The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 16
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

f..: ''' irj'i'iif iif i :,V-'J;- .,v ;,o THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 16 SATURDAY. AUGUST 29, 1984 Journal Cross -Word Puzzle ACROSS 1 Decks. Wild kef, M Areaula berk 14 O aid, IS Mimc 1 Seorstaias, 17 Medera Midlers' eesipsKat: S 19 SthiUat esaai. 21 U. S. emblem. Xt Ob eas'e mi, 13 Story. U Fun. Sf Three-hens vehicle. SI Cudiaii tor tW Dosaa: 3 weeds, ' M Eatlia aewliit. M Diuemblc. 35 SHAEF ihMltr. 96 Saepaisk. 17 Bant ( eaten. H SI eenser teem. J9 Creek. 40 Heea ' ward (M eiateU. 1 Tot . 41 Or Am, eeataar, . 44Ci- heed. 45 FliihtUM bird. 46 Oolba: Csllso. 4? Sen dw aureus. SO Feeduli VIP, U Psrtieeea's ii Ftmotts aeiMiaa 13 Forfeits U Femv. 1 Huikts. 23 Seiptlu. FsUed ship. 2 Ueil ( asst. 17 WilkM-ulkw. I Oifonil words, a Melodeea. M Aad tkm: Great, si football dm. 0 Ssaara place. 61 Demecrtts: AbW. 61 Kiad si Unit. 63 Certtia cnkii for rouiht. DOWN 1 Altera, eld trjle. 3 Nil bird. 3 Robert: Abbe. 4 Suitable. 5 V.rubk. Rounded pert f barrel. . 7 Vne-ooee, I Fir iraai reiieeai. Elhiopisa till. 10 Famous bum la Laos. , II Latia eiaaoae,. U Sly look. 29 Duk ia. 30 First perrenuaea, 31 Mexicaa flu, 32 Brides eipert. 34 laatf. 37 Meraaaser. 31 Celloea. 40 iHhd, - 41 Chest el drawer. 43 Acquired seiUUes. 41 Place. 46 Owl' weapon. 47 Retired. 48 Remiader hr " November. . 49 Edea dweller. SI. Aware ol: Slaas 31 Tie witk rap. 33 Calais melody. 54 "Swim FaiUr . . RoUasoa albor. 36 Neva en s. 57 Oris aaiaul. III Is I 1 h Is fe llO III 112 !3 - , - . . n iii :s T 7 I T" : . 2 27 I" r I r " 7ho. 3" -. 34 " "tS"- - as j7 - -i ' 41 17 71 " 30 SI T"7- " !.2 - M ' I ,; , - :-.., T I""ZZ"ZZZ"""ZZ SI . . 3 , Solution f this panic wfll be published Monday. '- , 40 Merion Seed .Frvi tb.' to 100o'o tt Tti ed tbst promotes hixurrou 'thick grawtk and dark green. Form a, strong unoei ground root tystern which snakes tt more Eccnomy Grass ' Mixtur Right for your actly play re or to seed city property in front of your bom. Contain creeping rd, feecu. Kentucky bluegrass, poa trrviali snd clover. i a fraitist whose sitter have eluded tome of the- great and near area . f: - His canrasos at' the Robert- ton Galleries will be landscapes. sjtswa w rttnots huh Special Offer , Effective to Sept. 5 LAIVU SEEDING TIT.1E Kef. 19 InSS J I C f R s -tm m . es - I ,: 1BT NEWS and viewsJ 1 . ' ; X)jAi ToP Sewings in Top Quality , , Lawn Needs -f'"f I ii; fi-K.j u Kef. J.1t,:;;;, tt 5 LBS. foil Blend Gross Sieo- 'WCB ; Aa xoUnt blend lor pUygatnuTdw nd tiv r I I 0 f Buy yonrt bow at thaa special low price 8 lb, to 1-000 Tf law a sihoosr sa niiaswiiaSit tsr new ar - -- V) .99 I LBS. 5 SIIISIC aXarlnf those .. !! Z ? " . g Qfl tj v QQ " AA Hi"' '4.1 T4 Phont Now 728-2611 : V;'',,".-'.-"''""! r I ' ' " ' WrtrOp-lstoSsI-turd.y.St-ttoSpjn, :, 1 IS. ij w.i.iutiBir One ol Caoada't leadiat art Mr. Hyndma a -studied abroad autboritietL Job K. B. Robart ton, hai returned to Ottawa ioi-lowinc an xroiv tour ol public and privata art lallcriea la tba Brkiab Isles, Tb Nether lands and Franc. "My impression is that United States influence rather than the School of Paris is dominatint the world of art in Europe." be aid. Mr. Robertson is planning a series ol exhibitions at he Robertson Galleries. Two of these will be held in Noember. The first the work of Hubert Valentin of Vallaur-ist. France. Ha l a sculptor, enamelist and painter and is exhibltina works done la these three Fields. He will be followed by Robert Hyndmn 'f Ottawa, por-l with the famed Augustus John. He has don likenesses of the lata E. Norman Smith and M. G rattan O'Leary, now president of The Ottawa Journal. , . Ottawa gallery goers will be interested ia the Guggenheim awards exhibition. It opens at the National Gallery In the Lome Building on Sept. II and continues for a month. Indian miniatures will be on view from Oct 1 until Oct. IS. The early Fall program also include Victorian paintings. Oct. D-Nov. IS; Masaey Medals, 1M4. Oct. St Nov. 22. Duncan deKergommeaux has completed an attractive pro-tram gWina the Blue Barn Gal lery exhibition schedule tor tba Fall. lvVi.t 'W The name of the artists exhibition dates are: - '. Sept LiUi Cathy Herman, drawings, paintings; ' Sept ll-Oct S. Michael Pine, sculpture; Robert Rose am, prints..- Oct T-22. Georg e Niverille. paint lags Oct 23-Nov. -Nov. sculpture. , 14. Lesv Levine. drawings. Nov. 13-Dec S. Duncan ee Kergommeeux, paintings. Dec S-Jan. 2. IMS, Swsrtx, paintings. i I Burrell Visitors to the Blue Barn at Bell's Comers now will be able to see paintings and drawings by Don Jean Louis, James Boyd. Sarah Gersoviti, Fran Jones, Gerald Trottier, David Partridge. Sculpture by Victor Tolgesy it also on view. One of the major projects of the Recreation and Parks De partment hat been tb an clas ses conducted during the present yesr at different Intervals at the Community Art Centre, Billing Bridge. Adult and Junior -elesses will be resumed towards the end of September.1 Schedules are now being worked out with the same art teachers giving their serv ices. - RESOLUTION DEFEATED COPENHAGEN (AP -A res olution calling upon member nations of the Interparliamentary Union to use pressure to lore South Africa and the Por-luauese rulers of Angola to change their inhuman . poli ces tailed to win enough votes for consideration Thursday at the union conference.' ' i Catdlj rrYeef Cerrospandsat St.t JOHN'S, NflC(CPr Afwfoundlad tiwH building spree that Involves more spend ing on road this summer alone was spent altogether la the 4Vi centuries between John Cabot's discovery of the Island and its union with Cansda In IMS.. The tempo ol construction on roads, harbors and - buildings has been at an all-time high this summer as the Atlantic province works to reduce the isolation Of lonely outports and a '-:'. - . -asl k 94MGMfX 0 inn ,c waw-BBi 4- Newfoundland Building Surges Ahead By JAMES H. HUSSEY raise living standards. Total 1M4 construction spending will approach en estimated 1223,- .OM compared 'with. .1118.' es,sve nv years earlier, Provincial Finance Minister E. S. Spencer says the total spent on roads ia Newfound Moav Tues, Wed. ... ...-. ....vA AiAri HOr..E MUSIC LIBRARY PLAN i jam s V. L (I ire; -1 itt J. arc. ' ( 1. lit--? U' "Tit, MuuihcL .' i Yttu Oefer fft Srere. Afbuml f ftuf Ckilrt, Wfienevavf Ybu Cfcos- Ff Only $4,U Pr Album t and MaktYov 9yi--Gift of a Cu$tom Fltw4 Sfrio HI-FI For Your Horn!' -i ' ' --- , SJ . J k L , L -- -' I wi.w n in rw fvw wwn l INI IV wvy H B4i wniwe ' to enjoy Nmj fWst stareo olbum m your hornet Whito you are rading these worth, thewtonds ol ohW Canadian families from ) ( coott to coast ore Rsteswnej to Ihair fovorile stereo olbAifn on on) -.: , v . exouisftely crofted Fleetwood Stereo HI n shot didn't cost Ihem fc; v;,oss-ry1 ....i..- it 5t f l ',' '.y 'f Th American AusSc Ccpcrion,' wflh offices and worehouses in ' land by all governments In ell years before 14 was SM.OO,-too. in the IS year since, tll.-Ut.M has been spent on roads and the minister says this hat given 154,001 people in M settlements an alternative to tb see as a' means to. travel. Automotive SPECIALS Lubrication - ' Complete uneercarrist lubrication. Chock transnuuloa. dlffen mtlal. shock ' aoMrbors. Cbec mufrior systom. fan belt, radiator, hoses, mca Mulllsr u- 1'.'4 I 3 I t ' 4 I i 1 N YOUR CHOICE OF A FA Al O US Fl E F WO O D. l km sesAsa a ujumj W B)l I V I ' ii f V ' 7J ! S Wheel Alignment and Balancing Adjust caster, camber, set toe-la. Balance two front wheels, repack front wheel bearings (part extra). Oana- Brake Adjustments Adjust wheel and ameisajnty brakes.. Check brake lining and drums. Check master cylinder, add fluid If necessary. rxt viscotiNr 1 u Q.99 99 99 ALL STATE SERVICE STATION OPEN ; 7.30 A.M. TO t PJVL 4 nu selwsu . munin iu un r NO TOTAL RECORDS A YEAR TO ORDERI ( A- ORDER WHENEVER YOU WISHI ni . 'ir PAY ONLY $4.91 PER STEREO ALBUM vir; CHOOSE YOUR PAVORITI POPULAR, ! -no; CLASSICAL. JAZZ. FOLK & COUNTRY OR ORK5WM CAST BROADWAY SHOW every mojor Cooodion dry. h Conodo' largest stereo record . , ( j , STEREO ALBUMS FROM RELEASES BY OVER eh. They represent ewer 40 different record comparnei, such ' v tMUi tnm oirntniNa COMPANICSI 40 MAJOR RECORDING COMPANIESI o Capitol, Columbia, Dacca, R.CA. Victor, etc Through the ' rr iworiilina A fhsiis Tiinr mmmA' Ok !! Miir ' 1 library flan malt important savings for "you on ol your stareo olbum purchased And to prove, R. yov receive immediately . with your membership,,, . custom 'designed, stereo hi-fi without y -' euvwOf Feflfsl AvOstaonP - ' '.. ., f''?c!.',S'1.-. ' ' :. ! . For Information without Obligation Phone or MaU Coupon Toddy! D . ' "; S A fltXTWOOO STESCO M-fl COJVSOtf yr: WITH AM-FM RADIO IS OUR GIFT TO YOU FOR LETTING US SAVE YOU AlONfYI .. , i" r asT. , ..ssaeas v-- ... . ' - 1 IS O'Ctanor Street O Ottawa, Ontario ' , V.A--fc.'ii, American Music Corporation U tyCteeisr Street O , Ottawa, Ontario Canada's Laiteat Combination Stereo Record Lltrrary im Console infer, i t- V . J A -7 --. - I I I tsWtSftesV Bateet VRdJss mSBlrf 4jn4lflttVwtai eneaeaal Jnsr UreryWeaWhclSwrswemelensilsedSlreh1r NAME. ' I ' ADDRESS .PHONE- ?

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