The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 29, 1964 · Page 15
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 15

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 29, 1964
Page 15
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 29. 1964 JIM BISHOP: REPORTER 0 Ji Bithop trying, and Playing the Dogs y JIM BISHOP A law weeks ao. i group f dog ran around an oval 'rack and the winner $ot $2,-Of. Until 'bow, I bad thoufh of dog racing an hilarious port: a group o( mad mutts dialing a spurious eleclrfc rabbit, Inataad. It to becoataf a big-time ipiril. with M tracks round ,4ba West and South, and tone dogs winning at much at VtM a yaar. .ports' writer claim it it a ' clean and re- p e c ta b I e pert. Gambler have t r I t.d, of C o u r e, to "fix" certain race, but g r e y h o unds haven't got sufficient intelligence to quit gambler have. "The ."lis" emulated of leeding Ttpr"t pill to a favorite, or paying trainer to feed tne dog a weakening dial. Both are easily detected. ' la Florida, where 17 of the W track operate, the big operator! asked Phil O'Connell of Palm Beach to accept the pott of co-ordinator. Ha It the former Kate attorney who prosecuted Judge Peel for the xiurder of Judge Chilllnga-worth, and I completely hu-morou when It come to any' thing a heinous a trying to fix a parking ticket. Ha ha heard of mercy, but only a weak word. The how place of dog racing it the Flagler Kennel Club in Miami. It i owned by a banana importer, liador Jecht. Hi track i shorter than race track, but the grandstand, the clubhouse, the m-taurani and the appointment are as aurapluou a Aqueduct, Arlington or Del Mar. The worth of a good greyhound, until recently, could be measured In hundred of dollar. Today, a stake winner like Red Tear i worth to.- tot on the hoof. or. rather, paw. About a hundred dog are in the air-conditioned kennel each everting at Flatter. They lick their leg and are soothed by. Mutak musit. , Each on eat about three pound of bortemeal per day. an ominous sign that the new port i beginning to devour an old one. There are II race at mow track, stated at IS minute interval between I p.m. and II. Unilke racehorses, dog art) graded by performance; A greyhound begin to race at age II month. He I marked "M" for maiden until be wine hi first race. The moment he doe, he move up to clan "E." If he win one In that di I i o n. be automatically move up to Class "D" race and. if fait enough, eventually become . a Clan ' "A" or "Stake" dog. BEST ATTHBEE He will race until be 1 four or five years el age, but will hU 'bi prim at ag three.-Female race with mala, ex Never so menthol cept when In feminine cycle. The dog break out from post positions, and usually run five-sixteenths of mile, chasing (he electrified bunny which die-appear into a lii -enclosed box along the Inside rail after they pass the finish Mne. ... Greyhound are good-humored about the rabbit. When they reach the glass box. they all skid to a stop and look Inside at the bit of white fluff, wat their tail, and trot off with the track walker Sometime, especially on rainy night, the bunny is short-circuited and atop. When the dogs catch it. they leap tip and wired Speedy. At Flagler, about T.Me dog addict show up each night to ; an average of tut.). Moatly. they are the eame faces average workmen. wives m (lacks studying form charts and they are there for killing. Most of them do not bet win. place or show a such, but try to select "quinel-las. They wager $1 that tbey can- pick the winner and the second place dog. They bet, say, number and 4 dogs. If the race end with those dog In front, it doesat matter whether they finish in that order, to reverse, the pay off on fl Is high, ranging from about Kt to six or more. There are also doubles wagers, and twin . doubles. The (attar sometime pay f3t.sM or mere. WATCHES BY TV Hecht has six television cameras . la constant focus around the track. Sitting in hi much thai it hides me tooacco taste VIStlNIA eitAHITTIt We place a single drop of natural r menthol hot on the tobacco not in the filter but oh the foil wrap inside the package. By 'this unique, patented processVthe'.men T ' ? thol through the tobacco to give you v 4 refreshing coolness ;but never so much menthol that it hides -the ii tobacco - taste. International king v size length, , pure white filter too. ? - Regular price. 071.7? π'.w a .y ty '.&' M - v;t'u ' "J:4 .I,:J .I,..,., ,-n ji-fyfi "J - . v Canada best tnentkol ctgarette . " v-" '' ..).,' 1,;..;- fi' - office, he can watch betting' windows, track, or peek inside the kennel to see what I going on. John Boggiano, of Palm Beach iron of the early proponents of dog racing, and has led the fight to make it a respected sport. He and the other track owner from Apache, Arizona, eastward realize that there i a lot of money to be made in honesty racing, and a lot to be lost in permitting, one fixed rc to blacken the record. A one who looked upon run ning dogs as something comical. I was surprised to find that Eugene Mori, owner of Garden State track in New Jersey, end Hieleah in Florida. i a dog addict. Horse Jockeys like William Hartack handicap the dogs nightly and bet big sums. The dog requires no Jockey and there it no such thing a a foul claim. A dog who lose three race in a row it dropped in das, but he it alway doing hi beat. A grey-haired lady, knowing I bad never seen a dog race before, advised me to try a qukMtla of I and T in in the second race. What could I loseT I bet the $2 and It won. paying SIM. I (topped to thank her. "Boy," 1 aid. "did we clean up?" She scowled. "You did I bet I and I." "But why did you tell me I and 7?" I said. "Because," she snarled, "that's my age. 1 played what L wish I was.? , . . ; , (Copyright) CHESS v ar m. m. a ! -. .'..7 aawk la wms - gftgis arte mm Whits MPMn wait, m tsr mt wis. ; aI.IM MSI Ml.l O's iar . a mnw Iraa i la. m. twsim. O. n. amass, aaMtuw-.i. a us t SM.UM tw MIL WMk'a .NhlM Iwmm SUki: ID, t a-XJO. , . ui wm ar bcbso anus m rai in oaan, tm tm sms UM ttlnittltll St Sna AlrM. Vllk M. MMfc. ITMN tW. Bk UM PSfttlnrtk. Cm .1 Les AftMbM Stnw i TMe sunrtM m prs.MM kr Mk- sn mm, v a.. m ihwi uurd vita 11-. BUl Tftl. BWM k. MfflMMt k saw tauraacwul iNHWlit ni. la kr tb. Fids oumti la ita Mraa mat vara Is. ))arf, a tlukunTT a. raniaa. c oaiaure. SaiflMK C BMHekL kalu a aakaim. nakoMtU sa S Oats. H 1 axenuaa; Dr. M. PUIS. CMcka- "''.. . iHiwr aaa Pllaut cnus. aa a. Ottnn. at onsaaf an kr. ta. taawi rraw uus Mnan. I Uv aiaan n i . k WkM: kMr WaU. . t. r-e a r-M S 4a) . rr a s-m a r-u i. a - a xx -xz ta o-o IX. WH-KJ i. aa u. r-vH it. a-iu IS H.BS is r-oM IT. P-M SI. iia Bleak , r -ot : -xj -KB M a-u o-o r-a B-BI B-Kt ' BsB -OKI r-KMS ICkUet Wklu Bum is. - Fir at. - j-ai it. a xa hS n. a-intat -t U. H-KS st. Hint avui as. B-ai . a-K4 as. n-as a-wi tt. aa-Bi r.tu St. X.BM , as. a-at at. Bin : 11. a. a. m.n I xm B-M n K-aJ , IM S4. B-nt r-i . aarisas rat attkanea MawtrsrtlT t la wai Kr.May'1 tort ena uuat rk p. ktea wi taw aiawa. ai ati.aai oiwaiw .11 ,a, amt laa a aa laaa Uw WIS aa. at Mas ttt, alter stu till. Blast: t-Xl . r-i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Bl B. B.TM lAiaila., . ID DS I Wait. siatk bsjii auct 1, P-K4 ; r-KJ M. rwr .y wr r-os r-qt it. a-xj iti a B-SBJ SWNI -Bt . ..ami BiNta IS B.B1 B-Bt L ra . n is a-m o-o-o a aM jr-xaj u q-in ma J. qwrr b-ri is sn nr . (Viu ejM-oi is " B-as S. B-NS lal B-Bl SS. BSSWB HI 1. r-M , -B RlR it. o-cTo a-Qj it. a-a a-ati IX r-KBi w-sls tai let men It at aiatk IMare here far Um B kiut M tmk. UM K-.I4. aa CatUt Iknt. Iki II It P. LN.k IS K.SM. KlSt.BMeh: IS i-BI. MX It wtu. ( Bit ISMr K-tla. (niltenal natsilk kla ajWt laa aj-iil.. I.I i wami ana Wa. II si a-ws. st-aata; II. a -a I R-Otta. (tt.. Mat. . , . Whtta Dress . SHIRTS HOW TV 3.79 par IlJt Top ranges Ml a.rkt atratt akae" Ceatra SME-SHVE-SAYE tmwm LUMBER 9fM90Ct RwT 9t CWflaTVlCW mm vmm -t. ' at , ! lOWtST I YOUR HEALTH LwmvwBv Lester L Coleman. MD lUHGICAL ADHESIVE Surgeon ar constantly seeking new material for Joining together torn or c u t tissue. Catgut, steel wire, Ilk, metal clip, tantal u m, dacron and nylon are all used for various purposes. Uniting knd grafting the cut end of (mall nerves ha always presented one of the greatest challenges to surgical 1 skill. Some nerve fibres are so tiny that sewing theni together Is often' impractical and (Imosi impossible". A recently devised surgical technique has shown that a special kind of adhesive tape may be used effectively for this purpose. The tape has already been used successfully in Joinig the ends of delicate facial nerves, to restore motion and relieve paralysis of the muscle. After the ends hive grown together and the tape ha served fts purpoae. It (lowly WELLINGTON, N.Z, fCP)- In the laat two year New Zea land "ombudsman has received complaints ranging from fluoridation to tax trouble. HI conclusion: New Zealand has an honest tovernment. . The poet of ombudsman was act up stay in isn wnen tr uuy Powlet, former lawyer, sol dier and diplomat, was named to (he position. Hi duties are to examine complaint of the public against acta or decisions of . govera m t t department where no other form of appeal xlat. Before leaving her recently for a trip to Canada, Sir Guy said he bad been asked to dis cuss Bis port with Canadian Justice Minister Guy Favreau. diaa Bar Association during ft Aug. 11-Sept. I meeting In Mont real. GIVES SECURITY New Zealanders feel the ap pointment of . an ombudsman has dons much to allay fear of an all-powerful welfare stat encroaching on their live and right.- t . , Any citizen can lodge a com r ( it S T .i? I' ii ! kN! with diiintegraies and is s s 1 1 1 y absorbed by the body. Finding pew and better ways to preserve the wondrous intricacy of the human body is the constant objective of scientific research itvery scientific advance -contributes to the increased longevity of men. The fact that men and women now so regularly live ' more than "three score and ten" year should help replace fear and anxiety with encouragtrh e a t and hope. tr These columns are designed to relieve your fears about health through a better understanding of your mind and body. All the hopeful new advances in medicine reported here are known to doctor everywhere. Your individual medical problems should be bandied by your ow ndoctor. He knows you best. Ombudsman Is Last Refuge From State By I. C GRAHAM Crrespeadst plaint in writing for a fee of II. The ombudsman' power so far art limited to examining complaints against government department, but consideration is given to extending his responsibilities to cover such field as local government. The ombudsman ha no power to enforce hi finding;' But if a government department doe not accept his opinion, k can air lbs whole matter in Parliament. So far be has never needed to tales this step, since cfvil servant have accepted his finding. This Lyndon Johnson is for Goldwater WASHINGTON (AP) '- The Republican national committee sons for Coldwatsr-Mlllar conv mittee" Is Lyndon Johnson, II, from North Make to. Minn. He will serve a co-chairman of the new group with Karolya Johnson, also 21, of Edina, Minn., the committee said. .- .' halfback Ed HoeisUr.! . f Journal "Want Ada bring quick results. , . - .i - " One Account Only to Serve " All Your Family Needs . Here's Why Simpsons.Sert All Par. .. DOM Charge is the Easiest Way to Shop A Ever Offered . . . ' ' ' . .' . - ,:. :' ,'.t Y r You can shop by phono, mail or in person "r ' , . i ' . . -, . . ' Pay in 30 days without a sorvioa cberge : or instalment purchases, with a . email , . monthly service charge There' No Down Payment, there' no minimum purchase Payments may ba ttrotchad ' on larger items to suit your convenieivca . Your Charge-plete identinea ' ; "(. ' you as a special customer " and may ba used in any ' Simpsons. Soars ' ; Sy' Catalogue Sales S!mponi-Sara Opan Fridaya . Till 9 pjn, CAB---TOONS ; ' She Just saJd: Be an angel and let me drive . . . I "". 7 NEW YORK Iceland's cspi-iNtw York, but it has an average tal. Reykjavik, is 1,700 miles temperature only one degree closer to the North Pole than! lower than New York's. 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