiAXTKD-- tt'OM VN* FOR OKN15RAL* use" f/r-K. AipH .MILS O J A R M STRONG at You^h "Houie H c s t u u r a r t , w.\ NT r:o-- FIRST CLASS B v^n .tpe-* |_*0 00 per n-^ek and pf re* of ) I n q u i r e J A M K S RICU. _'OL \\ IP NOU VAWS OV«. IX GOOD FEU.EB. SA.V SO ' Vt IAKK.E NVUCH -d NOU -CELL US OB. suse, je.s-r so -ou «(EU. SOMEBODY '. WIU- DO US 6OOO e\-l~HER. \ 'fMANK SOU if J-! i WNTI-D--OLD FAL.SU TKKTIi. Don t matter it broken I p i j J j Qii to $15.0" per stt Send bj parcel rost and receive check b r e t u r n ma.ll L. .MAZDR, 2007 South Fifth street, PhiJrv- WANTED--WOOD TANK. N KW OR teconcl hand, to have a capacity n C 3ff.OOO to 50 000 palh'n HEPl BUC IRON STEEL. COMPANY. No 820 Firat NttUona.1 Bank buildiujzr. 'JnJun- to wn. Pit, 23aprGt ETATD OF MRS MARY A WI1IT- noy .dcct oscd, IMe of the City of Con- nciisviHi' Pa, betters of. uulin! nisi ration on t h e chLate of above nam^d de- \ cedont having b ^ e n granted to the u n - derjlcned notice i hereby £i\ ·'n to the person i indebted to the Paid estate to m.akc immediate payment, and t h o f i o h.ivinjr cla-lnw ag"tiinat th« irajne to present, t h e - · properly .LUthcnti- cAtcd for scttlenr'ni; MRS KM3JA SO1S3ON. Adm-.n ix. G10 JohnH- ton m enue Connellisv ille. PA 17apr6t-wc-d A-N ^ KJNT OF PRl.s'i- in*, whether tt is a calling card, a-tle b*ll or tho finest engraver! wedd;r,^ Invitation or announcement. We p r i n t an v ill lag--everything---do it prom^tl^ Clinrttr Vodcc. ind do it . COL RIER office. Ca'l the Both phones U TU3 WANTED--MALI: CLKRK rort k e t p i n f f f o r m records One who can i fi ope-^te t j p ' - W T t t e r preferred If nt\ fit cert m i l i t a r y .LK;C must show rensoni. f o r i 29th of Ap"il In tht service State salary ! p]«mnt« thereto Ad iricr i "CiEP.K, care T h o , 23apr-tf NOTECH ts UI:REBV GTVCX THAT .'n Lfrplii u J o n w i l l be m a d e b H M iriett i. h F. R u t h , K K Dirk. J M o r c j -md A P So^you to t h e i i u \ ^ n no:- of Penns\ lv:au,v on Tiiur-d o. Ma 16 1918, it 10 o'clock A iL. und f TM t h provlsior-i of »tn Act of As- m b l y entitle 1, An Act to provide r t v ( i n c o r p w r it Ion aid r f K u i n t f o n corporfitir'n 1 ! " a p p r u v f d t h e P ^874, and the sup- for a chaxtc- for W VNTED--A NUMBER OF STRONG y o u n f j -ncn to len.rn telo-phonc l i n e ·w'Oi k. Good w UZGI to .-*la.rt and rapid ad\ an ce m c; n t A p p l y in perso n it CKVTRAT, DISTRICT TKLKPHOVH COMPANY'S TniBt niJfd co-pora.Ilon to bf called Kn- tf r p r l s « Coal fc Coke Compan;. thf cliaractcr o.nd object of whi'-h 1*1 T h r T i i n l n p of coal and thr- m . i n u r n c t u r e of thf* ^am" i n t n coke, nnd the sale of nnd rokc -int! |or theso purport"! to havt pOHt« "· a n d r-njo\ .ill t h e id p n ^ ilcprcs by L M c i L i i i i . i TKL,K.rtin M J ' r i(- n t v bpnafin and p - ^ i l e p r c s by *?aM offiw. fifth floor Title U c t of Assembly, n,nd t*io ^ppleraents ·n K . t o n n j - M H V l J l c Pa ! t h e r e t o r o n f c r r o d STKP.LI\O, 1HG- BETC MATTHEWS, Solicitors. Edgar A, Guest. \v"AN'TKn--[VFORifATrOV AS TO th c v h c r f a b o u t i of a n j of t h ^ d o v n n d " n i o of J n h n Slftcnlt. now iler»\».«u d bti- u ho Hied In or about Conn^JlsvIJl/i r in IKTO, His wife bdonRwl to a I O C T ! t f a m i l y of the naiip of Y o u n k i n SATJOXAL B.VNK, F l U h T 2Hapr3tood Fui? Rent. i'OR K E N T -- K U R V T S H B P LTGTIT hr u^ckeepirs rooms, SOT J.uit Criiv. - tord. ^ 4 a p r t f d FOR rooms RENT -- TTVO £30 East Fair L'NFURN'ISIf ED I ^ ie^' a\ e n u c 24apr"t* FOR TIEXT--STABLE SUITAB] i for praracre Centrally located A y j i i 2S1 Etuft Pejcl' itrecL. 23apr2t* THE UBJUffiAK Lot's analyze the German sneer. They aiy we worship money here-They, that have slau^htLrud ba-beb .u sea, And fllled their prints with blasphemy, Have murdered w o m e n for a jest, fartelled havens v-here the -wounded reat, Anl left on walls that once were clean The record of their minds obscene, i'*linE cmt upon the air this jeer: U*e voraiup goid and silver here They say ill They whose hands arc- red With Tjlood. in hate and. f u r y shed; They who have strenn along ihei · trail Y o u n f f ·women, wrecked and wan and pale: Robbed them of youth and beauty f a i r And left them, mutilated Uiere' They 'who have scarred the present t i m e Fore%er with the stamp of crime Vroclaun with, brazen tongues and bold. That we are men who worship grold. Thank God, we do not worship might' We are not blinded to the nsjht' Thank Cod, we do not wish to rule. So much, that little ones in school Are made our prey, and slaughtered there To fortify the c**own we ivear' Sneer through our b r i e f and drunken days. Better your sneering than y o u r praise" We worship gold" if no we do The ring: within our coin Is true. Trace back our dollar to its source. There is no Mood alonu Us course, It was n g t m i n t e d out of lu^t Xo woman's has f e l t the t-irust Of sabec to sustain its worth, No babe wns blaughtered in its birth, But out of freedom it was born The die of j u ^ f c e it has w o r n Thar.k God, It Is a coin of prace CTnmarred by an tyrant's face' FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON t-cond floor of Dunn Evana build- ngr. Inquire of IIARRT DUNN. Sjan-tfd Snle. FOR SALi-*--KDR.N3T'JBJS 270 KAST a in. icw uvenue. 2 4 a p r l t FOR SALC -- A-DVERTISEMKN F3 Tder this head. They are effective Tci cheap FOR S-iVIiE--191? FORD TON* TRL'C K i iternal firear d r i v e 30b Hill stre-.t. T n-Statc p h o n e 112-2 LDaprCt" il K. M icQuarrio, A t t o r n e y . Ai^Mosi \ B beih Al-uosl- In thr- C o u r t of Common I Picas of Fajotts c o u n t j . P a , No IfiD Ms-ch Ti rm. I ^ I S To j:ilz.^hcth A l - I mosi Hesnonde'it You a i f- h c r e h j (.hat. tno s u b p u c n a and nh,ts wulipo n L i n th s c IB" h ^ \ o hocn return M ' Non 0-3! tn\ e n i u i , ' i ou arc Chert. fo:c reijUJ.-t-'d I n appear jn L n u Court of Common PK-us of Favettr couiu I'a, on the 3rd Monday of M,O uf «aul ^ o u - t A T T51S, to tins- w e r e the libel ind. c o m p l a i n t tiled t h _ r e - m, .vnd siiu« c'auti ·· If faiy \ ou h i \ c j ·u h «i du -~cc f r o m the bonds of mair mon *»*ioii]d not be irranttd the U b H j K u atxMo mimed TTfOMA*. J. LIO\V A HP, ShorlJT Shci iff ;, Oiilot. A p r i K 111S 1776 1918 Join Our Liberty Loan Bond Club it's the easiest and simplest way to get on the home firing line--to strike a body blow at the Kaiser. Under the LIBERTY LOAN BOND CLUB plan anybody can buy a $50 bond by paying a dollar down and a dollar a week until the bond is paid for. $100, $200, $300, $500'worth of bonds may be paid for in similar proportionate installments. These bonds are 'the safest investment in the world today. All the resources of the U. S. Government are back of them. Don't let anything keep you away from this double opportunity. * An opportunity for safe and profitable investment. , An opportunity to help win the war. THEY OFFER THEIR LIVES FOR YOU Your sons and your neighbors' sons, perhaps, are now fighting in France or will be "over there" very soon. They offer their lives for us. Can we do less than offer our money to supply them with food, guns and ammunition? No; it is our plain duty to buy as many Liberty Bonds as we possibly can. It is the least that we can do for the brave boys at the front. And there is really no sacrifice connected with it, for every bond is as good as gold--better than gold--for the bonds pay 4 ] -4 per cent interest Come in today and join the Liberty Bond Club. The First National Bank The Bank That Does Things For You. CONNELLSVILLE, PA. ' II C M.iy. A U o r n p v . CARIHC J.UXA liOfe'fa \ H CM XKbi:s Ito^ r in tit.' JoU! t of Uominor 1 i itd..s tit l'j.yjtt« cguaty, Pa., No _ 7 j M u c h Te-in. 131S To Charles Uo---, Rc- tu -ire a and j ou FUR SA1-K--PIANO quick buyer, -ccoant It;.i Weil Cra,\v Cord a\ enue CI3JJAP ing t o w n . , rOH SALfJ--FQL.DING L.EATIIEU ro-cart, $5 00 Iron folding; bed coLch 5 00 12 F-ije-tre ^3apr2t" FOR SAM;---FRKSH cow. THIR jiif on« i-ile from L(» s Croyvjn n state ro.iil J AV. *L,YDELL 21j,pr2t* FOR SALU--sf:no ronx. EARL-Y Ohio, night Rowed Amo seed pot.i- toes. I n q u i r e R S Pierce, South Con- nellb% illc, Kast G-ibaon avenue 23apr6t* t!|p s u b p this c-ue i n d e n t u s to Jippnar m tht Picas of Taj e t t o i. .v,onaa of May 1318, to answer the filed t'.ereK AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPD11ATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE f r e b j n ^ t i f i L d Lh«il ill .is subpin na i n n ' t u r n v t t ' . N u n c*- e t t u » r e f o i - r L r j u l i cd Court of Lmiinmn u n t j . Pa on t h e 3rd j C ^aid Court, A D I ibel and c o m p l a i n t { cause, f f an . j "0 TDIE FOE IDLE V KAPOKS. By Melville Davisbon Pogt_ Cirilization and eiery Clirisi- iau ideal is iuenaced by a barbarian ad vance ojaequaUetl in the lustory of tiic ivorld. France, England and Italy are in the wlter of ft superhuman resistance. All the resonrees of America must be massed be-hind IHs immortal liiw, extending from tho Gulf of Venice in an arc of blood to the sea. Ererj- dollar is a weapon. An idle dollar Is an idle' weapon. "Lend your idle ireapons to your country. FOR S \LK--A SEVEN ROOM n ·} 1 OUFC and bath Hoi air furnace and i pood w cll of \\ itc-r Inquire at Xo 13 G r a n t street, SeoUdaJe, P«i 2-ltiprfit* FOR S.VL13--ON IS NO. 4 ROUND IX- antaneoub v a t e r heater, $65 00; one fire-prooE s.ifc 3 feet htph, 2 feet wide, 2 feet d e e p . 53500 \V. J. Da~wson, ELLIS. 2 U p r l t ' FOR SAJjE--74 ACRE FARM, GOOD ouns orchard; 7 room notice, barn 40x72 feet, T.\ ater piped i n t o k i t c h e n 1H miles west of Scottclaie, k n o w n a- the Cnristner f.irm E. F. Bell Phone 209-J, Scottdale, Pa FOR SALE--K ARM OF 220 ACRES a b o u t I T".Ue /rom ^rownsrille near brick road, underifiid ""v, ith small vein of coal and valuable limestone fronting on MonongTiihrH rn e- and rn I-; bnck d w e l l i n g 1 h o u t e btrcam o£ mountain water, splendid- property for stock or farming-, with first- class market for parden products, adjacent 10 Brownsville city limits /ind t o w n lot p l a n , o w n e « engaged in other business and offers a bargain; jirlce S100 per acre, on s"°od tcTMms J DONALD PORTER, P. O. Bor 672, C o n - nellsvnie Pa. SOaprtfd N'otlcc. THE C*NNCLLSV1LLE N T EW SEC- onO H-'tid F u r n l t .re Store, No. 123 Somh PLttb-burg- street, -will be open for bu^inob.3 Saturday, April 27, vrlth a full line o' g" Id Furniture of all "WE HAVE AX EXCELLLEXT Opportunity for y o u n p men, IS years or over, as assistants ,n ihf operatinp department of tho main pow cr p l a n t Address in pci son or u\ letter L K HA^KIISOK, Supt.rin- tendont West Pcnn t ' o w o r Plant. i. on ha.\ »\ why a tll\orce f r o m il i! b o n d s of m.urimon should ^ o t he granted t h e hbcIU-H tbovp la-med TIIOJO.S L H O W A R D , S h e r i f f . ShennVb Odite. April 15. ISiS H (J May, A t t o r n e y KuIZABETll bABO VS. AL13XAVJ- er S.tho Ij{ tin O m t (if Coin ;r on ! I' of K L j e t i f county, P.i^ No. 31 ti Ma-ch Te-ni, 1QU To A l e x a n d c - Sabo, Respond cm \ o.i are h f - c b j n o t i f i e d thai the subpoena ind :iha.s "^ubpoeiui In (.Ills cat.; ha.\ e- h_ oi 1 is. 1 ' urned -Von est i n v e n t i i b ' you arr i h e i tiforc re- (jui'-ed to . t , ) p e i r i'i t h e C o u r t of Common P l r t b * of "ayette tounty P a , or the 3rd U · d iy oC JN'.iy of h f i u l Coui t, A D 191^ to a-ns^ei tho I i b e , u n t l coinpJjdnt Jllcrl t j i t i c m , am 1 fallow ciu^e if .my m i h.ivc, v.'hy a dvorce from the bond*? ot u n f r i m o n y s h o u l d rot be ^ r t n t e t l thr* j i b c l l a n t ibnve named T H O M X S la HO\VAUr. Sheriff. Bhcr- o t l h O"iLG. A p r i l I f , 131S TWO R 0 LI ^ LI NOU3U JI BBT^\*fc.r:N VAN r DbRBIl*T A\D LA.YTON. LIBHRAL REGARD IF RETURNED. CALL COUR- IER OK KITHER PHOKil * It's footwear that women believe in, as we have £ 30 years, if you buy them. Everything new that's good is here for your choo ing. Black. White, Grey and Brown. Shces-^Pumps--Oxfords 11 G ^tay A t t o t n c y . FLORENCE MIAY RCCHK3T. VS Eug-ene S Richey In the Court i f Common 1'loas of Fajctte county Pa., No. JOJ Alarch Terr , 191S, To Eugene S U i c h o j , Rchponae-u You are lieie- b j notified t h a t the Mibpoena and alias suhpoena in t h i s case have been re- tm necl "Noti cst in\entua," you are t h e r e f o r e required to appear In the C n u r " of Common PJefLS of Payotte county ,P i , on tho 3rd Jilonday of 5!ay of baid C o u r t . A. I) I f l l g to nr5jWi*r the libol and corn pi Aim filed thci ein, ,ird =:*'ow c i u s e , if any j n u have, why a divorce f r o ^ the bonds of matrimony should not be granted the 1 beM- lant above named THOMAS L 1IO~\V- \RD, Sh 10 IS. Sheriff's OIlcG, April 15, Gem ere Patterson, Atto-nev M MIY QCARL13S VS -Wi^LIAM Quarles In the Court of C o m m o n Pleas of Pa^ ette c o ^ i i t v , Pa , No .' 25 December Term, 1D17. To " Quarles, Respondent You aic hci eb n o t i f i e d t h a t the ^ubpofcna and alias bubpoena in tlnb case have been ret u r n e d ' N o n CSL i n % cntus ' you .ire therefore required to appear m the C o u r t of Comrrin Pleas of Pay ette county T a , on the ^rd Monday of yij* of ^ald Court, A "D. 1918, to answer the libel and complaint, filed (.heroin, nnd" siow ciuw i£ a.ny you have, v-by a divorce from the bonds,' of matrimony should not tai* srr.inie'J the I f l i U ! iant'.ibove named T H O M A S L HOW\ R D Sheriff. Sheriff's Office April 17, 1913 apr2-J-r'ay-l-S-J5 Is there something: you need in the following list? Birth Announcements Wedding Stationery Envelop* 1 ' Inclosur** Sole Bills Hud BUI. 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