The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on April 24, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 24, 1918
Page 3
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APRIL, 24 1918 THE DAIL'V GOl RTER CONWELLS^TLLB NOTES TELL HAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN rty Loan Total at Scott- iale Jfovv $465,000, Reports Show. Why I BcIiCYC i n wivated Iron ln Nnxalefl lr ° n ts a Toon, Strength anil Blood Builder. 1TY DAY TO BE OBSERVED t r Parade isTlanncd lor Fnuar ut the lonn Over the lop ID the d JLimn Dme; "Reception and st for the Iiraitees; Othsr ews. Special to Th« Courier TT0ALL April 24 --Scottdale i bondb subscribed lor during ird campaign total to da e $465 Friday will be Liberty Iay and is day Scotia e will celebrate i large parade Former Gover lanley who will make an ad in th-e First Presbyterian church m Friday evening has been per- d to come earlv and spe tk at a ig at Loucfcs. Pa-k The parade orm and inarch to the P-nnsy 1 depot where they w i l meet nor Hanley and escort )um to j Park It i» expected tnat on v Day Scottdale will g( over p on the Liberty Loan Reception lor Draitees. Saturday evening begmtt ng at ock. the ladies auxiliary of the C, -Y. wih give a reception and r at the \ M C V to all ol the vho leave from restrict No 7 ndav for Cainp Lee On Sunday the boys leave the} will find atiual lunch boxes packed and ig for them along with a sait- farewell Personal m\itations been extended to all boys leav- Directors Chosen ectors of the Y M C V were d Monday evening as follows \nder=ott Dr Arthur VT^de y H Boid 'ft F Stonor aid T aw son These men will met in to elect their officers C»'e Club blccUon. ladie" o* the Civic cluh met at M C A on Monday evening lected the following officers for ommg term Mrs 0 I Hess lent "Mrs C .Lee Mellmger lirst president Mrs J P Breoi en d v-e president WlHer Stoner tary, and Mr= C M Jarrett iirer A committee was appoint arrange for the nett meeting i vill be a dues social 1*. C. P. I Procrrain. 3 T E McGee entertained he , of the W C T L at her George home last evening "Mrs J E inutb. presided Five new me D- we"e received The program was larse of Mrs L. A. Mar^ll a id ,, E Pallet M"i L. H Fot re id xr on 'How ^e Can Help "n n War Mrs George McGogan a paper on Lsing the Substi aid Saving the "Wheat for tte Mrs Anna Lowe told how n can help win the war anil I s. Marsh read a paper on De mmt of Women s Work Througn oleges \ paper wa» read on ^nss work Mrs C \ Colbov a reading, Pat Malone s Daugh \leorn-Stau3tr. Lou S'autfer daughter of Mrs \ Staufler o( Scottdale and T -tholomew church b" do was given in 9 rather Gilbert and d mts her sister ler and Mi« Mane Weimer oJMns acted as groomsmacj. ·r de is a member of the younger 1 ,t of Scottdale She was ja td from Eastern college Mat , va taking a special course misuc science The bridegroom penntendeit o' Atlas Cap pl-lpt ,t tloned at Tamaaua Pa. He ry prominent m musical circles wa-, graduated from Harvard m O f i t The voung couple will tteir home in the east after a w tiding trip Only immediate ber~ of. the family atwnded I arewell Dinner, gi! Greene and "William Campbell a arewell dinner on Saturday rag 'or G«ne Kan*, who left on. la} lor service in the ordnance rtm'eat m which he hag enlisted IV anted. od biy to work la store for gen- worl Must be 15 or 16 years y g XVentfr Funnture Store -- _22apr5t Oth«r "Notes. ?s Nelle O Connor entertained members ot the Sodality with a ing a her home on Eleanor ave- last e enms F Dewitt has sold tie "Walter er p-cp*rty on Park, street to Orph i Elder of Mulberry 'street, illiaci Gallagher is home on a 15- furlou?h from Camp Meade He been E idc a second lieutenant sa Elizabeth Glenn and Miss Mary 3 wer a.' Latrohe on Sunda-v e tho visited the formers ner P*11 Glenn and Mr and Mrs Fair of Latrobe «s Snsan Shirey visited friends at nsburg s Will'am Bendiner and ^ illiam »arcz her father spent yesterday s, pear Thom spent Sunday Conne! sv lie fiends -s Charies E Colbom wns the t of MIS,. Best Colborn at "vVash.- m D C aod went from ther? to p Meade :o visit her husband who member -C the signal corps I 'i/ Har-y Beeg e and daughter left for \KoOEi to join a parti -i^it Bal imore "Washington and inia piac.s N "Prob tbl no -einedy bti^ e\t-r mt,t with sucti phcnoironal iijccess as Ji is Xutatcd Tron It i"; cGnsc--vaticeH Q^ | 1 ma!t.d thur over thr e million 5 et ! le am u illj arc tak ni il in this country lone It his bcpn Tiffhlj endorapd Tnd uipd b Former Ijni ".! States S°nat »rs anff ATcruberii of ConKrcsN I^livsicjans who have been roi nccted cl] Itnon n honpit tls 1 u* pr- tud recpnunended i M u n b f E c r neur \i.nnin) a prommcrt Clt-rpjma r^coin nenus it to all Fa nler 11 Com m iS4 oner Wm r Kerr t f (, ,.0 n s it J U ^ h t tn ho used in h ^p tl and prescribed b c\t.r\ Dr \ J Newman lato Pol CP geon ( f the t il of PhlcagD. and for mer House Surffeon JefTereon Parl Ho p t il Cllcajfo sas J-ux-xUid l r n has pr"»\en throuph his own tcs tf of i to excel tn p-epAration i ever used for creating red "bJoo J bu Id inp lip lb,e n e r \ e strp"firthenfnfr the muscles and correct ng dfgestu c orders Dr Jimes Francis SulH\-an former- Jv nhsifcian of Bel e\ue ilospitil (Outdoor d e p t ) Nc-n 1 nrK ind t o ^V cstchester fount* H j s n i t a l s t j t there are thou^rfndfa of men md ^o-nen u h o need a s^rcnRth and. blood builder but do not know what o ta-k*. In his opinion there is nothing better than organ c iron--iNuxiud Iron---'or en rtcMn# the b ood and helping to m creise the *trcn£lh in 1 endurance of rren a l l women who burn jn tt n rapidh t h e i r i e t v o J « o n c r K in tbe ·'trenuoUa strain 1 the p'ei.t business competit on of the da\ If vou are ni t «rtrong or well yon o\v e i to \ou-self to make the foil iv inrr tcit pee how ionp: oj can w o r k or how far jou can \\ilk v, 1-e corolns" tired Next tike two five grain tabjet 1 * of Nj-tatetT Iron throe time 1 * per d i ifter me^ils for t«o week's Then te^t your ptreri^th aeain ard see how nuch iou hT^e gained \OTF--Nuxated Iron which ha-i b en! used b former Members of the 1 n States Senate and House of Pepresonta tlve" md other prominent people witl' such surprising r su Li aid which - p-escr bed and recomni^ndttl abo^-e bv phvsicianf Is not a -secret remed* but on* w h ich 13 well known lo drug^Kts everjTvhcre T nllKe he older inor^an le iron product* u is easily as Imi Iftted doet no Inju-e the te-"th make them blick nor upset the stomach The m inufact jrers 1 f,ui.rante rt succe and ent r* v iti"ifactoo results e\ erv purchaser or they will rpf jou- mone% It 13 di-^pcnstd b A CKke and all good druffffisti--Adi Meyersdale. ..~. ^.v^^ ^^M^ 1 2^--^Edward Kelley and Laurence HarJe both of Camp Hancock iugusta Ga who liid been here on a 10 day furlough, »er uneipectedlv called back to camp on Monday Their lime would not have pxpned u n t i l "Vvedresday Mr isaac Wtlnstem is in Pitt=bur^ i I 6 A days purchasing gooJj for lut H ein tcin sto~e Miss Lydia Long of Culpepper \z is /is ting at ihe home of her re a lives Mr acd Mrs S J VcKenzie Mu,s Ida Meyers has returned from a three weeks visit with friends in Cumberland Mrs S G Braughdr who had been visiting Mrs U H Baldwin retuncd to her home m Somerset Monda\ Mr and Mrs James Poorbaogh cave returned to their hone in \ork I'a after being here to attend tne fu rieial of their sister in lai\ Mr Thoma, Poo-baugh which took placo at the Hostetter church In Greenvilit list Sunday Mrs \mclia Ga-rity after a two weeks vis't here at the Verger home left Mondav for her home m PittsbLrg R G Millei is home "rom C a m p : friend Mvron Maust | Mrs Clay on Wade ind daughter. Elizabeth have returned from a week s vi-it with relat ves m Froitburg The} I were accompanied ho-ne by Mrs C ! H "\\adc who will sptr-d a few wee^b j here at the home of her son Mrs Annie Matthews has gone to j "vVashington D C to visit her daugh Ur Miss Annie MaUhews Mrs Bruce Lichtv and daughter Miss Hilda are home from a brief visit with relaJves in Cumberland 1 -- Steadies nerves 2 -- Mays thirst 3 -- Aids appciffe 4 -- Helps digestion 5 -- Keeps teeth clean 6 -- It's economical Keep the soldiers and sailors supplied'. Chew it after every meal , Glaciers, kid Ohiopyle. OH30PTLB -ipnl 24--Fred Cun mgham who is in the navy arrived h£re Tuesday to spend a short tur lough with his mother, Mrs Mary Cunningham Mrs Harvey Mornson and daughter Mrs James Hall of Sugar Loaf, were among the choppers in 'own yester diy | Urs Seese left Tuesday to spend a si ort visit with Confluence relatives Miss Ophelia Cunningham returned ' to Co-nnellsville yesterday afte" a few days visit he-e j Mrs Loberta-McMullcn is spending! this week with relatives at Shippers ' burg Her granddaughter Miss Ro- mrme Mooney who has spent the past \ two months here accompanied her to j he] home at that place Try our classified advertisements Dunbar. C Eason for wall paper- »r2"t -AdT -- wilt £ad Uiem In our ad, colnnins "They were nervous and restless --huddled m the djgou' it u t n g for tne gn div,n trmt -was to send the-n OK the top I would wind the G-a unola slip or the record of the 'Humoresqn --ind as the soft, s vet* haunting strains floated out,,! d natch the grim face relax and the ten c mood pas-, ' A^ain--in a shattered BeigiaT village--i group of American lads--truck driver going up to tin. itnt--would be caught inil held by a tornado of shellfi-e Thcr^ was rothing to kctp them occupnj, to 'cave the hut v,-is certain death--wed play bind music on iV Columb^, livd\ selections t!ut uould akc tbeir minds off of the whine and screech of shells outside ' W e had 120 Columbia Grafonolas in our 'farthest up' h i t s Oier 500 Grafonolas and 5^XX) records *erc in use in the Caaadan area akm J !c\ \\crr an important part of our equipment." These extracts from a leftr from Captain H A. Pearson Senior Olflcer \ H C A., with the Canadian h\peditionary r-orce in France paint vividly t h j part played by the Columbia Grafonola in the gnm events ' ovei there ' Captain Pearson who was invalided, last June, after being sn erdv woupded when hs hut was dtstrcyed by shcllfire, writes, "Give your io}dicr tooaoco, pve him orosic-- Send some records to yow toldier hoy There 15 a Columbia Grrfonob in his Y M C A or;lH3 o( Commbus \rrni Uni Am CmoramaDcalr- wiH be j;bd to «ixw you bow to iiup Usm safely Keo Cotocaoui Records on Sole the !Oth mit 2Oth of Eocry Month Alaska's t w e n t y - f o u r hour sun -weaves gorgeous garlands around the base of snow-capped peats--her valleys arc 'green with splendid forests"--her Indian villages nave the colors of grotesque totem poles--har garcena bear TOSPS from August to December. And you thnll with delight as the comfortable Canadian Pacificsteam- ere carry you through the -wonderful inside passage -- past 1000 miles of f j o r d s and glaciers, gold mines, fisheries and forests, to Alaska proper h-1 COLOMBIA GRAPHOPHOKE COM:P\NY YORK cassssssr; 11 ·^0-rcitSJllKKtlKtai 1 SAVE YOUR YOU ] OK DEMONSTRATION I will be at the Smith House Thursdaj ttus week, from 9 A M to 9 P il We have the goods it's all up to you Come in OF SCOTTDALB Grow ban on your Bald Head while you \vait r?/ © Reminds Yoa Bat Sis Customers Are Given Free tk Famous trillion*- ot t h n f t j folks sue "i S. \, H." (jieon Sti-mps IJ jot; arc ; jlr* iiij n collector, ^ « u uisdouiitedh I UIOM that vou cart secure t)!et 1.1111- j 01 s St.iaips al ilns lopa-tmcnt *^tor«. If j o u .ire not n't d s,\-\er i ·"i H.'' (xioen Mj.nps, no\\ Js the (,mc to start, [lie stamps are 1 KJLJ auL j o u do not j)a\ oue single ccnl more for n h a t vou hui at 1H LfiCHr STOKF. \ o u also do hae jaded ieneids ol seiuriii!r "N A. H.'' ttreen SUtnps in addition to our «ilvs»)s Tnamttiined and une(juul?d low pnci's. One "S. n." fc.r"«n M a m p n i l be .iuui fret "\\itli o e ' j 10( pur- thase. ach "". A- H' 1 Stamp rcjirosents a certain rtehnile discount f u i--u 30 tents spent. One "S H." Groe«i Sdiinji ·nitii Eaeii 10-Cent PlIl'lMSC Tob.ic o Tags, Coupons, Trade 31.irks, LaljeK, mj Wrappers, etc. Bring- tlicra fo tlie "S. A." Stamp I'arlor--iimoiierm M ild I urnjture Store. tauESSBasasBuEts One ·s X H." Grtnn Pl^Si' -.-O." v'JOOOOCXJOC'OOOCWiJOODO KttOBsattsi^^ Absolutfaly Remuves TRY-OTJS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Indigestion. Druggists refund money if it fails, ^oc Homer's QotMng Jt-ii'.roNi M 10 Hi-rim IP tl*.i of f n V* evi C i u \ \ f o r d l \ L i i u t ^ L Sidi i. o inella M l Pi J 1 K 1 7 I M \ \ n V \ I I I l N i [It I u f h ur», I tir alr

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